IndyCar star seeks help from driving coach

October 12, 2010
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It takes a big person to admit they need help. And Danica Patrick has done just that.

Patrick recently revealed that she’ll be seeking the aid of a driving coach to help put her NASCAR career in high gear.

NASCAR veteran Mark Martin has offered to serve as Patrick’s tutor. Patrick will resume her stock car career this weekend in Charlotte.
“I really do need help,” Patrick said in an interview with Tribune newspapers. “If [Martin] was willing to help me on any level—a little, a lot—I would be grateful for any of it.”

With the IndyCar Series season over, Patrick is set to race the remaining six NASCAR Nationwide races. Though the Nationwide Series is one step below stock car racing’s top rung, it still attracts some of the biggest racers in the sport. Patrick has not fared well so far. Her average finish in seven starts is 31st.

Patrick told reporters after her last 2010 IndyCar race in Miami that she has known for a while she needs help with her NASCAR career.

“We talked about a month or two ago about having a driving coach and nothing ended up happening,” Patrick said. “After Dover we all just kind of went, ‘You know what? We need to get this program together.’”

  • Not surprising. Few drivers can switch between series with such differences without needing help or learning the hard way. Many are lucky to hook up with a team that has veteran drivers for mentoring. I guess Danica was not offered that help. The IRL retains a stable of legends who help mentor incoming drivers.

    Glad she realized she needed help. Maybe this experience has taken her down a peg. She was a little too uppity as many drivers are.
  • Smart move for Danica, Bad Omen for IndyCar
    Yes, Danica (or any driver new to a series) does need help if she wants to be more than a NASCAR press topic. And Mark Martin would be one of the best to teach her - although I wonder what Kyle Busch would show her.

    Does this move indicate Patrick leaning to more NASCAR and less IndyCar? With Tony Kanaan chasing sponsorship $$ and another year before the new race car is introduced, there may be more financial challenges going on now in IndyCar than we might imagine. Perhaps Danica sees writing on the wall we fans cannot decipher at this time.
  • Writing On the Wall
    Danica knows the days of IndyCar racing as anything else other than a strictly part-time, low to no-paying, psuedo-hobbyist form of auto racing are numbered. She has no place else to turn to keep her "brand" alive in the big time world of product endorsement. And even though NASCAR itself is fading fast and soon, too, to be of little significance on the major league sporting scene, it will still be around in the semi-spotlight long enough to get some return on investment out of it and maybe, if she is lucky, a salary for driving a race car. For a few years anyhow. By the time she is ready to retire from auto racing, the sport will be virtually fourth-tier/non-existent. As I have stated before, all economic models for not only the dollar value of this nation as a whole, but auto racing in particular, point to a severely diminished capacity and, in all probablility, the end of professional automobile racing as we know it. It has had a tremendously long and financially rewarding run for decades. That time frame is passing. Danica knows she is among the last of the big time, highly-paid automobile racers and NASCAR is the place to bag the most cash. Martin can help. It was a good choice. Had she not gone this NASCAR route and also chosen Martin and a coach, her professional driving days were numbered as they are for so many others who are alive and competing at a time the sport is in the final stages of life. Sad, but true. And the IndyCar form of it will be the first to go. Mari would be advised to shut the series down after the 2011 Indy 500. ANY money saved at this point is vital to the family. a fortune has been squandered on what ultimately has proven to be a failed enterprise.
  • Danica's Hobby
    Which will it be? Indy Car or NASCAR? Now that the Indy Car season is over, it appears she is working a bit harder on NASCAR. She could probably not get a better coach than Mark Martin.

    She will go where her handlers/agent tell her to go. It could well be NASCAR...they already claim her and given their financial, rating and crowd problems lately (they have not sold out a race for over two years) they may covet her even more.

    I am also certain that since Indy Car is mentioned this Anthony blog will attract not-so-bright folks who will again use this as an opportunity to portend doom for the Indy Car Series.

    For example:

    'Danica knows the days of IndyCar racing as anything else other than a strictly part-time, low to no-paying, psuedo-hobbyist form of auto racing are numbered.'

    Actually, she will do what her agent tells here to do. Financially, she would not have a thing to worry about in Indy Car. She is already its most widely recognized star.

    'And the IndyCar form of it will be the first to go.'

    That particular doom-and-gloom prediction gets proven incorrect decade after decade. Popular Mechanics ran a story with that sentiment in 1964. The sport continued. As long as those in charge are not stupid enough to de-emphasize Indy the series will be fine for decades to come.

    'Mari would be advised to shut the series down after the 2011 Indy 500.'

    A safer bet is that she won't. To think she will is, frankly, well beyond any acceptable level of ignorance.

    'ANY money saved at this point is vital to the family. a fortune has been squandered on what ultimately has proven to be a failed enterprise.'

    'Failed' in the eyes of jaded critics is far from 'failed' in real life. Perhaps one day the naysayers will start to get it. I am not counting on that, however.
  • bhijgfdhbipg
    "Patrick will resume her stock car career this weekend in Fontana, Calif."

    That was this past weekend. She got wrecked running like 12th close to the end. She is entered in the race at Charlotte this coming Friday evening.
  • Defenseless
    Defender shoot but fails to score again. O for what now? Nice try, though. Nothign but air. I especially like the 1964 comparison. That is very telling about Defender's shortcomings. Good stuff. Face it, Defender. This sport is dying. In a different world. Dying as in, soon will be dead. But you keep right on trying...I find your junkyard dog grip pretty entertaining if not hillarious.
  • Grounded in Reality
    The first time I walked through the gates at IMS was 1959. Every time even the slightest evolutionary change occurs people not blessed with intelligence or sense slither forth and predict the end. After attending 46 500s and countless short track, F-1, NASCAR and other racing events for decades, I am firm in my belief of the certainty of the continuity of the sport until well past my departure from planet earth.

    Your ilk is entertaining in much the same way as sign carrying 'the end is near' nuts on street corners.
  • Old Defiance
    Defender, you make it so easy for me. You have been around so long you fail to see the forest for the trees. It is not 1959. It is not 1964. It isn't even 2004. TIMES, Defender, are very different. Influences far outside the sport contribute now its demise. Oh, it may still exist on some level. But not a major league, professional one. Not by any means. Get your head out of the garage in the clouds and into the business and sociology disciplines, Defender. There is plenty for your eyes to see, although if you study carefully, your kind will not be pleased. Danica, or her "handlers" I grant you, are making the best of an untenable situation. I applaud them to that end. They see what you do not.
  • It is almost sad to read the hope and belief in posts from Burl, Chief and others. You actually can feel their confidence that their reading of the tea leaves will be somehow different this time then it was in '96, '00, '07 or '09. That this time Danicas possible departure will mean the demise of the IRL. I mean sure it did not happen in '96 when all of the "stars" left. It did not happen in '00 when Juan Paul left after winning the 500. It did not happen in '07 when Sam Hornish, the poster boy for the IRL went to NASCAR. It did not happen in '08 when Helio, the most notable driver in the IRL was accused of tax fraud. So now in 2010 the haters are hopeful once again. I am sure you guys were sitting around your computer when word reached you that Danica has a driving coach. I can almost see you cheering and clapping. Certainly this time it must be the end for the IRL and 500 and IMS. Golly, it has to be. Unfortunately in the coming months you guys will again have to face reality that the 500, IRL and IMS are bigger than one driver. As AJ said a decade ago, "AJ did not make the 500, the 500 made AJ". That was true then and it is true now. Sorry guys, your hearts will be broken once again.
  • IndyCar
    *News Flash* Burl, Trusth, Chief, and others are forming a new Blog - "Ignorance Aplenty"! Fits their style of despair. The The real truth is that they will fail in their short-sided predictions and fall off these posts just like their now defunct, former poster brethren!
  • Ignorance is Bliss
    But stupidity is a handicap. Burl never said the IndyIZOD Car thing league was going the way of Disco, typewriters, and pay phones because of Danica. This just reinforces for me the shortcomings of Defenderless, Indyboi, and BerwickGirl. Doh! Danica could leave entirely tomorrow and never come back and the sport will still sputter along through 2011 and maybe into 2012 before collapsing in a smoking heap of junk on the side of the track. It is inevitable but not because of Danica or a certain tupe of race car or the exclusion of Chicagoland or BRian Barnhart in race control or the red cars winnign all the time. No! It is ineveitable because the economics of our time dictate the demise of the sport as a majoe league, professional entity. It may in act continue, but in that SCCA/USAC sort of way you know? Decidedly minor league and mostly amateur. Now if Mari takes my business advice and the "500" goes away, that will be the ultimate end. Honestly, I think the "500" goes on SCCA-like in front of 100,000 fans for a few years and most likely on cable TV. We'll see. Maybe not that good. The days of "400,000 fans", utter nonesense by the by, are far in the past. The 2011 Indy 500 will maintain about the same level of seat buttage and interest as this year's event. After that, all best are off. If it does survive, and that is in question, the "new" smei-pro Indy 500 will feature 2.0 ratings and 100,000. Seats need to be removed now. Quickly. There is more value in the recycled aluminum than there is in the buttless seat at the Indy 500. Face it fierce defenders, you guys have been going to the "500" for decades. You know the score. This is not 1985. The Indy 500 you are attending today is a shell. YOu all saw, and there is no denying it, large swaths of glistening aluminum this past May and such a lack of energy in Indy you would have thought the place was hosting a Track & Field meet. I hand it to you. You guys are going down with the Captain! We'll watch the drama from ashore, heartily entertained.
  • Hurl
    I'm convinced even more that the Burlster is nothing more than a Troglodyte, a representation of and the acts of various, imperious miscreants posing as a slug with an outwardly hillbilly, goofball name. The spellings, the nonsensical points, and the jargon are inconsistent. But then again, what would you expect from those flame throwers of hate and ill will.

    It's what we've come to expect and to expose...
  • Burl's of Wisdom
    Weak, BerwickGirl. Very weak. You'll need to show me more. I am unimpressed. You must have something better than this. No? I didn't think so, BerwickGirl. I was hopeful. You, Windyman, and Defenseless, are no competition. I can easily see why you are so impressed with the lackluster product the IZODCAR Indy Series League thing-a-majig has to offer. Simple finds, for simple minds. Sadly, you will have to get your motor racing kicks elsewhere soon, for the object of your fixation is soon to depart. I suggest SCCA club-level racing such as Formula Vee or even local go-kart track racing. Such IRL icons as Jay Howard and Milka Duno are already plying their trade in that form of racing, knowing full well, the Indy League IZOD car series whatchamacallit is not long for the world. Danica and her handlers are smart enough to see this. You should be too. But I am not hopeful for you. Savvy, not so much.
  • BIG sponsorship NEWS TOMORROW!!!!!
    Guess what.....YUP, tomorrow the BIG HUGE MEGA ACTIVATION SPONSOR will come onboard!!!

  • Wow, Chief has a new strategy, slam new sponsors before they are announced. We will see how that works for him. if it makes him feel better, more power to him. We know he is not getting his apology. Poor little fella. kind feel bad for him.
  • Burl
    Everyone's on to you, Burlyboy. Continue with your drivel to further enlighten us to your ways of hatemongering. Not that we need it, but we'll just wonder which one of your multiple personalities will come forward next. Oh, I'm sorry, it's your Antisocial Personality Disorder. We get it now.
  • IRl looosers
    Hey,,,fair question here: IF the NASCAR pulled their BY400 race, would AOW collapse under the weight of the IRL's red ink?

    Or, is it ok for them to go...don't let the door hit 'cha on the way out?

    Iman...we haters are taking over the new Indy Car. What you gonna do then? Bwahahhahaha!
    • Why would an IRL ELITE driver have to go to a NASCAR has-been?
      More questions for the IRL ostriches:

      Are you that embarrassed by your IRL series that you can't even respond to questions?

      Seriously, what are they putting in the water over in Marion County? What ever it is, you guys are full of it. And Bruce Martin is too.
    • Try Asking Legitimate Questions
      ...then you'll get answers from the adults.
    • Or answer questions asked of you. Go back to any IRL related post and you will see that I have responded to your questions and your replies are then off in left field about a totally different issue.

      First, I doubt NASCAR will pull the 400. Why would they? Most attended race, ojne of the top two races etc... They will try to scavenge fans, but they will not pull it.

      Would AOW collapse? Hard to tell. We saw what happened to cart without the 500. It failed. I would hope the Hulmans have a plan for continuing on. My guess would be the IRL would stagger but continue. If it is as close to break even as they claim, then that push may be what it needs to walk on its own. But the answer to your question is the only ones who know are on the Board at 16th and Georgetown.
    • that bruce martin
      You know, he's an original writer. He's not lazy or unethical at all. IRL needs tons more like him. Is he on the IRL payroll? Anyone know?

      I wonder why more major news outlets don't write more favorable stories about the IRL? Anyone know?
    • Major AACTIVATION uipcoming...IRL to live forever!
      Guess what.....YUP, tomorrow the BIG HUGE MEGA ACTIVATION SPONSOR will come onboard!!!


      HaY, why does Danica NEED a DRIVING COACH? She is after all IRL ELITE. Anyone know?
    • Business 101 and an Economics course...
      ...for Defenseless, BerwickGirl, and Windyman. Oh, go ahead, Take Donald Davidson's Gomerton course as an elective. But please, boys, er girl, boys, whatever, take these courses. I can't help you with the savvy and instincts elements that made me my money. But you an at least learn some basics so you can, hopefully, at least understand on a very basic level how the model will not sustain. A sociology and Roman Empire/British empire, heck, anything of the old European models, be they Portugal, The Spanish Moors, Ottomons, what have you, historicals along these lines, along with a couple humanities courses will help you along too and foster a keener understanding of the ebb and flow and ever changing paths of the course of human history and how these times, this nation, this century, this society, and this sport, are NO different. Then, and only then, will you even remotely begin to understand why it is we say the end of this sport is near, very near. And to insult our intelligence to conclude we say that because Danica is leaving or the Delta Wing car is in play or there are more road courses. You three are simpletons, but I would at least expect courtesy of an attempt at intellectual dialogue even in the vain attempt to offer a contrarian view. Popular Mechanics in 1964. The Brickyard 400 isn't going anywhere. Blah. Blah. Nah. Nah. Weak, very weak. Defenseless, Berwickgirl, Windyman, school is in session. Please attend.
    • INdy
      The great wind and blather of the Burlster just blew in like a bag of hot air. You said nothing, added nothing, and asked nothing. You are nothing more than a sophist of the lowest order. Why not contribute something positive. Perhaps a review of the domination of road courses by Will Power or the talent of Dario and how he has secured a position as an Indy Legend.

      Oh, I forgot, you of Multiple Personality Disorder, whichever imposter you are this time has nothing POSITIVE to offer - EVER.

    • Powerless
      Will Powerless To Be Recognized and Dario Judd are two of the reasons the average American auto racing fan, much less the casual observer, do not care. Look at the mania created in pop culture this year over who would get those dorky little trophies Randy contrived up. Front page of USA Today. Larry King. Anderson Cooper live from Homestead. Sportscenter on it every single night. No, wait? That didn't happen? Oh. I see. Maybe there was too much focus on household name Scott "Dixie" Dixon. No? Was it Bertrand Mania? Huh? No it. Well, gee whiz. Maybe it is just that this league isn't a blip on an Atari screen.
    • Chief you just proved my point. Why would you expect anyone to reply to you when you refuse to do the same? Poor Chief, the lack of an apology is catching up with him.
    • fish heads
      The IRL is like fish heads at seasons end.

      Chassis? Any one hear anything? Cotman?

      Engines? Any one hear anything? VW?

      Major mega activation sponsor? Verizon?

      That ugly championship trophy? Dario?

      Season TV ratings? Versus? Any one?

      Attendance? At Homestead or any other track? Any one?

      Safety team that can't put out a car fire? BBQ? Any one?

      It was a banner season! yet, here we are talking about Danica and her 60 yeaar old driver coach. Elite indeed. So, what DO we do with all these fish heads?
    • And Chief is just wandering around looking for anything to complain about. The 5 best words to describe him are Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, Dodge.
    • Let's play Windyman Word Play
      The five best words to describe Windyman: Denial. Delusional. Denounced. Down. Defeated.
    • Assuming your childish attempt at changing names means you are talking to me, those 5 words do not come close to describing me. Though I am a little worn down because of a long and busy week of work. I am far from the rest. Good try though.

    • Complaints Department
      Iman, you don't care about the future of AOW.

      Defender, you don't care about the future of AOW.

      BerwickGuy, you don't care about the future of AOW.

      You all do nothing to address the shortcomings of the lEegue....just attack the messenger if it doesn't jive with the direction the wind is blowing from 16th and Jonestown.

      What's the matter with you Indy patsy's? Don't you have any backbone at all? I've never heard a negative about the speedway from any of you. According to you guy everything's coming up roses....
    • and you just attack everything about it because you feel they owe you an apology for some perceived wrong.

    • They owe the whole racing universe an apology one takes them seriously....they messed it up all on their own. Yet, you love it!
    • Chief...seriously
      Do you have people in crawlspaces or a pit?

    • Skeletons in closet
      Not me, but with the way IMS sweeps stuff under the rug (like the whole Bruce Martin dealo, who is championed by Defender as an original un-lazy ethical IRL journalist...sneeer..), I'm sure that if any of you IRL fans cared to dig you'd see how much of a piece of crap the IRL really is.

      But you don't, and won't. Ostriches.
    • Generally, I Try to Avoid Pieces of Crap
      ...and not wallow in them. I'm OK with ANYONE who dislikes the IZOD Indy Car Series. Generally the reasons they say they do are genuinely stupid and are usually without merit, but whatever. I happen to dislike Canadian Football. As a result, I find myself not spending ANY time on ANY topic even remotely related to it. I just do not care about it.

      Why would anyone who dislikes Indy Car as much as some of these haters say they do spend any time commenting on it? That seems very far from maturity, class and adulthood. Don't like it? Fine. Why bother with it? Bothering with it is hypocritical.

    • Reality
      Do not people who are described as \'Elite\' serve as mentors to others and are generally not in need of being mentored in the basics in that which they are \'Elite\'?
    • Just a bad series, not two ways
      I spent Sunday afternoon watching portions of some of this years races and all of the 2010 Indy 500 again. I wanted to look back and see what it was about the series that turned me off this year and why I think it sucks. A few things came to mind: 1) The cars are ugly and sound just obnoxious. Yeech. Ugly-ducklings with clackity-clanging and banging, idustrial, chitty-chitty bang-bang gutteral sounds. Edgy, pointy, akward appendages hanging off them. Blah. 2) Four as many as five women driving in the series give it a club series/SCCA feel. 3) Except for the top four or five drivers, the rest are a total cast of nobodies. Faceless foreigners. You can't tell one Saveedra from a Baguette from a Vitor. 4) The races are boring. The roadies are atrocious. 5) There is an air of NASCAR contrivance to the oval events. You can't mistake it. it is there. 6) The stands were appalingly empty at most events. 7) The Indy 500 was an akward-looking, obnoxious sounding, over-hyped, semi-nerdy, club like event with four girl drivers, late forty-something has-beens, nobody ride-buyers from Whereverland, and a fat girl in the Dollar General suit that looks like a fan, not a driver. 8) The TV announcers are horribly boring. 9) The IMS track announcer is AWFUL. In summation: Th cars are ugly and sound junky. Most of the drivers are nobody buyers. The races are sparsely attended. The product is poor. And the Indy 500 seems like a club series event.

      I say kill it. Kill it now and save some money, Mari. The whole thing is aptehtic anymore.
    • It's not NASCAR so it must be ok
      Randy Bernard implied HIMSELF that he would have to apologize for the wrongdoings of IRL administration that came before him. Anthony Schottle himself blogged about it here.

      THAT apology has not been offered. And so, the screwing up of AOW continues at the hands of the WORST management ever, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

      So, continue to blame NASCAR or haters all you want...and continue to derail comments about the destruction of the sport under these IMS crooks and sham-artists. I will guarantee you will NEVER be able to hide the truth. EVER....because that is what you all attempt to do.
    • Over Two Week ago
      A major sponsor was supposed to be joining up with the IRL. Supposed to be DOUBLE the activation of IZOD. What happened?

      Maybe Verizon couldn't promote a guy that couldn't win the championship....AND that is a perfect explanation for the 20 minute caution for Will Power at Homestead. IRL couldnt fight its way out of a wet paper bag.
    • IndyCar
      Truth makes a good point about "elite". If you in the elite category of anything, you shouldn't need coaching for the basics. Sure, anyone and everyone has room for improvement, but Danica's promoters hung that title on her speaking participation - "Elite Nascar Driver" - "Elite IndyCar Driver". Will she be asking Dario for coaching as well?

      On the other hand, the Burlster just continues to prove the point. One must be nothing more that a closed minded, mamby pamby bottom feeder that ain't got no hangy down things in that list he comes up with. Hey, sure let's just throw everyone under the bus, ok everyone except the top 5 drivers. Oh, really, maybe the Burlster has spent too much time in his crawl space or the darkness of his twisted, negative mind to hate everything IndyCar.

      Woe is him.......
    • Relevance to Danica/Mark Martin/NASCAR? Anyone?
      'Randy Bernard implied HIMSELF that he would have to apologize for the wrongdoings of IRL administration that came before him.'

      Hopefully, he never stoops to that level. Pandering to those ignorant enough to feel such an apology is necessary does not advance the series. I would rather he told those who feel an apology is necessary to go find something else to like. Haters are expendable.

      'Anthony Schottle himself blogged about it here.'

      I still believe any such demand is almost as foolish as descendants of slaves wanting a payday several generations removed.

      'THAT apology has not been offered. And so, the screwing up of AOW continues at the hands of the WORST management ever, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.'

      Who, precisely, and in your informed opinion, would be better suited to run it?

      'So, continue to blame NASCAR or haters all you want...and continue to derail comments about the destruction of the sport under these IMS crooks and sham-artists.'

      While the sheer level of the hysteria associated with your rambling is consistently entertaining to adults, I have enough pity for your lack of maturity to hope that someday, somehow, you and the handful of you still shrieking like little girls will somehow figure a way to grow up.

      'I will guarantee you will NEVER be able to hide the truth. EVER....because that is what you all attempt to do.'

      Also entertaining is the inevitable diversion away from hysteria into abject nonsense. It is predictable.

      'A major sponsor was supposed to be joining up with the IRL. Supposed to be DOUBLE the activation of IZOD. What happened?'

      Terry Angstadt opened his mouth before a contract got signed. Inside sources say Verizon is preparing to substantially increase its sponsorship presence in the IZOD Indy Car Series. I will continue to patiently wait for the announcement, and will continue to hope Angstadt and crew can keep it zipped up until the moment is appropriate. I am certain the hate brigade will keep me posted, as they do for every other aspect of the IZOD Indy Car Series.

      'Maybe Verizon couldn't promote a guy that couldn't win the championship....AND that is a perfect explanation for the 20 minute caution for Will Power at Homestead. IRL couldnt fight its way out of a wet paper bag.'

      So you WERE watching something you say you hate. Curious behavior. You kids are, if nothing else, highly predictable.

      Nowthen, does anyone have relevant commentary related to the actual blog topic, which is Danica's foray into NASCAR and using Go Grandaddy as a resource for the nuances of driving those bigger, heavier cars competitively? I still think it is probably a good idea for her.
    • But...but...but...
      Sarah Fisher is still thick and Brian Barnhart contrived a win for Marco. No amount of censorship or counterview can change that.
    • Got your but right here
      That's all you got to retort with, Burlster? Sarah has done a lot in her career to be proud of and has made something out of nearly nothing. And all you can do is say she's thick? Nice, what does that make you? One thing she's not is thick in the head and she doesn't suffer from MPD like you and your alternate personalities.

      Then you berate Marco? How many F1 or Nascar Races have been contrived. Huuuuhhh?
      So why don't you come up with something valid or else go back to your vapid, crawl space and sharpen the point on your head.

      Sarah is to be commended for her tenacity. She actually got Hilary Clinton to visit her shop. That's quite an accomplishment for a little team from Indy. She doesn't deserve your scorn because she's gained a few pounds. She may be a little overweight, but she can diet. Your ugly scornful attitude goes all the way to the bone.

      what's in your excuse bag this time.....
    • Fisher is a Poster Girl, though...
      ...for the league's mediocrity. Let's see, BerwickGal, ZERO for World- Beatin' 83. It should be noted during that time, the throttle gunner scored 3 Top 5's. And we all remember the podium finish at Homestead, a scant 10 years ago. That was impressive! I mean, she had to beat such IRL icons as Jeret Schroeder, Jon Herb, and Brandon Erwin. I think Didier "They Call Me The Gas Man" Andre was in that field. Or one like him. So, yeah, thinking back...thick or not, she can get up on the wheel.
    • Reality is mediocrity
      No slag on Sarah but she is the poster child of IRL mediocrity. She and the other 20 drivers don't have a chance against Honda bux for the ex-Cart teams like Penske, Ganassi and Andretti. Just a fact of life in the IRL...TonEe sold you all out for YEN and CART. Asmit it and we'll call off the apology hunt.
    • Chief s'plains the grief
      Unless, they get a Honda charger, Edward "Special" Steady Eddie Carpenter engine, or as Danica does too now and again when it is convenient for PR, the other ride buyers in the series are only paying their cash for speed kicks. Your garden variety Bertrands or essential Meira's are just chasing the CARTisan pretty boys around and around and every now and then get the thrill of catching on fire, grinding one in the chains, or skimmin' Andretti noggin' and making You Tube for their trouble. It's a 5 car series with Michael's team the upset surprise underdog now and again with what's his muzzle? The guy 7-11 just told to take a hike? You know...anyhow, whatever his nobdy name is. That's your series. 5 or 6 guys. One is a tax-dodging dancer, the other is a tartan-wearing celebrity gold digger, okay psuedo-celebrity/kinda famous one, then there is the Kiwi people think is in the NHL or NHRA, and, well, it trails off right there. Will Power is a comedian right? Ryan Briscoe is a BeeGee? No? Randy, Randy,Randy...thank God you have Danica. She can't win without majoe gimme, but she is the elite name in that who dat cast of clowns. CART II, indeed. Only dead. They just don't know it yet. Mari, please....for the grandkids.
    • Reality
      According to 7-11 Key Metrics, a small patch on an F1 driver\'s uniform is worth more than a whole car in the IMsRacing league. Activate that!
    • Sarah Fisher
      Chief and Burl,

      Defender was right to point out how far you losers get off target. And you just have to keep piling on Sarah. Such turgid, chest pounding, feckless, churlish Quakebuttocks you two are.

      Here's a snippet of Info released today:

      "Sarah Fisher won the Risk Taker Award at the Leading Light Awards Gala presented by Women and Hi Tech in Indianapolis. The award recognizes Fisher's efforts to successfully pursue innovation while creating and building her Izod IndyCar Series race team, Sarah Fisher Racing. Fisher has driven in nine Indianapolis 500s."

      Feel better about yourselfs as you slither back into the crawl spaces you came from?

    • But...but...but...
      ...winning such a prestigous award, is that going to overshadow Sarah's pair of impressive 15th place finishes this season? Or, does it simply fit in nicely with her general level of mediocrity and un-noteworthiness, thus no harm, no foul? I say take the award but remind people you have a pair of 15ths.

      Good name-callin', by the way, BerwickGirl. I may be a Quakebuttocks, but you're, you're, you're, why you're a stinkpie, poopie. You, you, you, fuddy-duddy.

      But back to Fisher, kinda thick, don't you think?

    • Burl
      I didn't call you a name, Burlyboy, I merely described your insipid behavior and personality. Not surprising that you don't understand.

      Disingenuous you are......
    • BerwickGirl not to smart
      Calling me what is essentially a coward is unfounded, name-calling. But I am tickled to raise your ire, so play is fair.

      Calling Sarah Fisher "thick", for example, is not name calling, but astute observation. Just as it is astute to observe her overall level of "averageness", both in skill and appearance, much like the league. And that is being generous.

      Berwickshe, back to the books. Hit them hard. And do not worry about defending Sarah or the league. They know not of you.
    • Wait one cotton pickin' minute
      What is important in IRL racing today?

      You see, that's a great question because years ago it was about WINNING. Putting your life on the line to WIN. Win Indy, Win the Championship.

      And that's where the mediocrity of today's IRL comes into play. I respect Sarah for getting her funding and racing. PERIOD.

      She's not elite, although her fellow driver DANICA is? Why? You see BerwickGuy there is the problem....BOTH of them are STARZ in the IRL but have done NOTHING. IT is the mediocre nature of a current 3x winner who is better known as "Dancing with the Stars" champion than anything else. This is what the 15 years IRL occupation has wrought upon the sport.

      Indy used to makes stars...all that changed some how. That's how bad it really is.
    • According to Bull Bernard
      The Hulman Family Racing league has lost 1 million fans each year for the past 15 years
    • According to a Family insider
      The Hulman Family racing league has lost 20plus million dollars a year, each year for the past 15 years
    • According to Robin Miller and Curt Cavein
      15 is bigger than two
    • And Now, A Heaping Helping of Reality
      Additional snippets of truth:

      -cart died. Twice.
      -Indy Car, despite continuous reminders from haters that xx number of fans left, that xx millions of dollars were lost, etc., shows no signs of collapse any time soon.

      When will you kids orient yourselves in the current century and either support the sport or go find something else to do? You know, like adults?

      Meanwhile, back on topic, it will be interesting to see what Mark Martin does with Danica.
    • According to C. EveretT koop
      The Hulman Family Racing league qualifies as a plague on Open Wheel racing
    • Additional Truth
      Randy Bernard indicated this evening on Autosport Radio that the series sponsorship spend DOUBLED in 2010, to 81 million.

      Pretty cool, huh?
    • Contrary To IMS place fans\' assurrances
      The Hulman Family racing league shows no signs of success any time soon
    • North of $80 million
      $80 million? How does this relate to IRl series sponsorships in:

      1987 ?
      1994 ?
      1997 ?
      2005 ?
      2007 ?
      2010 ?

      Compare it with something big time AOW spenders want to know what this # relates to. Even bigtime outlets that have access to TV ratings numbers (like AR1, Indystar, Trackforum) can compare AGAINST numbers like ESPN's TV ratings, CART (when alive) TV ratings and attendance, etc. And, please compare with NASCAR during the same time period. Tim Richmond made $$$ in NASCAR...IRL...not.
    • According to Nielsen TV numbers
      No amount of spending does anything to increase popularity. The so called 16% increase in TV ratings was a direct result of reVersus being back on DirecTV and nothing else.

      There were 64M Versus households during the carraige dispute which continued through the 2009 IndyCar season.

      With the DTV dispute resolved, the increase to 75M Versus households served to benefit IndyCars 2010 ratings. The broadcasts were available to 17% more home viewers.

      Which means that promotion, advertisement, key metrics, activations, or continuity were not responsible for any increase in viewership.
    • Isn't It Cute When They Get All Riled Up?
      That's what usually happens when good news comes out. Too funny.
    • Las Vegas will be a track rental
      With defender of the IRl on here doing all the promoting here at IBJ blog
    • How is that new partnership working out
      Bull Bernard & SMI and BS and Eddie G were all egcited about the new activations and key metrics and all that stuff. I guess the manager at LVMS didn\'t get the memo
    • Only in the Hulman Family racing League
      is the wasting of 81 million dollars considered good news
    • Public Service Announcement
      Since IRL-hating OCD victims have shouted down any reasonable conversation related to Danica Patrick being coached by Mark Martin in NASCAR, it might be an appropriate time to recommend treatment, including
      Clomipramine (Anafranil),Fluvoxamine, Fluoxetine (Prozac), Paroxetine (Paxil) or
      Sertraline (Zoloft). All can be effective. I would recommend a visit to your mental health professional.
    • Word on the Street
      With a track rental....who pays the sanction fee? And promotion fees etc? for series in the red ink ALL of it's 15 years, you'd think they not accept more overhead. Sounds like a BIG gamble for a sport that can't attract fans in the stands and on the TV. one cares about mark martin and miss permapout. It just a diversion frpm the horrific IRL season and lame duck off-season.
    • Nothing like a little truth
      to get the defender of the idiot grandson\'s racing leeg to come out and play
    • The truth shall set you free
      Which is what Bull Whippin' Bernard will be this time next year, off to activate somewhere else, having seen the end of the Izod League to its rightful conclusion. The Hulman-George Board was smart to call teh bullpen and go to the closer.

      Fun watching him throw smoke.

      Thank goodness this one is winding down. Mari, I believe you were paying attention after all. Good lookin' out. The grandkids can live the life now and the grating noises can stop over at W. 16th.

      Oh, there used to be a racetrack, right here.
    • Bull Bernard & USAC\'s road to mIndy
      As Sarah Fisher once proudly proclaimed \"I don\'t want to learn how to road race.\"
    • USAC road to Mindy
      Sarah Fisher once exclaimed "I always wanted to be in Indy Car, now I am". This was when the IRL glommed onto the name. POOF, over night she was an Indy Car starz!

      FACT is she never would have made it against TRUE Indycar stars that that name was supposed to represent. NOW, the name is tarnished and worthless. As soon as the IRL became associated, total mediocrity.
    • The Fan\'s Favorite Driver
      Miss Fisher was the Hulman Family Racing league fan\'s driver of the year even when she didn\'t compete in the Hulman Family Racing league. Dario will never be the fan of the League\'s favorite driver because he probably doesn\'t have the prequisite equipment between the legs
    • In fact
      Miss Fisher was voted favorite driver by the Hulman Family Racing laeague fan while she was driving in NASCAR
    • Reality
      Where is that promised huge activation and key metrics thingy that was promised in two weeks 4 weeks ago? That activator must have been so impressed with the unannounced TV number & the 5000 tickets sold to the season ending, championship deciding race that they went back to HQ for a doubling or tripling of the activation value.
    • Walkin' Terry
      Angstadt is busy updating his resume at the moment. Give the guy a break.
    • Word out of Baltimore today
      Apparently the Baltimore street race is hitting snags....apparently $$$ has yet to vaporize.

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