IndyCar boss optimistic he can land big-name sponsors

February 4, 2014
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Beyond the debate over whether the IndyCar Series and its teams need to take a more active role in developing young, American drivers, there are several interesting nuggets in IBJ’s recent story about the open-wheel circuit.

Hulman & Co. CEO Mark Miles is very confident he can land a title sponsor by the series’ first race March 30. Miles recently told IBJ he’s “having serious conversations” with several big-name companies about being title sponsor or some other type of official series sponsor.

“Any of the organizations we’re talking to would be instantly recognizable and have substantial advertising budgets,” Miles said.

More than one motorsports source has told IBJ that Verizon is taking a serious look at stepping up its IndyCar sponsorship, and perhaps considering becoming title sponsor. Miles isn’t ready to reveal who he’s talking to.

While many consider cash to be king, Miles is tapping the brakes on that theory—at least when it comes to IndyCar Series sponsors.

“[Sponsors’] ability to help us grow the sport, project the brand and enhance our fan experience is the highest priority,” he said. “The rights fee is secondary to that.”

Miles has taken some heat for not doing enough not only to develop new stars, but also failing to promote the drivers the series has. He insists that’s about to change.

The series, which hasn’t turned a profit since its 1996 inception, plans to work with teams and drivers to formulate a “brand plan for each driver” that maps out how a driver should “be put forward by broadcasters, sponsors and other stakeholders,” Miles said.

Miles has recently taken arrows from the likes of Mario Andretti and Derek Daly, who think Miles needs to re-examine his priorities. Miles and his lieutenants are pleading for a little patience.

The results the series is seeking could take up to three years, said C.J. O’Donnell, who worked in marketing for Ford Motor Co. for 20 years before joining Miles’ staff in November as IndyCar’s chief marketing officer.

Well, Rome wasn’t built in a day. But at the same time, it’s easy to understand the impatience. IndyCar and Indianapolis Motor Speedway officials have been spinning their wheels in terms of improving live attendance and television ratings for years.

O’Donnell admitted the Speedway and IndyCar Series have been hurt by “an inconsistent strategy in bringing our drivers forward.” Constant turnover in the marketing department, O’Donnell said, has added to the problem.

“In good time, I’m very confident we can make some good strides in attendance and TV ratings,” O’Donnell said. “It all starts with a consistent, long-term approach.”

Daly doesn't think any approach will work unless it has the mission of developing "American stars" as a centerpiece. Miles says he's largely happy with the current stable of IndyCar drivers. Daly contends that even successful foreign drivers like Scott Dixon and Will Power won't draw the attention of the masses the way a stable of American hot shots would. And Daly knocks team owners, especially the riches ones, for not doing enough to help develop potential American stars.

The best news for Miles is that after a little more than a year on the job, he hasn’t gotten too sideways—at least publicly—with any of the team owners.

It looks like Miles and team owners are on the same page. That’s a great step in the right direction. Either that or they’re all headed in the wrong direction together.

  • Why Talk About Something That Has Not Happened???
    Is This To Get More Fans Interested In Indy Car?? I Mean So Many Stories Come Out I Think Is To Let Fans No That Indy Car Is Still Around..Talk To US When Something Really Good Happens And Mabe Just Mabe The Seats Will Start Filling Up Again...
  • Been there, rejected that...
    ...CART tried this, Miles. Driver nicknames and profiles. I still remember soem driver they made up a nickname for called the "Drak Knight". Martin Brundle was it? check his Q rating back then. Bbbbbwwwaaahaaaa!!! I digress. No, look, it has been done. Contrivance doesn't work with motor sport. Just ask NASCAR these days. Bbbbwwwaaahhhaaaa!!!! I humor. Seriously, contriving the drivers up and making them fake, comic book charcters is just the latest desperate attempt to breath life into a rejected product that maybe only 250,000 people in American are aware of, much less a fan off. Best thing to do is stop wasting time and money, and just run the cars through 2014, accepting fate, have a hodge podge of races in 2015 to get through the year, run the 100th Indy 500 in 2016, and stop the madness. Indy Car racing has gone the way of Hollywood Park and the USFL. It is that kind of thing. Close it out. It is dangerous, expensive, and of no interest to but a tiny few.
  • Derrick's Dominoes
    Daly has significant skin in the "we need more Americans" game.
    • Super Bowl had 111MILLION tv vIEWERS
      The 2013 Indy 500 drew the lowest TV rating EVER in recorded history, a paltry 3.6. The super bowl got a 46.7 TV Rating..... Mark Miles, something is wrong here. Pave the IMS Museum parking lot Immediately! Bwahahhahhahaha! Or fix the sewage raveged IMS blockhouse crappers. Hahhahaha...and the Indianapolis tax payers just coughed up $100 MILLION to prop IMS up. Too FUNNY!
      • News Flash
        The NFL is way more popular than IndyCar, particularly over the past 40 years. Expecting IndyCar to EVER get NFL-level 12+ overnights is what is commonly referred to as an unrealistic expectation, mostly borne of sheer insanity. Realistically, 12+ overnights in the 1 range would put it well above the vast majority of other sports and entertainment offerings on television. But by all means do not allow common sensee to interrupt the juvenile hijinks.
      • 0.18 TV ratings for the series
        Hey, Verizon...this organization (IndyCar) has NO IDEA what-so-ever on what to do except throw YOUR money away chasing a dream. Look, the car is UGLY and unsafe at any speed and has chased MILLIONS away from viewing it. The 500 was one mystical, now it's homogenized hogwash. The month of May WAS a it's three races NO ONE CARES about. Oh, and the TV ratings live in the 0.18 range on a remote unwatchable third tier remote cable outpost that NO ONE watches. This is EXACTLY what Mark Miles wants from pay for THEIR mistakes. Don't do it. It's a money pit and they have no idea on how to run the series. Ask Mario Andretti...or Dario.
      • LOL
        ...or any of the obsessed kids who can't stop talking about it.
      • Disciple is right
        It is unrealistic to expect a virtually non-existent (culturally) sport that has one day per annum of genuine exposure, albeit, to a smallish audience and for nor more than a few short hours of said day, to suddenly become something other than what it is: A diminishing, pro-am, hobby-sport for well-to-do foreigners, with an extremely small audience on television and in attendance. The tiny, niche-sport audience, which itself is in decline, cannot possibly hope to compete with the NFL let alone virtually all other sports performed in America with the possible exception of things like Storn Man Competitions on stick-and-balless Satruday afternoons or maybe the odd PBA Tour competition now and again, perhaps some forms of horse-related contests like that show-jumping thing they do in tails and a hat. That kind of thing. Maybe. Maybe. Mostly, Discipless' chosen sport for which he defends with such fervor plays to a TV audience numbering less than 250,000 people across this vast land of more than 300 million people on an obscure cable channel and in front of minor league baseball-sized crowds. Exceptin' Indy, of course, whcih still gets a crowd, even though they are taking seats out of the facility, and it has not been a sell-out in years. Is that you, Disciple, sitting there in the pit lane grandstands on race day? It is easy to sport most folks I know if the cars are under yellow as they pass by. One old buddy of mine was wearing some pretty nice Chuck Taylor's last year. I spotted those. He looked compfy all stretched out over a couple of rows watching the Step-Son play race car driver with the rich girl and that one dude from Mexico, Munoz was it? reminded me of the 21st Century Josele Garza only without the national attention. Bbbbwwwwaaaahahaaaaaa!!!!! Miles is facing a long uphill, negative-camber, hard left-tight right- loose left, in trying to wrestle down some meaningful jack to score another year or two worth of this crappola I tell you. Maybe Waste Management can work in as a title sugar pops for say what? A hundred grand, two hundred? Bbbbwwwwwaaaaahhaaaaa!!!!! I like it, though: The Waste Management IndyCar Series. At least it s something right?
      • I can do better
        Ditch the killer DW12 car and anemic 6 cyl ethanol crap engine. Pretty simple. If the NFL switched to flag football you'd have today's IndyCar. Yet, the top brass at Hulman Racing thinks they know what AOW fans want...IndyCar (aka IRL) hasn't made a profit ever since it's inception in 1996). WHY? Because IMS has no idea on how to run a series. And, by the looks of your blog Disciple, you think so too. Great work you two faced lying IMS syncopat.
      • One thought...
        ...the "500" is still a big enough deal to at least land a title sponsor for that, even though I think Miles will land a title sponsor for the overall Series...all kidding aside, it won't be Waste Management, but more like one of the car racing-related companies like a motor oil or spark plugs...whatever...and that fits the image of the sport. Cars going fast, Car stuff. But seriously, a solid title sponsor for the Indy 500 would go along way...The Indianapolis 500 Presented By whatever...that would by a nice starter goal and the fact millions are watching on network TV is huge. The small audiences on the cable channel are just a fact of life right now. I couldn't belive it when one of the sportwriters estimated 250,000-300,000 hardcore fans. If that si all there is really, then the Series really needs to target two separate audiences...the casual tune-in to Indy viewer and the rest of the season potential fans. How about two title sponsors. All bantering and kidding aside with guys like Disciple and Chief, we are fans, fans are going to be fans and opine endlessly, but a serious effort to land two title sponsors is an idea worth merit: One a consumer goods sponsor for Indy, the other a racing/automotive related sponsor. I don't think either will command big bucks, but it might be a seriously good invenstment for a company seeking some loyal fan type exposure. Maybe Miles and company can pull this off. I'll bet they land someone. The sport is a mess, and the audience in decline, but there is still life in it for a company to get exposure that may end up growing.
        Indy Car Is Not The Place To Be Spending Your Sponsor Money Is It...All These People Writing About This Article Are Not Wrong In What They Say...
      • OOPS Bad Spelling!!
        Sponsors Save Your Money.. However If Verizon Or Anyone Wants To Payoff My House You Will Be Saving Money Then I Could Concentrate On Paying For My Wifes Knee Replacement Surgery In March..I Only Owe $100,000 On My House And We Could Do A Commerical About Your Generosity...And You Could Save Millions And Make Millions...
      • More Positivity
        These people (previous comments) have to stop being so negative. Maybe IndyCar has failed at marketing and other areas of the business in the past. But I don't think anyone can deny that the 2013 season was one of the best in terms of the on-track product. Somebody please show me a race in any series more exciting, entertaining and thrilling as the season finally at Fontana.
        • I agree with Steve...
          ...more positivity needed and Fontana was amazing. It is all in fun, Steve. It is a blog. Tongue in cheek. But I do agree with you, more positivity is helpful. The Series has a lot of potential and was great last year, although the ratings were not and the audiences were mostly small. Still, I like what Miles has been doing so far and I think we are going to see an exceptional season ahead. Now that is real opinion, not just having fun bagging on Disciple and the sad state of the Series. Things may turn around nicely and I really do think they'll land a decent sponsor. It is a good investment. Seriously. They must get to work on getting those ratings numbers up, however.
        • Traveling Carnival
          The driver's deserve a union, even Verizon understands worker's right's and compensation standards. The Great Spectacle will be preserved by the great state of Indiana, USA. The foreign traveling carnival will be at the demise of the team owners, who are just selling a lame "product." The sport of Indycar is just an illusion to the foolish few. An Over priced product sold cheaply to the public with a grandiose profit scale. The Las Vegas gambol has seen it's hey day with the loss of Dan Wheldon and the foolish few... who continue. Man-less remote controlled Android vehicles could be interesting to Verizon.?
        • I concour
          I agree
          • News Flash
            Herpes is more popular than The State of Indiana presents: Hulmancar featuring the nobodies and the clown cars of the .1rl.
          • "reply to comment" does not work
            Too bad the "reply to comment" button doesn't work. I agree with comment of Darrick Daly having a significant skin in the game.
          • Daly
            Son Conor is an up and comer so yes, it is in the elder Daly's interest to promote the notion more Americans are needed to give the Series an iota of a chance with the masses who have turned away or were never interested in the first place. But I have to believe he means well anyhow and KNOWS these American drivers are the last and most likely ONLY shot the Series has at building a fan base. The Vitor's, Sebastien's, and Carlos's have just not resonated. Only Helio has achieved status and that took a non-racing accomplishment. Dario had some name recognition, but mostly because he was married to a B-list actress who had soem name recognition bounce off the household surname made famous by her relatives. It's a mess. The Series has to get more Conor's and J.R.'s, and people from Vicksburg not Venezuela, racing talent from Boston not Brazil. People have said no to this foreign thing for too long. Derek is right. Not bad for a foreigner.
            • Daly
              I've seldom seen such negative comments to a story. Please understand that my grief is for the sport that I love. I've spent my whole life involved in it. During the upcoming Olympics NBC will show us hours of coverage mainly based around the American involvement - WHY? 'cos thats what the American audience is interested in. The Brits will highlight the Brits and the French will do the same for their countrymen. Its called nationals pride and there is no more compelling TV that a human drama story wrapped in National pride. I sat in TV production meeting for 25 years and the first question the producer asked is "Whats the compelling story today that we can show". The compelling stories have dwindled as the American heroes disappeared. Stories are ALWAYS more compelling when it is a home grown story. When Lyndsey Vaughn pulled out of the Olympics it was headline news - WHY - because she was an American hero and NBC would have followed her every move. In England, the story never got a mention - WHY - 'cos the Brits don't care about Vaughn - they only care about the Brits. So here's the point that was NOT made in the IBJ. It's not just American drivers that's needed - it's WINNING - SUCCESSFUL - HERO American drivers that need to be developed. A HERO has to do something heroic - something heroic would be winning big races on a consistent basis like our past heroes did. . .when that happens the media takes notice - and when that happens the sponsors take notice and when that happens. . . etc., etc. This type of driver development system does NOT exist in America right now - if it did - we would have world class Americans taking on the world and sending them home WITHOUT trophies. Just look at the statistics of Indycar winners and champions and Indylights champions in the past 20 years and you will see that the rest of the world has taken over American racing. When we had Mears, Andretti, Andretti, Unser, Rahal, Sullivan etc we had something to cheer for - when we lost these heroes we also lost interest. Unless we develop our (American) drivers to the European level at least - and start winning and dominating again - The rest of the world will continue to take our trophies and prize money and we will continue to wonder why the American public just don't care. When that happens, TV turns to other programming trying to find an audience who does care….and when that happens sponsors question why they should be involved (IZOD & GoDaddy?). There are many things that need to be fixed and there are some good people trying to fix them, but unless the very foundation is set - we will forever be working on the symptoms and not the problem Derek Daly
              • Daly
              • Good Story But:
                It Was The Vision Of The Indy Ruining League (IRL) That Screwed Up Indy Car...The Fans Loved The Winners No Matter What Country They Were From...But A Very Good Read Mr. Daly
              • Title Sponsor As Partner
                'It Was The Vision Of The Indy Ruining League (IRL) That Screwed Up Indy Car' Uh, wrong again. It amazes me there still exist simpletons devoid of any sense. The sport has always suffered as the result of mutinous backstabbers (Robin Miller has often referred to them as 'snakes') who have been attempting coup d'état in one form or another since Tony Hulman bought the place. History has proven that when the backstabbers try to go it alone they fail. Twice in recent history. My advice: 1) Drag your nonsense myopia out of 1996. 2) Learn from the history of the entire sport. 3) Ask yourself what you can do to help make the sport better in the context of now. 2014. 'The Fans Loved The Winners No Matter What Country They Were From.' Still do. The real issue is not American drivers, it is the woeful way in which the sport has always marketed itself. Improve that to match the quality of the racing product and some of the real and/or perceived malaise will vanish.
              • Ciao
                Interesting that the Italians have the tub and all of the opinions. Indycar is no longer a sport but a business that has a HUGE Scale of profit...for the penny pinching team-owners who get HUGE tax-write offs. No need to speak about sports when the Italians are raking in American tax dollars and the gambol in Vegas will always be available. Not American Sports Culture exactly. There are about twelve or so off season followers who need a "hero".
              • Chief thanks for the laugh - at you, your like a wind tunnel
                Chief - the definition of insanity is to continue to do the same thing and expect different results, come on man! Chief Like a wind tunnel you just turn air and turn air- except your is hot air. In the past 3 years you have done nothing but criticize the changes that Indycar has tried. In wind tunnel testing they try to find a way to navigate the negative force and find a positive result. So in their case wind tunnel testing is helpful. But in your case of “hot air” it does not really produce any method of making their product better. Take a fan and point it on a water fountain stick it on your rear and you will then fix the bathroom problems with your home made bidet Did Tony Kennington or someone else at USAC take your credentials in 1975 or what? Improvements are on the way with the 100 million you scoff about. Now go back to emptying the trash cans at your job and leave the big boy work …. To the big boys. And does your mom or dad or boss know your using their computer ? honestly your comments always make me laugh – thanks!
              • B stand for Blarney
                Big are null. Worthless. Tell me why IMS does everything BUT the most obvious things to try and improve this sport. Come on, tell me why? They crush CART for the IRL, bring ugly instead of sleek and sexy, blow wads of $$$925M for 0.18 tv ratings, condense and emasculate the 500 and series, take YEN and pesos yet complain about Americans in the series, and has scored the lowest TV ratings ever for the 500 in the past 5 years. WHY? if yoou ran this business would you not question this failure? Just existing can't cut it...
                • Fontana 2013
                  I was at Fontana for the 2013 finale and I totally agree with that it was great.
                • Derek Daly, please...
                  Burl made the most excellent point. It's not American heroes...if it were all about American heroes, then why did the American heroes deliberately infused to the sport in 1996 NOT WORK? Speaking of not working, the IRL concept failed as well. So, when you destroy the DNA of the sport you have the MUTATION we know as IndyCar today. I know it's a hard pill to swallow but it's the truth. And the messed up shizzle about this is the Speedway marches on like it's 1954 still. The most important point I can make is we collectively need to remember what attracted us to this sport. The speed, the danger, the excitement of it all. For me, it wasn't Americans. It really wasn't 200 or 240mph. It was (for me) man and machine versus the limits of what they could do together. Mario LOOKED fast, Montoya WAS fast, Greg Moore took it right to the EDGE. Nowadays, the DW12 car looks SO planted and awkward I don't feel the excitement of man and machine. It reminds me of indoor bumpered go-carts. If that's the image it portrays how are American's going to make it any better? The current car is cheap piece of garbage that has FAILED at it's most important original task...provide a variety of bodywork so the spec car underneath will fool the spectators. Guess what Derek, it has fooled NO ONE. So, while we all want to make it right, NO ONE can make it right unless the morons at 16th and Jonestown want to make it right. Therefore based on observations of the past 18 years it shall DIE just as they intended...with THEM in control. And ironically they are Americans too...destroying an American institution (NOW, with Americans own funding). Think about that Derek.
                • The Obsession Continues
                  We get it. You don't like the car or Daly. What does your juvenile boilerplate yelping have to do with the topic, which is series sponsorship. Please try to behave like an adult for once.
                • American Drivers
                  I think heroic American drivers are a great thing, but I do not think it would have as big of an impact as Mr. Daly believes. I think this because I did not see large impacts or "American" storylines back when an American won Indy in 2004. Or when another American won in 2006 over another American with a famous last name in one of the closest finishes ever. The hype was also missing with American champions in 2006 and 2012. I wish I had the answers to the decline in IndyCar popularity, but I do not. I think the racing, competition, and personalities are much better than they ever were in it's prime. I will continue to support the sport I love and the sponsors and hope that we can prosper.
                • Indy relevance
                  I honestly think the relevance of the sport in general, and even the once mighty Indy 500, has declined to the point where it has reached its true fan base. And it is small. But it will survive. Too good a sport, even if in decline. It will make it.
                • B stands for brains
                  I see now – it wasn’t USAC who threw you out - you left when CART folded. Let’s look at their (CART’s) profits from 1993 to 1998……….. Can you get your commodore 66 to look at those? Well let me tell you it was a little in 1993, 1994 and none in 95 through 98. So is the 100 million IMS is getting not going to improvements, (I am going to start calling you Einstein not Chief) Einstein? And I remind you that Mr. Miles is looking at the BIG picture not only IMS (which he is vastly and thoughtfully trying to improve too) because he is running an entire league. Tell you what Einstein – in your next rant / rave, why don’t you map out how to improve the series and how to improve IMS? Then the people on 16th and Jonestown (As you put it so eloquently) can take your plan and run with it. Can’t wait to see it Einstein .
                • The big picture?
                  Mark Miles is looking after the BIG picture? How many of the Hulman properties he oversees HASN'T been profitable since it's inception (1996)? So, since 1996 the braintrust at 16th and Jonestown has spent upward of $1BILLION to try and save the speedway and the series...There can't be any disagreement on that. What happened? HaY...all you Indianapolis rocket-scientists...the only constants in this 18 year plunge from greatness at Indianapolis and the series is the Hulman-Goerges and Dallara. There's the BIG picture...unload the ugly garbage spec car with it's non-existent bodykits and get something sexy and innovative to race. Get the HG family away from the sport they ruined, too. I guarantee it will return to greatness then. You know why? Because those are the only two things that have destroyed it. just don't want to see it.
                • Easy Peazy
                  So something other than the resident family and Dallaras....then everything is back to utopia, correct? LOL. rm
                • Yeah
                  Yup...every generation Dallara has maimed and been ugly. It's not just a coincidence fan interest declined steadily during the sloth backbreaking-artery tearing days of the Dallara. You know the DW12 is dog when haters long for the previous generation Dallara because it was better looking. And it was the ugliest duckling ever.'s that easy and shockingly they refuse to acknowledge it. HaY, Big B...and thats free, no Boston Consultant Group $1.2Million needed for that advice. IMS has a product they can't market because no one wants it. I figured it out, why can't they? Millions of us former AOW fans have $$$ money we used to spend on the sport and would like to again. But, I won't spend my money on that DW12 crap, thats' for sure. Or for the 500 either seeing as they've diminished it's significance with a road race and contrived qualifying rules. That's just more beating around the bush by the H-G family and Miles. Worthless destruction...just ask Mario Andretti.
                • ChIeF, I got it - your a fired ex chief steward
                  I got it now Chief You were the fired chief steward right before George Bignotti and your still bitter. Or your Rip Van Winkle which one is it. Because Mark Mile had nothing to do any Hulman Properties at all until last year Einstein. He does have a pretty successful track record himself though – as well does the last two key people he hired. So time will tell Einstein, you just go ahead and continue to be negative and to offer up any real advice on how you would improve it (what the Hulman’s own) ……. And don’t burn the fries.
                • Dereck - ? for you.
                  I haven't commented here in awhile, but I see the same excuse makers are out and about and still beating on Chief and others. Funny how it reflects the racing. So, my comment goes more to Derek. Heroes were made in this sport when they controlled the beastly cars of the past and won. Stories were made when guys created new cars and tricks, and had the rules package to fiddle with the cars by using different parts and other bits and pieces looking for an edge, even if it was small. Technology was always a big aspect. All that died with spec racing and limited performance. Sure Americans are important, but only in part to go along with the mix of creativity and technology and the fight against the foreigners like Fittipaldi and others. Spec racing killed creativity, parts suppliers and desire for seeing different cars and even differing packages on similar cars of the same make. The entrants and the fans get to see the same car doing the same performance every year so, what is there to hold them?. The mix is not good. Maybe times and knowledge of the sport has also changed because to think the racing is as great as ever can be proven wrong due to the lack of interest. Maybe everyone likes 68 more-or-less meaningless passes at Indy and a close finish in between several spec cars, but doesn't the lack of viewers and attendees put that argument in the obviously more-to-it-than-that category? Do not the facts show the sport can't even hold on to new fans as the number keep dwindling. A couple last points: Why the constant bashing on Chief and others? Isn't it obvious he and they love the sport for what it was? Consider all the fans that most likely feel just like Chief and others that criticize that don't comment on the racing anymore and just gave up. There are obviously a heck of a lot more of them then there are the excuse making supporters. And for Big can you say that CART made no money? The teams were quite wealthy and there was a considerable kitty (upwards of 100 million it was reported) that allowed it to go on in 2003. Even the CART detractors complained that CART blew through that money to be able to declare bankruptcy and allow the buyout by Champcar. 100 million more than the IRL/INdycar has made in close to 20 years. How can anyone use that as a fact to make any legitimate point. The history and facts are out there. And, CART was able to float an IPO that enriched the team owners in 1998. Does anyone really think you could sell stock in Indycar today? And, CART did it after the IRL was formed and the Indy 500 was no longer part of their series. The old saying applies: you are entitled to your own opinions, you are not entitled to your own facts. And if you think I am talking about all the split issues I am not. It's been 10 years since CART left the scene and 6 since Champcar. I am talking about the sport no matter who the heck ran it in the past. CART, Champcar and the IRL are all just names in the history book. The problem is the entire sport faces the prospect of joining them.
                  • Carter Mauritius
                    Carter Mauritius – I did not say that CART was not ever profitable. I did say their profits plunged and became nil if you actually read what I said- and you might also look and see when NASCARS profits started to rise too. Also – NASCAR has been SPEC racing for years and more so the last 20 then ever for them. But yet they did not struggle, until recently with the scale of economics. But to try to defend the stance that your ultra ego Einstein (aka Chief) is not going to make anyone think your on the right track either. I am a fan of Indy car and open wheel racing and loved the older days, but technology is good. Remember what the split was about in the onset there Carter – TG said that the cost of racing was too high in 95 and also said it needs more ovals and American drivers. Was he wrong……. Not all the way, you simply don’t get my point “or a lot of them really” we aren’t about the people – we are about the sport. That translates to find the right people to make the sport better. Plain and simple. I am not naive either and know that people now have more to interest them then open wheel racing (like moto cross, skateboarding, and monster trucks etc) then they did 20 or 30 years ago. Look at how many people attend and watch those events now. But I too am free to speak my opinion and have facts to support my opinion as well. I have a saying I could put for you too – but I will not. It’s along the lines of better to remain silent and thought then to speak up and remove all doubt….. that is a fact!!
                    • If the car isn't ugly
                      Excellent points by the Chief. If this car, the DW-12, could be considered 'appealing' and the racing is best it's ever been; then why is the American public not buying it? Why are Indy 500 and the series TV rating faltering? Why are tracks and events 'condensing'? Why haven't landmark marketing efforts like the IMS Hollywood office, IZOD involvement, FaceBook CARtown, Social Networking, 'planking', zip lines, Carb Day schedule changes, grandstand downsizing, DW-12 design fixes with carbonfibre cladding, no bodykits, the Las Vegas finale catastrophie, Angie's List 5 figure sponsorship deals.....why hasn't any of this made any difference in the ascent of this sport from the downtrodden wretched failure it has become? How can ALL of that not be able to propel itself into the minds and lives of the American public? Because it needs driver branding? Nationality branding? I'm reminded of a quote I once uttered about this very subject....."We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." Why has it all not worked? Answer that for me!
                    • Why is Indycar NOT profitable
                      Hasn't turned a profit since it's inception in 1996. Why? If the fans wanted ovals and Americans why is the IRL dead? Big thinkers like Big B wanna keep the status quo...In Hulman He trust. It's over man, can't you just accept that? Everything they've tried has failed. Verizon, run, don't walk away from this wreck. IZOD learned the hard way...
                    • And Now, Rational Contribution.
                      And now, a quick interjection of actual facts from an actual adult. 'Hasn't turned a profit since it's inception in 1996. Why?' Lots of reasons. Inconsistent, revolving management. Inability to market itself. Inability to work effectively with media partners. Repetitive mistakes, the biggest of which is emphasis on non-oval events. Not one major road racing series has ever been sustainable in this country ever. By the way, are we up to a billion lost yet in your quaint little delusional fantasy world? 'If the fans wanted ovals and Americans why is the IRL dead?' The IRL is not dead. IMS merely changed the official name of the entity to the Indy Car Series, mostly to appease obsessed, yelping cart enthusiasts that refuse to budge from 1995. After IMS purchased the remnant 'assets' of champcar in a mercy move they graciously termed a 'merger' one might think a thank you would be in order. Ovals and Americans are the two primary reasons NASCAR became as big as it has. 'Big thinkers like Big B wanna keep the status quo...In Hulman He trust.' Yet another dramatic, simplistic oversimplified attempt at a stereotype. While that technique may be logical for mostly vulgar simpletons, it remains typically laughable to those of us with the ability to reason. What is truly important, as it always has been since the beginning of the sport, is that Indianapolis is the center of the sport. Those who refuse to accept, and in fact embrace that tenet are doomed to fail. This has been proven twice in the past fifteen years. 'It's over man, can't you just accept that? Everything they've tried has failed. Verizon, run, don't walk away from this wreck. IZOD learned the hard way...' A) Verizon remains very happy with their IndyCar relationship. Activation is strong. They are not only a league sponsor but a team sponsor. Do you know for certain that Verizon is the leading candidate to replace IZOD? If so, the Amazing Kreskin is getting a little long in the tooth (sort of like your cutesy, repetitive, pointless diatribes) and a replacement will be needed. B) IZOD fully fulfilled the terms of their sponsorship contract and did not renew only because the executive level at PVH Corporation changed during the sponsorship term and made a decision to shift their marketing efforts toward more upper crust activities such as golf, yachting and the like. The President and CEO who signed the deal, Allen Sirkin, remained enthusiastic about the partnership, and Mike Kelly, the executive who championed the deal, still has nothing but good to say about it. I understand facts and the actual truth are secondary components of your screeching, but is it not time you worked toward the advancement of the sport and destruction of it? Your obsession makes it obvious you are potentially the biggest fan of the sport anywhere, so why not add maturity to your repertoire?
                    • Baghdad Bob Disciple
                      I find it mildly amusing that the three or four remaining TG boot lickers still stuck in 1959 yell about the ICS "having key metrics in targeted demographics up" year after year while the ICS* continues to have a revolving door of title sponsors, B2B arrangements bringing no cash to the series, abysmal TV ratings, failed/cancelled races, no real developmental series and the lowest ratings in the history of the former greatest spectacle in racing. That's a vision that those who have their collective heads buried in 1959 fail to accept.
                    • Ultra Ego???
                      Big B...are you saying I am Chief? You would be wrong. But it goes to show your level of discourse. Another Indycar bully. Again a reminder why it is worthless to comment here.
                    • Carter Mauritius thanks for the laugh
                      I am pretty sure that Carter said I'm a bully. You should not most likely comment on here - when you make comment and say things that make no sense Carter- your going ot get critisized. Sack up Carter!! I take people railing on me too.
                    • Your rational is unsettling
                      Dipscicle your inability to see the forest through the trees is stupifying. The IndyCar product SUCKs, thats why there's no sponsors, no money, no TV ratings. You can attempt to justify it all you want but at the end of the day it's just one big FAILURE. Einstein is right....why if everything is right (as you portray it) is it all so wrong? can't answer that can you?
                    • Predictable
                      Chief, let's review some more facts. Your juvenile interpretation of them notwithstanding, facts are facts. The fact that you believe the product 'sucks' (how mature) is entirely subjective. Sponsors? Nearly 30 official partners/sponsors for the series; new title sponsor to be announced in March. There actually is money; Miles stated publicly last week that all current initiatives are fully funded. TV ratings? OTAs remain static relative the all other sports and entertainment offerings, and IndyCar constitutes some of the highest rated programming on NBCSN. To me the definitiobn of 'failure' is actually going out of business. Twice. Please get back to me when that type of failure actually occurs. Meantime your credibility would be enhanced with just a bit of maturity.
                    • Maturity
                      Then, by your skewed perception the series is on target for great successes because of all of that? You are delusional. Delusional. Five year trends (FACT) show a continual decline of interest in this series at about a 20+% rate plunge per year. Look pal, those losses are directly related to fan retention...old fans are not watching any more, and potential new fans smell a rat when they watch one (the IndyCar series and 500). They are turning away from the 'greatest racing ever' and the hideous butt-dragging clown car. Yet, Hulman Racing chooses to spiff the IMS up with public money and declarations for better driver recognition. My conclusion is fan retention rate will continue to drop precipitously (because fans are sick of the product). So, let's keep on acting like the futile attempts to make it significant again are working. Very adult of you.
                    • LOL
                      Please get back to me when it actually goes out of business. We've been hearing hysterical predictions of it demise for seventeen years now, and that is seventeen years spent laughing at you.
                    • The Vision of IndyCar Racing
                      It is blurry. The cars are pretty fast and the competition is good. But the product still does not sell. What gives? even a trusty old institution like the Indianapolis 500-Mile Race, in all its century-long glory, is struggling to stay relevant and seats are even being removed because they cannot be filled. This is not opinion. This is news. The powers-that-be must be blinded to the reality the series they put out is not of interest to ordinary Americans who enjoy sport. IndyCar is fading fast. The blinders have been on too long and the damage is severe. Perhaps a new entity shoudl be formed to promote the original vision of fast Indy Cars, driven mostly by American sportsmen, in oval track races where the prowess of these unique machines is best displayed. Muscle and speed. Daring-do. This is what made the sport of interest. Those who lead at the moment fail to see this, in my opinion.
                    • Hasn't made a profit, EVER
                      LOL. Keep your head in the sand here Dipscicle. Over at your blog where you rail IMS about not paving of the parking lots and the rusting unpainted eves of the roof at IMS properties. That's two-faced adulthood at it's finest. Still, IRL, profit EVER. 17 years of wasted high six figure $$$ blown on the quick fix de jour. Just like today and tomorrow. Childishly you can't face the fact your beloved IMS is screwing it all up on their watch. How adult of you. IMS makes zombies look alive by comparison.
                      • Coming Up on 20 Years
                        Still, get back to me when it actually goes out of business. I've learned to be patient. Seventeen years of listening to the same vapid nonsense has a tendency to do that.
                      • Vision
                        The real definition of failure is being fired by your sisters. Twice.
                      • Chief's ultra ego
                        At least chief’s ultra ego Carter Mauritius isn’t commenting now. So we are down to one empty value writer.
                      • $12million for Baby Rahal
                        That's what it's costing the NationalGuard to race in the IRL./Indycarz? I smell a ripoff. Big B Tony was RIGHT!! It was too expensive. But, it's ok now. Hypocrites. HaY, hows the snail movie doing....did it do anything to raise the image, perception or visibility of the series? LOL
                      • Big B
                        Was Tony George wrong? I think that's an obvious YES! Whether you blame him or not, the trajectory the sports been on since that time is pretty clear. Were costs for engines and chassis too high? That's debatable. What matters is cost compared to availability of funding. Total costs of running a team are affordable IF funding (I.e. sponsorships) EXCEEDS the cost of operations. As was the case for the majority of the field during the period of time when CART was at its most popular. I, like most of us realize that those times are gone for good. Currently, it doesn't matter what the existing spec Dallara chassis and Chevy/Honda package goes for and can be operated for. That cost exceeds the funding available for many teams, which is why the CHAMPCAR and IRL/Indy instituted subsidy programs, which in the long term aren't sustainable ( unless you're our federal government, which can print money forever). I post on a few sites for short periods of time, if I see a subject or commentary that interests me. Otherwise I'm not that interested anymore. A shame, as I once spent a bunch of time and money attending events. Now I'm content to drive my own kart and old D Sports car at track days at Lime Rock, Pocono, etc
                      • If the IRL had fans
                        and was interesting, it wouldn't matter what TV network it was on. People would find it and watch it.

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                      5. Problem: most of the people responding to this article don't know about this service AT ALL! Why? Lack of awareness. This isn't IndyGo. This is CIRTA: might as well be the mattress company because they are asleep at the wheel - something like 3 directors over the last year? Playing with federal grant money is great! This "region" wants commuter rail service, has spent MILLIONS on Transportation studies yet can't even support a commuter bus line? This is largely for suburban riders to get to downtown - not for "service people to work in our hotels and restaurants" ! Get your head out of your backside!! These are professionals, students etc. that don't want to fight traffic, save some money on parking, gas, stress.... if CIRTA would put their federal money into widely promoting the sevive to Greenwood, Fishers & Carmel instead of finding directors and studies - this would be a successful service. Our family uses(d) it daily for the last several years - but the recent uncertainty & now unreliability due to cuts from Carmel has been a problem. Now, costs us an additional $350/month for gas & parking ( $4200/year) plus vehicle wear, service, environmental impact ... YES - this REGION needs this this type of service in order to keep growing and getting the people it needs to fill skilled positions in downtown Indianapolis. Think outside of your own car !!!