Some might argue Luck is third best NFL rookie QB

December 3, 2012
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With each passing week, the debate over this year’s best rookie quarterback in the NFL intensifies.

The Indianapolis Colts’ Andrew Luck and Washington Redskins’ Robert Griffin III have been the center of much of that conversation.

After the Colts comeback victory Sunday in Detroit, NFL Network’s Steve Mariucci wondered out loud if Luck shouldn’t be considered as a candidate for NFL MVP, adding that he could well be one of the top six quarterbacks in the league—right now.

A national TV audience will get another look at RGIII as Washington battles the N.Y. Giants on Monday Night Football.

Few would argue that both are having great rookie seasons.

But is there another rookie-of-the-year candidate? According to Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman, there is.

And with each passing week, fewer people would argue that Seattle’s Russell Wilson shouldn’t at least be part of the conversation.

“They’re going to hype who they're going to hype, and you’re in the Seattle market, and it doesn't matter what you do,” Sherman told reporters following the Seahawks victory at Chicago on Sunday. “He's beat the Bears, the Packers, the Patriots. You show me another quarterback with his resume, and I'll show you a great quarterback. But he doesn't get the credit because they don’t want to give him the credit. They don't want to make him a big name. They make the guys a big name who they want to make a big name. He's a great quarterback, and he's probably a little better than [Luck and Griffin].”

Sherman said because Luck and Griffin were the top two picks in this year’s draft and Wilson wasn’t taken until the third round, he hasn’t been getting his due from the media. He also pointed out that athletes in the Pacific Northwest get overlooked.

Wilson, a Wisconsin graduate, led touchdown drives of 94, 97 and 80 yards on Sunday, including a late game-winner. He completed 23 of 37 passes for 293 yards and did not throw an interception for the fourth straight game. He also ran for 71 yards on Sunday.

Sherman’s arguments might have rung a little louder had Luck not been conducting his own late-game heroics in Detroit.

Hard telling what Griffin will do tonight in Washington to thrust himself into the limelight.

One thing is pretty certain: This debate isn’t going to end any time soon.

  • It all depends on what makes a great QB. Stats or Team success? Is a QB with great stats, but a horrible team record better than a QB with good stats and a great record? Its the whole MVP thing. I think it is easy to argue that no team was as blown up as the Colts were in the off season, coming off the worst season of any NFL team, and to come back and have 8 wins in the bank? Show me a QB who has done that.
  • Correction
    Aloud, Anthony... Not allowed.
  • 4 more games
    I would say after the next 4 games we will all be clear on who the rookie of the year is. Winning is the only thing that matters and if the Colts get to 10 wins and somehow to 11, Luck would have to get it. Also I was surpised at how unflattering the actual SL article was on Luck - it was fairly tempered on him. This could be one of those magical seasons and I almost feel guilty for only having to go through 1 terrible year to be in this position. Go Colts!
  • Alfred Morris
    ROY will be Luck, RG3 or Alfred Morris. Russell Wilson is not even a darkhorse contender. In fact, T.Y. Hilton may get more votes than Wilson.
  • Russell Wilson!
    Passer Ratings: Andrew Luck: 76.1 Robert Griffin: 104.6 Russell Wilson: 95.2 TD/Interceptions: Andrew Luck: 17/16 Robert Griffin: 16/4 Russell Wilson: 19/8 Team Records: Andrew Luck: 8-4 Robert Griffin: 5-6 Russell Wilson: 7-5 Completion %: Andrew Luck: 55.5 Robert Griffin: 67.4 Russell Wilson: 63.4 Wilson deserves to be int he conversation. If the Hawks don't blow games against the Rams, Cardinals, and Miami respectively, he would be the top candidate, no questions asked. He has beat the Patriots, Packers, and Bears. He has thrown his last 9 TDS without a interception. He needs much more recognition, and is a complete beast. GO HAWKS.
    • hi
      Funny, you mentioned all of those stats yet Wilson is not highest in any of them!!!! I will give another qb credit even if he is not on my team, but to say he IS the best? CMON MAN!!!! I guarantee you luck will be around the longest and will build the greatest legacy out of all 3! But I am impressed what a 3rd rounder without any "pre- season hype" has done so far!!
      • correction
        other than % completion... my bad. but it is wins and a playoff chance that matters.....
      • RUSELL
        I think Luck is a beast too, and he will be around for a long time. I live in Seattle so I have a bias as well, but Russell is getting better every single week. The guy studies like he went to to Stanford (oh wait...). He can make all the throws, and Seattle is getting dangerous. We still play Arizona and the Rams at home (5-0) and the Bills in Toronto. If we are a 10 win team, he still won;t get talked about, which is frustrating. And just to give everyone a good laugh:
      • Just sayin'
        I know the team record shows he won against the Packers, but did he really? That was an interception in the end zone...just sayin!
        • About to say the same thing...
          Yesh, I was about to say the same thing about the Packers/Seahawks game. That should have a big asterisk next to it... that was an INT, and shouldn't have been a win. So, really the Seahawks record should be 6-6, not 7-5.
        • His name is Russell

        • 7-5 or 6-6
          OK, if you want to look at it because of officials, then look at the last drive of the first game of the year against the Cardinals, when there was no PI called on what should have been the winning play of the game. So if we should have lost the Packers, than we should of won that game, so our record would be 7-5. JUST SAYING. Oh yeah, Go Hawks.
        • Nope
          Pass interference, a subjective call. Interception, an objective call. 7-5* (* - denotes 6-6). Go Colts!
        • Really?
          If we're going to start debating calls again on the win against the Packers (in the record books it's a win, deal with it) how about we call the BS DPI in question that allowed the Packers to score their TD. The game was officiated poorly on both sides of the ball, so don't act like GB didn't get any calls that would have beat Seattle. If the DPI isn't called, the game doesn't come down the catch in the endzone.
        • Really? PI again?
          Refer to my previous post firt, then commence reading. There are missed calls/bad calls for PI with the regular refs, right now, because it's just based on whether someone thinks it was PI or not, at that moment; missed/bad cals for PI wasn't just the replacement refs, and happens with the current refs. But the missed INT was completely wrong, no question; and an INT isn't based on a feeling if someone thought it was an INT or not. An INT is cut and dry. And this is why that play caused such an uproar, and why it caused the NFL to finally come to an agreement with the regular refs, and why the regular refs were back the very next week. BECAUSE IT WAS AN INT! Not questioning Wilson, he is very good for a third round pick and maybe deserves some ROY consideration. But, don't act like that win was completely legit. It will go down in the books as a W, but everyone knows better. Enough said, and I'm out! Go Colts!
        • Luck vs. RGIII vs. Wilson
          Wow! People are arguing about Seahawks/Packers calls on an IBJ board. It almost makes me long for the arguments between Disciple, Burl, Chief and the rest regarding IndyCar. Almost. Wilson doesn't and won't get the credit he deserves because of location - geographic and NFL draft spot. It's not fair but that's the reality. While Luck's number may be less compelling, the team has far exceeded expectations given last year's performance and subsequent organization turnover. Does that make him ROY? I don't know and don't really care as I have not succumb to the ESPN-driven need to rank everything. I'd rather just watch and enjoy the Colts games.
        • Ratings
          Terry Bradshaw had a horrible QB rating, and horrible stats---except for 4 Super Bowl wins.
        • Luck
          Once Luck can pass without having to run for his life, this will not be a discussion.
        • Pageviews
          If the job of an article is page views, of the cheap thrill of inciting comments, you have succeeded, Anthony. By any other measure, this is an abject failure of journalism and a tawdry attempt to show some measure of competence.
        • Wins
          Everyone refers to Wilson's victory over the Packers. Have we forgotten that the replacement refs won that game for Seattle, not Wilson? The Colts had a legit win against the Packers.
          • Enjoying the Ride
            As much as I love comparing stats and rooting for my guy as ROY, I have to go with Indymoon and ENJOY THE RIDE that is this AMAZING COLTS SEASON! What a Christmas gift!
          • Colts should not have won against Tenn
            Everyone is picking on the Seattle for not beating the Packers, what about the fumble that was not ruled a fumble in Tenn that would have given the Titans a win in regulation against the Colts. Wilson definitely deserves to be in the discussion. It will come down to Luck and RGIII. I am not sure who said Morris, but he is not even the best rookie RB. That title goes to a gentleman in Tampa whom has helped put the Bucs in playoff contention. Luck deserves the award, but most likely the hype will swing it RGIII's way.
          • ROY
            Wilson will not get hype. And neither will SEATTLES defensive ROY candidate Bobby Wagner Wagner definitely warrants top consideration As a SEAHAWK fan I don't care who gets the pub. I just want to be the team that gets to playoffs, with opportunity to win it all. I could care less about opinions of people who don't affect the outcome of games. So sit back and enjoy the games. Winning is all the accolades you need.
          • Seahawks
            I do believe Russel Wilson should by far be in the discussion. Perhaps maybe even the winner. The fact of the matter is, it's not just because of Marshawn Lynch and the defense anymore. RW in the past game was the third quarterback in history to rush for 3 TD's. And first in history to rush and throw for three touchdowns. Don't say he doesn't deserve ROY simply becauase the rest of his team is good. He is now a double threat, maybe even a better rusher than GG3. In my opinion, it should come down to Russel Wilson and RG3.
          • Defense
            Let us not forget also that Seattle has one of the best defenses in the league. Also the #2 running back in the league. The will first off make a playoff run, a deep one, shocking everyone and showing their potential to all the NFL. The more wins, the more you get noticed, and Wilson will get more hype, especially if somehow they were to, dare I say, win the Super Bowl

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