Angie's List back on track with IndyCar Series deal

August 5, 2013
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Indianapolis-based Angie’s List, which marked its sixth straight year in 2013 as a team sponsor at the Indianapolis 500, announced on Saturday that it will be sponsoring the car driven by Tristan Vautier for several more races this year.

Financial details of the deal, which began with Sunday's Mid-Ohio race, were not disclosed. Sports marketers estimated the deal to be in the high five-figure to low six-figure range.

If Angie's List officials decide to make the company's involvement with the IndyCar Series a major part of its advertising and marketing campaign, it could be a big coup for the series and the team the company partners with. Angie's List, which is still struggling to turn a profit, has poured tens of millions of dollars into marketing annually to bolster its brand and win subscribers to its growing service.

In addition to Mid-Ohio, Angie’s List, a publicly traded national consumer review company, has signed to be Vautier’s sponsor at the GoPro Grand Prix of Sonoma, the Shell and Pennzoil Grand Prix of Houston and in the season finale at the MAVTV 500.

Vautier drives for Schmidt Peterson Motorsports. The rookie Frenchman is 20th in the IndyCar points standings through 14 races.

“Everyone at Schmidt Peterson has a great spirit and drive to excel that we love to see,” said Angie’s List founder Angie Hicks. “We’re excited to follow Tristan through the season, and we expect to see Angie’s List green at the front of the pack.”
The relationship between Schmidt Peterson Motorsports and Angie’s List began at the 2013 Indianapolis 500 when the company sponsored the No. 81 car driven by Katherine Legge. She qualified for Indy on Bump Day after turning fewer than 30 laps in the car before her qualifying attempt and finished 26th.
“Angie's List stepped in at the perfect time this past May to help us put the No. 81 car on the starting grid for the most famous race in the world,” said team owner Sam Schmidt.
“Our team grew drastically before the start of this season to include a second IZOD IndyCar Series entry with Tristan Vautier," Schmidt added. “Welcoming a nationally known partner like Angie's List shows that we’ll continue to grow.”

  • Good Business Sense
    Good to know the Angie's List folks are using IndyCar as part of their marketing strategy. Very good value for the money. That company is poised to go cash flow positive this year and it's great to have them aboard for the ride.
  • Chumpus Changeus
    Tristan Vautier? Who's he? In the hierarchy of Indycar sponsorships this rates as an ASSOCIATE level, one of the very lowest. Angie's List got suckered on this deal...did they know the IRLseries gets 0.18's for TV ratings or won't their tiny branding on the car even be visible on TV? This smells of B2B or Angie's List paying for expenses incurred (suites etc) during the 500. Much to do about nothing.
  • There goes Chief again, wrong about the number of NASCAR races, and yet again he tries to show that he knows more about sponsorships than the people who do sponsorships. How is the personal apology from TG coming? I am betting he stays up late at night thinking he needs to do that.
    • Quit flappin your gums
      Those blinded by Indy-esque loyalty refuse to see the truth. Indyman and the Disciple's of the world believe the Cardiff Giant is the real McCoy too. Mark Miles, your Indycar Series is THE modern day Cardiff Giant. There's a sucker born every minute....
    • Immediate Implosion
      I don't get it. How can an organization that is ready to collapse every second of the day continue to sign sponsors? Oh, and as of today world wide Turbo has taken in $124,779,000. The production budget was $135 million. Thats a little over 2 weeks and it still is in theatres and hasn't even hit DVD yet for sales. The series is on its last breath.
    • Mid Ohio
      Lots of rear ends in the stands, keyhole, and spread out along the strait this weekend! And that was without ALMS racing on Saturday. The weather was perfect!
    • $185 MILLION
      Total budget was $185 Million for Turbo. DOMESTIC sales are $69 Million since opening. Turbo only did $21 Million opening yet SMURFS 2 did $86 million opening. Go figure. those who are tying Turbo to IMS or Indycar are foolish. The Angie's List deal is meaningless, as was the mid-Ohio race. Biff Loman could run the IMS/Indy/Indycar way better...too bad he turned down the hapless iZodcar series to work as a part-time shelf restocker at Walmart.
      • Funny
        As usual just say what you want to make yourself feel better. Thanks for stating the domestic data but why leave out the foreign numbers? Box office mojo states 135 Mil. I will go with that information instead of yours based on pure reputation. Pretty sure pixar will turn a nice profit on this project. The race at mid ohio was meaningless but yet all those patrons showed up to watch. You make no sense. Maybe your alter ego Jake Sinclair can swoop in and save you with nonsense.
        • Who won?
          I didn't watch Mid-Ohio where the 3/4 fender car series apparently raced. Biggest news all weekend in racing was Jeff Gordon's attendance slap down of the 2013 IRL series. Even more funny....TURDBO was #4 last week, this week #7 dropping 54%. From your source BOX OFFICE MOJO. This similar to the drop in Indycar TV ratings from 2011 to 2013. But, five-figure sponsorships abound. Oh, sorry, Anthony upped the estimate to "low six figures" now. it could still be five figures. Indyman, what are the levels of Indycar sponsorship? BMC, indycar is a local/regional race series. 0.18's fella.
        • If You Don't Watch and Aren't Interested...
          Why are you here?
        • He is still here because he is waiting for a personal apology from Tony George for cart killing itself. Once again Chief proves he knows not what he talks about. Most movies drop 50% their first couple of weeks. For example, The Conjuring dropped 47% from week 1 to week 2. Despicable Me 2 dropped 34%. Turbo dropped 36%. Grown Ups 42%. Pacific Rim 52%. Are you seeing a pattern? Be it racing, movies or marketing, Chief continues to show his ignorance. I guess he knows better than Chevy, Firestone, Shell, Pennzoil, Verizon and dozens of other multi million dollar companies that have plunged millions into the series. I was waiting for your rant on Jeff Gordon. One of the main reasons the IRL was formed was because good local racers like Jeff were shut out of running Indy because they did not bring enough cash. Some of the biggest stars in NASCAR would have run Indy cars if not for CART.
        • CART's DeAD
          Other than Jeff Gordon, WHO in there right mind would want to race in the IRL? And, a better question, seeing as the barriers to short trackers getting to the top tier of AOW racing, why is the series loaded with Tristan Vaultier's? Why is it Angie's List is sponsoring a foreign ride buyer? What local "stars" have run the 500 since 2008? Paul Menard? Seriously, what prevents them now? My numbers are spot on on.
          • Time For Rational Discourse
            "Other than Jeff Gordon, WHO in there right mind would want to race in the IRL?" You probably know that everyone on earth except for the cutesy children of the cart stopped referring to IndyCar as 'IRL' about five years ago. Try to keep up. Actually there is a long list of aspiring drivers. And every single one of them knows the difference between and correct usage of the words 'there' and 'their.' "And, a better question, seeing as the barriers to short trackers getting to the top tier of AOW racing, why is the series loaded with Tristan Vaultier's?" Hmmmm. That's odd. First, the correct spelling of that driver's last name is V-a-u-t-i-e-r. Second, the field is not filled with such drivers. Tristan actually rose through the Indy Car ladder system. It would actually be nice if everyone got there that way. Plus, I accept Sam Schmidt's talent judging expertise far more readily than that of some hypocritical, obsessed squatter. "Why is it Angie's List is sponsoring a foreign ride buyer?" Perhaps they see value in their modest partial season investment. Would you mind quantifying the 'ride buyer' claim since you are so good at numbers? "What local "stars" have run the 500 since 2008?" Conor Daly just last year. Ed Carpenter in each of those years. What about Buddy Rice? Or John Andretti? Davey? Danica? Lots of them if you pay attention. "Paul Menard?" Uh, no. He was a Brickyard but prefers the illusion of safety he believe the 'stock' cars provide. "Seriously, what prevents them now? My numbers are spot on on." I admire your strong sense of self delusion.
          • More blather
            Barriers that Indyman alluded to regarding the 500 or IRL series attracting local short trackers rather than going to NASCAR were never really barriers. In fact, IMS started the IRL for these "local heroes" in 1996. And promptly IRL hero Tony Stewart departed the IRL for NASCAR. Even the IRL couldn't hold them back from NASCAR. So, Jeff Gordon's not having the ability to get into CART is hogwash at best (in fact, Jeff has little to complain about as he is just as guilty for the demise of Indy as IMS is). And then when CART and CCWS dissolved into the IRL in 2008, any barrier real or perceived was permanently removed. Heck, with the engine lease rules and $$$ associated with the current day IRL series you'd think more "local heroes" would be pushing 33 to 40 or higher...not to be though. Why not? They barely can get 33 cars any more. So, relying on blaming CART for the folly of the Hulman-Georges is revisionistically foolish. But, that's what Indyman and Dipscicle do (when they aren't busy correcting spelling mistakes that are made on purpose to drive them crazy). You see, it gives them a reason to DIVERT attention from the subject. Sam Schmidt huh? I think this Angie's List deal is similar to Sarah Fisher's Polio Water deal. See, these details can be debunked easily...and it's still the IRL to me because it's still run by the 2008 merged IRL series folks. Slapping an Indycar on it doesn't make it an Indycar any more than the moniker that was applied to it back in 2004. Sarah Fisher said then "I always wanted to race in Indycars, now I am". That's just how easy it was to switch from IRL to Indycar. Real race fans know it's still the IRL, that's why no one watches any more. 0.18's sell lot's of Angie's List subscriptions. And, Hartmoor Polio Waters too.
          • Hollywood accounting
            'Turbo' may have nearly made back its production budget, but due to marketing expenses and the way box-office take is split between studios and distributors, a film generally has to gross twice its production budget to be considered anywhere near turning a profit. With four big movies opening this week, 'Turbo's theatrical run is pretty much done, and China and Japan appear to be the only remaining foreign markets that it hasn't opened in yet.
          • And Chiefs lack of knowledge, lies, or possibly bad memory is at it again. Proven wrong on the number of NASCAR races, proven wrong on movie rankings, proven wrong on marketing, he now pretends that Jeff Gordon, who has long been held as the poster child of what was wrong with CART, was not rejected by CART. "Back then, Gordon attended May’s traditional festivities and dreamed of driving in the 500. But when he couldn’t land a ride in IndyCars, Gordon switched to stock cars and found a home." I guess that proves you wrong yet again. So did CART turn him down because he was not talented enough or because he did not carry big bags of money? As pointed out already, there have been many more American racers who have come out of the lower ow series to run Indy. Would I like to see more, yes. Is Indycar doing more than CART ever did to make that happen? Yes. Chief, someday you need to take the blinders off, drop the hatred and get on with your life.
          • More truth you can't handle
            The 2013 IRL car is UGLY. FACT. TV ratings in the dumpers, down 25% from 2012, FACT. Jeff Gordon and Tony Stewart NOT in IRL, FACT. CART, twice dead, not holding them back since end of CART 1995 season, FACT. Indy 500 lowest tv ratings since television invented, FACT. Hartmoor Polio Water NOT available ANYWHERE, FACT. Turbo will have NO impact on the IRL series success, FACT. Did IMS or Dreamwork paint up a car and race it? WHo knows...the world never saw it if they did. Indyman just making stuff up as usual..36 NASCAR races in 2012 versus 33 in 1994, thats the reason no one comes to the brickyard anymore he sez. Yep, Indyman said that. Oversaturated he sez...NASCAR was doing fine before the 400 and it'll do well after the 400. Oh, and the great Jeff Gordon won at Indy 4 times!!! Jimmie Johnson 4 times too! Tony Stewart 2 times along with Dale Jarrett 2X. Poor CART, they prevented those guys from winning at Indy! Bwahahhahahaha! IMS did it all to themselves. Now, local Angie's List is forced to sponsor foreign ride-buyers and fans like Indyman and Dipsicle support this. Why aren't they supporting a good local hero like Tyce Carlson or Jimmy Kite? Or Jeff Ward or Billy Boat. How come those guys and 500 champs like Buddy Rice and the other Buddy can't get rides? Oh, I'm sure it ok now with Indyman and Dipscicle those guys are forgotten. Save our track!!! You guys are the biggest hypocrites and paid IMS propagandists EVER. And folks wonder why no one wants to be a fan of AOW...
          • pilotos no~
            Looks like the Brazil race is going belly up. Apparently TV broadcaster BAND reports it's not profitable because they gave away so many Indy Car tickets to make grandstands look good on TV. Just figures, doesn't it?
          • The Boi's of Brazil...
            ...just couldn't thrill. Another one bites the dust. Oh well, better for Angie's List, the latest "upper five figure" sponsor, because the Series will be sure to replace BORzil with a twisty stateside. Maybe a Barber Double? Repeat in St. Pete. Extra Long Beach? Bwwwwwaaaaaahhhhhhaaaahhhhhaaaaa!!!!
          • Tell us another one
            Funny....The only thing on the BAND's website is an interview with Helio. Nothing in regards to the Brazil race. Keep up the good super sleuthing combing websites to find a hint of bad news. If you can't find it, create it yourself.
          • CART responsible for Tony Stewart's broken leg in Iowa last night
            That's right....CART/CCWS is responsible because if CART had let Jeff Gordon race without experience because he was a home grown Indiana talent, Tony wouldn't have had to race in the lowly IRL and jump to NASCAR and win severa championships and 2X Brickyard 400's. Now, Smoke is forced to race these sprint car pickup races to make ends meet. Right? Bwahahhahahaha! hey, in other news, IRL superstar graduate DANICA PATRICK finished AGAIN in the top 40! Looking good to be next Kyle Petty or AJ Foyt IV. Maybe she could save our track? LOLX900+MILLIONS.
          • Oh, it's real you doubter
  ⪯v=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8& ....if you can figure out how to paste that into a browser. Which is doubtful. Apparently there is an out clause that BAND may exercise. Ha ha.
            • HMMM...OKAY
              How many alter egos do you post under Chief? I was able to find the obscure article that was written all they way back on January 8th, 2013. Are you so defeated that you are trying desperately to grasp at anything to prove your nonsense? Citing an obscure publication written 7 months ago is ametur hour. Thank you come again..
            • Typical chief. Denies Jeff Gordon had trouble getting a ride and then, when faced with facts, says Jeff did not have the talent to run CART. Same old Chief. Facts don't fit, change them or ignore them
            • Date formatting for Dummies
              Brazil (and all South America and Central America) utilize the DMY format (for the uninitiated, that's DAY MONTH YEAR). So, to a prisoner of Marion County, Indy 500 lockup...well, you wouldn't know how to tell the date in Brazil. 1-8-13 is in fact August 1, 2013. BMC, you owe me an apology for that insult.
            • OK Chief..
              I am comfortable enough to actually admit when I am wrong when provided with facts. When I used the translate feature I assumed that it was correct. I didn't consider the DMY format. How about you chief? When can I get an apology from you when I have presented facts and data to you for you to only move on to your next rant and not acknowledge them and you are incorrect. You big enough? Come on, you can even through in some Indiana Marion county reference even though I reside in Ohio.
            • Admit he is wrong? Chief? Never happen. Provide him with facts, he either ignores them, attacks them, changes his arguement or changes topics. See most of the above discussions.
            • Sure
              Sometimes the imaginary county line extends way past the state you could essentially be in the Indy500 lockup and not realize it. Yes, I can admit when I'm wrong. I never stated the Angie's List sponsorship was bad. I think it's pathetic that a dang foreigner is getting it, especially when the entire IRL genesis sprang from the loins of trying to get Americans back at Indy. It's somewhat hypocritical... But, Indy place-fans will do anything to NOT have to admit responsibility and culpability for the sad shape the the sport is in. It's ALWAYS someone else's fault. lists Turbo's total budget at $185 Million. The production budget was $135million..and I have no doubt it'll turn a small profit. My only interest is will Turbo turn into a way to get fans to watch the Indy 500? My opinion is NO. IMS uses the cheapest routes to advertise itself. How do you release a film about a snail aspiring to race the 500 and release it 10 months before the next 500? Here is the information about sponsorship in the IRLcarz...
            • Indyman
              Sorry brother, I have an opinion that I voice. Right or wrong, it's mine and mine alone. Keep slinging the arrows at me, I can take it. I'm gonna change the subject (just giving you a heads-up so you can process it). It's Wednesday, 7-8-13....Brazil date format....WHERE are the Mid Ohio TV ratings numbers? Let's see if the TURBO mojo has netted any real gains for the IRL/Indy/500. Come on, where are they? Most Indy place-fans have already approved of the 3 week mid-summer vacation the Indycarz took so I'm sure POSITIVE traction will be had from Mid Ohio...TV ratings-wise. Anybody hear anything? Angie's List will want to know their 5-6 figures is going to good use.
            • Hang in there...
              Hang in there Chief. It looks like it now takes three to gang-up you. I don't get it sometimes. I would ask Disciple, Indyman and BMC, is everything just fine in the series? The way you three comment there seems to be no problems with things like sponsorship, series growth, etc. I wonder what Mr. Miles would say to that. Or, what Mr. Bernard was thinking at the end of last year. Oh, and Indyman, some of that Jeff Gordon story is pretty good isn't it? Too bad it is more legend than fact. Gordon was already pretty interested in the cabs in 1990 and the only thing he seemed ready to accept from Indycars was a ride in CART, no Indylights, no Atlantics. If you get to use Gordon, I get to use Tony Stewart. Why didn't he hang around the great new IRL that was made just for him? And what did happen to all those guys like Kite and Boat? Some of them had shorter racing careers than some of the ride buyers you guys dismiss. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. I bet there are more Chiefs that watch what happens to Indycar than watch Indycar. Is that some crime? Entertainment critics have to watch bad movies and then comment on it all. Does that mean they enjoyed that particular movie? And if they find less and less good movies if any at all, aren't they still entitled to criticize? Maybe religion, politics and now Indycar racing is not to be discussed. There are similarities.
            • The right formula
              Since "Chief" seems to know everything, I'd be interested to find out what HE thinks the optimum racing series would be (or is) - one that would have full grandstands at every venue, big-name sponsors and drivers, and an all-network TV package. Unlike him, I actually watched the Mid-Ohio race and could clearly see Angie's List across the sidepod of Vautier's ride.
            • one flop to another
              Angie's list to Indycar. One flop to advertise with another flop. WOW a 5 figure deal. That's bus bench level advertising money right there.
            • Civilized question MoJo
              I don't think the three you mention (including myself) have ever stated that Indycar is in tip top shape. But we can say we watch the races. We can acknowledge that no matter how little you consider Angies list signing to be, that's a step in the right direction. I don't disagree with the ratings or any of that. What's the point? We all know them. But when you state opinions as FACTS, thats usually where the arguements start. You ask if its a crime to watch Indycar to see what happens to Indycar. Whats the point? If you only pay attention to something to harp on it in a bad way there is obviously a personal problem of sorts. Its funny when people say I only complain about X because I care about it. Thats crap. Try treating your spouse or a loved one that way and see how that works for you. Entertainment critics are PAID to watch things they don't want to so I can't make the correlation.
            • And Chief
              per your comment with the CNN link...Fair enough.
            • Short Trackers
              One more time on why short trackers are a good idea for Indy Car? I don't get it. It is a business, it is about attracting dollars how ever teams do it to the series. Just about every driver in the series had to use their own money to get started...same as NASCAR, same as the amazing short trackers...all are ride buyers. So the point is...
            • NASCAR $820 Million
              Per year: NASCAR completed its $8.2 billion television package Thursday by adding two years to its deal with Fox Sports and setting a schedule that gives the network the first 16 Sprint Cup races beginning in 2015. NBC Sports paid $4.4 billion for its rights, which begin in 2015, and the Fox Sports deal is now worth $3.8 billion with Thursday's additions. It puts NASCAR at $820 million a year for the length of the 10-year contracts. "The NASCAR Nationwide Series is second only to NASCAR Sprint Cup as the most-watched form of auto racing in the country. Fox Sports now owns the sport every weekend from Speedweeks and the Daytona 500 through June, and we expect these events to provide significant viewership for FOX Sports 1," they said. "The addition of Nationwide to the 1,100 hours of original motorsports programming already scheduled clearly puts FOX Sports at the front of the race to serve motorsports fans in the U.S."
            • And what did visionary TOney get
              6 hahahahaha. One NASCAR race is worth more than a whole IRL season
            • Chief
              Good to see you have pretty much taken on and beaten three of the biggest bent over "place fans". The fact is these 3 will not accept fact if it makes ims and the family look bad. They continue to blame CART even though it died twice as Dispicable keeps telling us. These 3 have shown us with their words that the only thing they care about racing wise is a patch of ground . They know absolutely zero about other racing but will get mad when challenged on their "place fandom". They of course are failing to see that "Angies List" is putting up only 5 figures. Not a lot to crow about. This equal to having a bail bonds company or one of Poledance Paulie Gentillozi's strip clubs as a sponsor.
              • IT would take the IRL
                1366.666666667 years to make 8.2 billion
              • So, what you're saying is...
                If I'm reading this correctly, what you're saying is if you were the owner of a racing team (any series) and a sponsor came to you with a "high-five to low-six" figure sponsorship proposal, you'd laugh in their face and tell them to get lost?
              • This is an Indycar Blog post
                most owners would love to be in any other series
              • Thats NOT whats being said
                Indycar teams will take ANY contributions. THAT is clear (Hydroxycut and Hartmoot Polio Water are examples). Who would criticize them for that? What is being criticized is the shear ignorance at what sponsorship USED to bring in BEFORE IMS created the IRL. And when you consider the hypocrisy of the "all oval" crap and "american drivers" drivel from the IRL years AND the movement of this series toward CART/CCWS mania (complete with less ovals and MORE street courses) and foreign ride buyers being employed by AJ Foyt and Angie's List...that is what is being criticized. 0.18 TV ratings can't cut it. Ugly cars can't cut it. 5 figure sponsors can't cut it. It's JUNK. IMS isn't even putting lipstick on the pig anymore and STILL are proclaiming it BETTER. The iZod folks are so divorced from their sponsorship it's a joke. Yet, IMS shills still proclaim it's great. It's not. How could anyone not see the facts and conclude otherwise? The negative perception of the sport is killing it...and IMS doesn't care. They never have. Why don't you get it, are you blind?
                • Oh, I get it...
                  Not "blind", although I do wear glasses, but I thoroughly enjoy the ICS. Went to St. Pete, Barber, Long Beach and Indy - didn't fixate on sponsors, crowds or TV ratings - just enjoyed the events for what they were. And I can't believe how many people have their panties in a wad over how the car looks. You've had some of the most competitive, exciting open-wheel races over the last two seasons; if that's what "ugly" cars get you, then give me more "ugly". BTW, just what does a "pretty" race car look like?
                • Bad Behavior Explained
                  The cutesy children of the cart are merely upset because IndyCar is still around (despite repeated acts of abject stupidity by the ownership and management) and not defunct like their preferred series. Twice. Instead of dealing with their obvious issues in an adult manner they squat along the Internet, screech hysterically and act like two year olds. Much like the ownership and management of their preferred series from 1995 through the early 2000s when they added rampant hypocrisy to their repertoires. Isn't it obvious?
                • Wrong again as always
                  Disciple, CART (upper case for mature posters!) is dead and so too Champcar. Why do YOU always bring that up? I thought you were going to move on. How about talking about the actual racing and the real issues instead of attacking comments and calling others 'children'. Real mature, that. Can some of the fans of the past not like the racing currently? Aren't they still allowed to ask and hope for an open rule book and cars not dictated by the sanction body? Is it a big sin to have realized that some actual racer input into the series would be a good thing. Is it wrong to ask if the George family is capable of running the series after 17 years of tumble or at least stagnation? Is it wrong for past fans to want Indycar to be what it could be and not be happy to accept whatever is served? I will not expect you to give a straight answer, I think you are incapable of actually being in a real discussion without it automatically being colored by your usual bombast and default IMS-can-do-no-wrong position. MAybe others can be mature enough to discuss the real points of Chief instead of discussing Chief. Luckily Anthony and the IBJ seem to have caught that there are some real problems that many of us have seen for a long time. They seem to have a sense that their Indianapolis treasure is at a crossroads for a decent future. I think that is why many past fans watch the IBJ Sports News and Anthony's blog for what is going on in the sport some of us used to kill for. Isn't this all about the business??? It is called the Indianapolis Business Journal.
                • NASCAR $820 Million
                  and that's the business. The IRL is a rounding error.
                • Defensiveness Combined With Minimal Reading Comprehension Skills
                  MoJo, your brusque defensiveness over all things cart is typical of a small number of vocal youth who were first exposed to the sport during that relatively short-lived period of mutiny, and I will probably chide that (as opposed to the actual twice deceased entity) until I am dead. Sorry. There is a lot more to the history and future of the sport than that brief evolutionary period. "Can some of the fans of the past not like the racing currently?" Well, I for one certainly wish they would, especially the ones who squat on the Internet pontificating they don't watch but know more about it than anyone. "Aren't they still allowed to ask and hope for an open rule book and cars not dictated by the sanction body?" Yes. And I am allowed to ask how much it will cost, who will pay and who gets to legislate. If any part of the latter point involves team ownership then I will again cite history and discuss resultant futility. "Is it a big sin to have realized that some actual racer input into the series would be a good thing." Nope. Never said it was. But when they go off the deep end; e.g., 'no more 1.5 mile ovals' and such, they will get slapped hard by actual fans who want the sport to be more than Euro or South American pretty boys/girls who buy their way in then want it to magically transform into F-1 lite. I have had enough of that attitude. "Is it wrong to ask if the George family is capable of running the series after 17 years of tumble or at least stagnation?" Nope. Usually it's how the questions are asked. Most fans of the twice-defunct cart series are incapable of rational questioning in that area. Also, you had best have a better plan. And if it involves team owners, forget it. That WOULD doom the series to failure. "Is it wrong for past fans to want Indycar to be what it could be and not be happy to accept whatever is served?" Nope, as long as they do not want to turn the clock back to 1995. Real fans look forward. Not backward. There are so many intriguing directions they could take. Let's concentrate on those. "I will not expect you to give a straight answer, I think you are incapable of actually being in a real discussion without it automatically being colored by your usual bombast and default IMS-can-do-no-wrong position." I would settle for even minimal reading comprehension skills by those who challenge what they mistakenly believe I think. A few glances at my blog, for example, should make that point pretty clearly. Today's offering, for example, takes on Derrick Walker, Dan Anderson, Mark Miles and the leadership of the place over a schedule that is top-heavy with non-ovals and evidently going more toward a direction history has shown leads to failure EVERY time. "MAybe others can be mature enough to discuss the real points of Chief instead of discussing Chief." That would be fine if Chief expressed any point that actually had merit and wrote them using the English language. "Luckily Anthony and the IBJ seem to have caught that there are some real problems that many of us have seen for a long time. They seem to have a sense that their Indianapolis treasure is at a crossroads for a decent future. I think that is why many past fans watch the IBJ Sports News and Anthony's blog for what is going on in the sport some of us used to kill for. Isn't this all about the business??? It is called the Indianapolis Business Journal." The track was here before any of us were, and it will be there long after we're gone. The important thing is what racing fans do to enhance the sport and the place. Those who try to tear it down and destroy it deserve no consideration and are beneath contempt.
                • 0.08
                  Rumors surfacing from Trackforem, the IRL official forum, Mid Ohio suffered a horrible blow...folks are speculating a 0.08 tv rating. 99.92% of 112 million possible NBCSN viewers apparently don't like UGLY cars.
                • Right on Cue
                  As usual, another attempted point by one of the adult children squatting here goes horribly awry amidst bad spelling, butchered grammar, use of a series name from the now distant past and illogical conclusions drawn from 'rumors' and 'speculating.' I have not yet seen the 12+ overnights for Mid-Ohio, but I can say with certainty that the vast majority of programming on that channel either gets no ratings or less than even rumored speculation. Does that mean the channel/other sports properties are doomed as well? And can anyone tie this unrelated talking point back to Anthony's original topic? Stay classy kid.
                • Hey you tied Hunt for big fish once
                  and 0.08 is just a number LULZ
                • Back on Topic
                  Angie is paying for television test pattern exposure
                • Relevant
                  This IRL rains down on it for nothing. Sponsors give HUGE 5 or 6 figure sponsorships and expect NOTHING. In return. That is relevant to this article. Ya think Angie's List is gonna get 350% ROI like iZod did? Yep, they can start with Mid Ohio's 0.08 tv rating. Bwahahaha, very relevant Dipsicle and mature adults everywhere.
                  • Quityerbitchin'
                    You boys keep bitching, moaning and arguing about TV ratings, which sponsors are paying what, CART/IRL/Champ Car, and car aesthetics. I'm content with enjoying the most competitive Indy racing season we've had in 15+ years...
                  • business
                    Racing won't exist without sound business practices. In 17 years IMS hasn't made a profit. It's the way they do business that continually floats that crap you call racing. You may not want to hear it scottdc but The Speedway's ignorance at doing business has put the sport in the perilous position it's in.
                    • You're right...
                      You're absolutely right, Jim, but I seriously doubt the folks at 16th & Georgetown are refreshing their browsers every five minutes to see the newest comments. And since there's nothing anyone on this forum can do to direct alter their attitudes, I will continue to watch and attend races and, as I said, enjoy some of the best Indy racing in years - for however long the ride will last. Please keep me updated in case any of you do happen to get a private audience with the decision makers @ IMS.
                    • ...
                      ...or when the series actually goes out of business.
                    • He can't help himself
                      Disciple, brusque? Do you ever read your own comments? Can you tell me what any of my points have to do with defending a previous series and sanctioning group? You just made my main point about you in my last comment. You can not move on and no matter what anyone says it is you that keeps dragging CART back into the conversation. If we had enough time and space I could give you a good run on American racing history. Been following all kinds of racing since the early to mid 60s. I am sure you are smart enough to realize that there were open rules, cars not built for and distributed by the sanctioning body and even racer input into that rule book back in the AAA and USAC eras of Indy style racing. Correct? That would be before CART and in the era that you say you find the best. So, again, what do any of my points have to do with CART?
                    • Scott is too sensitive
                      No one told you to stop watching or being a fan. Lord knows they need 'em. Aren't you the slightest bit curious about why a once wildly popular sport is almost extinct? It's clearly obvious you are not a marketing professional or owner of a business. The Indycars are like the Pet Rock business. Yet, the pet rock business had enough sense to realize it was nothing but a passing fad. IMS still thinks its relevant in a crowded Motorsport landscape. Fans know different as evidenced by the 0.08 tv ratings. Angie's List obviously it desperate.
                    • The Future
                      MoJo, it appears you may be the one with the cart fixation simply based on the tone of your badgering. I get the whole 'open rules' mantra and would also love to see it. Problem is who pays for it in the current economy? Are you saying that if the HG clan let go of rules making the sport would explode in popularity? Who pays? And if it's owners how do you separate them from various teats on which they currently rely for support...and how do you ensure actual racers and not seat purchasers become even more of a problem? I love the pie-in-the-sky dreaming but we live in an era of short attention spans, hundreds of channels and an increasing number of signal delivery options, decreasing attendance at the vast majority of sports and entertainment events, etc. What would make IndyCar stand out and make economic sense? I have rarely heard answers that make sense.
                    • Who's going to pay?
                      Disciple, enjoy yourself. It's pointless to continue commenting. Thank you.
                    • Look in the Mirror
                      Why don't you start by addressing the four questions I asked in the previous post?
                    • 0.1 Mid-Ohio is not good for sponsors...
                      Disciple, it appears approximatley 200,000 people viewed the Mid-Ohio Fuel Strategy Grand Prix Presented by TCGR. With those in attendance, a total of perhaps 250,000 people in the United States witnessed the Charlie Kimball victory. Maybe the radio audience is 25,000? At best. Please, use your magic powers and super-duper insider hardball to show us those numbers are inaccurate or, at least, not reflective of the masses that actually viewed the race. I know you are aware of the hidden hundreds of thousands. For the sake of the sport, please do tell...
                    • That was # of people
                      who left their tuners on after watching Hunt for Big Fish
                    • Second Highest Rated Show On NBCSN For The Week
                      ....which confirms for me, as a rational thinking adult, the fragmentation of program offerings over hundreds of channels and numerous delivery platforms. It will be interesting to note what effect the addition of NASCAR will have. Obviously F-1 has not moved the needle even slightly. America's love affair with non-oval racing continues. LOL.
                    • Second....bwahahahahaha
                      Musta been a big sports week on NBCSN...
                    • Dodge Ball
                      Discipless,we all know about mutilple entertainment options and hundreds of cable TV programs available 24/7. Nice try. You still have not explained why a 0.1 TV rating for the IndyCar Fuel Strategy at Mid-Ohio is good business. Or is that all that is needed these days and nights to secure a solid five-figure sponsorship? Bbbwwwaaahhaaaaaaa!!!!!!
                    • Hmmm. Who is Smarter? Angie's List or Kids on the Internet? Tough Choice. LOL
                      Could one of you kids explain your continuing use of the letters b,w,a,h in repetitive fashion? Is it some sort of secret code or merely proof of cutesy illiteracy? The ratings denote neither good not bad business. They denote normal. We would all like higher 12+ overnights. But in the meantime we'll have to settle for filled avails, a solid television revenue stream and partial season sponsorships (normal even in NASCAR these days) from repeat customers who are evidently happier with the product than obsessed critics on the Internet.
                    • 0.1 - Normal for IndyCar
                      Good one, Discipeless! You finally called it right! I have to hand it to you. 200,000 viewers is normal for the epic failure that is IndyCar. How about the ZERO POINT ONE IndyCar Series presented by Angie's List. Hopefully, they will last much longer as title than Izod! BBbwaaahhaaaa!!!! Oh, you crack us up, 'ol man. Crack us up....
                    • That was with
                      the Turbo movie bump? I guess everyone was still in the theaters. Or they didn't associate the IRL with the movie.
                    • Indycar TV ratings CRASH 80%
                      Yep, Indycar TV ratings CRASH 80%. Was a 0.5 in a fit and trim 0.1 (0.08 statistically, but who's counting). Sponsors, this here is marketing property like none other. Value-city, baby! Where else can you advertise at so cheaply and not have anyone see it? You place fans need not bother raise your head to acknowledge these facts. Just leave it all to us chicken littles...the Internet squatters of questionable maturity etc ad nausem. HaY ain't gonna have a list anymore is you keep burning money on negative ROI. 80% LESS is more is the new IRL marketing slogan. All FACTS you enjoyers of the gratest racing since 2011. These are some ICONIC days we are living in, eh?
                    • SERIOUS QUESTION
                      Does Angie's List sponsoring Indycar entice YOU to go out and buy Angie's List stock? If you are a stockholder...does this whole Indycar deal inspire confidence in the company? Frankly I'm reviewing my portfolio and IF there's any of this jumbo-jumbo in it it's gonna be sold pronto, as I have no confidence in Angie's List.
                    • I held my Izod stock
                      while it racked up a 350% ROI, then I dumped it like Izod dumped its trophy girl

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