IndyCar fans still waiting for Randy Bernard to work magic

June 29, 2010
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It’s been four months since Randy Bernard took over as CEO of the IndyCar Series. So it’s not too early to start grading his performance.

So far, I’d say Bernard gets a C, and depending on who you talk to, you could put a + or a – on the back end of that.

Bernard hasn’t been sensational just yet, but he hasn’t made any major blunders either, despite some serious heat from the likes of Honda and others to make hasty decisions on the series’ future.

What has Bernard accomplished?

First, he formed the ICONIC committee to help him figure out a path for the future. While it’s the world’s worst acronym (It’s so arcane I won’t go into what it stands for), it’s a smart move for this newcomer to bring in some additional brain power to go with his own marketing know-how and fresh approach. Besides, it shows he plays well with others and is willing to listen.

He unveiled a plan to crown an IndyCar oval and road champ. He added races in New Hampshire and Baltimore to attract more fans from the population dense Northeast and is flirting with Detroit among other markets to add races there.

Bernard came up with the $20 million Indianapolis 500 – Coca-Cola 600 challenge, trying to lure NASCAR drivers to Indianapolis. Unfortunately, the challenge hasn’t gotten much interest from NASCAR drivers, and I think the part of the plan to move the race to 11 a.m. (hardly prime-time) is a mistake.

It usually doesn’t get marked down in the progress column, but you can’t play down the work Bernard has done to placate current IndyCar Series partners like Honda—who want a decision on a future engine formula yesterday—and the likes of Izod and Apex who are not altogether pleased with declining attendance and television ratings.

Speaking of attendance and TV ratings, that leads to our list of things Bernard has not accomplished. In fairness, I’m not sure what you can expect in four months. But what the IndyCar series has gotten on those two fronts is essentially nothing—or worse yet, a little reverse movement. Unless there’s some foundation that has been poured for boosts during the back half of this season that I can’t see, Bernard deserves at least a little heat on the TV ratings and attendance fronts.

TV ratings for the Indianapolis 500 were 3.6, down 10 percent from 2009. That despite Helio Castroneves chasing a record-tying fourth Indy win and Danica Patrick fighting with her team and earning the wrath of the fans at Indianapolis. Only 4 million households tuned in nationwide, according to Nielsen Media Research, the lowest number since 1986. Some will argue that more are watching on the Web. And while that may be true, that explanation doesn’t sit well with series’ TV and sponsor partners.

It’s no secret either that live race attendance isn’t what the series would like to see. Earlier this month in Iowa, the crowd was especially sparse. And please, no more excuses. I’ve heard it all from the weather to World Cup Soccer. No more!

Series officials are crossing their fingers that things will improve at Watkins Glen July 4 and Toronto July 18. The importance of these next two races can’t be overemphasized. Both have been strong markets for open-wheel racing in the past and both races are on ABC.

There are three other major things Bernard hasn’t managed to accomplish in his first four months.

He hasn’t signed any major new sponsorship deals. I know these deals take time to consummate, but what this shows me is that there are no corporate properties out there so blown away by Bernard’s mere entrance into the open-wheel world, they’re willing to bet on this guy to succeed. There’s certainly a healthy dose of skepticism among sports marketers about Bernard's ability to turn this property around.

Bernard hasn’t raised any of the racers’ profiles. Not at least that I can tell. In fact, I don’t see much proof of a game plan for that. But again, maybe there’s a foundation being poured out behind their strip mall office in Speedway that I don’t know about. In any event, Bernard’s ability to lift the profile of these drivers will be a pivotal part of his success or failure.

And most critically, Bernard has failed to create any real buzz for the series. His road and oval championship announcement, his $20 million challenge, his committee formation and any other initiative I might be overlooking has gained little to no traction with the main stream media or sports fans. This is a guy who put a bull up in a luxury hotel to create buzz for the Professional Bull Riders circuit. I expected more sizzle from Bernard. I’ve been left waiting, and I’m not alone.

Luckily, for Bernard, there’s still time.

ABC and ESPN are in the second year of a four-year deal to air IndyCar races with no intention, according to network officials, of exiting early. Versus too appears committed.

Izod is in the first year of a six-year deal, and Apex also has a multi-year deal, with plans to increase its participation in future years. In May, series officials announced Sunoco, APEX-Brasil and UNICA, the Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association, will team up to provide the series' 100 percent fuel-grade ethanol. Bernard said more deals could be announced soon. But rest assured, those sponsors have outs in their contracts if attendance and TV ratings don't hit certain marks. Sponsors are talking nice now, but that can change faster than the mood of a bull on a steroid bender.

Bernard knows he needs more fans and new sponsors to reach his goal of making this series profitable.

If he’s able to climb that considerable challenge, he could bump his score up a letter grade or two. But if Bernard falls flat, he will be branded a failure—and the series along with him.

  • Four months
    I'd say the accomplishments you mentioned in just four months -- which are more than the league did in the previous four years -- are extraordinary by themselves. Anyone who expects more than that in four months isn't realistic.
    • Yep, he's done nothing
      AVIS, Sunoco came on as sponsors, Verizon upgraded from car to series sponsor and also now has regular TV commercials with its IndyCar driver (I guess none of them are 'major' sponsors); More than 1 journalist has articles with quotes from multiple NASCAR drivers who said they will do the double if the $20 million bonus happens, ICONIC is 1-2 weeks away from announcing the new chassis decision (a decision the old regime pushed back 3 years in a row), New Hampshire and Baltimore just got added taking the series to the Atlantic north one of the most populated regions in the country, and Randy has said he plans for the series to be at 24 races in 5 years and has the initial talks with the tracks (confirmed by both league and track officials) to back up the claim... yeah... this guy has done nothing in a short 4 months.
    • A little snippy, aren't we?
      Had a good idea of the tone of the article with your ICONIC crack. It's so easy to criticize. Makes small people feel strong and powerful. I agree with Pressdog, give him a little bit of time for goodness sakes.
    • Speaking of 'C' grades....
      ...perhaps some day Anthony will author a column deserving of that grade. This ain't it.

      Four months to fix IndyCar? Give the man four years and then weigh in.
    • Wow.
      What a complete waste of bandwidth. This is a pathetic attempt at journalism coming from someone that obviously has no understanding of business. Sad.
    • oops
      The Toronto race is July 18th, not the 12th. I'm determining how this will affect your grade for this article.
    • Drivers
      All very very good points by Allan and Pressdog.
      But in AS defense, the best point he made was about "drivers" and there has not been anything (short of maybe contriving/shepherding the SFR/Graham partnership) that he has done in regards to driver recognition/driver development. In fact, one could say the only thing he has done from a driver perspective is chase after established Nascar stars with this $20 million bonus goose chase that is on the table, and Allen I think you might want to go back and check your sources on the "multiple nascar drivers who said they will do the double if the bonus happens" nary a driver or owner has said such a thing, they have all said (sans J Gordon) that they would love to race at Indy and do everything in their power to make it happen if all the hurdles (are there are MANY) could be cleared. At best we are looking at maybe a Harvick, Kahne or R. Gordon. You can kiss Stewart, Earnhardt or JJ out the window in my opinion. -- that aint much in the way of driver development.
    • I might undestand if this was a couple years out
      But the man's only 4 months into his job and you could say everything before the 500 was learning the job. We're not going to see any results from new marketing/promotion plans (which Bernard has say will be done in Sept) until 2011. I think TV ratings will still lag until after the 500 and hopefully by then there will be better TV production that will create video packages to make these drivers stars (i.e. how NBC does it with no-names to the general public during the Olympics). The $20 million thing looks on track to happen after Bernard talked to several of the NASCAR guys at Eldora in person. Will take some time to get the ducks in a row there.

      Sunoco's a pretty solid sponsor to land and the AVIS deal might be as well. The New Hampshire race is a big deal and the reveal before the NASCAR race got a fair amount of press in New England.

      I think another point would have to be the media outreach Bernard has done, because people like Robin Miller, Gordon Kirby, and Ed Hinton are all writing positive articles about the series now.
    • All you need to know
      Randy Bernard has Robin Miller optimistic about the future of open wheel racing. I'm going to guess that carries more weight with most auto-racing fans than something designed solely to earn some page hits.
    • Tony v. Tony
      Tony Stewart (quoted on SpeedTV's website:

      "I'm a fan of IndyCar racing and I've learned to TiVo so I don't miss a race. The shows are great and I see a lot of momentum in the league."

      So which of the Tony's do you find more credible?

      Too bad Tony S. can't generate his needed page hits by breaking stories or offering informed opinions.

      Anthony (Tony) Schoettle, quoted above:

      "...Iâ??d say Bernard gets a C, and depending on who you talk to, you could put a + or a â?? on the back end of that."
    • Did the France Family finance this?
      Iâ??d say you get a D, and depending on who you talk to, you could put a + or a â?? on the back end of that.

      Your "3 major things" get a Fail. You need to do more research.

      You may try reading a few message boards other than CCF to fill in the gaps to your Swiss Cheese story.

      Blogger - meh.
    • All is well.
      In my recent meeting with Randy we discussed these issues. Anyone know where the Port O Pottys will be located at Watkins Glen?
    • yikes
      ...and thats the last time i give this page the hits they are looking for. Completely uniformed for someone who is supposed to be "in the know".
    • BAD
      Living in a motor racing capital of the world you would think you could get better racing journalism than this. Randy Bernard has done a fantastic job since his arrival to the sport. I would be embarrassed by the reaction you are getting from knowledgeable race fans.
    • wow, IRL HQ is boiling
      Amy Konrath must have put a memo out to mandate everyone in the IRL HQ get on this site and leave a message. As far as I can tell, this post is spot on about attendance and TV ratings. They're not very good at all. Iowa was the lowest they've been in four years. Indy was bad too, and that's an even bigger problem. Can't sell out Indy, can't come close to selling out corporate hospitality inventory at Indy. That's a serious problem. As far as Robin Miller's opinion ... as far as I can tell that hasn't moved the needle on one single thing that matters to the business of open-wheel racing. Hooray!!! Robin likes Randy!! Maybe they can run off to Vegas together. I'm not here to say that all is bad in the world of the IRL, but they've got some serious challenges, and Bernard hasn't done anything to affect that yet. I'll give him time, but for crying out loud, the president of the United States gets graded on his first 100 days in office. And I believe that job qualifies as being a bit more complicated than CEO of the Indy Racing League, IndyCar Series, or whatever you call it. Randy, if you're the marketing guru they say you are, you might start with this series' name. Clarify it and improve its branding. Then move quickly to drivers' images. That really shouldn't take a marketing whiz more than a few months. Seriously!
    • Uninformed
      Where was the PBR when Randy was 4 months into that job? This guy would have given him a D for not having a tv deal for them yet.
    • Sales
      Give the guy a chance. Anyone that thinks this business can be turned around in 4 months knows nothing about business. His predecessor may have had name recognition but he had all the personality of a piece of lettuce. I said from the beginning of the IRL that they needed a salesman to sell their product and Tony is not a salesman. Now that someone who knows how to market a product is in charge let's give him a chance to make the necessary changes. It didn't get to this point overnight and it will take more than 4 months to get it turned around.
    • Embarrassing
      Wow, I couldn't disagree more with this article. The long and short of it is Randy Bernard has done more for Indy Car in four months then others have done in years. Quite an embarrassing article for the author.
    • Five hour energy drink anyone?
      Relax everyone. I can see there's no need for a 5-hour energy drink from our readers today. Everyone is very hyped up. Not sure what all the fuss is about. I said the man is doing average or slightly above average job. I think that's fair. I'm not sure what research I'm supposed to be looking at. The key business metrix as I know them are attendance and TV ratings. Those are the absolute lynch pins to any professional sports franchise. And those are down. This isn't brain surgery folks. I'm willing to give Randy Bernard another 12 to 18 months to put his stamp on things. But I think Randy is smart enough to know time is of the essence here. If he doesn't gain some late season traction and come up with a sharp off-season plan, the type of plan that would earn him an A, he's going to lose some of the momentum he's gaining. I'm a life-long Indianapolis resident, and I have nothing to gain by this series failing. But I'm not going to look at a 3.6 TV rating for the Indianapolis 500 and listen to merchandise sales people tell me that revenue is off this year and corporate hospitality folks tell me open-wheel races aren't the value they once were, and give Randy Bernard an A. As always, thanks for reading.
      • Let's get real
        How long have you been following Indycar. My gut tells me not that long - give me a break man... 4 months... Since 1996 T George created such a freaking mess, it's going to take YEARS to fix. Randy Bernard is the best thing to happen to Indycar since Mansell arrived in 1993. Get with it man
      • Front and center
        This guy blows off weather as not being a factor in the Iowa race or 500. Leading up to the Iowa race, the weather man said 50% chance of storms, then up to 60%, and finally up to 70% chance the night before and day of. For casual race fans who saw a less than stellar race the past couple years, I imagine getting rained on all day after 2 weeks of thunderstorms, wasn't exactly worth the trip.

        Also, you'd think he'd at least give a call to Indycar for getting Dario front and center in pre-race ceremonies at the NASCAR race in Loudon! That takes brass-ones! What about the relationships Randy had created with various track leaderships?!

        In a time when EVERYONE is cutting back on motorsports, Randy is securing track contracts/relationships, while NASCAR is now feeling the heat about possibly losing a NH race. The only talk of Indycar losing races is because ISC doesn't promote their own events and haven't for several years; Not Randy Bernard's job.

        What's most important to me, is the teams seem to really be behind Randy; when was the last time Open wheel teams were on the same page as open wheel management?
      • What did you expect in four months??
        In the time that Bernard's been the CEO, there's been a resurgence in optimism among fans that I've never seen before. Give the guy a chance. Did you expect him to work miracles and put IndyCar back on top midway through his first season?
      • I guess the moral of the story is....
      • Retreat
        Mr. Schoettle, I printed out your article and currently have it before me. I've retreated to the smallest room in my home and shall soon have it behind me.
        • Premature...
          Can I ask if Randy Bernard did the "bull in a luxury hotel" stunt in his first four months as CEO of the PBR? Good Lord, the guy is probably still trying to meet his co-workers, and has barely been around long enough to be able to pick Mario Moraes out of a lineup by now, but he's also supposed to have found time to sign and announce a dozen new sponsors? The fact that he's made public what he has in the last couple of months is an incredibly encouraging sign to me.

          I know that TV numbers were down for the 500 and the stands looked less full at the Speedway this year than in years past (though I've got a buddy who can supply graphic photographic evidence that most of the people who aren't sitting on the straightaway section of the NE Vista are probably all sitting in the infield now with 5 friends each), but I've also seen numbers that indicate that Versus's ratings are stable or even slightly up, race-on-race from last year. (Like here: Anyway, I just don't understand how ratings numbers are supposed to go from a downward slope to a sharp upward slope, like everybody seems to be expecting. Isn't the fact that the downward trends are levelling off or improving a good sign?

          Iowa, from what I've heard and saw with my own eyes, was between 85 and 90% full, and that in the face of some awful weather predictions from that morning. To the west of the track, for anybody who either lives west of Des Moines or was looking out that way on any weather map, it looked like there'd be a tiny chance of getting the race in, or even getting cars on the track at all. In light of that, well over 80% full sounds pretty good to me, though you've taken the opportunity to call that crowd "especially sparse". Eye of the beholder, I suppose, but that wording sounds pretty severe in light of the actual attendance numbers.

          I understand your "C" grade, Anthony, but the fact that you listed a few things that Randy has done and made public, then a bundle of things that may or may not be (and you clearly think are not) happening behind closed doors, and then a bunch of stuff that's still left to be done (which, duh, there's 14 years of repairs to be made) leads me to believe that you don't actually want any ambiguity in the "plus or minus" part of that C grade. I don't think that's particularly fair. Yes, we're still waiting for Randy Bernard to work his magic, but most of us are willing to give him some time before we start picking out burial plots, tombstones and typefaces for the epitaphs on the Randy Bernard era and the IndyCar Series in general.
          • Ineptitude
            Knowledge gained through experience and research are essential elements for offering credible critique. This guy is so obviously uninformed that he has actually made it easy to see him for what he is... just another social media muck that views fact as a mere hindrance. Go apply at TMZ... you're better suited for it.
          • Doesn't know a thing about motorsports
            Mr. Schoettle, you may have a clue about stick and ball sports but you do not understand motorsports. Do you even attend IndyCar races other than the 500 or are you just armchair quarterbacking this?
          • lighten up
            Give ol' Ropin Randy a break. This series is such a freakin' mess I doubt anyone will ever fix it. The poor guy was only hired so the family would have a scapegoat to point at when this thing finally dies. No one short of God has the power to save this mess, just kill it now and get it over with. The sooner we start over the better.
          • I give Randy an "A" grade
            I commend Anthony for doing the job no one wants...criticizing the former great Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

            Frankly, the true grade must be an "INCOMPLETE". That's what all you Indycentric goons are all heated up about today. You see (and I've said it many times before) Mr. RANDALL BERNARD is a fast talkin, talkin outta both sides of his face kinda guy. HE'LL SAY ANYTHING to get Indy publicity. So far he's a failure as far as I'm concerned.

            Why? because the current form of Indy Car is the pig...the same pig since 2003. And all Randy's done is try and repackage it so it's palletable to the masses who have been turned off by the AOW schism of the past 15 years.

            The IRL will continue to fail un Mr. RANDALL BERNARD because ALL THE FANS know this is the SAME pig with a new hairstyle and lipstick.

            So, unless change comes in REAL ways in the next several weeks....Mr. RANDALL BERNARD's grade will be an "F", for FAILURE.

            Word is Watkins Glen is struggling for IRL attendance...IZOD is closely watching TV ratings, and PENSKE and GANASSI are in control of this series (as evidenced by the ICONIC holdup and addition of Belle Isle street race over Michigan oval).

            RANDY, stop making promises you can't keep buddy. Forever bury the IRL moniker and accept responsibility for the past 15 years of we fans will stay away in droves...more.
          • house for sale?
            Here's a question for all you who have so much knowledge; Is Randy Bernard's house in Colorado Springs sold or up for sale? I think the answer is 'no.' And that's because not even he's sure how this is going to work out. The fact is Randy doesn't have 4 years to get this problem solved. The George sisters brought him in after Tony said it would take him until 2013 to make the IRL profitable. The sisters expect much quicker action, and you can bet your a-- they're already grading Bernard's performance. If he doesn't have this thing spinning on its axis in 12 months, Randy Bernard is gone and the series is on its way to the bone yard. That's why Randy isn't selling his Colorado home just yet. Peace.
          • Let's Get Specific
            Anthony, what are the audience and attendance thresholds implied for 'out' clauses? When would these clauses be exercised? Have you actually reviewed the sponsor contracts, Anthony, or are you just guessing at their terms?
          • And right there is your problem...
            "I said the man is doing average or slightly above average job. I think that's fair."

            But that's the problem. That shows how incredibly little you know. Anything Randy is doing right now is behind the scenes. Nobody really knows whether he is doing a good, bad or "slightly above average" job. It's going to take a long time before these things start to move tv numbers.

            And as for attendance... He didn't put the current schedule in place, did he? I suppose you think he should take over the tracks responsibility of promoting their races... or did you even know it was their responsibility and not his?

            " But I'm not going to look at a 3.6 TV rating for the Indianapolis 500 and listen to merchandise sales people tell me that revenue is off this year and corporate hospitality folks tell me open-wheel races aren't the value they once were, and give Randy Bernard an A."

            Then maybe you should not give him a grade at all? Just maybe.
          • reality
            The Iowa track wasn't open on Friday because there are no IRL fans. That's the bottomline: there are no IRl fans
            • reality
              The former MONTH of May was cut down to 2 weeks of May because there are no IRl fans
            • Iowa - Good Crowd
              To suggest that the Iowa attendance was poor is simply inaccurate. There were 5,000 paid no-shows because the weekend of the race the weather was supposed to be bad. Hell, we almost didn't go to the race because we were assured by the local weather folks that the race was going to be a washout. The crowd was late arriving as it was and the race started 15 minutes early because of the impending thunderstorm. If you were at the race you'd know that the crowd was decent. Ask Craig Armstrong what the crowd was like. This is simply wrong.
            • Epic FAIL
              Schoette, do I need to remind you of the extensive, crippling damage the split did to the sport? You DO NOT fix that in months. Period.

              As it is, Loudon's coming back, a new formula is coming and there is, finally!, a stability to the sport. Oh, and we'll see if something DOES come out of the doubleheader proposal. Don't bury it yet.

              All in all, damn good.
            • stop with the weather excuses
              The 2007 Super Bowl was played in a monsoon, and there were NO no-shows! People show up rain or shine when the event is a show-stopper. No-shows b/c of a threat of rain indicates a serious problem. And I'm tired of hearing about the behind the scenes nonsense. Please! People get upset b/c Randy is given a C. Well, it may look like he's doing better, only because Tony George was scoring an F, and by comparison a C looks like an A. It is not.
              • You do know...
                New Hampshire is excited becuase the NASCAR Mods could be on the racing bill. The IRL blows.

                Actually, they used 1992 CART attendance numbers to justify a return. Strange, why disdn't they use the 1997 IRL New Hampshire number to sell the job????

                FAILURE, that why. Still living off of CART's remains....after sucking so bad in New Hampshire the IRL was jettisoned. Only in the IRL baby.
              • Reason one: IRL just sucks
                Seriously folks, who would bother going to see an AOW series that qualifies on Saturday and races on Sunday for about 2 hours? Oh, and locks the gates so what little fans who care can't get in anyway on Friday?

                I remember driving to see CART at Nazareth...4 1/2 hours one way to see the 1hr45min race, only to drive home 4 1/2 hours. Then we started camping and made it a 4 day weekend and it was the BEST!

                Then the IRL came in and they bulldozed the track. TRUE STORY.
                • Anthony's Score - F
                  For even attempting to critique Bernard's performance after a mere 4 months. Reading this garbage is 5 minutes of my life I'll never get back.
                • Iowa comments
                  The Comments about Indy Car not letting people into the track are wrong. Trackside discussed this last week apperently there's sometype of Iowa employment law and how many hours a person can work. For this reason the Iowa speedway itself could not open before its scheduled time. It wasn't an Indycar decision.
                • No fans?
                  The reason there were no fans on Friday was because the track wasn't open. The IRL has some 2 day events to cut down on costs. There were plenty of fans there on Sunday though I can't attest to the number on Saturday.
                • Chief's story time
                  Chief - Tell us another...I love story time about the good ole days. Can you tell us the one about meeting Doris Day at the 500? That was my favorite and how you enticed her to the MCL for some home made meat loaf? Sweet times.
                • Randy Bernard
                  Randy Bernard needs to can ABC/ESPN as soon as the Comcast purchase of NBC is done. The Indy 500 needs to race at 11:00 on MONDAY, increase the purse, challenge the stock car drivers (by the way, everyone always mentions the failure of "open-wheel" drivers in NASCAR. When will one of the "Good Old Boys" prove they can drive an IndyCar 230 into turn one?).

                  The series needs to race internationally and dethrone F-1. Forget about the WWE of Motorsports.
                • Extra Assignment For Randy
                  Randy can raise his grade to a B-minus, A-plus by one simple act. Firing Brian Barnhart. He can then earn extra credit on top of that and make it an even A if he gets Mike King off the radio network and replaces him with a voice and personality that is tolerable. Oh wait! Actually why do that at all. Nobody listens to the radio network anymore. Better yet, shut er' down. Save some $$$.
                • Diamond!
                  Ladies and Gentlemen, the award for the comment of the year goes to.....
                • I shouldn't...
                  I just can't resist the comments slamming Iowa's attendance this year. Anybody saying that stuff doesn't understand the full impact of the weather on Nebraska/Iowa that week, and specifically that day. Personally, it poured all day at my house, three hours straight west of the track. Iowa Speedway didn't see a drop of rain, even though all the weather maps said that the same rain clouds going over my house would hit Newton a few hours later. Against the odds, that didn't happen and the race went off.

                  Bill, people went to the Super Bowl in 2007 because they knew it'd happen that day, rain OR shine (also, they'd all invested thousands of dollars to attend, so what else are you going to do in that situation? Go to a museum? Sit in the rain on the beach?). If you drive out to Iowa Speedway and it rains (and the maps all indicated that there was a big rainstorm on the way, due to hit either just before or just after race start), then you're standing under the grandstands watching puddles form up, while hoping that the rain stops and that the track has enough jet fuel on hand. OR, you can stay home, play with the kids (it was Father's Day, after all), and if the race goes off, you can watch it on TV, while calling your tickets a sunk cost. Huge difference.

                  Chief, whatever means NHMS used to justify to bring IndyCar onto their bill for next year, that's their business. They obviously think they can sell enough tickets to turn a profit, or they obviously wouldn't have lobbied for a race. If IndyCar turns out to "suck", as you so eloquently put it, and they lose money, then IndyCar won't be back in 2011. Simple as that.
                • Are we all talking
                  Hey kids, Indy Car won't be fixed overnight and there's no guarantee it will ever regain the popularity it once had. Reasons are many and we can all agree that Randall Bernard (Roping Randy - love it)has a long way to go to dig the series out of the deep hole dug by TG and his merry IRL pranksters.

                  What's wrong with critiquing Bernard's performance after 4 months? Happens every day in the fast-paced business world. And Indy Car is a business...isn't it?

                  I agree with Anthony's grade - C - because the series appears to not have slipped any lower. Yet, other than a paragraph on the Indy 500 the series hasn't made the sports section of major papers, radio or networks.

                  Sure it hurts to see a racing series we all like become an after thought in today's sports universe. But facts are facts and right now the great American public isn't buying the Indy Car product at the tracks or on the air.

                  And hard as it is to admit, Indy Car racing may not be able to make a comeback to the sports prominence it once enjoyed.

                  Thanks for the column, Anthony. Once again, you created a long discussion on a topic that's of interest to many.
                • SteveR
                  Thanks for the column, Anthony. Once again, you created a long discussion on a topic that's of interest to many. "


                  Love Mom
                • One more idea, Randy
                  Join Trackforum so you can get loved up by the spittle-lips there. It'll make you feel better to feel the love. Paul "Hate Man" Tracy is even a member of that dysfunctional cast of Count Tracula's.
                • Where To Begin?
                  I don't even know where to start with what I just read. I don't think even the most cynical fan expected TV ratings and attendance to increase immediately after Randy bernard was announced as CEO of the IZOD IndyCar Series. No one had heard of the man and most, including myself, were very skeptical when we heard that someone who had never seen an IndyCar race was coming over from Bull Riding.

                  But what this man has done in four months time is nothing short of phenominal - not just "slightly above average". He has restored confidence among the hard-core fan base, which had become fractured and was beginning to crumble under the old regime. As you begrudgingly pointed out, Randy Bernard is listening. He is listening to those in the know, and he is listening to us - the fans.

                  You lost all credibility using incomplete names (Apex?) and vague references to poor attendance (figures?). Randy Bernard is the first sign of hope in leadership at 16th & Georgetown. It is irresponsible journalism on your part to slam him for poor attendance and low TV ratings and giving him a C for only four months on the job. Has he hit a home run with every swing? No. But he has had more hits than misses. At worst, I would assign an A-, but I'm more inclined to give him an A.
                • Trackforum
                  "Join Trackforum so you can get loved up by the spittle-lips there. It'll make you feel better to feel the love. Paul "Hate Man" Tracy is even a member of that dysfunctional cast of Count Tracula's. "

                  I'm already a member. Love to hear the fans tell me stories about the miserable ol'fans that sit around and moan about eating White Castles outside the track while their fat buddy was trying to drag them to MCL for the early bird specials. Glad I missed that mess.
                • Missing the point
                  You miss the point. There is no need to grade him at this point - clearly the commentary goes totally against your article so digest that a little bit. I usually like your stuff but I was quite surprised by the article as it was quite negative on him. This is the most excited I have been about Indycar for about 10 years and I think he is laying the groundwork. Grade him after his first year - much more fair compared to a guy on the job for 4 months.
                • Kansas Has the Same Employment Policy
                  Apparently Kansas has the same employment policy as Iowa.

                  Kansas Speedway can't be bothered -

                  Just got off the phone with the ticket office. Technically, the friday practice and quals is closed to the public (i.e., walk up crowd)
                • reality
                  Friday, June 18th
                  8:00 AM Star Mazda Paddock Opens
                  8:00 AM Indy Lights Transporters Load In
                  9:00 AM 8:00 PM IZOD Indy Car Credentials
                  9:00 AM IZOD Indy Car Garage Opens and Transporters Load In
                  10:00 AM 8:00 PM IA Credentials Open
                  10:15 AM 11:15 AM Star Mazda Practice/Test Session 1
                  10:30 AM Track Safety Meeting
                  11:30 AM 12:30 PM USF2000 Practice/Test Session 1
                  12:00 PM 6:00 PM ICS Tech Open
                  12:00 PM 8:00 PM FIL Tech Open
                  12:45 PM 1:45 PM Star Mazda Practice/Test Session 2
                  2:00 PM 3:00 PM USF2000 Practice/Test Session 2
                  3:15 PM 6:15 PM IZOD 2 Seater
                  5:30 PM 8:00 PM Pheasant Forever Fan Fest
                  6:30 PM 7:15 PM Star Mazda Official Practice
                  7:30 PM 8:00 PM USF2000 Official Practice
                  8:15 PM 9:15 PM FIL Official Practice
                  10:00 PM Indy Garage Closes
                  looks like Iowa Speedway was open on Friday to me.

                  try another excuse gomers
                • Just my opinion
                  but I think this article just bought him even more time and patience in the minds of Indycar fans. Unlike TG, there isn't any Indycar fan that wants Ropin Randy to fail. Hang in there Randall...good times ahead.
                • reality ..The Truth
                  You're bitter....and i LOVE IT!!!
                • TUCK
                  Clueless in Indy
                • Decisions take time
                  Anyone in business knows when you hire someone new, if the person has a brain, they will not make changes overnight. They will wait, learn and absorb. 4 months into any job is hardly time enough to get your feet wet let alone make any changes to TV Ratings etc.. The season IMO for Randy is a season to learn, learn the tracks, learn the players, learn what/who doesn't work within the organization.
                • Looking for the Wrong Sponsors
                  Two things:

                  1. "IZOD Indy Car Series" is the name of the series and "IRL" is the name of the sanctioning body. The series is not known as "IRL" so a name change for the series is not necessary.

                  2. TV ratings only matter to sponsors who rely on the sheer number of "impressions" as partial (or substantial) justification for their sponsorship. But there are tons of companies in the world who sell products and services to other companies (B2B) in addition to those who sell to consumers (B2C). So why not change focus on B2B companies who don't need TV ratings to justify their sponsorship? A team can assemble a roster of partners who can do business with each other and it won't matter what the TV ratings are. As long their participation results in new business the sponsorship is a success. That's as easy to measure for B2B sponsors as TV ratings are for B2C sponsors. So why don't the teams change their sponsorship search tactics?
                • aah, who cares
                  Great idea Bundy, in fact, that's pretty much what club racers rely on, and the IRl is pretty much club racing...check out the KV Lotusmobile
                • you should read this
                  first of all i think Randy doing a fine job.

                  but when i was reading this article there was a line in this article that reminded me of an article i read the other day.
                  the article i read was...

                  and here is the line that caught my attention, first from
                  Jun 25, 2010 2:04 PM By MICHAEL MAROT, AP
                  "â?¦television rating was a depressing 3.6 - a 10 percent drop from 2009. That despite Helio Castroneves chasing a record-tying fourth Indy win and Danica Patrick, the series' highest-profile star, bickering with her team and the fans at Indianapolis. Just 4 million households tuned in to ABC's broadcastâ?¦"

                  and here is a very similar line from this article
                  "TV ratings for the Indianapolis 500 were 3.6, down 10 percent from 2009. That despite Helio Castroneves chasing a record-tying fourth Indy win and Danica Patrick fighting with her team and earning the wrath of the fans at Indianapolis. Only 4 million households tuned in nationwideâ?¦"

                  anyhow i am no English Prof, but this does not seam to legit to me.
                  You be the judge.
                • obviously
                  obviously i'm not an English Prof
                • CRAP
                  This Anthony guy who wrote this......

                  Never heard of him and now I'll never read his crap again.

                  This is one of the WORST put together articles EVER. He doesn't have a clue about anything.

                  Who the hell in their right mind would pay this moron a salary?
                • IRL Deathwatch 2010
                  None of you can stop it.....the clock is operating as planned.

                  PENSKE and GANASSI are running the IRL...only difference between IRL and CART now is an IPO, a back braking car that flys, and 16 well attended diverse races with TV ratings at highest or high level.

                  The fact the Hulman clan spent $644 million for it makes it all that more special.
                • Fewer cars and teams soon
                  Today, word from Indy sources that two teams plan to hang it up at season's end. KV is one of the teams mentioned. Panther may be the other. No confirmations on these rumors but they came from Speedway sources who say the league is seriously in trouble and all the 2011 and beyond hype is smoke, mirrors, sweat, maybe even a little urine.
                  • Wow
                    Bet you didn't think you would get this much reaction when you wrote this story, haha.
                  • Burl's newsflash
                    Burl you are just full of it - "Indy sources"? KV is not going anywhere and Panther has found a way to answer the bell each year and John Barnes loves Indycar. Ok name the source - a bathroom stall?
                  • Mike from Denver
                    Denver Colorado, once home to two open wheel races each year - now home to zero open wheel races each year, thanks to Mike from Denver's support of TOney GEorges' war on open wheel racing.
                  • ppgfan

                    This ppgfan girl who wrote this......

                    Never heard of her and now I'll never read her crap again.

                    This is one of the WORST put together blog responses EVER. She doesn't have a clue about anything.

                    Who the hell in their right mind would pay so this moron has a place to post?
                  • Blog Record....
                    Keep up the comments guys.... this is longest blog I've seen regarding the Indy Racing League. Remember last year when no one cared and was ready to sacrifice TG to the great racing gods? I no one cared, there would only be a few comments. Carry on......
                  • Blog Record....
                    Keep up the comments guys.... this is longest blog I've seen regarding the Indy Racing League. Remember last year when no one cared and was ready to sacrifice TG to the great racing gods? I no one cared, there would only be a few comments. Carry on......
                  • ROBIN MILLER IS IN CHARGE
                    Make no mistake, the guy calling the shots at the track is Robin Miller. Now, I know he is supposed to be a neutral journalist (even though he never showed impartiality while killing Tony George.) But now he is in bed with Randy the Cowboy. Robin tells Randy who to hire, who to fire, what to do. Very scarey. Great guys like Terry Angstedt and John Lewis and Brian Barnhart won't be there long cause Miller is running things. Just Wait. You will see. What you won't see is the IRL as long as it is on Versus (worst deal ever done - that's why they fired the guy who did it). Open wheel racing is dead. And Danica (and her people) knows it!
                  • Mike From Denver
                    Mike, I quit using public restrooms after I saw you in there with Haggard and Craig. No, my source is a supplier to the Indy Car Series and those two teams are clients. My only other source is a PR person for a Fortune 500 who's company has rejected sponsorship proposals because the IRL IzodCar League Series thingy turns in sucky suck TV numbers.
                  • Radio stations can't even give them away
                    VERY true story stations in NY State are having trouble GIVING AWAY IRL tickets. It's not even worth it to claim them and destroy 'em....the tix are that worthless.

                    I'm sure Randy to the Rescue will fix it....he better get up to Toronto too. And Iowa. And Montegi. And Richmond. And Nashville. And Gateway. And Dover. And New Hampshire, twice. And Nazareth. And Pikes Peak. And Kentucky. And Milwaukee. And Michigan. And Charlotte. And Atlanta. And Phoenix. And Long Beach. And Indy....and...
                  • Watkins Zero
                    Except the dorks over at Trackforum, nobody even really knows about the race. Trackforum's geeks, well their shorts are getting tight. Other than that, NO-BOD-EE cares. Why? Zillion reasons. But Randy should take note that only 3 Americans on an entry list of 25 is a good place to start. Ok, so Ed Carpenter failed to inspire the masses and the whoel American thing didn't work there. But Mario Romancini-Fever just hasn't taken hold either. There is still hope Bertrand Baguette will get every one on their feet, though. Maybe Randy should focus on making Bertrand the face of the league or series or well, I guess it is a club actually. So make Bertrand the poster boy of the IzodCar Club. Mario Romancini just doesn't have that mass appeal they thought he would like a Dale Jr. does. And by the way, what class are the IZOD Cars in with the SCCA?
                  • Uuuh Ohhh
                    Speaking of Wadkins Glen....

                    I was curious why folks stay away in droves from IRL races at the's what I found:

                    Saturday July 3 - IRL on-track Practice 9-10AM

                    Saturday July 3 - IRL Qualifying 1:15 to 2:45PM

                    Sunday July 4 - IRL Race 3:30PM to 5:30PM

                    HOLY CRAP! The dang IRL cars ain't even on the track almost the WHOLE WEEKEND!

                    Now, that REAL IRL value. In a condensation kinda way...I think SSCA gets more on-track time. Too funny..AND TRUE!
                  • Why Do So Many Idiots Trip Over Themselves
           tell everyone else how badly they believe the Indy Car Series is doing? Why don't those cackling the loudest simply grow up and either (A) enjoy the sport, or (B) find something else to do. If you were not fans, you would not spend this much time moaning. Get a life.
                    • Crockegator
                      just proves there is interest in AOWR, just not the current offering
                    • pathetic!
                      You know you're pathetic when a Hobbson parody makes more sense than you do!!!
                    • Kudos
                      My hat's off to you- your comments are all spot on. The IRL faithful won't like your comments, because they are painfully true.
                    • Logic Fail
                      Comparing the Superbowl to impending rain at Iowa is so far from logical.

                      First, a Superbowl doesn't get rained out like a race does. A storm may delay it if severe enough, but it doesn't require 2, 3, 4 or more hours to dry the field before they can come back.

                      Second, I've been in race day traffic in Indy, listened to the radio indicate a washout was immanent, and turned around to head home (I think 1996). Imagine you were driving in from Des Moines (i think 45 minutes to an hour away) & were told it would be a total washout. Sure, I paid for & want to see a race, but you have to make a split decision. Commit your day to something you're told has no chance, or turn around and head back.

                      Third, the heat in Indy for the 500. Pretty similar premise to above. People take families to these events, they take casual fans, non-fans, etc. There are a lot of casual fans who have attended many, many Indianapolis 500 events & know how bad their seats are in the sun & heat. They simply don't go, it's not a priority to them. Even before the split, I always had years where people claimed some of my tickets, but were always contingent on weather. I even know people who won't go if there's even a healthy 50% chance of rain.

                      I'm not personally averse to attending in extreme conditions, and I've sat for entire days at the track hoping for a 'window'. Those experiences have made me a smarter fan though, and if the guys say washout when I still have an hour of traffic to navigate to get in. I'm going home....and I'm a diehard. Has nothing to do with the series health, it's just a fundamental flaw in a sport that requires a dry surface to compete.

                      Attendance likely down, SOME of the TV ratings are down, and I hate excuses as much as the next guy. But for you and AS to dismiss it as a factor. Massive logical failure. Respect is lost, and I'm done with this blog. RSS feed, removed.
                    • JoBu Doo Doo whatever
                      That post is a can o' gas. I have read it all now. Indy 500 fans, when the race meant something, sat around in the mud, the blood, and the beer (See '86, '76, '73 for starters) and soaked it all in, literally, awaiting racing to start or resume. The whole damn thing from dawn 'til dusk, rain, sun, and fun, whatever...was an EVENT. Now the IZOD CAR Series stinks so bad it only caters to clowns like JoBu who cries when he get a little sprinkly-sprinkle on his turned-around backward beanie.
                    • Spew
                      Spewing negativity....don't you have anything else to write about? Oh ya, the Indy 500 and the Colts is all the state of Indiana has to be proud of in sports.
                    • Hey, Otto Bock
                      I'm a grown up and I don't like what's happening in the sport. I would like to help fix it....

                      Unfortunately, some refuse to acknowledge the failures and damage before setting forth to enjoy the sport. The IRL is a squeeky wheel that needs some grease. My TRUE information aims to help correct a 15 year old mistake. The TRUTH will set AOW racing quit lying to yourself and face reality...the IRL sucks and it ain't gonna get better until we all face the facts.
                    • I'll take the bait..
                      I'll feed the Bitter Burt troll...

                      I believe 1996 was the 3 day ordeal. I spent a full day there in the rain, & the other day turned around, the final day I gave up a day's pay and went, so get over your righteous self.

                      You know I'm right, and you know the psychology is no different than the past, that's why you get so pumped up. All of you trolls are the same, there's nothing unique about your approach. Visit political or iPhone related blogs, same story. It's actually heartwarming to see that every blog society has it's classes. Fanboy, Objective Observer, and Troll. Cheers, Troll.

                      Maybe in your world of hangin' with a bunch of biker dudes in chaps and/or frayed cutoff jean shorts (not that there's anything wrong with that), it's all good to sit in the rain for 3 days. Adds to your fun. But for the vast majority with wives & kids, I'm spot on. You can take that to the bank. Hat-tat-tatterly.
                    • 1997
                      1997...sorry Donald D. :)
                    • Smart Move JoBu
                      Donald Davidson. Now there you have mentioned the King Gomer. JoBu, good move licking that boot. Davidson gets nasty when you don't get your Indy 500 facts straight. If you wanna get in good with King Gomer, tell him you know the starting position of Don Freeland in the 1957 Indy 500 and/or Stephan Gregoire's car number for the 1999 Indy 500. Maybe where Larry "Boom Boom" Cannon was born. It'll tighten his shorts and let you off the hook too. But you are off on a good start here with the sorryin'.
                    • WOAH!
                      Donald Davidson is a FOREIGNER? Did Sid Collins know this?

                      Aaaaah ha! So it IS Davidson who is running the speedway!
                    • reality
             media headlines

                      The American television audience for the third round of the US Open was up 22 per cent over last year.

                      First round of Masters breaks US viewing record

                      USA-England most-watched soccer game since 1994

                      Stanley Cup final hits 36-year best TV rating

                      Revamped NFL draft hits all-time viewer high

                      2010 Indy 500 smallest viewing audience in its history

                      "Fifty games into the monthlong tournament, ESPN and ABC's World Cup morning and afternoon coverage from South Africa has averaged a 1.8 rating and 2.8 million viewers. That's up 48% from 2006's 1.2 household rating and 60% from 2006's average of 1.7 million viewers."

                      So IRl apologists, what's the IRl's excuse again?
                    • Donald Davidson
                      is more than geeky. He is Trackforum-Level Geeky. But he is not running the Speedway.
                    • Iowa crowd
                      As far as Im concerned if you are writing a new piece and one fact is blatantly wrong, you have failed.

                      While there aren't that many grand stands at Iowa, they were mostly full. You can see proof here:


                      Everyone knows Indy Car has hit a low point but I truly believe rock bottom is in the past so why keep dwelling on the shortcomings? Let's focus on the positive and give Randy the benefit of the doubt.
                    • Bernard's Progress
                      I'd like to know about the author's credentials. He doesn't seem to know enough facts to make the opinions he makes.

                      A major journalistic flaw.,
                    • Y'all are daft
                      Ropin' Randy's done an incredibly good job with the fountain of feces he's had to work with.

                      And that is the problem. The 'league' is not gonna un-suck itself, no matter what he does. There's a reason why that is. And though a certain lot of you can't bring yourselves to admit it, you do know what that reason is as well.

                      Randy seems like a decent person. I almost feel sorry for him for getiing hoodwinked into this deal, but no one can 'fix' this farce.

                      code = nmp5m
                    • What would Jesus do?
             have the keys to the front gate. What would you do to correct the current status of the Indycar Series?
                    • Ratings
                      Hey what were the ratings for the last Champcar race? Hell, where they at this week - want to see what they are up to.

                      God, I love being able to say that. Zero, nada, Crickets...LOL
                    • reality
                      Funny thing is, Champcar's TV rating was only .25 less than your IRL's last TV rating. Suck on that TUCK
                    • What would Jesus do?/Crockegator
                      Jesus saves.
                      Muhammad is the only one that can "fix" the IRL. He'd be blowing up stuff left and right around there... ;-)
                    • Two Important Milestones
                      Here is a fact Indy Car haters cannot get past. cart killed itself. Twice. Years ago. There is no 'split.' There is Indy Car Racing. My suggestion for the haters is to grow up and work in positive ways to affect future evolution of a great sport. Acting like negative idiots serves no purpose.
                    • 2 days and almost 100 comments. Not bad for a series that, say it with me, "No one cares about". And this is my first comment. Otherwise there would be another 20 as i set the haters straight with documentable facts.


                      Why not compare apples to apples. Racing is down across the board in both attendance and ratings.

                      For example,

                      NASCAR ratings overview

                      Fox ratings through 13 races

                      2010 2009
                      4.8/10 5.1/11

                      TNT ratings through 3 races

                      2010 2009
                      3.0/7 3.4/8

                      Some select races
                      Daytona 500

                      2010 2009 2008
                      7.7/16 9.2/19 10.2/20

                      Las Vegas

                      2010 2009 2008
                      4.4/9 6.5/12 7.1/13

                      2010 2009 2008
                      2.7/7 4.0 4.3

                      this is true for most race series, tv ratings are down. Not saying the IRL ratings are not bad, they are but you need to compare similar things.

                      As far as golf, two words explains why it is up "Tiger's Back". 'nuff said. Well and the fact that the final round finished in prime time.

                      World Cup as usual is helped by the US having a strong team with a chance to advance. Now that we were knocked out, expect ratings to drop. Also, USA Today had an article about the large number of immigrants (legal and otherwise) making a substantial impact on soccers popularity.

                      Lets talk attendance.

                      MIS attendance at 100,000 down from 130,000.

                      â??Iâ??m just shocked at how many people we did have, because it probably could have and should have been a lot worse than it was,â??
                      Roger Curtiss, MIS President

                      NASCAR Hall of Fame attendance less than half of expected in first month despite two weeks of racing activities.

                      "Despite "lower ticket prices that most tracks have offered," NASCAR Sprint Cup events this season are estimated to have drawn 246,800 fewer people than in '08, a decrease of 8.7%, according to David Newton of The percentage is "likely even higher," as track attendance estimates "typically are exaggerated."

                      From Fontana
                      "Sunday's official guesstimate on attendance was 72,000.

                      Seriously? The grandstands, which seat 92,000, might have been half full. Maybe. But that might even be a stretch. Let's say they were and give 'em 46,000 for that -- which would mean there were another 26,000 in the infield, where there couldn't have been half that."

                      From USA Today
                      "According to estimates from official box scores, attendance decreased in nine of the first 10 races, with double-digit drops at Bristol Motor Speedway (14%), Phoenix International Raceway (13%) and Talladega Superspeedway (13%)."

                      It is not an isolated IRL problem.

                    • Bring tony George back
                      Stop acting so Indycentric ARROGANT about everything. Outside of Marion County the world LAUGHS at Indy. That never happened before TONY GEORGE got his mitts on the place (or the sport).

                      This Defender guy, is he the one who regularly uses injured Alex Zanardi crash pictures on various racing forums to poke fun at ex-CART fans? He is a VILE animal that shouldn't be allowed anywhere near this sport.
                    • There you go again
                      Iman...err or is it Defender?

                      Deflecting IRL's problems doesn't solve them. This has been standard operating procedure for the IRL and it's fans for 15 years.

                      First it was ovals, then a road course, the streets then less ovals, then even lesser ovals. Then make it a diverse series. Then make it all about Danica. Then young Americans. Then women. Then our cars don't fly. Then new IZOD lipstick to paint the pig.

                      Good lord, the IRL sucks and has for 15 years, 8 of them with the same UGLY flight prone-back-breaking chassis. GET to the POINT Iman....NASCAR doesn't look to the IRL to make it's rating look good, I suggest you stop this practice as well.
                    • NA$CAR PA$TCAR
                      The reasons the numbers are down on TV and in the grandstands is the simple fact the whole NASCAR fad, long running as it was, is lone overwith and the last hangers on are slowly dropping away a few races and seasons at a time. The sport is returning to niche status, third-tier. And yet, NASCAR was was so high up, it'll take another seson or two or three to reach the bottom. I think the pendulum is going to swing the entire other direction and NA$CAR is going to plummet to near obscurity in ten years. We are talking IRL-level obscurity. Racing is done as a major league sport in the USA within ten years.
                    • Still no suggestions
                      Still I ask the would you fix the Indycar series? The TV ratings and attendance figures, American Drivers have been throughly reviewed and noted. It seems no one has a good game plan. Something has to be better than previous formats.
                    • Here's how I would fix the IRL
                      First, I would appeal to the fans hurt by the split and subsequent killing of AOW by the Speedway. An apology is necessary and would get done.

                      Second, I would kill off the IRL moniker and anything related to it. Just it's name is like fingernails on a blackboard.

                      Third, I would find investors to either share in the reconstruction of the sport OR just sell the darn series to a group of investors willing to do the legwork.

                      Forth, I believe the regular thrusting of INDY as the main piece of the puzzle has damaged the sport as a whole. The series needs importance....this is why the split occured...INDY couldn't stand being LESS significant than the series. Now you got no one caring about the series...just the one two week condensed event in May. Very sad.

                      Fifth, get technical competition back in the series. It's been BORING for 8 years...get a clue.

                      Sixth, fire Bob Jenkins, Jack Arute and any other Hulman bootlicker.

                      Seventh, lose the TV promotion over production hype. Let the racing become the creator of personalities of the sport.

                      Eighth, start makes a race weekend a race weekend again. I ain't going to a track to see these 8 year old sled slog around just two hours. Friday open the gates free...but get some on-track activites going. This IRL apathy SUCKS. Seriously, just mail the chech to Penske or Ganassi and save us the trouble.

                      Nineth, get rid of Marty Reid and Scoot Goodyear. Guys, it's not working. I'd take Paul Page and Garry Gerald in a heartbeat..."the voice of" is important to identify the series and Bob Jenkins is too much of an indycentric gomer to get the job done. Fire him IMMEDIATELY.

                      Tenth...if that don't do it, well....some needs to start a rival series to get it done.

                      CART wasn't so bad now...was it?
                    • addendum
                      I believe the above would save the sport. It would bring credibility back to the Speedway, offer a clear direction for the sport and revive the series. It will put paying fans in the seats and raise attendance at the gate. It would raise the prestige of the 500 back to heights it deserves.

                      But, I fear Indy arrogance will defeat all of it. But, I still hold onto hope they'll all pull their heads out of their butts and make it happen.
                    • Voices Carry
                      Chief called it. "The Voice of" is major. Therefore, Bob Jenkins, Marty Reid, Scott Goodyear, and Mike "Boss Radio" King all need to join Brian Barnhart and Donald Davidson in the unemployment line. They are HORRIBLE. Gary Gerould was always one of the very best and so is Vince Welch. Enthusiasm without infliction of the Gomeritis. Oh, and Arute needs to scoot.
                    • Grow Up, Haters
                      "An apology is necessary." No, it's not. Get past that. Apologizing to six or seven blithering idiots who still refuse to budge from 1995 is stupid. Get over it.

                      "I would kill off the IRL moniker." Randy Bernard did that a month or so ago.

                      "I would find investors to either share in the reconstruction of the sport OR just sell the darn series to a group of investors willing to do the legwork." I believe the pockets of IMS are deep enough to see where Randy takes it first. One of the reasons cart killed itself was going public.

                      "Forth," Do you mean 'fourth?"

                      "I believe the regular thrusting of INDY as the main piece of the puzzle has damaged the sport as a whole." That explains why you just don't get it. cart took that fatal approach and it resulted in their death. Twice.

                      "The series needs importance....this is why the split occured" The 'split' occurred because a small group of the most colossally arrogant owners on earth boycotted all things Indy. That resulted in their death. Twice. What is so difficult to understand about that fact?

                      "No you got no one caring about the series...just the one two week condensed event in May. Very sad." Hmmm. Curious then that when I attended races in St. Pete, Barber, Long Beach, Texas, Iowa, etc., all were well received and well attended. It is my opinion that 'you got no one caring' is another of the vivid fantasies of the children of the cart who remain almost Mark-David-Chapman-esque obsessed with Indy Car. What else would explain your non-stop lunatic shouting?

                      "Get technical competition back in the series. It's been BORING for 8 years...get a clue." Oh, so you HAVE been watching. You may have heard the chassis announcement is coming in about two weeks. The engine formula has already been opened.

                      "Fire Bob Jenkins, Jack Arute and any other Hulman bootlicker." Bootlicker? Seriously? Grow up.

                      "Lose the TV promotion over production hype. Let the racing become the creator of personalities of the sport." I believe they ought to go further than Versus has gone. It's a new world...most have ADD-like attention spans. Coverage needs to accommodate.

                      "If that don't do it, well....some needs to start a rival series to get it done. CART wasn't so bad now...was it?" What was it Einstein said about making the same mistakes over and over and hoping for a different outcome? cart failed because they walked away from IMS. Simple as that. Figure out how to incororate the marquee, keep it front and center, then build your series. So far, Randy Bernard is making the right moves.
                    • Isn't this where
                      Isn't this where you show how grown up you showing dismemberment pictures to hammer home your points? Isn't it?

                      You're a part of the problem Defender. IRL tried the move away from center and they have this abomination called the IRL now, $644 Million deep and growing, 15 years esentially bankrupt, deep pocket gone, AND nothing to show for it.

                      Watkins Glen struggling to get's F2000 and SCCA week up there. They can't give tix away. Sponsors ready to bail...and you want the Indy "status quo". Nice work there Einstein. The common denominator in all of this is INDY arrogance. It is BIG two week race and the rest of the series is podunk tracks at fairgrounds....just like always. That'll sell BIG TIME on Madison Avenue.

                    • Randy and the 3 Sisters
                      Randy has a job to do and he is doing it! His boss is Mrs. George...
                      Just remember that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world!

                      Just watch RHR and if he is continually being bandied around... that shows how healthy the series really is. The new American face of the IRL can't get no respect! Is that Randy's fault also? OF COURSE NOT- Roger & Chip are doing fine-

                      Randy is can't blame him!
                    • Grow Up
                      "Isn't this where you show how grown up you showing dismemberment pictures to hammer home your points? Isn't it?" What are you blabbering about? Unlike you, I am interested in discussing Indy Car like an adult.

                      "You're a part of the problem Defender. IRL tried the move away from center and they have this abomination called the IRL now," The 'center' is IMS. It always has been. It always will be. Those who doubt that die. Twice.

                      "$644 Million deep and growing," I call Bravo Sierra. Other than Anthony Schoettle's vivid imagination, from what orifice have you dug out that number? You kids parrot it as if it is credible. Let's say $600 million has been spent on Indy Car (a laughable assumption). How much revenue has been earned, including from its marquee? How about an accounting instead of fiction, bub?

                      "15 years esentially bankrupt, deep pocket gone, AND nothing to show for it." Hmmm. That's odd. Fifteen seasons and counting, and the really smart people really like all the recent developments. You probably ought to define 'nothing' considering all the recent sponsorship announcements, formula changes, etc.

                      "Watkins Glen struggling to get's F2000 and SCCA week up there. They can't give tix away. Sponsors ready to bail...and you want the Indy "status quo"." Watkins Glen has always been a tough draw for anyone. It's hard to get to, in the middle of essentially nowhere, and although it is beautiful, it is an ISC facility. That alone makes it semi-toxic.

                      "The common denominator in all of this is INDY arrogance." Grab a mirror. Indy is the reason for the entire existence of the sport in this country. Embrace that fact or die. Again.

                      "It is BIG two week race and the rest of the series is podunk tracks at fairgrounds....just like always. That'll sell BIG TIME on Madison Avenue." You really are clueless. As previously stated, all but Kansas this year did very well. The rest of the season bodes mostly well also. My advice: Stop worrying. Stop being an obsessed loudmouthed child. Work in positive ways to affect future evolution. The new leadership of the series is taking it in exciting directions. Give it a chance. Those of use who have supported Indy racing since the 1950s understand evolution. It's 2010. Let's start by understanding that. Capeche?
                    • No Interest in Watkins Glen
                      From what I heard this morning, Watkins is expecting its crowd to be not only the smallest of the IZOD CAR races held there, but on about par with what CART drew the last time they ran there in the early 80's, which is to say, family, some friends, a couple sporty car types in seer sucker shorts and straw hats, and some SCCA types there for themselves. I guess Mario Romancini and Ryan Hunter-Weenie fever just hasn't caught on.
                    • Chief,
                      "This Defender guy, is he the one who regularly uses injured Alex Zanardi crash pictures on various racing forums to poke fun at ex-CART fans? He is a VILE animal that shouldn't be allowed anywhere near this sport." Strange, just a couple of weeks ago I was saying the same thing about you for yoru comments about barbequeing drivers. Strange how you go after others with it.

                      "Iman...err or is it Defender?" Again, I go on record against using anything tasteless in racing and you have the nerve to accuse me of being someone else? Get real.

                      "I would find investors" cart did that and promptly lost all their money for them. Interesting that you would make fun of the Hulmans for spending their own money and then suggest they go out and use others like cart did.

                      "Sixth, fire Bob Jenkins, Jack Arute and any other Hulman bootlicker." Really, so how are they the cause of the problem, or firing them is the solution?

                      "Seventh, lose the TV promotion over production hype" Really, the most successful racing series in North America believes the opposite. Are you saying they are wrong? Is that why they are so popular?

                      "I would appeal to the fans hurt by the split and subsequent killing of AOW by the Speedway." I thought cart killed itself. Make up your mind. Which is it?

                      The more you post, the more you sound like you are unemployed because cart went under. You hold personal grudges against people and things that really have no effect on the sport. You need to get over it and get a life. How many hours a week do you spend complaining and crying about a sport you do not care about?

                    • aah, who cares
                      did iowa even register a Nielsen number? Where's all the crowing about how great that TV number was? Somebody said it registered in the 0.1x range
                    • Cry me a River
                      Cry me a river.....
                      This is America where the market place rules.
                      Have an "AA" meeting and get it all out-

                      Randy is doing a great job, not his fault if this carnival fails.

                      We want American Autosports....with differences. Down with the monopoloy-Honda Sux!
                      Haiku Thursday:

                      King George was dethroned
                      The fish was deboned
                      Honda Sux. Boo-hoo!

                      Oh-Well, ...George and Roy and Speedgeek and Fishlady- (I mean Indygrl.) Don't Worry...Everything's Gonna be Allright with Ziggy Marley, Ragae sounds great NOW!
                      RHR...Keep the Change!

                      Try substituting Iowa Corn
                      for Brazil Sugar-
                    • IRL Infation Haiku
                      Big Bullies Unite
                      Dallara needs Obama
                      To help spread the wealth
                    • iOWaaaa
                      Word on the street is the IOWA race performed poorly in the TV ratings department. Combine that with sparsely filled grandstands and everythings coming up roses for the IRL.

                      Sorry to disappoint you guys but unless action is taken like I wrote above, the series will continue to tank.

                      What's funny is you'd all accept it if it came out of the mouths at 16th and Jonestown. Lock, stock and barrel. Let's hope they get some senses and take the advise.
                    • iOWaaaa
                      Word on the street is the IOWA race performed poorly in the TV ratings department. Combine that with sparsely filled grandstands and everythings coming up roses for the IRL.

                      Sorry to disappoint you guys but unless action is taken like I wrote above, the series will continue to tank.

                      What's funny is you'd all accept it if it came out of the mouths at 16th and Jonestown. Lock, stock and barrel. Let's hope they get some senses and take the advise.
                    • HOLMATRO SAFETY CREW
                      I was not responsible for the fire in Sim Sim's car, nor was I charged with putting out the fire. The HOLMATRO Safety Crew BLEW it all on their own. I hold them personally responsible for changing response protocol. EVERYONE in the sport hold them responsible, and we hear Holmatro is delighted that their name was associated with this farce of a response.

                      Quite a bit different than posting pictures years later of a horrific crash for the sole purpose of taunting.
                    • Bring Back Tony; robin Gay?
                      Proving once again the devil you know is better than the devil you don't know. Tony George cared. He may have made some mistakes. But he cared. His sisters ONLY care about money. And getting their kids jobs. They should sell the whole deal to Joie Chitwood and his boys. They'd fix things. Cowboy Randy has lassoed himself to Robin Miller. Hmmmmmmmm. Check out THE real reason Robin left the Star. What was ON his computer? And he's NOT married? Hmmmm? By the way Indy Car is DEAD! D E A D.
                    • aah, who cares
                      Toney George accomplished what he started out to do, destroy open wheel racing as it existed in the '80s thru mid '90s. Where is he now? More importantly, where is open wheel racing now? Anyone seen it on TV lately?
                    • reality
                      Chief is right about the wacko gomeratti and IMS. They love Hugo Chavez now that he is backing two IRL sleds. They even started their own communist organization, The Marion County Socialist Committee for the Preservation of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
                      • Indy Car Wins
                        There are, what...110 or so comments for this, and about 6 for the Pacers? That is one indicator of the relative popularity of Indy Car, which has obsessed fans. Even ones who act like they are two years old.
                      • What you were responsible for chief is tasteless comments immediately after the incident. Then you try to link me with some other poster? grow up. As usual, you have no inteligent responses so you deflect. That has been your M.O. from the start.


                        What is your post about? I swear, the haters just get more bizarre. I guess in their twisted world that somehow made sense and/or was funny. Go figure.
                      • IRan-L
                        Randy said he was changing the name of the series "IRan-L" to Indycar...maybe he will bring back American Ethanol.

                        As far as "Bernard hasnâ??t raised any of the racersâ?? profiles". One man can only do so much....some of these kids need a miracle-

                        Also where is the respect for the Hulman family? The series has lost its core American values so Americans watch Rolex...and the other series. ("N word" not allowed here.)
                        This series is BORING and Jack Arute is even trying his best- Everyone loves Jack!

                        Don't blame the messenger for the news and get ready for a 4th of July race that will tell the whole story-
                        Love the clothes, love the extreme fashion but the racing....well its certainly not veracious. Suddenly American Karting is just below the American standard and that is whose fault? Maybe it started with the Honda monopoly and the Japanese model of business that needs some new face.
                        Suddenly elite fashion is being marketed from people who barely have a high school education and can't speak publicly without saying "you know" or "hum" is LOL funny. SMH
                      • 644 Million....mmmm
                        400,000 fans combined at BY400 and Indy 500 @ $80 average ticket price = 32,000,000 a year x 15 = 480,000,000. This doesn't include the F1 races or Moto GP money or concessions or merchandise.

                        Chief - Don't worry about the Hulman George family they still have a 2.5 mile ATM in their possession.

                        Enjoy the Champ car race this weekend ....err...huh...just enjoy the bbq.
                      • That's major $$$
                        But, how come it's never been profitable??? Belskus and Randall confirmed so. Tony George run out of town on a rail. Bernie Madoff in prison now.

                        It's called "whistling past the graveyard" fellers. you all do it.

                        IRL sucks. The HOLMATRO Safety Crew blew protocol. Iowa didn't even get any ratings. Watkins Glen can't give tickets away. ICONIC crew delaying decisions. PENSKE strongarming IRL back to Detroit with Italian chassis, Japanese engine and Brazillian ethanol. Sponsors reviewing "exit clauses".

                        Just keeping it REAL, friends of the IBJ.
                      • Artarded
                        [quote] There are, what...110 or so comments for this, and about 6 for the Pacers? That is one indicator of the relative popularity of Indy Car, which has obsessed fans. Even ones who act like they are two years old. [/quote]

                        Why yes... The NBA is nowhere near as popular as the hIRL is. Why Rush Limbaugh wan't talking about the fight to sign Lebron James yesterday, he was talking about Danicles and Milka and the rest of the WGAFs who run in the hIRL. :rolleyes:

                        The sudden influx here, of the AOWR destroying series "fans" suggest to me, that the following statement could be true.

                        "IZOD is said to be concerned about the Indy Car racing fan base. The venom spewed on a couple of the forums has them reconsidering from a marketing standpoint. And that is no joke. Nice going, forums fans. Nice going."

                        Death Watch 2010 continues... :-)

                      • aah, who cares
                        Penske, Ganassi, Andretti, Coyne, Conquest, HVM, KV, N/H are at the track this weekend.
                        Where are Bradley motorsports, Team Menard, Kelley Racing, Vision Racing, Buzz and Greg and Buddy(twice) and Sharp and Jaques and Racin and PJ, and IV, and Special Ed racing this weekend? What about Robby Unser, and jim Guthrie and Scott Harrington, where are they?
                      • reality
                        Who won the races last year? Penske, Ganassi, Ganassi, Penske, Ganassi, penske, Ganassi, Ganassi, DCR, Ganassi, Penske. Where is the indy racing league, yo?
                      • "AA" Meeting
                        "AA" Meetings aren't really doing the trick for the fan base.
                        The original idea with RHR and GR and the golf outings were great..everything was gonna be allright. Then you have the 50 or-so-devoted snake pit lovers (who think they own the series) and the George Family who was ransacked, Vision racing(who got a scathing, berated treatment by their "mates") so what exactly was supposed to happen? There are no more Paul Newmans in this series- just some very selfish team owners that are only interested in their money making endeavors. Sorry for your loss.
                      • Bitter isn't Better
                        Just read this on one of the blogs and had to LOL.. "The legions of the miserable die-hard fans over at Track Forum that worship PT will never admit it, but his time has past. There is a reason he has been available for three seasons and no team has picked him up for a full-time ride."
                        The Know-it-alls in the series apparently have all the answers, maybe RB has been kistening to the stupid bloggers in the basements! HMMM...Something to think about-
                      • Grounded In Reality

                        IZOD Indy Car Series = In business for 15 straight seasons with no signs of imminent death.

                        cart/champcar = Non-existent, bankrupt and buried.
                      • reality
                        Fact Izod Indy Car Series, a hobby as described by the IRS, never has been a business, see IRS, has been bankrupt and on life support for it entire existence, with no signs of life

                        Iowa TV Rating: .09
                      • reality
                        Anything I can do to help Izod's parent company reverse a poor business decision and maximize value for its shareholders, I'm willing to do it. you can thank me later. I'm sure all you professing IRL/Mindy fans support the few companies willing to do business with the League
                      • Death by 1000 Cuts
                        Watching this demise and the Death by 1000 Cuts must be amusing to the entire George Family, especially Tony and his collapsed Vision. No chance that these has been legendary personalities will be welcomed into USF1. Some of the dirt-bags will be collecting unemployment soon. Including the imfamous bloggers with the trashy, humor that seems to stupefy the IRL readers...GAG-balled everyday by their postings.
                        IRL is now the advanced American racing league that starts with the cubscouts Pinewood Derby. Do they have Cub scouts in Brazil? Can't wait to see how they do in Canada.
                        IRL is so hard up now they need PT and they should pay extra for him since their blogging base has disgraced him.
                      • Aren't Former cart Fans Mature?
                        How is everyone enjoying the sportsmanship and maturity of disenfranchised cart enthusiasts? Their behavior probably makes everyone want to be a fan, huh?
                      • Aren't Former cart Fans Mature?
                        How is everyone enjoying the sportsmanship and maturity of disenfranchised cart enthusiasts? Their behavior probably makes everyone want to be a fan, huh?
                      • Oh, that's Defender
                        See, he's now A REAL FAN and GROUNDED IN REALITY. You can tell by his pompous arrogance.

                        Again, if the IRL wants my seasonal racing budget (like so MANY disenfranchised fans of both sides since the split) all they got to do is make changes that ELIMINATE the putrid taste of the IRL from our mouths. And, I think I safely speak for both sides of the split fanbase.

                        Without corrections this thing will never fly again.
                      • I'd add
                        Comments made by AOW enthusiasts are mature with a firm grasp on reality. Problem is no one wants to listen.

                        To the Defender types: Get your tin-foil hats tuned to the Speedway frequency so you can get your upcoming orders to follow their orders. I'm hearing it's a code RED Full deflection mode approaching.
                      • Code Red
                        This weekend is the Fourth of July, the running of the Camping World Grand Prix at the Glen and it seems like the next thing youâ??ll know the IRL series will be ....DEAD IN THE WATER? We will soon see who gets fired, who shows up, and who calls it quits.
                      • Ponzi
                        "Ponzi" is the incredible true story of the King of financial cons.
                        Anyone else in this IRL series fit this description besides Donald Dunn?
                      • 40% DROP in American Driver this week at Watkins Glen!
              's true. Uhhh ohhh. Combine this with the ROADCOURSES/STREETS TV ratings BLOWING away ovals in seasonal average. This ain't your Daddy's IRL anymore. FACT, and a mature observation of facts.
                      • reality
                        On the issue of potentially pairing up with the IZOD IndyCar Series for race weekends, France essentially dismissed the idea of doing double-headers with the marquee Sprint Cup Series dates saying, "there are scheduling conflicts and we don't have any interest in doing that either.''
                      • But but
                        If France's won't cooperate, how's the IRL gonna hitch it's wagon to "Randy to the Rescue's" $20 Million Bonus Plan For PENSKE and GANASSI dual-series partnerships?

                        Wasn't Bill France that encouraged Tony George to start the IRL? Isn't it the IRL that's bring kicked off ISC ovals? Especally the ones that have the gates closed on Fridays during practice and qualifying for IRL events?

                        What gives? TUCK sez the Brickyard done took up the slack...Aunty Em, why'd they fire Tony George then??? My guess is they're (IRL) not going to be in Kansas any longer....
                      • Too Funny
                        What gases my can is word from Belsuks the "500" will move up to 11AM to try and capture some of those coveted Cup drivers to run both races. And the one guy they think might bite, Montalvaloya or whatever his face is, the fat Columbian that won it in 2000 and nobody cared, well that Chubby Checker right there the fans do not like, he don't give a lick of french fry salt for the "500", and it is another Ganassi situation. Too funny. Cup drivers, Delta Wing's, more excitement at Driver introductions, two different trophies, Baltimore-Mania, I tell is sheer hilarity watching this thing kick and thrash against the undertow.

                        BTW, two items, yes, Iowa got a 0.09. I looked it up. And yes, Robin Miller is a closted tooter. Let's just say he knows his way around the bath house according to the gay neighbors we used to have down the street when we lived in Indy.
                      • 40% DROP in American Driver this week at Watkins Glen!
                        40% DROP in American Driver this week at Watkins Glen! Since they don't celebrate the 4th of July in Brazil there are no excuses! Many of us know that the ship is sinking...especially T.G. who could probably care less now that his friends have deserted him. Better luck in US Formula-one. Actually ithas been fun watching the team owners work for a change. That is really fun and refreshing...the good old days are long gone!
                      • Dumb & Gayer
                        Bernard is an idiot. What major sporting event played IN North America on a weekend starts BEFORE 1 pm? Anyone? Put lights in and go prime time. Sat nite? Sunday nite? Or even Monday nite? Those cars? Those colors? WOW! It'd be awesome! Going back to 11:oo am is throwing up the white flag and it's ALL over! Those NASCAR boys DON'T want to come here. Get over it.
                        And Robin the Boy Wonder? He got Saint Bernard to hire one of his "boys" in the PR dept. Cowboy Randy has NO CLUE how weird RM is. Ask the folks at the Star - they'll you the stories. And there are many. Why you are at it ask Bullet Bill Benner if he ever went on any Colorado skiing trips and if anything ever happened? So many stories in the Naked City!
                        • Gay and Happy
                          Bernard is not an idiot but he is learning fast on the idiot curve. Like the rest in las Vegas, being wined and dined is easy living. You have to know when to hold em and when to fold em, RB probably knows that.
                        • reality
                          The Iowa TV rating more than doubled the earlier report:

                          The IRL & A Fart in the Forest
                          The June 20 Iowa Corn Indy 250 drew a 0.2 U.S. rating on Versus, not surprisingly down from last year's race on ABC, and the second-least viewed IndyCar race of the season.

                          Onion Gum
                        • Wadkins Glen GONER
                          "One of the most historic tracks in the United States could be hosting its final IndyCar race today because of financial considerations." -from insystar

                          Financial considerations? Can one of you grown up mature IRL insiders tell a non-insider what's going on? I thought the IRL was the cat's meow, the pride of the AOW universe. How could this happen on Randy's watch? Maybe they should hire Joe Gosek to bring in the fans...or Bentley Warren. Heck, I'd go to the race if it wasn't the IRL.
                        • Warren and Gosek
                          At their age, and Bentley is way up there, would put on a better show in today's junky Dallara's than half the field could. Ok, Bentley is an old man now. He might run 5th. Starting from last, of course, on a promoters option. Gosek is young enough yet to get a podium. Real racers.
                        • Haters world. IRL going down the tubes. Sponsors jumping ship. Bankruptcy eminent.

                          Reality. Izod hires Hunter-Reay for full season. Avis signs multi year sponsorship deal.

                          Haters have to hate it when reality blows up their view of the world.
                        • Real World
                          indyman's world. Izod Car League Series thingy is on the move.

                          Real World: Associate sponsord scramble to keep RHR is his seat after IZOD agrees as long as they don't have TO PAY FOR IT.

                          Reality Check - Not that the Izod Car League Series thingy sees many checks these days, but thanks Avis....nearly bare aluminum all around Watkins Glen...ALL AROUND it. The front stretch pit side, occupied by friends and family. Other side: MAYBE 1,000 people. Tops. T1- Now we are talking some buttage scattered around the aluminum. Maybe 3,000 people. Last turn: 4,000 estimate. Add a CAMPING WORLD scene that looked like Yellowstone the day after school started, and I'd say the IZOD Club Series League Car thing got 16,000 for the HISTORIC VENUE.

                          HORRID race. YAWN! I haven't slept that good in years. I can't watch this stuff anymore. I tried. But this series is awful. AWFUL. All of it. I'm done for the year except maybe Chicago. I like that track. Toronto? Wow! America can't wait! Paul Tracy Fever! The forum dorks at Trackforum must have firm appendage.
                        • Sad...very sad
                          When Emmo won the 1970 USGP I recall the place was jam packed, EVERYWHERE, all weekend. Open wheel fever! 90K, 100K or higher amounts of fans loaded the track that weekend.

                          I offer that in direct comparison to what happened today. It's a sad state of affairs when the IRL, the self-proclaimed top tier of US AOW, can draw more than about 15,000 to one of their Watkins Glen races.

                          Why? Why did the attendance suck so bad?

                          I hope the IRL front office is really paying attention. Fans HATE this 8 year old re-hash...and I am glad the IRL won't be tarnishing the Glen again.

                          Was the IRL created to destroy AOW racing? I think it's hard to dispute that is TRUELY the net effect. And that is SAD.
                        • I thought we weren't supposed to compare the IRL to other racing series? I mean that is what you say when I point out the issues NASCAR has. Now you are comparing the IRL to 1970 F1? I do understand the whole lets just pretend the major national corp. sponsorship, didn't happen thing. Really puts a crimp in your whole IRL failing sponsors pulling out insider info that you keep crowing about.

                          and 150+ posts for a series no one cares about.
                        • AOW
                          The IRL has failed....failed to capture the interest of AOW race fans. That part is sad.

                          The comparison was merely used to contrast cause and effect. At the Glen it appears the IRL's effect is no one wants to see them.

                          As usual you REFUSE to acknowledge the cause...I would gander a guess that the IRL is a tainted property, anything associated to it is as well.

                          Not disolving the IRL brand at the time of the merger in 2008 will forever haunt this series.
                        • Bad memories at the Glen
                          Watkin's Glen is one of the most beautiful tracks in the USA. The memory of our own Sam Hornish being kicked around there has left some the realization that his league is the place where the bombastic try to take out the Captain and Target. Not so easily done and it then becomes yawn-yawn. Izod likes the playboy entre' and the vegas lap-dance but that to will get old after awhile. Yawn-Yawn. It's not the racing venue...its the skunks in the woods.
                          Watching the girls race in this mutilated wreck is sad. But suddenly we have causes like cancer-race-cars to cover up the Iran-L toxic waste. Yawn-Yawn the mollycoddled team owner gets 37 people to give Him 37K. Almost as outrageous as the sugar cane ethanol commercial. Yawn-yawn, the people couldn't leave the stands fast enough.
                        • aah, who cares
                          Smile iman, the IRlcar series is now reaching WNBA TV numbers

                          ESPN2 drew a 0.2 U.S. rating and 251,000 viewers for Tuesday's Fever/Mystics WNBA game.
                        • Simona will save the day
                          This fat-legged, pear-shaped crasher will save the series. She just needs to slow down her obvious sponsor-speak interviews enough so that she doesn't seem to be high oncrack cocaine.
                        • Chief,

                          There are only two failures, cart and its successors and the haters when it comes to predicting failure.
                        • The IRL is one of CART's successors
                          FAILURE...IRL is a failure under your analysis.

                          I find it fascinating you have no opinion on the IRL and it's failures.

                          How many tracks has the IRL been kicked off of? EVERYTHING about the IRL is FAILURE. Yet Iman refuses to address the concerns....just like at 16th and Jonestown.
                        • Georgetown
                          For the record, the location is W. 16th and GEORGEtown, Chief. Georgetown. That is where the failure can be traced.
                        • Boy Chief, you sure change your story. One day cart killed itself, next time the IRL killed it. Now it is the IRL is a successor to cart. Would you make up your mind, or is it more like quit making up stories?

                          Can you name any track that the IRL got "kicked out of", but please use facts and not your mysterious secret connections to the IRL that always seem to be wrong. Please feel free to use links to stories that refer to the IRL being "kicked out of" a track. Oh by the way, your story about the IRL having to beg their way back to New Hampshire doesn't seem to be true. From the Indy Star

                          "The initiative has been a priority for track president Jerry Gappens, area, for the past three years."

                          And from the Boston Globe

                          "When he was installed as the track's vice president and general manager, who had a great appreciation for open-wheel racing and Indy car racing, in particular, initially approached the IRL three years ago about adding NHMS to the schedule after the IRL's reunification with CART, but wound up getting turned down."

                          Sounds more like Louden has been pursued the IRL. But of course that fact along with new national sponsors and competition for its chassis among some of the biggest names in the business really puts a crimp in your doomsday scenarios.
                        • LMAO

                          With 44% of the vote, the fans have honored Mario Andretti with the road and street course trophy naming rights. Winner of 23 road and street courses races throughout his long career, Andretti will join A.J. Foyt who was announced at Texas Motor Speedway a few weeks ago as the oval trophy honoree.

                          Road & Street course voting breakdown:

                          Mario Andretti 44%
                          Alex Zanardi 25%
                          Dan Gurney 12%
                          Al Unser Jr. 10%
                          Mark Donohue 8%

                          â??I was full of pride when I learned the road racing trophy would bear my name and that it was determined by a fan vote. Itâ??s the ultimate compliment years after I retired, to have the fans remember me this way. Thatâ??s the really great thing about fans. They keep you humble and grounded. They let you know when you mess up, and applaud your successes. And if youâ??re fortunate along the way, you make a lot of friends for life.â?? - Mario Andretti
                        • Why all the tears?
                          Oooooo, the dozens and dozens of indycar fans are up in arms over Anthony's little article. What's wrong? Did the big bad Internet man messy up yer day? Did he hurt your feewings? Get over it nerds, "THIS SPORT SUCKS" whatkins glen at about 10 fans in attendance, nuf said, NASCAR is KING (yeah man), I'll watch indycar if I wanna see a girl fight! PEACE
                        • DEATHBLOW 2010
                          Last year ISC (NASCAR) dropped the IRL from it's season tix "Extortion Pak" ticket purchasing...meaning fans weren't required to purchase IRL anymore. How'd that work out?

                          Last year Marlboro dropped the IRL FREE TIX VOUCHER program. How'd that work out?

                          You see Iman, the IRL all along was/has/been PROPPED UP. The attendance results at KANSAS, and WATKINS GLEN are the fruits of the IRL's labor. Side-by-side split second finishes are BORING now because in the IRL they occurred with alarming regularity...the IRL killed the golden goose.

                          With Indy having lowest attendance in 2010 and lowest TV ratings too in history...what's up? How do ya like it now? 0.2 in's steamrolling now....the Glen on ABC at ???. IRL's catching.
                        • ABC Broadcast
                          WOW...Jack Arute BLASTS the IRL, ABC and the Glen in a recent article. He implied the broadcast was horrendous and the race stunk.

                          When Jack calls the series out for a stinky product....well, you got a stinky product.

                          AVIS must be desperate.
                        • Blogosphere
                          It would be a real shame if Randy Bernard is using the IRL blogosphere for his game strategy. The kids in the basements voting each other up and down all day must be unemployed. Almost fell off the chair when Avis stepped up...who ever pays full price for an Avis Rental...Now we are driving for the cause with the star driver whose team "is falling on hard times." LOLROF.
                          The best drivers are Penske and Target and the rest are all on the grid for space; Can't wait to see the new Honda Mower. I'm holding my breath and laughing as Randy tries to explain "the future." We are not all idiots...some of us even went to college.
                        • Chief,

                          I keep telling you, when you quote articles or stories, post your sources. I would be interested in what Arute says, and what exactly he said since you stated he "implied" these things.

                          Seems strange when Arute says good things about IRL, you say he does not have a clue, when he supposedly makes bad comments, he speaks the gospel in your mind.

                          I expected a better reason for why Avis's sponsorship was the next nail in the IRL coffin. I mean every other good thing you try to twist into how it is the end. I was expecting more from you.
                        • Billy,

                          Not sure too many IRL fans are upset with Anthony's article. If anything, most are saying a lot has been done in 4 months and there is a lot more to do. It is more the haters who are upset because Anthony did not set up a timetable for the demise of the IRL as they have done for the last 12 years.
                        • Just Jack
                          Jack seems to be turning off ABC for Versus.
                          Jack is a loyal employee so we don't expect him to roll over on IRL...they have all but rolled over on themselves because now evryone wants cart back and now that can't bye-bye Braz-ican't "open-wheel" the chasm between ovals and street coarses bring back the memories of the good old days and the old boys cartel whines about losing money and suddenly charities for the sick and the poor kids, beg the audience to watch...even Jack is shaking his head.

                          We are all so effeced by the goodwill of these greedy pinchbecks. Jack is calling to the better sides of the sport but not much response so far; Except the regulars who are always there on the sidelines making us all laugh.
                          Who is going to be first to donate 37K for car #37. Times are tough.
                        • IMPLODING
                          This article is very fair to Randy Bernard.
                          It is difficult for me to be tough on him since he ADMITTEDLY does not know much about auto racing. For the IRL to close their eyes and just "hope for the best" with him, especially right now with the league struggling is a disaster waiting to unfold.
                          Here's a prediction....5 years from now there will be NO IRL...there will be the Indy 500 and a few exhibition races. I am not saying that for some "shock value" or to be the first guy on the block with a novel idea...this is where they are heading and there little opportunity to turn it around. Call it "the cats out of the bag"...or "putting toothpaste back into the tube" or whatever. Just think that Arie Luyendyk qualified at about 237 mph in 1996 at Indy...and what did we get from the IRL in 2009? A LOUSY 224+ mph pole speed at Indy. Do they seriously think that their fan base DOESN'T notice that? Do they seriously think that their fan base DOESN'T notice the cars crawling down pit lane with a SPEED LIMIT? Take the adventure and lure of speed out of racing...see what it gets you. In the 1950's, 60's and 70's the Indy 500 drew about 150,000+ people for you think the great Tony Hulman relied on marketing techniques?
                          Look what happened in Miami-Homestead for the final, dramatic race of the season. THE GRANDSTANDS WERE ALMOST COMPLETELY EMPTY! How sad is that?

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                        1. I never thought I'd see the day when a Republican Mayor would lead the charge in attempting to raise every tax we have to pay. Now it's income taxes and property taxes that Ballard wants to increase. And to pay for a pre-K program? Many studies have shown that pre-K offer no long-term educational benefits whatsoever. And Ballard is pitching it as a way of fighting crime? Who is he kidding? It's about government provided day care. It's a shame that we elected a Republican who has turned out to be a huge big spending, big taxing, big borrowing liberal Democrat.

                        2. Why do we blame the unions? They did not create the 11 different school districts that are the root of the problem.

                        3. I was just watching an AOW race from cleveland in addition to the 65K for the race, there were more people in boats watching that race from the lake than were IndyCar fans watching the 2014 IndyCar season finale in the Fontana grandstands. Just sayin...That's some resurgence modern IndyCar has going. Almost profitable, nobody in the grandstands and TV ratings dropping 61% at some tracks in the series. Business model..."CRAZY" as said by a NASCAR track general manager. Yup, this thing is purring like a cat! Sponsors...send them your cash, pronto!!! LOL, not a chance.

                        4. I'm sure Indiana is paradise for the wealthy and affluent, but what about the rest of us? Over the last 40 years, conservatives and the business elite have run this country (and state)into the ground. The pendulum will swing back as more moderate voters get tired of Reaganomics and regressive social policies. Add to that the wave of minority voters coming up in the next 10 to 15 years and things will get better. unfortunately we have to suffer through 10 more years of gerrymandered districts and dispropionate representation.

                        5. Funny people telling poor people how bad the other rich people are wanting to cut benefits/school etc and that they should vote for those rich people that just did it. Just saying..............