NBC pairs Peyton Manning and IndyCars as Hoosier icons

September 27, 2010
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No matter what you think of the IndyCar Series, the open-wheel race car is still synonymous with Indianapolis. I was reminded of this Sunday night.

During the introduction to NBC’s Sunday night football, various NFL all-stars were shown on screen etched in a landscape symbolic to their team’s home.

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning was shown dropping back and then flinging a long pass. That was less impressive to me than the fact he was shown standing on the front stretch of a race track which looked an awful lot like the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. And in semi-ghostly, shadow-like fashion, a handful of IndyCars zoomed by as Manning launched his pass. The image of the Indianapolis 500 was unmistakable for tens of millions of television households nationwide to see.

The fact that NBC (which broadcasts no IndyCar races and has no interest in the open-wheel series) still thinks enough of IndyCar to put it in its broadcast says something. Yes, I know there's Comcast-NBC-Versus connection. And Versus is the cable channel where most IndyCar races are aired. But to think that influenced NBC's NFL football game promo is a bit of a stretch.

There have been a number of complaints about some of the series’ recent struggles. And there are a considerable number of race fans still upset about the split from and subsequent death of CART/Champ Car. Those same folks have not been shy about wishing death on the IndyCar Series.

Despite all that, Indiana and Indianapolis are and probably forever will be linked to IndyCar racing.

Regardless of what you think of past or present IndyCar series leadership, I have to believe most rational people would conclude it’s preferable for this city and state that IndyCar succeed.

I’m still not sure what to think of the image in the same pre-game introduction of Colts defensive lineman Dwight Freeney emerging from a corn field and whacking aside head-high corn stalks as though they were menacing defenders. My wife and I got a pretty good laugh out of that one.

The image speaks to our state's roots, but what about our progressive present and promising future in things like technology and life sciences.

After all, isn’t there more than corn in Indiana?

  • Typical
    Typical stuff from unimaginative east-coast TV producers.
  • Not as hot as Faith Hill
    Indianapolis is known for the 500 race...the NBC producers needed something recognizable behind Payton to say "Indy" without saying Indy. Faceless open wheel cars charging down the front straight in front of the scoring pylon are images etched into America's minds. Now, THAT'S ICONIC. Fortunately, the good folks didn't have "IRL" or I AM mINDY" strune across the yard or bricks in the promo. Good on NBC.

    However, all that pales in comparison to Faith Hill singing in them boots and mini. YOWSA, yowsa yowsa...who CARES about football imagery (especially the Hoosier variety) when Faith commands the screen? Woof...now THAT'S elite....
  • NBC got it right
    If you ask people in the country what the image of Indiana is, you will most likely get the 500, and perhaps corn as a second choice. Unless you are a hoosier, or tied closely to the state you are not going to be aware of any technology or life science future. This is the problem with living in Indiana - you think things are more important than they really are to the rest of the world.
  • Great Product Placement
    That is a great opening sequence and it airs every week. That type of product placement will become even more frequent as the 100th anniversary approaches. As a native Hoosier and avid Indy Car fan, I think it's great.
  • Coincidence
    Don't fool yourself...this is no PLANNED tie into 100 years of the IRL's 15th IRL 500. NBC would need money for that.

    Just a nice coincidence....so where are the other tie-in's going to come from Defender? You have some "insider" knowledge or what? HVM is locked out of the shop BTW...what happened? IMS not cut the welfare cheques yet?
  • Ditto - Bob
    I chafed a bit wiht the corn thing also...but to Bob's point, unless you have been here for any amount of time, many people on the coasts don't even know where Indiana actually is. They know about Chicago and Detroit/Cleveland (the lakes provide reference) but that's about it.

    I do quite a bit of business on both coasts -- the first thing people comment about is the Indy 500, and many of them have been to the race or want to come. Interesting though, no one ever brings up corn.
  • Chief,

    For reference, it is Peyton.

    Indy will always be known for Indycars, Indy 500 and IMS. I have been to Europe several times and when I would tell them where I was from more often than not, the next words out of their mouth would be "Oh, the Indy 500 or IMS". Most would ask if I have gone to races and if the track was as big, fast, and exciting as they have seen on tv.

    Indy is the 500 and the 500 is Indy.

    For that matter corn does not bother me. Again, that is Indiana. It is the same as pride we had when it was the Hicks vs. Knicks.
  • Calm Down. No Need to Try And Shout Everyone Down.
    Chief, let me be honest. Why is your schtick always so needlessly hostile and confrontational? Do you lack the maturity to exchange dialog in a civil manner?

    'Don't fool yourself...this is no PLANNED tie into 100 years of the IRL's 15th IRL 500. NBC would need money for that.'

    I'm OK with your supposition. It makes no difference. What is important is that from an editorial standpoint, NBC chose to portray arguably the most well known quarterback in the NFL in the context of the world's most well known race track. Every week. That is outstanding and shows a great deal of respect. That is more than the actual broadcast partner of Indy Car can offer.

    'Just a nice coincidence....so where are the other tie-in's going to come from Defender? You have some "insider" knowledge or what?'

    The 2011 race is the 100th anniversary of the first running. The signage around Indy proclaims it 'The Most Important Race in History.' Keep your eyes peeled for a variety of coverage in that theme throughout North America over the coming months. Without Indy the rest of the sport would not exist as we know it.

    'HVM is locked out of the shop BTW...what happened? IMS not cut the welfare cheques yet?'

    What, precisely, do the financial difficulties of the HVM team have to do with the opening footage of NBC's Sunday Night Football? That is completely off the topic, and even if it wasn't the answer is fairly clear even to those with minimal comprehension abilities: Their primary sponsor went bankrupt and they could not replace it. Hopefully they make it to Miami. Simona de Silvestro is one of the best stories of the year.
  • What was confrontational?
    Because I misspelled "Peyton"?

    Because I said the NBC Indy tie-in had nothing to do with promoting the 100th anniversary of the 15th IRL 500? (which you alluded to)

    Because I passed along business information pertinent to doing business with the IRL on an Indianapolis based business blog?

    What is so hostile and "schtick" about that? Perhaps Anthony should have you as the censor so you can filter all IRL based thoughts before allowing them on this blog. Seems to make sense, from your perspective I'm sure.

    Did you hear Homestead tickets aren't selling and the IRL can't even give them away? What's up with that? ISC not maketing another IRL oval track? Do you have any insider information?
  • Relevance?
    Topic reminder: Peyton Manning. The opening sequence of NBC Sunday Night Football. Do you have thoughts that are actually ON topic? As far as I know, Peyton will not be attending the IZOD Indy Car Series season closer at Homestead. I am not concerned with ticket sales and have not heard anything other than it is lame duck; part of the hardball being played with ISC. I have heard the event may be affected by a tropical storm. I may have to re-think my attendance plans.
  • Sorry "Defender"
    You made the assertion that the media will be doing IRL "product placement" like this NBC NFL opening in the coming year....to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of something. YOU changed the subject.

    I questioned your knowledge and called BS. You deflected as usual.
  • Au Contraire Ye of Limited Thought
    Actually ON topic: Indy Car product placement across a wide swath of media. Watch for a lot more of it. It IS on purpose. Do you think for one second NBC could just use the images they do without expressed, written consent from IMS? If you have ever dealt with IMS lawyers you know the answer. As the 100th anniversary race approaches, watch for a lot more. Try to enjoy it.
  • So, you're saying
    That the Payton thingy on NBC is all because of the IMS lawyers wanting to promote the IRL 500? Come on you are full of poop...prove it.

    Geez I could provide blanket claims too...IRL sucks, IRL is not an Indy Icon and never will be. IRL wasn't successful. Etc ad nauseum. See I make claims too, just like you.
  • How About We Slow This Down
    ...so others can more adequately comprehend the words? I am NOT saying IMS lawyers set out to promote the 100th anniversary of the Indianapolis 500. Frankly, they are not that creative or motivated. But just try using any image or likeness of IMS without being licensed to do so after paying a hefty fee. It is not possible. Do you understand what I am saying or should I slow it down some more?
  • Indy or IRL
    I think it's safe to say that the image used by NBC is all about the Indy 500. It seems like a good thing for the city to leverage. It also seems like the IndyCar Series could do a better job of branding itself in connection with its biggest event. I always thought it was odd that CART seemed to want to distance itself from the Indy 500 brand, when they should have been using it to its advantage. Perhaps that comes down to a series/race promoter conflict. Hopefully those days are behind us.
  • Huh?
    So the assertions of the media seeking to use Indy 500 likeness due to the upcoming 100 year deal is not true! That was my question.

    Matt...Cart created and licensed the IndyCar from the speedway. Cart maDe the brand famous. Distanced from the 500? Where did you get that impression? Together they bullt the sport.

    It was Tony George paranoia that caused any distancing with the creation the IRL. Since then the sport has been destroyed.
  • Not Slow Enough I Guess
    The media sought out and paid for the right to use the likeness of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in the opening sequence of their Sunday Night Football package. Is there any morsel of this fact with which you are having difficulty coming to grips? Did I explain it slowly enough?

    cart sought to de-emphasize the overall importance of the Indianapolis 500 throughout its brief existence. When they finally boycotted the one event that gave them legitimacy, they killed themselves. Twice. That is as simple an explanation as there is.

    When will you move forward like the rest of us?
  • Get rid of of NASCAR
    Indianapolis, Indiana is synonomous with the Indianapolis 500 and Indy cars. Look at the Indiana Quarter. Thre have been other races at IMS, and NASCAR thought it was a bigger deal, but nothing, nothing at all, comes close to the Indianapolis 500's association with the city and the state. Casually mention the State of Indiana or the City of Indianapolis to just about anyone, anywhere, and the association is with the Indy 500. They might not know a thing about the race, but they know the connection. Once when I was in Acapulco at a beach bar, a feelwo American tourist told the Mexican female bartender he was from Ft. Wayne. "Where is that?" she asked. "Indiana." "Oh, yes. They have the Indy 500. That's huge." I'll never forget that. So that is impact of the association between the event and the place it is held. Too bad the IZOD CAR Series is dying. Maybe the "500" can be saved, and here is the most important point: Kick NASCAR out of there. They denigrate the institution. Always have, always will. It cheapened the image of the facility and its uniqueness in sport and as an institutuion. Get rid of the bikes too, although that sport has a level of sophistication and intensity worthy of the Speedway. But the fact remains, it should go too, as the IMS is home to the great "500". Nothing else compares. And beside, NASCAR is quickly, astonishingly quickly, becoming a thing of the past, relegated to the ash heap of cultural phenomenon, and returning to its rightful place as a third to fourth tier, niche sport. In all humility, the Indianapolis 500 and the image of an Indy Car transcends sport and through the decades has establshed as icons of motor racing. Mari, send NASCAR home. The Brickyard race has the unintended consequence of cheapening the image of the Speedway with those ghastly, sluggish beasts of race cars, and the cheap, circus/WWE-like contrivance that NASCAR has become.
  • Defender Gets It
    "CART sought to de-emphasize the overall importance of the Indianapolis 500 throughout its brief existence. When they finally boycotted the one event that gave them legitimacy, they killed themselves. Twice. That is as simple an explanation as there is."

    This is spot on. Of all the postings on the forums and blogs, the thousands of words typed, the rants with Robin, the columns, the blabbering, talking heads like that idiot Despain, etetera...Defender summed it all up in this tidy nutshell.

    CART overestimated its importance. It was always all about the Indianapolis 500, nuts, guts, gas, and glory. The namby-pamby CART races were just filler. People came out in droves not to see geeks like Scott Pruett or Parker Johnstone zip around in left-right-left's, they came out to see INDY CARS, the cars that run the Indy 500. They didn't know CART from a Kart.

    The best thing to do is to slay the IZODCAR Club, form up about a ten race oval series at some key race tracks, and focus everything on the Indy 500. It sustains. The rest is just filler.

  • Reality
    and the IRL had everything you deem important and 600 million dollars later it\\\'s a bigger mess than anything that came before it. This place draws jeenyusses like flies on stink.
  • And TOney used his sisters\' money to pay for it
    hey burt, those 9.5+ TV ratings the 500 used to get, where did they go? I guess insignificant CART took them with them when they boycotted the idiot grandson
  • mayor said so
    Mayor Steve Goldsmith said CART boss Andrew Craig told him in 1995 that he wanted to downsize and de-emphisize the month of May (Indy 500) and grow other races and overall series. Why would Goldsmith lie about something like that? Sounds like CART wanted to distance itself from Indy 500 to me.
  • And where is Craig today?
    Andrew Craig and that whole CART contingent suffered from the same narcisstic, over-inflated sense of self-importance that NASCAR does today. NASCAR will not learn and shall return to its rightful place as akward, third-tier psuedo-sport. Meanwhile, Craig is history, CART was REJECTED by the public and that is the evidenced fact, and the "500" goes on, wounded, but still rolling. The crappy substitute series IZODCAR is soon to die the CART death as well. It is what it be.

    And by the way, CART also wanted to downsize and maybe even leave the Indy 500 and focus on left-right-left's because of all the panty-poopers in the series who were terrified of the Speedway and otehr fast, oval tracks like Michigan. A lot of nomex was fouled in that era and they knew it had to stop. That is fact. CART became a panty-waist-waste series run by namby-pamby sissies like Craig.
  • And TOney used his sisters\' money to pay for it
    hey Burt, that oval track in Nazareth, PA that used to fill to capacity when insignificant CART was in town, what happened to it?
  • And TOney used his sisters\' money to pay for it
    hey Burt, that oval track outside Phoenix that used to fill to capacity when insignificant CART was in town, why could it only get 8,132 people the last time CART didn\'t show up?
  • And TOney used his sisters\' money to pay for it
    hey Burt, those empty grandstands and bleachers from coast to coast that used to be full when insignificant CART was in town, where\'d they come from?
  • Bitter cart 'Fans' Who Continually Divert Topics
    '...and the IRL had everything you deem important and 600 million dollars later it's a bigger mess than anything that came before it.'


    A. It's in business with a title sponsor, a paid TV deal, 40 strong associate sponsors and a full slate of races. Just because it fails to meet some lofty, inflated, grandiose memory of what you mistakenly believe you saw does not make it so. The simple fact remains: cart is dead by their own hand (and ego). Twice. The IZOD Indy Car Series is not only surviving, but growing.
    B. Would you or one of you little buddies please get me the following data:
    -a comprehensive list of EXPENSES incurred by the Indy Car Series through its life.
    -a comprehensive list of REVENUE earned by the Indy Car Series through its life.
    I contend those who believe over half a billion dollars has been LOST over the life of the Indy Car Series is challenged mentally and should seek competent professional help.

    '...This place draws jeenyusses like flies on stink.'

    What is a 'jeenyuss?'

    '...hey burt, those 9.5+ TV ratings the 500 used to get, where did they go?'

    I'm not Bert, but I can answer the question. First, when did cart ever draw a 9.5? I am not familiar with that period. For the most part ratings that seem higher today than 15 or 20 years ago went to the same place as the vast majority of other sports and entertainment ratings. To a highly fragmented distribution among hundreds of recently added television channels and distribution technologies (such as widespread high speed Internet)that were unavailable in the mid-1990's. Had cart not killed itself, twice, they would not even have approached current Indy Car numbers.

    While on this subject, I might ask the would-be television executives here if they have ever done a deep dive into ratings numbers that are demographic specific for anything other than 12+. I did not think so.

    '...I guess insignificant cart took them with them when they boycotted the idiot grandson'

    When you children throw around terms such as 'idiot grandson' and such, you prove my point about being immature and challenged. When will the handful of you screaming the loudest simply grow up and enjoy the sport?
  • And TOney used his sisters\' money to pay for it
    insignificant CART couldn\'t have done a better job of chopping the Nine Days of May and making it less significant than the idiot family has done on their own dime
  • Treatment Information for OCD
    can be found at ocfoundation dot info. Perhaps, truth, you might find their treatment suggestions of considerable benefit.
  • Rose colored glasses,,,,again
    "Had cart not killed itself, twice, they would not even have approached current Indy Car numbers."


    Just how do you know that? Were you smoking off the same pipe Tony George was in 1994? up until 1996 CART very very relevant and popular at the speedway.

    Why has the sport dropped off the face of the map since the IRL was started? Bad business planning I suspect OR just continued arrogant Indy place-fans snobbery with an elitist component that has DESTROYED the sport.

    Defender, you chase more people away from the sport with your pompous attitude....superfan.
  • Reality
    D is right for once. CART would have never approached the .14 TV ratings the IRL is famous for. And they would have never approached the 8,132 attendance the IRl is infamous for.
  • More Good News For the Vibrant IZOD Indy Car Series
    Lotus Motorsport is going to expand its IndyCar partnership with KV Racing for 2011. Also confirmed is the FACT that it will design bodywork for the new 2012 next-generation Indy Cars.

    Thank goodness they do not share the pessimism of a handful of OCD-afflicted, challenged children who refuse to budge from 1996.
  • Reality
    D is right for once. CART would have never approached the historically low TV number and attendance for the 500
  • Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors
    ...are effective treatments for what you appear to have. Consider this an intervention, 'Truth.' Seek professional help. You really need it. I care enough to urge such care. You're welcome.
  • Now that's funny, I don't care who you are
    The NASCAR boys got a 2.4 out of the Dover race. A Chase race. NASCAR is so over with. What is going to be real funny is the numbers they get with the Fontana race in a couple weeks. How low can ya' go, you know what I mean? A serious lack of buttage out there is going to be a hoot too. Fact is, Fontana is going to go the way of Ontario mmmmmhhmmmm, yep...word is, the land is too valuable for a race track. Word is, they are done after 2012. The wreckin' ball awaits. Now that right there is funny. Auto Racing is so over with. Not a big sport anymore. The Indy 500 might remain, we'll see, mmmmhhmmmm, but auto racing as a whole? Please. It had its years. The sport is dying.
  • New Lipstick is Needed (again)
    They can save the IRL from certain death....more new lipstick! Reinventing the IRL over and over is like repainting Mae West at 100 years old.

    I agree Burl, it is SO dead. Hey DefNEDer, where's the new fans gonna come from when no one watches or cares about the IRL now? Maybe you should add MORE street races...you know, just like TOny envisioned back in the euphoric days of IRL youth.
  • What Are You Babbling About Now?
    A. What does any of this have to do with Anthony's excellent piece on Peyton Manning?

    B. As a real racing fan (particularly Indy) since 1959, I appreciate the variety the series has to offer. Although I much prefer ovals, I believe the diversity of the series is second to none regardless of whatever prejudices you delude yourself into believing others may have.

    I also believe it is GREAT NBC has chosen to highlight the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on its Sunday Night Football opening sequence.
  • Word out of Homestead today...
    I am not making this up. Epic seat available. I mean as in hardcore seatage for paying buttage, not friends, family, and corporate freeloaders, but genuine cash in exchange for a ticket to place your butt in a plastic seat kind of availability. Think I am fibbing? Just call them. I did. Quote: "We have seats available in all areas of the main grandstand." "Tickets sales are not going well?" ask I. "MMMMM, they are going ok." "They are not selling too well are they," says I. "No, not really," comes the confession. Apparently, Beatriz Mania is not doing the trick in South Florida! Is Ed Crapenter in the race? Maybe he will sell some of those vast swaths of tickets available, especially if he gets another one o' them dad-gum, specialty hot rods that go real fast from Honda. Storyline, Randy! It is about Storylines! Make some! Even if you have to cheat and fake it like the IRL er, um IZODCAR does. Get Special Eddie a fire-breather and turn him loose! Ana is not selling tickets! Bertrand is is not enough! Rafa is failing the grade! Vitor is....well, Vitor is no good but....still....Storylines, Randy! The IZOD CLUB League needs storylines! Make one up quick about Special Eddie or I got it! Give Sarah the fast motor and ten extra clicks on the button this race! Go Sarah, Go! After this race though, please tell Mari to pull the plug on this thing. Why prolong the agony? It would be the just and merciful thing to do. NOBODY CARES!
  • ISC Tracks = History
    Uh, the Homestead race will be on hiatus after this weekend. The most disappointing crowds in recent years have been at ISC tracks. That's not a coincidence. The main race, the Indianapolis 500, will be sold out in 2011. Mark it down.
  • ISC tracks = Nothing gained by IRL in 15 years
    Tony George's IRL oval "VISION" was a FAILURE. And so is the now DEAD IRL.

    In 15 years of oval track patronage, the IRL severed dozens of partnerships with oval tracks markets. WHY? Here's the real reason:

    NO ONE CARED ABOUT THE IRL....or those markets never would have performed SO poorly. And the internet's biggest IRL windbag is professing an Indy 500 sellout? ....only if they give tickets away...and that would be a stretch.
  • Chief, It is still Peyton, not Payton.

    Seems to me most of the vision is still alive.

    Protect oval racing....Check. Half the races are on ovals.

    Lower prices to increase participation of lower funded teams.....Check.

    More participation of Americans.....Partial check. More Americans than cart had, but not as many as most had hoped.

    Close competitive racing.....check.

    Yep, seems like most of the dream is still there as is the series.

    I am getting the feeling those who have not already bailed on their "There will be no 2011 IRL" will be doing so soon. Also stay tuned, for the early bailers on the "there will be no 2012 IRL" predictions, coming soon to a blog near you.

  • Put the pipe down , Defender
    You scored a small bag down at Homestead didn't you? The 2011 Indy 500 a sellout! That's a good one. Early word out of Indy, they may even take some seats put before next May. Nice try, Defender.
  • More than CART, how quaint
    Iman, as long as it's "better than CART" or "More than CART" it works, huh?

    Hey Randy Bernard....this is what we race fans hate most about the IRL. The IRL/Indy Car of today is NOT and CAN NOT be what CART was. Even Iman uses it as the high water mark.

    Look Randy, issue the apology like you alluded to. Otherwise, this sport is DONE.

    Nice new trophy BTW. That thing is the biggest joke EVER to come down the pike. You IRL types want to be taken seriously? The new trophy is the biggest insult to the entire American Open WHeel Heritage EVER.

    Oh, and Iman...2011 will have LESS ovals than roads and streets. And that includes the double race at Texas. IRL/Indy Car is a FAILURE.
  • An Embarassment
    IRL/Indy Car brass must have egg on their faces today...that trophy is being called the WORST sports trophy EVER. And that's on the favorable IRL fan forums. Like trackforum.

    OUCH... Rumors abound that Randy was actually planted by CART insiders trying to destroy the IRL. In fact...it was the very own IRL that has destroyed itself. KARMA! Bwahahahahahah. The trophy is CREEPY and the person who approved it must be terminated. Immediately. IRL AGAIN is laughing stock of racing world.

  • Chief,

    When in my last post did I even bring up cart? You said the vision failed. I brought up the most important tennents of the vision to show you they are still mainly being followed and not only do you ignore it, you bring up cart? Are you losing touch with reality? Do we need to get Shaq to show you why Reading Is Fundamental?

    Now you are back to the "if IRL does not apologize to me, then they are done" whine. Really, an apology to you will make life better? You are a sad puppy. Get over it. No one owes you an apology, and you will not be getting one.

    You rail on the cars being ugly, and now your biggest gripe is the trophy? Chief if that is the biggest issue in your life, then you are doing pretty good. Or is it more of a case you do not have a life so you have nothing better to do with your life than to complain about what their trophy looks like?

    Worst sports trophy currently out there is some of NASCARS. Have you seen the one for the Monster Mile?http://www.doverspeedway.com/track/news/article.php?dir=200409&id=2
    It looks like The Thing and Jay Leno had a baby.

    In racing, there is only one trophy that matters.

  • Iman of limited signifcance
    When you fail to respond it's pretty apparent you are taking the high road on the IRL's "trophy". Be free friend...express yourself. You know and I know you hate the trophy....but IMS must pay you a fine wage to lobby otherwise.

    Seriously, do you IRL fans like the taste of this failure AOW has become at the hands of IMS leadership? Or, is all you care about the race that has the lowest TV ratings in it's history (the Indy 500)? Pathetic.

    Hay man, thousands of Trackforum Indy place fans have clothespins on their noses regarding this "trophy". I'm laughing at all of you IRL lubbers.
  • I fail to respond? Really? You are delusional. all you do is ignore. Remember the whole dodge, dive, dip, duck and dodge routine I explained to you? You are still doing it.

    Thousands of track forum fans hate it? So are there thousands of posts saying that, or are you doing one of your "famous" insider polls. And what are you doing reading forums about a series you hate? You really are totally ate up about the sport. You need help. I love the IRL and do not spend the time you do obsessing about it. Again, it cannot be healthy to be so obsessed with something you hate.
  • Obsessed?
    Not me...just pointing out the hypocrisy of it all. Business folks want to know they're not getting swindled. 15 years and $725 million and growing to get that goofy trophy.

    I'm not obsessed...I'm mad at what has become of it all, with folks like YOU behind it. You don't care about the sport...only that you can cram yourself into your southwest vista seats each and every year. Someday you'll awake and it will all be gone.
  • Still No Valid Answers
    1. When will the Indianapolis 500 no longer be run?
    2. When will the Indy Car Series cease to exist. By that I mean the 'cart' definition: bankrupt and no longer running races?
    3. So that quaint loss figure is not up to 3/4 of a billion? When will one of the financial gurus tossing this number about give me:
    A. An itemized account of EXPENSES since 1996?
    B. An itemized account of REVENUE since 1996?
    C. An itemized account of the variation between the two?

    Here are some facts to wrap your brain around:
    -Television ratings are up 26% in the 12+ demo all the would-be TV experts focus on.
    -18-34 males is the coveted demographic, and the numbers are up 40% there.
    -IZOD is in it for the long haul, and they are primarily responsible for the trophy. Their brand activation practices are quite active.
    -Many IZOD Indy Car apparel items are sold out in stores and on the web site.
    -Lotus has confirmed their participation in the 2012 car with regard to body work.
    -Groundbreaking on the new Speedway Dallara plant begins soon.
    -Over 40 league sponsors and still growing.
    -The Comcast/NBC/Universal merger is likely to clear Justice before the end of the year. That bodes well down the road. Perhaps we'll see the 100th running on a network more deserving that the brand killers ESPN has turned out to be.

    Final questions: When will the handful of you bitter haters grow up and support a sport you claim to enjoy? Do something positive for change.

    What does any of this have to do with Peyton Manning throwing a football with IMS as the backdrop on NBC Sunday Night Football?
  • I don't know
    -When the 500 will no longer be run.
    -When the Indy Car Series will die.
    -Exact accounting of AOW losses due ti IRL creation. Rumored to be in excess of $700 Million...and growing.

    I do know:

    -IRL is DEAD.
    -AOW was killed by the IRL.
    -A 40% increase of nothing is NOTHING...0.14 + 40% = 0.196 tv ratings.
    -The sport is near death.
    -The cars are UGLY, and they fly.
    -The new trophy is a travesty and insult.
    -Bob Jenkins must go.
    -Jack Arute must go.
    -Robbie Buhl must go.
    -IRL's (Indy Car) VISION was a failure, and epic failure that destroyed the sport.
    -IRL cars are 8 + years old.
    -IRL moving to street courses to stay afloat.
    -Indy Car is gravitating toward less ovals because no one liked them on ovals.
    -2010 Indy 500 had the LOWEST TV RATING in it's history (1986-2010).
    -Indy Car sucks as is now.
  • Subjective vs Objective
    'I do know:' No. Your OPINION is:

    '-IRL is DEAD.'

    Oddly, they continue running a full schedule of events and plan to do so for the foreseeable future.

    '-AOW was killed by the IRL.'

    Factually, AOW is alive and well. cart killed itself. Twice. That is no longer AOW.

    '-A 40% increase of nothing is NOTHING...0.14 + 40% = 0.196 tv ratings.'

    Optimist: Still a way up to go.

    '-The sport is near death.'

    I thought you said it was dead already. Guess not.

    '-The cars are UGLY, and they fly.'

    Subjective evaluation. Race cars all fly under the right circumstances.

    '-The new trophy is a travesty and insult.'

    Again, subjective. Typical of people without imagination.

    '-Bob Jenkins must go.'

    Subjective. Who would be better?

    '-Jack Arute must go.'

    Subjective. Who would be better?

    '-Robbie Buhl must go.'

    Subjective. Who would be better?

    '-IRL's (Indy Car) VISION was a failure, and epic failure that destroyed the sport.'

    Oddly, the only entity that is destroyed is cart. Twice. And they did that to themselves. Twice.

    '-IRL cars are 8 + years old.'

    The base is. New ones are on the way in 2012.

    '-IRL moving to street courses to stay afloat.'

    Subjective. They are adding non-ovals to increase diversity and participation. Also, crybaby owners who slithered back have deluded themselves into believing crash damage costs less on non-ovals.

    '-Indy Car is gravitating toward less ovals because no one liked them on ovals.'

    Subjective. Oval racing is the preferred form of racing in this country.

    '-2010 Indy 500 had the LOWEST TV RATING in it's history (1986-2010).'

    ...mirroring the trend of the majority of most other sports and entertainment program offerings.

    '-Indy Car sucks as is now.'

    Subjective. If it sucks as bad as you claim, why are you obsessed with it?

    What are your thoughts on Peyton passing with IMS as a backdrop?
  • Wow, for someone who claims not to dodge questions, you have done a good job of avoiding mine.

    So I guess I need to comment on your answers to others.
    Exact accounting=rumors of an excess of $700 million? I am glad you are not my accountant.

    $700 million? Which the experts, including the sources of our favorite blog cite as less than half that. And why does it matter how much the Hulmans have spent, it is their money, unlike your favorite sport which screwed how many investors out of millions?

    AOW was killed by the IRL. AOW was hurt when cart killed itself as you have said. If not for the IRL, there would be no AOW.

    Ratings suck, but they are improving. Dead is dead. Ask your favorite series. Hopefully sponsors (new ones being named as I type) and a better deal with NBC and VS will turn that around.

    The sport has been on life support since Cart took it down when it killed itself.

    The cars are ugly and fly? first part is your subjective opinion (do you think COT's are pretty?) and when was the last time the second happened? More people have been killed in cart cars and NASCAR then in the IRL. IRL has been an industry leader in safety. NASCAR has been playing catch up since.

    New Trophy is yada yada. I am sorry, I do not go to races to judge trophies.

    Yada yada must go. Buy the series and fire them. I do not think they are the problem.

    I showed you where the vision is alive and on going, you just chose to ignore it.

    IRL cars are 8+ years old. So? Until the COT, NASCAR cars were based on 1970's technology with fiberglass covers. New IRL cars in a variety of styles coming to a track near you.

    IRL moving to street races. IRL is keeping an even mix of courses to try to engage the cart haters.

    IRL going away from Ovals. See above comment.

    500 ratings low. NASCAR ratings at near all time lows with declining attendance at most races. So your point is?

    Indy Car sucks as is now. Not really sure how to decipher that. Sucks as we know it? Sucks now? Not really sure what you were trying to say.

    Ok, answered everyone of your comments with reasoned and fact based answers. Any chance you can do the same?
  • The Indy Twins
    I guess you two guys told me off!

    Fifteen years of excuses, elitist pompousness, and failure. And all you have to show for it is that ugly trophy.

    With you two, everything is always going to be coming up roses in the IRL...the place where everything is an opportunity.

    The logic of all motorsports being down on attendance certainly justifies the pathetic IRL attendance all these 15 years. RIIIIGHTTT.
  • The Moment I Will Start Worrying
    ...is the moment the shrieking,juvenile critics simply move on. As long as they continue obsessing ad nauseum there are zero worries about survival or long term viability.
  • And you look at everything negatively. So we counterbalance. IRL has a new sponsor, you look for the bad side. IRL has a new car. You look for the bad side. IRL has a new trophy, you look for the bad side.

    And again, you dodge. I was not telling you off, just telling you the facts as I see them. Sorry that it upsets your hater world.
  • So what
    They could add fenders to indycars and you would be for it.

    You guys have no taste or backbone. Indy today is like dog food...the same bowl for 15 years. And u love it!
  • Healthy Skepticism
    $750 + million dollars and a spoiled clueless inheritor and you have what we have today, the Hapless IRL (Indy Car) Series.

    You are darn right I'm skeptical....and the fact you're not speaks VOLUMES. 15 years of IRL worthlessness raises eyebrows.
  • The Right Way to be Skeptical
    There is a right way and a wrong way. To make a blanket claim that all Indy Car fanatics do not have skepticism about certain aspects of the current evolution is to admit your reading comprehension skills are somewhere between sub-par and non-existent.

    Also, no one is addressing the details of that purported 3/4 of billion loss:

    -Accounting for EXPENSES
    -Accounting for REVENUE
    -Accounting for difference

    I know it is easy to toss out claims with no merit, but is your intent to repeat it so much that someone gullible may actually begin to believe it?

    Where do you learn that fancy word 'hapless?'

    In summary, there is a right way to be skeptical and a wrong way. The direction one takes is dependent upon both sportsmanship and maturity, or lack thereof.

    Hey, how about that Peyton passing with IMS as a backdrop? That's cool stuff.
  • Chief, unlike the way you think, this is not all about me or you. But since you care about my opinion, first and foremost i am about quality racing and tradition. While the tradition has taken some hits, Indy is still Indy, and the IRL is the most competitive racing in the world. unlike F1, the race is not decided on the first turn and unlike NASCAR, they do not have to monkey around with fake competition like the Chase.

    So are you still going to dodge the issues?
  • Word out of Indy today....
    Rumor has it a former Indy 500 winner and current IRL driver isn't getting paid.

    Hmmmm, a successful series with loads of sponsors and positive cash flow wouldn't have a problem such as this, no? HVM, and now this?

    Ostriches head...meet hole. IRL going out with a BANG!
  • Instead of spreading rumors why don't you just read the Indy Star.
    "Panther Racing has resolved the lawsuit filed by its driver, Dan Wheldon, and officials said today they are working toward a possible renewal of their relationship in 2011."

    Facts are powerful things, try it next time instead of spreading rumors.
  • But it was a Fact
    It was public knowledge as of August 14th, 2010 that a lawsuit was filed in Marion County regarding Mr. Barnes of Panther Racing and their driver Mr. Wheldon. It was in FACT a FACT. You see Iman, you don't want the truth, you only want what IMS tells you is the truth. Ostrich.

    Rumors abound out of Indy this year that the 2010 IRL season was wrought with poor attendance, weak TV ratings, the IRL moniker to be killed after 15 years, the dropping of several long time OVAL tracks and the promise that streets/road courses will outnumber oval tracks. Any truth to those RUMORS Iman? Or Defender? Or Tuck?

    They are all FACT.

  • Thank you for proving my point. If it was a fact on Aug 14, then why did you say "Rumor has it a former Indy 500 winner and current IRL driver isn't getting paid"? Trying to sound like you have secret insider info?

    Do you really need someone to tell you about these "rumors" again, or do you want to read back to where they have been spoken about ad nauseum? Are you that desperate for attention that you stalk IRL websites all over the net trying to post negative things? Hopefully you do better on those, because here you keep looking foolish.
  • u dont want the truth exposed
    Only positives... about 0.000001 percent of the innerwebs actually sees this blog or these comments.

    IRLs got other problems dude like trying to get people to just watch the series. Good luck with that.
  • All you seem to want to do is pretend like you are on the inside with your "rumors".

    You have a problem with doing anything other than dodging the facts.
  • Legit question
    Great finale to IRL last nite! 10K in attendance for an epic battle for championship with Danica the elite winning second place. Couldn't ask for better.....and that's WITH the 2,500 tix given to the Brazilian sponsors. What happened to all the fans that used to show up at Homestead?

    Here's the question....why the LONG yellow after Will Power touched the wall? There was no debris...Power made 3 pit stops and long repairs too during this extended break. It was a pathetic black mark on the sport. Even die-hard IRL fan knew this was manufactured garbage.

    I tried to watch and was insulted by the favoritism shown. Complete and utter crap.
  • Blah...
    Why would I watch the IRL, when Petit Le Mans had multiple manufacturers, world class drivers, awesome high tech cars, running a challenging course and get this: A HUGE CROWD.
    You know... Everything the .1RL doesn't have.

    And anyone claiming to watch the IRL for "quality racing and tradition" while slagging F1, needs their head examined.
    F1 has a 60+ year history of great teams, great tracks and legendary World Champions.
    The .1RL has what??? A 15 year history of being a bad joke in all departments.
  • Strange, my sources, who were there estimated at least 20,000. Said the crowd was boisterous and partying all day. Not great, but not bad for a race that was not promoted well by ISC for obvious reasons.

    I guess your watching a series you hate on tv is a better source than people who were actually there.

    Show me where F1 has better racing then any other series? Come on, saturday night at the Speedrome is more exciting racing than the follow the leader, pit crews drinking tea and champagne during the race really breeds excitement.

    As far as tradition, there is no stronger tradition in racing than Indycar which directly traces its lineage to 1911.

    This finale had everything other series want. Two top drivers going into it with a chance at the title. A good safe race with a lot of action and the driver in second winning it. When was the last time F1 had a season like that? When was the last time NASCAR had that even with the contrived chase?

    Sounds like the haters will spend the off season spinning the story and trying to guess the end all while downplaying new sponsors and new markets.

    The IRL has lots of issues, they need better ratings, build a better following among others, but they are putting a good product on the track. A competitive series that is fun to watch. And that just eats the haters up.
  • Boo Hoo
    Marlo Klain had more people at her wedding....is it any wonder ISC didn't want to put $$$ down the IRL sinkhole?

    No one wants to face it but, amongst the dozens of reasons for the IRL failure no one ever gives any notice to the collateral damage just the very creation of the IRL has hurt this sport.

    Ok, the IRL moniker is gone, but all the disasterous effects to the sport remain. IRL has left market not because of bad promoters, but because the product sucks. At least a dozen races in the 2010 IRL season have been the exact same result ALL season, for most of their 15 seasons.

    Geez Randy, that apology was a start but it's not forthcoming. Keep taking the high road Iman....15 years have produced NOTHING.
  • i wouldn't know, wasn't there, but then that never stops you from commenting on things you do not know about.

    ISC is bailing after 15 years because they see NASCAR faltering and they are seeing signs IRL is gaining traction. Why else would they drop the IRL across the board when they are making money off the races?

    Your 15 years of hate and predicting the fall of the IRL has produced nothing. So what else is new?

    Get over it and quit stalking the IRL boards, quit watching a sport you claim to hate and for goodness sakes, get a life.
  • F1 and other things.
    "Show me where F1 has better racing then any other series? Come on, saturday night at the Speedrome is more exciting racing than the follow the leader, pit crews drinking tea and champagne during the race really breeds excitement."

    As with everything, it's subjective. All I can do is suggest you try watching it. If you're like me, you'll find it far more entertaining than the lousy cars and drivers of the IRL.

    "As far as tradition, there is no stronger tradition in racing than Indycar which directly traces its lineage to 1911."

    The .1RL isn't of that tradition though. It's the bastardization of Indycar.

    "This finale had everything other series want. Two top drivers going into it with a chance at the title. A good safe race with a lot of action and the driver in second winning it. When was the last time F1 had a season like that? When was the last time NASCAR had that even with the contrived chase?"

    I highly doubt any other series wants what the IRL has. At least not if they want to stay successful, anyway.
    And F1 had World Drivers Championships decided in the last race of the season in 2006,2007,2008(last lap). Last year, Button wrapped it up with 1 race to go. 5 Drivers are still in contention with 4 races to go, this year.

    "Sounds like the haters will spend the off season spinning the story and trying to guess the end all while downplaying new sponsors and new markets."

    F1 still has 4 races in a month and 1/2 to go. You should try watching it. Less time for you to worry about the eminent failure of the .1RL.

    "The IRL has lots of issues, they need better ratings, build a better following among others, but they are putting a good product on the track. A competitive series that is fun to watch. And that just eats the haters up."

    Well, you were honest when you said the IRL has alot of issues. But, if you think a 7 year old oval spec car and an under powered engine package is a good product, then I bet you'd love a WNBA Seniors league. They no dunk, but they have good fundamentals. Makes more fun than dunking. Look at Grandma dribble...

    BTW, I hear >120,000 turned out for the ALMS finale yesterday. Guess you can still draw if you have something worth watching...

  • Iman's Issues
    It's never the IRL's or IMS' fault, is it?

    The IRL product stunk, stank, stinks. ISC can't sell it, no one really wants to sell it.

    Geee, you guys got a big problem there, I'll do what I can to help out.
  • 35K turned out for BED race in Miami
    35,000 attended a bed race Grand Marshalled by TONY KANAAN in Cocconut Grove. A bed race....35 THOUSAND people. Hmmm, maybe the Irl SHOULD STRAP A honduh lump to a Sealy or Stearns and Foster. That would TRIPLE their attendance.
  • Bwahahahha, 20K Iman?
    I've seen photographic evidence, every year since the IRL has been at Homestead....10K is a stretch.

    Motorsport has photos of the race, your sources are WRONG.

    HaY Iman, I know what my eyes see and what my brain thinks. The IRL stinks....proof is in the pudding as 7-11 has pulled out after that debacle Saturday night. Mikey said it was a lock...what happened?

    Defender will say it was great because there was room to stretch out amongst the 59,000 empty seats. Marlo Klain indeed!!!!
  • I am glad you know what your brain thinks, because other than hating for a living, I am not sure too many others here have a clue what your brain thinks or what you are trying to say.

    You have seen photographic evidence. I thought you said you watched the race? Either way, I am trusting my friends at the race than your watching tv or looking at pics. Especially after your claims about the attendance at Indy.

    The 7/11 loss will hurt, but TK will pick up new sponsorship. I have heard they are not totally pulling out, just primary sponsorship of his car. It sounds like they will still be associate on Danicas. I do like your double standard, a sponsor pulls out and it is proof of the IRL folding, sponsors come in, you claim it is horrible of the IRL. At least I admit that a sponsor pulling out is not good and sponsors coming in is good. You always claim I look at the IRL with rose colored glasses, which is probably true, but I do admit when bad things happen. Unlike you when you refuse to acknowledge any good. That is why you have no credibility on these boards. A hater to the core.

    It is cool that TK drew 35,000 for a bed race. Had not heard that. Bodes well for him looking for new sponsorship.
  • Jim,

    Kudos on a well written reply. Chief needs to take lessons on how to respond to issues and not dodge them.

    I agree liking any racing series and stating one has better racing than another is subjective. I have watched F1 and other than the money and glitz, there is not much there for me. I do not like races that are timed vs. a set number of laps. I do not like races that are won in the garages and not on the track. I do not like Bernie, or the whole snooty feel of the series. I think those are many of the reasons F1 will never me overly successful in the US.

    The IRL is a direct descendent of the first cars to run Indy. While no major racing series still allows the kind of backyard innovation that was the first 40 years of Indy, the new specs do appear to go back to the roots by allowing cars, although the same in base design, to have add on parts from various makers that will allow innovation.

    F1 has had some closer series of late, but it is still well known for blow outs seasons and races decided by minutes, not milliseconds. There is a reason the IRL has had some of the closest finishes and tightest points races in auto racing. All without contriving the rules like NASCAR.

  • Much ado about nothing
    So one person in the production booth remembers something his grandpappy told him about years ago when there was a world class race in Marion County and now all the IMS place fans get all giddy by its mention.
  • Read my lips
    Iman, u don't understand me, huh? With IRL's explosion into street racing you can expect snooty behaviors from the 23 foreigners that occupy all the ride-buyer racing seats in the IRL. Then what'cha gonna do? I mean, those aren't Indiana bred corn fed drivers anymore, those are F1 rejects...you know, the guys that couldn't hack it in F1 or NASCAR ruling the roost.

    Why can you face it, when you tear a sport down you get what you get. An un-attended, un-watchAble, unrespect piece of garbage that tarnishes daily the Indy landmark.

    I'm surprised more of you Indy lovers aren't more vocal in what has become of the sport and the 500. That is a darn shame.
  • IZOD Goner
    IZOD will not sponsor Ryan Hunter-Reay in 2011....Andretti Autosport will be down to 2 cars with this and the loss 7-11 sponsorship.

    So, Marco and Danica....who's gonna setup your cars now?

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  1. I am so impressed that the smoking ban FAILED in Kokomo! I might just move to your Awesome city!

  2. way to much breweries being built in indianapolis. its going to be saturated market, if not already. when is enough, enough??

  3. This house is a reminder of Hamilton County history. Its position near the interstate is significant to remember what Hamilton County was before the SUPERBROKERs, Navients, commercial parks, sprawling vinyl villages, and acres of concrete retail showed up. What's truly Wasteful is not reusing a structure that could still be useful. History isn't confined to parks and books.

  4. To compare Connor Prairie or the Zoo to a random old house is a big ridiculous. If it were any where near the level of significance there wouldn't be a major funding gap. Put a big billboard on I-69 funded by the tourism board for people to come visit this old house, and I doubt there would be any takers, since other than age there is no significance whatsoever. Clearly the tax payers of Fishers don't have a significant interest in this project, so PLEASE DON'T USE OUR VALUABLE MONEY. Government money is finite and needs to be utilized for the most efficient and productive purposes. This is far from that.

  5. I only tried it 2x and didn't think much of it both times. With the new apts plus a couple other of new developments on Guilford, I am surprised it didn't get more business. Plus you have a couple of subdivisions across the street from it. I hope Upland can keep it going. Good beer and food plus a neat environment and outdoor seating.