NASCAR insiders want Brickyard 400 under lights

July 26, 2010
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Could the Indianapolis Motor Speedway lose its place on the NASCAR Sprint Cup schedule?

What would have seemed utterly ridiculous a few years ago, may not seem so ridiculous now. Speedway officials said they absolutely want to continue the event, and insist it remains profitable.

NASCAR honcho Brian France, however, has IMS officials scratching their heads over comments he made at an impromptu press conference before Sunday’s Brickyard 400. He indicated that Indianapolis’ July calendar date could be shipped to Kentucky Speedway.

You must be joking? Well, this is Brian France, so maybe not.

“It’s no secret Kentucky is talking about having a Sprint Cup event and it’s not that far away and it has implications to Michigan (Speedway) and here from a geographic standpoint,’’ France told reporters at the IMS.

But what does that mean for the IMS? It’s difficult to say, but one thing is clear.

NASCAR officials aren’t about to sit idly by and watch attendance continue to decline. This year, NASCAR race attendance is down about 20 percent. At Indianapolis, it was much worse than that. Several newspapers reported this morning that there was an estimated crowd of 140,000 in attendance at this year’s Brickyard 400, down about 40,000 from last year. I’d like to know who was doing the estimation. I’d say the crowd was more like 100,000, unless lots more people were hanging out at the man-made beach than I thought. Remember, this is a race that drew at least 275,000 fans less than a decade ago.

I attended several NASCAR events Thursday and Friday, and there’s a consensus that something needs to change with this race to restore some energy to it.

One common theme was a desire to add lights to the storied Brickyard and move the race to Saturday night. Team owners, drivers and sponsors agreed that would likely increase the television audience and give fans attending the event some relief from the mid-day heat, which may be keeping them away in droves these days.

Qualifications could be held Thursday or Friday night, and the lights would also give the track flexibility for other activities. Most estimates I’ve obtained peg the price of installing lights around the 2.5-mile oval at under $5 million. That could easily be recouped in increased ticket sales in a year or two.

There’s a lot at stake for the Speedway. The IMS has long used profits from its NASCAR race to prop up its other enterprises, namely the Indy Racing League.

Now that the Brickyard 400's annual revenue stream has shrunk from $30 million in the mid 1990s to $10 million or less this year, dramatic action may be necessary by Speedway officials.

IMS CEO Jeff Belskus has some difficult decisions to make. He has a track record of being a conservative, quick to protect tradition and slow to make big changes. But remember, he was the Speedway’s chief financial officer before he replaced Tony George just more than a year ago.

The kind of declining revenue he’s seeing from the Brickyard 400 might be just the motivation he needs to step outside the box.

  • Not Going to Happen
    IMS has always prided themselves of being good stewards to Speedway, and I don't think they're about to add lights and let 100,000-plus drunk fans onto the Speedway streets at 11 p.m..

    This is about as laughable as in 2008 when NASCAR suggested IMS re-grind the track in order to help their tires that failed.
    • Why let the facts get in the way of a good rant?
      The person saying 140,000 actually counted the seats at IMS and put the number around 252,000. Sorry, that gives him a lot more credibility than your crowd number.

      So how exactly did they get 275,000 (your number) with no general admission a few years ago? 20,000 in the suites? Please.
    • fantastic
      Running it under the lights sounds like a fantastic idea to me. I bet Speedway officials wouldn't have such a big problem with it if you could demonstrate a large (larger) economic impact if the event was moved to evening. Besides, moving it to the p.m. doesn't mean it must become a drunk-fest. Most true NASCAR fans are there for the racing. I think you're getting this event confused with the Indy 500 of the '70s and '80s.
    • estimates, estimates
      Lance, who is 'the person' you are referring to. As far as I know, all the numbers are just estimates. You can count seats all you, want, but with ongoing changes in any venue, it's still just an estimate. And estimates are what they are. Have a sip of camomile and relax.
    • Tiger's Tail
      You grab it, you're gonna get bit. NASCAR was a friend to the Speedway. Enough so that the IRL killed AOW. Now, the Brickyard pullout...good job Tony George!!! You done'd well for all the fans! :(
    • Lights Out
      For NASCAR at IMS. As NASCAR continues its descent/return to third-tier semi-major league sport status, it has become obvious the fad has faded for stock cars at the Speedway. Close it out. NASCAR is so yesterday anyhow. And the youngsters they covet think it is a hilljack psuedo-sport to begin with. Go to a Mall and ask. NASCAR is over as a significant player.
      • Lights On
        Maybe the fad has faded for you, but I know my friends and I look forward to going to the brickyard every year.
      • France's Folly
        I have to agree with Burl; NASCAR has seen its apogee and is on a rapid decline. It's not just at IMS, but almost everywhere. Part of the reason is the phantom caution flags thrown near the end of nearly every race to bunch all the cars up for a fairy tale ending that will draw headlines. It has rendered the sport to fall into the same category as the WWE: purely for entertainment only. It's no longer considered a legitimate sport in the eyes of many who have turned away.
      • Could it be the economy
        Anyone think that those who attend the Brickyard 400 are the people who have been hit the most by the current economy. If we can't afford to eat what makes you think I am going to spend my precious resources on watching a car race. Devoted to racing but not stupid!!! That is a want not a need.
      • Glory Days Gone
        Sport, on a wide scope, is losing appeal. Even the NFL, which is now considered the premier sports league, is not on solid footing. NBA teams are bleeding money from high salaries. Corporate dollars cannot support major racing leagues like IRL, NASCAR, etc. Something's gotta give. It's sad to see the empty seats and the lack of energy at the track. Not sure what the answer is.
      • Chief Wasn't The First To Comment This Time
        I find that amazing. Also amazing is any notion NASCAR would suddenly dump their highest attended event of the year. People gnash teeth because about 40% of the seats were empty. That still means 165,000 of them got sold. The infield had a nice crowd too. I know ISC treats Indy Car as a threat and a pullout would not surprise me. It would, however, be a really stupid move on NASCAR's part. Consider me skeptical.
      • Source of Anthony's IMS Revenue Estimates
        Anthony, would you please cite the source of the IMS revenue data you are using? Thanks in advance.
      • Where are you coming from?
        Hey Lights out, it isn't the sport of NASCAR that has fans fading, it is the NASCAR officails taking control of as sport that was based on fast (yup, hilljack)street cars being changed to a Japanese strategic format. And this race may be so yesterday to kids at the mall, but the parents are the ones buying the tickets. Tell NASCAR where to go, not the sport. Night races are great & if we need to do that to keep the race here, it's great revenue for Indy. Revenue is not so-yesterday.
      • Yawn in any climate
        Whether they run under the lights or in the hot Summer sun, the Brickyard 400 is an awful race that features a single long conga line of cars and little to no passing. NASCAR is getting what it deserves with declining attendance and overall interest. There are too many races on the schedule,cookie-cutter box cars, too many drivers in every race and uber boring racing - unless you like seeing the drivers "go at it" banging and bumping their way around the track.
      • Chase
        Move the race to September, preferably Labor Day weekend. Lower seat prices. That should spike things just fine.
      • BP
        BP - that was about the craziest comment I have ever heard! Do you think the Speedway is going to care about letting drunks out at 5PM or 11PM when millions of dollars are involved? Also, lights could pave the way to bring a 24 hour race to Indy...
      • There used tp be a racetrack right here
        That will be the refrain from a Sinatra-like song in ten years anyhow. Indy has had its years. Get the 2011 Indy 500 in and call it. That land is worth a truck load for tilt-ups and mixed use.
        • So Sad
          The IRL was only a threat to open wheel racing
        • I attended my last 400
          Finally it took several posts, but SteveR hit it right on the head. Yesterday was my last race until the racing improves. Early morning, afternoon, evening, night...I don't care. The racing is pitiful. That is what they should be fixing. I've had tickets every year, but not next year. I'm looking at any other midwest track that has exciting racing to spend my money. The Speedway could cut the ticket price in half and I wouldn't come back. The 'follow the car in front of you' is just boring...regardless of the temperature.
          • Sinatra is gone and so is your idea.
            Take your trucks somewhere where 100s of thousands of racing enthusiast aren't enjoying themselves. Last I checked, the track is still a private domain kept open and barely profitable for our enjoyment, Indy revenue and puts us on the map in the middle of our cornfields. If you don't like it, turn the channel.
          • NASCAR at Kentucky Speedway
            KY Speedway has grandstands on the front stretch only. How many does it hold? Not nearly as many as IMS. I thnk the weather has something to do with lower attendance at the Brickyard this year.
          • Bring back the apron!
            while lights would help with the temperature, it won't help the on track racing. We need side by side, 2 grove racing. Put the old apron back and give the cars 7-8' below the white line and let em go at it. That would also help the 500. Remember Andretti & Mears going side by side in Turn 1 in 1991?
          • IROC DU
            In my opinion NASCAR has been in decline since they turned the whole series into a year long IROC race. All the bodies are the same, NASCAR dictates the shocks, tires. The teams put on their own stickers for the "brand" they are driving. I agree with safety which i always heard was the reason for the COT (car of tomorrow), but it's boring watching an IROC race. The the teams and drivers should have the latitude to develop technology. It's the same problem in IRL, which i thing is finally being addressed.
          • Financial info
            Defender, I have that information well sourced and have reported those numbers before. If you're interested in discussing it, feel free to call IBJ's main number, 634-6200, and ask for me, and we can discuss it further. That way, I can see your phone number on my caller ID and make sure I'm not giving my sources and sourcing information out to a competing media outlet.
          • Well...
            Lessee -
            Race cars that aren't modified stock - check.
            Economy in the tank - check.
            Paternalistic sanctioning body "rules" - check.
            No Lights for night running - check.
            How many of these are actually contributing factors that IMS and/or NASCAR can address?
            The top two are entirely beyond the control of either group. I'd note that not just attendance, but also TV viewership, is down across the board for ALL racing, not just NASCAR. Until the economy improves - or a drastic change is made in the formats (hint - the 500 did reasonably well during the Great Depression), the track - and the sanctioning bodies - are just going to have to bite the bullet. (the Indy 500 wasn't suspended until after Pearl Harbor)
          • who really cares
            Who really cares if every car is the same or different? Give me all Fords, all Chevys, all Toyotas. Make them look the same. Make them look different. I don't care. I want racing. Fix the racing and you solve the problem. Boring boring boring. It would be nice for the media to do a little research and see how many passes for position were made on the track vs in the pits. I bet it is very lop sided. I love racing. I love to watch indy cars at KY and TX...side by side, hold your breath white knuckle driving. ORP had the suprior race this weekend. Speed'em up, slow'em down. I don't care. FIX THE RACING and I'll come back.
          • You're all missing the point....
            Brian France suggested that Kentucky Speedway needed a date and may take the Brickyards.

            READ real S-L-O-W...that 400 race has been a snoozer for 17 years. ISC and IRL are at odds about IRL track rentals like Watkins GLen and Kanasas. When you kill the legacy of the Indy 500 with the IRL (started in 1996) and you bring in NASCAR to finance the IRL, well, you git what you play for.

            The opening video sequence on ESPN yesterday depicted it all with the great open wheel racers to Mario Andretti...and then larger then life JEFF GORDON pops up like AOW died in 1969 and took over.

            You see, the cows are coming home to roost. IMS, you played and LOST. NASCAR is laughing all the way to the bank...for KENTUCKY! Brian France is throwing you the finger....maybe you should keep siding with Eddie Gossage or Bruton Smith some more. IMS dolts....
          • Brickyard
            Today there is so much entertainment value out there. The young people see auto racing as a waste of time. To capture their attention, races must be short. A NASCAR race should be about 60 minutes in length. And that means nonstop action packed into the racce day. Practice for one hour. Qualify in one hour. Race in one hour. All in the same day. The sport might have a chance then. Otherwise, it is a total yawner for 90 percent of the population. The Ken Dolls in Matchbox cars Marathons are gonna have to stop.

          • BRICKYARD
            I had (2) hot passes for the race but declined...too hot to stand in the pits during the race. I go to Atlanta with hot passes and night racing is great. No sun, sleep in late...makes for a great weekend for those who travel.
          • Karma
            Things are drying up quickly for the Hulman George Family. Bet they wish they had some of those Tonybucks back in their pockets. Ouch, this will NOT end well.

            Anthony- I believe your numbers, SuperD has been wrong more times than anyone can remember. Insider? ha!
          • BRICKYARD
            Let them take it to Kentucky. The whole NASCAR is a big joke. Take you yard chair to any ramp on 465 and you can see more action.
          • I hope NASCAR leaves IMS
            I hope NASCAR leaves IMS and then I can laugh at what happens to the Idiot Racing League when they no longer have the profits from the BY 400 to prop them up.
          • Chief,

            Sorry, no one is taking your bait.

            Ok, Is Kentucky a threat? They seat 66,000. So it would cut the attendance by more than half if they moved it there. Not sure what France is smoking. I am not sure you could fit 150,000 seats at the track.

            Here are the issues for the Brickyard. Economy. has to be one of the number 1 issues, it is hitting all sports, especially one where people travel long distances to attend.

            Weather. As with the 500, 90 degree heat with a baking sun is going to cause fair weather fans to think twice.

            Over exposure of the brand. When you run as many races as NASCAR does, there becomes an overkill. NASCAR has driven off many traditional fans by leaving tracks such as Rockingham and replacing them with fancy superspeedways, replacing good old boy drivers with pretty boys, and taking the traditional "factory" cars and replacing them with identical spec cars. They are now feeling the pinch since many of the "new" fans are bored with NASCAR and the old fans are not coming back. NASCAR is not the flavor of the day.

            Regional overkill. In a 2 month span of time, NASCAR has 2 races at Pocono(cap. 76,000), 2 races at Michigan(cap. 132,000), Chicago(75,00) and Indy(Cap. 257,000+). Could it be that maybe there are too many races, too close together? Kill the second race at Pocono, possibly kill the second race at Michigan. Move the Indy or Chicago races at least two months apart. That should help. How many people who went to Chicago could afford to turn around two weeks later to go to Indy?

            Moving the race to Kentucky is just a threat by France to try to make changes without offending his multi track owners. He hopes to push Indy around since they are at a critical time.
          • Love it.
            Just kill the damn thing and go back to one race at the Mecca. Nascar exploded at the track and hopefully its demise was hastened by the crowd yesterday. I absolutely love it! You can't hide that could you NASCAR.

            The BY400 financed the IRL and killed CART. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED....piss on the fire and call the dogs...the hunt is over.
          • Here's an idea
            The young people today view NASCAR as pointless and a waste of fossil fuels. Ash heap it and call it clever. It had a good run. Tell these drivers and crewman and such to get real jobs. What? Can't find one? Join the crowd. But racing is a waste of time and money. Shut er down.
          • Hey Nascar....
            GIVE OFF MY DAMN TRACK! ,Love Ray
          • HARROUN.....
            Get his name right and it is his damn track, since 1911.
          • NASCAR & IRL
            Most every explanation above is a factor in the decline of interest in racing, but the bottom line is that society has changed. When is the last time you heard a hit song about my little GTO, or The Little Old Lady From Pasadina's superstock Dodge. The majority of young people do not revere cars or speed any more. Most 18 year olds no longer aspire to own the fastest car on the block. Things have chaged for good and no amount of marketing is going to change society back again. There will always be a niche market for racing. But the good old days are in the past. Most new hot Mustangs and Cameros are driven by people with gray hair these days. As one of those, I am very sorry that things have changed.
          • Small Local Tracks
            I stopped feeding my money years ago to the big tracks. My father and I used to go to MI, Bristol, and Indy every year to watch the "big time" races. I refuse to do that today. I now take my kids to Bloomington Speedway just about every Friday night. I live there so it is easy and very affordable. The racing is unbelievable and fun. Then twice a year we go to El Dora Speedway for some of the bigger races that Tony has there. Great track and great racing. Price is right for a family of four. The he!! with the big tracks and big circuits. Give me the small, local tracks any day of the week.
          • Race Fan is Right
            Only a small number of young people care about fast cars anymore, and they are the rice burner set. If they are into any motorsport it is Drifting. NASCAR, Sprinters, the Indy 500, all of that is what their Daddy or worse yet, their Granddaddy was into. Two-thirds of young people out there today think auto racing is a waste of time, expecially NASCAR. Depsite its best efforts, NASCAR is still thought of as hilljack. Does not matte how many Ken Dolls you trot out. And when they see seriously old men, realtively speaking in terms of sports, out there steering around such as Mark Martin and Bill Elliott, it really seems non-sport to them. I won't even get anywhere near what they would think about Morgan Shepherd out there at what? 90?
          • I blame IMS
            I blame IMS for everything...the IRL, F1 tire fiasco, NASCAR tire fiasco....Brian Barnhart, Danica, Milka, Helio...everything. All of this in the sad shadows of what once was the most revered tracks in the world, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

            What a shame...the Speedway's heritage and mystique all sacrificed for one man's little dream and vision. Blame no one but yourselves IMS management. See you MCL's...
          • Lights = Thumbs UP
            The ONLY reason I didn't go was because of the Mid Day SUN. Too HOT.
            NIGHT WOULD BE GREAT! More exciting as well.
          • Indycar makes people sick
   says so
          • The Real Truth
            The sport of automobile racing, as a high-level professional endeavor, is on the way to extinction. Gone entirely in 8-10 years max, probably less.
          • Saturday race better for travelers
            I think a Saturday night race would help attendance because many people have to take off work Monday if traveling from a far distance. Maybe, GE or some other light related company could foot the bill. I prefer Saturday night races because I have Sundays off like most people and can sleep in. Weather being cool also helps. There were a lot more people at the Indy 500 than the Brickyard 400 this year. I think we will see Indycar come back to the top this decade. My dad is a huge Nascar fan and never missed a BY400 until this year. He thinks its too hot, too expensive and the racing is not that great. He is not affected by the economy by the way. Maybe some lights and restrictor plates to pack them up like Daytona would help. LOL
          • The night time is the right time
            Add the lights. Run the Grand Am race in May to precede the 500 and do the Brickyard 400 under lights in July. We could also see an Indycar race on the oval or the road course at night...
          • The economy?
            Let's face it; although the economy is still bad, the quality of NASCAR racing is even worse. Who wants to bake in the sun to watch a single file parade of cars? Lowering ticket prices and allowing children to enter for free is a sign of even worse things to come.
          • Chief,

            After comments like that, how do you expect sane people to take you seriously? I am thinking you baked in the sun too long. You really need a reality check. I am guessing tomorrow the BP Spill, DoD information leak, Steve Carrell leaving the office and the fact you stubbed your toe will all be the IRL's fault. I guess it does make it easier to have someone else to blame for all that ails you.

            On topic, I am amazed at the number of media outlets including ESPN, Sports Illustrated and Speed TV that are referring to Ganassis triple crown win of Daytona, Indy and Brickyard. Goes to show how the races are still held in high esteem.

            The more I think of the threat of losing the race to Kentucky the more I think either France is bluffing or he was out in the sun too long. I hope some media asks him how going from 140,000 spectators at the most high profile race course in the world to 67,000 at a backwater track is a good idea.

          • Days of Thunder Asunder
            It is clear NASCAR is finished as anything significant at the Speedway. But there is more.

            Racing no longer attracts much in the way of derriere. Large swaths of aluminum glistening in the Indiana sun resolve to a passing of the old for the birth and promise of something new. Leveling must commence following the 2011 Indianapolis 500. Mixed-use is in, auto racing is out on sustainable acreage. Such are the days. Losses must be cut and investment maximized. Memories will serve a generation, perhaps even two. They will be fond recollections and then history itself shall take command and record as curious footnote for subsequent surveyors. Well-placed plaque will denote for passers-by too, those of the pedestrian unaware at least, that here long-ago were endeavors of speed on a majestic rectangular stage. And so the time has come. To quote Bryan Adams, who got it oh-so right in his musical ode to a much simpler time: â??I guess nothing can last foreverâ?¦forever.â??

            Indianapolis Motor Speedway. 1909-2011.
          • Or to quote Mark Twain, "the rumors of my death has been greatly exagerated."

            Keep predicting Burl and you will keep being proven wrong.
          • Right-O Indyman
            Right was I in my prediction the Sickyard Fo-Hunnet would have a serious lack of buttage. So yeah, I will keep on keepin' on Indyman.

            Next up....TV ratings at or near all-time low for the Fo-hunnet. 3-ish.
          • And I am betting you will see the same at Pocono, Watkins Glen, Michigan, Bristol, Atlanta and so on. I bet I do well on my predictions too.

            Kind of easy to make those predictions when the just about every other race has the same trend.

            I further bet that Jimmie Johnson will win a few more races this year, Kyle Busch will tick off more fans, that the winner of the regular season will not win the chase and that at least one NASCAR fan named Bubba will be seen on tv stating that the tornado sounded like a freight train as it took Mamaw away in the trailer.

          • Baked? Naahh, I'm boiled...
            Indianapolis 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, early 90's = ONLY needed the 500 to stay prosperous, full grandstands, highest TV ratings, EVAH.

            Indianapolis (since August 1994) to now = 500 at record attendance lows (tv ratings lowest ever), Brickyard insignificant, F1 GONE, MotoGP different fanbase, Indy lights...who cares.

            Who invited NASCAR? ANSWER: IMS. Who invited F1? ANSWER: IMS. Who started the IRL? ANSWER: IMS. Who cares anymore? ANSWER: I do, because the SPEEDWAY is responsible for it's fate and the fate of AOW. Both of which are FACTUALLY in the crapper.

            But Iman likes it.

            Look friends, putting lights up ain't gonna do it. The racing SUCKS.....isn't it time everybody stops looking at all the OTHER reasons than what is the real reasons? Same for IRL same for NASCAR. Fix THAT and rain or shine they'll come....just like when the 500 was the only game in town. About $675 MILLION ago.
          • Lots of Childish Whining
            ....very little in the way of mature solution offerings. That is pretty typical of the shriekers. In you attempt to turn the clock back to 1994, flatten the earth and bring 'back' the glory, how do you propose we do away with many recent entertainment offerings, get rid of the pesky internet in every home, and remove about 500 national television channels? Back in the 'glory' days we did not have those things to worry about. Please enlighten the adults about how to get all those genies back into their quaint li'l bottles.
          • Inevitable
            Aaahhh, the descending spiral that is IMS, great job Tony George, you're a genius!
          • Night Races are not a Panacea for Declining Crowds
            Interesting points, Anthony, but night races aren't a panacea for what ails the Brickyard.

            One needn't look further than the audience decline at the IRL events at the Chicagoland and Kentucky speedways. Since those events debuted, and were near sell-outs at both venues, the audience, on-site and off-, has continued to decline.

            The decision was made to move those races to night for the same reasons cited above for the Brickyard ... and the audience erosion continues.

            Perhaps the problem isn't the time of day or the location of the sun.

            Maybe if the racing was better? (After all, isn't that why NASCAR convened a fan forum?)

            Perhaps if Goodyear had been more professional and had produced a proper tire to stage a proper race two years ago. The IMS still gets complaints about that race, even though it was Goodyear's faux pas. (This would entirely account for the audience erosion difference at the IMS versus the massive erosion at other venues.)

            The problem with the Brickyard isn't the time of day it's run. The general erosion has affected everyone. Where you used to need a papal intervention to get tickets to Bristol, you could get them walk-up this year.

            Lights aren't the problem. The product is.

            Tom Beeler
            Racing Information Service
          • REAL racing
            If you want to see real racing, go see the USAC midgets, USAC sprints or the World of Outlaws. Go once and you will never go back to the single file, haul ass and turn left mentality of NASCAR at Indy. Half their schedule is the same boring "follow the leader" crap. Go once to an open wheel sprint or midget race and you will see real racing at it's finest. NASCAR in the 50's and 60's were looked at as a bunch of rednecks beating hell out of each other in a shitbox called a stock car. Looking back on it now, those were the glory years. They have lost touch with where they came from and are now paying the price. Go get back in your $1.7 million RV, drive to the airport and jump on your $30 million private jet and fly straight to hell. These guys are not real race drivers, they are pampered, spoiled, and removed from the fans completely. They simply have forgotten where they have come from and they deserve it in spades. USAC and OUTLAW Open wheel racing. It is AMERICAN, it is RAW, and it is REAL. GET a CLUE NASCAR...........!!!!!!!!!
          • So Chief, do you like showing your ignorance?

            You posted "Indianapolis 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, early 90's = ONLY needed the 500 to stay prosperous, full grandstands, highest TV ratings, EVAH.".

            Well the problem with that is the following"

            The race was broadcast live on WFBM in 1949 and 1950. Then is was shown live on closed circuit in theatres during some of the 60's and early 70's.

            From 1965â??1985, ABC broadcast the race via tape delay and as live segments on Wide World of Sports.

            It has only been shown live nationally since 1986.

            So kind of hard to be high ratings for the last 4 decades when it has only been broadcast in its entirety since 1986.

            More facts for you to chew on.
          • NASCAR To Fine Drivers With Opinions
            NASCAR must really be peeing collective pant. Now they announce they will be fining the Ken Dolls for toggling from Robot Mode to Opine Mode. Something about saying things detrimental to the sport. Now that is a can and a half of hoot. What dentrimental to the sport is the stink pie on the track. And I am not just talking about what Tony Stewart does in his drivers suit most races.
          • Here's an idea!
            Shut IMS down next year and sell the valuable land underneath for the development of an aquatic park and botanical garden with mixed use commercial/residential in a concentric-circular town center-style development focusing on pedestrian thoroughfares. Feature a central park with a bandshell performing arts venue for summer theater and musical fare. A bistro would be nice. An art center with library. Think: Community.

            The land is too valuable for twice, thrice a year races that are increasingly irrelevant and becoming more sparsely attended. Plus, auto racing is so, so, I donâ??t knowâ?¦.yesterday! It is just soâ?¦..90â??s.

          • Get Use To It.
            Auto racing has it its peak and is in decline, that's the way it is. The economy plays a part, for sure, and it's had a good run, but, in essence, auto racing is a niche sport. It's back to the 70's, and the Powers That Be need to learn how to do well in the new-old environment.
          • Mr. Beeler
            Send best wishes to everyone at RIS, especially Mr. Hollander. 74176,42 :)

            And Tom, your comments are SPOT on. Careful, you'll be labeled a "hater" here.

   brung her, you dance with her.

            Iman....Attendance applies to the date range I provided. Attendance has dropped for the 500, 400...and F1 DUMPED the speedway. All FACT and applicable. TV ratings apply where applicable.
          • Lights
            I believe lights at the speedway would bring a lot more opportunities to the speedway !!!!!
          • Well considering Indy did not have over 150,000 permanent seats until the mid to late 70's, attendance has dropped across the board for just about all racing, and F1 did not drop Indy, Indy refused to meet Bernies extreme demands which is what has killed every USGP, your batting average is not real good.
          • You're kidding, right?
            150,000 permanent seats? SO the "400,000 in attendance" approximation by the Indiana State Police which fueled the legendary lore about Speedway attendance in the first place, is WRONG? Where the heck did they put "400,000"?

            Iman, you are saying the State Police is LYING? If I understand you correctly, you are saying Indy really never was what it was purported to be.....just to justify your belief that the Speedway made the right decisions in 1994 and 1996, and eventually in 2008 too.

            It's over, the Speedway lost....lost us the fans and $675 MILLION in doing it.
          • More Reasons...
            As I see it...

            The hot weather was not the issue. This year's 500 was among the hottest race days on record. We didn't see the same huge attendance drop on that day.

            The only passing during the Brickyard 400 (and many other NASCAR races) happens during pit stops. Montoya had the fastest car all day and yet still lost due to having a longer final pit stop. Why not just make the race a pit stop competition since that's the only way track position changes?

            People want to see a sport, not pay big money just to be marketed to. Over the past 10 - 15 years NASCAR has morphed into a huge, traveling marketing experience disguised as a sport with contrived rules to try to ensure that all commercial stakeholders receive sufficient ROI. Both old and new fans alike see right through it, resent it, and are taking their discretionary entertainment dollars elsewhere.
          • Speedway is in trouble...
            Just got word from Dave Kallmann at Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel that Randall was up there saying that if the Wisconsin State Government coughed up $400,000 next year, the IRL will stage a "successful" race in Milwaukee.

            WOW...DEATHBLOW 2010! continues. Trying to extort monies from state government in exchange for AOW racing services that they already kicked out of the Mile.

            If NASCAR move the brickyard date to Kentucky the IRL, and speedway are in HUGE trouble.
          • Oh The Humanity
            When, specifically, will any of these dire prognostications actually come to pass? So far your track record is mostly just meaningless hot air. Meanwhile, I am looking forward to attending the next few Indy Car races in person. I'd like to see Indy Cars at Milwaukee again, but their debts must be resolved first. You have a consistently difficult time telling the difference between being kicked out of some place and choosing not to return. You should learn to deal more effectively with actual reality. Like most adults.
          • Sources
            Did ya get back to Anthony regarding sources? Where are your sources? If I enter "IRL Defender" in will I be able to see your fine work?
          • Chief, one of these days you are going to think before you post. First, there is a healthy debate on the 400,000 figure. Always has been. The Star counted 257,000 permanent seats a few years ago. If true then that would mean 143,000 temp seats and infield admissions which sounds very high. 350,000 is probably the largest crowd Indy has seen which includes the drunks passed out in the Oldsmobile.

            So yes, during the cart hey day, the admissions were probably over estimated by ISP. Hell, they were within 10%. Not a bad guess.

            As far as your word from Kallman, most of us call it reading a news article, the $400,000 is not extortion, but the IRL asking the owner, The State of Wisconsin, to foot the bill for promoting the race. Reading the article, it clearly states the $400,000 is to create a weekend festival with the IRL as a centerpiece. I give Bernard credit, NASCAR walked after getting stiffed, the IRL could have to since they are still owed $1 mil. So see, another track they were not kicked out of. Have you ever provided proof they were kicked out of a track?

            The IRL has always had great races at Milwaukee, and they have a good fan base. I hope it works out. The Milwaukee Mile was the oldest continous race course in the world until the promoters screwed with it.

            If NASCAR moves the Brickyard date to Kentucky, NASCAR is in deep trouble. First, losing one of the most prestigous dates on their schedule, one piece of the triple crown per ESPN, SI and Speed. Losing 190,000 seats and if Kentucky sells out, still losing 73,000 actual fans compared to this "low" attendance 400. They also will tick off a lot of fans and a lot of drivers and they would make a lot of track owners nervous. France is trying to blunt IMS coming back and asking for more favorable terms since NASCAR's product is fading.

          • Indyman a 75 percenter
            Over at Gomerforum, the spittle chins are asking the inevitable, Have you lost interest? complete with one of their geekdom polls. That is a hoot. So far nearly three-quarters of those Donald Davidsonâ??s over there say they have not lost interest. Fierce defenders too. In the absence of female company and the possibility their momâ??s could walk in on them at virtually anytime of the day thus causing much humiliation upon themselves, especially at their ages, what else do they have to do but religiously follow and worship the Izod Turd all day. The same thing is going on in the world of NASCAR except on that end there is plenty of kinfolk around the trailer park for female company. But with old 3 done gone boots up for almost a decade now and his boy unable to win unless he gets a NASCAR Raptor with a JATO under the hood and the other actors in the series remember their lines and placements, then the bearded redneck boy Jesus canâ??t stir their souls so they tend to do back to catfishing and watching the knuckle-draggers at Bowman Gray come a Saturday night. I swear, this sport is so deadâ?¦â?¦â?¦yesterday I mean. Somebody needs to bury it. The stench is rising this hot summer. And Randy the Dandy just moved his bowls on Wisconsin. That is stench worth sniffing ove at Gomerforum and in Indyman's room, but the rest of us just stare in disbelief from a safer vantage point. Please, get the backhoe out boys. Get er in the dirt.
          • Let's Be Serious...
            ...Tony George and IMS have done everything they can to destroy motorsports in this country. That's simply the cold, hard facts. Everything Tony George has done is an abject failure. Everything.

            The only thing worse than harkening back to the good old days is failure to recognize the wreckage that lies directly in your line of sight.
          • Word out of Indy today
            I wonder what degree of banking ISC will opt for at IMS
          • Looks Like The Doom/Gloomers Are Wrong Again
            IMS announced today that tickets for the 2011 Brickyard 400 in many of the lower seats in popular grandstands are now priced less. Good news for folks looking for bargains! Important takeaway for the worry warts: 2011 Brickyard 400. It does not appear that Brian France and the boys are pulling out after all. Y'all can put your quaint li'l fears to rest now.
          • Only Defender...
            would see ticket prices dropped to blue light specials as a positive for the Brickyard 400. Ha! But I digress, let's get back to something tangible:

            Without the younger fan, the league cannot sustain. What is needed is this: The races actually need to be conducted at malls. Yes, malls. Thatâ??s where the kids go. And not just any mall. It has to be a major mall with Abercrombie, Forever 21, a place where they can hold an Electric Daisy-type of festival as a side event., and has a Seattleâ??s Best. The circuit should be a roadie, but not an 11-turn type of course. More like a kidney-shaped track where the Indy cars have to slide it into a four-wheel drift at opposite ends. And it canâ??t be long. No 79-lap, timed for TV two-hour affairs. The races have to be short and snappy. They have to be something you can bust out on a webcast or You Tube download. So we are talking like fifteen minutes tops. So they can do like three or four a night, yes night. The infield area can host an ongoing beach party and low and slow mobile show. More serious fans can watch from temporary stands on the perimeter. The Food Court needs to stay open for grub and there must be a post-race dance, mixed race/gender/gay integration, techno-pop in which the drivers can mingle with the fans. Hot chicks have to be let in free so guys can hunt. You can do this in many major cities and attract a new fan base. It all has to be Facebook. It can work. Drop Indy because that is like so yesterday anyhow. I mean that is like, maybe your parents but really like what your grandparents were into. Iâ??m sure. No, you can make Indy Car racing so off the hook, this way.
          • Defender, they will continue to do so because that is what the haters do. They hate IMS et al so much they want it destroyed like it destroyed (of course says cart destroyed itself)cart. That is why they continue to plot, pray and plan the death of IMS. But of course the next day the sun comes up and they are proven wrong again. I mean somehow Hungryman is blaming all of autoracings woes on TG? Really? That is why it is fun to laugh at them and hard to take them seriously. They are an angry group who obviously have nothing else in their lives to move onto so they continue to hate.
          • Indyman Is Right
            IMS was here before any of us were, and it will be here long after we depart. Those who believe otherwise are clearly deficient in their ability to think.
          • Perhaps
            But, it appears the tix fire sale worked so well at 18 or so other former IRL venues that this has SUCKSESS written all over it. IRL is even going to state govenments everywhere in an effort to get $$$ to stage unwanted IRL events.

            Why don't they just GIVE TIX away for the Brickyard or Indy?

            I'll go to Indy IF the speedway gives me free tix and a room to board for three days....I'll cover travel expenses. Anthony, if you can act as the free tix broker for me, I'll come down to Indy...for both races. Deal?

            I'll even sit with Defender and his siamese twin attached-at-the-brain Indyman. Come on Speedway, do it for the betterment of the sport....FREE!
          • Belskus Acknowledges the PROBLEM
            From IBJ article:

            "Three days after witnessing the smallest Brickyard 400 crowd in the race's 17-year history, Indianapolis Motor Speedway CEO Jeff Belskus said he intends to cut ticket prices for about 75 percent of fans at next year's race.

            "I can't deny that having as many empty seats as we had (Sunday) is a disappointment to me," he said. "But we have a lot of people here and a lot of opportunity here to rebuild this event and bring it back. It's going to take the full effort of everyone here at the speedway and at NASCAR."

            Belskus' immediate plan calls for tiered pricing, which will cut prices up to $20 for seats closer to the track where sight lines are not as good. The coveted higher seats will cost more. He also plans to cut general admission prices, used for the first time this year, from $40 to $30 for advance purchase, and he will retain the new policy of allowing fans 12 and younger into the infield for free with a paying adult.

            The changes are a major shift for a venue long on tradition and steeped in history."

            Great deals, huh Defender? more like NASCAR has forced the hand of the Speedway...DO SOMETHING or your out on your BUTT.

            Good for NASCAR.
          • Caught in another lie about Milwaukee, he now goes out and claims IRL is shaking down other cities. Any facts to back it up? of course not.

            NASCAR did not force IMS's hand, IMS realized it has to overcome the problems NASCAR is facing.

            Of course chief is asking for a handout, why should he be any different then cart when they bankrupted multiple times.

            So I guess since you are panhandling for tix, it means you must have decided their will be a Brickyard next year. So much for that prediction.
          • Simple Mathematics
            Let's say IMS sold 165,000 seats at their normal price this year. If they sell 150,000 of them next year at a higher price, and 50,000 or so more at slightly lower prices, then IMS makes lots more money. They would also sell more fattening food and cheeseball merchandise to attending fans, too. Belskus is good at counting beans. You don't have to be well sourced to figure this one out.
          • Bean counters
            Yup, I agree Def'nder. Seems like Mr. Belskus was taking action on something you actually questioned earlier in the thread...the fact that the Speedway cash cow (Brickyard 400) is down on revenue...ala north of $20 million. Did Anthony set you straight?

            My predictions (or your fantasies about my FACTUAL comments) are in fact FACT. You just can't stand it...

            Indy, Toronto, Edmonton and even Baltimore are getting state the IRls want Wisconsin to cough $$$. Sorry IRL fools, Milwaukee dumped fans showed, no one made money.....DONE. That's how the IRL does business. It kills markets....just like the brickyard 400 market. IRL taint all over it.....
          • Special Chief
            Chief, I gotta hand it to you. Reading your lunatic rambling sort of reminds me of watching Special Olympians playing basketball. Lots of shots occur, but none of them ever actually ever go in. But it is fun, and those taking the shots have fun. That is what is important. Hopefully the coach will stop for ice cream on the way home.
          • First, is there a street course that does not get government money? Duh, they ae run on city streets. Come on chief this is the easy stuff. Please keep up.

            next what government money does Indy accept? We are waiting.

            Again you prove your ignorance. Milwaukee's promoter stiffed the IRL for $1 mil and NASCAR for more than that. Come on, you are making this too easy.

            Please name a prediction that you have gotten right. Short of stating the obvious, you are ofer. 0 fer every prediction.

            I will have to take exception to Tim may. That was just wrong. You owe the Special Olympians an apology.
          • Nice
            Ignorance on my part? Cute.

            Prediction...Toronto, Edmonton FREE fridays and weekend attendance were a ghost town. FACT. IRL can't even give it away

            Prediction....Toronto and Edmonton failures on TV. FACT.

            Pretty bold predictions that came true. Frankly when y9iu bet the IRL will win. Can't miss....

            Now, Belskus drops tix prices in attempt to fill grandstand due to NASCAR threat to pullout. Good week for the IMS and you Speedway bootlickers. Oh's a good idea to drop tix prices to allow more folks the opportunity to not come see something they didn't want to see in the first place. Hahhahhahaa....
          • Mining for Logic
            So what would cure these ills and bring about the utopia you crave? Tony George nailed to a cross in Monument Circle with Brian Barnhart and Terry Angstadt also crucified on either side? Perhaps making him carry it from IMS to downtown would be a nice touch. You keep doom and glooming, but offer little in the way of solution. It appears you just like to whine incessantly.
          • Utopia
            I don't have that answer...

            Racing is what it is, and frankly it's bland these days and pretty much the same darn thing. NASCAR, IRL and Grand Am....all spec racing series that took parts of the incredible spirit of innovation and competition and put it in the hands of of people like Milka Duno and Dr. Jack Miller.

            Seriously, the racing used to be great. Fix the racing starts with fix the cars which will fix the drivers that will fix the problem of interest for the fans.

            The fact the Speedway was used as a tool in the destruction of the AOW sport is significant as fan apathy continues to grow. It seems evertything is being done EXCEPT fix the problem...the racing SUCKS.

            Nailing BB and TA and TG to the cross would help in the interm. The speedway needs to restore it prestige....right now it's flogging itself repeatedly and fans can't stand the devolutionary period for the sport. I fear it'll be gone before they figure out the gimmicks were nothing but a waste of time. this fan knows it...
          • Glass Half Full
            A few points: Dr. Jack Miller has not been in an Indy Car for, like, thirteen years. That particular reference is not current. Milka? You have a point. She is not long for the series. Lots of people do not like spec racing. That is why the 2012 formula offers some hope. My experience is that the racing sucks sometimes, but more often than not the races are compelling, albeit more so in person than on television. The racing has always sucked sometimes (especially on most non-ovals) and I have been watching in person since 1959. My experience has also been the sport evolves significantly every few years, and I look for that trend to continue. Indy Car Racing is in no danger of extinction, and things, in reality, are looking up. Why not add maturity to your Indy Car obsession and try to enjoy it?
          • Historical points
            George Santayana once wrote "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

            The continued drone of the spec Honda, or the spinning flipping and crashing of the spec 8 year old Dallara....all are applicable historical lessons the IRL needs to learn from.

            Whether Jack Miller drove years ago is not the point....he shouldn't have driven and left an indelible mark on the sport associated with the IRL. Today, the tradition continues with Milka Duno.

            You want maturity and evolution from me? I say I'm providing it. It's you stalwart speedway bootlickers that want status quo...that have neither evolved nor matured since your daddy's dragged ya to the track back in nineteen-ought nine.

            Without the IRL, there would have been no need to expend the legacy and tradition wasted upon NASCAR, F1 or Indy Lights. But, instead you slaughtered the sacred golden goose whose only way back is to drop ticket prices and promote the dead racing that no one wanted in the first place.

            The truth hurts. So, strap on some maturity and accept the failures of the IRL, the Speedway, suck it up and help make it better. Stop acting like problems don't exist....that's how it all got into this condition in the first place.

            Your blog is perfect example of the 15 year IRL flagellation of failure.
          • The Great NASCAR Flame Out
            It is not just the Brickyard 400 that NASCAR had unrealistic, grandiose visions of. NASCAR�s plans for the Staten Island track went way beyond just having a 37th Cup date out there. When my old buddy in advertising worked for the Raliegh-Durham paper a few years ago he had some contacts at NASCAR and was told flat out over lunch one day they had plans to make it not only part of the Chase, but way beyond that. He told me a NASCAR source there was excited because they saw it as an opportunity to have their season finale in New York City, at night no less, and make it a big deal like a World Series 7th Game at Yankee Stadium kind of big deal.

            To do this they planned on shortening the season up by a month and ending things in late October, cold weather on a Saturday night in New York and against a possible actual World Series game itself be damned. This thing was to all be lead up to by a ââ?¬Å?playoffââ?¬Â? style thing over the last half dozen races or so. That is back on the table now as they are discussing something like that again. The whole idea was to have a super-hyped, playoff atmosphere, sudden-death overtime, mega-important, prime-time, celebrity-packed, lights, cameras, action event to crown the champ. They thought they would pull #1 ratings, 40 million watching kind of stuff. Thatââ?¬â?¢s how out of touch and arrogant they had gotten.
            This was the plan and why they were willing to invest so much money into that project on the island, figuring within a few short seasons, they would get total ROI, especially from TV revenue, the thinking being this was going to be their ââ?¬Å?Super Bowlââ?¬Â? every year, not the Daytona 500 anymore. That was still going to be the big kickoff at the start of the season, but Staten Island was going to the world beater.

            It is funny to see them losing their hind ends now. Years of arrogance and now they are spiral fading like a meteor in the summer night sky. So is the IZOD League. Racing, as a whole, has had its day.
          • Chief,

            Where is the info on the government subsidies IMS gets? I guess same place your proof for your other questionable claims are.

            What about your response to Milwaukee? The promoters left both IRL and NASCAR owed a lot of money. They chose not to come back until paid, is that what you call getting kicked out?

            First, from what I have read, tv has been up the last few races, so I guess that prediction hit the wall. Second, I already explained that predicting a trend is not a prediction. Attendance has been down in the IRL, as it has in most racing venues, and most sports for that matter. As I stated before, if I predict the rest of the NASCAR races will see a decline over last year in attendance, am I Notradamus? Nope, just playing the trend. You predictions are feeble at best.
          • Strange
            You are a strange fella Iman. My supposed prognostications are MEANINGLESS. It's the FACTS that you never address. Example: Brickyard attendance SUCKS, speedway takes drastic measures to counter a $20 Million DROP in revenues. Anthony has reliable sources. BUT, you want ME accountable?

            You and Defender marginalize FACT just to keep IRL and Speedway looking good. Any darn fool could see it isn't. So, put up lights, air condition the seats and lower ticket prices more. What's next, is the Speedway gonna send a car for me, or provide roundtrip transportation? How about FREE meals at the track...HOW much more do they need to do before they realize IT'S THE RACING that's the problem? Discuss that instead....
          • IMS wants Nationwide race now
            This is a big mistake. Instead of one boring NASCAR race at IMS, now they want two. The race at ORP is far better than the big boy race at IMS. If IMS takes this race away from ORP, then the haters will grow even more and will be a big mistake for IMS. TG never made this move because he wanted to be a good neighbor to ORP. I guess now it doesn't matter. Another desperate move by IMS.

          • Wow, that is a tact I did not expect you to take. So your prognostication is meaningless, but yet you still go on about it? Interesting. I have to agree with you by the way.

            I do not marginalize facts, when I state something I back it up with facts. I do not harp on the fact that the 400 had bad attendance even though it is still the top NASCAR race in attendance because it does me no good to harp on it. It is what it is.

            Even though you think I do, I have no pull at IMS or the IRL. I am just another fan like all the others. I could harp on this or harp on that, but it would do little good. When I do have an idea on how to change something I do share it. But unlike you, I do not spend hours trying how to run something I do not like into the ground on message boards.

          • The coverup
            Frankly I don't care what you think Iman. The fate of the speedway or IRL, or NASCAR won't be controlled by clicks on a keyboard....that's for sure. Especially mine....

            Folks are finally voting with their pocketbooks.

            I like OW racing, always have, always will. I don't like what has happened to AOW racing, especially since the Speedway took an active role to kill it with the inception of the IRL. It HAS NEVER made a profit, and has cost the speedway north of $600 million. That's an expensive waste of time and money to arrive today and see the crap that's on track.

            My comments are directed to help repair the damage done...and sometimes that is getting folks like yourself to open your eyes. If the speedway was successful and AOW healthy my points would be moot. But it's not successful and my observations are spot-on. And, you can't handle it.

            Eight years ago....

            THe IRl is gone places. YOU just wate and see. IN 5 years it wil be more popular than the NASCARs or FORmula ONe. HAHahahaha certaily is bigger than CARt is now hahahahahahaha
          • Word out of Indy today
            "I was once a supporter of the original IRL concept. Unfortunately, I fell for one of the biggest cons racing has ever seen."
          • So you do not care what I think, but yet you have spent countless hours complaining about what I type? I guess it is no stranger then spending countless hours complaining about something you do not care about.

            Another thing you do not care about is facts and truth. Ever find a source for your $600 million number? Ever find the supposed quote from Fred Nation?

            Your comments are directed to wident he split. It is to keep picking the scab and keep it raw and bleeding. You and your fellow haters cannot afford for the IRL to succeed, because it will prove who was right.

            Your points would be spot on if your racing series which followed your points had not died several deaths. But we know which one killed itself.

          • Word out of Indy today
            The Month of May...Condensed Twice,,,even with the 600 million dollar outlay
          • Castrocontrived
            Word, seriously now, out of an IRL "insider"...the whole Edmonton Block and Belligerence Edmonton Escapade was by design. A play straight out of the NASCAR book to steal the spotlight from the Brickyard 400. Players are: Brian Barnhart, Will Power, Penske, and Helio as the leading man with Blanche and the security guy in on the sham and told what to expect. Poor old Owne Snyder that it ws reals. Well, it worked. You guys call the NASCAR series WWF? Ha! The IRL is faker than fake. Why watch this sorry series. It is horrible. And oh yeah, Power was suppossed to win. Dixon just did what race car drivers do and took a spot. That was not in the script. Too funny.
          • time to change and adapt
            Having a race under the lights at IMS I think would be an excellent idea! I've long been an IndyCar fan since the 70's... along with being a Nascar fan. I wholeheartedly believe in IMS's steep traditions, but it's really time to change and adapt with the times. Either they change... or they lose the race. Simple as that. Not too hard to figure out. At some point some changes HAVE to be made. Now is the time to try a night race. I think it would be an incredible hit! I would be one of the first to order tickets!
          • a second groove
            One thing that has plagued the 400 the past few years is that it has basically become a one-groove track since the diamond grinding. A night race would allow for a cooler track... thus very possibly opening a second groove, which would make for a much more exciting race again.

            Just thinking of IMS having a Nascar night race gets me excited! I know A LOT of race fans that would get tickets in a heartbeat!
          • kentucky :(
            Also... being a fellow Hoosier... I would be greatly insulted if the 400 was taken away to head south to Kentucky!
          • Word out of Indy today
            IRL Edmonton TV ratings DROPPED 8% from 2009.

            Brickyard 400 TV ratings DROP 13% from 2009, BUT still WHIPS Indy 500 TV Ratings from 2010, 4.2 (BY 400) vs 3.68 (Indy 500).

            Maybe INDY 500, it's condensed old self, needs a good old homeopathic leaching or move it to an hour where the sun don't shine and folks aren't inconvienenced by the noise.
          • Being a Good Neighbor
            Putting lights up is being a good neighbor. Anyone seen the Friday and Saturday night before the 500 crowd at 16th and Georgetown lately? A Saturday night 500 will confine that craziness to Carb Day and Friday night. Is letting the Brickyard 400 go away being a good neighbor to local businesses. Lights at IMS will result in dramatically improved tv ratings for the 500 (making Indycar sponsorships more valuable) and improved attendance at the 400. Oh yeah, and the Memorial weekend double with a $20mil prize could become a reality.

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          3. Bravo! Someone else that is willing to speak the truth! Bravo!_____NBCSN is available in almost 2 MILLION more homes than just a few years ago, but Indycar STILL gets less total viewers than it did just a few years ago when NBC took over Versus. Attendance and ratings cratered with the end of season races (just when the title battle got "interesting" HAH!__________And race in Basilia, where Miles celebrated the "rich history" of Indycar racing there. Rich history? What, 7 events in the 100 years of AOW? Yep, some history. Well, at least its an oval. It's not??? Are you kidding me??? Gosh darn road racin furriners.

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          5. Problem: most of the people responding to this article don't know about this service AT ALL! Why? Lack of awareness. This isn't IndyGo. This is CIRTA: might as well be the mattress company because they are asleep at the wheel - something like 3 directors over the last year? Playing with federal grant money is great! This "region" wants commuter rail service, has spent MILLIONS on Transportation studies yet can't even support a commuter bus line? This is largely for suburban riders to get to downtown - not for "service people to work in our hotels and restaurants" ! Get your head out of your backside!! These are professionals, students etc. that don't want to fight traffic, save some money on parking, gas, stress.... if CIRTA would put their federal money into widely promoting the sevive to Greenwood, Fishers & Carmel instead of finding directors and studies - this would be a successful service. Our family uses(d) it daily for the last several years - but the recent uncertainty & now unreliability due to cuts from Carmel has been a problem. Now, costs us an additional $350/month for gas & parking ( $4200/year) plus vehicle wear, service, environmental impact ... YES - this REGION needs this this type of service in order to keep growing and getting the people it needs to fill skilled positions in downtown Indianapolis. Think outside of your own car !!!