IndyCar CEO faces first owners' revolt over 2012 car

August 26, 2010
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IndyCar Series CEO Randy Bernard is doing a good job of making me look simultaneously pretty smart—and pretty stupid.

I normally do a fine job of the latter all by myself, but I got a nice assist from the former angel of open-wheel this week. I say former angel, because St. Randy appears to have had his halo knocked off over the weekend in Sonoma.

News has broken (via SpeedTV) that IndyCar Series owners met last weekend during the open-wheel race on the left coast. The consensus is that owners aren’t wild about how the deal for the new 2012 car was worked out, they’re not happy about not being consulted on the deal, not being informed more about the price, and so they’re threatening not to buy it.

Some say this is all about costs teams can’t afford, still others say backers of the Delta Wing and other models are mad their choice wasn’t selected, another camp is calling this a flat-out owners “revolt.”

Well then.

I guess my prediction on July 14 that Bernard was about to start making his first enemies in motorsports is looking pretty prophetic.

But, to be fair, this comes in the wake of my upgrading Bernard’s grade as series CEO, a post he has held since March 1. That pontification on Aug. 12 is the part that’s making me look pretty stupid.

But enough about me and my appearances. This is all about Randy Bernard and the future of the IndyCar Series. For those paying attention, I also wrote July 14 that this is the day we find out how good a CEO Bernard is. And indeed we will.

Like it or not, Bernard is the future of open-wheel right now. He’s learning a hard lesson this week that the players in motorsports aren’t a bunch of buckin’ bull riders simply looking to stuff a few dollars in their cowboy boots.

Bernard surely by now has woken up to the reality that increasing attendance, TV ratings and sponsorship revenue may be the least of his worries. If he can’t get series leaders and team owners on the same page, the IndyCar Series has no future.

A bevy of people with agendas so hidden they resemble Bilbo Baggins after he’s slipped on his ring, pulling in every direction is the history of open-wheel.

Certainly it’s the history that’s colored the last 15 or 20 years. I never thought Tony George alone was the problem, any more than I bought into the notion that Randy Bernard alone is the answer for this series.

But Bernard better be the facilitator. He’s the guy who the Hulman-George family (sans Tony George) selected, and frankly, I’m not sure there’s time to change course with another leader before this thing completely blows up.

I can hear the chorus of people screaming from 16th and Georgetown already, “The Indianapolis 500 is too big, too historic to die.” Maybe.

Maybe it survives as a stand-alone event, as part of Formula One or even part of another series. At this point, that’s anyone’s guess.

What’s not up for debate is that if Bernard can’t get team owners to agree with him on something as basic as what car and engine formula will propel this series, he has no chance at achieving anything that will truly make this sport a viable business.

So here we stand—at the proverbial crossroads. Bernard has his jaw set, saying the ship has sailed on the car formula, that deals have been signed with Dallara, Honda and the state of Indiana.

It’s a brave stand, and I like that. It shows some moxie. And a lot more of that will be needed to lead this thing out of the wilderness.

What remains to be seen is which owners will end up on Bernard’s side of that crossroads, will the man anointed to lead this enterprise get flattened trying to coax his dissidents across the divide, or will he turn his back, let those owners go whichever way they choose and let the chips fall where they may.

And of course, which perilous fork in the road team owners take.

I won’t try to predict this one. I’ve already looked stupid enough here. It’s someone else’s turn.

Or maybe we can all take a pass on stupidity—and hubris—for a change.

  • 1978, all over again
    Well, they're running 10 year old cobbled together pieces of crap nicknamed "crapwagons".

    Owners (again) asked to come out of their pockets to finance the LEEgUE by being forced to buy new cars they have NO input upon other than the privledge to race at Indy and the IRL (not a big deal these days since it's all been devalued).

    IRL leadership digging in and making deals for themselves.

    Now this...the quasi-test balloon.

    Whatcha got here is a failure to communicate. And unless the great Randy can pull something out of his hat, you may very well be on the cusp of a breakaway series run by owners...AGAIN.

    $675 million....what a waste. Welcome to 1978 AGAIN....but which way with the Speedway turn? Will lessons be learned from the past? AJ is supporting the speedway BTW...some stupidity never changes.
  • Days of Blunder
    Doh! They don't want to buy our car? Doh! Maybe they can get Brian Barnhart to scream at them over the radio "Get in line!"

    AJ backing the Speedway again. That is a funny. What is that old has-been, nasty excuse of a human going to do when this whole thing closes out?

    Memo to Cotman: Update resume. See if Chitwood has anything over at Daytona.

    Memo to Bernard: PBR is more popular than the IRL. There is a job there for you.

    Back to driving trucks for you, Barnhart. Gimme four good ones! Har! Vrrroooommm. Big wheels rollin', big wheels rollin', big wheels rollin' movin' on....

    Just a quick shout out to Will Power: Mobody knows you dude. Get over it.

    Marco: It was never meant to be. Go back to being a rodent.

    Penske: You're an old man. You had your years at the Speedway.

    Mike King? You were horrible, dude. Go back to Kmart or whatever.

    The Indy 500. 1911-2011. It was a great run.
  • A couple of bones to pick with you Anthony. You quote the owners as saying "theyâ??re not happy about not being consulted on the deal," yet Gil De Ferran, an owner, was on the Iconic Committee. Seems they had a rep just like the track owners did, just like manufacturers reps did etc....

    I also question your source. I would take with a grain of salt anything Speed Tv comes out with. While it all may be true, don't forget it is in Speed Tv's best interest to sow discord in IRL since they are on a competitiors network.

    In addition, anytime a series makes major change, there are naysayers and complainers. Look at the COT and NASCAR? F1 and their proposed changes to bring down rules? This may be a major revolt or just sour grapes. Of course owners are going to have their favorite designs and be unhappy when they are not picked, especially so with the Delta.

    Now to Chief. As usual, you are a ball of schizo rants. You complain about 10 year old cars, but then you complain that owners are being required to buy new cars. Can you tell me of a major series where owners get cars for free? Explain how that business model works. You want non spec, new cars, it is going to cost the owners.

    As I stated earlier, owners had a chance to weigh in. They had a owner on the committee and plenty of time to put in their concerns. Like with anything there is sour grapes.

    So is this just moaning and groaning due to change, or is this truly something more? I guess time will tell. If Speed is the only source, I would question it.
  • issues discussed
    Hello Indyman. I appreciate your comments. Let me see if I can address a few. I agree with you, that the owners' complaints about not being included is strange given De Ferran's inclusion in Randy Bernard's committee. And De Ferran said he had lots of dialogue with owners as this decision was being made. But the owners I talked to this morning (3 of them to be exact) still contend they were either not consulted with or were not listened to. So, the plot thickens. But, I like you, thought that was strange. I won't argue the veracity of SpeedTV's report, but I will say they've gotten plenty right in the past. Also, I would point out, that Robin Miller, who broke this story, has been plenty complimentary of Randy Bernard and Tony Cotman to this point, so I don't think Robin has an ax to grind here. As for Chief's mental status, I won't touch that one. I've got my own set of problems. Thanks as always for reading, and commenting.
  • Big Deal!
    Robin does not have an axe to grind, but he needs to fan the flames to keep material for hits. The two owners who actually commented said it was simply a "sounding board" not a "revolt". BIG DIFFERENCE.

    You're not going to accomplish change without the ground shaking a bit. Most owners won't have an issue with the new car, some might when the time comes. They can be replaced.

    To think that the mindset of the team owners collectively is one of revolt is more than a stretch.
  • The ONE trick pony
    Sorry if you can't keep up Iman. The world looks different from all angles, try it sometime.

    I blame the Speedway for it's failure to properly communicate what is going on with the future of the sport. IF the hiring of Tony Cotman, many weeks after the ICONIC announcement and days following the first inclination of drivers/owners revolt (by forming a drivers advisory committee) wasn't enough, this is certainly a shot across the bow.

    For this to happen now is the WORST possible timing and Randy better get his ducks in line. 2011 budgets are being adopted now and this is sure to turnoff potential sponsorz.

    Only in the IRL can you have such backwards ways of messing a sport up. Here's a toast to you IRL management, you've out done yourselves this time. CHEERS!
  • Compete
    Make some basic rules and let the teams use different chassis. I'm tired of all the cars looking alike. NASCAR IRL what ever happened to real racing where there were really different cars??
  • If you don't like it then....
    build it yourself. Crazy idea yes but, in 1978 when some of these same owners broke away from USAC, at least 4 of them (Penske,Pat Patrick, AJ Foyt, Dan Gurney) built there own chassis and in some cases engines. Given all the concerns about cost, they should be able to write a set of rules then would allow the teams to build there own equipment using existing parts.
  • Compete
    Make some basic rules and let the teams use different chassis. I'm tired of all the cars looking alike. NASCAR IRL what ever happened to real racing where there were really different cars??
  • Too bad Soo sad
    What did you expect them to do? Watch out - owners defection series is up next. Bwahahahaha.
  • say brainless
    You are right - you don't need anyone's help to look pretty stupid. You do just fine on your own. So you're writing a story based off of someone else's story and trying to add more tension? Looks like historical fiction to me. I would suggest doing your own research but you probably have a tough time brushing your teeth in the morning all by yourself.
  • DP01 to the rescue?
    HUGE rumor...but one that would be a welcome solution to this stalemate.
  • Well DUH
    Moto GP in town and this is what you give us?

    Local racing-fuel supplier expands territory to 26 states

    Garsh, Golly-gee, what kinda hicktown is this place.

    Careful, you might run off another WORLD CLASS FORMULA RACING SERIES (like F1), by not paying attention to it.

    I'll bet the MotoGP has a bigger economic impact than A WHOLE SEASON of your stupid Colts does - and still doesn't cost the taxpayers a dime. Quit covering this dying series Anthony, even I am getting tired of this 3rd rate soap opera. It's embarrassing, and its a JOKE.

    Go dig up a real story Anthony, instead of regurgitating Gasolina Alley/SpeedTV garbage.
  • Barrel
    Who in the He** do you think you are in stating some of those comments about participants in the series? Are you smarter than AJ? Apparently not, he's been a successful driver, a legend. All you are is someone that likes to run his negative mouth.

    I just communicated with a very intelligent businessman in New Zealand. I asked him, off the cuff, what he thought of Scott Dixon. He stated that Scott is much loved in NZ and has put the country on the map.

    What have you done for the betterment of anything, Barrel?

    How about keeping your comments away from the personal attacks? Is that too much to ask?
  • Fuh-Knee
    This is truly a hilarious turn of events, one can only hope this puts an end to the open festering sore that is the i.r.l.!
  • New Zealand
    Glad Dixon has put New Zealand "on the map". Yeah, true enough, nobody had ever heard of that country until Dixon started running in the 0.36 Series in front of friends, family, and a hlaf dozen Trackforum Gomers.

    Well, good for Dixon! Good for New Zealand! Too bad none of it matters an iota.

    The IRL 1996-2011. Indy 500 1911-2011. Simple as that.
  • Denny Hulme
    No, Denny Hulme put New Zealand on the map.

    IRL's Scott Dixon couldn't carry "The Bear"s helmet long as he races in the IRL.
  • Idiot
    Speedtv must be making it up to try and "sow discord" due to the huge EARL TV ratings. Yeah, that's it.
  • Love it....
    The owners are what killed CART and now they are trying a power grab in Indycar...not going to happen. Ropin Randy says "leave" go ahead...start your own series..LOL!

    This isn't Andrew Craig for Christ sakes. Leave and we will field with other teams and who would care...we may get a .8 instead of a have no leverage owners. Leave...Please LEAVE!!!

    Can we please have a Jonathon Byrds Cafetaria car???...ok, for Chief's sake a MCL car?
  • Chicagoland Prediction
    Something bad is gonna happen. Just a sense I have had. But it puts the series in the headlines.
  • good ceo
    let those owners go whichever way they choose and let the chips fall where they may.
  • I agree
    If them ex-CART owners want and the 500's and IRL champeenships, well, they is gonna hafta get a new car. Pure and simple. Just like the past 10 years.

    Leo Mehl got PWNED! CART owners is OWNED by the Speedway now. There's a new sheriff and if they don't like it...well, hit the bricks.

    SO I agree, IRL and Speedway needs to tell them to go pound sand....IRL will make the rules and tell them when THEY want to what the rules are and stuff. It's the Murrican way. And they paid $675 million to do it too!

  • As usual Chief ignores my rebuttal of his statements. But again what would you expect,

    And if not already marked on our calendars, put Burl down for next year on the prediction schedule. To keep it interesting, I think we should place bets as to when Burl is forced to switch his prediction 2012 and beyond. I am guessing April of 2011.
  • Your rebuttal?
    I responded to your "schizo rants" statement. Your world has the Speedway at the center of the universe. My world has the Speedway as just a part of the AOW universe.

    Here's my rebuttal to you: The Speedway's disasterous attempt to seize control of AOW has virtually destroyed it. Burl was correct when he said "Days of Blunder".

    I encourage the Speedway to play hardball with it's owners. It will be the final straw in the effort to kill the sport, started by Tony George back in 1996. Go for it!

    Off to "Fast Fish Fryday" at MCL's! Mmmmm, yummy!
  • Any one seen Joliet Jake?
    Word out of Chicagoland speedway today sez the IRL is not welcome back there next year.

    Looks like ISC is severing the partnership with IRL because the BY 400 is tanking. IRL ship is taking on water from all sides. ABANDON SHIP!!!
  • Hulman George curse
    I like nothing better to see it die a slow painful death. The new regime that took over after TG was fired by his family, twice, had the opportunity to fix everything but is either too stupid or continue to listen to the few Tg hangerons that still pollute 16th and Jonestown. I can't wait till it's either sold to the Frances, a Saudi billionaire or best of all, bull dozed for a strip mall and a go kart track.
  • Anthony....
    MotoGP is in town.....something NOT INDY based and making money for the city. Hmmmmm.

    Why is there no coverage? least of the infield islands etc.

    I have pics of peeps having fun...why not here? You must be in Joliet, IL for the farewell appearance of the IRL there. Hope you have some good grades for Mr. Bernard again.

    Remember, we predicted the end of ISC tix extortion packs and Marlboro tix giveaways ending. IMAN won't include that in his psychotic prediction revealings.....from his bootlicker viewpoint.
  • Tony you are weak
    Showing your true colors here Tony Schoettle. You seem to relish in the stature of being an IRL bootlicker with not even a hint of MotoGP coverage. Please. Do you just take your cues from 16th & Georgetown and regurgitate their PR feedings? The word "shill" comes to mind as you are not even motivated/creative enough to find anything to write about regarding the MotoGP race?

    btw - there were more people at the quals event today than at your beloved hapless indy 500/IRL crapwagon "quallies" as you hicks like to call it.

    Really falling behind here Tony.
  • You answered my question about how you complain about old cars and that owners would have to buy new ones? Its ok, I won't go over the other things you failed to comment on. I think we all understand there is no explaining your double talk and blown predictions.

    I will give you credit that isc seems to be pulling their tracks. Marlboro give aways probably has to do more with the ban on cigarette adverts and was an easy guess.

    The best part is you and your fellow haters still have not gotten a major prediction right. IRL's demise, firing of Barnhart, and on and on. All missed, even though you keep pushing them back year after year.

    I am curious if the ISC pulling tracks is because they are concerned about the competition. why else would they be closing tracks to the IRL?

  • The obvious
    How about the obvious....there absolutely no value in the IRL. No fans equal no revenue for ISC tracks. IRL has been propped up for 15 years by the NASCAR SEASON tic. Now....gone. It's reality when you scorch earth the IRL way.
  • Much ado about nothing
    Well ok, much ado about a 0.2 TV audience "Haw-haw!" "Haw-Haw!"

    BTW, where is all the crowing from the League and reVersus about them grate TV numbers from the last few races? Must not be any grate numbers
  • Word out of Joliet this morning
    Good riddance, they say. And wow! That was a serious lack of buttage in Chicagoland! Third-largets city in America and one of the largest metro area in North America. What is the excuse this time, Gomertons? A summer Saturday night of perfect weather. What? Go ahead? Give us something. Come on, now. I know. The race is in Joliet. They would draw a sell-out crowd of 100,000 if the race were held in say, Melrose Park or Northlake. Millions would watch on TV. It would be all the rage. Clue: The product is absolute, mind-numbing crap. The cars are horrible. The "gimmick" of close racing in packs is so WWE even non-racing fans can figure it out. The game is over. One more season and these nobodies will have to go sporty car racing and/or get real jobs.
  • Talk about delusional
    ISC is dropping the EARL because they are concerned of the competition? No one at NASCAR is concerned about sub .2 ratings. No one. Nor are they concerned about a "series" that has a majority of races on REversus.
  • Could you do it?
    I was reading a favorite website this morning that quoted the 2008 words of Lee White of Toyota management fame. The quotes came from a Gordon Kirby article where White stated to Rod Campbell what he felt the IRL series needed to jump start it (as Toyota, Ford and GM passed on discussions regarding future manufacturer support for the series).

    White: "I did give Rod my opinion. I told him to go get a 1994 Lola or Reynard and put a Cosworth engine in it and go racing. Then you would have something that sounds great, runs great, looks great and puts on a great show, and everybody who loved them will jump at the chance to come and watch because there's still a lot of people out there who remember how great those cars were. Use that as a kind of retro starting point and build it from there. But I don't think they listened."

    My question....could YOU forget the past 15 years and start there again? With 1994 CART cars? I could. That's how much the IRL brand (car and everything) has tainted the sport. Just look at the TV ratings and attendance. Most racing fans agree.
  • Quandary
    Did peeps stay away because they knew it was a IRLcar league series race or do they just no longer care about IRLcar League racing or did they never care about IRLcar League racing?
  • iman's Racing league
    Versus is not the problem. If the IRLcar League series had fans, they would watch it on Versus. Versus is not the problem.
  • And TOney used his sisters' money to pay for it
    The IRLcar League series was the tewl used by NASCAR to divide open wheel racing. That is the only purpose the IRLcar League series ever had.
  • Randy's gonna be mad, Truth
    You have got to get the name of this thing right, Truth. Randy is gonna get madder than Barnhart on a Restart. It is not the IRLcar League series. It is the Izod Club Car League Series Club Thingy. I know it is a mouthful but it is what it is. These Izod Club Cars are the fastest thing in club racing. We ought to get the name of the club right. They have another meet scheduled for Kentucky this weekend. Maybe in this one the made-for-TV-that-nobody-is-watching, manufactured racing will result in "the big one". At least that will get them some Sportscenter time. It is coming.
  • What's an IZOd?
    Seriously, what is an IZOd? I seened some commercials and I think it's the YACHTing limp-wristed fruity-cupper demographic the IRL is going after. Can AJ fit into IzoD gear with penney loafers and the captains hat too? He'd look like Skipper in "Gilligan's Island". I'd pay to see THAT on pit road.
  • IZOD
    Is the school uniform of the IndyCar Series. They make a nice knee-length pleated short of seersucker linen with holes cut in the front pockets for Trackforum posters and Robin Miller.
  • By all accounts, the Chicago race was profitable for ISC, seems strange to drop a race that was making money. Of course the same could be said for all the ISC tracks. The positive thing is the track is being replaced with other strong markets.

    Are you seriously questioning Izods sponsorship? Hater to the core. Again, that really lessons your arguement.
    • Was?
      That's like "ALMOST"...WAS making money?

      Fact remains it WASN'T making enough money to hold off a Nationwide/ARCA weekend which will have 4X to 5X more in attendance.

      Randy sez the midwest IS USAC country. Well, Randy, you just got DUMPED from a big midwestern track in the heart of USAC country.

      The sooner the IRL moniker is gone and the Speedway fesses up for the wrongs it has placed upon the sport the SOONER it can be rebuilt. But, Randy is huckster and I suspect bait and switch is his game. 25 million AOW fans lost in the past 15 years.....and $675 million too.

      Kill the IRL, it's the only way.
    • Question for Indyman
      The estimated attendance for the Chicagoland race was 12,000 paying customers. I believe the facility has accomodations for 75,000. So basically there were 60,000-plus empty seats if we go plus or minus a couple grand worth of buttage on the final number. So with 60,000 empty seats can I hear the reason from you for such lack of enthusiasm on the part of racing fans in Illinois? What is the excuse this time? Starting time? Distance from Navy Pier? No Paul Tracy? A breeze out of the Southeast to 5 mph? Jay Howard Mania failing to take hold? Come tell. I wanna hear it. fact is, Indyman, N-O-B-O-D-Y cares about thsi has-been/never-was series of ride buying hackers, powder puffers, F1 rejects, and suit poopers with goofy haircuts, out of style sideburns, and faux-hipster images. The racing is pathetically and obviously contrived, the cars fuglier than bufugly, the officiating below club level, and even the TV announcers are gomerton geeks - not that anybody is watching. Thsi was just my second viewing this season and will be my last. Too hard to listen to class nerd Jon Beekhuis and watch Jack Fatute continuously make rump out of himself on camera. The whole thing, top to bottom, is bad on ugly. But go ahead, Indyman, give us the down low and good reasoning behind the fact the Chicagoland race offered so much space for the gomertons in their IZOD polos and Simona caps to stretch out on and enjoy a nice, warm, summer evening of club meet.
    • Chicagoland

      The trust is that ISC only pays 1/2 the sanction fee for a Nationwide race. They just didn't want to pay the IRL's fee, but may have if it had been lowered. Not in the cards for the Series. So, ISC gets a Nationwide Race instead.

      Boy o boy.......
    • IZODCAR bad business people
      So instead of logically lowering the fee to at least serve up an exciting product, contrived as it is, they lose to a second-tier NASCAR series in exchange for the hope of returning to a track that offers "tradition" nobody but Robin Miller and his lunch buddies care about, that produces racing only Gomers are interested in, and then has the sack to see if government can help out with some jack. Typical IZODCAR Club League Series Thingy thinking. Bad racing. Bad cars. Bad officiating. Bad owners. Bad races. Bad TV coverage. Bad announcers. Bad publicity. Bad marketing. Bad business sense. Bad everything. It is just plain BAD. BAD. BAD. Why prolong the agony? Just kill it after the 2011 Indy 500 and call it clever. Forget about it. The sport is done. Bernard needs to call Menard. He'll need work soon. Even after RM hit on him with today's love letter. Miller is getting bolder.
      • Word out of Ratingsville Today...
        My old friend in advertising looked up the Chicagoland overnights for me this afternoon and by crackie if the IZODCAR Club League Series Thingy nailed down a .20! Way to go IZODCAR! Now granted, Scooby Doo got a 1.1 and all but....
      • Owners fold....
        As expected, Ropin Randy owns them and now they have fallen in line. it. Andrew Craig and Chris Pook could not be reached for comment. They must be still at MCL for the Golden Salmon Patties and "Murder She Wrote" Movie night.
      • Word Out of Kentucky today
        Bruton may wish to reconsider. Mega seats available for this Saturday night. WIDE swaths of aluminum available for the stretching. That and a predicatbel .20 to .25 on the set does not bode terribly well for the future health of this series. Mmmmmm mmmmmmmm, no. It does not look good. Apparently, you can even get free tickets, like Infineon, and it still does not translate into buttage.
      • Word out of the Bahamas today
        Chris Pook is still sailing on his yacht and laughing all the way to the bank and your bitter and an irrelevant demographic for sponsors. Love it.

      • repeat....
        your bitter and an irrelevant demographic for sponsors. Love it.

      • MAXIMUM IRL FAILURE realized
        In the 15 years of Speedway and ISC/NASCAR partnership NOTHING was gained. NASCAR fans have rejected what the IRL has offered, and the IRL has turned off USAC and CART fans in the process.

        The fact ISC is kicking the IRL off all it's tracks is PROOF the IRL sucks and furthers the point that the IRL was the answer to the question NO ONE asked. TONY GEORGE'S vision was a complete and abhorrent FAILURE.

        $657 million and counting for a the wasteland that was once the Indy 500 and AOW. Great job IRL SCREWED UP.

        hey TUCK, Randy can own everything, it don't matter 'cause it's WORTHLESS. EVEN the IRL management knows it.
      • Chief
        you're bitter and an irrelevant demographic for sponsors. Love it.
      • I'm bored with you..
        I will see you the next IBJ article that tries to stir the pot.

        Remember, live is too short. Don't be bitter. A generation has past, nobody cares about IICS and I am good with go help a neighbor.
      • What demographic?
        The "15 to 25 million AOW fans lost in the past 15 years" demographic? Or the "fans yet to be fleeced by the IRL failure" demographic?

        Point: Do you ever wonder WHY the IRL fails in the majority of the markets its raced in the past 15 years? Sponsors and fans know the reason...,,,,,but do you Tuck? It's allways someones elses fault with the IRL. it should just go away and everything would get betterer.
      • local media
        in complete desparation to give away SpartucKY tickets. FREE camping FREE tickets FREE concert FREE flying Dallaras.

        The IRL: 5 fries short of a happy meal.
      • Hold it, the gang that couldn't shoot straight on their predictions is now claiming insider info on ticket sales, attendance, and the minds of track owners. Interesting that you guys claim to "know" what is going on, but then are so consistently inconsistent on your predictions.

        Poor Chief is still waiting for his personal apology and mea culpa from the IRL for wrongs committed against him by TG et al....
        Wait in line, behind the fans of the USFL, the AFL, The ABA and other sports leagues that folded or were merged due to competition.
      • How is Kentucky working out Indyman?
        The Izod Car Club League Thingy Series Whatchamacallit has a meet at Kentucky and today the drivers have practice. Yet, the timing and scoring (once again) was not working on the website for the 25 Trackforum members at home who follow that sort of thing in Mom's basement. AND the other 25 fans the series has, put their Paul Tracy caps on, borrowed money from Dad, grabbed a backpack full of Sharpies and a race headset, thumbed rides down to Kentucky and got there only to find out they cannot watch practice. CLOSED. Each and every passing week offers up a fresh new serving of stupid.
      • Smart Move by IZODCAR
        Capitalizing on his unlikely good run last year, and desperately in need of an American winner, the IZODGODS saw to it that Steady Eddie got the "special" motor for the Kentucky race. Takes pole with those extra horses. It was Steady or Danica. Fisher is too fat anymore, plus they both go theirs few years back anyhow. Trouble is, like those two before, Steady will not be able to capitalize on the gimme and yet another foreign metro nobody knows or cares about will win the race Saturday night in Sparta.

        Burl predicts .24 for this one. And mega aluminum and plastic avaiable for buttage in the Commonwealth.

      • Reality
        I'm the Low Hanging Fruit RR is shootin for. Not enuff gomers to pay the bills.
      • Sacred Cow or Oval Balance?
        I see the attendance at Kentucky was as embarrassing or worse than 99% percent of the other "Sacred Cows" that Mr. Bernard is chopping due to alleged promoter lack of promotion.

        How much longer is the IRL gonna try and pull the wool over the eyes of the AOW world?

        Mr. Bernard must realize the fans and potential fans know this is a sham. STOP wasting your time....the IRL product is CRAP product, with watered down BS racing. Attendance and TV rating PROVE that. And, the IRL wants to hike sanction fees....

        OH, the question is raised in the midst of the recent IRL celebration of the 200th IRL race (which convienently leaves out CART/CCWS records and the long history records of INDY etc), is this the 16th IZOD Indy Car Series 500 or is it the 100th indy 500? it appears the speedway is manipulating statistics and historical data to make it appear the IRL has been around since 1911.

        And you wonder why the AOW fanbase doesn't trust the lying control base of this sport?

        Hey, Randy, keep on insulting us. Even NASCAR delineates between the Modern era, appearently begun in 1979. Guess what IRL series was active in 1979? Whens the IRL "Modern series" begun? 1911, 1979, 1996, 2008? Fix it chump.
      • SO, what'cha gonna do?
        Other than bank on the fact you EXIST, what'cha gonna do Mr. Bernard?

        LOWEST TV ratings for the INDY 500 in 2010 since TV was INVENTED....OVAL race attendance LOWEST since AOW was invented.

        WHAT'CHA gonna do? Put some pretty bows in the drivers hair or invert the running order? Give DANICA a win? Pay for Special ED to go to MoNTegi? Get a TV crew to broadcast from some building in downtown city central? Have DOLLAR GENERAL open stores in HIROSHIMA?

        SPONSORS.....Indy and the SPeedway are a failure at running AOW racing. Look up the facts. LOWEST TV RATINGS EVER. LOWEST OVAL TV ratings and ATTENDANCE EVER! And the IRL is looking for a SANCTION FEE increase to dump non-performing races/tracks.

        I smell something fishy and it ain't MCL's FRIDAY FISH FRY. IRL SUCKS....Mr. something quick...please.

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