Danica Patrick's tirade at Indy may have saved her season

June 7, 2010
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Danica Patrick and Ryan Briscoe resurrected their seasons Saturday at Texas Motor Speedway.

But that wasn’t the only big news for the open-wheel series still trying to find its way under new CEO Randy Bernard.

IndyCar Series safety crews must get a failing grade after Indianapolis 500 Rookie of the Year Simona de Silvestro sat in a burning car for nearly 40 seconds after her car hit the wall Saturday night.

The TV telecast and about a million replays on the Internet show IndyCar Series’ safety crews fumbling around with hoses and extinguishers as de Silvestro’s crew goes nuts in the pits watching on a video monitor.

Luckily, the Swiss Miss’ injuries were relatively minor. The series’ response team usually gets an ‘A’ from drivers and team officials, but this incident will no doubt be the subject of an in-depth review.

Due to the series’ struggles with profitability (and by that I mean it hasn’t made a penny since its founding in 1996), race attendance is always an issue. Reports peg attendance of the Firestone 550K Saturday night at 74,000. Not the series’ strongest showing at Texas, but not terrible either.

In the end, Bernard will be graded as much on his ability to move the needle on attendance and television ratings as anything else. And quite frankly, the attendance number registered at Texas—one week after fans should have been stoked by the Indianapolis 500—isn’t good enough.

Speaking of good enough, fans might be tempted to say that Danica Patrick wasn’t quite good enough Saturday, thus her second place finish to Ryan Briscoe. But those who know racing know Patrick arguably raced her best race in an IndyCar, and yes, that includes her 2008 victory in Motegi, Japan.

Patrick was booed at Indianapolis for dogging her crew. For what it’s worth, I thought Patrick’s comments at Indianapolis were justified. And maybe her harsh words lit a fire under her Andretti Autosport crew. Patrick and her pit posse were spot on Saturday, getting in and out lightning quick during green flag stops. Maybe, just maybe, in time history will tell us that Patrick's tirade at Indianapolis is what finally turned her career in the right direction for good. Just maybe.

Coming down pit lane at just the right speed after rolling through debris on the apron isn’t easy. And busting up to speed on cold tires is no picnic either, and Patrick did a good job of both Saturday. Pit execution is often overlooked, but it’s a big reason why Patrick placed second out of 26 drivers at Texas.

Patrick’s crew also did a solid job applying lots of downforce to her car, giving her a stable ride over the long-haul. Downforce is a difficult balancing act, because more downforce often costs a car speed. But the Andretti crew realized that any air under the car would cause lift that would scrub even more speed.

So again, maybe Patrick’s tongue lashing at Indianapolis was just what the crew needed, because they were razor sharp at Texas.

Like it or not, no IndyCar driver’s success is more important than Patrick’s because of her stature in this league. She’s the only real star, and that was evident Saturday, with a huge Danica poster greeting race fans. TMS boss Eddie Gossage took a little heat for that move—highlighting a driver who has had little success this season. But it turned out to be the right move.

The Texas Motor Speedway crowd went bonkers cheering when Patrick took the lead on lap 192 of the 228-lap race. Saturday, she must have seemed a long way away from the booing masses at Indianapolis. The crowd continued to cheer Patrick all the way to the end and even after the race as she exited her car. And the contingency in her post-race press conference was predictably sizable.

Her race under the Texas stars was almost enough to make her sponsors forget about the lousy exposure Patrick earned for them in Indianapolis. Almost.

No driver had more pressure on him than Ryan Briscoe. Let’s not mince words here. If Briscoe doesn’t start performing at a higher level this season, he’s likely to be out of a job next season.

Rumors are boiling that Team Penske is eyeing Graham Rahal for next season. And with Briscoe crashing out early and having another disappointing Indianapolis 500, racing sources have begun to rumble that Rahal may soon be sitting in Briscoe’s seat in the Penske paddock.

Let’s be straight, one win with 74,000 people watching live and maybe another million or so watching on TV isn’t alone going to save Briscoe’s career long-term. Eventually, he’s going to have to get it right at Indianapolis. But it’s a good first step and should allow him to settle down and prove himself for the rest of this season.

So to recap, Patrick lit a fire (under her crew), and the IndyCar Series’ safety crew put one out (after 40 long seconds). Briscoe saved his job for now, and all eyes remain on the series’ new CEO—hopeful that he can plant more posteriors in seats and preserve everybody’s job.

Stay tuned, and thanks as always for reading The Score.

  • Demand action...NOW
    Remember the scoring fiasco at Texas? The IRL fired USAC and put the IRL in charge of scoring. (How funny is that?)

    Remember the 2010 Texas BBQ of Simona? What bumbling move will the IRL make on this one? HOLMATRO (who sponsors the safety crew) had their name PLASTERED all over the news showing a bumbling inept limped hosed safety crew BLOW one of the most important saves of their careers.

    Heads should roll in a SWIFTLY decisive move. What an embarassment for the IRL. Placefans and haters MUST agree on this (though this attacks the IRL brass so I doubt it).

    YOU want publicity? Have Danica get the fast engine every week...it's that simple. Remember the Sam Hornish 104% engine....where he all of a sudden blows everyone away in a race?

    And folks wonder why the IRL is not taken seriously.....for the love of Pete, they proven it REPEATEDLY for the past 15 years. Remember the 1997 Texas Scoring Fiasco where AJ hisownself SLAPPED Arie Lyundyk (2x Indy 500 winner) into the flower beds with a Texan beating? Hey, the IRL replaced inept USAC with none other than THE IRL to fix the scoring. Great work....

    Flaming crashed cars and giving Danica the "spinner" engine will continue to ruin this sport. Pathetic to see....

  • Ratings
    I am looking to you for business side related analysis, which you could have woven into the story with how unbeleivably unhappy HOLMATRO has to be right now.... your "inside" knowledge with Graham and Penske seems pretty flimsy....
  • IRL and NASCAR
    Anthony, nice article. You just need improved readership. Not sure what cave that the Chief and Chris Bi came from, but they obviously have demonstrated little comprehension of the issues of the IRL series, except as we all know, they trace back to '95. IRL still has one thing going for them, and that is they have real race cars, not souped up Tanks......hmmm, makes one wonder how the Panzers of WWII fame would fare against NASCAR. Maybe Heinz Guderian, the developer of the original Panzers, has a son or daughter who could enter their latest version in the Brickyard. Bet they could assuredly get more than 8 laps per set of treads at that.
  • Graham to Penske
    Actually, the Graham Rahal to Penske thread is not so flimsy. I've been hearing that in the IndyCar garage area for quite some time. Briscoe had better produce or he's out. Actually, it's not that simple. If Penske thinks they can leverage more ad dollars out of Graham than Ryan, say so long to Ryan. As far as the safety goes, normally the IRL teams are much better than average. But they messed this one up royally and someone has to answer for it.
  • Tired of Vultures
    Another good article, Anthony. Really tired of the repeated negative comments, though. Folks, the Indy Racing League won't be fixed in one season - especially considering how bad it was broken. Like Anthony said, it's all about increases in TV viewers and ticket buyers. As for the Texas race itself - a somewhat predictable event that showed the need for more side by side racing & passing in this series. Totally agree Graham Rahal will attract more sponsorship $$ and viewers than Briscoe...and about 14 other full time drivers.
  • Big Fire
    When the IRL let Dave Brown at the end of the 09 season after 44 years of being in charge of track safety, they really mest up the safety team. They have lost some very good people but they still a great crew they just miss haveing the best person running the team and it shows.
    What is HOMALTRO? Are we talking about the company that makes the IndyCar Series safety equipment featured on the rescue trucks that patrol the track and take care of wrecked cars and drivers?
  • Liars...
    From IRL Press Release:

    "First and foremost, we make the safety of our competitors a priority when on the track. The primary hose on the series' safety truck malfunctioned, so the safety team had to go to the backup of the bottles. All equipment is checked prior to going on track before every race. We are examining why the hose malfunctioned to ensure this equipment failure will not happen again."

    LOOK AT THE FILM.... BOTH Holmatro Honda Safety vehicles fire hoses FAILED. Action needs to be taken ASAP...just typical IRL cover-up for it's ineptness.

    First off, simple fire extinguishers could have taken the heat off (as proved in video). What a complete collapse of a safety team. LOOK AT THE FILM...it doesn't lie. The IRL does.
  • 74K???
    74k what? Fingers and toes? You can't seriously believe that?

    As for the inept 'safety' crew, if anyone doesn't realize what a bunch of bumbling incompetents they get when dealing with the 'league' just isn't paying attention.

    Watching Simona cook looks much better on the Benny Hillifier! :lol:

  • 74K looks right
    I was at the race, and 74,000 isn't far-fetched. Maybe just a bit high, but not much. And I saw the fiery accident. Bad. Real bad! Action must be taken to assure someone isn't killed.
  • Davis, you have to realize that the haters od not attend the races, do not care about them, but can get exact crowd counts by watching on tv. It is a rare talent they seem to think they have.

    What is really sick are the haters who seem to take a joy in comments like "2010 Texas BBQ of Simona" or "Watching Simona cook" or some of the other truly sick comments they make. They cannot be race fans, because no one who loves the sport would even think of things like that. Truly sad guys, but you again prove why we call you haters.

    As far as the screw up on that crash, the IRL will figure out what happened and get it resolved. For as many serious crashes as has happened at 200+ mph, the safety record of the IRL is second to none. If the hoses on both trucks failed, then they need to figure out why. I have to agree with Chief that they should have used the extinguishers. It seems like historically that is what has always been used and works well. I am wondering if the front mounted hoses are a new thing that seemed like a good idea at the time. Definitely needs reviewed. But the key thing to remember, even enduring all those flames she had minor burns and will be racing again. That is safety.

    My hat goes off to the Safety crew man who jumped on the car and pulled her out even with the flames burning brightly. Kudos to him.

  • Humor to make points
    I agree Indyman, kudos to the dude who pulled her out.

    Humor (such as the BBQ statement) does not make light of the situation, but instead makes a joke of the response to the situation...ala the limp attempt by IRL safety to put a fire out while she burned. Racing is very dangerous and the IRL has gotten away with not doing anything about bad things until they bite....even the response to Tony Renna was lame.

    So, sometimes hard hitting humor is needed to bring attention to a situation that normally would be swept under the rug. That is modus operandi at 16th Jonestown and that has to stop.
  • No Sponsor Titles on Safety Uniforms
    The IRL or Indy Car Series IZOD-thingy whtever you want to call it these days, should have no sponsor logos on the Safety Team. It is confusing to the average viewer who thinks it is a company doing the rescuing, and it seems un-emergency response like. The uniform should have something like "Indy Car SAFETY" on it. Once they get that right, they can focus on being an effective safety team. Right now they look minor league.

    As for Chief's comments on Renna...the singular safety team there that day could lolly-gag to the north chute because it was very obvious to anyone who looked over there, Renna was dead. Very obvious.
  • if that is what you are trying to do, then make the joke about the safety crew. call them the keystone cops of racing or something. to joke about drivers bbq'ing, is beyind sick, especially if you saw Salt Walthers or Eddie Sachs crash. But it goes along with the haters who have stated they can't wait to see an Indycar go into the stands.

    Burl, The IRL has had a proven record safety record that rivals any other. While you see NASCAR drivers have time to get themselves out of cars before the safety crews while the IRL crews are usually there before the cars stopped rolling.

    Is that like the Cart Simple Green Safety Team from 2003? or when Holmatro was the official safety tool and had it emblazoned on the uniforms in 2000?

    But i still cannot believe nascar, the richest race series in this country will still not foot the bill to have a dedicated safety team. they still use the tracks safety teams which are usually comprised of firefighters who are more used to house fires then NASCAR crashes.
  • it was good race
    fisher need to improve fast she was slow most of the night
  • Again the point is....
    THE LACK OF RESPONSE FROM THE SAFETY CREW. That IS the point. Salt Walther and Eddie Sachs infernos LED to improved safety. The IRL has the Keystone Cops safety crew sponsored by Holmatro, supposed to be the best in business and Simona is roasted. And you want to compare THAT to NASCAR.

    Indyman, STOP LICKING the HULMAN-GEORGE boot.

    Burl, now that's funny.
  • No, my point is that anyone who comes up with cutesy names for near tragic racing accidents is not a real fan of racing.

    Did the safety crew have an issue, yes. Is that the first one in recent memory where there was major issue? As far as I remember. The IRL has always had one of the best, if not the best safety crews of any racing series. One incident does not take that away. If there is a systematic problem, then I will change my opinion.

    You are right, there is no way to compare IRL safety to NASCAR. IRL, paid professional full time safety crew that travels to all races and concentrates on Indycar accidents and safety. NASCAR using local talent that usually comes from local FD's and at most deals with NASCAR wrecks twice a year. There is no comparison. Add to that IRL pioneers, SAFER Barrier, use of HANS device, tire tethers etc..... NASCAR slow to adopt any safety actions.

  • Obtuse
    Cutesy names and stunning headlines get readers which gets RESULTS. I wouldn't EVER hesitate to use an attention-getting-headline to drive a point home. Who will get BBQ'd at Iowa this week? Who will FLY into the grater this week? Which many-time IRL winner will PULL OVER so Danica can win again and thus allow the IRL much needed publicity?

    I suspect NASCAR would have put that fire out BEFORE Simona was torched. That's something the IRL has failed to show they can do.

    It was YOU using NASCAR safety as the butt of your joke...as usual...trying to make the IRL superior. FAILED again, didn't you?

    Oh, Texas ratings 0.5 and falling, Indy 3.6...lowest INDY 500 TV rating EVAH!, empty grandstands everywhere and the greatest safety crew in the business! How you like it now??? Burn baby burn....burning down the house....hey, who sung that?
  • Danica Wins Soon
    Iowa may be the race. It depends on who is out front. Penske wasn't going to play that game a second time. So Patrick and her super special had to settle for second. If it is someone dopey like a Mutoh or Moraes or one of these types of nobodies out front at Iowa and Patrick has managed to guide her special car to second, then she wins. Especially if Mutoh is out front. Orders an all. That don't work out well then it's gonna be a minute before she gets the planned 2010 win because they could give Danica three hundred extra horsepower and R2D2 steering from the back of the two-seater and she still wouldn't run but mid-pack on a roady. It's Iowa or Kentucky. Chicago is already in the plans but Ganassi don't play, Penske turned in his one white flag, so it comes down to the slight chance they all have real issues that race for Patrick to get that win. What Benard and the boys really need to do is get Penske to play one more time.
  • As usual you dodge the points. since you did not mention another failure by the IRL safety crew, you can't think of one either.

    i guess you are happy that NASCAR does not have its own dedicated safety team. So you think part timers are just fine? i guess you prefer a volunteer fire dept. over a paid professional one.

    Never tried to make NASCAR safety a joke. Just stating facts. They have a track record of putting safety third or fourth behind money, racing, ratings and contrived finishes.
  • Not about NASCAR Safety Team
    You deflecting the IRL safety failures is why you should never be taken seriously or be allowed to influence decision making processes.

    Here's the footage from Ed Carpenters flaming wreck at Chicago in 2008. Not how the competent Indy Safety Crew in 2008 ALL come to the fire with EXTINGUISHERS, and put the fire out BEFORE Special Ed gets ROASTED.


    Gross negligence on the highly trained IRL safety crew at 2010 Texas IRL Simona BBQ. More IRL FAIL that you support.
    • Where am I deflecting? I asked you a question. Has there been another IRL safety screw up like this in the past? I can't remember one.

      If you go back a few posts, I agreed with you that the safety crew should have gone to the cans when the hose did not work. Not sure why showing me a video of Ed's crash is going to get me to agree with you more.

      As far as taking me seriously, that is your choice, as far as influence descision making, not sure I have ever done that. You give me more power than I have.

      Still sad that you take pleasure in discussing drivers roasting. You are sick, and truly not a race fan. I am betting you still pull wings off of flys for pleasure.

      So one more time, reach back in your archives of a series you hate and provide us with other IRL Safety screwups. I am curious if there have been others. So far it seems like a one off, they got lucky, and hopefully they learn from it.
    • texas rating are in sport media watch jump the shark
      over night 0.3 518,000 viewers is the highest indycar rating on vs probly going to be after jump the shark 0.45 rating race on vs down 51 percent compire to espn espn2 that what sport media watch is saying
    • Certain words bother you?
      Burnt? Inferno? Blaze? BBQ? Roasting? Cooked? Smoked? Destroyed? All that bothers you, huh? Maybe it's because (in your eyes) the IRL can't do anything wrong....

      Carpenter's video was presented to show IRL safety team doing it correctly...I guess (for you) it's ok for them to screw up now and then. But let NASCAR hire local firefighters and oooooh, IRL safety team is lightyears ahead...that's your point.

      Screwups can't be afforded in this day and age...especially when IRL/INDY arrogance is used to justify the failure. OH, and the official IRL press Release sez it was a "bad hose". You really believe that, don't you?

      I'm making a point, ad nauseum, and sometimes it penetrates your thick noggin full of IRL praise. Smell the coffee Indyman, the IRL blew it again and blew it off just like usual.

      You gotta LOVE 0.3 on VerSUs! Match that with the LOWEST INDY 500 TV RATINGS since television was invented and the IRL is off to lofty heights of FAILURE never before seen! Even I realize the IRL was BETTER at it's inception 1996-1999 than what it's become. Wow, never thought I'd say that....

    • The words do not bother me, the intent behind them does. No different then if someone is electrocuted and people make "sparky" jokes. sick and wrong, but that is fairly obvious.

      if you want to see the IRL safety crew do it right, just start posting most of the IRL races over the last decade and a half. As your silence to other major mistakes shows, they get it right a vast majority of the time. With Simone, they screwed up, but fortunately for all the safety gear and luck made it a good learning experience and not a tragedy. i find it strange you think temp safety workers are better than fulltime professionals. NASCAR has the money, but will not spend it on the safety of their drivers, but then that is a tradition for them.

      If it was not a bad hose, then what was it? i am not privy to what caused it and neither are you. Bad hose, bad pump, someone forgot to flip a lever, whatever it was I am sure the IRL is making sure it does not happen again.

      Blew it again? When did they blow safety before? Again, you throw out accusations with nothing to support them.

      Somehow your opinion of the IRL seems a bit tainted, but then I think everyone here knows that.

      so one more time, what current racing series comes closest to what you want in racing? You keep failing to answer this. Should be fairly easy. You do watch racing, don't you?
    • hohumm
      Look, IF rented NASCAR safety crews were at fault in the Texas BBQ then you'd have a point, but they didn't, and you don't.

      Look, I didn't start the flambe...the IRL did. Unless we make light of the situation the IRL will NEVER do anything about it. And that is the goal, to have the IRL be proactive about safety and racing in general.

      That Formula One race in Canada was pretty good yesterday. And Indy Car is not dformuala one...not even close. It once was back in the CART days...but the the IRL took over and now we've got flying cars in the fence, towering infernos and foot to the floor droning momentum racing that even NASCAR now laughs at with 0.3 ratings and media outlets refusing to cover the IRL (crash.net). Everything is coming up roses Indyman...
    • "Unless we make light of the situation the IRL will NEVER do anything about it" I just had to cut and paste because that is the most interesting statement I have ever read. Oh there are so many things wrong with it, where to begin. "Unless we make light of the situation the IRL will NEVER do anything about it" Sorry, can't help myself.

      So lets use your logic. Lets make fun of the Gulf disaster, it is the only way BP (or Obama) will do anything about it.....Or lets make joke about the kid getting beat by the cops, that is the only way IMPD will do anything about it. Little jimmy got his head caught in playground equipment, lets make fun of him so the parks dept will fix it....Really, is that your strategy?

      The IRL is very proactive about safety. First major series to have own safety crew. First series to require air ambulance anytime cars are running at track if hospital is more than 15 minutes by ambulance. First racing series to tether wheels to keep from going into stands. First racing series to require HANS Device. First and only racing series to help develop SAFETY Barriers and then eschew all financial rights to it so that the cost to install is cheaper at tracks around the country.

      So you like f1? that does fit since cart was trying to be F1. Of course cart never really had a chance. That would also be why you and I do not see eye to eye. I am no fan of F1. High dollar one or two teams have a chance to win, no passing, few teams can afford to compete etc.....Definitely not what i find interesting in racing.
    • "Unless we make light of the situation the IRL will NEVER do anything about it" I just had to cut and paste because that is the most interesting statement I have ever read. Oh there are so many things wrong with it, where to begin. "Unless we make light of the situation the IRL will NEVER do anything about it" Sorry, can't help myself.

      So lets use your logic. Lets make fun of the Gulf disaster, it is the only way BP (or Obama) will do anything about it.....Or lets make joke about the kid getting beat by the cops, that is the only way IMPD will do anything about it. Little jimmy got his head caught in playground equipment, lets make fun of him so the parks dept will fix it....Really, is that your strategy?

      The IRL is very proactive about safety. First major series to have own safety crew. First series to require air ambulance anytime cars are running at track if hospital is more than 15 minutes by ambulance. First racing series to tether wheels to keep from going into stands. First racing series to require HANS Device. First and only racing series to help develop SAFETY Barriers and then eschew all financial rights to it so that the cost to install is cheaper at tracks around the country.

      So you like f1? that does fit since cart was trying to be F1. Of course cart never really had a chance. That would also be why you and I do not see eye to eye. I am no fan of F1. High dollar one or two teams have a chance to win, no passing, few teams can afford to compete etc.....Definitely not what i find interesting in racing.
    • iman is onit
      iman, does bringing up CART make them potential sponsor eager to sign them contracts? CART, which didn't have a race the weekend after the IRL500, had a TV rating that was only .3 less than iman's IRLcar Series.
      • Izod IRLcar Series
        why was this past weekend the first weekend in a month where the IRLcar series didn't send someone to the hospital with a broken or burned body part
      • Truth, I really want to understand what you are saying, but your first post makes little sense.

        I think I understand the second one. The easy answer is because men and women are racing cars around an oval track with a concrete wall (albeit with some foam in areas) at 225mph+.

        A better question is how many of those people who went to the hospital were badly injured? I count Conway, and for such a dramatic crash, his injuries were not that horrible. Everyone was back racing fairly quickly. Again a testament to the cars and the safety rules in place.

        You do know that the IRL has a strict requirement (one of the first among major race series) that you hit the wall or another car and you go to the infield care center. If the doctor has even a slight concern about possible injuries you go onto the hospital.
      • iman is onit
        Lowly F1 race triples IRLcar TV rating.

        The only way the IRLcar series doesn't get disappointing TV numbers is when they take the week off. Just like it's the only way they don't send someone to the ICU.

        Strong Opening Weekend for ESPNâ??s FIFA World Cup CoverageUp 75% in Households and 80% in Viewers Through Eight Matches on ESPN/ABC

        ESPN is off to a strong start through the opening weekend of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, highlighted by the United States-England match on ABC which was the most-watched FIFA World Cup first-round match among households and viewers, and the most-viewed United States Menâ??s National Team game since 1994.

        Through eight matches, ESPN and ABC are averaging 3,000,000 households and 4,247,000 viewers â?? up 75% and 80%, respectively, versus the first eight games of the 2006 World Cup (1,718,000 households and 2,363,000 viewers in â??06).

        The most-watched game from Sunday was ABCâ??s Germany-Australia matchup â?? a 2.8 household rating, 3,270,000 households, and 4,657,000 viewers, while Serbia-Ghana delivered a 2.3 household coverage rating, 2,248,000 households, and 3,002,000 viewers earlier in the day on ESPN, both based on fast nationals.

        So Iman, what's yours and TOneys' excuse?
      • My firm belief
        That if CART came back today it could put the IRL out of business. EASY....

        Maybe Indy wasn't worth all that $644+ Million after all?
        • Well according to you they put themselves out of business. I guess someone gave them the wrong target last time. If you have such a firm belief, maybe you could resurect it. Put your money where your mouth is.
        • aah, who cares
          Mindy 500

          "The race, which aired on ABC (WRTV-TV Channel 6) on Sunday, earned a 3.68 rating, according to New York-based Nielsen Media Research. Each rating point represents 1.1 million homes nationwide, meaning just over 4 million households across the U.S. tuned to this yearâ??s race."



          " Saturday's long-awaited match between the U.S. and England drew 12.9 million viewers..."


          U.S.-England World Cup Match Averages Almost 13 Million Viewers On ABC

          I guess Ropin' Randy picked the wrong sport

          Question for Randy, which sport has the worst injury record, PBR or IRhelL

          The IRl - where bar-b-quing our participants is part of the show
        • Not sure what Tony's excuse was, not my week to watch him. I am betting he would say something like he is no longer in control, no longer his baby.

          I would say, you air something once every 4 years and it will get good ratings, like the olympics.

          What were the World Cup ratings against the Heluva Good! Sour Cream Dips 400? Wow, what a name. Rolls right off the tongue.
        • iman is onit
          Let's compare the Race That No Longer Matters to basic cable:

          Nielsen Television (TV) Ratings for Cable
          Week ending June 6, 2010
          Rank Program Name Net Day Time Viewers
          1 ICARLY MOVIE: IPSYCHO NICK Fri 8:00 PM 7,518,000
          2 BURN NOTICE USA Thu 9:00 PM 6,618,000
          3 VICTORIOUS NICK Fri 9:00 PM 5,958,000
          4 ROYAL PAINS USA Thu 10:00 PM 5,839,000
          5 ICARLY MOVIE: IPSYCHO NICK Sat 8:00 PM 5,248,000

          6 SPRINT CUP RACING/POCONO TNT Sun 1:00 PM 5,097,000

          7 ICARLY MOVIE: IPSYCHO NICK Sun 7:00 PM 4,776,000
          8 BIG TIME RUSH NICK Fri 9:30 PM 4,714,000
          9 WWE RAW USA Mon 10:00 PM 4,696,000
          10 2010 MTV MOVIE AWARDS MTV Sun 9:00 PM 4,619,000
          11 NCIS USA Mon 8:00 PM 4,347,000
          11 WWE RAW USA Mon 9:00 PM 4,374,000
          13 ICARLY NICK Fri 7:30 PM 4,342,000
          14 SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS NICK Mon 11:00 AM 4,323,000
          15 VICTORIOUS NICK Sat 9:00 PM 4,279,000
          16 SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS NICK Sat 9:30 AM 4,254,000
          17 NCIS USA Wed 8:00 PM 4,127,000
          18 ICARLY NICK Fri 7:00 PM 4,004,000
          19 SPONGEBOB TRUTH OR SQUARE NICK Mon 10:00 AM 3,909,000
          20 VICTORIOUS NAN Sun 8:00 PM 3,904,000

          How much do you think it costs Nick to re-run iCarly for the 5th time, compared to say, ABC's production costs at Mindy?

          it's a good thing you aren't part of the Hulman-George family cause the Sisters would have shitcanned your ass by now as well
        • You sure spend a lot of time digging up facts for someone who does not care for the IRL. Why is that?
        • Truth HURTs!
          Hey, Indyman, you spend a whole lot of time asking deflecting questions when IRL facts are presented to you.

          Is it that you just refuse to accept the IRL for the FAILURE it is?

          I'll bet an old CART video from 20 years ago would garner better ratings than a LIVE IRL death-spiral BBQ and Graterfest from a Brazillian ethanol cornfield in Iowa.
        • Unlike you, I answer everything, maybe not to your liking though. Go back through this thread and see how many questions you dodged. How many times did you post statements just to see them cut down and how many times you changed topics to avoid uncomfortable issues.

          If I evaded any questions, it is just a tribute to you, the master of evasion.

          20 year old video? Hell it did not garner the ratings then, why would it now? Of course are you talking the infomerical version?
        • Oh it garnered
          I beg to differ. FACT, CART had better ratings than the IRL EVER has. One year of IZOD activation and Versus TV has netted the lowest 500 ratings and attendance EVER! (this is where you pull out the IMAN patented "For someone who hates the IRL so much you spend alot of time researching" blah blah blah).

          Hey Anthony, whatever happened to the APOLOGY ol' Randy was gonna use to usher in the new era of IRL...errr, Indy Car? Did the trial balloon get flattened? I'm starting to think Randy is a bag of hot air...

          IMAN, why do YOU suspect the INDY and IRL ratings are so bad? Aren't you concerned for the future of your series...or are you confident the Hulman-George's will finance this thing forever?
        • reality
          I could have saved the Family 599 million dollars; all they needed to do was to pay me 1 million dollars 15 years ago for my insight into the predictable failure of the Vision
        • aah, who cares
          some things are so egregious that an apology is not possible; ropin' Randy seems to acknowledge this fact.
        • iman is onit
          I come here for your frequent CART news and updates
        • Cart, the series with such good ratings it had to buy tv time like such wonderful shows as Sham Wow and the Magic Bullet. the series with such great ratings that it killed itself. wow, why did I not see how wonderful it was.

          Not concerned at all, unlike cart, the IRL still gets paid for airing its races on network and cable. lots of positives, hopefully these can be parlayed into better ratings. Strong title sponsor who is doing incredible marketing, a tv partner who is putting on some of the best content, strong interest from chassis manufacturers shows they think series is strong.

          Apology was probably not going to happen. why should they? Cart should apologize to the thousands of people who lost money when they went public and then repeatedly went belly up.

          Cart update....except in a couple of die hards minds, cart is still dead.
        • iman is onit
          Only the IRl has a history of 15 consecutive failed, bankrupt seasons
        • iman is onit
          An inebriated matriarch and 600 million dollars was all that was needed to keepo it going
        • Seems hard to believe you call yourself the truth when you are far from it.

          Only one open wheel series has gone bankrupt in the last 15 years, not once, but twice and would have a third time if not for some last minute wrangling. And only one open wheel series went public, collected millions from believing investors and then squandered all that money. So check the truth before you post, Truth.
        • aah, who cares
          you can still get twenty tickets in a row for the Iowa Cornpone 250 on sunday
        • reality
          15 consecutive bankrupt seasons; they had the race, the Speedway, 25/8, and iman cheering for them and it still was bankrupt for 15 consecutive seasons.
        • reality
          15 consecutive bankrupt seasons; they had the race, the Speedway, 25/8, and iman cheering for them and it still was bankrupt for 15 consecutive seasons.
        • Truth
          "15 consecutive bankrupt seasons; they had the race, the Speedway, 25/8, and iman cheering for them and it still was bankrupt for 15 consecutive seasons."

          Quoted for Truth. :-)

        • Truth would not know the truth if it hit him in the face.

          so when was the last time you could buy cart tickets? Truth and Chief loved their series so much it killed itself.

          i was amazed that NSASCAR is now offering 4 tix to MIS and 4 tix to Chicago for $200. it is either the economy or NASCAR overkill that has them hurting.
        • The problem's hte IRL
          You can have all the tix you want iman...the IRL can't sell 'em because their product blows chunks. I hear from the grapevine, TV ratings are at alltime lows and attendance for IOwA was record lows too. Looks like Kansa and Iowa OFF THE SCHEDULE.

          Tony George's ill-timed vision has apparently killed AOW racing, including Indy. But Milka still has a ride. Iman you must LOVE it!

        • aah, who cares
          The IRl - kicked out of 15 tracks and counting

          Where's the negst race - Nashville?, Richmond?, Dover? Nazareth?, Phoenix?
        • Rumors
          I hear because the IRL is getting dumped by ISC, the ISC tracks are going to be replaced by tracks that already kicked the IRL out previously. Must be some sweet sanction fee deals being struck to get this done.

          IRL = track rentals are Us.
        • nhl got 2.0 playoff game on vs
          no irl race got that on abc espn espn2 only indy if too much road racing killing indycar that small problem compire problem of past hahaha terry angstadt worst thing to america open wheel sence cart
        • Serious questions await
          Who's running the ship at 16th and Jonestown? OVALS (outside of Indy) are the lowest TV ratings and attendance getter going....yet, the IRL is going to add three tracks that kicked them off?

          Talk about throwing crap against the wall to see if it'll stick. Face, AOW is done and there's no sense in sticking a fork in it. Kaput.
        • You hear this and hear that, but I see no facts. No links and no truth, but then that is typical of the haters.
        • You refuse to acknowledge anyway
          Please...you do nothing but dance around points like falling IRL attendance, falling IRL TV ratings, LOWEST TV Ratings in Indy 500 HISTORY, Inferno Racing League safety team etc.

          Your typical replies are predictable and boring. Your pomposity precedes you....

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