IndyCar Series, Speedway projecting big revenue increases

April 2, 2014
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IndyCar Series and Indianapolis Motor Speedway officials are projecting 20-percent to 25-percent increases in ticket and sponsorship sales this year over last.

Expanded activities during May at the IMS will be a major driver for much of the growth, Hulman & Co. CEO Mark Miles said.

For the first time, May at the Brickyard will start with an IndyCar road race. It will also include a new qualifying format which Miles and IMS President Doug Boles hope will draw more people than years past. A concert featuring country star Jason Aldean on May 24—the night before the Indianapolis 500—also is expected to boost ticket revenue.

The IndyCar road race is expected to draw more than 40,000 spectators and the Aldean concert should pack in at least 20,000. Hosting those events will carry considerable operational expenses, so it’s unclear how much they will net Hulman & Co., the parent of the IndyCar Series and IMS.

Miles has voiced optimism that the new ventures will be profitable in addition to adding juice to the headline event—the Indianapolis 500.

IndyCar’s new title sponsorship deal with Verizon—which annually pays $5 million in cash and another $5 million for advertising and promotion—added another significant bump to Hulman revenue. It’s not clear, though, if the Verizon title deal will ultimately be worth more than the Izod title deal it replaced. When the Izod pact was signed in 2010, IndyCar officials said it was worth $10 million annually. Part of that was cash and part was for advertising and promotion.

IndyCar officials said another major sponsorship is being finalized this month and should further bolster the fortunes of the series, which hasn’t made a profit since its formation in 1996. Sources close to the series said Miles and his staff are in serious discussions about a title sponsorship deal for the inaugural road race, Grand Prix of Indianapolis, which is set for May 10 at IMS. The race marks the first time IndyCars have raced around the track’s serpentine road course, which was originally built for Formula One racing.

Miles’ sales staff has remained aggressive. Series officials are developing an ad campaign called Rivals to highlight IndyCar on-track competition. Those ads will run during races on ABC and NBC Sports Network, and at least eight IndyCar race promoters have pledged to use them in their markets. The last five seconds of those TV sports can be customized with individual ticket sales information.

In addition to the TV ads, IndyCar also will run print and digital ads this year. Series officials estimate the campaign will carry a $10 million media value this year.

Already, Miles has turned his attention to next year and is putting finishing touches on the 2015 schedule. That would be a major accomplishment for a series which has had a habit of rolling out its schedule long after its season ended.

Miles has interest in adding up to three international races to start next season and is especially keen to get back to Brazil, where he says there is a ready market for open-wheel racing. Several of the series biggest stars—including Helio Castroneves and Tony Kanaan—are Brazilian.

  • Hand Over Your Money
    From a revenue standpoint all the new events and raised race ticket prices make sense. It gets a tad creepy as IMS moves closer to a nickel-and-dime pickpocket strategy ala air carriers by inventing new things to charge folks for. It gets downright foolish to gouge $15 for a practice day. Anyone without a badge is unlikely to show up, especially if rain is threatened. As always it is all about control of the sport, and because of that the 500 and May can remain a cash cow and the rest of the series can be so subsidized. I know that drive the critics nuts but is reality. Before the typical barrage of befuddled, repetitive obfuscation by the obsessed comment squatters begins allow me to state that as an old time traditionalist I may not like some of the changes; e.g., a road race at Indy in May, but understand the need for additional revenue and sometimes drastic change. I can roll with the flow because I am a lot closer to the grave than to the womb, and the sport has to become attractive to those a lot less than half my age. I will enjoy it as long as I reside on the planet.
  • It's all about you
    Soon the remainder of the 0.6 TV ratings ABC network viewers of the series will get the picture as will the dozens that will line the speedways fences and grandstands to watch the same old spec IR-12 clown cars lumber around the course. The spectacle is everything else but the race nowadays. So be'll be there, closer to the grave, just as all of us do hope for you. Only you can fit in womb and flow into one of your sociopathic go boi! Here Comes The Mummies!!! LOL Bwahahhahahha! PAY THE MAN!
    • What happened to
      cut the grass, open the gates and rake in the money?
    • Oldsville
      Chief--you complain about the same old things. You've been calling for the death of IRL and IndyCar for years. You just don't get it. We've been in the worst recession since the Great Depression. No form of racing will be as popular as it once was. People enjoy open wheel racing. The drivers like the car. I will be at the track enjoying the Month of May. Here's hoping you get no where near 16th and Georgetown. We don't need downers like you. In fact nobody does. Go take a long nap!!
    • Go
      Hey Mario...the St. Pete rating got 0.6 TV rating on ABC. That's 46% less then the last time they aired that tripe. Ok, even in best circumstances that's not heading in the right Just ignore it and buy your 33% to 50% HIGHER priced tickets and enjoy friend. No one is stopping yoou. You like ugly cars like the idiotic IR12 car, the goofy sidepods, the box like wings, and the rear bumpers that make this car stupid. None of the safeguards in place have stopped the car from flying or breaking backs or skulls. These are not important facts especially as they will have more races you can go to this year. Buy your ticket now! you love the spec waggons. PLUS, brian Barnhart is now back in master control! Win Win for everyone that once loved Dan Wheldon. but, can thay make a $$$ of it...this series hasn't made a buck since it invented AOW racing back in 1994. look it up...that's when the IRl started. Bwahahhahhaha.
    • Ratings
      ?Sunday’s IndyCar Series opener from St. Petersburg earned a 0.6 overnight rating on ABC, down 46% from 2012 (1.1), and tied as the network’s lowest IndyCar overnight in at least the past five years. Overnights were not available for last year’s race, which aired on NBCSN. It must be a great tax-write off when the "loss" is so obvious. Just another way to get rich for the very wealthy. Sad when the drivers take all the risk.
    • and, they got to pay to take the risk
      Yup, the majority of the pilotos in the IRL Series BRING money to race...ala ride buying. So, they are paying both ways for the risk. Who's making all the $$$? Speedway is $900M+ in the red. Plus, the IRL Dipscicle sez 0.6 TV ratings are meaningless. Sponsors just give $$$ to the series free, never expecting any ROI on their sponsorships. It's win win for everybody. LOL
    • Aleshin Mania
      I thought the Russian kid was going to bring in new fans? Disciple?
    • Already done
      Chief. I renewed my tickets a long time ago
      • ChiEf the fries are burning
        Get back to work and leave the customers alone. and turn your coomadore 66 off.
      • Thinning the herd
        Indy Car is thinning the herd of the weak and feeble minded. It's good to see Chief lagging behind reality and ready to be eaten by the predator. 0.6 is not good. You have to look at the whole picture. It is hard for any sport to compete against the cultural phenomena of March Madness and Kentucky and Michigan playing at the same time as the race. Considering that would let facts get in the way of delusions. I'm looking forward to the new race and the Indy 500. I don't miss the days when Penske had the Mercedes. The Indy 500 was a parade watching Emmo and Little Al up by two laps until Emmo had a brain fade.
      • lag time
        Well, it wouldn't be so bad but the IMS refuses to spend $$$ on advertising. a nutshell. So, the want and expect 0.6 or less every week. Plus the car is uglier than sin. Seriously, you herders got it all going for you I suggest you keep the spend high.
      • First Excuse
        Ringo, what will be your excuse when the next race pulls a 0.6 or lower? Baseball game, tennis match, golf, national spelling bee?
      • Excuse?
        Is an observation an excuse? 0.6 is not good but it isn't a single variable analysis. The observation is that St. Pete was running the same time as a major national sporting event. It is likely that Long Beach will be disappointing as well. May will be when the analysis rather than knee jerk reactions can take place. It will be interesting to see what impact increased promotion via Verizon and ABC lead-ins will have.
      • The East Side Quilting Bee
        semi-finals were on PBS
      • The trendy Ringo
        Since the Indy Cars were invented by the IRL in 1994 the trends have been in a steady death plunge to the bottom of the world. Ringo, certainly you can't suggest they've bottomed out already, can you? There's still room between 0.6 / 0.18 and zero. Personally, with all the effort this year I believe they can attain that 0.0 TV rating they are shooting for. Wow, I just blew my own mind on you gomer herders will be trying to justify negative TV ratings numbers..."gee, I don't know...-0.18 tv ratings aren't all that bad". Bwahahahahaha...the IRL, 0.18 from ABSOLUTE ZERO! Sponsors GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY!!!! It's a winnah these clown carz! LOL
      • unreal
        The long list of misanthropic comments below this article is amazing. I will be pretty relieved when the bulk of these CART fans have shuffled off this mortal coil and such closed-minded opinions are a forgotten part of history. The Indycar racing has been going downhill not since 1994 or even 1996, but since 1979 when CART was forced upon the Indy 500 (remember the 2 extra grid spots for CART drivers?),. The final truth from this is to never let the teams run a series. They ran CART right into bankruptcy with poor race planning and worse racing. Don't let them ruin a struggling but recovering series with their mindless catcalls. I for one am looking forward to the rest of this season...see you at the track!
      • Not a real sport
        The problem is that IndyCar is run like a pseudo-hobby sport for the rich boys, not a legitimate, professionally-managed sports entity. That is how I see it. A few rich men participating in something of a personal fiefdom for ego gratification does not constitute a genuine professional sports league. It charades as such at best. It is a hobby endeavor, and that includes the Indianapolis 500. Selfish decisions have caused this so-called "sport" to nearly vanish from the public sporting radar. And it is no wonder whatsoever there are so many tickets still available for next month's Indianapolis 500. There are literally thousands unsold. My family and I will attend. But we bought our tickets (four) over the weekend, on line, and had a choice of an epic thousands all around the once-great Speedway. In the 80's and even into the 90's, well into the 90's, we had to get our choice seats no later than mid-summer after the race, at best. In 1981 we bought them the day after the race! Today, easy pickings. This so-called "sport" is in dire shape. Dire, dire, poor shape. The 0.6 TV rating on ABC does not bode well. I submit the Long Beach Grand Prix, on cable, will generate a rating consistent with IndyCar's typical rating over the past few years...0.25 is my prediction, 0.30 at best. A 0.40 will be hailed as substantial indication IndyCar is on the upswing, when in all reality, that is a horrible ratings number. Also of note, many tickets still available for the Long Beach Grand Prix, despite the reduction is available seating over the years. Sad. Only a tiny segment of the USA population cares about IndyCar racing. Tiny, indeed. Almost to the point of irrelevancy as a mainstream entity. Only the fast-fading Indy 500 holds it up. And barely at that.
      • get REAL Fan
        Your deep seated hate for CART fans apparently has spilled over REAL Fan. IRL LLC has on their IndyCar website the 1994 information. Here, read for yourself (if you choose to, you will feel silly and need to come on here and apologize to all of us).
        • Real clown car Fans
          are few and far between. 99.8% of Americans are refined enough not to drink the h/g clan's Kool-Aid. That's why AOWR is swirling the toilet bowl and the taxpayers of Indiana are stuck picking up the tab.
        • Per the Indystar...
          ...and Kurt Cavein in particular, this year's Stephan Gregoire is Stefan Wilson in the "Race For 33". Bbbwwwwwwaaahaaaa!!!!!! Now that will sell tickets to the Greatest Ex-Spectacle In Racing.
        • no apology needed chief
          Not sure why you are pointing out dates I already listed...yes IRL was formed in 1994, and 1996 was the split. CART (sadly) was formed in 1979 and extra starting positions were forced upon the speedway for the 1979 race. It was the formation of CART that started the whole thing, not some action (the split) that was made to save the Indianapolis 500 from the failing team sanctioning later on.
        • 1978
          I recall it well. Everything was perfect then. But that really is meaningless now. So is your hatred of CART circa 1979, 1994, 1996, 2003, or 2008. All you need to know is exCART owners DOMINATE the IRL series now in 2014, and everything else since 2000. So do CART bred drivers. A 43 year old exCART driver got a ride for the 500, but loser IRL bred drivers are either dead or in jail. Too bad...aren't you glad now Chip and Roger are getting fatter with IMS $$$ while IMS is $900+ millions and growing in red? Sure you are. I suspect you can't read because you didn't read the link I provided. IRL's own website lists 1994 as the starting point. To them, 1978 or 1979 or ant time in between that and 1994 is irrelevant. They try to cover it all with revisionism. You support that, don't you?
          • Boor
            Chief and his minions are boorish and stuck pining for the days gone by. Maybe they will be happy if Lloyd Ruby shows up with a front engine car. These has beens confront any view that isn't anti-Indy Car like a teenage girl. Bwahahaha...LOL...pididdle...venomous duck. It's time to move on.
          • Front Engine = Back Marker
            Lloyd Ruby is dead Einstein. But it should ne noted when cowboy-hat wearing Lloyd from Texas raced at IMS he had a legion of fans and the place was overflowing with excitement. Hhhhmmmmmmmm....well, not so much for Simon Pagenaud and Sebastian Bourdais. Maybe this Stefan Wilson fellow will take over where Lloyd Ruby left off. Bbbbbbwwwwaaaahhhhaaaaaa!!!!!!!
          • Rip Van ChiEf
            Hey Rip Van Winkle (Chief) where is Cart now???? Give me their master building plan...... Thats what I thought. The cart people in Indycar have moved on and are trying. So - they have put you in their rear view mirrors too. The TV ratings ar .06 because you dont ahve cable on your RCA victrola and your rotary dial phone cant dial 1 for customer assistance at IMS. AND they quiut making TV gude so you dont know what channel the races are on. Now get out of your neighbors house and off their computer and go home take your Nixon for PREsident sign out of your yard and sweep your shag carpet. You make Archie Bunker look modern :)
          • Big B
            is one of those IRL fans with 6 antenna-ed TVs and he turns them all on to help the ratings
          • Einstein
            Burl Hatterly must have been in detention when sarcasm was explained. Lloyd Ruby wasn't the only one with a legion of fans. It's time for your CARTers to get in your Delorean Time Machine and travel back to the 70's. It's time for you to get RM a drink.
          • revise THIS
            It is funny how you add facts to a story and then argue those mistaken facts like somebody else said them. I have no beef with you chief. Wish you all the best. I also have no problem with former CART drivers and teams in the series. They eventually saw the utter stupidity of their ways...will you? And Tony Stewart would be surprised to find that he is dead and or in jail.
          • Smoke?
            TonY SteWarts? What has he ever done in the Indy Five Hunedred? The IRL couldn't even keep him AFTER they discovered the Indy Carz in 1994, but I suppose that's CARTs fault, right? LOL. 0.6 tv ratings, lowest 4 Indy 500 tv ratings EVER in the past 4 years, ugliest slowest most unwatchable cars in the history of the IRL IndyCar series. Speedway rusted and rotting with holes in the asphalt and ADA compliance needs used to justify $100Million taxpayer bailout and then they use the money to pave the road course. Then, IMS raises ticket prices, but adds more events and removes tens of thousands of grandstand seats and straps 30 MORE pounds of carbon fiber cladding to fracture prone tubs of the IR12, which was never renamed in honor of the late Dan Wheldon (but that's what they told the public) PLUS they have allowed BRIAN BARNHART back into master control to make live-race steward calls, this time in a troika of race officials designed to 'speed up' video review AND make the correct call...mainly because Brian failed so miserably in position previously. Yeah, this Clown Car Series really has it going on. Too funny...and this is all 6 years AFTER the CART died finally (twice). I'd be SHOCKED if 0.18 tv ratings will ever be eclipsed again. IndyCar...this is your reputation AmPLifIed. Y'all have a crap product and no one is buying it. That's a winning combination!! LOL Bwahahhahhaha!
          • How about the Time Trials Chief?
            Don't forget the Time Trials fiasco where everybody (well, all 30-ish of them) has to make a qualification run sort of over and over again in attempt to get a Pole Position is that irrelevant in a 500-mile race in the first place. To quote Burl: Bbbwwwwaaaahhaaaaa!!!!! So few attend the irrelevant time trials anymore they had to come up with something to pack 'em in and this will, well, ur, uh, uh, yeah, will not pack them in. But that is irrelevant. Sort of like Pole Day and Bump Day. Face it fans, the Indy 500 is about to go Burger Chef in Hoosier History.
          • YES!!!
            I forgot to mention the contrived Indy qualification baloney. The new 500 slogan should "It's NEW Tradition"! I'm serious, IMS should REALLY break with old traditions! Come to think of it, they already have! Hmmmm...could that have an impact on TV ratings and attendance too? Naaahh! LOL Bwahahhahhahhahaha! IMS killed the golden goose even's gooder!
          • So now what?
            I can agree with Chief on many things...almost every big decision in Indycar or Champ Car or Cart since 1978 has been a bad one. How do we all move on in a positive direction? I still enjoy watching all the races, but there is certainly something wrong. What is the alternative to this horrible racing series then? I try to watch other racing series and find that they are even worse to watch than Indycar! A Formula One race can be watched in about 3 minutes...1 minute to watch the end of the final qualifying session and then 2 minutes at the start of the race. Write down the running order then and 90% of it will be the way they finish. Or, maybe NASCAR! WHOO! Look there! Danica Earnhardt Jr. can pull her hands off the wheel for crashes and remove the same wheel to escape quick after she bursts into flame!!! But what about the race? OH well they run around blandly and mindlessly in a pack with no one doing anything exciting because it is all slowed down for parity and 'safety'. Heck even at the Brickyard they are running speeds so slow that Indycars from 50 years ago could beat them. YAWN. Or is there some other series that gets minstream TV coverage that has good racing? Or, should we find a constructive way to help Indycar grow and (hopefully) make better decisions? I wish I had just the right things to say to the owners of the Speedway and series that would make them see the light and make changes for the better. I would certainly tell them to never EVER let a team or current driver have ANY input into any business decisions, current rules, or race decisions.
          • Here's my sugGestions
            Lose the bumpers and ugly sidepods. It's not open wheel racing... Stop acting like this is some homegrown lemonade stand kind of business out on county route 31. No one gives two craps if Josef Newgarden U turns around and stops to talk to anyone who might notice him in the middle of Manhattan. Ad some sophistication and class to the sport. Bring V8 turbos back or get I4 turbos. V6 captures no ones interest, offers no true benefit and frankly V6 < V8, what guy woundn't want an 8 over a 6? Get Brain Barnhart out of the sport forever. OH, and stop changing everything EXCEPT what is really wrong with the sport. It's the sign of a dysfunctional business...the product sucks, fix it, change it or quit and let someone else who knows what the fans want (not just the inbred Speedway types) who can make this sport whole again. Toss out the ICONIC ideals that never worked EXCEPT to prolong the agony that you see today. Do it, or it's going to zombie on for as long as Indiana taxpayers are willing to front the costs. NO, I don't want CART...but the product it had on track was and still is light years ahead of the tripe IMS is putting on track in 2014. The fact they can't do any of these things is proof positive they have no idea how to fix it.
          • Enough of the Sugary Junk Food; Let's Have a Juicy Steak
            And now let us return to a sane, literate and rational view that is based on actual reality without obsessive, repetitive hyperbole. The current iteration of Dallara will be around for a few more years. Then the cars will change. Potential fans also do not care much more about engines than what the badge is. What draws them in is that they power the cars to speeds that are fast, especially in a dicing group. This follows the same identical evolutionary paths that have unfolded every few years since 1911. The current crop of drivers is no different in terms of celebrity than any other crop of drivers in any era. The same is true of any race car driver in any series including NASCAR and Formula 1. You could walk through Times Square in Manhattan today with Sebastien Vettel on one side of you and Tony Stewart on the other and no one would notice. As a matter of fact at the height of the F-1 career of Michael Schumacher he used to visit the United States so that he could walk about anonymously without being noticed. The only folks who care about things like the Hulman family or Brian Barnhart are obsessed fans banging on keyboards. Once again casual or potential fans are oblivious to those names, which will neither attract nor repel anyone to/from the sport. Ever. It might also behoove the squatters to learn the difference between what amounts to a bond versus a bailout. The general ignorance about that one aspect remains stunning. Finally and back on topic the series and the physical plant that make the sport possible are being managed and operated by widely respected professionals with no bloodline to the family who have, despite second guessing (mostly borne of the exact kind of ignorance that pollutes all of these comment sections) by critics AND traditionalists, made dramatic and sweeping changes to what happens in the main event month designed to increase revenue. There are two possible outcomes: 1) Worst case scenario in which all efforts fail and the sport remains the smallish niche it has been for most of the past 12 decades. Some variation of this is the most likely outcome, and in that event anyone who is really into it should offer profuse thanks because without the ownership that has been in place since 1945 none of us would have a sport to follow. 2) New fans are attracted and ratings, revenue and attendance increase. That would be great but is unlikely not for the hysterically shrieked, barely literate rantings Internet delinquents toss out as reasons but because the choices of entertainment offerings and the means of watching them have never been as plentiful or diverse as they are right now. In terms of the actual topic of this blog the May revenue for IMS is likely to increase based upon increased prices, event options and new races. It might stink for traditionalists but they will be along for far less time than those who are too young to have been steeped in the tradition. Smart people might argue that recent moves are, at the very least, shrewd. Now let us regress back toward the second grade.
          • What blather
            More revenue equals more money to toss into the money pit, probably getting close to $1BILLION now. Strange, but it's a widely accepted fact the IRL hasn't made a penny and product they are selling is a piece of junk. Randy Bernard himself said so. Look at the whole puzzle...there are pieces missing and IMS will never find them again no matter how much $$$ you throw at it. AOW fans hate IMS and the Speedway. Not because of CART, but because the IRL was such an un-needed failure that destroyed the sport. It's over. DEATHBLOW 2014. Bwahahhahaha!
          • Good job Disciple
            It was good to see thoughtful comments from Disciple. At least there are some adults in the room. Hopefully nap time is soon for the writers of childish rants and toddler-like tantrums.
          • Too eloquent
            LOL Disciple has about 200 monikers he calls himself when he agrees with himself like above with the "Front Engine" moniker. I did notice while browsing the web this AM during breakfast, that many AOW fan forums have little or no conversation about any racing this weekend. If a tree falls in a forest...ahh forget it, no one cares if it made a sound. Point is moot, just like the IRL clown car series.
          • Mute
            When Chief doesn't like something he starts throwing out accusations and begins his rambling rants. Too bad Chief but I have no idea who Disciple is. I simply appreciate that he can have thoughtful discussions without reverting to the behavior of a elementary school student. I can and would prove this to you, but I don't share personal information with the mentally unstable. Ready to watch them run at Long Beach.
          • Moar Qualification rules for Indy
            Just when you thought you've seen enough...IMS launches the "if you're not in the field yet, we'll get you in anyhow" rules. Apparently they are creating faux drama by making the last row be *provisional* in first day quals. For those of us that smell a rat, it increases the distaste for all things Indy. I am guessing this will hurt revenue expansion because fans will be unwilling to pay money for this Indy 500 garbage. TRADITIONALISTS unite, take back YOUR INDY!!! Hulman Racing is destroying the 500, and you are letting it happen!!!
          • Contrived to Stay Alive
            IMS really had no choice but to come up with something else for the qualifying days. I have been to all but a handful of Pole Days over the past 35 years and make no mistake about it, the crowds have diminished to just a few thousand scattered about and the TV ratings are almost test-pattern from what I have read and heard. In the 80's and even most of the 90's, it almost felt like Race Day when we arrived on Pole Day. Tens of thousands and traffic and long-lines everywhere. It was a big event. Not any longer. So I applaud the management at IMS for trying something new even if it is quite contrived and really just a gimmick. At least it will create some compelling story lines and, perhaps, some old days-style drama. Maybe.
          • IMS knows you will deal with it
   nothing will ever change. Ever. Funnest thing for me is watching all of you suck it up without lodging a complaint. E V O L U T I O N. I've never seen so many mature adults CHOOSE to take cod liver oil willingly for the IMS team. Boggles the mind.
          • Confusing
            Too many rules and regs to follow. Better idea: Line them all up on Friday morning before Memorial Day Weekend based on Thursday night draw. One attempt per car mandatory out of the line. If something goes wrong or you do not like the time, fix it, get back in line. Qualifying from 10 AM to 6 PM. Gun goes off at 6 PM. Done. One Day. The Friday before the race. That is it. If it rains, the field is set on practice times of the Thursday practice sessions. If it rains that day too, set the field based on points. If there are only 24 cars per race leading up to Indy, then order of entry. Really, it is all irrelvant now, the qualifying. People do not care and the cars and engines, even the drivers, are all of equity.
          • Indy Car
            Indy car is an American based auto racing company for the championship auto racing. It is owned by Hulman and company which also owns Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the Caliber Girl brand. It was started in 2003 and later was sponsored in 2010. Car racing is a very adventurous thing and everyone likes to enjoy it. But safety measures should be taken in order to avoid accidents on the track.
          • Chief wood have supported the IRL
            except for the fact that the owner was so incompetent that his mother had to fire him, twice
          • Further more..
   expand on Andrew's insightful submission...automobile racign of the Indy Car form is considered fast entertainment and crowds of a substantive quantity gather to view the endeavor. Popcorn, cotton candy, and other delectable confectionaries are consumed and vactions are plentiful. Followers of the sport delight in the competitions and often enjoy libations in local establishments or hamburgers and fries following well-attended events. Indianapolis, a large-sized Midwestern American City, is home to many fast foot outlets, the likes of which are popular with happy families and sporty children. The local shopping mall is considered a meeting place for teens. Tom Sneva was the first man in the sport to qualify at 200 miles per hour. He enjoys golf. Airline service is readily available from most US cities to provide transport to the home fo the largest competition, the annual Indianapolis 500. Farming is popular in the State if Indiana and many so-called "Hoosiers" enjoy weekend getaways to Chicago, Illinois. Swimming in public pools is a popular past time each Summer in the the city and nearby locales. Ball State University, a four-year instutution to the East, is a destination for many Indianapolis scholars as are other colleges, many of which feature coffee houses. Danny Ongais, the aforementioned Flyin' Hawaiian, lives in Southern California in retirment nd drove a black racer. Flip-Flop sandals are popular footwear in America. There has been a car #13 in the big race.
          • ChiEf is second big name sponsor
            ChEEEf Is it true your the other sponsor they are talking about?? You ar the man!! Booowhhaaaa
          • I have never laughed as hard as I just did...
            GLAMPING. This *new* IMS revenue source is right out of National Lampoon's Vacation movie. $1000 a night for a tent with a bed in the IMS infield. For that money it should come with an escort service (which would probably be more profitable). While the usual Hulman Racing pacifists will rah-rah the idea...I'm reminded that IMS has NO CLUE who their market is. Again, as usual.'s the wave of the future. BWAHAHHAHAHAHa...LOL. So pathetic I can't even stop laughing...LOL
          • indy is bleeding the fans for $$$
            all these revenue streams are designed to pillage the fan of their hard earned money. yet its the same crap on track. i'll stay home from now on.
          • Quick Question
            Cool. When will you also stop obsessively commenting about it?
          • When? you ask
            after the last race in May, 2016
          • Coke Lot Glamp-down
            Rumors swirling that IMS is gonna jack up everything so they can rake in the big bucks. Coke Lotters you are next.
          • Ultimate Oversaturation
            - Indy Grand Prix - Doubleheaders for all 3 road to Indy series on the IMS road course - Freedom 100 - Indy 500 - Brickyard 400 presented by Corporate sponsor - NASCAR Nationwide Cab race - Superduper weekend Tudor sports car race - Continential sports car race - Moto GP races (I think there's 3 or 4 in all the different classes) - Vintage racing - All the assorted qualifying and practice My opinion is IMS has oversaturated the marketplace. In a time when they want and need their #1 product and brand to succeed, they've chosen the ultimate way to minimize and devalue the 500. What desperate measures this H-G clan is up to now. Undermining and destroying themselves from within. Remember, one race and one month used to suffice. Now 15+ races and some dumb qualifying sessions will vie for the pot of gold. I hope it all falls squarely on it's face....
          • Recoup Cash
            IMS needs to recoup all the money the family lost on the decline of the "500". AND the lost Madoff money. They are Hoosier dopes in over their heads. Chief is right. Over-saturation. The "500" truly is just another race. I won't be going to anything other than the Just Another Race 500. I am not a sucker for revenue enhancers. Most sports fans are. And dopey as the HGs
          • Some people are so consistent
            You mean the DW12? Is that what you mean? As much as you spout your negativity in this forum one would think you could at least get the cars right.
          • It IS the IR-12
            the DW comes from all the Darrell Waltrip fans
          • Jake is correct
            It's always been the IR-12. Just like it's the Indy Racing League LLC, just like Brian Barnhart is back in master control. TV ratings suck yet the racing is allegedly the best ever. Hulman Racing now over $1 Billion spent saving AOW yet no one is buying it. IMS lies. Just like the DW12.
            • If it wasn't broke why did they try to fix it?
              Try to resurrect a once perfectly good thing from ashes. It's not going to happen overnight especially when you couple incompetency and lack of direction in the leadership over many many years and you get....well.....this.

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