Differences drove wedge between Knight and Wooden

June 8, 2010
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If you’re still waiting to see the kind statement former Indiana University basketball coach Bob Knight releases about the late John Wooden, you can probably cease the vigil.

Knight and Wooden were giants of the sport, and no two men advanced the game, and quite frankly, advanced the business of the game, more than these two.

But the truth is, they didn't like each other.

Knight has publicly stated that Wooden let the likes of Sam Gilbert, a notorious booster who allegedly provided some UCLA players with gifts in violation of NCAA rules, remain far too close to the Bruins’ program.

Knight was even quoted as saying you won’t find anyone like Gilbert loitering around the IU program while he was coach. Clearly, Knight thought Wooden turned a blind eye to things he shouldn’t have, allowing UCLA alums to buy talent that fueled the school's magical hoops run of the 1960s and 1970s.

Wooden respected Knight’s coaching ability, but quite frankly, didn’t like the way he went about it. And he wasn’t shy about saying so publicly.

“I wouldn’t want anybody I love to play for Bob Knight,” Wooden once said.

Wooden did soften somewhat.

“People think I don't like him,” Wooden said of Knight more recently. “I don’t think there's ever been a better coach than Bobby Knight. Do I like the way he teaches? No, I don’t. I never cared for it, but nevertheless.”

Not exactly a resounding compliment, but Knight was never effusive in his praise of Wooden either—despite the 10 national championships he compiled at UCLA.

Knight, ever respectful of the men who walked his career path before him and the history of the game, often lavishes praises on the likes of Henry Iba and Clair Bee, but rarely, if ever, on the so-called Wizard of Westwood, a deity in the sport of college basketball, especially in Indiana, where Knight most notably plied his trade and won three NCAA national titles.

Maybe part of the rift was merely competitive juices flowing in opposite directions. Their teams collided more than once on the hardwood in the 1970s.

Despite their differences, the on-court wars and their different approaches, the two actually have some very important similarities.

First, neither one came anywhere close to maximizing their own personal fortune in the sport of college basketball.

Wooden, amazingly, never made more than $32,500 annually. Least you think this was just a product of Wooden’s era, remember, there were no shortage of coaches knocking down $150,000 or more in the mid and late 1970s.

Unthinkable that some coach somewhere during the same era in college basketball would make four or five times as much as Wooden. But he never complained about it.

Knight too lived on a relatively small salary. Sure he knocked down five to 10 times what Wooden did, but only half of some of his Big Ten counterparts. Again, to think Knight’s pay wouldn’t be tops in the Big Ten year-in and year-our is kind of crazy. But that’s the way it was, and IU didn’t have to enter the arms race until Knight’s departure. Now, IU pays coach Tom Crean in excess of $2 million annually.

Knight and Wooden certainly helped commercialize what we now know as March Madness, but neither imbibed much in the fruits of their own labor.

Money clearly never moved these two titans.

Two things did move this complex duo; winning and principle.

And it was those two things that likely drove a wedge between them. Both men wanted to win so bad, maybe they never quite got over their on-court run-ins, or the inevitable comparisons that dogged them.

You think Knight still doesn’t dream about Steven Downing’s fifth foul in the 1973 NCAA tournament game against UCLA. Think again.

For both men, living by principle meant doing things their way—and only their way. Knight wasn’t the only one of the two to tell players my way or the highway. Ask Bill Walton—and his beard—about that.

Problem was, their ways were far different. Wooden was a golly doggone kinda guy, while Knight never met a swear word he couldn’t make good use of in a practice or game-time huddle.

Wooden liked to philosophize, Knight preferred to intimidate.

Though their teaching styles were vastly different, both valued education on and off the court, with graduation rates that far exceeded NCAA mandates.

Both were seen as mavericks, even radicals, in their coaching styles.

Both got results.

Both thought they played it straight by the book.

In the end, both were fiercely loyal to the players who stayed loyal to them, and to the game they loved without reservation.

They were both madly possessed with winning and doing things right, and Knight and Wooden both thought they chose the correct path to that end.

And who am I to say otherwise?

  • Knight way right way
    Anthony they both were great coaches and made immense contributions to basketball. But while Bob may have used profane language that would make a sailor blush he did not sell out. The Sam Gilbert business has always bothered me. It is even more troubling now that ESPN and all the networks have cannonized Wooden. The record speaks for itself. Wooden did not win any national championships in his first 15 years and did thereafter once Sam Gilbert came into the picture. The players even admit what Gilbert gave them and did for them. Knight could be a very harsh taskmaster but he lived by strict principles, the ones Wooden preached but did not live by.
  • What year did Gilbert get there?
    John Wooden, in his whole career, only had one losing season. He won the State championship in high school, the national championship as a player at Purdue, and two national championships as a coach before he even had a decent gym, and he did it with no marquis players.

    I think you are repeating tripe that you didn't bother to research. There may be dirt there, but that sure as hell doesn't make Wooden dirty, or the inferior of someone prone to temper tantrums and mental and verbal abuse.

    When did Gilbert get there? Do you know?
    • Knight...go away!
      Would Bob Knight please just go away? I am tired of hearing him disparage anyone who has a different philosophy than him. I was an IU student during his '80's teams, and hated the way he represented the University. Please, Bob. You're time is past. Just go and enjoy retirement.
    • Setting the record straight
      To be fair, Sam Gilbert didn't become strongly affiliated with the UCLA basketball program until 1966. Wooden won his first
      NCAA basketball title at UCLA during the 1963-64 season. Gilbert's gifts to UCLA players from the mid 1960s through the early
      1980s is well documented, so I won't go into all that here. Even Bill Walton, in a 1978 book he co-authored, acknowledged that fact. Wooden,
      for his part, denied any knowledge of improprieties on Gilbert's part, adding that it was impossible to limit his players
      access to the man. Thanks as always for reading.
      If Knight had any class he would have made some sort of statement recognizing Mr. Wooden's passing. I'm positive Mr. Wooden would have if the events were reversed. Bob Knight-great coach yes-but anyone who puts their hands on their pupils/players and berates them shouldn't be mentioned in the same sentence!
    • Research?
      You need to research - Purdue has never won a NCAA championship in Men's basketball.
      • Effusive?
        had to get out my big boy dictionary on that one.....
      • Research?
        And Purdue will NEVER win a NCAA championship in Men's basketball.
      • Check the record books Fella
        They have, in 1932. If IU had won it as Purdue did, they would most certainly count it. Because there was no tournament, and even the NIT was not yet in play, has little berring on history. I know you IU fans don't like to think about it, but your first title came when the NIT was THE tournament of the time and yet you STILL count that one don't you!
        • Purdue???
          I thought this post was about Knight and Wooden, not IU and Purdue. Give it a rest. Both are great programs. And in that vein, both Knight and Wooden are good in some respects and not-so-good in others. No one after all is perfect, regardless of what ESPN and others are saying about Wooden this week. But you can't deny both were great coaches. I suppose we could just leave it at that.
        • Knight and Wooden - Night and Day!
          Fair to compare the two, but ONE major difference in the two coaches. Knight only believed that Moses brought 7 commandments from the mountain, as he obviously must have thought the first three did not survive the journey from the mount to the Israel camp site. Case in point.....for commandment #1, Knight had to have complete control over his players, and he clearly promoted himself as a "god" in all that he did....just ask any journalist or vendors who called on him. For commandment #2, Knight never saw or heard a profane word he did not like or use, and for #3, who has ever heard Knight "keep holy anything that related to a Supreme being"? So much for life lessons.

          For Wooden, we have all heard the stories of Gilbert, but any evidence that anything wrong occurred or that Wooden was guilty of embracing Gilbert or looked the other way has not gone beyond the allegation stage. But even it did, it would have been a small blemish in the overall body of life work contributed by Wooden. I'm sure that Wooden had his sins, but to use Knight as a "model for life" over Wooden is basically preposterous. Plus, for most of us, its hard to justify the means justifying the end, as Knight certainly extolled in his manipulation of players.

          Lastly, while I believe that it is important to forgive transgressions, it would be nice if the General ever demonstrated some remorse for any of his past embarrassments, and at the same time, that he recognize the contributions of others who didn't patronize him (we all also recall how he turned on Coach K, when the latter said he didn't gain all his learning from Knight). But in the final analysis, it really came down to one metric that polarized Knight against Wooden, the 10 NCAA Championships to Knight's 3, a scorecard he can't live with.
          • Give credit where do
            John Wooden was a great coach on and off the court. He was an example and a mentor. Coach Knight is a great coach. He knows how to win. If he would allow others to see it, he too MAY be a great example (off the court) and MAY be a mentor to some. Both men's focus on education is respectable.
          • Purdue was Champion
            To the writer's comments, the NCAA Basketball Championship was not played in 1939, when Oregon won. IU won in 1940, but only participated because the Big Ten Champion, Purdue, did not elect to go.

            Purdue was the consensus mythical national basketball in 1932, and Purdue was formally named the National Champions by the Helms Athletic Foundation that year, when Wooden was a senior. As noted above, the NCAA tournament was still 7 years away.
            • the best
              john wooden was from a small southern indiana town. how tough it must have been to move to los angeles in the 40's(he and nell traveled there by car)to something so totally different to what he was used to. as his team became synonymous with winning he faced probably more than any other coach the following: racial unrest of the 60's , social unrest of the 70's, a campus bordered by one of america's largest cities, at leat five major newspapers/ 10 -20 radio stations ,6-7 televison stations and the pressure of not only winning but winning the championship every year. not only did he win but his players - black , white, nonconformist, not only loved him but totally bought in to his philosophy of team over individual. ask yourself this question. bob knight flourished in bloomington , indiana. he knew who was in that town and which direction they came from. there is only one major higway and both louisville and indianapolis were over one hour away. so the press, outside of the bloomington herald and his good friend bob hammel had to come to knight. he recruited in a state where everyone loved basketball and especially indiana basketball. john wooden or johnny as he is called in indiana would hav easily flourished on a campus less than 20 minutes from where he grew up. can you imagine bob knight in los angeles with the same obstacles wooden had to face every day of his life. he would have imploded much quicker than he would have ever succeeded. talk about bob knight and his fundamentals all you want john wooden had a kindness , a genius , an intellect and a love and respect for anyone no matter whether they be important or not that created a program the bobby knight's of the world could never have accomplshed. believe me this is no criticism of bob knight - john wooden was a human being that comes maybe once in a lifetime. fortunately for ucla his journey led him to california
            • Wooden was a cheater
              John Wooden was a cheater plain and simple. His..."oh, gee...I can't stop players from doing what they want..." thing got old. He knew about Sam Gilbert and did nothing to stop it because he knew it gave him an advantage. Oh, and Wooden's mouth wasn't as clean as the image says either but I don't care about that. I do care that he cheated way more than Kelvin Sampson did yet Sampson's viewed as the devil and Wooden is looked at like a saint by many. Wooden had even less of an ethical backbone than Kelvin Sampson. They were both slime.

              As for Purdue's Helms Foundation championship...

              It was not awarded after the 1932 season. The Helms Foundation wasn't even in existence until 1936. The Helms Foundation eventually went back and retroactively picked champions from years past years and even decades after the fact. There is a big difference between going into a tourney and dealing with the pressure of knowing you are playing for a championship and having to beat someone for a championship vs. just playing the regular season and years later someone saying you were best. If the NFL did things that way the Colts would be last years champs.
            • Walton's 5th Foul
              Great comment in your article about Coach Knight who probably still has nightmares (vs. dreams) about Steve Downing fouling out on Bill "The Whiner" Walton's obvious vertical body slam. Walton even mentions the phantom foul in the book, "50 Years of NCAA Basketball Tournament" where he vigorously contends he didn't foul Downing. Yeah, right, sure Billy. You hacked him and everyone but the ref saw it. Gives me nightmares thinking about it again.
            • PU National Title
              Purdue has never won an NCAA national basketball title, with or without John Wooden.
            • To:Toby12
              The only reason Purdue elected not to go in 1940 was because IU beat Purdue both times that season and Piggy Lambert felt IU deserved it and Purdue didn't. Know your history!
            • Dirty Wooden
              IndyTodd hit it square on the head!I grew up idolizing Bob Knight and it wasn't until I got older that I developed a different opinion on some of the stupid stuff that Knight did as far as treatment of players and the rest of the world,I think he got the most out of 90% of the players he had but he crossed the line a few times with some of the ways he motivated them.That being said I would still rather have him coach my son than Wooden,John Wooden gets praise heaped on him for winning 10 titles and guys like Jabbar and Walton want us to believe that Johnny Boy was this great ethical person,if he was half as ethical as they portray him he would have told Gilbert to get away from his players and the results of about 6 of his titles would have been different.Anyone with half a brain know that Wooden knew what was going on with his team and knew that Gilbert was the reason for the banners hanging in Pauley Pavillion.Knight might have been mean at times but his players had morals and they went to class and NEVER got a thing from a booster,I don't want Knight as neighbor and I won't name my next kid after him but I sure as hell put him head and shoulders above the Wooden in every aspect.
            • Purdue?? LOL
              I love the Purdue fans THINKING they have a title because some idiots back in the '30s appointed them the champs,what a joke!,BUT it is Purdue so what should we expect?......It must suck being a Purdue fan and knowing that they could win the NCAA title for the next 4 years and still not have as many as IU.Don't get too down on yourselves though Purdue fans,after all you have the 1932 Championship of Obscurity to fall back on,lol
            • To call Purdue's National Championship mythical is like calling all of Notre Dames football championships mythical. They were both voted on by sports writers.

              The NCAA downplays anything that happened before them and anything that is not branded NCAA.

              To say Purdue will never win a NCAA Bball Championship shows the ignorance of some "iu" fans. My guess is they never have set foot on the campus. But I am betting that Purdue will get a championship long before iu gets a sweet 16.

              Of course thank the General for starting the train wreck that is iu bball. Interesting that his arrival built it up and his departure began the fall.
              • Check facts
                Wooden did not win an Indiana high school state title when he coached there. He said in an interview that not winning an Indiana state title was his biggest regret. Purdue doesnt hang a banner at Mackey Arena, so there is no such thing as a mythical national champion..even to them. And we can all agree that Purdue will never win a national title. This coming year will be the best chance they have ever had, or ever will have.
                Wooden was a fine man and a good coach. The fact that his former players stayed in contact with him 35+ years later is a testament to that. He could never, ever pull that off today with the parity and with the media hounds out there always looking for dirt. Wooden should have had more control over his program.
                While a Knight supporter and an IU graduate, he was a total hardass. But no question he is the best coach to date.
              • Date and time
                Sam Gilbert arrived on the scene in 1959. Wooden was hired by UCLA in 1948. You are right in a way. He was still a great coach but couldn't get over the hump until this scalaway named Sam Gilber came along. Wooden didn't ask for his help but was smart enough to play ignorant at the encouragment of his employer (UCLA). Wooden couldn't come close to getting a Walt Hazard or Lew Alcindor without someone to lure them to what was essentially a branch campus of the University of California. Before people started pumping big money into the UCLA program, it wasn't too much different than IUPUI is here in Indiana. Wooden was not the only coach in this position. Most of the bigtime programs starting in the 1950's and 60's had their own versions of Sam Gilbert. The NCAA didn't really care either, so long as they stayed away from gambling or throwing games. That, the NCAA would not tolerate. Kentucky and Kansas in those years spent far more money than UCLA and were far dirtier but who won more games? So Wooden wasn't sparkly clean but the times were different and I think he had a certain loyalty to his employer. It just didn't have the same stigma then that it does now.
              • Purdue Malarky
                Before the NCAA tournament even Franklin College was voted national champions in college basketball back in the 1920s and beat such "Giants" as Purdue and IU and Notre Dame. The times were different and it is difficult to compare those times to later ones. Schools were different, the sizes of the schools were far closer than now. As once noted by John Wooden himself, the player he most admired and the best player he ever saw personnaly play was one Robert "Fuzzy" Vandevier from Franklin High School and later Franklin College. He was good enough that Wooden said up until Lew Alcindor came along in 1967 he was the best. Different times just can't be accuratly compared unless you can come up with a time machine.
              • How?
                Wooden was a remarkable man and that's why it's disheartening to know he allowed Sam Gilbert to have so much impact on his program. Great player. Great coach. Great example. How does someone so principled in every other part of his life allow a slime ball like Gilbert to be that close?
              • Man in Charge
                No matter where Coach Knight would have coached(including UCLA)a Sam Gilbert or anyone like him would not have gotten near the program.
              • Fantasy PU title
                Your Purdue education is showing - it's "bearing" not "berring." And the "title" that Purdue claims during Wooden's time was a theoretical one based on the votes of sports writers - most from the coasts and who hadn't even seen PU play. Yes, it was as close as they'll ever come, but not really that close.
              • 1940
                I didnt know that in 1940 Purdue chose not to go to the tournament. Did IU go in their place and win the National title? Shows you that Purdue can probably split the atom but cant walk and chew gum at the same time! Zero common sense!
              • Fallacy
                one of the great fallacies, in fact perpetuated by JW, was that he never swore. I am friends with a former player of his and he said he could let salty language fly in a heartbeat, that he had quite a temper. The rolled up program that he put up to his mouth during games when he wanted to go off on referees was to keep lip readers from picking up his four letter words. He loved the St. John nickname, but it was far from the truth
              • It smells
                I set foot on the campus every day for a few years. It smells like burnt sauerkraut when the wind blows the wrong way. I came out of my apartment one morning and I thought someone had dug up a sewer line. That place is an absolute trash heap compared to Bloomington.
              • 1932 Purdue NCAA championship
                Purdue has never won the NCAA men's basketball tournament, but they indeed were voted 1932 NCAA basketball champions.
              • Silent Knight
                Bob Knight resented Coach Wooden because (a) Wooden was far more successful and (b) the one and only time they met heaad-to-head, UCLA won 70-59. Ever notice how Knight only heaped praise on coaches he could beat? He turned against Coach K, Steve Alford and even Bill Frieder once they were able to beat him.
              • The Purdue Championship
                I'll make this point once again about the Purdue "championship"...

                This is not at all comparable to a Notre Dame football championship voted on by writers at the time. Purdue was not awarded this "championship" after the season. It was voted on YEARS LATER. Most of these people never even saw the Purdue team play, the Purdue team didn't face any pressure going into the last few games knowing they were ranked number one and had a championship on the line. Nothing like that at all. Again, the Helms Foundation went back and retroactively decided years and even decades after the games were played who their champion was for each year. It has no more bearing than me forming the Todd Foundation today and retroactively naming the Colts football champions for last year.

                A championship awarded years after the games happened with a team that never had to face the pressure of competing for a championship is absolutely meaningless.

                Hell, IU was named UPI national champion in 1975 and I believe 1993 too but you don't hear any IU fans going around claiming six or seven titles. We claim the championships that were won on the court when teams had to rise to the moment to claim a championship.
              • Iu vs Purdue
                Do any of these IU bloggers have any idea what the all time won -loss record between Purdue and Indiana in basketball is? I believe Gene Keady had one more win against Knight than Bob Knight had against Keady.
              • Reply to Jim Limp
                Yes, Jim I do know that Purdue has the advantage in the series. However, I do also realize that the Purdue advantage was entirely built up prior to the 1940's. Since 1940 IU is far ahead in the win/loss column vs. Purdue. Gene Keady had a losing record against IU. Bob Knight had a winning record against Purdue. That is fact. Now, as to Keady vs. Knight that can be debated but since Purdue had to forfeit one Keady win for cheating Knight now has the edge against Keady.

                In the end though, it really doesn't matter. You play for the NCAA championship. IU has five and Purdue has none. That's why IU is always ranked among the greatest programs in the history of college basketball and Purdue is never even in the conversation.
              • You mean iu had been discussed as one of the best programs. They are losing their historical claim. Considering it has been almost a quarter of a century, and there are few NBA players who were alive then, let alone college players, the memory of iu's once greatness is being replaced by iu's ineptness. Letting BK get out of hand and embarassing iu's program with his antics and then having to fire their legend because they could no longer control him, hiring Davis to a long term contract because of a one off season with BK's players, then having to fire him just to see him go on to success at UAB, hiring Sampson, a known cheater, and having him ruin iu's squeaky clean image and getting put on academic watch. This is the legacy of iu that todays kids and young adults know. Alford? Who is Alford they will ask. Blab, Isiah, Whitman, Dakich? Those are dusty names in a record book somewhere.

                iu is no longer in the national discussion on greatness. That is for the UCLA's, UK's, Duke, NC etc.... Teams that have done something positive in Bball in the last quarter century.
              • Purdue Never in the Same Conversation as IU
                Purdue never in the same conversation as IU huh...
                Now I am waiting for the onslaught of Purdue engineering/math/science student/fan jokes that will be used to rebut this attempt at an objective ranking (let alone I'm not arguing Purdue deserves to be ranked higher - just in the same conversation). Then again, objective concepts are most likely difficult for the average IU fan to grasp. With all the bitter vitrol of the IU fans posting on this thread, I could have sworn Baghdad Bob was here. Is trying to belittle Purdue your version of a safety blanket? With the state of your basketball program, god knows you need it. Let it out son. Daddy's here.

                Lastly, for all those fans that say Purdue only won games back when nobody cared, this ranking takes into consideration wins/losses after 1937-1938. It doesn't even take into consideration the "mythical", unicorn-tear national championship of Purdue.
              • Right On
                Purdue was declared national champions by the Helms Athletic Foundation. They used a commitee of "experts" to choose national champions. This was pre-NCAA. There were only 18 games in their season, no tournament of any kind,and teams could still tie because there was no overtime. So pre-modern basketball. No one likes committees and someone always diagrees. There is no way a committee can decide a national champion correctly, especially when there are only about 80 teams in the league. Navy won the same championship after going undefeated in...9 games. That's a terrible pick. It's not a real championship, and they are only part of half of the teams that still consider their helms championship legitimate. The rest know they need to win a REAL NCAA champions to be champions. John Wooden at UCLA and Bob Knight at IU had real championships, as long as they followed NCAA rules. Ad we know there is no question of Kinght's legitimacy, like we have for Wooden. Old coaches did much worse to their players than Knight did. But no one is screaming about them, because they aren't around anymore. Now basketball is a sport where you can hit each other as hard as you want, but if you make physical contact with a player and you are not one, you could get fired. It's weak.
              • Uh...
                Uh...was it after the NCAA was formed? Yes. One year after. Therefore, it is an NCAA championship, and won with a tournament. And you know what? The Helms Athletic Association, the committee that called Purdue national champions, didn't even call IU champs even after they won the NCAA championship! So the committee wasn't the smartest group anyway. They selected USC, who had lost to Kansas, who then lost to IU in the championship.And they played 23 games that season, winning 20 of them, as well as two games over big ten champion Purdue. No ties allowed, no co-champions.
              • ineptness
                I'm sorry, I really have a problem with inept statement made earlier, should the 2002 final four considered inept, should UCLA's recent final four runs be considered inept since they havenâ??t won championship in 16 years or Kentucky not winning in 13 years.

                While winning the National Championship is the ultimate goal, I don't believe that lack of should shape the entire season. By this logic Maryland is a superior program to Ohio State since they have won a NCAA Championship in the past 50 years, despite the fact OSU has been highly ranked consistently and provided us with some exciting teams too watch over that span. I'm not knocking Maryland, just an example.

                If winning the National Championship every season, which no team has done, is the vantage point of greatness. I think all schools are equally guilty for fielding inept teams season after season, despite the 20 plus win seasons they provide.

                I'll buy IU has been terrible or inept the past three seasons, but inept for the past 25 years is beyond comprehension. I think fans need to get back to earth and realize that winning the NCAA is no easy feat and not the ultimate gauge of program. Teams that win and are ranked should not consider inept, but careless postings should.

                I wonâ??t argue the Purdue point, Purdue has put together some great teams over the years and their current teams would be considered inept by a previous posters response, but these inept teams provided 20 plus wins seasons, national attention, national rankings and millions of dollars of revenue to their athletic program.

                I really wish that Knight and Wooden had some type of positive closure since they are both coaching Icons, with vastly different styles.
              • snap out of it
                Cheating entails lying Toby and I think there is a commandment covering that too. There is no innuendo of cheating during the Wizard's reign - it is a fact as established by a preponderance of his players' admissions. It was a country club atmosphere in Westwood. Ask Walton for chrissakes. Do the research before you turn a blind eye to the the misdeeds of the kindly old gentle-cheater.

                I could have coached some of those UCLA teams to the championship in the 1960s. Often times the Bruins second team was far better than their competition.

                Obviously Bob Knight had anger and rage issues, and he was often emotionally abusive as a motivational tool and sometimes physically abusive as well. That is wrong - did you get that? I had to grow up and admit that the coach of my school's team was clearly and majorly flawed. Why can't you admit that Wooden knew or should have known why he had the country's top recruits every year that Gilbert was involved in the payola? Snap out of it!
              • march 24, 2013
                fyi , IU's in the sweet 16. PU didnt even make the tourney
                • Tell Me The Truth
                  Can any IU man swear on a stack of bibles that no player during the Knight reign never, ever received any benefit of any kind from an IU booster? Free meal/meals, clothing, $100 handshakes, free books, unwarranted passing grades, or any other benefit of any type? I would hazard a guess that no one can say it never happened. And if it did, then it only becomes a matter of degree. No one has ever claimed that Gilbert had anything to do with recruiting or that a player ever came to UCLA because of Gilbert. I was with Coach Wooden every basketball day for four years - practices and trips - and I never NEVER heard him utter one profane word. Did he rag on the refs? Yes. Did he rag on opposing players? At times. Did he ever throw a chair during a game? I strongly doubt it. Did he ever tell an assembly that someone could kiss his hind end? I doubt that too.

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