Indy 500 drivers' failure to mention sponsors inexcusable

May 30, 2013
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I couldn’t believe what I was hearing at the conclusion of Sunday’s Indianapolis 500.

So I watched—and listened—again. Twice, I re-watched the Indianapolis 500 post-race coverage. And I was astounded how many times I heard the drivers who were standing in front of a TV audience of nearly 5 million people say almost nothing about their sponsors.

During a minutes-long post-race interview, winner Tony Kanaan mentioned his dad, son, former racer and friend Alex Zanardi, and a woman who returned a good-luck medal he gave her nine years ago. All very nice, but those aren’t the people who pay the bills.

Then he concluded his interview with ABC by saying, “Man, I don’t know what to say.”


Anyone who has been around motorsports for any length of time, especially the drivers themselves, realize how critical corporate sponsors are to the sport. No sponsors, no racing. It’s that simple.

That’s why NASCAR drivers have been conditioned like Pavlov’s dogs to mention their sponsors every five seconds. The good old boys of NASCAR have become experts at throwing their sponsors' names into the answer of almost every question—even when the question in no way shape or form calls for it.

Sponsor mentions are so pervasive in NASCAR that at times it sounds strange, and perhaps just a little annoying. Nevertheless, it’s good business.

And NASCAR drivers don’t just stop at primary sponsors. They mention primary sponsors, associate sponsors, car and engine makers, tire suppliers, and on and on. And while it can be cheesy, a good many of them will eagerly tell a TV or post-race audience that they couldn’t have done it without company ABC and company XYZ. Most NASCAR drivers refer to their car with sponsor names first.

So I watched in amazement as Kanaan enthusiastically babbled on about everything BUT his sponsors. No mention of Hydroxycut, which had its logo splashed all over his car and racing suit. No mention of his engine maker Chevrolet, which has poured tens of millions of dollars into IndyCar to show it could whip Honda. No mention of associate sponsor Mouser Electronics. Not one.

Kanaan is the same guy who this month has been crying poor, saying he wasn’t sure his team would be able to complete a full season due to financial concerns. He told reporters he’s worked harder to get sponsors than he has on his racing the last three years. You’d think he’d be acutely aware of the importance of thrusting his sponsors in the spotlight when he has the chance.

Everyone in IndyCar knows the primary reason sponsors join the series is the exposure they get during The Greatest Spectacle in Racing. When you’re standing in the winner’s circle, not mentioning your funders is inexcusable. It’s that type of exposure—and gratitude—that might keep sponsors coming back.

To his credit, Jimmy Vasser, the owner of the team Kanaan races for, KV Racing Technologies, made references to Hydroxycut and Mouser in his post-race interview on ABC.

On the driver side, Kanaan was not alone in his gaffe.

Three-time Indy 500 winner Helio Castroneves and veteran Marco Andretti, who placed fourth on Sunday, made zero mentions of their sponsors in post-race interviews with ABC. Zero.

Three-time Indy 500 winner Dario Franchitti made only a passing reference to his sponsor, Target, one of the strongest sponsors in all of IndyCar.

“We missed it with both Target cars,” Franchitti said of Sunday’s race. “We were out to lunch today.”

Not exactly the sort of association a sponsor is looking for, but a mention nonetheless. It’s more than Shell or Pennzoil got from Castroneves or RC Cola got from Andretti.

Motorsports marketing guru Zak Brown, of Just Marketing International, credits the gaffe to post-race hysteria.

“My only guess would be after a long and grueling and mentally draining race like the Indy 500 that the drivers simply had lost some focus and dropped the ball and didn't mention their sponsors,” Brown said. “I'm sure the drivers will have that pointed out to them and they won’t make that mistake the next time around.”

The next time around? I’m not sure I buy that explanation. These are veteran drivers who have been there and done that. Well, OK, it’s Kanaan’s first victory at Indianapolis, but still, at 38, he’s old enough to know better.

Maybe he could learn something from rookie Carlos Munoz. The 21-year-old plucked out of the Indy Lights Series was the only driver to mention his sponsor following the 500.

When asked about his second-place result, one of the first things out of his mouth was, “I have to thank my sponsors, Electric Energy Straw … ”

Well said, rookie. Well said.

  • Kanaan is an original
    That's a tough line to navigate. Kanaan is so appealing exactly because he's genuine, off-the-cuff, and emotional. Nothing turns me off about racing more than the giant billboards that pop out of drivers' mouths during interviews. They're way too robotic. I hope Hydroxycut can cut Tony some slack.
  • Did he thank Dario?
    In reality this race was essentially 1/4 lap...Kanaan leads off a restart and Dario gently glided his car to the wall. Checkers. If Tony should have thanked anyone it should have been Dario. Just like Tony lifted to give Dario a win at Fontana years ago...
  • Hmmmm
    Inexcusable to a media hack. Refreshing for the viewer.
    • Not so sure.
      This isn't NASCAR, it's not inexcusable, and it's a pretty loaded one sided opinion to think so. Sponsors pay to have their name slapped on the side of the car, all over the driver, and they pay based on the size of the "ad space" they are getting. The only way it's "inexcusable" is if they have signed a contract to have the words mentioned by the driver by sentence X in conversation Y. So you might get away with saying it's bad business, but that might just be what saves IndyCar. Good Job TK.
    • sticks and stones
      Sticks and stones, BMC. Indeed, it's not a 'media hack' Tony Kanaan and other IndyCar drivers should be concerned about. It's the people paying the freight, the sponsors, that the drivers and team owners should be concerned about. And I'm certain those sponsors are not pleased by non-mention. That's the point of the post. I am, however, glad your sensibilities were not offended.
    • It matters
      You make an excellent observation, Anthony. I've always been impressed by how well NASCAR's team owners have their drivers trained to find a way of mentioning a sponsor with just about every sentence spoken to reporters. It may not seem like a big deal to the casual observer, but it's expected of many of their sponsors. NASCAR's drivers also seem to go out of their way to build a personal relationship with the key representatives of their sponsors. I'll never forget the reaction of former CART owner Gerry Forsythe down at a post-race gathering in Homestead, Florida a number of years back when one of his drivers, the late Greg Moore, skipped out on the post-race festivities. Forsythe was profusely apologizing to his guests for the snubbing by Moore. Lenny Kravitz was there as a special guest of Forsythe. I would have thought his presence alone would have made him inclined to attend. Moore and Forsythe parted company not long after that. His other driver, Patrick Carpentier, worked the crowd like a politician.
    • Value...
      This sort of makes me wonder how valuable these sponsorships really are. Maybe there isn't much reason to mention the sponsor if there isn't much money behind it. It doesn't cost too much for a few big Hydroxycut logos in white vinyl. Maybe a few dollars to the team, the team slaps on a big logo for appearances sake and everybody is happy. Maybe Anthony should do some digging to see the values of these sponsors. Also, maybe check to see if Hydroxycut is happy with what they spent got them. I'm willing to bet they made out big for little investment. What's not to like about that.
    • Wait...
      These guys WEAR suits MADE of sponsor logos. What's gotten into the IBJ writing staff when it comes to the race? Lou's article on Race Celebs was not particularly thoughtful either. Here, I agree with John King.
    • Anthony is wrong
      IMS and the Indy 500 were built on raw emotion and unpredictability. There is a reason why a "foreign" driver in IndyCar is so popular. Because Tony Kanaan is an original, not a sponsorbot. People conenct with that and feel his emotion. They share a love for the race as he does. If there is anything left of this sport, anything at all in this troubled, near-death sport, it is, at least, restraining itself from being a coporate clone to NASCAR. I'd rather the cars cost $100,000 and be sponsored by a bowling alley and burger joint and see raw, genuine, emotion and human connection, than NASCAR-talk. PLEASE do not ruin what character this sport has left by becoming Jimmie Johnson-Jeff Gordon clones. A simple, quick thanks to a sponsor(s) within the context of being a human being would be sufficient. If the Indy 500 beocmes a clone-fest of sponsor-speak, the last vestiges of its character are history. I applaud Tony Kanaan while at the same time acknowledging his win was a gift from Dario, who skillfully slapped the right side of his Target car to draw a caution flag, thus allowing the Hydroxycut machine, driven by his pal, to win the "500". The win was fake. The emotion was not. At the end of the day, the best thing that will happen is when the CARTisans cycle through this sport and retire. But I will miss Tony "Dario Gifted Me a Win" Kanaan. He is not a fake, even though his win was.
      • IndyCar does NOT get it
        IndyCar officials, it's drivers and supporters just do NOT get it. Professional sports is about marketing. It exists primarily as a corporate marketing tool. Not mentioning sponsors is not only inexcusable, it's totally outrageous. This type of non-responsiveness is why my company, which was once an IndyCar sponsor, is now out of the sport. IndyCar just doesn't get it. That's a big part of why this series is in the toilet.
      • Did you not watch the banquet?
        It was one of the funniest, sponsor mentioning, FCC fine costing TV events I have seen in years! Trust me, Target, Meijer, Circle K, car makers, engine makers, tire makers were all mentioned!! TK was at his finest!! And I have to wonder how much WTHR gets to pay for Jimmy Vasaar's s*&t bomb that he dropped in his speech!
      • Struggled To Remember Sponsors
        It's an interesting point that you make in your column about Kanaan not hyping his sponsors in the victory lane post race interview with ABC-TV. If you watched the Victory Banquet the day following the race you would have seen Tony actually struggle to remember his car sponsors when he was at the awards podium. In fact he actually called out to one of his team members that was standing around the winning car on the award stage to prompt him for his sponsors names. It was a quite obvious awkward moment that stuck out like a sore thumb to me.
      • don't bury your head in the sand
        I LOVE the Indy 500 since I was a little boy, couldn't wait until I was of age and did whatever I could to get credentialed back in the 70's. I also know the reality that it is not the grandiose event that it used to be. The "month of May" is not ALL about THE race anymore...the seats are not all filled, competition from other sports and races and the TV ratings have been going downhill. We need to keep the interest of the deep pockets that make this awesome event possible. The drivers have always thanked their sponsors, I still associate Mario and STP. Like it or not we--the IMS, the race teams, the city and the sport--need to keep the sponsors happy.
      • Not a Big Deal
        He just won the IINDY 500, after year's of trying, I'm sure he had other things on his mind.
      • I'd like to thank...
        This non-media hack agrees that IndyCar drivers should mention their sponsors every chance they get. No sponsors = No race cars. And IndyCar needs every precious sponsor they can attract. Vasser or someone on KV race team should have prepped TK before he was interviewed. Something simple like, "For God's sake, TK, DO NOT forget to mention our sponsors!"
      • Re: Hmmmm
        What BMC said.
      • TK
        Didn't he mention about his early days with Honda and then mention his relationship with Chevy? Know he forgot his sponsors when he started talking about his wife...surprised he doesn't get a blue pill endorsement.
      • Burl
        Don't knock NASCAR...half of the safety features in your car come from them. Be safe and SHAKE & BAKE
      • Well said BMC...
        Overkill is a real risk. When the drivers do nothibng but thank sponsors viewers (i.e. potential customers) tune out quickly! Hydroxycut gets more value from viewers thinking Kanaan is credible and likeable...than they would from him shouting Hydroxycut intot he camera 3 times!
      • NA$CAR
        reddog, you belong over at Whackforum. Head over there. They have a site for NA$CAR whackos too. It is not all just Indy drivelers who worship the drivers who think they are all a bunch of, well, whackers. Get you some NA$CAR love over there if you are going to be a-guzzlin' the NA$CAR meller yeller, boy.
      • Burl
        Funny that you mentioned that cuse I'm all jacked up on mountain dew!
      • So What
        Sponsorship mention is, of course, a required standard. And not to excuse its absence, I objectively find little to complain about if same occurs......... As a society we are so overly bombarded with advertisement it's achieved a point with at least myself - perhaps many of you - that one more advertisment anywhere..........., and I'm going to go postal, I swear........ So, post race Indy drivers "forgot" to endlessly parrot those who pay the bills......? You know...., great. Thanx. I see the sponsors names plastered EVERYWHERE be same the car, the jumpsuit, the hats (as in plural), ads on tv, in the bathroom stalls, on napkins, soda cups, by skywriters, blimps, announcers ad infinitum, ad nauseum......., I could use the break.
      • Golden Rule
        Like it or marketing the one who supplies the gold for sponsorship is the one holding the Golden Rule(s).
      • reddog... forgot to plug your sponsor. You best step up, boy. The old Mountain Dew car don't pay for itself. Come on now!
      • Give me a break
        Ok, I'll say it again, give me a break.....again, demonstrates the superficial business writing in Indianapolis.
      • C'mon, Anthony!
        What do you want? Or expect? The media and the fans want raw emptions NOT sponsors. For years media have been trying to get folks to open up and get away from reading their sponsors, like from a script. ABC had told smaller teams that "we want to do pieces on you (your effort) but won't if all that you do is blab out your sponsors." An ARCA driver who ran really well at Atlanta until he wrecked, was nervous about his lack of media /TV experience/ettiquette and it was all that he could do to try to blurt his sponsors. Kyle Petty, who was pit reporter, said "we don't need you to read your sponsors, we saw their names on the car, when you wrecked." He tried to get the guy to tell about his first time on a Superspeedway and when the guy went back into sponsor mode, Kyle cut him off and sent it back to the booth. Sure you can slip in the sponsor names but tell the people about the race, first and foremost.
      • We know one thing...
        ...J.R. Hildebrand will not be sponsorbotting the National Guard Car for Pantherless. Nice going, John Barnes. Let's get another "foreigner" into the Guard car. Sure the youngster is a blow-it case, but couldn't you find a 'Mericun to steer that junk of yours? Maybe he would even sponsorbot for the Guard and say all kinds of nifty things about what a great bunch of guys you guys are.......not.
      • TK needs better 'people'
        This line of comments is hysterical. As a 20-year marketing professional, Anthony's headline grabbed my attention. I'm somewhere in the middle on this issue. Racing does not exist without sponsors and TK owes them some props. The big miss is his 'people.' He needed someone greeting him after the race reminding him who his sponsors are and who's name to toss out. IndyCar should take a lesson from NASCAR and train the drivers how to pitch their sponsors. Emotions were high and sponsors come and go. I don't think TK is to blame, it's the team owner who should have better marketing 'people' supporting his drivers!
      • Marketing are People too!
        Lisa why do you put people in quotes when you refer to marketing people? As if we are not real people, but some sub-human, corporate-schilling race. As for this topic, drivers have to mention the sponsors, but do it genuinely. Just imagine if TK would have jubilantly, authentically yelled, "Thank you Hydroxycut!!" He would not be begging for a ride for a long time.
      • MeMe
        In this age of narcissism this is a surprise?
      • Not the first time
        Back in 2002 Kanaan made the same type of sponsor error. While being interviewed about his upcoming drive in the Indy 500; he was wearing a Pioneer firesuit (his CART sponsor) his sponsorship for the Indy 500 was Hollywood of Brazil. Hollywood never sponsored TK again after that race.
      • Mountainous Molehills
        It appears some here are attempting to pick fly dung from a pile of pepper. Typical.
      • Bidness
        It's entertaining to see all of you get enraged at the writer for making a simple and valid point. It doesn't affect him either way. He's just basically stating that in a sport that often complains about money, maybe everyone should be doing the best they can to make sure the money is still coming in. The only reason Nascar (a slower and more boring racing) is more popular than Indycar is sponsorship and branding. Indycar should take some notes and maybe they would quit losing drivers to Nascar.
      • Its a tactic
        What they are doing is blaming Anthony for not genuflecting at the alter of Indy. Pointing out failures in the series "that will never be CART" is easy because there are so many flaws. It's fake crap product that they have to endlessly defend because it's of their own stillborn making. No where else can a cancer be allowed to grow and prosper than right here in the Indycar series. It's amazing.
      • It's sad for Indy
        but I rather enjoy the angst and butthurt experienced by the people who killed it
      • They can add the TV #s
        for this weekend's two races together and they still won't approach the number for an iCarly 3AM rerun
      • The Disaster(s) in Detroit
        Maybe TK (and ALL the drivers) should plug the sponsors every second they still have them. Because after looking at the all the people at Detroit both days, and knowing the TV rating is going to be epic, it is a great opportunity for sponsors to get mega-exposure. So I have changed my mind. I think the drivers should set aside human emotion and normal conversation and sponsorbot away. Disciple, did you see that crowd? Both days? I mean, WOW! What a greta turn-out and event. Thank you, Roger Penske. Awesome! Now That was a stellar crowd. Belle ISle is back baby!!!!
      • Needs bigger sidepods
        HaY, all you haters...what the heck is "HARTMOOR POLO WATER"? I must admit it's a perfect match for the obscure IRL/Uglycar series...geez, how about "Refresh" or "Spring" or even "Water" as catch phrases? That sponsorship has got to be worth a couple hundred so PLUG the heck out of it. Top level AOW series, huh? Bwahahhahahhaha!
      • Product What?
        Is Hydroxycut something you put on scratches and burns? What is it? Perfect time to sell your sponsor product. And we wonder why Indy 500 ratings are so low.
      • Mike Conway
        Looked sharp with all those sponsors on his OMP. The car looked great too. Kind of reminded me of Ana Beatriz. Thank goodness Coyne has mega-sponsor Sonny's BBQ. Did Conway sponsorbot that or just talk about how me looks forward to Toronto because "You just don't know what Toronto means?" Maybe they can pick up Rachel's tater chips for that one.
      • Wheeeew!
        Sonax dodged a bullet huh? Guess TonEe won't have to re-mortgage the house and Sonax can go back to the level of marketing it has always existed with....NONE.
      • First time sponsor
        I was a first-time sponsor this year (#63 Pippa Mann and Dale Coyne Racing) and the temptation is to hound the athletes for mention, but the reality is this is Sport and Entertainment. If they had a contract that stated x mentions then I'm sure he would have done it. This is their job, and they're the best in the world at it. I know full well who TKs sponsors were even if he never said a word about them.
      • Well isn't that special?
        An IndyCar sponsor knows all about TK's sponsors. Tell that to the "fan" in Pacoima, sitting at home watching on the TV. Or worse, the "fan" listening on the radio in the backyard in Peoria. IT is so refreching to know the "insiders" know all about everything. This reminds me of Fontana last year when I mentioned the numbers on the rear-winf were too small. A big team, big shot said, amazingly, "the fans know who is who because of their helmets." No wonder this sport is in the potty, at the bottom, with the stinker sinkers. I recall seeing a #63 in the race, I was there. At least those numbers were fairly visible. It was some sort of energy drink wasn't it? Cytromax or something? Too bad Pippa spent all her time on the radio chorteling all rage-like about bad Buddy and some other guy, sounding semi-straight-jacket bound on the IMS Radio Network. Rage is a be-otch, especially, well.....never mind. We ask for emotion, we got it. Too bad she didn't sponsorbot thsi time, though, because she sounded a wee-bitsy well, quite mad actually, and I don't mean angry. Yikes!
      • It Appears the Race Was Enjoyed. They Certainly Watched.
        Quick reminder: IndyCar = in business. cart = out of business. Twice. Some people have not matured to a level of getting past that. As a result the usual obsessed subjects waltz in here like four year olds taunting people who make the sport possible. Classy. It's on to Texas as another great IndyCar season progresses nicely, complete with great racing and wide open results. Actual fans appreciate the quality of the racing and competition.
      • What fans?
        Dispicable, what fans? Where were all these fans at the Double Disaster in Detroit? Under the trees because the sun was out? IN the VIP area? In line for a hot dog. They certainly did not fill out the high school bleachers Roger brought in. They certainly did not stay home to watch on ABC-TV, live on a Saturday AND a Sunday, because the ratings numbers do not lie. The series couldn't even get a 1.0 on ABC on a Spring weekend. OH wait! I know. Those numbers do not count! There are huge numbers of people in targeted, super-secret demographicy key-metricy dealee-o's of which the masses are unimaginable. That is why Coyne has Sonny's BBQ on his front row car.....because the sponsor's are knocking down the door to get them some of that IndyCar Series EVERYBODY is talking about! Well, er, uh, except in Detroit, Michigan. The Motor City. And, er, uh, Indianapolis, Indiana, or Speedway, Indiana to be more precise. Racing Capitol Of The World. Home of 40,000 UNSOLD ticktes for the Grrrrrrrrrrrrrreaatttttest Spectacle in Racing!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I know, Discipless, those 40,000 people all stayed home to watch in secret bunkers, where they hide to remain uncounted. Bwwwwaaaahaaaaaaahaaaaaa!!!!!!
      • A Reasoned, Non-Shrieking Response.
        Wow, Burl. Your hysterical angst seems to imply there may not be a season after this one. History would indicate you will be proven incorrect. Again. Sure, we would all like bigger crowds and better ratings. But at the present time IndyCar is not much different that most any other sports or entertainment offering in those terms. And some brands will fail. The WNBA, for example, is not expected out of the gate next season. I would personally be happy if those who claim not to watch but can tell me, literally, everything about it right down to the 'sponsor' on Newgarden's car would simply enjoy what has turned out to be a great on-track product. Can you believe a Penske or Ganassi has not won this season? It's wide open. Speaking as an adult, I am confident Detroit will be back next season along with a full schedule of events, and we're now headed for a nightcap at Texas. I am enjoying the heck out of the season.
      • Cars are ugly, thats why
        Indycars today are most unattractive. Why? This used to be a sleek sexy it resembles bloated salmon floating about, way too far upstream. And just think, they'll be condensing the series even further next year. Plus, Derrick Walkers 9 year plan to save the sport is a winner...not. The sport can't wait until then Derrick, it needs action now. CART did one thing set the bar so high these IMS geniuses will NEVER be able to reach it.
      • Seeking Mature Commentary That Makes Sense
        Oh, and what a legacy they left. What did their business acumen get them? Bankruptcy. Twice. Drivers who have the requisite background call the field as deep as it was in the utopian days of yore. The ugly cars have given us the best racing the series has seen in decades. So keep chirping. More importantly, keep watching.
      • Drivers of Requisite Background
        Slowrona de Silvestro, for example. A J Allmenwalldinger, as evidenced as another. Sebashtiwallian Bourdais, is object. Suuuurrreee, Disciple. Best evah. EVAH! SO then, why did J.R. Hardlyran get canned? Isn't he one of the superstarz?
      • CART
        still winning all the races and now on the speedway's dime.
      • Thank you Jake...
        Thank you Jake for providing a little bit of adult business knowledge and perspective on this business blog. Sometimes it costs to win the war. This one cost a lot and it is very obvious the costs are still being felt today. Just reading the IBJ tells us that. There are many other indicators out there too. If you want to see them.
      • F1 > .1rl
        IIRC, the overnight for the Monaco GP on NBC a couple Sundays ago was a 1.4. Add the 0.8 and 0.7 from the 2 races the .1rl pulled on ABC and you can surmise that American race fans prefer a series that has pretty much zero presence in the USA, to the series that destroyed OWR in the USA. Lets see how the Canada GP does this weekend. I predict more proof that Americans prefer F1 to the .1rl...
      • Good Point Jake
        And I wonder if the H-G clan ever costed out the Jim Guthrie and Jeff Ward wins, maybe with a Billy Boat tossed in for good measure, even tough that was a fake win for Foyt in Ft. Worth. Bet that is a buhfugly numba. All that dough, only to get steam-rolled by the CART clan, sending Wardie back to two-wheelers, and the likes of Buzz Calkins back to Bradley. Then, to pour Clabber Girl into the cauldron, less than 300,000 people in America stayed on to watch the takeovers, leaving 40,000 unsold Indy 500 tickets this year and two Detroit Grands Prix held on half full high school bleachers. Disciple?
      • Tombstone
        cart remains dead. Try to get past it.
      • CART LIVES ON... the IndyCar Series and, as Jake pointed out, on IMS dime. But living on borrowed time. But back to racing, Disciple, this stellar group of IndyCar Series drivers, this stout cast that rivals the best of the eras, is now joined by Pippa Mannhandler at Texas. She brought Dale Coin. Now Slowmona has someone to safer-bounce with. I just hope both can keep the bulbous uglies top-side up in Texas. Nothing says IndyCar racing in Texas on a Saturday night quite like Pippa Mannish in a Coin Car. Bwwwwwwwwwwwaaaahahhhaaaaaa!!!!
      • CART drivers and owners DOMINATE Indy and Indycar
        Why is that? Oh, I know CART is dead, twice. But it's offspring have literally owned the speedway and the hapless IRL and subsequent phoney Indycar series. Buddy Rice can't catch a cold. Buddy Lazier...who cares. Former CaRT folks taking the Speedways money is pure genius. Dario wrecking to get his CART brother TK a 500 is the kicker. The only tombstone needed is one for the IRL and it's Defenders because there is NOTHING left of it anywhere. Even the history books mark its pathetic history with asterisks. Bwahahaha...Losers.
      • Good reminder, Chief.
        Let us not forget Dario easin' 'er on up into the gray for a safer-bounce so racer-boi crush TK got that elusive win. That shall never be forgotten. TK's "win" (wink, nod, wink) deserves one of those asterisks for sure. CART Racer-Boi love is in full bloom this Spring, in the IndyCrush Series.
        • Hydroxycut
          Is Hydroxycut something you put on scratches and burns? What is it? It is a weight-loss supplement that is not approved by the FDA and there is a warning label on the product that says "Not for people under age 18". Maybe TK could not promote the product to kids who were watching. They should be careful not to mix up adult stuff with kids stuff. This business is "sanctioned" but that does not mean they are excluded from the regular requirements that everyone else lives under. Not too raunchy but still not FDA approved and maybe not for the little ones watching. Not that they care. Wonder if South Park would do a skit? It was all about TK...and his big nose on the trophy,LOL
        • Hydroxycut
          Not for people under 18? That's funny! You see, this is right up there with snake oil...this is the type of fraud that the series likes to be associated with. It legitimatizes it's entire existence.
        • Who's next
          What happens when all the CART/Champcar drivers are gone? They seem to be the only ones with any drawing power. Dario, Dixon, TK, Power, RHR, Seabass, Wilson are the best drivers there. If the rateings are the worst ever now what happens as they go away? Special Ed, Marco and crybaby Rahal the twitter star just don't have the appeal. I give it till 2016 or 2017 and the ratings for Monaco will be higher than the 500. I would bet that the Canadian GP come very close to the same TV numbers as Texas this year.
        • poison
          I just looked up hydroxycut on wikipedia. They keep changing the formula for it because it originally had ephedra since banned by the FDA. Then the forumla was linked to liver damage. Its the reason the FDA had to start tighter controls on dietary supplements.
          • Hydroxycut
            I want to thank "Hydroxycut," Please Note that Hydroxycut was not on the list of banned/dangerous diet drugs that the FDA wanted pulled from shelves back in January. The diet supplement industry's lobby group, the Council for Responsible Nutrition, wants the law to become even more relaxed. It is currently lobbying the FTC to give it the right to make false statements in ads so long as nobody could be expected to believe those statements. Its official position is: "An advertising claim that you don't believe can't hurt you." There is a reason that Hydroxycut is not advertised on the regulated network...Imagining that they were glad to get any mention at all.
          • A bad win with a bad product sponsor...
            ...TK and Hydroxycut. So Dario Franscriptti, manic with boi-rage for racing love TK, wall pops it so the Snout can make the Borg. In a car with a nasty product that Snout can't even pimp. Gotta love the IndyScheme Series. It just gets more entertaining each week. Maybe the Snout can hand boi crush Dario a Texas win this weekend and gush aboout their bromance on ABC. This is better than the fake Danica-Stenhouse romance over on the NA$CAR Network. TK needs to Hallmark some love sentiment to Dario this weekend for the Indy win Dario gave him. Maybe he can say thanks to Hydroxycut but tell kids at home who are watching (as if there were any right Disciple?) not to do this at home. TK, the super athlete and all. Bbbbwwwaaaaaahhaaaaa!!!!!!
          • Hydroxycut
            Hmmm, Side note:The most dangerous side effects of these diet drugs and supplements include elevated blood pressure, serious heart conditions, and even death. If you have been physically harmed and suffered a serious medical condition as a result of taking a dangerous diet pill, or if you have been bilked by a company making fraudulent claims about an ineffective diet pill, you may be able to bring a successful lawsuit against those responsible for your physical or financial loss. Whether you have a wrongful death claim, a fraud claim, or an injury claim against the maker or marketer of a dangerous or ineffective weight loss drug, any personal injury lawyer may be able to help. During your case evaluation, the attorney may be able to determine whether your case is best litigated as a personal injury claim or a class action lawsuit. Very classy on the podium. Not really.
          • Classy is as classy does.
            TK and Hydroxycut keeps good company with Fuzzy's Vodka in the class department, joining Effen Vodka, to add some old school, field-filler, house car kicks to the post. Stay classy, Indianapolis.
          • place fans make it
            to Montreal, to ask F1 driver if he ever carried his cousin's BW trophy: _____________ FF to 01:04:45 to see the Q/A. Place fan surely did not like the answer... :lol:
          • Burl
            You left out the Broad Ripple Popcorn Stand sponsorship
          • Boycott INDYCAR
            It's fake, the 500 is fake. BOYCOTT! I'm not buying over priced, overhyped crapwagon trash. BOYCOTT INDYCAR! NOW! LIARS!
          • Hypocrites
            If those calling for a boycott ever actually did, how much better would the fan landscape immediately become?
          • Wouldn't make a difference
            since they aren't IRL fans to begin with
          • Stop it Jake
            You have to stop making these simple and to the point comments Jake. It is confusing Disciple. All it leaves him with is calling people names. You would think a big fan of a successful series like Indycar would just ignore those he thinks are hypocrites and count on all the growth to fill in the fans that have wandered off upset with where the racing has gone. Or, maybe he is just a bit worried about it, but has to maintain his tough stance.
          • 99.80%
            Did ya know 99.80% of possible Indycar TV viewers choose not to? Some are very happy with the know, the Hydroxycut types. Folks like Disciple are in the minority, just like Indycar is. Ugly cars for folks who have no racing style or class. Just like indycar.
          • Taking A Look At The Bigger Picture....
            IndyCar is evidently not alone in the 'low' ratings department. Here are three recent examples: NHL Finale on the NBC OTA Network: 0.4. MLB on Fox: Sub-2's all season; all time lows. PGA from New Orleans on CBS: 1.7, trending way down for three years. You kids are doing a disservice to those of us with brains when you attempt to position IndyCar as being the only sports or entertainment entity with ratings Internet television executives feel are 'low.' My advice: Brush up on both knowledge and maturity. That will take you further in life than merely to blog comment sections.
          • Apples to apples
            Disciple, how about keeping comparisons relatively the same. Is not the Indy 500 considered The Greatest Spectacle in Sports? Wouldn't that put it in the same category as say the final game in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, The Masters in golf, A big game in MLB's World Series, NFL's Super Bowl. At least that is what you and everyone says all the time. So, how about keeping the comparisons in the same range. You have not said what NHL finale, yet it was posted that the finale of the Chicago Blackhawks versus the Detroit Red Wings brought in a 2.07. So how does that compare to a season-scheduled IndyCar event? You also post about regular season baseball games. Want to compare those ratings a bit later in the season when everyone starts watching to see who is going to the World Series? That would be about the same time America forgets there is an Indycar series. And A PGA tournament in New Orleans. Was that one of their big events? Was it on par with a Masters type event? Look we know you will defend Indycar until you are the last one at a race, but why stoop to the same levels you claim others do?
          • another thing there, d
            How many millions are those sports properties paid by their TV partners, and how much is the .1rl paid for theirs? The NBCS deal was described by your personal good bud, Ole RB, as very expensive for the league. Remember when you were posting that NBC was gonna bid huge $$$ on the 500? Well, nobody wanted it but ABC, and they offered ZERO increase in $$$. Yes, the 500/.1rl is a hot property in the sports world...NOT!
          • Anthony, cleanup in aisle 5
            Mr. Schoettle....where on earth can I get HARTMOOR POLIO WATER? I want to support the home team but alas it can't be found anywhere. I did an Internet search and all I found was a dead end website with no info at all. Thanks in advance for your consideration, sincerely, All 0.20 of us Indycarz fans.
          • Pesky Facts
            Another fact the peanut gallery always conveniently fails to mention about ratings: Relatively speaking, IndyCar holds the same place in the pecking order as it always has. Sure the ratings were higher twenty years ago. They were also proportionately higher for the vast majority of sports and entertainment offerings on television. The difference between now and then: The number of offerings and delivery channels. So please spare us the dramatic 'end is near' screeching. You kids have been incorrect for seventeen straight years. And if you mean what you say about boycotting, when will that actually begin?
          • Sticks and Stones, Pops.
            The younger generation here gets it. They get that the IndyFarce Series is a fraud. Just like Snout's Indy 500 win, thanks to Boi-Crush Dario Francheatti. They get that it is a club car series for chicks and daddies boys. Sort of Kart racing on 'roids. They get that. But the rest of America doesn not get it, because they are not watching. Now get back to setting up those Atlantic Scientific's and quit play-acting media mogul. It ain't your lane, pops.
          • You're right
            Dipsicle you are need for pesky sponsorships because all AOW needs is Indy. Yup, the good ol 500 will sustain this thing forever. As long as they can get into the decrepit rust bowl of E Stand and stand at the trough of broken sewage pipes and un-mown grass, this business is just peachy for them. TV ratings..tisk tisk pish-posh, just turn your nose up in the air like you really mean it. NASCAR got a 9.0 for it's Daytona 500. Kentuncky Derby another 9.0. NHL on NBCSN...a 2.04. Girls softball and infomercials on ESPN and ABC while the gratest race in the universe is off diddling in tier 8 of a premium cable package no one gets. 2.0 on the same channel as Indycar gets 0.18 on. Sure, it's all the same for everybody. NASCAR's lowly run of the mill races like Martinsville gets 4.0's and there isn't a whole 8 days of two weeks (of what was once 1 month) to get ready for it either. Any boycott needs to be a personal that shows the powers that be that this dung heap will not fly with the fans of today. However, blog commenting can go on forever.
          • Chief stopped going
            to IRL races in 1995. How's that for a boycott.
          • Boycot fake wins
            1 - Marco at Sonome in 2006. Thanks Bryan Herta! Bad acting there, by the way, boi. 2 - Danica at Japan in 2008. Thanks, Captain Penske! You know what's best. Always! Right? 3 - Snout Kanaan at Indy 2013. Thanks Dario! Which takes us back to what really is Numero Uno. Fontana 2005. The IndyCrush Series has got the boi love goin' on! So bad is it, they need a couple of rich chikcs to run teh big go-karts with eh boi's, so it doesn't seem too well, er, uh, Palm Springs Resort-ish. Wink. Wink. Boycott the Boi racer series.
          • I Thought 'Boycotting' Meant Willfully Ignoring...
            Guess not. You 'boycotters' certainly seem to know granular details about IndyCar and its history. When will this supposed boycott actually include boycotting?
          • Boycotting means...
            ...not buying a ticket to any of the races this season, or next. Or until the IndyScam Series stops the boi's from helping each other win in the name of luv. Basically, what we are saying is boycott all the boi-cotting.
          • final in for detroit .1rl fest
            on ABC and they pulled huge numbers, like 0.6 on Saturday, and 0.7 on Sunday. :lol: It appears the public have spoken, and F1 is the only OWR left worth watching. Special thanks to the H/G clan and their place fans, for destroying AOWR. You done a hell of a job! Yeehaw!!!!
          • Jake!
            Now that you mention it, yup...boycotting since 1995! Yes sir...never a penny from me for that garbage. Or the trash that clutters todays AOW.
          • Yes we know about IndyCar History
            We know that Tony Hulman hated the Indycar term, and the Blue Crown Spark Plug Special was never called an Indycar in its day
          • AJ Foyt's reaction to Mike Conway's decision
            to not die in a crapwagon: I don't blame you son, I wouldn't want to drive one of those things either.
          • HAy Chief
            Remember the IRL's Marlo Klain wedding sized crowd at Fontana in 2012
          • Kindergarten Class Continues
            How many people were at this year's US 500? Oh, wait. Never mind. And that 2001 cart show at Texas? Oh, wait. Never mind. Cowards Aren't Racing Today. Here's the thing boys...we actual racing fans love the fact that you are such rabid followers of the sport, but you could probably actually enjoy it if you would orient your maturity inside the current century.
          • Move on!
            Disciple I thought you have moved on. What is with this bringing up the US500 and CART? I know you want to deny it, but as far as I can tell most of the folks commenting are talking about the poor evolutionary state of the sport under IMS/Indycar in this century. As a matter of fact, they seem to be talking specifically about the second decade of that century. Oh by the way...I looked at your blog yesterday and I found your recent post title interesting. It is "Dare We Affirm That IndyCar Is Headed in the Right Direction?" Now I don't know about anyone else, but to me that title is saying that Indycar was heading in the wrong direction at some point and you might also still question what they may be doing? Isn't that what Burl, Chief and others have been saying?
          • At least they were smart enough
            to not get Dan Wheldoned
          • Disciple...
            ...chime in on how the 0.6 and 0.7 numbers for the ABC-TV live coverage of the Disasters in Detroit, is misleading and things are actually on the upswing? You have all that "insider" hardball on the real numbers, the proprietary stuff, that may show that, in fact, there are huge gains being made in the key targeted demographics....meaning that the 68 weirdos at Trackforum tuned in again along with a guy in Pacoima and two new dudes in Seattle, one of which, immediately went out to buy some Sonny's BBQ but had to settle for Hydroxycut when he couldn't find Dale Coin's stuff at the Food 4 Less. But still and all....right? No doubt, Disciple, that Sunday number was up because word got around that "man, you can't miss this Detroit deal." And people started calling people. Or is it, that there is so little mainstream coverage of the IndyFarce Series that the same 238 people who tune in to watch the Detroit race tuned in on Sunday and found out they also raced on Saturday? Which is it, Discipe? And do not flail about this time. Concrete, Disciple. Concrete. Give us the concrete. Also, if you wish, try and explain how thoughtful it was for the Series to hold not one, but two races on park access roads in front of high school bleachers, a week after the cars were going 200-plus in the world's laregst sports stadium and the only venue the average person even remotely associates with what an Indy car is? So that things went from 68 lead changes at 220 mph to bulbous go-karts in a strange, empty park, making 75 mile per hour turns in front of half-filled bleachers set up next to the picnic tables, adjacent to the public restrooms, over by the horseshoe pit. Nice goin' Cap'n.
          • Boi Racers
            LOL. A typical boi-racer is seen as a young man who sits very low in his seat and wears a beanie or hoodie or a lid. Driving a Rice Burner and also needs a sugar-daddy unless paid for by the third world or related to a cocaine cowboy. Seriously can't watch anymore, Hydroxycut should be proud.
          • Boi howdy!
            That is quite true, Walter. Quite true. But also, a Boi Racer is a an infatuated, boi crush IndyFarce Series competitor with mad luv for his homies on the track to such an extent the boi's help each other win. It has been going on for years now. The latest example is: Boi Racer Dario easin' 'er on up into the Safer, so fellow Boi Snout Kanaan can get that elusive Indy 500 win, as I have mentioned here before. But it warrants repeated repeating times three, because it must be noted that the IndyFarce Series is a club car, boi racer and rich chick league, run by a combination of sinister business men with donelap's disease and bad haircuts, and a few knuckle dragger dirtbags with animal-themed team names and so on. The dirtbag powers-that-be are ok with all the boi-luv raging through the the series because is is ok now to ask and tell. And why should it matter? As long as the checks keep coming in from South America, the go-karts can be run. Right?
          • 'We're sorry. We owe you an apology.'
            Who said that quote? Check it out...another promise not to be kept.
          • How quaint
            Gordon Kirby sez the the DW12 uglomobile is "locked in" via contract until 2016! WOW, only 3.5 more years of mediocre ugly. And then he commented on the TV contract....lowest ratings in history for Indycar. I would offer that this indeed affirms what the many labeled "haters" have been saying in this very blog space for many, many years. Read it here:
          • They owe one
            but there is no one in Indy man enough to actually give one
          • BOIS Have At It!
            At least it give the boi racers and rich kicks easy-mobiles to steer to fake wins. The fugly mobiles are a cinch but nobody wants to say it. The impression is to be these little bulbous go-karts a as hard to handle as Pippa Mannish. Ugly is as ugly does. Bwwwwwaaahhaaaaaaa!!!!!!!
          • Did Chief kidnap the trophy girl
            The Izod Trophy Girl hasn't tweeted anything about mIndy in 10 months. How's that 350% return working out Mr. Kelley. That morAn marketing person at Audi who thinks the IRl might be popular ought to call the league's titleless sponsor.
          • I wish we had a real insider around here
            who could tell us how much the league is paying Izod for using its name
          • How was TEXAS?
            Jayski is reporting NASCAR on FOX has highest TV ratings of an in-season sport for the past 13 years. Averaging a 4.8 per race this year. #2 in ratings for men 18-49. So, how was TEXAS? HaY, Mark ready for me to take over yet? I'm hearing 0.3 rating in the coveted 18-49 male category for the IRL at TEXAS LIVE in primetime on ABC. Not too shabby. Bwahahahhahaha, where's Dipsicle to tell us TV ratings don't sell? I should preface that with INDYCAR tv ratings don't sell. Maybe you can get a government handout to help youse're gonna need it.
          • IRL must have hired some European nancy boy
            to rewrite the rules. Gomeratti upset that the drivers had to achshully drive the car whenever that Texas race happened. Everbody knows the IRL is about slotcar racing.
          • Whackforum Gomeritis
            It is a disease Jake. An incurable disease. So I am not surprised the gomeratti at Whackforum had one of those painful flair-ups. Next week, if there is a three-wide finish between Ed Carpernter, Tony Kanaan, and Simona de Silvestro with a margin of .023 seconds from first to fifth, and 34 lead changes among 11 drivers with Pole Sitter Ryan Hunter-Reay establishing a track record with the races fastest lap, and 29,000 happy fans on a picture-perfect, sunny, cloudless sky, 79-degree late-Spring day, a television rating of 1.1, and a top stoory coverage on ESPN of the finish, with everyone eatign free Bubble Up and eating that Rainbow stew, those azz-hat freaks would complain it isn't as good as it was before,during, or immediately after the split, and there was no Paul tracy in the race and and the guy who sang the National Anthem didn't "have the proper spirit" and the flyover was an isult to IndyCars because it had just two P-38s, and the Ferris-Wheel was such a far cry from the one they sued to have at Road America and the whole thing is just, well, doomed. All those bagheads, Disciple included, should just form a computer fantasy league and get out of watching the sport altogether. Sure, the current sport sucks. But at least you, Chief, me, and a couple others here have fun laughing at it.
          • Just read some old forum posts
            You know, more things change...the more they stay the same. Take the 0.1RL or the mIndycar Series...10 years ago the same comments were being made as they are today. HaY, Mark Miles....did that Boston Consulting Group you paid a couple of MILLION to say anything in there about the continued suckitude since 1996 of H-G famibly racing interests like the Indy492.5 or IRLCarz series? Mark, you can read, right? Just google "Marlo Klain Wedding" and read up fella. Get yourself a history lesson...Donald Davidson totes the company line so he can't be relied on for accuracy. For that you have to go to the masses, the great unwashed AOW racing fan. 17 years of the the exact same message repeated adnauseum and NOBODY at 16th and Jonestown can hear it. Why is that, Mark? So irritated that no one hears them, AOW fans have turned away in disgust. So, keep jamming exactly what the fans don't want down their throats. BCG didn't say anything about this, did they? I didn't think so...
          • Tiny D
            Looks like slotcar racing may be a thing of the past. Another CART WIN!!!
          • It just keeps gettin' better...
            ...ABC needed its DWTS darling to win Saturday night in prime time to justify the well, prime time. Soooooooooo.....that's easy. The IndyFarce Seriesm already accustomed to and downright proficient in sham and shizzle, fake-a-dizzle, just had to wave 'ol Rog the Codg and Twinkle Toes through inspection with a big boy wing and bam! There you have it! Guaranteed win since the cars is easy to drive. Which they need to be for Toes. Power gets the Pole Mulligan and is told to shut his Aussie trap. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, only 25,000 people showed up BECAUSE they know the IndyFarce Series is a fraud. Fake cars. fake wins. I like it! But appears only a few do besides me and mi bud Discipless. Nice going. What will the IndyFarce Series have in sto fo Pocono? Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh baby!!! Can you say, Marcoooooooo POLOooooooooooooooooooo!!! Marco. Polo. Marco. Polo.
          • Better yet...
            ...panties are getting bunched about PenskeGate oer there at Whackforum. The basement boys are fired up! They will be on-line all afternoon wailing and gnashing the teeth or, at least until Momma comes downstairs to make sure they took their meds. The 2013 IndyFarce Series just keeps gettin'.........farcier!
          • They control it from Race Control
            Couldn't Race Control just dial in extra turbo boost...I mean they control push to pass timing etc. So, would it be fair to say perhaps Mike COnway ran away from everybody at Detroit and Helio got help in addition to cheating? I'd say anything is possible in the socialistic Indycar series. How could tech inspection miss the wings? Bwahahahahaha! Farce and sham series.
          • Cheat To Pass
            Now that is interesting, Chief. I didn't know that Race Control had anything to do with Push-To-Pass. You say they manipulate it, have control over it in some way? How so? Wow wow weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! Just keeps gettin' better! Drivers crashing for their mates, phoney-baloney techless inspections, obviously, super-duper engines (of which you can be assured Marco Polo will get one for Pocono), and, apparently, assists from the powers-that-be on Push-To-Pass. Explain, Chief. The 2013 IndyFarce Series. The Fastest Race Control Assisted Boi Racers In the WOoooooooooooooorrrrrrrllllllllllllldddd!!!!!!! Bwwwwwwaaaaaahhhhaaaaahaaaaa!!!!!
          • Hornish at 105% throttle
            Explain to me how telemetry showed Sham Hornish at 105% throttle? And, he's faster than the old days it was the popoff valves handed out randomly. Nowadays it's all controlled via radio electronics. Just like slot cars. And Helio. And Honda...hmmm, popoff valves and Honda. Why doers that sound familiar?
          • Sam Borish Jr.
            Chief, here is what I think happened. Of ocurse, we have no proof, but follow the idiocy. It was important Sam Borish Jr. win. 'Cause he was a Heartland 'Mericun, complete with soul patch and Elvis sideburns, topped with some King Richard wraparounds. He was the closest thing the Indy Cheating League had to a real, live, dad-gum NA$CAR racer. The powers-that-wannabee done figgered if they could make Sam Borsih Jr. a winner, 'cause he certainly wasn't going to get that popalarrity by being a big, happy-go-lucky, colorful cheshire-grinnin' cat, then they could get them an upside on them furriner CART/Champ Car/OWRS boi's. Soooooooo....what better than to do whatch gotta do and make 'ol Sam a wiiiiinnnnneeerrrrrr!!!!! That is why I think he got the Special Ed engines and such like. True? Well, we don't really know now do we? Just sayin' but it sure smells Sarah Fishey. It worked awhile until them furriners came over and handed Sam Borish Jr. his arse. Turns out the Ohio legend was not so good after all and off to NA$CAR goes he in a deal worked out with The Crooked Captain. Sam Borish Jr. stunk at the big cars so they eventually found him a home in NationnotsoWise, a minor step up from FARCA. It was that or sayonara, babi!!!! So Sam Borish Jr. won when they neede him, too. Just like Danica Crapstink at Mofaki. Again, The Crooked Captain played a part and favor is as favor does. They are still paying him back, obviously.
          • RIP Jason Leffler
            I got word earlier that Jason lost his life in a sprint car wreck in Bridgeport, NJ tonite. Very sad. RIP Jason.
          • TV Ratings aren't what they used to be
            They are double for a sport people care about: The Chicago Blackhawks beat the Boston Bruins 4-3 last night in triple overtime in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals, but it was NBC who really scored. Going from 8 PM-1:06 AM ET, the game drew a 4.8 overnight rating, which is up 100% from the 2.4 overnight rating of last year’s Game 1
          • F1 on NBC
            1.4 I guess America has a new favorite open wheel series. The IRL needs more 'Muricans - - that'll fix everthing
          • IRL got 299% higher TV ratings on ABC
            Or sumpthing, over the 2012 Texas rating comparison on NBCSN (0.3). Geez, too bad the Indycars are stuck on NBCSN for the rest of the decade...BWAHAHAHHAHAHA! Suckers!
          • I bet the 2nd tier
            NASCAR race Saturday got mower

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