1070 The Fan clears path for JMV hire in p.m. drive slot

May 17, 2010
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Wow, look at this!

My calendar tells me we’re entering the third week of May.

And just about every source in the radio universe tells me former WNDE-AM 1260 sports-talk radio host, JMV’s six-month non-compete clause ends after the third week in May.


Emmis’ WFNI-AM 1070 “The Fan” needs an afternoon drive-time host. Eddie What was suddenly dropped from that slot Friday (May 14) afternoon.

Ironic, how JMV suddenly resigned from his WNDE afternoon post after the third week in November. His non-compete is ready to expire, and poof … a job opening appears. How serendipitous.

So I won’t be too surprised when I tune into The Fan one week from today and hear JMV’s voice crackling through that station’s frequency. I expect an announcement from The Fan along Thursday or Friday.

But who knows? It might be Wednesday.

Or maybe this is all just a wild coincidence. It might be someone completely out of the blue that replaces White, who formerly partnered with Indianapolis Star columnist Bob Kravitz to host The Fan’s afternoon drive-time show. Kravitz was let go in March.

You really can’t blame Emmis’ local market manager, Charlie Morgan. With JMV, he gets a known quantity with an established fan following.

And he gets one for the price of two. I’m only presuming that JMV isn’t making as much as Kravitz and Eddie combined. So Morgan—and his posse—cut costs, and do what they think they need to do to bolster local programming.

And you can’t blame JMV. I’m assuming he got a pay bump. Plus, his mouthpiece just got much bigger. WFNI shouts through a megaphone that can be heard statewide due to its strong signal. Clear Channel-owned WNDE on the other hand has trouble reaching deep south Johnson County.

But there are a few things I don’t know. Quite a few.

For instance, why didn’t Morgan go after Mark Patrick. After all, Patrick also is a known-quantity, has a built-in fan base from his days at WNDE in the 1990s/early 2000s (where he was coincidently JMV’s boss or at least mentor) and Emmis wouldn’t have had the messy situation of trying to hang on to Kravitz and/or White while waiting for JMV’s contract to expire. Patrick had even done guest stints on The Fan.

I’m guessing, if it is JMV, who will replace White, then Morgan and his crew must think JMV will attract a larger audience than Patrick, who replaced JMV on WNDE. Or maybe Patrick just didn’t want to work full-time for Morgan and his new regime, though that seems unlikely. I don’t think Patrick’s price tag is any higher than JMV’s.

Or, why didn’t Emmis go for someone a little more unconventional than JMV, someone who could maybe broaden the demographics of this two-and-a-half-year-old sports-talk station?

I’m guessing that Emmis executives feel like they tried that with White, a former sports PR guy and Reebok executive with no broadcasting experience, and well, that just didn’t bring in the numbers they wanted. Emmis put some marketing muscle behind the show and they wanted bigger numbers.

WFNI and WNDE are very close in listener numbers during that afternoon drive, with 3,500 to 5,500 people give or take tuning in to each station during the average quarter hour.

So the non-compete is over. The gloves are coming off. The Student vs. The Master. Ok, maybe that’s a little melodramatic.

Anyway, I’m sure there won’t be any shortage of media buyers and companies looking for a male-dominant audience who won’t want to know how this fight turns out. And there’s lots of pressure on JMV to deliver the numbers that Kravitz and White could not.

One last question. What if Emmis doesn’t announce JMV as its next on-air talent later this week?

You can call me a complete idiot.

Or you can all me that anyway if you like.

Join the crowd.

  • All sounds very logical, which is why it probably won't happen.

    I would bet that MP is probably either too expensive or too ego driven or both to work at 1070. While I like him, I have heard he is primadonna-ish. I am sure in the local radio industry there is a very deep inbreeding where someone has ticked someone else off. Not saying it happened here, but would not surprise me.

    That said, Anthony, are you slacking on the IRL coverage? Bruton puts out a possible $20 million prize for winning the daily double and we are not knee deep in personal attacks over who was right and who was wrong with the split? what gives?
  • Wrong Choice - if it happens
    Well, all signs have been pointing to this...

    But, as a former listener to the Kravitz and Eddie show (who stopped listening when Kravitz was abruptly dropped), I can assure you that, as a listener who didn't care for JMV on his old show, I won't be listening if that is 1070's choice.

    I know times are tough, and radio execs have to make choices when it comes to who they hire, but putting JMV back in the "big chair" will simply mean one less listener (telling anyone who will listen to not listen) for 1070 the fan--and I hope I'm not the only one.

    And I am a huge fan of Dan Dakich's show. Now I have to switch channels after listening to him...
  • C-ya White
    Bring on JMV. He has been missed for the last six months.
  • JMV - No Way!
    What happened to Eddie? - miss a show and you miss a lot, I guess. JMV is just too arrogant and condescending; the same qualities that caused me to avoid his mentor MPOS. It will be back to satellite radio for me.
  • No to Patrick and White
    Let's hope its not Dan Patrick! He seems to talk about everythng EXCEPT sports! I don't get his humor...maybe because its not funny. Eddy White was okay when he focused on a subject, which was seldom. His conversation seemed to be all over the map. Maybe JMV will settle down and simply talk sports. is that sucha novel idea?
  • JMV is No MPOS
    While JMV is better than Kravitz and Eddie, he's a very dull knife compared to the sports news scalpel wielded by Mark Patrick's.
  • Gotta Be JMV
    I read the same blurb and thought the same thing - The Fan is clearing the chair for JMV to return to afternoon sports.

    If you listened to one time, fast-talking, Mr. Glib Eddie this past week, you could tell a change was coming. Eddie was down beat, not fawning over his guests as usual and not laughing at his own jokes every 4 minutes. You could hear the end was near.

    While Eddie might be a nice guy in real life, his radio personality felt forced and insincere. Best he finds another avenue for his bad bar talk humor.

    Ironic indeed that the "grasshopper" comes back to face off with his one-time mentor for drive time dominance. While MPOS has stepped up the quality of its on-air guests, I'm guessing the show has lost most of the younger demographics JMV commanded as MP tends to drone on, typically picks on his new BFF, Ace (just like he did with JMV) and often sounds completely out of touch with a lot of sports today. If you like baseball, MPOS is your place. If not, it's hit or miss.

    It'll be interesting to see if Emmis tries to fit JMV into a pre-determined mold, which could squelch his unique personality.

    As other comments here read,you'll not be able to please all of the listeners, no matter who you put on the air for local sports.
  • JMV will kill MPOS in the ratings
    Welcome back Captain John!
    Now I won't have to listen to the Eddie Munster look alike or be told every day that Eddie worked for Don Schula every other statement. Ever notice jockitch's beginning rants never include his beloved Coach Knight... Maybe good old Dan "hot Ham and Cheese" datich will take his great coaching resume on the road as well.

  • JMV
    For all of you that don't like JMV, sorry but the ratings tell the story. Most people do. Goof Ball Eddie and Bad Attitude Bob just didn't cut it with the TRUE sports listeners. HPOS - it is what it is.

    We shall see........
  • 3 things
    It's about ratings, talent and money. 1070 was PAYING TOO MUCH, getting TOO FEW LISTENERS but now has THE SUPERIOR TALENT.
    A fact, In less than two years "Kravitz and Eddie Show," under leadership of GM Kent Sterling and late Tom Severino, were the No. 1 "sports" show in Indianapolis and had reached 3rd overall of all shows in town - the highest rating ever for a sports show. Those are facts. They beat long-time local great Greg Rakestraw and they beat long-time local great JMV at their own game. Those are facts that cannot be denied. Like or loathe 'em, they got to No. 1. Lots of people enjoyed a talk show in town that finally was different than everything we had ever heard. Now it's back to the same old, same old Vigo County red neck talk. Satellite here I come. Or maybe Tim Bragg will come back with Don Hein. Chuck Marlowe.
  • Dakicth is best of all
    Dan Daktich show is best of all shows of all time. JMV will never touch Dakitch. Dakitch knows sports. JMV knows nothing. Dakitch is funny and smarter than JMV. Daktich knows a lot. will kill JMV. I like Mark Patrick too. I miss K&E. But Dakitch I love. JMV is old news
  • Bravo!
    Hopefully this comes true... because sports talk has been unbearable. As for why not MP? Attitude... he's unsociable unless he knows you personally, cuts of his callers and his programming is boring.
  • Kent Sterling sighting
    I guess we should all get used to these types of comments on blogs and forums now that he has been jobless for 5 months now. Kent Sterling is Marco....he constantly states that K and E had the "the highest rating ever for a sports show" Get used to it boys here comes the pounding of JMV by Kent "Marconi" Sterling.
  • Why?
    As much as Kravitz and Eddie sucked they still beat JMV in the ratings. JMV used to constantly bash any thing to do with Emmis, lame jokes about the late Tom Severino,Dave Wilson,Jeff Pidgeon, ect... He walked out on WNDE right in the middle of the Colts playoff run and Emmis wants to hire him? Constant references to his kids big head, & " I look like the singer from Rascall Flats" were enough to make me turn the channel. I wont be listening.
  • Glad To See JMV Back
    JMV will do a great job on The Fan. He will be a significant upgrade from "Krabby" and Eddie. Charlie Morgan is a radio pro who knows what he's doing. As for Kent Sterling, Kent who?
  • Sports Radio
    Eddie White was unlistenable. Once Kravitz left, I NEVER listened to that show.

    Dakich may know sports, but can someone tell him he has a microphone and thus does not need to YELL all the time.

    Never listened to JMV, and I'm sure his ratings will be decent given the decided signal advantage that 1070 offers.

    And I can't quite understand the dislike of Mark Patrick here. Having recently moved to the area, never saw his TV work or heard his earlier radio work, but I find him clever and funny, though he needs to make the show a little more creative.
  • Who?
    Who is JMV? Does it say in the article and I just missed it?
  • Marco Not Kent
    I'm Kent, and if I were Marco, I sure wouldn't refer to myself as the GM. Tom was the GM. The facts he stated were entirely correct though, and I applaud the thoroughness of his research. By the way, I've only been out from The Fan for 4 1/2 months.
  • Maybe not
    That's not irony. That's coincidence. Learn the difference.
  • 1070 vs. 1260
    Did K & E eventually beat JMV in the ratings? Yes, that is a fact. However, there is a whole lot of context and pertinent info that is left out. One, 1070 has a MUCH stronger signal than 1260 does. Two, Emmis put a hell of a lot more marketing and promotional dollars into 1070 the Fan than Clear Channel did with 1260 and JMV. You never saw a TV ad for 1260 like you did with 1070.

    I don't necessarily believe Kravitz & Eddie had a better show than JMV. They both got the same caliber of guests, even though 1070 was the "official home of the Colts, Pacers, IndyCar and IU sports". A lot of people didn't like JMV's pop culture references, but a lot of people didn't like Eddie's name-dropping, blowhard, know-it-all personality. If 1070 still wanted Eddie White full-time, he would be there. They clearly think they have someone better in mind.

    I don't know if it's JMV or not that's coming aboard next Monday. He is the odds-on favorite to take the slot.

    Another name that you may want to keep in mind is Jimmy "Mad Dog" Matis, formerly of Q95. Jimmy hosted the Colts Pre-Game for several years and is very knowledgeable about the Colts, IU Basketball and the Indy 500, which are still the top 3 sport brands in Indianapolis.
  • Drama reigns
    Nice to see Kent Sterling wade into this discussion with his atta boy post for Marco.

    Along with the Vigo County shot, I loved Marco's silly comment that bragged about Kravitz & Eddie beating long-time sports great, Greg Rakestraw, in the ratings. Yeah, Greg IS a great local sports personality (who probably knows more about central Indiana sports than all the others put together)but he was broadcasting from the Siberia of Indianapolis radio stations whose signal barely covered a 10 block radius of Franklin. I could reach more listeners standing on Monument Circle talking through a bull horn.

    What's most entertaining is the definite feelings folks have as to their preference for sports talk personalities in Indy.

    And yes, it is definitely ironic (and not a coincidence)that JMV would come back on air head to head with MPOS. A coincidence is something miraculous or surprising that happens by chance. There was no chance involved in the Fan's decision to hire JMV for their afternoon show. Only the desire to return to the top of ratings they once owned, as outlined earlier by Marco and seconded by Mr. Sterling.
  • Welcome back JMV!
    I for one am glad JMV is coming back? I would turn off K and E and Mark Patrick and TRY to listen to Brad Schultz on XL 950, but I work in Greenfield, so that is an impossibility. Finally started listening to Tracy and Eddie on 700 WLW out of Cincinnati. The reason that K and E had better numbers than JMV was a bigger advertising budget. Let's see how he does against MPOS with a bigger advertising budget!
  • jmv an upgrade
    i was suprised to learn that the station only averages between 3,500 - 5,000 listeners each 1/4 hour, wow!!

    jmv will be an upgrade over fat eddie and krabby, and actually offers an opinion.
  • 1070 The Fan
    As an avid sports fan and DAILY LISTENER, I feel like I am entitled to my "say." I never liked Kravitz, for many reasons and wish he was clear out of our market. I totally cannot stand Michael Grady, his voice and especially his Put-downs of everybody and his ridiculous opinions for which he cannot substantiate and his attitude. I really like Eddie White and mis his show. I am listening more to the great Mark Patrick show on AM 1260 every day, after Dakich of course. Dan Dakich is the best, but I really cannot handle any of the other "weak-links", including Jersey Johnny and Kevin Lee, what a "whiner". Sorry, but I was loyal-just really can't stand it any more, been carrying more cd's to occupy that part of my day. Will never, ever listen to JMV or J&V or JNV or whoever that guy is. Would not listen to him on 1260 and when he appeared on Channel 13 I switched channels. John Holt
  • 1070 is way off.
    I was not a huge fan of Eddie White, but I loved Kravitz. I could not stand JMV's standard style of show. Does anyone listen to Dan Le'Batard out of Miami or Tony Kornheiser out of Washington? Those are smart shows that are not just about their local sports yocal/fan. If the Fan had any guts at all they would try to cater to a smarter fan base. What is even worse than letting White and Kravitz go is that they went away from national programming during the day. While I am at work I never even turn to 1070 anymore. I listen to Stephen A. Smith, Dan Patrick, The Herd, and The Zone. I knew that a smart show was not long for Indiana when about a year ago Kravitz to a stance against the overt Christian song they play at the 500 every year and was shut down by all of the white trash bigots we have in this town!
    • 1070's Mistake
      K & E were a lot better listen then either MP or JMV. Kravitz, like him or not, was insightful and provided a non-homer perspective that will be missed.He balanced out Eddie's over the top style and made the show enjoyable. JMV & MP are painful to listen to. Dakich is a better and much more insightful; he should be doing drive time.

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