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  1. The "right to work" law is a means to keep workers in their place. Keep wages low and make certain the poor have little chance vto improve their condition. That's the Indiana way.

  2. I think you underestimate LIN management. Of course they had a Plan B. Their Plan B was that Plan A would work and CBS would blink.

  3. Many companies expect employees such as middle management and reps to be accessible by cell phone but do not provide them. And these days the employee better have a smart phone for the deluge of e-mails. The companies may "reimburse" the employees but that is not real compensation for being on-call 24/7. However, smart phones are provided to upper management as one of their perks. If my job requires a cell phone, then the company should provide it which is one of the reasons I'm still on a flip phone as a protest. I don't want to be so connected that I'm getting e-mails at all hours. Yes, two phones would be cumbersome but I like to keep my work and personal lives separate.

  4. Susan, who are you? No one who wasn't born around here doesn't call it Indy??? Indy Fuel, Indy 500, INDYpendent, IndyCar, IndyGo, IndyEleven,, VisitIndy,, IndyReads, SlowFood Indy, Indy Arts Guide, IndyParks; I could continue on. But I was born around here and been around here for 30 years and I call it Indy? What a weird broad stroke comment to state.

  5. Straight No Chaser - then have Purdue Marching Band, and former grads of Indiana University - and they always sing occupella