Danica Patrick gets a new title

September 21, 2010
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Race car driver Danica Patrick got a new title. No, she’s not changing sports.

But in a full-page advertisement placed in the Indianapolis Star this week, she’s now being called an “Elite IndyCar Driver.”

Patrick is one of nine featured speakers at the Get Motivated Business Seminar Oct. 25 at Conseco Fieldhouse. The full-page ad has been running for weeks, and until this week, Patrick was tabbed as an “Elite NASCAR Driver.” I know, it’s part of a national ad campaign, but it’s still inexcusable to come into IndyCar country and call Patrick an elite NASCAR driver.

After all, her only victory to date has come behind the wheel of an IndyCar. That was in Motegi, Japan, in 2008. I was a bit harsh on Patrick last week when I pointed out the NASCAR reference in the ad.

But I also said Patrick has potential, not only as a marketer, but as a driver. And I said she should get credit for the things she does right. Well, she didn’t win this year’s race at Motegi, which was held last weekend, but for those who stayed up extra late or got up in the small hours to watch the race, you’d have to admit, Patrick did a nice job steering the car through traffic to a top-five finish.

So score one for Danica, who is showing flashes of being an “Elite IndyCar Driver.” And score one for the promoters of the Get Motivated Business Seminar for getting their wheels straightened out.

  • Let's take a look at the numbers
    Danica Patrick the Elite -

    96 start in 6 seasons.

    1 win in an 18 car field at Japan.

    3 Poles.

    14 races in which she has led.

    Running at the end 29 percent of the time.

    I would say "Journeyman Indy Car Driver Danica Patrick" would be a truthful ad. Truth in advertising, truth in advertising....

    • Bingo
      Indeed. 15 years ago she would not even be in it-the talent pool is shallow now.
    • Danica mania
      I heard a radio commercial for the "Get Motivated" seminar. While they did not call her "elite" they mentioned her as a "NASCAR" driver. I nearly wrecked when I heard that. Maybe they should just say "Legend in her own mind, Go Daddy Girl, Danica Patrick." Sounds about right.
    • Reality
      The IZOD IRLcar Series, Milka Duno can do it
    • Reality
      The Truth - always reliving the past through his own hate riddled brain and leaving everyone else with half their brains tied behind their backs just to make things even.

      He has a Milka room for his own enjoyment at home!
    • Last number not correct
      Your 29% figure does not pass the test. It probably turned around as 29% of races where she is not running at the end of race. Her running at the end of the race stat has to be very high since she finishes far more races than she does not. Look again.
    • Dr. Jack
      Bring back Dr. Jack - no not Kevorkian, Miller, the IRL Driver. He was sponsored by Crest. Hey 4 out of 5 Dentists can drive an IRL car!
    • Good catch Cabo520
      I stand corrected. That was a typo. It is 39 percent. 39 percent of the time Elite Patrick has been running at the end.

      So, yes. The percentage is higher. 61 percent of the time she has gone out.

      Unable to finish nearly thwo-thirds of the races.

      The stat is higher than my typo. Correct. A "very high" stat, mmmmmmm not so much.

      Danica Patrick The Elite. 96 races, 1 win. Fails to finish 61 percent of the time.

    • 29% sort of correct
      I agree that she is running at the end much more than she is not, but that 29% maybe completed races only counting the races she was on the lead lap at the end. They stop counting laps when the winner completes the race.
    • Get it right
      She hold the current IRL record for most races running this makes #30.Its in the books. She will always be the first women to win a Indy car race and she has as we would say in the music biz a dinner table name Try it next party say Scott Dixon and people say who, but Danica will get a reaction good or bad but every one knows the name Also top $ earner for the IRL. Look at poor old Paul Tracy or Tommy Kendal Make it while you can Danica
    • And one more......
      Tony K 28 starts since till his recent last victory Marco 50 since his one win But who can beat Roger and Chips cars
    • Check that!
      I had bad stats. I quick check of the OFFICIAL stats over at the IRL shows, indeed, in fact, Elite Patrick has been running at the finish 29 percent of the time. What confuses the Gomertons is short memories, intellectually-challenged and such. They can only recall the fact Elite Patrick has been running at the finish in all 15 races thus far in 2010. This is a significant improvement over the 16 percent of the time she was running at the finish prior to this season. It brings the number up to 29 percent for her career. So I apologize. Patrick is worse than I gave her credit for. The IZOD Car League people must have saw that atrocious stat of failing to be running at the finish 84 percent of the time going into 2010 and made sure Honda gave her a Carpenter Special. That has to be it. Yet, still, she cannot translate that extra, bullet-proof power, even adding the push-to-pass gizmo on top of it, into anything resembling a legitimate victory. Legitimate is the key word here. Gimmes in Japan going into Indy for maximum press do not count. So the IZOD Car Series Club League has as its most recognizable face, a real throttle-gunner, bad-azz with one win in nearly 100 races, who fails to receive a checkered flag more than two-thirds of the time. You know this was a good exercise. It revealed even more of the IZODers League Car Indy thing Series League's gimmicks and shams. At least Danica can drive around well enough to take adavantage of the gimme. Wins? Mmmmm not so many.
    • Danica
      Burl, You need something else to do big boy. Perhaps you've been staring too much at the Scott Dixon life size poster on your wall. You wish it could be Danica, but she's not your style. It's ok, just be yourself and if you have the penchant for Scottie, don't be ashamed. Be proud, step out into the crowd and cheer on your Scottieness.

    • BerwickGirl is working on the maturity thing...
      ...and trying very hard. But it takes time. He'll get there. Meanwhile, back at the Speedway....since BerwickGirl invokes the name of Indianapolis 500 Champion Scott Dixon, let's take a look at some numbers. An Indy 500 win, 23 career wins, 15 Poles, 3,213 laps led. And finishing 84 percent of the races. Now granted, he has been in 30 some races more than Danica. So maybe she can play some catch up ball on Dixie over the next 30 races. In fact, if she can win the next 30 races in a row she will just trounce the Kiwi and end the argument that she may not just be the Elite driver she is advertised as eh?

      Who's up next? I'm waiting.
    • Dixon
      Were did Scottie finsh in thr last race
    • Elite IRL Drivers
      Thanks Anthony. This should really bring the positive attention the IRL needs.

      Scott Dixon, Dario Franchitti, Helio Carto Nevese....them are hardly elite IRL drivers and certainly wouldn't want to step in the Danica spotlight. Good lord, anyone who EVER turned a wrench or drove a car in the 500 over the past 100 years must be spinning in their graves OR puking their guts out today.

      The IRL...errr, IndyCar is THE most pathetic thing ever. That Danica commercial with the crew wearing skirts and high heels is closer to the truth than I ever thought...
    • Danica has a way to go
      Scott Dixon has finished ahead of Danica in 12 of the 16 races this season and has two wins. Danica beat him by one spot in the Japan race, moving her into Elite status. Well, uh, yeah right? I mean, she finished 5th. Dixie finshed 6th. It is no contest right? But uh, well, uh, there is this little problem for Danica: A 15th, a 19th, a 16th, a 20th, a 21st, a 16th, and an 11th. Dixon has only two finishes outside the Top 10. Dixon has 14 Top 10's. Danica has 1/2 as many. Dixon best finish are a pair of wins. Danica's is a second. That was a Carpenter Special but like Special Ed, that elusive win keeps on being elusive, even with the bonus ponies. Ok, who else has anything?
    • You guys are crazy???
      Danica finished the races running:

      2005: 12 of 17 (4 crash, 1 mechanical)
      2006: 12 of 13 (1 fuel)
      2007: 14 of 17 (3 crashes)
      2008: 15 of 17 (1 crash, 1 mechanical)
      2009: 16 of 17 (1 crash)
      2010: 16 of 16

      Total: 85 of 97 = 88%

      19%... don't let facts get in the way.
    • Bit more facts
      Anoter statistic: laps completed per season:

      2005: 2805 of 3140 (90.8%)
      2006: 2299 of 2510 (91.6%)
      2007: 2709 of 2933 (92.4%)
      2008: 2779 of 2860 (97.2%)
      2009: 2699 of 2788 (96.8%)
      2010: 2208 of 2214 (99.7%)

      Total: 15,499 of 16,445 (94.2%)

      Let's compare with... Tony Kanaan, an IRL champion:

      2005: 2854 of 3140 (90.9%)
      2006: 2296 of 2510 (91.5%)
      2007: 2594 of 2933 (88.4%)
      2008: 2724 of 2860 (95.2%)
      2009: 2371 of 2788 (85.0%)
      2010: 2213 of 2214 (100.0%)

      Total: 15,052 of 16,445 (91.5%)

      So, someone say again was the point that Danica can't complete her races... when she has a better completion rate than a series champion?
    • The IzodCar League stats report:
      Running At Finish: 2005-2009 13
      2010 15
      Total: 28

      She has competed in 96 races.

      Something is stinky in Indy.
    • Someone needs to learn math...
      I'm certainly not going to dispute that Scott Dixon is a much better driver than almost all of the IRL field in general let alone Danica, but where the heck are you getting your stats from?

      Using the same OFFICIAL results you claim to be using from the IRL, they show the following for Danica Patrick:

      2005 = 6/17 races completed
      2006 = 8/13 races completed
      2007 = 10/17 races completed
      2008 = 9/18 races completed
      2009 = 11/17 races completed
      2010 = 11/16 races completed
      Total = 55/98 races completed

      Doing simple basic math, that's 56%. To prove a point, however, I only counted the races completed. Meaning this is the amount of races she finished on the lead lap.

      You, however, seem to think she can't even finish a race. You even have on one of your posts that 61% of the time she has gone out. So let's see how many races she finished with the official status of "Running":

      2005: 16/17 races finished
      2006: 12/13 races finished
      2007: 14/17 races finished
      2008: 16/18 races finished
      2009: 16/17 races finished
      2010: 16/16 races finished
      Total: 90/98

      Again, using basic first grade math, that shows she finishes 92% of the races she starts in, well above Scott Dixon's 84% you say he has.

      As before, I think Scott Dixon is probably the best driver in the IRL, with Helio close behind.

      But for future reference, if you want to try to win an argument, it's best not to make up easily verifiable facts.

    • She definitely completes them
      I can't stand Danica, but it's a pretty well known fact that she has the highest completion percentage of laps and highest completion percentage of races finished among all the current IRL drivers. They announce it pretty much every race on Versus. I think you have to go back 30 or so races to get the last time she didn't finish.
    • Do you have a link to your numbers?
      "The IzodCar League stats report:
      Burl HatterleySeptember 22, 2010 12:39 AM
      Running At Finish: 2005-2009 13
      2010 15
      Total: 28

      She has competed in 96 races.

      Something is stinky in Indy. "

      The race on Saturday was her 32nd consecutive race running at the finish, extending the IRL record she holds. Even if she didn't finish a single race in 2005, 2006, 2007, or 2008, that's still more races than you say she's finished.

      I think you're looking at the wrong numbers somewhere. Can you post the link you're using for your stats?
    • Yada Yada
      Danika: ZERO championships, ZERO IRL 500 wins, one Japanese win in 96 races (when Helio pulled over and let her by).

      Yep, she's the cream of the IRL crop. I'm willing to bet Sarah Fisher has a more impressive resume. Or maybe even Milka Duno.
    • HA
      Seeing as neither Sarah nor Milka has ever won even 1 race in the IRL, I think not.
    • Status of Stats
      Not to good? Go to teh IRL website.

      Statistics Reports
      Stat Central on the right hand side of the page.
      Driver Records
      Use the down arrow to get to the Danica Patrick stat sheet.

      So on eof two things here: Either Danica Patrick is the loser driver who cannot complete more than 29 percent of the races. Or the IRL is the loser league who cannot even get the stats right on their most famous driver.

      Either way both stink. And I cannot verify if she finishes the races or not since I do not watch this stinkpie of a league much anymore. I have only watched Indy and Kentucky this year and listened to Texas on the radio. The rest? Ahhhh who cares? Horribly contrived racing in ugly cars with guys noboyd cares about named Vitor, Francesco, and Rafa. Geez Louise, I forgot about Bertrand! There's some mania for you! Back to Patrick. I just provided the stats the league provides. Hmmm....maybe she does finish most fo the races. Maybe she does not. I don't know. This year it appears she has finished them all. To that end, being on one of the top three teams, and with wads of sponsorship money to keep the car on the track, with a proen winner as an owner and top-shelf personnel to help, AND a host of gimmes such as paddle shift, push-to-pass, and CarpenterPole Honda Specials, she STILL cannot get to the flag first. ZERO wins. Danica is real good at driving around and staying out of trouble. Actually, she is perfect for the NASCAR style of "ridin' around out there" to get them valuable Cup points, but she cannot even do that well.

      Danica needs to leave the sport. She has earned millions. She can sit back and run shifters at a local kart track for her racing kicks. She is not major league, top shelf material. She is far from Elite and all she will have to show for being used by the IRL is a bankload of money. At least she got what should be lifetime financial security out of the deal. Otherwise, she was used up by the IRL like a convention goer uses a Vegas "dolly".

    • Burl & Danica
      Burl's facts, knowledge, & credibility:


    • BerwickGirl's Confused Mind
      1 - Reading Comprehension skills are poor.

      2 - Suffers from a delusional state of mind.

      3 - Hampered by arrested development/maturity.

      I just report the facts, as stated, in the IRL website. BerwickGirl, you are not employed by the IzodLeague Car thing are you?

      This website is about your level of work, that is why I ask.

      Whatever the case, Danica, no Danica, stats, races, whatever it may be, NOBODY cares! Word from Indy is the Japan race was a .18!
    • Burl
      Burl: If nobody cares, then why on earth do you spend so much time reading, researching, and poking your nose around in the IZOD business? Makes a lot of sense - NOT...

      Not to mention the fact that you've been proven wrong in your conclusions. Why would you trust the source you despise? Makes a lot of sense - NOT...

      Sorry you've missed out on so much of life, Mr. Miserly.

      Oh well.....

    • Anthony,

      You should really quit teasing the trolls. they really get excited and actually believe the IRL will fold and IMS will become a strip mall. Well except for Chief, he is just waiting for TG and the IRL to apologize for their transgressions against him. Seems he had his feelings hurt and wants them to make him feel better. Poor little feller. Good Luck.

      Feeding their delusion is just cruel.

    • Gotta disagree
      I don't have any stats in front of me but that 29% thing has to be wrong. She may not be the best racer out there but she usually doesn't crash. I think they even mentioned on the broadcast she's finished something like 99% of her laps this year alone. Even if you counted races where she was laps down I don't think it would be 29%.
    • Anyhow, the key factor is...
      ...automobile racing as a major league, professional sport, has seen its salad days. These are the early years of the decline, although we are well-enough along now, and by the decade's end, racing will be a minor league sport with a core niche following. Small, core following, and only a handful of drivers will be paid professionals.
    • Just an observation
      For people that claim to have no interest in Danica or the IRL, a lot of you seem to have bookmarked this site so you can keep talking about it as much as possible.
    • Randy said THIS?
      "Anyone can spend money on advertising, but are they buying the right advertising is the big question," he said. "Have they ever done research on IndyCar to really see who our fans are and where they are?" -Randy Bernard speaking in reference to the severing of ties with ISC and the IRL being DUMPED by Watkins GLen.

      Let me get this straight....Radio, TV, and print advertisements didn't sell this race and the IRL accuses ISC of not doing enough research into who the prospective fans are for IndyCar races?

      Shouldn't the IRL have the research completed already? With the lack of a visible TV presence, NO sizable fanbase, crap cars from 10 years ago, unrecognizable foreign drivers in fgoreign Fomula 1 type rea engined chassis powered by a foreign engine manufacturer.....geez, I don't know....maybe THATS why ISC don't know how to market them. IRL oval races were the WORST attended, worst TV rating s ever.

      Yet the IRL BLAMES ISC for it's troubles? F1 and NASCAR drew hundreds of thousands...why not the IRL? Randy Bernard...YOU should know why..SHAME ON YOU!
    • The cars are 7 years old
      Enough with the "10 year old cars" stuff. Miller does that, too, although credibility with him is nearly nil. The current cars were first used in 2003. They are seven years old. Quit picking on a racing series that has an eight year chassis cycle. The IzodCars are only seven years into the cycle. They have another year to go! Some of those tubs, like the one Rahal was slogging around in (and world-beater Jay Howard before him), almost have a nostalgia feel to them, you know, so retro, being 2003 and all. I think old Duno drives vintage Dallara too. The cars are seven years old, not ten. Main point.
    • Bwahahahha
      Hey, it's IRL Defender....you make a good point there. To my knowledge, NONE of those people you mentioned raced in the IRL.

      So, Danica is an ELITE IRL driver huh? How do YOU, the IRL Defender, how do you define the characteristics necessary for a person such as Danika to qualify as an IRL ELITE DRIVER? If you donned an IRL driver suit, would YOU too qualify as ELITE IRL DRIVER?

      ...if they could find one big enough....
    • I Could Have Sworn I Posted Something
      Wonder where it went?
    • Poof
      Gone is Defender's post. Nothign but air, just like the IZODCAR television ratings and seats at the race track. Poof.
    • Interesting Behavior
      I would be curious to discover the reason for the censorship. Was it:

      A. Referring tongue-in-cheek to Danica Patrick as a 'broad?'
      B. Listing the name of each and every nobody who ever raced in Indy Car before there was an IRL?
      C. Referring to the Ziglar advertising as false, misleading and disingenuous?

      Curious indeed. But why publish intelligent, witty satire when we can be assaulted with Indy Car-obsessed, borderline incoherent slamming all day?

    • Chief,

      I have to agree, why would the IRL expect the track, acting as the promter, to market the race. I mean I am sure radio and tv will do the marketing for free. Why expect the promoter to promote the race at their track.
    • Flawed IRL Fan Logic
      You see IMan, I reported to this very blog MANY times about the ISC marketing of the Watkins Glen race, and warned about how NO ONE was interested in what the IRL had to offer. Radio appearances where no one wanted the tickets, No interest for getting a ride in the two seater in Rochester, Buffalo and Syracuse. I can't begin to tell you how many times the IRL at the Glen commercials flashed on radio or TV...but it was many. Jimi Hendrix playing Star Spangled Bannner has a tendency to get you attention.

      So what I ask you should have been done to make the IRL appealing to Western New York race fans? Let me remind you that TORONTO used to get 175,000 attendees for CART...yet the IRL can only get 15,000 to 20,000. Is Andretti Green not reaching IRL fanbase in Canada too?

      It's the product and it's ill-perceived ELITE drivers, cars, engines, and all the tainted waste from that the IRL is that turns fans off. Stop blaming ISC for stoopid decision making they do at 16th and Jonestown.
    • Topic Reminder: Danica Patrick
      Uh, kids...can we get back on topic? Those of us who actually attend Indy Car races are amazed at the attention Danica Patrick draws. That is a GOOD thing regardless of her on-track prowess (or lack thereof). There are all sorts of correct demo folks attired in Danica garb (many who should not be). They line up 30 deep in front of her hauler or pit without small chance she'll show up for long.

      I say exploit it some more.
    • Exploitation
      Yup, I agree Defender. Exploit Danica as much as possible to garner the IRL any attention. For what? It ain't the racing.....

      Since Danica entered the series, the series has left more tracks and markets than in the previous 10 years of the IRL.

      So sure, it must be working...just like the 10 year Versus contract, and all the other tripe the IRL PR throws out.

      So, do like Defender sez, EXPLOIT DANICA for as much as you can IRL, and as much as she's worth. She's the ELITE IRL driver after all.

      Unless she wins on a consistant basis...that's all it'll be to real race fans...just another IRL GIMMICK.
    • censorship
      As far as the censorship of comments question, that's one I want to field because it's a matter I take seriously. Unfortunately you may not like my answer. That happens up higher on the corporate ladder than where I mark my existence here. However, I know our on-line editors are very keen to keep things civil and corporate-like. It's nothing personal I assure you. Thanks as always for reading, and writing.
    • Back on Danica
      Defender....uhhh, how do YOU, the IRL Defender, how do you define the characteristics necessary for a person such as Danika to qualify as an IRL ELITE DRIVER?

      Certainly "exploit" isn't the image the IRL needs..is it?
    • Amazing
      Seriously, if we are talking about perceived civility here how could you or those higher on the IBJ food chain possibly take umbrage at my prose but let the meandering of haters pollute the comment section any time the words 'Indy Racing' are mentioned? That defies common sense and logic. I am more than happy to take this off line so as not offend the delicate sensibilities of anyone. My e-mail address is actually legit.

      Nowthen, Chief...

      You asked the following 'Defender....uhhh, how do YOU, the IRL Defender, how do you define the characteristics necessary for a person such as Danika to qualify as an IRL ELITE DRIVER?'

      I would say an IRL Elite Driver is one with multiple wins, a good qualifying record, a good finishing record, and a personality that resonates with the masses. Danica has won ONE race, but has multiple poles, multiple top 10s, a pretty good finishing record, and she definitely resonates with the public. More than ANY other driver in either Indy Car, NASCAR or Formula 1. Why else would NASCAR keep claiming her as their own? I hate the idea of a popularity contest too, but it is what it is. Capeche?

      You then said: 'Certainly "exploit" isn't the image the IRL needs..is it?' Why not? NASCAR does it. Zig Ziglar does it. Most anyone with a product to sell does it If the IZOD Indy Car Series is as close to death as you and your little friends claim it is, why wouldn't Randy and crew ride that gravy train for all it's worth?
    • Since when has on track performance been a prerequisite for off track popularity? two words, Dale Jr. One of the most popular NASCAR drivers, with some of the worst on track performance.

      As far as exploiting, that is what every race series does. NASCAR exploits the series so much it would make PT Barnum proud.
    • Capeche
      She's not known from her racing, just that she races. That's pathetic. But it's the sad state of affairs in today's AOW, led by the IRL series.

    • We Got It. You Believe it Stinks. WWCD?
      You're point that you think it's bad has been made several hundred times. We've got it. Why not list what you would do to make it more palatable to your tastes? That would certainly be different for a change.
    • Ok
      -Bob Jenkins needs to go
      -Robbie Buhl needs to go
      -It needs to be on a regular tier channel
      -Do something about the ugly car
      -Scott Goodyear has to go
      -Marty Reid has to go
      -ABC coverage has to go
      -Make the series important again
      -Stop lying to the fans
      -Stop acting like it doesn't suck
      -Open the rules up, allow for SOME competition, ANYTHING to change it up

      There's more of course....
    • Interesting
      '-Bob Jenkins needs to go'
      Actually, he has a wealth of experience and is recognized across disciplines. Who would be better?
      '-Robbie Buhl needs to go'
      I believe he adds a fresh perspective. Do you like Beekhuis? Lindy?
      '-It needs to be on a regular tier channel'
      Like....? 5 are on ABC, but you're right. They and ESPN are the most irresponsible, unprofessional 'partners' in the history of television.
      '-Do something about the ugly car'
      It looks like an Indy Car. It's getting changed in 2012. Many manufacturers have expressed interest.
      '-Scott Goodyear has to go'
      '-Marty Reid has to go'
      '-ABC coverage has to go'
      ...been trumpeting that for years. Hopefully the Comcast/NBC/Universal linkage gets exploited.
      '-Make the series important again'
      For whom? Disenfranchised cart enthusiasts who refuse to budge from 1995? They don't matter. The 100th anniversary of the event that birthed the sport as we know it will be very special.
      '-Stop lying to the fans'
      Who is lying, and what are they lying about?
      '-Stop acting like it doesn't suck'
      As a seasoned veteran fan who began walking through the gates when all engines were in the front and all of them were Offies, I can honestly say I have fully supported each evolutionary iteration. The current package is no different. Any real racing fan gets it. Haters obviously do not. That is a shame. I do not like my sport sullied by the ignorant and hostile.
      '-Open the rules up, allow for SOME competition, ANYTHING to change it up'
      2012 is just around the corner. It should be as great as some of the other evolutionary cycles.

      Above all, keep watching!
    • iman\'s Racing league
      Indy has to be on the chopping block as the next track to go - after all - their attendance and TV ratings are at historic lows.........

      The folks at that track must not know how to market the series either.
    • Changes must be made for the good of all
      GOOD point TRUTH. The IRL has been faltering for 15 years...what action is in place to change that? More lipstick on the pig.

      Defender...unless those changes are made this series CAN NOT move forward, regardless of whether you're a IRL lover or hater. FACTS don't lie....the series needs to make drastic evolutionary changes because it's been rejected by AOW fans in total. Ratings and attendance bare that out.
    • You Did Not Answer My Questions
      ...but then there is the whole 'shut IMS down' nonsense. Clearly many who are the most obsessed are distant from even a basic understanding of the heart and soul of the sport. Much like ISC.
    • Heart and Sole
      There is no heartbeat and Dan Weldon has 74 pairs of shoes, at last count
    • Amagione
      How low does a sport have to be for a one win participant to get the title of Elite?

      Amagione a major league pitcher with one win being called and elite baseball player.
    • Jealousy Rears Its Ugly Head
      Either that or ignorance. The Danica effect is profound. NASCAR claims her as their own even though she has competed in NO Cup races. Bernie Eccelstone is poking around Indy Car fishing for a potential female star for F-1 only a couple of years removed from dismissing Danica and her gender as 'appliances' that 'need to be in the kitchen.'
      The more ignorant among us for some reason equate their perception of Indy Car in general with desperation where teh elevation of Danica is concerned. Oh well. As long as she can drive blindly into turn one at 220 mph in traffic and come out the other side a few hundred times a year, she will have earned her stripes several times over, despite the bleating of various obsessed chicken littles.
    • Off Topic a little
      I wonder if Danica even knows about this new title Is she calling heself elite? I doubt it.It came from some trying to promote something. And "Chef" nobody can afford to go to the race's. Thats more of a factor than Dancia ruining the IRL since she been there. Even if they got rid of the ugly cars and put the motor back in the front(just for you). And I don't understand someone crying for change and trashing F1. Its new cars built by the the teams every year and many different types of engines. Not every seven years. Maybe they could recycle last years F1 cars to the IRL. Less carbon foot print recycling carbon fiber etc. The new green IRL Dixion in Webbers Red Bull car
    • Surprised Chief did not reitterate his need to be apologized to by IMS, IRL, TG and anyone else he feels has harmed him. That has always been his mantra.

      Some other issues with Chiefs thoughts.

      Top Tier Channel. Other than NASCAR, is there any other racing series that has a higher percentage of races on a Top Tier Channel?

      ABC Coverage has got to go. But yet you criticize VS. coverage which is widely hailed as very high quality and quantity. ABC's coverage across the board in sports is going down hill. Cost cutting is my guess, like most media outlets.

      Open up the rules. In an era where all major racing series are looking at cost containment, including the vaunted F1, you want them to let the costs escalate? That is one of the ways cart/ccws/owrs killed itself repeatedly. They made it impossible for the Sarah Fishers of the world to compete. Of course they have created a car package that allows multiple manufacturers to make body components which will make the cars unique both in looks and in performance. Isnt this the same thing you panned as being wrong? So how do you "open it up" but keep costs affordable in a climate where dollars are tight for all series?

      You have some interesting points, any answers?

    • Questions 67 & 68
      FIND a replacement by conducting a WORLDWIDE search for a broadcasting team that doesn't sound like a bunch of guys out in a boat FISHING with their dad. Bob Jenkins sounds like he's doing voice-overs or talking to himself in the bathroom.

      You want a ratings BOOST? Jettison Jenkins now.

      The CAR is UGLY...and although it resembles an "Indy Car", please. Place fans don't care what's on the track, only that there's cars on the track. Race fans DIG high tech, high performance 10/10ths on the edge stuff....not droning about in mileage races with momentum flat foot all-the-way-around the track races the IRL provides with those sleds.
    • TWO MAJOR JOKES...and no one is laughling
      The Pacers are a joke. Pitiful to laugh at.
      But a league gone bad? A "running" joke. The IRL, call it what you will, is irrelevant and a joke. A laughingstock and it will not change until the Hulman girls sell. SELL!!!
      Cowboy Randy can't fix it. No one cares. Major advertisers would rather link Danica to Nascar than IRL. No kidding; Would'nt you if you were trying to sell something? No one know what IRL is. And unfortunately no one cares. A joke. But no one is laughing!
    • Let's All Take a Positive Approach
      I see the dark Indy Car obsession by those not blessed with maturity, tact or sportsmanship continues unabated.

      Again, this 'Chief' fellow fails to answer questions, but rarely fails to pine for pie in the sky.

      'FIND a replacement by conducting a WORLDWIDE search for a broadcasting team that doesn't sound like a bunch of guys out in a boat FISHING with their dad. Bob Jenkins sounds like he's doing voice-overs or talking to himself in the bathroom.'

      Who do you have in mind? Who would be better?

      You want a ratings BOOST? Jettison Jenkins now.'

      So your contention is that simply by putting Bob Jenkins out to pasture the ratings would go up. By how much?

      'The CAR is UGLY...and although it resembles an "Indy Car", please. Place fans don't care what's on the track, only that there's cars on the track. Race fans DIG high tech, high performance 10/10ths on the edge stuff....not droning about in mileage races with momentum flat foot all-the-way-around the track races the IRL provides with those sleds.'

      In actual fact, the average fan cannot tell the difference between a 2010 Dallara and a 1995 Lola. They look like Indy Cars. This 'c-wagon' whining by a handful of elitist cart enthusiasts holds little weight. If you are enamored of expensive sexy cars, technology and split second precision, go watch Formula 1. I do not want to try and copy that. I want diversity and speed. I like Formula 1. I watch it. But that is not what I want Indy Car to try to emulate.

      Oddly, Chief is not even the most extreme in terms of being challenged:

      The Pacers are a joke. Pitiful to laugh at.
      But a league gone bad? A "running" joke. The IRL, call it what you will, is irrelevant and a joke. A laughingstock and it will not change until the Hulman girls sell. SELL!!!'

      A laughingstock to whom? That's a pretty large broad brush. Please analyze who is laughing. The Hulman-George family has stated the facility and the league are not for sale.

      'Cowboy Randy can't fix it. No one cares. Major advertisers would rather link Danica to Nascar than IRL. No kidding; Would'nt you if you were trying to sell something? No one know what IRL is. And unfortunately no one cares. A joke. But no one is laughing!'

      And yet, oddly, many of its most vocifereous, grammar and spelling challenged critics are positively obsessed with it. Under normal circumstances I would think that if you did not like something you would simply not think about it and it would notbe a part of your day. For example, I absolutely hate colonoscopies but I do not believe I have, even once, visited any medical forum to inform others how badly I dislike them. What purpose would be served? I choose instead to be mature. To bypass hypocrisy. To act, in short, like an adult.

      I wish everyone who enjoyed the sport of motor racing would follow that example.
    • wow
      Psychopathic sociopath babble. All is well.
    • Another year in the books
      Love it. 15 years..almost a generation...in the books and many more to come. WooHoo!!! Keep it coming. I'm happy has hell...you're bitter has ever. A good day.
    • laughter
      So, anyone questioning the great alter of Indy is a CaRT obsessed immature baby who's opinions are not vaild?

      Oh great Oracle of Indy, the thing that truely separates us is our ability to THINK for ourselves. That thought process is not influenced by someone ramming flipflopping ugly cars with HP limited engines down our throats or needing to bow and genuflect when the great Hulman Dynasty tells us to.

      I hope the IRL brass keeps an eye on you Defender....you have done more to damage relations between fan factions than EVER to heal ruptures that exist between them. Your pompous attitude is EXACTLY the same feeling fans get from 16th and Jonestown. Wanna heal the sport? Rid that attitude and perception.
    • Defender
      Don't you see, Defender, the poster, "Chief", gets passed around to the "sand lot league" of racing wannabes that can only exist to defile, defame, and derate. They have no true purpose in life or hope to succeed in any fashion other then "high five" each other at their next gathering at the pool hall when they glad hand each other with their replies to you and Indyman.

      How sad it is. Be thankful you have a positive focus on life and a virtue to pass on.

    • How quaint
      IRL defamation came of it's own doing...I had nothing to do with it.

      Your claims are not true BerwickDude. I want AOW to prosper. The history of this sport will ALWAYS reflect the creation of the IRL (subsequently now Indy Car) as the downfall of it all. Just because I choose to vocalize my disapproval of things in AOW does not make them any less valid than anyone elses. It's only important to the real powerbrokers of the sport IF they take the opinions and suggestions and actually do something with them. Otherwise, there's nothing but place fan hot air like Tuck, Iman, Defender and BerwickGuy.
    • As you have seen, when Chief gets backed into a corner, he lashes out in personal attacks. He has not figured out that what killed cart was trying to be the new F1. High tech racing equals high dollar racing. F1 can pull it off....barely.

      • Why is that important?
        What's not important is what killed CART. What is important is how you all steer clear of the IRL problems....it's like the IRL's very own don't ask, don't tell policy. What are you guys hiding from?

        The TRUTH!
      • Go back through the last few posts. I and many others directly point out issues with your concerns. Just because we do not agree with you, does not mean we are ignoring anything. On many points I and others are waiting for your replies.

        As the old saying goes, those who do not remember history are forced to repeat it. you keep saying you want the IRL to run the latest technology regardless of the cost. how can you not say that history is important. As we all know, cart spent itself into its grave. That is extremely relevant.
      • h
        The only relevance CART has is to 1996, when it was successful, as was the 500.

        The IRL changed all that. Whether it died, or bankruptED or merged into what is now Indy Car (IRL RIP), point is it sucks today and many fans are turned off by it

        You INdY elitist snobs have all the answers. It's no wonder the sport is in shambles. Carry on carrying on....
      • Pull the Plug Mari
        Save what is left for the grandkids. Racing is a spigot to the sewer. People, and I mean the masses, not the small number of auto racing fans anymore, just don't care abotu car racing. It is seen as a pointless endeavor and non-sport. The drivers are not athletes, rather operators of machinery. It just won't catch on anymore. Run the 2011 Indy 500 and call it done.
      • Chief are you the site admin?
        My posts keep getting deleted. I guess you call that censorship.

        oh well, here it is again...that God for clipboard.

        "What's not important is what killed CART"...you're right Chief...what is important is its DOA!! HAAHAH
      • NASCAR Done too
        Oh, and another thing, NASCAR is done as a major sport. Done. In the next five years it will suffer a horrible descent to fourth-tier status and be even lower in public conciousness than it was beofre popular due to the fact there are so many entertainmet options now available over what was around in the 70's. That and another important factor: People are just not into car racing anymore. Young people think NASCAR is uncool and hick-ish. Sponsors do not want the association with a "backwater" type thing. This is how it is. All formerly "big time" forms of auto racing are not only diminished, they are on the way out. Indy cars will not exist. NASCAR will be on the same level of public conciousness as say, WoO or at best, NHRA. There, but way back there you know what I mean?
      • Word out of Homestead...
        ...yet another venue where there are no takers. Apparently, word there today, FREE tickets NOT taken. People are not interested in car racing anymore. Not even if it is free. We are getting to see the sport die in front of us. Big time car racing is terminal. Mari, look, you can't even get people to watch this crud for FREE! NOBODY CARES about Power and Franchitti, Patrick and Beatriz. Vitor Mania has died down too. All quiet there. Wow.
      • So Chief you honestly believe that there is nothing to be gained from rembering that cart spent itself into a grave? Wow, you are either more partisan, or more ignorant than any of us thought.

        That is not an insult, that is a fact. I do not think anyone would back you in saying that there are no lessons to be learned from carts demise.
      • That fact is irrelevant
        The fact you try to continually make it about ME is irrelevant. I purposefully stopped spending money on this sport a long time ago.

        The fact the Hulman-George's are rumored to have spent $700 MILLION to keep the IRL afloat in red ink all these past 15 years is RELEVANT. It's relevant to INDIANA businesses and to ANY business that may want to do business with the IRL. The more you steer it about and try to deflect the IRL's problems on me, the more others see just how hateful and twisted you Indy place fans really are. Keep it up.

        RUMOR: Miami INDY fans don't even want FREE tickets to Homestead..again. Go figure. More sacred cow action....but, keep putting your head in the sand my IBJ friends.
      • Typically Curious Behavior
        'The fact you try to continually make it about ME is irrelevant. I purposefully stopped spending money on this sport a long time ago.'

        When will your righteous indignation about Indy Car include a cessation of continuously posting about it? If you do not care for it the amount of posting you offer about it defies common sense. I do not really believe anyone is trying to make anything about you other than to point out inconsistencies and/or hypocrisy in your ranting, or to occasionally guffaw at the overall ridiculousness of your responses.

        'The fact the Hulman-George's are rumored to have spent $700 MILLION to keep the IRL afloat in red ink all these past 15 years is RELEVANT. It's relevant to INDIANA businesses and to ANY business that may want to do business with the IRL. The more you steer it about and try to deflect the IRL's problems on me, the more others see just how hateful and twisted you Indy place fans really are. Keep it up.'

        Just once I wish someone would lay out an accurate accounting of expenses vs. revenue to get me to that magical half-a-billion+ loss fantasy. It just never ceases to entertain those of us whose synapses actually fire consistently. No one has ever offered such an accounting.

        'RUMOR: Miami INDY fans don't even want FREE tickets to Homestead..again. Go figure. More sacred cow action....but, keep putting your head in the sand my IBJ friends.'

        Where did you hear that? Cippaloni or some other balogna? As stated in another thread (also not anywhere close to the actual topic) I have not been keeping up with the Miami ticket sales. I suspect it will end up around the usual 35,000 or so.
      • Chief, you try to make it about you.
      • wrong...as usual
        It's all about you and your twin Defender and INDY.

        All lies....35,000 at Homestead....bwahahahhaha!

        I don't cut OVAL races, nor get poor TV ratings on a backwater 5th tier TV network. Nor can't get people to go to my races....that's all about the IRL. Iman, the issues remain...you refuse to accept the FAILURES IMS and Indy.

        No apology needed anymore...I have Mr. Bernard with a final grade of F. As in failure and phoney.

        Wheres the new car plans? The silly season starts Monday...you IRL defenders ready to defend?
      • Let's take a look at the numbers
        "Running at the end 29 percent of the time." Where did you get that from? According to racing-reference.info, In 98 races over 6 seasons(*), Danica had 12 DNF, that's running at the end 88% of the time. The rest of your numbers are correct but here's some more. She was on the lead lap 56 times (57%). Average finish is 10.3. 7 podiums including the 1 win. Ave season points ranking 8.2 incl 5th in 2008. (*) not counting the 2006 race where the team withdrew and the non-points race in Australia in 2008. I'd estimate the average Indycar field at 25 and the typical number of full-season drivers per year also at 25. Isn't a bit silly that the article above is all about someone with no connection to Danica putting 'Nascar' instead of 'Indycar' and then correcting their mistake. Stop the presses..

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      1. I am so impressed that the smoking ban FAILED in Kokomo! I might just move to your Awesome city!

      2. way to much breweries being built in indianapolis. its going to be saturated market, if not already. when is enough, enough??

      3. This house is a reminder of Hamilton County history. Its position near the interstate is significant to remember what Hamilton County was before the SUPERBROKERs, Navients, commercial parks, sprawling vinyl villages, and acres of concrete retail showed up. What's truly Wasteful is not reusing a structure that could still be useful. History isn't confined to parks and books.

      4. To compare Connor Prairie or the Zoo to a random old house is a big ridiculous. If it were any where near the level of significance there wouldn't be a major funding gap. Put a big billboard on I-69 funded by the tourism board for people to come visit this old house, and I doubt there would be any takers, since other than age there is no significance whatsoever. Clearly the tax payers of Fishers don't have a significant interest in this project, so PLEASE DON'T USE OUR VALUABLE MONEY. Government money is finite and needs to be utilized for the most efficient and productive purposes. This is far from that.

      5. I only tried it 2x and didn't think much of it both times. With the new apts plus a couple other of new developments on Guilford, I am surprised it didn't get more business. Plus you have a couple of subdivisions across the street from it. I hope Upland can keep it going. Good beer and food plus a neat environment and outdoor seating.