Tag Heuer plans major IndyCar-centric marketing campaign

August 7, 2014
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Switzerland-based Tag Heuer has become the official watch of the IndyCar Series and Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Financial details of the deal were not released. A sports marketing expert thinks the agreement is likely a three-year deal that pays the series and Speedway about $300,000 annually. The marketing boost the open-wheel series and IMS get from the deal may be worth a lot more than that.

The deal—which was announced Aug. 6—includes naming-rights for the Tag Heuer Pit Stop Challenge, held annually each May on Carb Day the Friday before the Indianapolis 500.

IMS TagHeuerAlso as part of the deal, Tag Heuer will have signage and displays at the Speedway, including a banner on the wall by the famous yard of bricks at the start/finish line. This marks the first time in the fabled track's long history that a sign has been hung on the outside wall at the start/finish line.

A Tag Heuer print campaign noting the brand’s involvement in the IndyCar Series also is forthcoming, series officials said, and the watch maker is planning a massive IndyCar-centric marketing campaign for next year.

IndyCar officials confirmed that Tag Heuer in 2015 is planning a national print advertising campaign as well as a nationwide IndyCar-themed marketing push at retail outlets that sell Tag watches.

To commemorate the partnership, Tag Heuer has created a special edition watch, the Indy 500 Chronograph. The winner of each race throughout the Verizon IndyCar Series will receive the exclusive timepiece as part of their winnings.

The Indy 500 Chronograph features a gray stylized dial patterned after the iconic Yard of Bricks start/finish line of the historic IMS and a printed “INDY 500” logo inside the counter at 6 o’clock.

“Tag Heuer is an iconic brand and a perfect representation of the speed, precision, technology and innovation that are the pillars of our sport,” said Mark Miles, CEO of Hulman & Co., the parent of the IndyCar Series and Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

 “The Verizon IndyCar Series embodies Tag Heuer’s brand DNA of mental fortitude, perseverance and inner strength and brings it to life,” said Tag Heuer President and CEO Ulrich Wohn.

This note of good news comes on the heels of some very bad news on the IndyCar sponsorship front.

The National Guard announced this week that it is ending its sponsorship of IndyCar driver Graham Rahal and NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr.

The National Guard said in a statement posted on its web site that it spent $32 million on its NASCAR sponsorship and $12 million on its IndyCar sponsorship this year. Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Missouri, has led a push in Congress to end military sponsorships and has called the funding “wasting a bunch of money.”

The IndyCar Series still has its supporters. Jon Flack, chief operating officer for one of the world’s biggest motorsports marketing firms, Zionsville-based Just Marketing International, is bullish on the open-wheel series.

“They still need to get their TV ratings up a bit, but I like what’s going on with NBC [Sports Network],” Flack said. “Mark Miles and his team have brought a level of stability to the series. I think the series is moving in the right direction.”


  • Great Opportunities
    Maybe Mark Miles can sell more signage on the outer walls at the speedway....like LAW TIGERS WANT YOU!...or VISIT CONKLE'S NOW on the first and third turn walls. KEY LIQUIDATORS and ANGIES LIST, and DOLLAR GENERAL. Nothing spells success like more low six / high five figure sponsorships. Here's some moar great ideas...Sell sidewalk Bricks surrounding the track a hunedred bucks each and have the buyers name etched on them. They'll sell like hotcakes. Also, name the grandstands after Indy greats and sell the dedication ceremony party to the surviving families so you can fleece them for $$$ while honoring their loved one. HURRY though, IMS is ripping down grandstands to keep pace with NASCAR. Here's the gratest idea....have fans create publicity videos on youtube to promote the series. If you've seen the ones by the PR folks at IMS, the fan ones can't be much worse. SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY....a couple more great ideas for ya Mark Miles. Isn't it fascinating IBJ or even Robin Miller don't do intermediate reports on how Mark Miles is doing...like they did with Randy Bernard and TOnEe? Makes ya think, are there any independent thinking press doing the checks and balances any more? I suppose a big check from IMS might persuade a blogger to only post favorable posts, huh? The seasons almost over too...where's the new 2016 car...or even the 2015 bodykits? Great way to promote your series is to show off what the might look like in the future, you know, to INSPIRE the fans. Just like the current abomination car has inspired 0.25 TV ratings from the best of what NBCSN has to offer. Wait till Tag Heure gets a wiff of that stench....
  • Additional Steps Forward for IMS and IndyCar
    First, congratulations to IMS on another nice get in an era when such deals can be difficult to put together. Team sponsorship is becoming increasingly difficult for even the most successful teams. I can't help but believe John Barnes is having a chuckle today. Predictably, the obsessed Einsteins who lurk only to provide pointless criticism stand ready to condemn a good deal and incorporate their cutesy bullet points about unrelated topics, all framed in a muddled jumble of obtuse bad spelling and grammar that rarely makes sense. Those of us actually in the national television business, for example, spend a great deal of time chortling at the consistent level of both ignorance and depravity regularly obsessed about by comment section squatters from IndyCar hateland. What a waste. It does not change the fact that IMS and IndyCar have a brand new revenue source with another widely recognized blue chipper; people who know a little more about the investment and its return than the children of the Internet.
    • Chief needs to chill
      Chief......Step away for the computer go outside and take a deep breath. Everything is going to be all right!
    • Disciple...Disciple...
      ...you youw, we know, full-well, you are not in the "national television business". Tsk. Tsk. Installation is installation, Disciple. Conversely, it is like Anderson Cooper saying he is the "cable guy." I feel sorry for you.
    • Comprehension
      Important distinction: The 300K goes into the coffers of IMS and IndyCar, not into the coffers of RLL. The withdrawl of the service bucks from all of motor sports does not have a distinct effect on IndyCar or IMS; it is team sponsorship. Hopefully RLL can cobble replacement sponsorship together and continue to run in 2015 and beyond. Given steadily increasing corporate level partnerships perhaps IndyCar will figure a way to grow the series and expand the opportunities for its participants.
      • So, business as usual
        No surprise there. It's always about Indy. Just ask the teams - as the Speedway charges ever higher fees for catering and things such as motorhome/RV parking, it also grabs whatever meager new sponsorships that come along. But the relevant point remains: there is 11.7 MILLION DOLLARS LESS sponsorship dollars involved in Indycar today compared to yesterday.
      • Concept: Ebb and Flow
        Learn about it. Sponsorship is like waves on a beach. they come in. They go out. It has always been that way. Probably always will be. The literate smart people are not pushing any panic buttons.
        • Yeah, don't panic
          Don't worry Bob Rahal, literate smart people know the next $13Million is but one ebb away. Over time we know RLL hasn't needed to shutter it's doors based on lack of funding...maybe Key Liquidators can cough up $300K to keep sad sack Graham in a ride somewheres. Maybe the former defunct Panther team can merge with Rahal and form SUPER team Rahal Barnes Letterman Lanigan Zombiecar Series Team. Maybe the fans can chip-in a sawbuck to sponsors the carz themselves. Or even car washes or bake sales or even more U-turns by unknown Indy drivers with their helmets in hand for spare change on street corners. Yeah, don't worry literate smart people are in charge. Mark Miles is a literate smart person...so is J. Douglas Boles. And Brian Barnhart. Yep, this thing is going places. LOL.
        • concept 2.0
          TAG HEUER $300K minus Nat'l Guard $12 MILLION= NEGATIVE $11.7 MILLION. Sounds like one hell of an "ebb"
        • Common Sense
          I have noticed a certain dark consistency in your quaint little missives, olderfan. You seem to be one of those in denial, flat-earth, cart-centric types who views IMS as some sort of evil empire. Snarky statements such as 'It's always about Indy. Just ask the teams - as the Speedway charges ever higher fees for catering and things such as motorhome/RV parking, it also grabs whatever meager new sponsorships that come along.' Seriously? Given the self destruction of cart, twice, after espousing that suicidal point of view has your kind not learned a thing? You also seem bent on confusing team sponsorship with series/facility sponsorship. If you take the 20 or so IMS corporate partners, assume 300K for each one, then add in the 20 or so IndyCar partners, we're talking corporate sponsorship that exceeds ten mil. I am certain that will fail to meet your lofty expectations, but another hallmark of your hysteria is its position relatively distant from actual reality. You repeated obsession is at least entertaining in the same sort of way as watching my grand kids playing outside during recess at the nursery school.
          • Waves on the Beach?
            Defender wrote: "Learn about it. Sponsorship is like waves on a beach. they come in. They go out. It has always been that way." --- It's been low tide for the IRL since it started---
          • Hey GREG
            Yes they are working hard for the track - to fill HG pockets. When are they going to put that back into marketing for the series??? HG only care about the money TG lost and making enough to prop up IMS for a sale that will garnish them the most $$$. They don't care about the series which is why it is dead AND THAT has been impacting the 500 for more than a decade! So great for IMS - means nothing to help the series however.
          • Chief!
            Chief - I don't understand you. Or your comments. I have read your comments for too long. You continue to regurgitate your remarks. Mark Miles and Doug Boles have done more for INDYCAR and IMS than anybody has in 25 years. Give me one legitimate argument to disprove that. Here’s some quick reaction to your comments: Don’t you think the track is working hard towards bigger sponsorship deals? Honestly. Do you think they prefer a 300k deal vs a 1M deal? Any idea of the work that goes into landing a huge sponsorship deal? It takes YEARS of work. Plus, maybe IMS is cognoscente of teams also. If IMS snatches up all the large deals, and teams can’t get their hands on them, what do the teams do? Next – IMS does a brick program. They’re all over the inside of the gates. IMS doesn’t own the sidewalk on the outside of the track. Next – I don’t understand what you’re saying about naming the grandstands after Indy greats. What about in 20 years when there’s new Indy greats? Next – IMS isn’t ripping down any grandstands. Clearly you haven’t read a single article about that fact – while many NASCAR tracks removing seats, IMS isn’t because they need MORE seats for the Indy 500. Next – that SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY ad IMS did has 53,000 views on YouTube. IT WORKED. Some might not of liked it, but have you ever seen anything like that come out of 16th and Georgetown? No! Because it’s new. They’re trying something new. And with 53,000 views it worked. Are you one of the people who complained about Mark Cuban waving the green flag? Mark Cuban not only went to IU, but he’s an international superstar/businessman, also who happens to have 2.3 MILLION followers on Twitter! Any idea what the value is to IMS to have Mark Cuban onsite tweeting about what he’s doing? Next – you’re assuming IMS is paying people off to not talk negatively about them. What is the risk associated with that? Is it worth it to IMS to take that risk? NO. Chief you go on and on and on about everything that’s wrong and in your opinion what IMS/INDYCAR does wrong. Don’t you think there’s a strategy for releasing details about the new car or new aero kits? If it were up to you would you just post a picture of it and leave it at that? How about building up the story, and getting the media to TALK ABOUT IT and CREATE A BUZZ. Go away Chief. You’re down and you can’t get up. You can’t look at the future. You’re part of the problem, not the solution.
            • I'm buying a Tag Heuer This Weekend
              Will you folks kindly make up your minds? Are teh HG pockets being filled or is the whole thing on the verge of collapse? Depending on any given argument one or the other may be cited to support whatever whacko position you are attempting. The other amazing thing about that ilk is insistence on de-emphasis of IMS. Whenever that is attempted failure results 100% of the time. Best possible advice for contrarians: Do whatever it takes to work with IMS, make that event as strong as possible, and continuously work to enhance the series. Why is that so difficult? Learn humility.
              • Bravo
                Well played sir.
              • Common Sense
                "ilk".... There is no de-emphasis on the 500 here. This is marketing 101. If you do not promote, how do you expect to grow your product? Certainly word of mouth is not the way to go. So what would you propose??? IMS needs to promote the whole package period. The days of relying on promoters (track owners) to do this are long gone. There is no money in it anylonger for them to do this and has not been for longer then a decade.
              • Warning
                Please don't call other readers insulting names. It makes your comments subject to removal.
              • Correction
                Might want to get your facts straight before you throw people under the bus. The Speedway HAS removed sections of seats and they have not tried to hide that. Maybe if you went out there and watched a race you would see the entire sections heading in to turn 3 missing. And more seats will have to come down as they are updating the facility to be ADA approved. Yes, Daytona, Talladega, Texas, Charlotte, etc. have all taken seats down, but so has the IMS and rightfully so. They don't need all of them anymore.
              • Meanwhile, Back Onto The Actual Topic....
                ....and mercifully deviating from all the defensive pedantry that makes these comment sections nearly unreadable...as the Indianapolis Motor Speedway continues meaningfully enhancing the 109-year-old facility (something it should have been doing all along Jeff Belskus) the activation of additional blue chip partners such as Tag Heuer certainly enables the process to occur more smoothly. The modernized scoring pylon, for example, has been just great thus far.
              • Truth be told
                The Indycars stink. Greg Oden is an alleged domestic violence suspect. IBJ selectively comments on POSITIVE doings related to the Indycars. I only post my opinions. All facts. Just because I allege IBJ is in kahoots with the Indycars is my opinion. My marketing ideas are purely my own, and I share them openly here with you all hopefully that SOMEONE, ANYONE will hear a sane and maybe opinionated voice distant from the inbreeding that is IMS and IMS marketing. Social media is being subjected to a moronic assault of stupid proportions by Indycar PR. My opinion is that all attempts are futile...the moronic (in my humble opinion) videos made by the series are simply juvenile and serve the alleged top level of AOW no good, especially when they chase the holy grail go CART successes in years gone past. 0.25 TV ratings are not cutting it and the sponsors know it. But, why....why won't the IBJ write about them....like they always have? I allege IBJ IS just another IMS flunky, where previously they were a voice of reason. Blog posts on the Score related to the failing Indycar Series have FALLEN by precipitous levels this year. If a series is growing by leaps and bounds, than why is it not written about anymore? $300k trumps a loss of $13 million? Limburger anyone? You know who I'm talking about Anthony.
              • What Marketing Ideas?
                The contribution above reads like a Jesse Ventura 911 conspiracy theory and is just as whacko. Only in that bizarre world would the obsessed try to make a case that even though a blue chip sponsor like Tag Heuer has joined several others to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars per year the series actually nets a loss because a team lost a primary sponsor. Someone bring us a slice of apple orange pie please.
                • The ebb and flow of attendance
                  I'll stick my neck out and make a prediction that the alleged top tier of AOW will perform in front of about 1 or 2 hundred people today in Milwaukee. Over at Watkins Glen, about 90 thousand will be in attendance while millions will be watching on TV. And that for stock cars Second their series. That's pretty good evidence Indycar sucks. That quite an ebb the clown car series has going. Just like the ebb of $13 million....$300 thousand is like a buck fifty for jet fuel. The Panther Race Team going out of business got more lines of press here at the IBJ than the actual huge sponsor loss that ironically killed Panther and might mothball Team Rahal. The Indycar Series, all ebb, no flow. Fact.
                • We'll try this another way...
                  Maybe we're all looking at this the wrong way. Aside from the fabricated/made up and generally fantasy statistics brought forth by certain defenders of Indycar racing (which were all easily debunked, by the way) here's a little fact which should make us all open our eyes a little wider when one of these deals with a "blue chip" company is touted: The National Guard pored $88 MILLION dollars into NASCAR , and another $38 MILLION dollars into Indycar racing sponsporships between 2011 and 2013. And what did they get? ZERO. NOT ONE enlistment could be attributed to all of that money.(Google/search USA Today for that story, which was also reported elsewhere. So, if a series (NASCAR) and a driver (Earnhardt) which both are far more popular than anything, or anyone in Indycar, can't get a "blue chip" sponsor that spent over $80 million some results, what do you think is going to come of TAG Heuers' investment? Nice pocket change for Indy, but hardly a deal woth crowing about. Maybe we'll see the metrics for the effectiveness of their advertising spend, the way we were shown the metrics for the effectiveness of "Turbo" by one of the media insiders that post here. LOL!
                • Dollars and (Sense) Cents
                  So, Defender, what you're saying is: All of the IMS/Indycar/corporate "partners" have a combined sponsporship value of ~$10 MILLION dollars? OK, we'll take your word for that (LOL). We could dissect that figure all day, given that some of those partners make money by charging the teams for equipment-Dallara, Honda, Chevy, Firestone, etc and their "sponsorship basically amounts to a "kickback" to IMS and Indycar. The more important thing is this: Rahal Letterman just lost a SINGLE sponsorship-Nat'l Guard-that was worth more than ALL of the corporated sponsorships you touted COMBINED. I'd wouldn't be so proud of that corporate "success" if I was you.
                • With great fascination
                  While exploring Indycar's OFFICIAL fan forum, TRACKFOREM, I discovered a curious thread of messages dedicated to the subject of "Best CART/Indycar Races". What was once great fascination is now validity to what I've been saying repeatedly...CART/CCWS racing is a pinnacle that will never be touched by this clown car series of re-tread of ex-CART (dead twice) drivers. However, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and by GIANT margin, CART races (or ones with CART drivers, like the indy 500) apparently are the preferred races...and this at a pro-IRL based website. Hmmmmmm, so it seems almost too good to be true. This offers great validation for me that my opinions (and the majority of fans like me) would rather stay in an electric chair than get out of it to watch a 2014 Clown Car Series race. Make it more like CART, Mr. Mark Miles. On track it was the best...dozens of basement dwelling Indiana AOW race fans have spoken...
                • When Is The Next cart Race?
                  Oh, wait. Never mind. LOL.
                  • CART race schedule
                    I here that there's a double - header scheduled with the IRL at Phoenix! LOL!
                  • Silly, Obtuse, Obsessive, Misspelled Catatonia Aside...
                    ...it does not really matter what anyone 'heres' (LOL). Fundamental facts remain: 1) Despite a 19-year repetition of 'end is nigh' nonsense, IndyCar has lived to see another season 19 times. 2) Another few hundred thousand from yet another corporate level sponsor can hardly be considered 'bad.' RLL will have to go out and find sponsorship now. That necessity happens to several teams every year. Any attempt to use the departure of National Guard as a portent to doom is foolish. 3) Those who still pine for cart ought to understand the only things still missing from the show the persistent mutineers now running it (and having most of the same results they did the previous two times they failed--thank goodness for IMS) are roll hoops instead of airboxes (and that seems about to change), tobacco bucks, a couple of other nameplate badges and Zanardi's legs. Other than that, it has been reconstituted. Methinks the real issue the obsessed folks have is with IMS even though Anton is out of the day-to-day. Twenty years later the usual portending of doom by the same handful of 'contributors' seems even more ludicrous than in any of the previous nineteen. My advice: Roll with the flow.
                    • Warning Not Heeded
                      I thought IBJ Management distinctly said 'Please don't call other readers insulting names. It makes your comments subject to removal.' Looks like a violation.
                      • So, using the mortal injuries of a driver...
                        to make whatever misguided "point" appears to be perfectly acceptable? I'm sorry if the moderators here take offense to my comments, but (at least ) I don't think using the deaths and nearly fatal injuries of some of the most respected and admired athletes that have participated in CART/IRL/Indycar to try to make some "witty" comments to prove a point are acceptable either. But I don't want Captain Obvious' post to be deleted; on the contrary, I want other posters here to see him for what he is.
                      • Back before the IRl took over
                        opened wheeled racing in America was so popular that certain people would track the flight plans of the owners private jets. Now nobody gives a damn.
                      • 25/8
                        Not quite a Rolex but better than a Casio. Perfect for the EARL
                      • Disciple-"I'm buying a Tag Heuer This Weekend"
                        Sure you are. So long as it's inside a box of Cracker Jack.
                      • How do you possibly sleep at night?
                        This is at least the second or third time, plus more on your own blog, that you've used the fatal and near fatal injuries of two beloved and respected competitors in US open wheel racing, to make some horrifically twisted and frankly sub human "point". All in an attempt to show us your scary command of your wit and wisdom. .....I'm sorry moderators, but if you can't see the disgusting manner in which this "Disciple" "preaches" his cause then I and hopefully others will point it out repeatedly. Alex Zanardi nearly lost his life in pursuit of his craft, and for Captain Obvious, aka Disciple of IndyCar to use his injuries as a "punchline" to make one of his misinformed points is frankly disgusting. Alex has become an inspiration to all that have a disability, and I consider it an honor to have met him. And if calling someone a name or insulting them in response to that contemptible behavior offends your sense of decorum more than his use of such offensive "humor" then your sense of decency is perhaps worse than his. I know that you deleted the first comment and I am hoping that you won't dump this one as well. But someone needs to take umbrage with Captain/Disciple and his frankly sub human sense of "decency"- and I use that term loosely. What I want to say is unprintable, but I'm hoping that you and everyone else that reads his comments ( which I don't want removed, by the way) can see what type of creature he is.
                      • CART/CCWS bred driver WINS at Watkins Glen
                        While IRL legend/soft-porn stripper Danica Patrick finished 21th...Sam Hornish couldn't even get in the field in the Nationwide Series race the day before. He had no ride. The IRL will live in infamy for the losers it produced. BWAQhahahhahaha!
                      • Spec racing on go-kart tracks
                        Congrats to the guy that is going to run out and buy that watch.Last I hear the watch is a thing of the past. The George family owes Indy Car nothing.They own a race track that cost a ton to operate.Cart went broke because of the expense of running a racing series.TG tried to save the sport and got slapped in the face by all.Now we have these no name drives that come and go racing on go-kart tracks going 100 mph that turns into crash fests on the corners.That's real racing.Yes the good old days are long gone.You can thank the computer age for that when the engineer means more than the guy sitting in the car seat.
                      • TUDOR is out at Indy
                        Looks like empty grandstands at IMS took down another series. Another EBB is flowing. Looks like the black is turning red for the IRL series again. There's still hope for DEATHBLOW 2014! See, by whoring out the Speedway you diminish it's worth. And, the Indy 500 is far less than it's ever been with the lowest attendance ever and shooting deaths in the 3 sided ghetto. Couldn't happen to better clan. Mark Miles, you sir are a GENIUS! Engineered failure from within...I never would have thought it was possible...but it is. I'm officially declaring $1 BILLION spent to destroy AOW. Great job all!
                      • Ed living in
                        fantasy land
                      • 10s of millions in sponsorships
                        So previously a certain defender of indycar posits that the series and has 10s of millions in sponsorships. Another poster proves him wrong, so why do those posts get wiped? Is it that the editor feels a certain kinship with the ol' Disciple, or that the editor believes that somehow the D man really is a media expert? Just curious. I'd think that a news organization MIGHT be interested in the truth.
                      • Saturday Milwaukee FAIL
                        I was wrong! There were LESS than 100 people in the stands to watch clown car practice and qualies, and even less for the 12 car Indy lights...the stepping stone to the premiere AOW series. $1Billion spent for the alienation of AOW fans. I'm sure it's not newsworthy anyway, but this is a prime example of the Indycar business model flexing its muscles. LOL
                      • Haha CHief the Joeks on YOu
                        There are big piles of free tickets to the IRL race at the MIlwalkey MIle SUnday. Ibet they have mower fans there than CArt strret racer loosers ever saw
                      • Uh....what?
                        Now that's impressive. Nearly 70 words from a defender of indycar and yet you managed to say, well... nothing. I am glad to see that at least you have appeared to have taken some advice and bought a thesaurus. Now if we could only see the results of a remedial English Comp 101 course and possibly a course on critical thinking we would all enjoy an increase in posts that have a point. Say hello to the 200 people that attend today's event for us, will you? Thanks
                      • Lol Dipscicle
                        How much does Milwaukee pay for sanction fees? Or does Andretti get these for free? This is the IndyCar business model....strike out and call it a grand slam. I can believe any promoter would be willing to spend $1.5 million for a weekend attendance of less than 15,000 at the gate. Can some media insider explain how it works....maybe ever the IBJ might even do report on it. But they won't...
                      • @ Captain
                        Captain - for someone who cares alot about keeping to the blog topic, I have a question - is that something that you ever do yourself? It certainly does not seem to be a strong suit of yours.
                      • Money Where Mouth Is
                        Me, my new Tag Heuer and several friends are on the way to the Milwaukee Mile to be actual fans. We're going to have a great day.
                        • Enjoy your new TAG Heuer-LOL
                          Your new TAG Heuer? I hate to break this to you but...If it came with your HAPPY MEAL then I don't think it's a real TAG HEUER.___And say hello to everyone for us. With the expected crowd you should be able to shake hands with everyone before the end of the pace lap.
                        • The lengths D will go to
                          the try and say the .1rl is doing great is amazing. Why, he probably drove out there in a Government Motor's car, only to drive back in a Honda. He, and "his friends" probably brought blow up dolls, to try and fill in the sparse crowd. I'm sure they even tried watching the race on TV, to try and increase the horrible Nielsen ratings. All while chatting to each other on their .1rl sponsor phones, while wearing their old Isod shirts.
                        • True story
                          No takers for Milwaukee free tickets....the grandstands this weekend were labelled as "vacant" and the alleged racing some 40 to 50 mph LESS than even several years ago. Many fans (of the dozens that bothered to go) have vowed to never return again. Great work Indycar, everything is going as planned. Andretti Marketing can't be paying $1.5 million for sanctioning THAT. If 10,000 showed up at $50 a head, that's only $500K . This is the business model Indycar runs under at the majority of tracks with the exception of Indy and Indy GP where they get no sanction fee. Good thing the IRL saved AOW...too bad it can't save itself from itself.
                        • This Just In....
                          Milwaukee has been renewed again for 2015. We had a great time again this year. Thanks as well to Mutual of Omaha, who stepped up their sponsorship role for the IndyFest event. Nice weather for a change as well.
                        • Grater news
                          What happened? Why didnt more people take advantage of the copious amounts of free tickets available to watch the "premiere" AOW series? On a nice day too. BTW, listening to Leigh Diffey and David Hobbs call an oval race is like having your fingernails pulled off with a pair of pliers. Makes Marty Reid and Bob Jenkins sound better and they ain't nuthin to write home about.
                        • But Disciple....
                          ...where's the beef? I was there, too. Small crowd by any standard, but honestly, more than I thought. I figured 10,000. I think they got maybe 15,000 and anyone who suggest more is simply a liar. No beef. But I am glad they re-upped for next year. They need races to make it to the 2016 Indy 500 before the series goes the bah-bye.
                        • Stellar 0.24 TV rating
                          Solid tv ratings for Milwaukee...0.24. Equal with 2013, with lesser attendance. Those are Tag Heuer kind of numbers. LOL. $300k for wall banners. With an Andre champagne chaser. Bwahahahaha. Flip the switch this series is toast on ovals. They are slow and ugly. More EBB for you!
                        • CHief just doesn't know
                          what going broke for the entertainment of a few gomers means
                        • ChIeF is wrong and he hates that things are better and that he is wrong
                          Look ChIef is mad because Mark Miles is doing a good job,and things are getting better.
                        • Things ARE better
                          Trust me BigB, things are better. For the worse....bwajhahhahahaha! I can't wait to see who's gonna *cough* up $30 million to finance Rahal and Crapenter Fisher Racing for 2015. And, the series wants the big teams to start Indy Lights teams that have new chassis next year (only 8 or 10 cars typically race in the series now). Plus new bodykits cost $$$! It's a money pit BigB, I tells ya! All for 250K tv watchers and about 10K in attendance at the track, FOR THE ENTIRE WEEKEND! So, as I said, things are better for the worse. Great job Mark Miles! YOU sire deserve a RAISE! WoooT! LOL
                        • Oh, Tag Hewer
                          won't you buy me a Indy-Lites team,, I hear their going real cheap,,,an you'll win ever race cause nobody else is buying
                          • Next year
                            After that very entertaining race Sunday I've decided to go to the Houston event next year. Oh, wait...
                            • I'm disappointed
                              After seeing the (lack of a) crowd at Sonoma, I thought it might be fun next year to go for the private party at Houston. The projected date for next year was looking like it was going to co-incide with a trade show, so I was looking forward to having the place all to myself ( based on current crowd trends). Too bad it looks like the race won't happen. Sniff, sniff.....LOL!
                            • IndyCar Prefers Actual Fans At Its Events
                              I'd rather see the IndyCars at COTA anyway. We'll see. While you're making plans perhaps you could plan on Atlanta, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Cleveland, Denver I, Denver II, Detroit City, Gateway, Germany, Hawaii, Houston, Las Vegas I, Laguna Seca, Las Vegas II, Meadowlands, Mexico I, Mexico II, Miami I, Miami 2, Miami 3, Miami 4, Michigan, Monterrey, Nazareth, Netherlands, Ontario, Pocono, Portland, Quebec I, Quebec II, Riverside, Road America, Sanair, San Jose, Spain, Texas, Trenton, UK I, UK II, Vancouver and Watkins Glen, presented by FedEx, Havoline, K-Mart, Bridgestone, Ford, Cosworth, Lola, Swift, Reynard, Jimmy and various primary colors. Oh wait.... Twice.
                              • CART didn't waste
                                500 million dollars, twice. and counting.
                              • CART didn't waste
                                500 million dollars, twice. And counting.
                                • c ' mon Jake be fair
                                  Certain defenders of indycar just wanted to feel better about themselves. After all, USAC ( a Tony Hulman creation) failed miserably at promoting and growing championship car racing, and it's spiritual successors - the IRL and the current ICS have both either failed (iRL) or are failing (ICS) spectacularly. So it just looks too bad to have a failure rate 300% higher than the only organization that even got open wheel in the USA close to successful. So certain preachers of the Indy car faith conveniently add in some numbers to make it look better for them. I kind of feel bad for them, really. LOL!
                                • and the winner is...
                                  Overnights- Indycar Sonoma 0.29. Aired at 4 PM eastern/ 1 PM PACIFIC F1 Spa at 7:30 AM EASTERN, 4:30 AM PACIFIC 0.37.INDY -6%___F1 + 42%. Now that's indy momentum.
                                  • Let us take a guess...
                                    So what will the reason for the miserable ratings and attendance be this week? Storms on the east coast? High winds on the plains? Solar or lunar eclipse? Plague of locusts? Sun was in their eyes? Glove's too big? Ball hit a rock? Too hot, too cold, too sunny, earthquake? Whatever it is, you can be sure th a t it isn't the product. Oh, no. Can’t blame the product, or the people that created this farce. Nope, must be the fault of those twice dead cart people, who nearly 10 years after their demise are still dragging everything down. Yep, that's the ticket. ROFLMAO
                                  • Staggering downward trend
                                    The last third of the IRL season appears to be suffering from "Horrendous at track attendance and TV rating's Malaise". Why have folks turned away from the IRL series all of a sudden? If you are building your season to crescendo with the finale in FOntana and folks have steadily turned away from the series after mid-season...you got major problems. Major problems. Bwahahhahhaha! I love it! Looks like it'll be in the red again for the 18th consecutive year in a row! That's how you run a business....keep giving the fans what they DON'T want. LOL, dumbbells over at 16th and Jonestown.
                                  • Ka-ching
                                    ...and yet the checks from Tag Heuer are still arriving and are being cashed. Just like the checks from all the other series sponsors. I remain gratified there exist smarter people in the business world than those who lurk in internet comment sections.
                                    • Ka-flop
                                      Yes sir keep cashing those 300K a year checks direct to IMS, while millions disappear from the teams like Rahal's. Guess there wasn't enough ka- ching going around to keep Sarah Fisher in business without their "merger". LOL._____.Meanwhile back in Realville the series with the "best racing in the world" drew what appeared to be about 5000 live spectators ( and probably 1500 of those Target "freebies", and was beaten in the ratings by a series that reportedly consists of "parades" and aired while most people are still sleeping. That will generate those big ka-chings for sure. :-). But, hey, as long as the Speedway gets the cash who gives a damn about the teams?
                                    • Rome burns while IMS collects $300k
                                      Too funny! Twice dead CART could show up in 20 year old hardware and kick the crap out of the clown car series. And attract 10 to 20 times the gate in attendance than the Indycar slugs do now. Damn shame somebody doesn't. Why? Because people will follow it. This IRL crap series needs to go away. Spec commie series.
                                    • new race!
                                      "Good afternoon. I'm Mark Miles of IMS and Indycar, and I'm very excited to be here for the announcement of the 2015 Indy Grand Prix of Louisiana. The event is to take place at the NOLA motorsports park. We're excited to be here at NOLA, and the wonderful oval facility that they have built. With its wide front and back straights and flat sweeping turns, similar to the historic Milwaukee Mile, oval fans will have a great new venue to look forward to...What? I'm sorry, what was that? IT'S A ROAD COURSE? A ROAD COURSE??? Oh, excuse me. Hi, I'm Mark Miles, and I'm very excited to announce the CART Grand Prix of Louisiana..."
                                    • Boy oh boy
                                      I can't wait for them triple headers negst year int he IRl. To replace them double headers and single headers that are dropping like flying crapwagons at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. I bet they'll run the IMS grandprix and the IRL 500 on the same day at the same time. Are cars don't fly.
                                    • The IRl has decided
                                      to drop 2015 from the schedule because it seems somebody else is already doing something on the dates the IRL was considering doing something
                                    • Maybe 2,500 showed up
                                      LOL the tribe has spoken. Seeing the confetti flying before 85,000 empty seats at Fontana wuz spectacular. Mark Miles, great job! It's over man...nobody wants the Indycars no more. You should have apologized....
                                    • I heard it was
                                      in the tens of people. Didn't Dipsicle threaten to be there. That's prolly why. And nobody GAF. Who ever wonded got the most meaningless championship in the history of auto racing.
                                    • Over at crackedforum
                                      they are talking about putting higher walls around the tracks so the drivers can't see there's nobody there
                                    • Here's an interesting trend!
                                      Why don't these clown cars race at Homestead for season finale? Oh, that's right...no one attended the IRL Indycar races there. Something about Marlo Klain's wedding having more people than the IRL at Homestead. Just like at Fontana last nite. Don't you think it's time to reevaluate this product? It's not selling. Again, the cars are crap and the series is marketed by inbred dummies. Seeing Will Power anti-climatic after winning the championship in front of empty grandstands is epic fail. You see, that's the reality for everyone...the path IMS has taken the sport has made it worthless. It's not competition for eyeballs with college football or NASCAR...it's being killed from within by itself. And that is something they are doing very well.
                                    • If them drunkards @smackedforem
                                      wood due what there Ma Pelosi told them to do and Embrace the suck, Indycars wood be grate again.
                                      • A grand finale
                                        With the ICS title on the line, the MAVTV 500 at Fontana drew between 8000 and 10,000 fans ( there were more people there to see Gil DeFerran's 241 mph qualifying run back in the day) and a reported 0.18 rating for the broadcast. OMG! That's even more pathetic than ANY IRL hater could have imagined. What keeps this going is beyond me. I can only guess that they are trying to get to Indy's 100th. Hope TAG Heuer wasn't expecting too much for their meager outlay.
                                        • An Adult Look At Reality
                                          Evidently business professionals know a bit more than obsessed children on the Internet. Fontana is renewed for two years, Tag Heuer is still sending checks, the race will be on television again and fans will appear.
                                          • Sure
                                            It will just go on in perpetuity. Sure...sponsors love giving mega $$$ for absolute zero ROI. Empty grandstands. Zero TV ratings. That is the reality. Children stuck in the Indy of the 50's that are supposed adults are in denial about the truth. The cars suck, they are slow, money is tighter than it's ever been and no one cares about the sport. But, keep on propping it up Indy speedway Captain Oblivious.
                                          • comprehension. try it sometime
                                            As stated previously, multiple times, the series go on indefinitely, based on the willingness and ability of the Hulman George family and the Speedway to keep supplying the meager Leaders Circle welfare payments to the teams. Fontana? Good for you and the 8 to 10 thousand that showed up ( and who knows how many of those were "comps" from Target, Chevy, or Honda). And please don't claim it was 23,000 as on your blog. Only chance there was 23,000 there is if you counted the flies as paid attendance. TAG Heuer? Funny, your kind said the same thing about Izod, Pep Boys, Northern Lights, Rachel's, Motorola, Jim Beam, National Guard, and hundreds of other former sponsors. Enjoy that 7 month off season, while WEC, F1, NASCAR, MOTO GP and various other series continue to put their products in front of us for the next few MONTHS
                                          • What's the differnce between
                                            the IRl off season and the regular season? For 99.9903% of the population, nothing. Ha ha where's Nelson when you need him.
                                            • @ Captain Obvious
                                              Hey Captain:USA Today ran a great article today (09 Sep 2014) on the legendary Alex Zanardi. Including quotes from current ICS drivers Tony Kanaan and Scott Dixon, on just how remarkable Alex is.______So I guess, for you, it's about time for you to use the loss of his legs as another punchline, right?

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                                            1. Great article and post scripts by Mike L (Great addition to IBJ BTW). Bobby's stubborn as a mule, and doubt if he ever comes back to IU. But the love he would receive would be enormous. Hope he shows some time, but not counting on it.

                                            2. When the Indiana GOP was going around the State selling the Voucher bill they were promising people that the vouchers would only be for public charter schools. They lied. As usual.

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                                            4. Jim, your "misleading" numbers comment is spot on. This is the spin these posers are putting on it. News flash, fans: these guys lie. They are not publicly traded so no one holds them accountable for anything they say. The TV numbers are so miniscule to begin with any "increase" produces double digit "growth" numbers. It's ridiculous to think that anything these guys have done has awakened the marketplace. What have they done? Consolidate the season so they run more races on consecutive weekends? And this creates "momentum." Is that the same momentum you enjoy when you don't race between August and March? Keep in mind that you are running teams who barely make ends meet ragged over the summer to accomplish this brilliant strategy of avoiding the NFL while you run your season finale at midnight on the East Coast. But I should not obfuscate my own point: any "ratings increase" is exactly what Jim points to - the increased availability of NBC Sports in households. Look fans, I love the sport to but these posers are running it off a cliff. Miles wants to declare victory and then run for Mayor. I could go on and on but bottom line for God's sake don't believe a word they say. Note to Anthony - try doing just a little research instead of reporting what these pretenders say and then offering an "opinion" no more informed than the average fan.

                                            5. If he's finally planning to do the right thing and resign, why not do it before the election? Waiting until after means what - s special election at tax payer expense? Appointment (by whom?) thus robbing the voters of their chance to choose? Does he accrue some additional financial advantage to waiting, like extra pension payments? What's in it for him? That's the question that needs to be asked.