Crean still struggling to gain acceptance at IU

January 23, 2014
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Nineteen games into the 2013-14 IU men’s basketball season, and I’m starting to hear some familiar refrains.

After a 12-7 start, coach Tom Crean is starting to get beat like a piñata at a birthday party. And who’s administering most of the beating? IU alums and supporters, of course.

“I’m beginning to wonder about Tom Crean,” a sports marketing source with IU ties told me over lunch this week.

My jaw dropped—a little. Crean is the same guy who raised the program out of the ashes and put them up on a pedestal as the No. 1-ranked team in the nation for much of last year. They won the outright Big Ten regular season championship for the first time in 20 years.

Yes, the wheels began to wobble a bit on last year’s team late in the season. But the Hoosiers still made the Sweet Sixteen in the NCAA tournament and were eliminated by a buzz-saw Syracuse team.

Oh, I know, teams coached by a famous man in a red sweater (plaid jacket before that) never would have been so ill-prepared. How fast we forget. Previous IU teams have done much worse.

Remember, Crean was the guy who found Victor Oladipo when no one else was looking for or at him. Crean also sold blue chip recruits Cody Zeller and Yogi Ferrell on his program at IU.

But I wasn’t really surprised by my lunch companion’s comment.

I’ve heard it all before. Crean’s teams don’t play defense. All his offense does is run a three-man weave at the top of the key. His teams lack discipline. They’re too run-and-gun. They’re inconsistent. And, my personal favorite: Crean claps too much. I mean, why else would we call him Clappy the Clown? Who needs enthusiasm, anyway?

I’ve heard it all before. Mike Davis was called a lot worse than that.

“I don’t even recognize the [IU] team anymore,” one alumni told me during Davis’ early years. “He’s getting all these guys from out-of-state, people I don’t even recognize. It doesn’t feel like the team I used to support.”

And that comment was made when Davis was still having a modicum of success in Bloomington.

I wonder what that alum thinks now. Crean—as well as just about every coach of a major college NCAA Div. I basketball program—is essentially recruiting nationwide, if not globally, these days.

The days when IU—or any college basketball team—is composed primarily of people within a 90-minute drive are over.

I’m not a Crean apologist. Nor do I make excuses for Davis’ faults and failures. That’s not the point.

I can’t help but notice that within the same breath as many of these complaints, some kind of comparison to the venerable Bob Knight is made.

I’ve got a sad new flash for you. The Knight era is over.

But I have some even sadder news. Some people who profess to be IU’s most ardent supporters won’t let The General’s reign die entirely. And that fact is what’s most likely to drive out coaches like Crean. If the Hoosier nation's grip on the past doesn’t loosen, sooner rather than later, the IU head coaching post isn’t going to be such a plum job.

I’m not saying the memory of Knight should be wiped away. He’s done far too much for IU and this state for that. But the endless comparisons of Knight to the man currently coaching the men’s team in Bloomington must stop. It’s destructive. The hangers-on are going to eventually drive a couple nails (more than they already have) into the program’s coffin.

But alas, I’ve come to the uncomfortable conclusion that—short of a couple of national championships—no men’s basketball coach at IU will ever be fully accepted by the school’s alums and supporters until, say, about 2064.

That’s when all the old guard, the folks that can’t stop remembering the glory days under Knight will be either dead or sipping their meals through a straw down at the old folks home. And their influence—no matter how overt or subtle—will be dead right along with them.

In case you were wondering, I too am of the generation that will be long dead (barring a miracle) by 2064. But that’s beside the point.

Supporters of other schools don’t seem to have the same issue as the Hoosier faithful. Sure, Marquette was initially forlorn about Crean’s departure. But they’ve since embraced his successor, Buzz Williams, with fervor.

Butler backers may be the best at living in the moment. They’ve lost a line of good coaches. No program had reason to be sadder than Butler when Brad Stevens made the stunning revelation last year that he was leaving for the Boston Celtics. Yes, there are still some moans among the Bulldog following, but the fan base seems to have embraced Brandon Miller despite a less than perfect start to this Big East season.

Good grief, UCLA mourned John Wooden’s departure from Westwood for less time than Knight has been eulogized in Bloomington, and the Wizard brought the Bruins 10 national championships.

Yes, I understand the way Knight was shown the door at Assembly Hall has fed the stream of negativism that continues to pollute the IU program. But it’s time to clear the air.

Let criticism be leveled where criticism is due. But let it be about what’s happening today, and not in relation to what happened in a bygone era. And certainly not about something that happened more than 13 years ago.

Living in the past is only going to put the program back in the dust. Or worse yet, in the ground.

And 2064 is a long time to wait for it to rise from the dead.

  • Terrible column
    Sorry but I have to disagree with 90% of the article. First NEVER compare Mr. Whinny Mike Davis to Crean. Davis was never up to the job. Crean is extremely well liked but IU fans like me expect 1976 every year. We were #1 and lost it has to be someone's fault and you know that means the coach
    • Great Job
      I also disagree with most of this article. There are older fans who still can't let go of the Knight Era, but I think most are realistic. We are having a down year yes, but we lost a ton of talent last year. The future is bright, and Crean is doing a great job. We "can" handle a bad year every so often if is for the reasons we are experiencing this year. We do expect championships, but I think Crean gets a pass this year. I don't think Crean is feeling unloved at all. (Which is where this article derails). Expectations are high and he should feel pressure, but most appreciate his hard work and the great job coach has done.
    • Rational Thought Anyone?
      Everyone stuck in the Knight era must have forgotten about his last 7+ years. I am a big Knight fan, don't get me wrong, but the days of screaming/choking/hitting kids is over, and as that era changed, Knight was becoming more and more irrelevant. My freshman year at IU saw Knight lose in the first round of the Tourney to Pepperdine. This was an All-American in Guyton. This article should also mention that it took Wooden 16 year at UCLA before he won a National Title. How many years has Coach K been ranked #1 and not won a title? So the first year we have a legit team in a decade do we really expect a title? Look around, Maybe Syracue should've fired Boheim after 20+ years and no titles before he finally won his ONLY Title. If Crean can't coach, how does a team with a Freshman Zeller, Sophomore Olidipo and Verdell Jones at the point beat 3 top 5 teams in one season? This marks our 3rd year in a row beating a top 3 team and we swept the almost national champs in Michigan last year. I'm a huge IU supporter, but I think the fans are a bit ridiculous today.
    • Wrong
      This is a really bad take. It's the author that can't let Knight go. I was at IU during the Knight era. Loved it, but have moved on. I'm not a basketball expert or even pretend to know what all goes into coaching a D1 program. All I see is a lot of talent and a horrible brand of offense and defense with no real brand or identity. And in business (IU School of Business) if you have no brand or identity, you can't gain loyalty. Out!
    • Lazy Journalism
      What’s the matter Anthony, couldn’t think of anything to write about, so you had to dust off the Bob Knight argument? I talk to lots of IU folks and the Bob Knight thing doesn’t come up. It just doesn’t. You need some new friends or something. What I do hear is some IU fans that have been avid supporters of Crean begin to wonder if what we keep hearing from “the media” is accurate: that he is a great recruiter but not a very good X’s & O’s guy. Crean has done a wonderful job rebuilding this program and bringing IU back to prominence, but if he can’t take it to the next level, at some point, you have to find someone who can. IU fans expect greatness, and that can only be defined by Championships and that started long before Bob Knight and is a lot bigger than Bob Knight. SO MOVE ON.
      • here we go again
        It occurs to me that the author of this piece (of what, is up to others to say) delivers a quote or two as "proof" of all his claims here. When sports writers write of things other than facts.....they remind me of used car sales people. Or better yet politicians.....maybe the only ones worse are the fans who bother to read this tripe and worse even yet are those like myself who bother with a comment. Excuse me while I go and have my head examined.
      • Time to clear the air by honoring Knight
        Coach Knight built IU basketball into one of the top basketball programs in the country. Until IU apologizes for its shameful treatment of Coach Knight and honors him properly (as UCLA and Butler have done for its coaches), then a dark cloud will remain over IU basketball. You can't hide your dark past; you can only recognize it and make amends. It's the university's responsibility, not the fans, to heal these wounds. Until that happens, IU will never be what it once was- no matter who the coach is.
        • Agree with DT
          I have to agree with DT's comments. I've been a season ticket holder for several years and talk with people about the state of the program. We all agree that Crean has done a good job of recruiting the last several years. But, for every Oladipo that has blossomed, there have been some real duds as well (Creek, Jurkin, etc). And I'm not convinced that Zeller didn't get worse as time went on under Crean. No one mentions Knight any more, though we all still clap for him during the intro as a sign of respect (for the good, not the bad). If anything, I compare Crean to Coach Hoeppner, yes, the football coach we lost. Coach Hep was handed a team in shambles. He didn't get the best recruits, didn't win every game, but man was he motivational and a great face of the university. He also didn't make excuses for his loses, as Crean seems to do after every game. I was at the Northwestern game last weekend, I knew before the game that IU might lose. How did I know? When they show the team dancing beforehand in the tunnel on the Jumbotron, they were all standing around like they were asleep (other times they are amped up). They came out and played like it as well. If, as a casual fan, I can see that there was no motivation that day, why couldn't the coach that make $3-4 million? Just my 2 cents.
          • Style of Play
            It is the style of play I object to. The last two minutes of the Northwestern game were just chaos for IU while Northwestern with clearly less talent valued each possession and easily put us away on our home court. Even the Pacers play a more organized game than IU and I never thought that would be possible. We blew it we did not hire more of a tactition and for the money Mr. Crean makes we deserve more
          • It all misses the point
            to preface i am not a native hoosier, not an iu alum, not a crean supporter, and have kids who have played high school basketball in the state at a very high level for an extremely fundamentals oriented coach from the old school. with that out of the way let's get to the point and the point is that people in indiana expect a certain fundamental intelligence to their basketball and this is what they see lacking in the current iu product and what, i believe, is the source of their criticism of crean as a coach. his teams are dribblers and one step up from playgrounders to them and his philosophy of the game seen as just above the old roll out the ball mentality and let the athleticism take over. last season this weakness wasn't as apparent on the floor because you had two kids who'd been brought up in good fundamental systems in the state who knew how to play the game and could function as coaches on the floor to some extent. this season there is no one like that and it shows in this team being somewhat of an aau team (and one in which the pieces don't quite mesh). maybe this is part of coach knight's legacy to the state more than the national championships. the way you play the game. crean's successor at marquette, i believe, was accepted because he proved in his first season to be a better coach than crean was. i also don't think you'd see the criticism you do now if brad stevens was the coach because he would have instilled a system that stressed intelligence. so i think the problem is in what the fans see and it doesn't meet the state's standard for fundamentally sound smart basketball. they want players and not dribblers, essentially. five men working together.
            • Smarter than that
              Come on, give us more credit than that. Any coach anywhere whose team spends 12 weeks ranked #1, becomes a #1 seed, has 2 of the top four NBA draft picks and loses in the sweet 16 by 11 points to a lower seed AND looks inept doing it.... That coach is going to get some heat. Coach Crean is under scrutiny, not under fire. Having said that, he must meet high & reasonable expectations that are set by his teams experience and talent level, not the ghost of Bob Knight. The vast % of IU fans know that.
            • creek's injuries weren't his fault
              you can't blame the young man for that
            • Tunnel Vision
              This article is laughable. I run in IU alumni circles. Although most loved Knight during his heyday no one is longing to go back to those days. The problem with Crean is virtually no player develops under his tutelage (with the exception of Olidipo). Zeller's 2 years were wasted. He never developed a jump shot nor did he learn how to shoot something similar to a sky hook shot that would have been unstoppable with his soft touch. Because of this he constantly was getting shots rejected (look at the Syracuse game as exhibit one A). I have sat in the first few rows behind the IU bench. Very little coaching occurs. It is 90% cheerleading. The IU offense becomes extremely stagnant especially against quality opposition down the stretch of close games. If we are going to be in the game of recruiting potential one or two and done players we need a coach who can mold them into a top team very quickly. I'm concerned that we do not have the right coach to accomplish this.
            • Accepting A New Coach
              The only way the faithful will accept and fully support the next coach (Crean or otherwise) is if that coach helps deliver a title. Crean should have done it last year. SO... questions about his ability to go beyond good recruiting are natural and fair.
            • Think you hit a nerve, Anthony
              I agree with you Anthony, and while a lot of the comments here beg to differ, they actually support that you hit the nail on the head. For instance, GM makes the ridiculous assertion here that Bob Knight built the IU program into what it is...did he never hear of Branch McCracken? I think IU might have been a great program before Knight, and maybe you can talk to Slick Leonard or some of the other guys who used to play there who contributed to national championships...was the way Knight was ousted ridiculous?...yes, but his behavior was often that of a petulant child and bully throughout his 29 year career and the IU faithful never had the guts to call it what it was because he won 3 championships...the current IU hierarchy has made every attempt to honor Mr. Knight, they have been trying for is the Coach who has refused to return, even his own son has admitted that he has advised him to bury the hatchet, but he won't do it. It is Coach Knight who acts like a spoiled child, and ostracizes his own former players from his inner circle if they dare show support for the IU program. And now that a real IU supporter gave the school 40 million to renovate AH, his name will never be on the court, so he probably will never be back. I say it is his loss, he may have "rebuilt" the program, but he did it with the support and facilities of the school, staff, and players, he never made a basket or got an assist. How ridiculous to assert that the university is responsible to heal wounds...what wounds? this is basketball, it isn't a war. As for DT's claim that he talks to a lot of IU people and Knight doesn't come up, he must have a really small sample size...I talk to a lot of IU fans, and Knight comes up in the conversation ALL THE TIME. Listen to Dan Dakich's radio show sometime...the legion of people who think IU was Camelot under Knight make up the bulk of the calls, and kudos to Dakich for calling them out and telling them the truth they don't want to hear. Bigjer above, makes your point for you Anthony...he says, "fans like me expect 1976 every year"...a perfect record and national title, Knight is the coach, talk about being stuck in the past and not being able to let go, like nothing has changed since then...3 pointers, 35 second shot clock, players using the school as a stepping stone to the NBA, one and done (let's see if Vonleh leaves at the end of this year, can't wait to hear the reaction to that), everything has changed and you are living in fantasy land if you don't realize it...the only thing that is the same in 2014 is that the refs stunk in 1976, and they stink now. Crean will eventually have to win a championship to stay there, but he will have to do it with a constantly changing roster of talent, he is dealing with today's landscape, which Knight could never have DT's assertion that Crean is a great recruiter, but not good at X's and O's, well you gotta get the players first, or you have nothing, and at least you have someone who can get the players...the best players don't stay to graduate anymore, that is just how it is. Good article Anthony...way to rattle that cage...
            • Crean Is Nice Mediocre Coach
              As a casual viewer of IU basketball as well as other Indiana teams, I see Crean as a nice guy and mediocre coach--nothing more and nothing less. The allure of IU as a great national program has been lost.
            • What's Crean done?
              As usual IU fan had their head buried in the sand. Here's the harsh truth. IU is NO LONGER a elite basketball program. Hasn't been for some time. Here are the facts. Many will say they get a free pass forever, or at least as long as 5 NCAA titles keep them in the top five or so in that category. I disagree. It's not just that they haven't won it all in 27 long years. If you subtract a fluke run in 2002 they have been a total, complete non-factor on the college basketball stage. In the 64 (plus) team tournament era, getting to the Elite Eight is an accomplishment. Indiana has accomplished it ONCE in the last 20 basketball seasons. Once! Crean called IU about the job. They didn't go after him. They couldn't find anyone that wanted it. Crean best Kentucky on a last second shot and got them ranked #1. However UK knocked him out of the tourney later that year and when IU was ranked #1 they were bumped out early in the tourney. He's still selling how bad the program was. Was his record that great at Marquette? Not really. He made a final four and he beat Kentucky. Basically he's made a career off of upsetting Kentucky. Says more about UKs college hoops prominence than it does Crean. Doesn't even look like they will make the tourney this year. If he doesn't come back strong next year all of you will realize how dead on this article is.
            • Well said, Dr. Bucket
              Dr. Bucket clearly stated the issue. We are stuck with a coach who has pulled the wool over the eyes of many due to a gregarious personality, bells, whistles and moderate success with a team capable of winning it all...aka, 2012-2013 was an underachieving finish. The masses are still a few years from being united because the season record has not yet declined to where the deficiencies are obvious to the casual fan.
              • "the state standard"
                "the state standard" dictates we must be #1 in basketball. As long as we are (or aren't), no other standing on any other list is important: education, clean air, child safety, health, etc. Do "standards" and performance even apply to those? But by all means, if we're less than the state standard for bb, someone's head must roll.
              • Selective Memory
                IU Nation...3 names should come to mind when you complain about Coach Crean: Mike Davis, Kelvin Sampson AND Chicken Little. The sky is not falling. Digest those names and then think about the pride, tradition and national attention that has been restored to IU Basketball by Crean. Oh....and then please go focus your attention on something productive in life or at a minimum take your allegiances elsewhere. IU neither wants you or needs you.
              • the old saw
                talent doesn't always make a team
              • set it free
                This blog post has it exactly right. I've got news for all the Hoosier hangers on--Bob Knight isn't coming walking through that door. Probably not even for a visit. It's high time to move on. Is Crean perfect? Not by a long shot. But on the whole he's well above average, and if he's given the support of IU's faithful he'll be successful. I fear if he isn't given a fair chance to do what needs to be done, his base of support will crumble as it will for every IU hoops coach that comes after him, until IU fans finally let the Knight memories RIP.
              • Same old song
                The comments on here that IU fans are still stuck in the past is so off target. I'm an IU grad and I just want a smart well coached team that I understand what they are. I have no clue with Crean teams. I like coach and I think he's done a good job, as far as I can tell. But watching this team is very painful.
              • I feel sorry for Crean
                I feel sorry for Tom Crean when Brad Stevens gets smart, leaves the NBA and heads back to college basketball. The grass is greener gang down at IU will go nuts then and do everything they can to torpedo Crean if he's not gone already.
              • Agree with DT
                DT you nailed it. I used to be a big Bobby Knight fan but grew tired of his tantrums and him dropping Fbombs every time he got in front of a TV camera. So I'm absolutely no BK apologist. BTW, I think the majority of IU fans are pretty knowledgeable about the game. Did you hear the fans in Assembly Hall boo Crean when he made the "strategic" move of taking Vonleh out after IU made a free throw at the end of the Northwestern game only to have their 7' center come down and immediately post up 6'6" Etherington for an easy layup? It's pretty hard to take being scolded by someone who writes such poor articles based on a false premise, and basically told we don't really know anything about basketball if we dare question Crean's coaching.
              • Calm down Jim
                The fact is there are many IU alumni who remember the way IU treated Bob Knight. It was disgraceful, and for me, it ruined IU basketball. I've tried to recapture the love and excitement I once held, but I'm afraid it's gone. With that being said, I have no opinion about Crean other than he seems to be a likeable, good guy. However, IU basketball will never achieve the prominence it once had under Knight until the shadow of his firing is gone. That may take until 2064, as the author suggests unless the university chooses to clear the air by apologizing to fans and Knight for how it handled his dismissal. Perhaps I'm not a "true" fan in some fans' eyes, but I believe in loyalty and showing respect to someone who DID build this program, whether he chooses to accept it or not. To do otherwise (and to continue bashing Knight, as some Knight-haters still insist on doing) will keep this dark cloud over the IU basketball program and it will remain mediocre, at best.
              • Really?
                You don't have to be over 30 to realize that Crean is not a very good coach. And I don't understand why he gets credit as a recruiter. Yes, Zeller was big and that was supposed to establish a waive of top talent to Bloomington. Look down the bench and you can see that it is not happening. Olidipo was pure luck. He may be the NBA's rookie of the year. But no one saw that coming and his dramatic rise is a testament to his unbelievable work ethic. And why does he get so much credit for turning the program around? IU basketball has such a strong tradition (as reflected by all of the interest in this silly post) that almost any coach could have improved upon the sorry state we were in. I do have to congratulate Crean for finally beating Wisconsin after ten attempts. But I believe his record against the top coaches will remain dismal. Perhaps IU could hire the equivalent of an offensive coordinator.
              • living in your own mind
                I started to write a lengthy comment about just how inaccurate you are in your less than pithy comments regarding the "state of knight" as it relates to iu hoops fans-of past and current, when I realized it has all been said. as other readers have pointed out, the "living in your own mind" column is completely inaccurate. I urge you to re-read what you write in the future before you hit send. this is all about iu basketball performing under expected iu hoop fan standards. this is not about knight.
              • Point proven
                All you IU supporters commenting here have done a nice job of proving Anthony's point for him. You certainly are a defensive, self-righteous bunch. Nicely done!
              • Agree but Disagree
                I agree with the take on letting the Knight era go. The old curmudgeons need to live in the here and now. I disagree with the take on Crean. The question I continue to ask is why? Why has Hoosier Nation not embraced Tom? Why do we continue to question him? The answer continues to be somewhere along the lines of the fact that we question his ability to coach X's and O's, make adjustments in game, substitution patterns, and motivating his team. Most agree he is a really good recruiter. The perception on Crean is that he is carried by the talent he recruits and that he does not coach up his players to new levels. Last season should've been a Final Four team, but they faltered at the end of the year. That's on Crean.
              • Maybe it's the expectations, not the Coach . . .
                In all, I thought the article was on point. IU fans DO live in the past, and have been since 1987. When Alford becomes available as a coach, there's a certain part of Hoosier nation which whines for the savior to come back and lead the Hoosiers to the promised land. That's now worked well in Iowa City and Albuquerque, and we'll see how long it plays in LA. While IU was stumbling through the 2000's attempting to purge a red-sweatered ghost and forge ahead, the rest of the Big Ten and the premier programs in the nation went about their business of knowing who and how to recruit and creating an atmosphere where the player is the center, not the coach. IU will never do that - it's always been coach-centric, but that only works now in cases such as Calipari, Pitino and Self, who run programs where players know that one-and-done is not a crime. If the program is centered on the coach and not the player, that's not enough anymore, given the feeder systems and the irrelevance of high school BB (the AAU teams are oh SO much more important). Look, I like Crean personally, and I don't think he's going anywhere. But IU nation (of which I'm a 40 year card carrying member with 3 academic degrees from the University to back me up) has to realize that the days where the candy stripes would walk into the arena and the other team rolled over are long gone. IU needs to be a place where a player from WHEREVER (emphasis purely intended)feel like they can come, learn whatever they need in whatever time they need it in basketball academics, and move on. Crean needs to adapt to that system and take the banners as they MIGHT appear. The truth hurts, but IU is a mid-level Big Ten program at the moment and isn't going anywhere soon unless the focus changes. Nice article, Anthony - it's not the coach, it's the mechanics and the approach, as well as the antiquated mindset of some Hoosier faithful. IU will rise again when it institutionally gets to where the rest of the country already stands with regard to big-time college hoops.
              • Enough
                I support Tom Crean. He's done an outstanding job and will get a title. So much negativity! Jeez! It took Coach K six yrs to get to the sweet 16 at duke back when college hoops was far less competitive!
              • Curse of the General.
                May it last another 30 years. IU next championship 2044.
              • Legitimate Scrutiny
                I grew up in Btwown and have gone to IU games my whole life. I was five and in close attendance to watch Knight throw the chair. I have also seen the good of a strong commanding coach less interested in himself and only concerned with winning. I like Crean. I wish him the best. But, what I have seen makes many fundamentalist cringe. For example, here in Indianapolis at the end of the Notre Dame game, IU was down a few points. IU had four plays to make a comeback, two of which were after timeouts. Yogi took possession on the inbound and did not pass it once only to take desperate low percentage shots. If Knight were coaching, his scholarship would have been given to someone else. Crean, however, appears to have designed those plays. I think he is a wonderful recruiter and an amazing ally to our young players. He simply does not know how to draw up a play or overcome a 2-3 zone. We have so much talent on this team. They play way too hyper are disorganized and erratic. At the end of the Wisconsin game Crean took out Noah and put in Austin to defend their seven footer at the post. There were 30 seconds left and Noah had two fouls. I heard an eight year old girl in the stands in front of me say, "Daddy, why are they taking him out?" Dad had no answer, nor did the other 17K in attendance. Before that game, Crean gave one of his pregame pep talks to the crowd. Personally not a fan - pep talks are for pep rallies. Crean said "when we are down, which we will be tonight . . ." I do not know any coach in the country who tells the attending faithful that we will be down ever. After the game, Crean gave credit to the crowd. That's not Indiana basketball. We do not cheer for ourselves. We cheer for ole' IU. I think a little fundamentals and some savvy play design will bring us championships, not the crowd. I wish Crean the best, but his best thus far is woefully inadequate. Let's give him a chance to inspire his players as he does so well, in the hopes that they come together as a team.
              • Whaaa???
                I'm almost 50 and I've been an IU fan all my life, and there's very little in this column that I can relate to: 1. Knight's last seven teams were terrible and consistently got worse as the playing season progressed. They played like they couldn't wait for the season to be over. Knight seemed to start going off the rail when we Assembly Hall fans (wisely) got ticked off that he insisted on playing his son, Pat, who was AWFUL. I never hear his name mentioned while discussing recent teams. Never. 2. Mike Davis. Mike Davis? I barely remember him. Why are we talking about him? A blip in the screen. Move on. 3. I think Crean is good for IU and has demonstrated an ability to recruit, connect with fans and connect with students. He has done a remarkable job bringing some excitement and dignity back to the program. I also think he's not a good bench/tactical coach, and his substitutions remain a mystery to me on many occasions. I wish he had the humility to hire a brilliant tactician as an assistant coach.
              • IUBB
                First IUBB was brought into prominence by Branch McCracken. Second Knight has been offered many opportunities to be honored by the university, such as his election into the IU Hall of Fame, which he has repeatedly declined. He was a great coach but sadly a pathetic person.
              • Crean should be fired
                The RMK haters always bring up RMK's last 7 years, because they cant stand to think about his previous 22!! Newsflash to the "haters", RMK made the NCAA tournament everyone of his last 7 years!! Crean didn't even make the NIT in his 6th year at IU. Wasn't even invited to the NIT. WOW!! Tom Crean has already cheated at IU, he had a illegal phone call in year one, then had the illegal visit to Gary Harris, and of course the A-Hope scandal where 2 of HIS recruits were suspended for 9 games each for accepting illegal benefits. Crean had the # 2 and # 4 picks in the NBA draft and couldn't even get out of the sweet 16? RMK didn't have ONE NBA first round draft choice the year after the won the NATIONAL TITLE IN 1987. Feel the difference? For anyone to remotely think Crean is a better Coach than Bob Knight, they really need to have their heads examined. THis guy is one of the highest paid Coaches in the B1G and claimed IU is back, and in his 6th year their they don't even make the NIT!!! I think Izzo has been to 17 consecutive NCAA Tourneys, RMK made the NCAA 25 of his 29 years at IU. Also when RMK took over IU in 1971, the year before they had a losing record, he didn't inherit a gold mine like Mike Davis did. A Coach who is being paid 3.6 million a year in Bloomington, IN, should make the NCAA EVERY year. No exceptions, and Crean actually minimized this program by hanging a "sweet 16" banner, are you kidding me? Is that the expectations of IU bball now? Really? So a sweet 16 is now the pinnacle for IU basketball. Well all of you haters who said RMK didn't do anything in his last 7 years, guess what, RMK made more sweet 16's in the 1990's THAN ANY B1G COACH!!! Now how do you like that!!!!

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              1. why oh why does this state continue to elect these you wonder how much was graft out of the 3.8 billion?

              2. i too think this is a great idea. I think the vision and need is there as well. But also agree with Wendy that there may be better location in our city to fulfill this vision and help grow the sports of hockey and figure skating in Indy. Also to help further develop other parts of the city that seem often forgotten. Any of the other 6 townships out side of the three northernmost could benefit greatly from a facility and a vision like this. For a vision that sounds philanthropic, the location is appears more about the money. Would really like to see it elsewhere, but still wish the development the best of luck, as we can always use more ice in the city. As for the Ice growth when they return, if schedules can be coordinated with the Fuel, what could be better than to have high level hockey available to go see every weekend of the season? Good luck with the development and the return of the Ice.

              3. How many parking spaces do they have at Ironworks? Will residents have reserved spaces or will they have to troll for a space among the people that are there at Ruth Chris & Sangiovese?

              4. You do not get speeding ticket first time you speed and this is not first time Mr.Page has speed. One act should not define a man and this one act won't. He got off with a slap on the wrist. I agree with judge no person was injured by his actions. The state was robbed of money by paying too much rent for a building and that money could have been used for social services. The Page family maybe "generous" with their money but for most part all of it is dirty money that he obtained for sources that are not on the upright. Page is the kind of lawyer that gives lawyers a bad name. He paid off this judge like he has many other tine and walked away. Does he still have his license. I believe so. Hire him to get you confiscated drug money back. He will. It will cost you.

              5. I remain amazed at the level of expertise of the average Internet Television Executive. Obviously they have all the answers and know the business inside and out.