Indy Racing League divulges 2012 chassis wish list

February 4, 2010
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The Indy Racing League this afternoon unveiled its wish list for the open-wheel series’ new chassis set to debut in 2012.

Why IRL officials didn’t wait until new series boss Randy Bernard is in place to make this announcement confuses me, but I digress.
I also didn’t understand why the IRL let Bernard’s hire leak out and then made the announcement during Super Bowl week in a town that is just plum Colts crazy. IRL officials certainly cost the series some prime media coverage by the timing of both announcements.

Again, I digress. There are several interesting revelations in today’s announcement.
Here’s what the IRL wants out of its 2012 chassis (in IRL officials own words):

Safe: The new chassis must adhere to the league's already high safety standards while exploring new technology to improve safety in all aspects of the car.

Raceable: The new chassis must continue to produce the exciting racing that has become signature of the IndyCar Series while not affecting other cars on track (i.e. less sensitive to the turbulence).

Cost-effective: The league continues to work to reduce the cost of participation for teams in the IndyCar Series, which remains an important priority in this economic climate. The new chassis must have a price point that adheres to that goal.

American-made: The new chassis must be built in the U.S., preferably at an Indiana-based facility.

Less mass/More efficient: A lighter chassis with less mass that produces the same aerodynamic effect in an efficient way.

Relevant technology: The league would like the new chassis to be relevant to the future of the consumer auto industry; innovative technology that is born on the racetrack and can translate to consumer cars.

Modern Look: More space for sponsor logos, cars easily identifiable.

Green: The Indy Racing League prides itself on its role in the greening of racing and wants to maintain its position as a leader in environmentally-friendly initiatives with this chassis.

  • Sky's the Limit
    No front engines? No multi-surface chassis (for Champ-style DIRT/Asphalt 'murricun roots stylee racing)? USA chassis....longtime partner Dallara is out....good going IRL!
  • Why, you ask?
    Why IRL officials didnâ??t wait until new series boss Randy Bernard is in place to make this announcement confuses me, but I digress.

    I also didnâ??t understand why the IRL let Bernardâ??s hire leak out and then made the announcement during Super Bowl week in a town that is just plum Colts crazy.

    It's the IRL, for God's sake. They couldn't market snow in a desert. Have you honestly ever seen anyone more inept?
  • stupid
    Wow. I thought the stupidity might stop with the firing of TG. Sorry, all you foreign manufacturers, we don't want you. And green sucks. And who doesn't want safe and close racing? Really, is that somehting new? Jeez. Same old, same old at 16th and Jonestown. My socks are still on. Yawn.
    "The new chassis must adhere to the league's already high safety standards"

    Ok, kidz, how can you tell when someone from the 'league' is lying? :rimshot:

    Talk about annihilating any pretense of credibility, these people are so dense, I'm reasonably sure they believe the garbage they spew has some basis in reality. But it does not.

    Who, actually, are the 'league officials' that spouted this latest mountain of fiction and rubbish? Does Bri know that they are throwing Dallara and their kickbacks under the bus? Lol.

    The idiocy of these people at least continues to offer something marginally resembling entertainment. The fetid sewage they put on the track obviously never has, or it would have an audience by now.

    code = rebbf
  • For the love of pete
    Just buy up (cheaply) the Panoz DP-01's, strap a Cosworth AND Honda to it, set some aero and tech spec for improvement, lock in some rules for HP etc, and race 'em.

    Wouldn't this improve the sport AND keep costs down? I think it even meets the requirements above....

    Building a new spec is desperately needed but unless the IRL/IMS finances it the deal is gonna be a mess. Makes sense to me....saves the sport in the interm while everyone comes up with next spec and economy evolves. Post centennial era....
  • Izod Indycar Series
    They had to get the specs settled before the new boss put horns on the thing. giddyup cowpoke
  • American-built why?
    Why must the chassis be built in the United States? Shouldn't they want a number of chassis manufacturers in the series? What was wrong having March, Penske, Lola and Eagle?
    As a fan, I don't care if the chassis was built on the moon, delivering a good product is most important.
  • And the jackals pounce once again. At least a few ask some good questions for once. Main thing everyone is missing here is two key words "wish list". Repeat after me kids "wish list". Ok, since the key word here is "wish", I am guessing that means this is what they would like in a perfect world. Who would not want a chassis made in America? American jobs, sounds good right now, and as a Hoosier, made in Indiana, sounds pretty good. No where in there does it say foreign manufacturers cannot build them. Again, it is a wish list. They would like to have it, but if they cannot find an American company or a foreign company willing build here, then they will be built overseas. Too many people on here will pounce on anything that comes out of the IRL or IMS out of hatred.

    Take a breath, read the facts and then judge them. Wish list people.
  • Haters
    How about opening your eyes, smelling the coffee brewing and cutting the new kid on the the IndyCar block some slack? You guys have chewed your "hate anything to do with the IndyCar/IMS" so long, it's beginning to fossilize in your mouth and into your brains.

    Such a shame what hate does to people.........Try forgiveness!
  • Why are we haters?
    The speedway determined the IRL was a good idea. Fast forward to 2010....the speedway promised NIMBLE, QUICK responses to the needs of AOW. Well, you know what? They move like MOLASSES IN JANUARY, like a SLOTH IN ANTARTICA.

    Hate? YES. Why? BECAUSE THE SPORT IS DEAD BECAUSE OF the speedways INDECISION. This is a reactionary response from IMS because on Feb. 10th the "DELTA WING" concept car will be released. IMS is just saving face. IF they don't know by now what will help the sport, well, the sport isn't going to wait for them. And the post a "WISH LIST"? Now? It's not a trial's a LEAD BALLOON.

    Wadda you think OW carbon fibre factories will suddenly spring from the loins of the Indianapolis business community to pray at the Indy alter? Come on....get a clue.
  • Wow
    Marshall Pruett wrote this on SpeedTV:

    "Rather than collaborate with the Delta Wings, the League saw an opportunity to gain a tactical advantage â?? one that is purely political â?? by working hurriedly to scoop the Chicago Auto Show launch."

    Those who want to have their head in the sand will rise to find change. Indy 500 devalued...Cotman designing tracks....Delta Wing ready to fly....Speedway destabilized and unable to make decisions. Not good friends, not good.
  • Izod Indycar Series
    Why worry about a new chassis when the league is shut down in 16 months. No 600 million dollar slush fund available.
  • And yet another prediction from the haters. That will not come true. i wish there was a search feature that could bring up the number of incorrect predictions and dodged questions the haters have made.
  • ignore the facts...
    All is good...Indy selling tix off of Danica's performance in ARCA race. How pathetic is that? What's gonna happen when she dumps IMS? She's your meal ticket....

    Indyman, you are in denial about the seriousness of danger the IRL/IMS/500 is in. The blame ONLY rests on the shoulders of IMS. Fiddle on, Nero.
  • how short the haters memory is. lets go back to previous predictions. IRL will fail because they lost the cars and stars. IRL will fail because they lost Tony Stewart. IRL will fail because they lost Gil DeFerren. IRL will fail because they lost Sam Hornish. Now it is Danica. One of these days you guys will take AJ Foyts words to heart. "AJ did not make Indy, Indy made AJ". And Andretti, Penske, Helio, Unser, and yes, Danica. And we will see the next big name drivers made by Indy and your predictions will fall short yet again.
  • Indycentric
    There's hate for what's become of the sport since the IRL's inception, THATS FOR SURE.

    Danica said this this weekend: "As far as being calm. I'm lucky enough that I've been put in situations similar to this where there is a lot of media attention. Racing in the INDY 500 is always a lot of attention. Not as much as this but you do get a feel for it."

    Kinda puts it into perspective, doesn't it? I used to get rejection letters in August because the speedway was SOLD OUT before the split. NOW, IMS is gimmicking an ARCA race that Danica is in to sell tickets. Pathetic and sad....but the Indyman thinks this is ok I'm sure.
  • Strange, seems like Indy was sold out in June every year, so how were you getting rejection letters in August? maybe those were employment rejection letters which explains your hate.

    on a side note, Daytona tix, which used to sell out a year in advance, are still available. I just did ten ticket block searches at daytonas site, and was finding them at most price points 5 days before the race. The economy is hurting everyone these days. Did any NASCAR races sell out last year?
  • Deflection Shields Raised
    Ahhh....but NASCAR isn't running "Watch Danica in IRL on Versus for tix discounts" are they?

    Geez, I guess my tix rejection is based on when I sent in the tix application. I know, I know...folks got better things to do, economy sucks, 1000 station cable tv universe etc.

    Indy is indy...the IRL is the IRL. Hey, Toronto had 14,000 all weekend....used to be 175,000 for CART. What happened there? Maybe folks don't like the IRL? Could it be that simple, sunshine?
  • Cart was so successful it went bankrupt twice. Got to love that kind of success.

    Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge. You have it down pretty well.
  • At least CART could draw 174,000 folks in Tornoto
    So why you figure only 14,000 folks turned out for the actual "indy" at Toronto in 2009? You're a one trick pony...I'm sure you're looking forward to no marlboro free tix, and the exclusion of IRL in the season ticket packages at NASCAR tracks. That should develop ticket buying need to formulate your responsefor poor IRL attendance in 2010.
  • Seems like a simple question. If cart drew 174,000 paying customers, why did it fail? if they averaged $50 a ticket, you are looking at $8.7 million. Hell, at $20 they were pushing $3.5 million.

  • Paging Mr. Pruett again...
    Anthony was right....this bizarre "wish list" is getting more bizarre by the minute. Apparently IMS is fighting any influence/offering by the owners with this Delta Wing proposal. Looks like we are back to square one with the SPLIT again. Good work IMS, $600 million gone just to arrive back at 1978 again. Nice...Indyman, there's good reason why 14,000 show up at Toronto all weekend for an IRL race. They apparently don't like anything about the IRL or IMS.
  • is there a good reason why cart failed if it was drawing 174,000 paying customers to just one race?

    Where are you getting that ims is against the Delta Wing? Do you like it?
  • HOUSTON! Yee Haw!
    IRL inks another STREET RACE for 2011. Looks like IRL is adopting CART's street racing - "take it too the masses" philosophy. But, now it's a good "business model", just without the fanbase.

    Quit dreaming of CART Indyman...your IRL today IS CART. Difference is the three sistas and Mari get the pot, just not distributed amongst the team owners. Wake up!

    Is there a good reason why the IRL is failing and the 500 suffering with 400,000 paying customers? At some point it's not profitable for the owners again and POOF you have exactly what you had. But you'll like it because CART failed...
  • IRL is not cart...yet. Unfortunately it is headed in that direction. The biggest difference is it is not owned by the teams which kills any series it is tried in. Same reason no major race series is owned by teams.

    It is still a far cry from cart in that it still races on ovals, still races mainly in the US, still has room for and encourages Americans to run it. I am taking a wait and see attitude to see what the new management does with it. Critical times for the IRL and OW.

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