Indy Racing League TV ratings skidding toward season's end

September 25, 2009
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It’s been a bumpy ride for Indy Racing League in its inaugural season on the Versus cable channel.

Pre- and post-race coverage has certainly been better than it was with the ESPN family. But that coverage along with those IRL specials that ran early in the season on Versus have done little to bolster the series’ TV ratings.

And earlier this month, IMS Productions lost its president, Charlie Morgan, who after two years with IMS, left to return to radio as market manager of Emmis Communications Corp.’s Indianapolis radio cluster.

Last Friday (Sept. 18), the Indy Racing League in Motegi, Japan—which aired on Versus—earned a national TV rating of .14, which means 165,000 households tuned in, according to New York-based Nielsen Media Research. A 10:30 p.m. start time likely didn’t help. In the Indianapolis market, the Motegi race earned a .7 rating, meaning about 7,500 TV households watched. Both numbers are below the season’s average.

The series fared a bit better in August. The Aug. 23 race at Infineon Raceway earned a .25 rating nationally (281,000 households) and 1.21 in the Indianapolis market (13,000 TV households). The green flag on the race dropped at 5 p.m. The Aug. 29 IRL race in Chicagoland earned a .24 national rating (271,000 TV households) and 1.13 in the Indianapolis market (13,000 TV households). That telecast began at 9 p.m.

Now Versus announced it will be airing some NASCAR fare. That has to make open-wheel fans scratch their heads. It could mean Versus officials are merely trying to build their motorsports portfolio as they’ve so stated. Or it could mean they’re taking their eye off the ball.

One race left this season, Oct. 10 in Miami. Green flag drops at 4 p.m. Stay tuned.

  • It just proves the inevitable. The IRL is nearing the end, as is the sport itself. 2010 is the penultimate season, a bridge to the 100th year at Indy in 2011. And 2011 is why Honda has agreed to go two more years servicing the league. It was a nice gesture.

    When Barnhart talks about "radical", he means radical as in "buh-bye Indy Cars".

    There is a reason why Danica's third year in the new contract is an option-out deal.
  • Of course the ratings hit the wall, it was an 11 pm race (when it actually started) and it wasn't on DirecTV. Versus needs to solve their problem with DirecTV if they want to stay in business and/or up their ratings. I simply won't get Comcast to get Vs. and I am sure others feel the same way. Do the math and see that by losing DirecTV they lost about half their viewers.

    The IRL needs to tighten up the season. I know they won't dump the Japan race, but 3 weeks between Chicago and Japan is crazy and another 3 weeks until Homestead kills any momentum they had going.

    Gotta love the "doom and gloomers" like Sporty McAllister. Go watch NASCAR.

    And remember...real race cars don't have fenders!
    • Doc, NA$CAR is for the gullible. I know better. NA$CAR is a product, not a sport. It is entertainment for the poorly educated.
    • "Now Versus announced it will be airing some NASCAR fare. That has to make open-wheel fans scratch their heads."

      Open-wheel fans hate the farce and fraud that is the 'league'.

      Why didn't talkin' Terry have some spin for this update? :lol:

      Where has Fred AbomiNation been? Boxing up his office? How long can that take?

      Write an entry about what will happen when the 'league' finally, deservedly, keels over and dies. That glorious day can't possibly come too soon.

      ps - this new format is annoying.
    • The reporting of these three pieces of news is appreciated. Here's hoping that we won't have to wait until Thanksgiving for the Homestead ratings once they are released.
    • I am sooooo happy Danica and Honda are staying staying.
      I predict the ratings slide will stop now with this awesome good news! I can't wait till the new car specs are announced.
      I also can't wait for my new favorite driver Nelson Piquet jr. to drive in the IRL. He got shafted at Renault and is completely innocent.
    • The IRL is a joke and it's fans are a bunch of losers. They're all a bunch of mama's boys living in her basement thinking that watching this idiotic series makes them special. Well, they are "special".
    • It's the economy. Wait till next year. What about the great production on Reversus? The race was on too late. LOL. The "series" is a joke. No one is watching at all. Hopefully the end is near.
    • Wow! How low can you go? They are lucky Danica and Honda are sticking around. I don't see good things coming out of this.
    • First - where's the article on the Red Bull MotoGP? Big race in town and we got NOTHIN here from the IBJ? I mean, did you not get the cut n paste from Fred Nation and Co?

      Second - this is just GRATE news for the EARL. Jeebus H on a Pogostick can things get much worser? This is the equivalent of a Lifetime Movie Netowrk rerun movie at 3am. Its So nice to see the MindyCar folks moving forward with such GRATE success. LOL.

      3. Mindcarz suck and no one cares. You think you got sponsor problems now? You think any CCWS but Haas will comeback next year? 33 is just a number. Too bad indy will never see it again.

      Thanks again Tony, for saving Open Wheel Racing in America. :finger:
    • Good thing the IRL dropped the wildly successful Austrailian race. Solid, domestic based decision while the series toils away in Japan. Great timing on the TV ratings release by burying it when the series is on a two week hiatus and out of the country. ALL sponsors need to heed this warning: THE IRL IS A RUDDERLESS SHIP. The fate of ONE HUNDRED years of legacy is resting on Japanese engine leases, a woman named Danica who wants NASCAR and 10 year TV contract on a channel that has been expelled by a major satellite provider and no one watches anyway. Pathetic, that the AOW landscape has arrived at this point. Normal businesses would have cleaned house 15 years ago. But, no, this IS the disfunctional IMS/IRL. Party on Garth...
    • I thought the tax cheat Helio prancing around in tight pants on Dancing With Stars was going to be the big thing that brought a slew of new fans to the IRL. Wha' happened?
      • I'm confused about the Honda extension...

        2 years ago Honda extended there contract with the IRL for 5 years thru 2013...

        now they seem to have re-re-upped for 2 years thru 2012

        mix that with the fact there are re-leaseing the same engines they have already leased to the teams for millions..

        they (honda) are doing zero development on detuned underpowered motors and making a mint..

        correct me if I'm wrong but are they the only ones actually Making money in AOWR?

        • Ahhh the haters have flocked back to the new IBJ. Almost like the return of the annoying starlings, they chatter incessantly and they leave about the same kind of mess as the starlings.

          I agree that the ratings for Montegi are two fold. Time of day and more importantly loss of Direct Tv. I am sure that the impasse will break soon. I am thinking VS. decided that they were a little to big for their britches. Give them a couple of years, and they may be able to hold the sat and catv systems hostage.

          • As far as NASCAR fare on Vs., I would expect it is to bolster their motorsports offerings.

            I do not think the NHRA worried that NASCAR has content on Speed. If the NASCAR were to cut into the IRL programming, then there is an issue. But there is plenty of programming time to go around.

            So where are all those haters who were sure Danica was going to jump to NASCAR etc....? I guess they are hiding as they did with other infamous predictions like Barnhart to be fired, cart to bury the IRL etc.... I hope you guys do not make a career out of predictions.
          • Ken,

            You're right. Honda is making money on the IRL - cash money.
          • Hey Harvey,

            First of all, Helio was acquitted, so you are incorrect in referring to him as a "tax cheat". Helio is a great personality, great with fans and very engaging, even if you and others don't appreciate his talent. I seriously doubt that many males could eclipse his talent both on the track and/or the dance floor.

            Lastly, his personality could attract new fans if the IRL "lack of brains" trust had a clue about how to market their drivers. They are still caught up in the "sport of open wheel racing" rather than what fans really follow, the personalities. One would think they would have learned that lesson years ago from what Indy Car used to have in terms of personalities and what nascar has accomplished on the backs of their personalities (drivers).
          • then how do explian the other two races that garnered similar ratings?

            or the fact that the IRL has averaged .24 on versus

            face it.....folks simply aren't watching.....and being on a backwater station elimenates any chance of a casual viewer stumblin' on to a race a race and staying awhile

            the series is as good as dead with .24 ratings...... and there is absolutlely no reason to think they will get any better any time soon
          • The most interesting point: Households watching in the Indianapolis market - 13,000 for Chicago; 13,000 for Infineon; and 7,500 for Motegi. Does this mean that with nearly 300,000 people that attend the Indy 500, so few even give two hoots about the IRL? Apparently so.
            • Zackly. no one anywhere cares abooot the EARL. I think Anthony should do a quiz of folks on Monument Circle. You know, like "who is leading in points?" or "where do they race next" or "who are the 2 drivers for Penske?" or "who wonned the 500 this year?"....I am SURE the results would not be pretty.

              The IRL: No one knows, and no one cares. :lol:
              • No one watches because the IRL's "entertainment" formula for racing (no horsepower, huge wings, high banked tracks) has just never caught on. Yeah their formula can "manufacture" a photo finish but few motorsports fans consider it racing (foot to the floor, no skill, no sliding, no driving). The old style of car created a competition of speed and ability, you had to really be able to drive a race car and be on your toes. Now Roger and Chip's R&D dollar buy all the wins on ovals, the racing is dead no wonder nobody cares.
              • DaHooey,

                I bet few people downtown could answer those questions about NASCAR. Now you may get some better responses on the southside.
                Even fewer could name who is in the NHRA, with the exception of Ashley Force.

              • DaHooey,

                How much longer you gonna beat that dead horse? Ok, we got it! U'r startin' to sound lak one of da whiner's you don't like, 'cept u'r on the odder side of da broken record.

                O, an I changd da spellin' so's yu wuld git it..mmmmmkay? INSERT SMILEY FACE WIF BIG OL' GRIN HERE
                • I would suspect PENSKE (who was the root of all INDY evil at the time of the split) is making the most $$$. Isn't it his engine company that does all the grunt labor on these engines? It's pretty DUMB to held over a barrel by Honda and you don't even own the engines. Does anyone remember the ideals set forth by IMS and Tony George in 1996? And many of you still wonder why you're called "enablers". It's pitiful what the IRL has meant to AOW racing. How could anyone disagree?

                • 1. I am one of those on DirecTV, and I will not switch from it.
                  2. The online feed was garbage. The video was at least a couple of minutes ahead of the audio...yes, the VIDEO was ahead of the audio. It was terrible to watch, and the racing not much better.

                  There, got a couple of gripes out of the way. I'll continue watching the IndyCar races, and attending 2 or 3 a year, but I am becomming an impatient fan. Not having Vs. on DirecTV and both sides blaming each other achieves nothing, and I don't believe either of them. GET THE DEAL DONE & SHUT UP!

                  Cheers all, missed you.
                • Berwick guy is back. when the content cannot be refuted, you attack the poster. Jeez, where have we seen that before? tony ruined this thing, and all that is left for it do do is die. Take the hapless IRL out back and shoot it. Put the damn thing out of its misery. Its like the last days of ChampCar, but with worse racing, uglier cars, and no fans.

                  The IRL: Take i out back and shoot it. please.
                • The IRL and Indy Car racing is dead. 2010 and 2011, partially, is it. Game over. Sport over. See ya' laaaaaaaaaaater!
                • And when the haters have nothing to contribute, they spew about how horrible the IRL is and how much they hate it. But then they keep coming back to say how much they hate it. And they watch it, and then come back to say how much they hate it. If I hated something as much as many of you claim, I would not have anything to do with it. I would not watch it, and I would not continously post about it. I would just ignore it and go on with my life, which may be why many of you keep posting about your hatred. You have no life. I mean, what else can it be?
                  • Indyman: We hate, because we remember. We remember what this great sport was - before Tony's first tantrum. We remember what IMS and the Indy 500 meant to this city - before Tony George entered the scene. We remember when Open Wheel Racing had sponsors, big name drivers, manufacturer involvement and was the worldwide leader in motorsport innovation - all before Tony George. so with that i ask you - as a fan of the sport - why would you not Hate tony and everything he has done? Until he is chased out of town (his house is up for sale and that is a good start) we will not relent. Because we remember.
                  • We hate the IRL because it's not the Indycar racing we grew up with and fell in live with, it's a farce. Real Indycars are high powered, trimmed out, big nasty single seaters that excelerated to over 250mph on the back strech at Michigan and set records at every track they went to. These IRL cars are a joke that are designed to create a photo finish with no driver involvement it's FAKE. We as fans never asked FTG for these awful cars and if I had my way the traditional rules would be reinstated next year and I'd tell ISC to go shove their NASCAR tracks were the sun don't shine. The car and the tracks (and the management) are the biggest reasons to bitch for me never wanted either(lame car, NASCAR tracks). So you may except the IRL's form of Indycar racing, but I don't recognize it as REAL Indycar racing, to me it's a farce!
                  • At least now you admit that you are haters. That is a start. We all wish for what we had in our youths. It was always better then. I wish the NFL was the 60's with the smash mouth, mud and blood days. I wish Baseball was the 50's. The glory days of pre steroid, pureness when records did not need astericks. But things evolve for good or bad.

                    c?rt/owrs/ccws was the wide open cars and wide open check books and it failed miserably several times. It is a formula that no longer works. The most popular American Series, NASCAR, shows us what works. Cookie cutter cars with pre packaged drivers. Fast food racing if you will. Even the pre eminent world series F1 is reigning in costs and with it putting the brakes on free wheeling design.
                  • TG, faults and all, saved open wheel. I know several of you just had massive coronaries. Well pull out your AED's and take a deep breath. cart/owrs/ccws had the cars and stars, the owners with the deep pockets, the big sponsors, the big drivers, and all but one of the big tracks. It should of crushed the IRL. It tried mightily by scheduling races against the IRL, by pressuring owners, sponsors and drivers to not even look at the IRL. And where is it now? Relegated to the dust bin of history because they had a boring product, greedy owners, drivers from everywhere but here and a cost that was unbearable. It died under its own weight. Did TG create a perfect product? No. What we have now was modified to try to please what remained of the cart crowd. Is it perfect, no. Is it still alive? Yes. more than I can say for cart.

                    We will never agree, but contrary to your opinion, TG is not the anti christ.
                    • To paraphrase Mark Twain, "the rumors of the IRL's death have been greatly exagerated". If I had a dollar for every "prediction" the haters have gotten wrong, I would be a very wealthy man.
                    • The only reason the IRL is around today is because it has been proped up with FTG's famiy pocketbook, remember the IRL has NEVER had a season in the black, they have NEVER turned a profit! We'll see how long they last without an endless supply of CA$H!
                      And to say CART's sponsors shelling out $20+ million every year is a bad thing is retarded it's proof that millions of people actually watched CART! Sponsors spend money on sports people watch not niche sports like the IRL. Just Sports Int. is quoting the sponsorship model for the IRL in 2010 as $650,000 for a primary sponsor, thats less than travel costs for three races. Wait a go IRL!
                    • Indyman: Do you still believe that garbage? Are you the guy washes Tony's cars and lives in his basment? You his manservant? That or please pass whatever it is you are smoking. The IRL: Must be some good weed.
                      • Earlman is back to spouting complete fiction from the voices in his little gomer malformed brain. It's grate to see the cream of the crop of earlriffic losers still clinging to the vizhun after they've been shown repeatedly it was nothing but a coke-addled liar's tantrum. Very enjoyable watching the 'league' and its very few fans crash and burn. :fire:
                      • As is typical, three responses, and only one actually deals with the subject, the others attack the poster. Kind of interesting that da hooey says this "Berwick guy is back. when the content cannot be refuted, you attack the poster." and then you do the same thing to me. A little hypocritical?
                      • OSF,

                        I never said high dollar sponsors are bad, they are good. But as we found out, they were not willing to prop up cart et al. They bailed even though cart supposedly had everything going for it. cart as a business model failed. They went away from everything that made OW racing so big in the 70's and 80's. Their last season, did they have an American driver? Was there an oval left? TG started out with a good idea. An oval heavy, American based series to give young up and comers a chance. Unfortunatley he moved away from that. Granted we still have many more ovals than cart did. We have many more American drivers than cart did. And the IRL has brought up a lot of American talent that would have been overlooked by cart. Would I like them go back to the original "vision" sure, but I do not own or control. All I can do is hope they do.
                        • "Granted we still have many more ovals than cart did. We have many more American drivers than cart did. And the IRL has brought up a lot of American talent that would have been overlooked by cart."

                          Really? Can you back that up?

                          you probably believe everything Mitch Daniels tells you too.
                          • I am sure you know the answer, and if not could easily have looked it up, but here you go.

                            2007, Carts last full season they had 14 races. And they had 0 ovals. The IRL has 17 races this year, with 10 being ovals.

                            2007, Carts last season, they had two American Drivers. IRL has 8 who raced the majority of this season and more who had part time rides.

                            Some of the American drivers who have come up through the IRL: Tony Stewart, Sam Hornish, Marco Andretti, Danica Patrick, Sara Fisher. TS and Sam both tried cart and were rejected. Didn't bring any cash. Honorable mention goes to Jeff Gordon who tried cart, was rebuffed and went to NASCAR. Where would NASCAR be without one of their greatest drivers?
                            • CART did not race in 2007. fail.
                              • Oh c'mon Hooey. Most of us realize you're splitting hairs with that comment. So fickle.
                              • "Carts last full season they had 14 races. And they had 0 ovals." I did not say that, Indyman did. facts are facts
                              • I see you are still as stupid as you were before IBJ "upgraded". What CART teams did TS, Hornish and Jeff Gordon try? Cart was around in 2007? And Sam the Sham Hornish's Dad bought his ride with PDM. Fact. That's ok though because Sham will be back working for Daddy before too long and he'll be able to pay him back.
                              • c?rt/ccws/owrs... All the same animal called by different names. You can play word games all you want, it does not change the fact it was all reincarnations of the same thing.

                              • Brett,

                                Reading comprehension is fundamental in life. Read what is written, not what you want it to say. I never said they tried cart teams, I said they were overlooked. Please pay attention.

                                That said, I beleive most race fans know the story of Jeff Gordon hanging around the garages at Indy and being ignored as many American drivers were at the time.

                                "Back then, Gordon attended Mayâ??s traditional festivities and dreamed of driving in the 500. But when he couldnâ??t land a ride in IndyCars, Gordon switched to stock cars and found a home."


                              • And finaly. Brett are you trying to say Sam Hornish is a sham? As in no talent? Really? Has your hatred of the IRL blinded you that badly, or are you really that ignorant of racing talent?

                                And still the haters hate. Do yourselves a favor, find a hobby, something that is not as self destructive as hating.
                                • Indyman: How many Americans have won races in the last 3 years in IRL? Wo was the last American Series champ in the IRL and what year was that? how many years of the IRL did it produce an Ameican born series champ?
                                • People who constantly bring up "hate" know they have no argument and resort to calling everyone who doesn't buy their crap haters. Liberals, homosexuals and Non-Christians are perfect examples. Sam Hornish is the least talented indy 500* chanp in history. His name is a bigger embarrassment on the tarnished Borg Warner than Buddy Loozier and Eddie Underacheever. The reason Hornish didn't get a call from a CART team is he sucked in Atlantics. That's why his Daddy bought him an EARL ride and he became the poster child for irl zealots who can't find their a** with both hands. Hornish likes to compare himself to Rick Mears but he isn't qualified to carry Mears luggage. He will be out of racing in 3 years selling real estate like irl* hero Tyce Carlson.
                                • Lots of reports that Vision Racing is gone after next weekend. Seems even Tony can't find a reason to "invest" in this mess....that HE created!? The IRL: Not even the founder is buying into it anymore. :lol:
                                • The Indycar Razing League is gone after Homestead. 13 years too late. That follows Waste Management's decision to stick to waste and to not get into the crap business by becoming title sponsor.

                                  The gratest thing about TONey GOerge's Indycar Razing League is that it gave Milka Duno and PJ Cheeseon the chance to have their likenesses placed on the Borg-Warmer Trophy next to AJ and Rick.
                                • Brett,

                                  DaHooey admitted he was a hater. One of the only haters on here honest enough to admit to it.


                                  How many Americans were running in cart/owrs/ccws in its last season? Better chance of an American winning the IRL then an American had in winning cart et al. That was the point of the IRL, give Americans a chance to make it in open wheel, preserve oval racing, and reduce costs. It has done all of the above.
                                • Truth, Dahooey and Brett,

                                  So can I catalog those predictions with all of the other grand predictions of the haters? Barnhart to be fired, IRL to end any of a number of years starting in 2003 (earliest year I remember for that prediction) to 2012, Indy 500 to become NASCAR race, Marco to NASCAR, Danica to NASCAR, Danica to F1, Danica to NHRA (sorry, made up the last one, but would not surprise me if a hater had it out there) France to buy IMS, Wheeler to buy IMS, etc....

                                  I am sure like the Weekly World News or the Enquirer, eventually one of your predictions will be right and you will crow for years how smart you are. I mean even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while, but a predition percentage of 5% is not really very good.
                                • How many Americans were in CART in 1995, before FTG had his hissy fit,that had a chance to win the championship? FTG brought reject 'Murricans like Tyce Carlson, Dr. Jack, Jeret Schroeder, Scott Harrington and Billy Roe and wanted race fans to think they were as good as Michael Andretti, Zanardi, Moore etc. Only a few morons like you and the zealots at Trackforum were dense enough to buy it, as long as you got IRL* crew points. How's that Reversus contract going? So your hero is bailing out to Grand Sham? Couldn't happen to a bigger POS.
                                  • Or would a better question be how many Americans were in cart in 1995? it is an indisputable fact that cart was going with foreign drivers and road/street courses. I think the direction cart continued showed where it was headed.

                                  • Or would a better question be how many Americans were in cart in 1995? it is an indisputable fact that cart was going with foreign drivers and road/street courses. I think the direction cart continued showed where it was headed.

                                  • So again Brett, how did these "reject" American drivers, in a series that competed against the cars and the stars, against the big dollar teams with the big dollar sponsors and most of the big race tracks survive while cart et al... spun the toilet bowl several times?
                                    And get off the "TG funded it" argument. In the early years, cart had high dollar sponsors and owners that put 10 times the money into the series than the IRL had. Face it, it was carts failure of a business plan.
                                    • Indyman: This is just more of the circcular argument you constsntly wish for all of us to engage you in. the topic is: IRL Suckage. The IRL is on its deatbed. Will it die? Who knows. Did it EVER reach the popularity of CART? No. How can you compare "Tony's Momma's millions" to bonafide CART sponsorship dollars? You can't. Face it, CART worked, CCWS didn't, and the IRL never did and never will. Again, how many Americans have won IRL races this year? Last year? I could go on and on, but you see the point. You all were sold a bill of goods that NEVER got delivered.
                                    • All CART all the time. Your jealousy is showing, again. Did a CART team turn you down for a janitor job? How long did those field filler Americans last in the irl? Even less than the lie of an all oval series. How are those big tracks like Michigan and Fontana doin on the EARL schedule? Series sponsors are supposed to dump money into a series, as a fan of the EARL you wouldn't know what that is. What happened to Northern Lightsout and the Pep Boys lawsuit? Face it, you backed and continue to support a spoiled drug addict who wasted dead Granpa's fortune for nothing. And now his family has kicked his punk ass to the curb, he's losing his house and shutting down his crap team. What will Special Ed do? Bail bonds? Real estate? Pharmaceuticals?
                                    • Goodness gracious! Alot of "CART ENVY" in here. JUST don't loose track of the main point here: the IRL's TV ratings are in the toilet. Versus being dumped by DirectTV hasn't fazed the NHL. The 10 year contract is as worthless as the IRL is in DirectTV. That's a great way to lead the motorsports world by not being seen or not being able to be seen. This "skidded" is turning into a crash....and CART had nothing to do with it.
                                    • Hey Indyboi are you sure you are not John Hooter Howard aka Duhfender? You sure seem just like him.
                                      • Brett: That is some epic hate right there sir. :) Have a beer on me.
                                      • Hey Anthony - how is that title sposnor thing workin out for EARL these days? Has talkin Terry got anything more to update you on? Looks like no Rio, no Team Vi$ion$ and a lot smaller car count for next year. DirecTV is out, all TV numbers down, IRL advertising for empty Suites and blocks of unpurchased tickets? Take out the extortion pack tickets - which MASCAR wisely did - and those "key metrics" aren't lookin so good now are they! This has FAIL written all over it.
                                      • Saturday's race at Homestead would get a relatively large viewing audience if people were aware that it will be the last IRL (as you know it) race
                                      • Speaking of getting off topic, I answered yoru questions, and you guys go way off topic. Dahooey, you are right. It is a circular arguement. It all goes back to the fact that cart/ccws/owrs, was an unworkable business plan. You long for the glory of cart, but it was dying and taking open wheel with it. Trust me, there is no cart envy with me. Far from it. That was the begining of the end.

                                        Keep up the predictions, it will give us all a good laugh next year when you gys cut and paste the same predictions, but change the 2010 to 2011.

                                        By the way, for an unpopular sport, it has 64 comments and rising on this post. more than all posts Anthony has done on other topics. Pretty good for being so unpopular.
                                      • AOW hangs in the balance of this little hometown business that can't shoot straight. WE want change. An eight year old car with a propensity to fly and maim doesn't cut it...even with the orchestrated side by side three wide dronefest predictable 0.00001 second finishes. It's doesn't fly here and it doesn't fly with the public. Without the Hulman family support this series is DEAD. EVERYTHING points to it not surviving, and NOTHING (including the CART envy) will return it to prominence EXCEPT change, which IMS can't provide. 2010 is lame duck, status one cares or watches. Sad, so sad what has become of it all since Tony George saved the sport.
                                      • There is a Indyman1956 on Turdforum that is Hooter's brother so I wouldn't be surprised if the spineless worm slithered over here to pollute this (dying) blog.
                                      • After Homestead look for the IRL to announce it's over. There will be no 2010 season. Just a couple run the Dallara that ya' brung Indy 500's.
                                      • Ahh more off target predictions and some personal slams to as well. Good to see that you guys know how to put together an arguement.

                                        I am not this "spineless worm" you refer to. I am also not a "johhny come lately" here. I have been posting here since the begining of this blog. By the way, did you mean the blog was dying or the post? I think Anthony would take exception to the term "dying blog". Especially since you haters have posted 68 comments and counting about a subject that you do not care about.
                                      • DaHooey:
                                        You asked, someone had to answer:
                                        American Series Champions (IRL):
                                        Hornish 3
                                        Lazier 2
                                        Calkins 1
                                        Stewart 1
                                        Ray 1
                                        American Winning Drivers (IRL):
                                        Buddy Lazier 7
                                        Buzz Calkins 1
                                        Scott Sharp 6
                                        Jim Guthrie 1
                                        Tony Stewart 2
                                        John Paul Jr 1
                                        Billy Boat 1
                                        Eddie Cheever 5
                                        Mark Dismore 2
                                        Greg Ray 3
                                        Robbie Buhl 1
                                        Sam Hornish 19
                                        Jacques Lazier 1
                                        Al Unser Jr 2
                                        Jeff Ward 1
                                        Bryan Herta 2
                                        Alex Barron 1
                                        Buddy Rice 3
                                        Marco Andretti 1
                                        Ryan Hunter-Reay 1
                                        Danica Patrick 1
                                        Graham Rahal 1
                                        Lots of American drivers until the return of the guys that were responsible for this whole mess in the first place with their greed, namely Penske, Ganassi, and Andretti. Those were the CART leaders that thought they were more important than Indy. Had they been smart enough to include TG in their planning, the split likely would never have happened. Then after refusing to race at Indy, they thought they were so good, they could succeed without Indy. Well, we saw how well that boneheaded decision worked out. So, who is really responsible for the train wreck we're left with? These guys, much more so than TG's decision.
                                        Wait, Brett will post soon about all these drivers being loosers....sigh
                                      • Uh Huh... Apparently the IRL made a bad decision to "throw out" the bad CART influences in the first place AND the IRL made a bad decision to let them back in. GEEZ guys, CART owners couldn't tell Tony or the Speedway what to do, now could they? THERE'S the answer to ALL YOUR questions. The speedway controls the sport...which is why it's devestated today. The speedway/IRL also sold it's soul to do all that. THAT'S THE BOTTOM LINE.
                                      • Oh, yeah, now we have the most informed source of informatin ever, the Chief, who has all the answers. Then we have the newcomer, Husky, who says it's all over after Homestead. Guess he is another know-it-all. And lastly, there's Brett, the overgrown gasbag that has the gall to call everyone associated with the IRL hate names. Hope you're momma still loves you Brett.

                                        They say no one cares. Just whom are they trying to prove it to? Their own egos or the hundreds of thousands of fans world-wide that would like to see something salvaged out of the mess we're left with rather than nothing as the hatemongers would prefer. TG being out isn't enough, now is it? See, it really wasn't about him in the first place was it boys???

                                        By the way, Hooey, I believe you're the one that said Hornish had no talent. Just like Dixon, I guess. Nevermind all his victories with Panther or being a Penske driver. Nah, you know it all. Forget about all the 'Mericans that tried so hard. Yeah, granted, there were many that should NEVER have been there, but that's always been the history of Indy, some that should NOT be there.

                                        If you guys don't care, then don't care, and just shut up!
                                      • Chief,

                                        I am assuming you are new here and to the sport. In'95 TG had control over IMS and that was it. cart told him they were cutting the month of May to two weeks because they were tired of the cost of a month (or more likely diminishing Indy so TG had less control over the sport).

                                        So no, the train wreck was carts. TG jumped off before it hit the wall which it did three separate times.
                                      • earlboy should change his name to the fictionator. He just makes things up that he wishes were true. Pathetic. :lol:
                                      • Tony George invented open wheel racing.

                                        Tony George invented the Safer barrier, saving thousands of lives.

                                        Tony George is a self made man.

                                        Tony George could cure cancer, AIDS and H1N1 if only someone would ask him.

                                        Tony George is my hero.


                                        Mindyman (I am Mindy.... Hey!!!)
                                      • Wow, all the original insults, wow, I just can't handle them, they are so....funny. It is hilarious that either you expect me to worry about being called names or somehow they further your argument. Both are very wrong.


                                        Follow what I say, do not post what you think I say. TG did not invent OW, but he has kept it alive. It would have died under cart.

                                        TG was deeply involved in the SAFER Barrier that has saved lives. He even gave up his rights to it so that it would be cheaper to install so more tracks could carry it.

                                        "Tony George, Indianapolis Motor Speedway president and CEO, was given the inaugural Pioneering and Innovation Award at the Autosport Awards held Dec. 5 in London. George was recognized for his leadership in the development of the Steel and Foam Energy Reduction (SAFER) Barrier.

                                        The SAFER Barrier, under development by the Indy Racing League and the University of Nebraska-Lincolnâ??s Midwest Roadside Safety. This is the fourth major award that has been presented to honor George and the SAFER Barrier development team. The SAFER Barrier also received the Louis Schwitzer Award, SEMA Motorsports Engineering Award and GM Racing Pioneer Award in 2002."


                                        You really destroy your other arguments by being so blatantly wrong.

                                        In the future you haters should be more concerned with providing facts to support your statements and less about trying to insult other posters on here....Oh right, you have no facts to support your arguments.
                                      • USF1, for all your Open Wheel Racing needs, in 2010 ;-)
                                      • "TG did not invent OW, but he has kept it alive. It would have died under cart. "

                                        Conjecture, wishful thinking, and flat-out false.
                                        The foul, stinking, steaming heap that Lord Anton the dense has foisted upon the public is not racing. It's a shoddy imitation, just like his imitation fi-hunnerd, and everything else about him. A cheap veneer trying to hide the fact that there's no substance or merit.

                                        Damb, kid, you're effin daft. :lol:

                                        code = hf6db
                                      • Stan,

                                        Simple logic, which I would expect even you could follow.

                                        Cart has money, drivers, tracks, sponsors. In less than 15 years it and its offspring have been in bankruptcy twice and the whole series is gone. TG had less to do with that then bad management practice and greed. Most business folks will tell you that. cart et al... died on its own. Plain and simple. Fact are facts.
                                      • Today is the last day we will have the pleasure of discussing the IRL as a functioning entity. But there will be plenty of time for the scotchy-gin guy to tell us how grate the leeg was. Can't wait.
                                      • CART had sponsors and money because it was successful. It didn't have blood money to fall back on. CART had major sponsors like Fed Ex and PPG, not a small search engine or a auto parts store that ended up in a lawsuit. CCWS was not an offspring of CART, it was completely seperate. If you knew anything about business or bankruptcies you would know that but you accept what you are spoon fed at Turdforum. And again, tell me how many race OWRS ran? How did FTG's vision work out? Kicked out on his arse by his sisters, couldn't to a bigger loser. Facts are facts.
                                      • According to the latest Nielsen report, the DirecTV notice explaining why it is not broadcasting the Versus channel received a higher viewer rating than any IRL broadcast this year.
                                      • The League's final race ever came in just below Chicagoland
                                      • re:
                                        Marlboro just pulled their FREE TICKET program from the IRL today. More good news...and still no Direct TV.

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                                      1. How much you wanna bet, that 70% of the jobs created there (after construction) are minimum wage? And Harvey is correct, the vast majority of residents in this project will drive to their jobs, and to think otherwise, is like Harvey says, a pipe dream. Someone working at a restaurant or retail store will not be able to afford living there. What ever happened to people who wanted to build buildings, paying for it themselves? Not a fan of these tax deals.

                                      2. Uh, no GeorgeP. The project is supposed to bring on 1,000 jobs and those people along with the people that will be living in the new residential will be driving to their jobs. The walkable stuff is a pipe dream. Besides, walkable is defined as having all daily necessities within 1/2 mile. That's not the case here. Never will be.

                                      3. Brad is on to something there. The merger of the Formula E and IndyCar Series would give IndyCar access to International markets and Formula E access the Indianapolis 500, not to mention some other events in the USA. Maybe after 2016 but before the new Dallara is rolled out for 2018. This give IndyCar two more seasons to run the DW12 and Formula E to get charged up, pun intended. Then shock the racing world, pun intended, but making the 101st Indianapolis 500 a stellar, groundbreaking event: The first all-electric Indy 500, and use that platform to promote the future of the sport.

                                      4. No, HarveyF, the exact opposite. Greater density and closeness to retail and everyday necessities reduces traffic. When one has to drive miles for necessities, all those cars are on the roads for many miles. When reasonable density is built, low rise in this case, in the middle of a thriving retail area, one has to drive far less, actually reducing the number of cars on the road.

                                      5. The Indy Star announced today the appointment of a new Beverage Reporter! So instead of insightful reports on Indy pro sports and Indiana college teams, you now get to read stories about the 432nd new brewery open or some obscure Hoosier winery winning a county fair blue ribbon. Yep, that's the coverage we Star readers crave. Not.