Full-page ad with Danica slaps IndyCar in the face

September 16, 2010
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I’m not sure which is more surprising; the fact that race car driver Danica Patrick is one of the featured speakers at the Get Motivated Business Seminar at Conseco Fieldhouse Oct. 25, or the description of Patrick event marketers chose to put in a full page ad appearing in the Indianapolis Star this week.

First, Patrick, as popular as she is, seems just a bit out of place next to Zig Ziglar’s other sports star supporting cast. Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw have eight Super Bowl championships between them. OK, even if sports stars aren’t my role models, these guys have really produced at a high level. They may have something to teach the business types out there from Dilbert to Hilbert.

But I’m not sure Patrick’s resume proves she has much to impart. The title over her name in the ad, and presumably the thrust of her talk is “What it takes to be a winner.”

Well, if you're talking about winning top-tier racing events, I’m not sure Patrick will have much to say. If you want to talk about what it takes to be a woman in a male-dominated field, you could probably do better than Patrick. Several women have broken more ground (even in motorsports) and accomplished more than Patrick.

One IndyCar victory? Well, I guess that is one more than a number of open-wheel racers, but she’s no Al Unser Sr. Nor is she Jeff Gordon.

Which brings me to my next point. I’m sure IndyCar Series CEO Randy Bernard—along with Patrick’s IndyCar boss Michael Andretti—loved the description of Patrick in the ad as “Elite NASCAR Driver.” Forget the fact that Patrick has never come close to winning even an ARCA race in her first year on the circuit. The least event promoters could have done was call Patrick an IndyCar racer in IndyCar’s hometown.

Talk about a lack of respect. Perhaps it's  just another small dig at the open-wheel series, but things like this erode the series' remaining credibility over time.

Alas, before you think I have no respect for Patrick, that’s not true. I think she’s young and has some talent, and we need to let her career play out before we write her epitaph.

And I think the Patrick haters are a little too quick to give her grief in situations where they give other drivers a pass. Since IndyCar drivers are headed to Motegi this weekend, the site of Patrick's only IndyCar win in 2008, I think that’s a fair place to start this conversation.

Much was made about Patrick’s Motegi victory. Many detractors said Helio Castroneves let Patrick win or she won only by playing the fuel conservation card. I’m not sure Castroneves letting her win is a terribly plausible scenario. But instead of calling her fuel saving tactics savvy, many seemed to agree it was a cheap way to steal a victory.

Oddly, I didn’t hear the same crowing when Castroneves used fuel saving tactics to win at Kentucky Sept. 4. Instead the headlines screamed “Helio wins strategically.”

Whenever Patrick runs up front at Indianapolis, talk among detractors always shifts to her relative light body weight, and decidedly away from her ability to steer the car through traffic.

So while I might not think she’s quite worthy of hitting the motivational speaking circuit just yet, I think Patrick deserves credit for what she’s accomplished. She’s the first woman to win an IndyCar event, and that’s no small feat.

But before she tells others it takes to be a winner (on a consistent basis), she should figure that out for herself.

And she certainly doesn’t deserve to be called an elite NASCAR driver.

Not yet anyway.

  • Awarding Mediocrity
    "I am the patron saint of mediocrity!" Those were the words uttered by Salieri in the film Amadeus. Danica Patrick is the patron saint of mediocrity in motorsports; not to mention a complete sellout with the fashion sense of a hooker.
  • Danica a joke
    She is not even the most talented woman in the series(Simona), is a whiner and has only won once. She will probably go to NECKCAR and will be worse than Hornish who drove ovals much better than her. She is about as talented as Anna Kournikova but not nearly as good looking.
  • Nascar not Indycar
    I would think that they used NASCAR not Indycar on the advertising because most people have actually heard of NASCAR.

    NASCAR is actually on TV where most can watch there are people at the races and it is covered in the newspaper(outside of Indy)

    You do have to think if they wanted a motorsports or female personality they could have done much, much better.

    Maybe she is speaking on the effect of posing 1/2 naked has on building ones "Brand" That seems to be the only area she could be deemed "Elite"

  • LOL!!
    I have to admit that I actually laughed out loud and almost choked on my coffee when I read that Danica was part of that motivational series and that she was being called "an elite NASCAR Driver"??? WHAT???? Seriously???? I bet the big boys who saw that have something more appropriate to say about her being labeled that!!
  • Really?
    I have zero respect for Danica as a driver in any kind of race - Indy or NASCAR. And the idea that Helio would "let" anyone win a race is ludicrous.
  • Same as this
    Like calling Terry Bradshaw, "noted guitarist."
  • Canned Campaign
    What a total joke - Danica Patrick, NASCAR racer? Uh, not.

    The "Get Motivated" marketing is a pre-produced campaign. They will run the same spots & newspaper ads in every market. However, Danica's PR people would have seen/heard the print & radio ads before they rolled out.

    Of course, what's even funnier is the thought of Danica Patrick saying anything remotely "motivational" to a crowd made up of bored sales teams forced into listening to a day's worth of canned speeches in an arena.

    However, if she shows up in her silver "Go Daddy" bikini she'll certain command visual attention.

    Will they have a
  • Oh, come on Anthony!
    Let's stop tippy toeing around the truths...the IRL has had the WORST TV ratings and attendance in year 2010 and NO ONE TALKS ABOUT IT. They've been tossed off of several tracks this year by ISC/NASACAR.

    Why? Danica is NO BETTER than Marty Roth or Ricky Treadway....AND THAT'S WHAT THE IRL has been based upon all the past 15 years. NOTHING. Nothing but marketing HOT AIR, breath of a thousand dogs type of hot air.

    So, it's NOT a slap in the face. The IRL is being treated with the same lack of respect that the IRL has treated the sport since it's inception. And a more deserving slapee I can not offer.

    IRL, you reap what you have sown. IRL you are a disgrace to the Indy name.....and now you wish to tarnish the sacred IndyCar name too. Danica, run from this series NOW.
  • Chief's Broken Record
    Perhaps Danica could use Chief's tired soapbox to stand on at the motivational event.
  • Wonder How ACTUAL Elite NASCAR Drivers Feel?
    Witless hatred by Indy Car-obsessed haters aside, if you were, say, Jimmie Johnson...an actual elite NASCAR driver...how would you feel about that Ziglar gaffe? Perhaps someone should ask him.
    • Get off Danica ....
      wait...that's a thought. I will comfort Danica during her time of need. Nothing to see her Chief...go spoon Katherine Leggee...."insert puke sound here".

      15 years and counting - 750 million well spent just to make Cart Lovers like miserable. Thanks Tony!
    • Danica
      I would say thanks for the publicity and thank god Defender is an IRL fan as he makes our beer drinkin' chicken bucket thrown' fans look so much smarter next to him.
    • Danica Patrick - Elite Speaker
      Now that's funny, I don't care who you are.

      A one-race winning, high school drop out, soft-porn advertising, has-been/wanna-bee is going to give a speech?

      How's that one gonna work out?

      Danica: "Ummmm. You know me, you know, ummmmmmmmm...yeah, I race Indy Cars and NASCARs in the Nationwide Series and I am ummmmmmmmm the first woman to lead the, you know, Indy 500 in 2005 and ummmmmmmmmmm, I won ummmmmmmmmmm, I am the first woman to win a major race, it was in Japan in 2008 and ummmmmmmm....you know, it you know........I am just real proud of the guys.....and ummmmmmmm, it's hard you know to ummmmmm...be a woman in a man's sport and also to race on the same track as Milka Duno, who ummmmmmmmm, snapped a towel at me and I almost wet my pants, and ummmmmmmm, and it takes great motivation when a girl named Simon or Silvia or whatever her ummmmmmm name is is, you know, is ummmm....better than you. And anyhow, I am in the Go Daddy ads you see and that takes motivation you know...and ummmmmm...I also pose almost nude in like....ummm...sports magazines and I wear tight black leather pants and foot fetish high heels and stuff for interviews, and ummmm....I am married to a guy in Arizona....but ummmm....it takes ummm motivation, yeah! I mean just look at him and ummmm...some peopel think my Super Bowl ad was you know, ummmm, you know...suggesting somethine about me and ummmm...so that's my motivation to say, you can be all you can be, Be all that you can be. Be an Army of One. Ummmmmmm...keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground and ummmmm, think big. Think! You know....so thanks for coming out. Buh-bye."
    • What does IRL needs defending for?
      Seriously, why would someone need to DEFEND the IRL for anymore?

      All key metrics apparently up, sponsors dumping loads of $$$ into series, series slaying sacred cows and adding 30% MORE sanctions fees from willing promoters.

      Why would you need to DEFEND that? IRL EXTERMINATED, Open Wheel on ICONIC course to riches that the sport has never seen bfore. Breakout year evolution...blah blah blah.

      Let's face it, IBJ has laid OFF 16th and Jonestown since Mr. Bernard came onboard. One doesn't have to look too far to see how poorly this sport is performing.

      Real fans, oriented to this century and evolving KNOW what sucks, and that my friend is the IRL. NOW DEAD, IndyCar is it's ZOMBIE defended by the best Defender of CART3 in the world. For what?

      I hope Danica leaves the IRL...err Indy Car for NSACAR. Jimmy Johnson is right...Indy fans just stink.
    • Indy Car - Home of Danica Patrick
      ....or at least until her agency signs a permanent deal with NASCAR. I have accepted the fact that she is, essentially, meat. Whether she stays or goes is neither here nor there, but while she IS here false advertising about her employer should not be allowed. As to Indy Car, it remains clear to me the Indy Car obsessed haters still do not have the ability to:
      -discuss this topic in a rational, mature fashion
      -manage even minimal reading comprehension

      Meanwhile, actual racing fans are setting up the DVRs for the Japan broadcast and making travel plans for Miami to send Homestead off in style. All the while we shall remain comforted that Indy Car makes millions every year from:
      -healthy title sponsorship
      -sanctioning fees
      -television rights
      -nearly 40 series, aftermarket and entitlement sponsors
      -merchandise sales

      Essentially, the IZOD Indy Car Series is going to be around for quite a while. Why not simply grow up and try to enjoy it? The next evolutionary cycle is rapidly taking shape. It is an exciting time.
    • What Defender is trying to say is...
      ...what few fans IzodCar has, mostly friends and family members of the drivers, are making sure the Japan race can be heard on the IzodCar website because NOBODY gets Versus on TV, even though if they did, NOBODY would be watching it, and, they are thumbing rides to Miami so they can get free tickets and rub elbows with Tony Kanaan's friends, and stretch out on the vast aluminum and be "in style", all the while remaining well aware the series they give their sorry, small lives too has a Ross rack, geekwear title sponsor, rents race tracks, has the right to be on television, has $40,000 sponsors, and sells Danica merchandise to little girls. essentially, the IZOD Car Club Series League Thingy is not going to be around much longer. So why not simply not show up and forget about it. The next cycle race will be the last one too. It is an exciting time. He did get that one right.
    • Coward
      Hey Andy - How come you delete my postings? Hit a little to close to home for you and Chief? Good to see your objective. LOL
    • I have to type this again...
      Hey Goobs - It's all about Indy. Always has been always will be.

      I will be at 16th and Georgetown every May with 300,000 of my friends.

      You of course, will be bitter and say that "TG killed the series", "It's all about Hawaii Pay Per view Race", "Randy herds goats"

      However, May will come back and I will be back at the track with 300,000 of my friends enjoying the greatest race in the world....you of course, will be bitter and tell me " The series is going under" and "Nobody watches" and then May will come and I will be back at the track....and so on and so on.

      It's about INDY...get it?

      750 Million well spent and I thank TG and the Hulman family every May for it.

      Too funny - I will see you next time - unless my article is deleted again and then I will have to repost
    • Duhfender's delusion
      You're missing the point. We don't care if it makes money..only that there is a race and May and that you and Chief are miserable!

      750 Million well spent and no regrets
    • So Now It's Up to $750 Million
      Seriously, I continue to challenge such numbers. IMHO anyone who feels those are realistic should seek immediate medical attention from a licensed, qualified psychiatrist/mental health professional.

      Meanwhile, back on topic, I wonder how much NASCAR is willing to fork over for a shiny, re-purposed sparkling pony to run full time? After all, someone familiar should be keeping Sam Hornish company at the back of grids.
    • Tuckered out
      Now, that's a place fan for ya. All Indy needs to do is open the gates on Memorial Day and they'll come.

      This is the mentality that destroyed the sport. you still have to have something worth watching. IRL is not, as evidenced by the 3.6 TV ratings...on ABC at 1PM, LOWEST in INDY TV history. Oh, I know some will say this is not necessary for the IRL's success...but it really is.

      My contention that the now DEAD IRL did nothing but destroy the AOW sport, stands. And none of you can dispute that.

      So enjoy $750Million more of joy Tuck and Defender...you've earned it. Let's hope the Hulman family has deeper pockets, again, cause they're gonna have to buy delta Wings eventaully for the poor owners.
    • What the Tuck?
      300,000 fans? Tuck's been hittin' the Pabst hard again. You need to clean up some before you get on this blog and post. Drink soem cofee, dude. Shape up. Tuck 'er in Tuck. Come on now....
    • Still do they fly?
      This Indy Car do they fly like IRl cars do? No?
    • I'm not surprised
      I guess I'm not surprised about the heading. At the ESPY'S, she was introduced on stage as "NASCAR Driver Danica Patrick." But, ESPN carries NASCAR races and not Indycar. I guess I am a little surprised about all the Danica bashing that goes on everywhere. The media hypes her like nobody else. Is that her fault? She is the most scrutinized driver in Indycar. Yes, she only has one win, but, look at their 28 car field, there couldb't be more than 10 drivers in that series who have one. Nobody bashes them And, as for the comment about Simona DeSilvestro being a better driver? Ask the two drivers she took out at Kentucky 2 weeks ago how good she is. She tends to wreck a lot. Danica doesn't.
    • Whats the diff?
      Danica or little
      mikey named "Marco"?

      Marco: 3rd generation AMerican named Andretti. Shaves his chest.

      Danica: Soft porn model and part time Nascar interloper.

      Ones popular...the other not so much. Both have one win....W@hy?
      • Indy....
        I love the place - Hell I am 20 minutes from it...give me your email and I will send you a pic of it in an hour. You think I give a damn about what someone in CA thinks about Indy? I know I am there every year. You're so miserable and that's just a bonus as I think every race morning...when I crack my fist beer and I know Chief is sitting at a MCL somewhere USA drinking a cup of java saying "I remember when Emmo drank oJ"....and you get blank stares of EMMO who...to which you have to reply "You know, he won INDY". Like I said it's all about Indy.
        • Inquiring minds
          Seeing as the IRL has reduced the INdY experience to the 9 days of May...what happens the other 356 days?

          Send me a picture? Why would you want to do that? It would be just as empty as the 365 days that proceeded it. Remember before the IRL 500 began in 1996...30 days were jammd packed to the rafters! Biut that don't count anymore since Tony fixed it all. Good thing IRL brass is happy the way things are today....
        • 9 days of May
          9 days of heaven...why? Chief, because it's your hell and I love it. Don't worry I am sure the MCL is having peaknucle tournaments on Memorial Day weekend
        • I don't miss Tuck's 9 days of May
          I can only speak for myself, but I always hated oval racing. I watched the 500 though, because the cars were awesome, the drivers were great and you had a couple faves you were pulling for, and the history of the race itself. You know... The best drivers, driving cars of different manufacture, different engines... It made the boring roundy round race watchable.

          Well, the Hulman/George family chucked all that out the window for bunch of clowns driving their specced out clown cars roundy round, for the slack jawed yokels of IN. (Who apparently now hide under the bleachers rather than watch the race.) I, and apparently many other, can't watch the snore fest anymore.

          F1 runs Monaco on Memorial day weekend. Great drivers, driving great cars, on a historic course. You know... Everything Indy wishes it still had.

        • Reality
          1995 Open Wheel TV Ratings

          Miami/ABC: 2.7
          Australia/ABC: 2.2
          Phoenix/ABC: 3.1
          Long Beach/ABC: 2.9
          Nazareth/CBS: 2.9
          Indy 500/ABC: 8.4
          Milwaukee/ABC: 2.2
          Detroit/ABC: 3.3
          Portland/ESPN: 1.7
          Road America/ESPN: 1.0
          Toronto/ABC: 2.6
          Cleveland/ABC: 2.3
          MIS/ABC: 4.0
          Mid-Ohio/ABC: 2.5
          New Hampshire/ESPN2: 0.6
          Vancouver/ESPN: 1.4
          Laguna Seca/ESPN2: 0.7

          IMS has sure fixed that haven\\\'t they
        • What happened?
          2010 IRL TV Ratings:

          Averaging .30 on Versus

          Indy was 3.6 on ABC (lowest in TV History)

          Everythings coming up roses! Strung-out Keith Richards looks better than IRL ratings....DEATH BLOW 2010 rawks on!
        • Loosing Steam
          Danica has to start making money and making a change in her career because she is coming to the fork-in-the-road. She sold out her talent for the GO-Daddy sleaze, which is also now trying to change it's sleazy culture and now she is laughable. Maybe a comedy club show, or a Reality SHow, funded by PB will be next. Very sad that Danika will be remembered for her short-lived mediocre beauty. Danicka is just "so-so" in every way...thanks to her own choices.
        • Danica is no Plain Jane...
          ...but she is not runway/cover girl material either. She is a twenty-something, kind of -jock-ish cutie, petite midwestern girl of slightly above average looks made into a lite-porn star wannabee. All to prop a dying racing league that holds events in Japan in the middle of the night stateside on an obscure cable channel many do not get, and those who do apparently are not watching. Word on the street is Japan is expected to score a .18 to .20 rating. Wow!
        • Hardup
          Just saw Danica pimping a contest for Indy Tickets to kids for Hotwheels, Toy's R'Us. It was a long fall from Sports Illustrated. No Kim-K Beauty and hardly any talent IMHO her boss has her walking the streets now selling "SPEED" to the Hot-Wheels crowd.

          No playboy parties this Christmas, maybe the cub-scout Pinewood Derby competition will be the next host for AA. Signing the little boy scout cars "Has-Been. 2010" Good luck, kids"
        • Bought & Sold
          The gareway to the "Sex-slave" industry is staring right back at you and it's the adults who can't perform anymore that is driving this engine. Racing is just a front-IMHO. Very Sad. Where are all the $$$ coming from? would love to see what they pay the IRS 2010. That would be fun.
        • So, I ask....
          The TRUE entity getting SLAPPED in the FACE has been the FANS...who have had to endure this IRL FARCE and the faux-racer-turned-soft-porn-sellout-NASCAR-part-timer DANICA.

          Good riddance IRL and Danica, you have been two peas-in-a-pod these past 5 years.
        • Paid in Gum
          Danica probably gets paid in gum. It is not her fault that she was so naiive when she started out being so exploited.
          Now everyone just laughs out loud at everything that is coming out from this sideshow.
          Embarassing for the Indiana business community.
          Did TK's wife move to Brazil and sue for custody from snooky?
          • Reality
            When will Ropin Randy announce his return to PBR
          • Reality
            1999 CART Motegi Pole: 219:000mph
            26th Spot: 208.8mph

            2010 IRL
            Pole: 201.992 mph
            25th Spot: 192.53 mph

            IMS really fixed open wheel racing haven\'t they
          • You're all...
            BITTER!!!..LOVE IT!
          • Tuck is Stuck
            On Stupid. We're not bitter. At least I am not. It is good, solid, steady, cheap(free actually), entertainment watching the Izod Car Series get tossed aside by sports fans like it was one of those crappy, sweatshop-imported junky #37 Ryan Hunter-Reay shirts in the bargain bin at Ross. You know the one in the same wrinkled pile of castoff Manchester United t's and out-of-style microfiber Greg Norman golf polo's? Next stop: Goodwill. You know the dance. Yeah? Well, that's hootenany stuff for us. Like seeing the league pitching Tomas Scheckter Pennzoil Panther t's and old Jeff Ward swag for like a buck seventy-five. I mean that's a pants-wetter there, I don't care who you are...
          • Snooky
            Talk about a name change:
            "They call him Snooky because 'Fool' was taken."
          • Where's Emmo?
            It's been a long,long time since I've heard Emmo's name mentioned anywhere in motorsports. It should fill y'all with a great sense of pride knowing that Emerson Fittipaldi is bringing his grandson, Pietro, into the world of Motorracing!! Where? one might ask. How about Hickory Motorspeedway. Yes, along with another long lost legendary name, Nelson Piquet, they are happily running LATE MODEL STOCK CARS with their eyes set on NASCAR. Emmo wouldn't give a squirt to help put out the flames of Georges illconceived monstrosity.
          • It gets worse
            Not a name driver, but last month out in California at one of the little dirt tracks there was a young South American (one of the nations down there)running in the 360 sprinter class as a "side job" to running the normal ladder of lower-lever formulae that is supposed to lead to Indy Cars. The kid is like 19, no fool, ran 4th in the feature, and no doubt will be headed for that type of racing or taxis and has already at a tender young age figured out Indy Cars are dead. Even for a South American with some daddy jack. Young Pietro will soon be joined by older and wiser Wheldon too in hard tops. Funny it is, really. The IRL is so DEAD, Indy Cars so irrelevant, and the sport so over with, even young South Americans who mistakingly came here thinking they would someday run Indy Cars are now out in California on a Saturday night slinging clay. The INDY IZOD CAR Series League Thing is OVER! NOBODY CARES!
          • leave danica poopypants
            she iz soooooooooooo stupid she doesnt even deserve to have a job she is a dunce and she cant even drive despite the win at motegi and runner up at texxas this year

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