Danica still most popular, but competition fast approaching

October 27, 2010
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Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

Danica Patrick of course. And Pippa Mann too.

The two women open-wheel drivers reign supreme—at least in the eyes of fans who voted for the 2010 Most Popular Driver awards.

Patrick was voted the Most Popular Driver in the top-tier IndyCar Series and Mann won the honor among drivers in the Firestone Indy Lights, the IndyCar Series’ primary feeder series. There are no shortage of folks who think the affable Mann could challenge the GoDaddy Girl for IndyCar's most popular pole position if she makes the leap from Lights.

The awards were determined by the vote of fans at all IndyCar Series events throughout the season and on indycar.com. Indy DownForce, the open-wheel series’ official fan club, facilitates the balloting.

Patrick continued her unprecedented stronghold on the award, winning her sixth-straight Most Popular Driver Award. She has won the award every year since joining the series in 2005.

“I’m very flattered that I’ve received this award once, let alone six times,” Patrick said. “Every person has the ability to pick their favorite driver, and it can change, so it’s a real honor to receive an award from the fans.”

In a disappointing season on the track, Patrick, an Illinois native now living in Arizona, had just three top five, eight top 10 finishes and no victories in 17 IRL starts. She didn’t qualify for any pole positions and only led one lap.

Still, her popularity doesn’t seem to be fading much. Her merchandise still easily outsells any other IndyCar driver, and her most popular status has kept her in good standing with corporate sponsors, an enviable scenario for many open-wheel racers these days.

Previous IRL most popular award winners include Sam Hornish Jr. (2004), Sarah Fisher (2001-2003), Al Unser Jr. (2000), Scott Goodyear (1999) and Arie Luyendyk (1997-1998).

Mann was honored by the fans for the first time. Mann has been noted for her fan interaction at races and use of various social media platforms to gain a growing fan following.

“It’s such an honor and such a flattering and fantastic feeling,” she said. “Indy DownForce does so much to support the series, to get this award is just incredible.”

The 27-year-old Brit won one race, had four top five and seven top 10 finishes in 12 starts. She also won three pole qualifying positions and is one of the top Lights candidates to move up to the IndyCar Series next season, though that jump may wait until 2012. If she makes it, there could be as many as six women drivers in the IndyCar Series next year.

Mann, who now calls Indianapolis home, races for Sam Schmidt Motorsports.

  • Hard hitting business news HERE
    The IRL is a hard sell....Baltimore race organizers struggling to get Baltimore GP off the ground (pun not intended).

    Been over 4 weeks since the two weeks Terry Angstadt dropped the "double the IZOD activation" bombshell. What's happening?

    7-11 and IZOD collectively dropped Tony Kanaan and Ryan Hunter-Reay (IZOD posterboy). Rumors suspect they didn't get ROI by working with the IRL.

    TV ratings....horrific. Only 8 more years on VERSUS!

    Comcast/NBC Universal not going to touch IRL with a stick....forget about that.

    Economy still bad...IRL and IMS feeling effects in "Centennial Era".

    Randy Bernard still has to apologize for the ruination of the AOW sport due to the failures of the Hulman-George family, Tony most notably.

    Randy Bernard has been untouchable by most media outlets....sophomore jinx will get him as the kid-gloves are coming off as the media types realize the shine has come off the pumpkin. OVERALL 2010 grade = F minus.

    Danica is the reason why the world frowns upon the IRL series. She has done nothing to be called 'IRL Elite"....yet Dario regurgitates daily while having to look at the ugliest trophy ever designed. Just another gaffe by the great crew at 16th and Jonestown.

    No specs have been announced yet, for chassis or engines....and there is NO support for any of it, the 2012 VAPORWARE car, by manufacturers EXCEPT IRL yen masters HONDA.

    2011 looks to be the TRUE 15th breakout year!
  • Well Cheif...
    actually chief, there have been some specs announced. The engine specs are almost completed, and the chassis specs will be next. And there are other parties interested in both the engine and the body kits. Lotus has already stated their intentions to build a body kit. And if lotus builds a body kit, it wouldnt be too surprising to see Cosworth build an engine.

    Randy Bernard? an F-? are you serious? This guy created a lot of buzz for the series this year. Going back to New Hampshire and Milwaukee. This guy has worked his tail off in the first year and deserves at least a B in my book. He is great with the fans, he has numerous contacts in the entertainment industry. He is perfect for IndyCar right now...an outsider that does not have a vested interest.

    And no, NBC will not touch IndyCar....not while they have the contract with ABC/ESPN. When that is up, I think the Indy 500 and several of the other high profile races (Long Beach, Texas, Milwaukee, Vegas if we do end the season there, Sao Paulo). It would be good exposure for NBC Sports which currently really only has Sunday Night Football. It would be good exposure for Versus...and it just all around makes sense for all the parties involved.

    And STOP calling it the IRL. Its not. Its "Izod IndyCar Series". Get it right.

    And Chief, thank you for pointing out what is IndyCar's biggest issue. Fans like you. People that are negative constantly, dont go to races, dont watch the races, dont buy the merchandise, and bad talk the league. We dont need or want fans like you any longer, so do IndyCar a favor and hit the road.
  • Jeremiah, one error you made. Chief is not a fan, and he will admit that. He is a stalker and a hater. He hates the series, hates everyone in it, but yet still watches races, still posts about it on several boards, and begs for his personal apology.

    Bmore GP having issues? Must be your insider info. Bmore Sun has never mentioned about issues.

    I am wondering if the announcement is about "cartown" on Facebook. http://www.tracksideonline.com/news/story.php?id=18060

    Cartown is a coup for the IRL. With the success of Farmville and Mafia Wars, Cartown could be a ton of exposure for IMS and the IRL.

    Exposure to 500 million people cannot hurt. Anthony, any confirmation on the Cartown being the big announcement?

    7/11 is still associate sponsor, no one was "dropped". I guess you would say Jeff Gordon was "dropped" by Dupont and Pepsi since they are both now only associate sponsors?

    TV ratings need work, no question on that.

    NBC will take over coverage when the ABC contract is over. Too much upside for them, especially with the VS contract.

    Yes, economy still bad. Everyone is feeling it. NASCAR Exec admitted to it on Undercover Boss. Stated that NASCAR is feeling it across the board.

    there is the demand for his apology. Did cart apologize to all the investors they cleaned out when they wasted away their money?

    Bernard had a good first year, hope for better next year.

    So the world frowns upon the IRL because of Danica? Really? What rock are you living under? Silly boy. Quit sniffing the glue, it is rotting your brain cells.

    Isn't 2011 the 6th or 7th anniversary of your first prediction of their failure. Have you moved your failure prediction to 2012 yet?

  • And TOney used his sisters\' money to pay for it
    15 years of failure if you ask the family members. What happened to that IRL thing anyway?
    • Danica Schmanika
      Ah yes, just like the sun coming up in the morning, if it's a blog article about Indy Car racing, you can be sure the always negative Chief will contribute still another predictably long-winded post on the imminent and ongoing failure of the series.

      If anything, voting Danica as the most popular Izod Indy Car Series (IICS)driver is a sign that the general public doesn't know other drivers in the series nor do they really care. It'd be laughable if it weren't so sad that a habitual mid-pack racer continues to get the lions share of public attention while the top runners (Franchitti, Dixon, Power, et al) are ignored.

      With Danica flirting more and more with NASCAR infamy, her time in open wheel racing will probably end in a couple of years as she's proven to herself and others she can't win, let alone even compete, with the leading IISC race drivers.

      But then, NASCAR fans keep choosing Dale Jr. as their favorite racer when he's not been competitive in that series for years.
    • Cartown?
      So, you IRL lovers want the "15 million" fans that were lost due to the split, you you still parade the same cars and profess the same ideas as the IRL did 1996?

      How can there ever be peace with that attitude? This very blog has ignored the critical happenings in the IRL since season end...with only 3 blog entries about Danica leading the way? No news must be good news!

      And yes, Randy promised an apology....if not, why did Anthony write about one? Credibility is HUGE....and the IRL has none to squander. Randy, I expect that apology on my desk by Monday morning...
    • SteveR
      You're right, Steve......she can't compete, which is why she only finished 5th in points last year, best of any non-Penske/Ganassi driver or why she's finished in the top 8 in 5 of 6 career Indy 500's (with 2 top 5's) or why she was in contention to win at Texas this year and outraced Kanaan for 2nd at Homestead despite him doing everything in his power to keep her behind him.

    • Pippa and Sam are good duo
      Pippa is fantastic. Great personality. Even her unique name makes her marketable. And it's fitting that she drives for Sam Schmidt. If they had voting for most popular IndyCar owner, he'd almost certainly be a contender. Here's hoping Sam makes the leap with Pippa to the IndyCar Series.
    • Chief - ugh
      Chief, in addition to your usual blather, that ugly trophy was commissioned by IZOD at their expense and insistence. You say it's ugly, obviously some artists think it's awesome - you say tomato, they say tomato. You say Dallara cars are ugly. Perhaps so, but they are a sight better looking than those hideous FI beasts with the blunt nose and the cow catcher attachment. And, by the way, I'm not saying those cars aren't technically superior, I'm just sayin'...

      Perhaps you'd feel better if Indy Downforce had accepted you as a member.

      Boo hoo hoo......
    • Danica's competition
      I agree with Matt about Pippa. She's another on the right track as Simona. Perhaps Carmen Jorda can join the throng in the future as well.
    • Nobody gives a Pip
      That's the problem, you see. Only the VERY small group of IZODCAR Series League Indy Deal followers know or care who Pippa Mann is, and I would venture to say only a small, select group of those. Noboy gives a rip for the Pip. You guys are done. Niche sport, and barely that. Obscure, irrelevant, and kaput. Danica is off to NASCAR. Pippa Mann will remain a "who dat?" no-bod-ee.
    • Chief
      What trackforum or Crapwagon name you hiding behind? With 10% unemployment I am sure you have time to have id's on both. Loser
    • Burl,

      I remember when Danica was an unknown being pushed by Rahal.

      Heck, I remember a young, squirrely Jeff Gordon knocking around the pits at Indy looking for a ride.

      Short of sons of legends or imports from other series, the vast majority of drivers who have run at Indy were unknowns until they ran at Indy. Hence Foyts quote "AJ did not make Indy, Indy made AJ". True then, true now.
    • Need Sponsor $$$????
      I would suggest any of the guys in need of sponsorship $$$ in the .1RL, hack off their manhood, get some implants and let their hair grow out. They'll become popular with the .1RL fans overnight and all will be golden for the .1RL again. One might need a nose job too though...

      If it weren't for the "haters" posting a bit of reality, all that would follow Anthony's post about Danica would be "She's Hot" and "I would". So enjoy the hate. It's free you see and well deserved. :lol:
    • Who
      Who has Indy made a star, 1996-2010? Household names...Lazier, Cheever, Luyendyk, Brack, Miller, Carlson, Treadway, Kinser, Fisher, Ray....POINT MADE.

      What happened? Now you IRL losers are praying for more chicks, just for the attention. Pathetic...it used to be about RACING, now you need be able to be hot. PATHETIC what the sport has become.
    • Hey Indyman
      Do you work for the IRL? Only an employee or a liar could post such nonsense.

      "Bmore GP having issues? Must be your insider info. Bmore Sun has never mentioned about issues."
      You don't read the Sun much, do you?

      "I am wondering if the announcement is about "cartown" on Facebook."
      We were promised a big announcement weeks ago. And you think that children drawing on pace cars will turn this all around.
      I suppose that it's easier than designig different plastic bits on a spec car.

      "Exposure to 500 million people cannot hurt. Anthony, any confirmation on the Cartown being the big announcement?"
      Only about 300,000 people watch the IRL. Unless you mean the Indy 500, because to you, only one race matters. Do 500 million people even know what Indy is? How many people watched it this year?

      "7/11 is still associate sponsor, no one was "dropped".I guess you would say Jeff Gordon was "dropped" by Dupont and Pepsi since they are both now only associate sponsors? "
      I'm speechless. 7/11 dumped the IRL for F1, and Jeff Gordon!!!

      "NBC will take over coverage when the ABC contract is over. Too much upside for them, especially with the VS contract."
      You're right, there's little downside left. But that doesn't mean that NBC will pay for this dreck. PBA and WNBA cost a lot less to produce, and for better ratings.

      "Isn't 2011 the 6th or 7th anniversary of your first prediction of their failure. Have you moved your failure prediction to 2012 yet?"
      The IRL never had a profitable year. They've stayed alive at the expense of the Hulman-George trust fund. It will keep going as long as they can stand it. Anton outspent CART/CCWS until they folded. But it took too long, so his mommy fired him from IMS, and then he threw a fit and quit the IRL.
      And what did you win? Champ Car + Indy!

      What happened to the American oval racers?
      You've got 10-year old spec cars, foreign engine leases, foreign chassis, foreign tires, foreign ride buyers street circuits, etc. The only drivers that anyone can name is a mean girl and a dancer.

      The race fans are gone. The series is a joke.
      But at least you've got contrived qualifying and single file starts in the half-month of May. Enjoy!
    • Sisters
      The sisters and all blew their money on drugs!
    • Durgs?
      You got a link for that?
    • I keep forgetting, the hates love to use Robin Miller quotes, well until he needs work and sucks up to the IRL. Most haters and most IRL fans agree that Miller is a shill for whatever his latest project is. I read in the article that they are negotiating with 3 title sponsors and have an issue with rails running on the course. Not really sure I would call that "struggling to get the GP off the ground" as Chief stated. I mean not like having chunks of asphalt pulling up or vertigo issues days before a race.

      I have no idea what the big announcement is, but Cartown is more than children drawing on pace cars. But then I guess you also assume that Mafia Wars and Farmville are just games for kids. Mafia Wars has 45 million active players and Farmville has 62 million. More than just kids games. Are you guys really that helpless you that you cannot follow links or look up what car town is? From my reading you are a car owner and have to manage your team, a crew chief in setting up your car and a driver competing against people including you friends. Sounds interesting, and if it is half the hit the other games are, it will be a major boom for the IRL.

      500 million are the number of active Facebook users. Please try to keep up.

      Speechless? Try clueless. 7/11 is still a sponsor. Did you understand what I meant about Jeff being dropped by Dupont and Pepsi? Probably not.

      NBC will pay for the rights, not like cart which resorted to infomercials. But I guess that is what the haters mean when they say they wish cart was back.

      Rather see Hulmans spend their money than cart blowing its investors. I do like how you care about how the Hulmans spend their money. So are you guys penciling in 2013 as the next prediction date?

      I can name a whole lot more than that, and so can most race fans. Nice try though.

      I do enjoy, and figure you do to since you seem so passionate. I mean I do not spend anytime worrying about things I hate.

    • So Chief, is Bmore Bob your alias, or are you letting him speak for you?

      I guess you are leaving off Helio, Danica, Dario, Sarah (a real feel good story that many have followed) and Hornish are a good start. All have transcended racing and have become known outside of racing circles. But you knew that, just trying to bury your head a little deeper in the sand, right?
    • Blather Busters....and Baltimore BUST?

      Apparently race organizers MISSED PAYMENT for the IRL Baltimore GP. Back to sand OSTRICHES!
    • DaniKA DaniKA
      Helio, 3X winner of IRL 500 is better known as "Dancing With Stars" winner.

      Sarah is as worthless as 8 utters on a bull.

      Danica is an ELITE IRL driver, yet never really won a race. She's the best they have to offer and is MOST FAVORITE.

      Dario has an ugly trophy, knows the IRL is crap races (but takes the check because it's only game in town), and has essentially run rough-shot over the poor quality of the rest of the IRL bred drivers in the league.

      The majority of the prize $$$ of IRL and Indy 500 goes to CART owners anyway....those cart owners weren't stupid, they are taking the IRL for all it's worth!!! And there's nothing Iman or Defender can do about it...there LEeeGuE is gone! Bwahahahaha!
    • Word on the street
      Ganassi ready to add another can of whooop-arse on the hapless IRL owners and half-bred drivers. Why can't Sarah get $$$ like that? She's a many-time most favorite driver. That's enough to get it done in this IRL joke of a series.
    • Imagine My Utter and Complete Surprise
      The IZOD Indy Car Series biggest stalker was first in the comment line. Here are some on topic observations:
      -Danica is still very popular, although I am not sure whether entertaining thoughts of NASCAR full time in 2012 or after is a great idea. The choice may not be heres given those who she surrounds herself with.
      -Simona de Silvestro could be the next Danica if Bernie Eccelstone does not find a place for her to become the F-1 version of Danica.
      -Pippa Mann has an exuberance that is rarely matched; if she progresses toward Indy Cars in a decent ride she could be a big star.
      -Sarah's driving days are probably about over. I sincerely hope she continues to give it a go as an owner, because she could be a star there as well.

      Would the obsessed haters please do me a favor? Try to stay on topic without diversion and avoid ruing another stream of comments. Thanks in advance.
    • 7-11
      If 7-11 is still sponsoring TK, why is he shopping for a ride? They used to be a title sponsor for a champion. But they wisely traded up to have a little sticker on an elite driver's car.

      It's good that the irl has 500 million fans. It cost the Hulman-George clan $1.50 each to get them. And for the same money, they killed CART - a twofer! It's really a shame that Anton isn't around to enjoy his victory.

      I'm looking forward to the street race in Baltimore. I don't get to see many irl races, because I don't get versus.

      I've been told that irl street races are much better than CART street races. Is that because a few Americans are able to buy their rides? Or because identical 10-year old cars with de-tuned engines are more exciting to watch? The irl copied option tires and push-to-pass, even though they used to laugh at CCWS for it, so I am confused.

      I hope to go up to New Hampshire, too. It will be a real irl race on a real oval - not a rectangle, like Indy. But I'm not driving all that way until I know that the weather will be good. Unless, of course, it's too good. That's why Watkins Glen was empty this year, according to the promoter, who tried real hard to sell the irl.

      They only seat about 100,000 in NH, and Indyman says that the irl has hundreds of millions of fans. If it is a sell-out, I'll still go and try to scalp a ticket.
    • Sarah????
      What's feel good about Sarah Fisher??? She is a back marker in a bush league series.
      Enzo Ferrari, Frank Williams, Nigel Mansell and Niki Lauda are all great examples of real racers, spending their own money to build a dream in racing.
      While Sarah Fisher may (or may not) be a nice person, she has no business being in a top level OWR series as either a driver, or an owner. She's just another reason the .1RL considered the joke that it is.

      Just a heads up there, Iman: F1 is in Brazil on November 7th. You'll have the chance to watch at a convenient time.
      Starts at 10am Central, so with the 2 hour time limit you hate so much, it'll end in time to catch the kickoff of the early games.
    • Trying to Understand the Motivation of Haters
      What inspires Indy Car obsessed haters to go out of their way to offer inane commentary about it wherever they can stick their meddling noses? Their hypocrisy is stunning. One might think that if they did not care for it they would ignore it.

      Would it be nice if most reached a level of maturity that had them at least becoming honest with themselves?
    • Reality bites
      Bottom line: Danica is a soft porn model that drives the easy IRL cars. For Simona to eclipse Danica all she has to do is lay spreadout on a car with a scantly bode and she too will be IRL elite....better and more popular than the past 15 IRL 500 champeens COMBINED.

      Pathetic mediocrity that IRL fans claim as good as Parnelli or Gurney or the turbine car. Better than Mario or the Unsers or even Mears. Shave them legs boys or get on a dancing show.
    • Trying to understand IRL whoopie cushions
      Why is IRL defending needed? If this empire that will be here long after us "haters" are gone, why defend it? Isn't the defenselessness of the IRL's actions enough to pull your hair out? 9 out of 10 racing dentists approve of this message.
    • Andretti UNLOADS Kanaan
      With IZOD done and 7-11 dumping IRL in favor of a tiny logo on a uniform in F1, TONY KANAAN has been OFFED by Mikey Andretti's team! This must be the grate news we've been waiting for!

      Due has won races and a worthless IRL championship...YET DAnika, and Mikey Junior MARCO have jobs? See, in the IRL it's better to be a semi-stripper runway model and dancer and oval only 4x races a year driver than a CHAMPION....to be able to keep you job. And TONY is the spokesman for that BRAZILLIAN IRL sponsor, APEX. Great stuff this IRL, you should check to see if you have anymore room in your feet to accept more bullets.
    • The Probem with Pippa
      She's another international driver. At least she is not from Brazil. Nobody cares ok? This thing is done. Get over it. It's just done. Sport overwith.
    • Woman's Roller Derby was popular...ONCE
      Danica is an ELITE IRL DRIVER, and MOST POPULAR IRL driver the past 5 years....

      Why doesn't IRL just get a bevy of HOT RACY WOMEN and set forth with that? Sex sells...IRL smells.
    • Word out of Indy today
      5 weeks have passed since the 2 week warning of a MEGA activation IRL partner stepping forward, with TWICE the IZOD activation POWER. Sponsors are just jumping in the IRL sponsorship boat!

      What happened?
    • Actifaktion - Deactivation
      The IzodCar League is too busy at the moment deactivating, unplugging, phasing out, closing up, shutting down, packing up, and putting away the gear, toys, gizmos, apparatus, and such as they gradually drawdown to flatline. The "bite-size" IzodCar of 2011 requires these boarding ups and as a result, tehre is no time for activating something that isn't really there. Actifaking it takes up too much time. So don't expect any big rolls-outs (other than some moving vans) in Indy for the Izodcars. Even Talkin' ain't talkin'. He has to rebuild rep now for the next job. Barnhart will need to update his CDL, and Ropin' is in the wind. It's like that these days. What are you going to do? Pennies are everything these days. They need to make that 2011 Indy 500 before they padlock it. Cost containment, baby. Mari knows that is best for the grandkids.
    • It's November!
      No chassis,,,no engine,,,no activation,,,no plans. No series.
    • iman\'s Racing league
      If the Irl was a product that could generate a fan base, TV numbers wouldn\'t need work. It\'s the product and it will never have a fan base
    • And Now, Additional Reality
      ...to counterbalance the chicken littles. INDYCAR has added 14 new major commercial partners in the past 12 months, including Fortune 500 companies Verizon, Sunoco and Philips. Promotional spending has increased from $34 million in 2009 to more than $100 this year, with licensing revenue up 83 percent and merchandise sales ahead 71 percent over the calendar year.

      Perhaps they should read Schoettle blog commentary to balance the rosy picture. LOL
    • Link Please
      Interesting...no link. Defender, you are making that stuff up. Why hasn't Anthony Schoettle written about this great news?

      Why has IZOD cut back sponsorship? Why has 7-11 cut back sponsorship? Why did the 500 get lowest rating EVER? Why does the IRL have the SAME 8 year old car, with the SAME handful of CART owners and drivers WINNING everything?

      I thought you IRL types won? What did you win?

      Where's the major ACTIVATION Terry Promised us 5 weeks ago (in two weeks)? Where's the VAPORWARE Dallara car that is being financed with INDIANA TAXPAYER DOLLARS? $7 million, wasn't it?

      WHAT is ROI for all of that "PROMOTIONAL SPENDING" you are woofing about? With TV ratings hovering in the 0.3 range, I'm sure there isn't any ROI.

      Come on tiny, cough up your sources....
    • Perhaps I Should Type More Slowly for the Challenged
      And now, an exercise in showing others (more than likely an utterly futile endeavor) how to answer questions without deflection.

      '-Interesting...no link. Defender, you are making that stuff up. Why hasn't Anthony Schoettle written about this great news?'
      You would have to ask Anthony. My source is the Vice president of Sales for Indy Car, Greg Gruning.

      '-Why has IZOD cut back sponsorship?'
      They havenâ??t. They simply announced they will no longer sponsor Ryan Hunter-Reayâ??s car, which constituted an additional commitment in 2010 over and above their title sponsorship. Their commitment to the IZOD Indy Car Series is solid, and they have publicly stated they could not be happier with it.

      '-Why has 7-11 cut back sponsorship?'
      I am not sure. They redeployed many of the dollars to the other cars on the Andretti Autosport team as an associate, and there are some politics involved. As a fan, I am happy they are spreading their dollars around. Perhaps I will phone Michael and ask if I ever deem it important enough. Right now it is not. Those types of hiccups are becoming commonplace. Why, for example, is Dupont preparing to leave Jeff Gordon?

      '-Why did the 500 get lowest rating EVER?' Mostly due to the fragmentation of the audience and wide availability of programming content on a variety of delivery platforms. The numbers of the 500 mirror the general trends of sports and entertainment television across the board.

      'More Why does the IRL have the SAME 8 year old car, with the SAME handful of CART owners and drivers WINNING everything?' Probably for the same reason everyone drove roadsters with Offies in the early 60s. Itâ??s the package to have and everybody is watching costs in a challenging economy. As you may have read, the framework for change is in place for 2012. I am certain you will be watching as you gnash your precious little teeth with all of the angst you can possibly muster.

      'I thought you IRL types won? What did you win?'
      The continuing viability of the sport. With cart in charge, the sport would have died an ignominious death just as cart and champcar did. Twice.

      '-Where's the major ACTIVATION Terry Promised us 5 weeks ago (in two weeks)?'
      Unsure, but unworried. There are a lot of months between now and the start of the 2011 season. Patience is a virtue. Perhaps your obsessed ilk should attempt to employ a little of it.

      '-Where's the VAPORWARE Dallara car that is being financed with INDIANA TAXPAYER DOLLARS? $7 million, wasn't it?'
      Uh, no. The building being replaced by the Dallara/Sinden plant on Main Street is now vacant. Groundbreaking on the new facility is this month. It will enhance the remarkable transformation that is occurring along Main Street in Speedway. You should visit sometime. As a taxpayer, it is in my best interest to help facilitate a healthy and prosperous Speedway.

      'WHAT is ROI for all of that "PROMOTIONAL SPENDING" you are woofing about? With TV ratings hovering in the 0.3 range, I'm sure there isn't any ROI.'
      You would have to ask specific series officials and specific sponsors. Normally they do not offer such fodder for contests of Internet woofing, but the numbers are there, and Indy Car mainstream sponsors are mostly happy. Your fixation with television ratings as if you are executives would play well if it were, say, 1987, but it is not. You really should try to orient yourselves in 2010 for once. The world has changed in fundamental ways, particularly the way in which we communicate with one another. Most learned people understand this.

      'Come on tiny, cough up your sources....' Tiny? How quaint. For sources, reference each question above.
    • Reality
      Still no fanbase. In the same year the ISC trak-pak extortion ticket scheme was ended so was the IRls invite to ISC tracks. No red hat give aways, no IRl fans in the seats. No free TV access, no iRl fans watching. What is it about IRl fans needing everything to be given to them for free?
    • Greg Gunning? Why ain't the media picking up on it? This...prosperity
      You speak direct to this "Greg Gunning", huh?

      Anthony: The DEFENDER fella is touting direct information from IRL brass...yet all we hear here is DANICA this, and DANICA that.

      IF the business of IRL racing is somehow turning a corner to prosperity, why haven't you written about it? Or, is tiny's blather just that, blather?
    • turning corner
      One man's corner turning is another man's crash into the wall. I've got my ears open. I'm sure not infallible, but when I hear something (noteworthy news, etc.) I'll let you know. Thanks as always for reading.
    • Lost in all of this is...
      ...the simple fact, the very base reason, that a quite small, niche audience of less than half a million people in the USA at best, have an interest in this supposed big league sport. Because of this lowly number, sponsorship "activations" are going the way of Jeff Ward, Greg Ray, and Michigan.

      The game ends soon, friends. Mari knows the importance of seeing the Centennial through. It is all about ROI and this three-year festival was expensive on top of Tony-like expenses. Lots of wad flushed. Finish it out for pennies on the dollar and call it good.

      Masterlock is the next IzodCar "activation".
    • Tragic That Folks Who Understand So Little Type So Loudly
      The 500, and Indy Car racing, will be around long before ALL of us are pushing up daisies. On that you can count.

      Why does EVERY single Schoettle blog topic that has to do with Indy Car end up the exact same steaming pile way....diverted away from its actual topic and onto the agenda of a handful of haters? Are you people really that immature?
    • Actual topic?
      No wins, No poles, nothing....what is left to mention about Danica, her hot little body?

      Anthony, your response was better than expected.
    • Don't like it? Don't read it.
      "Why does EVERY single Schoettle blog topic that has to do with Indy Car end up the exact same steaming pile way"

      It's the .1RL. How else could it end, but in a "Steaming Pile"??? :-)
      If you don't like the .1RL topics in the blog, then why do you read it??? I know I don't obesess over, and post on blogs I don't enjoy. Seems rather strange on your part...
      If you want delusional rantings that all has never been better in AOWR, then go read that Defender of the .1RL guy. With you reading, I'm sure he could double his hits per month. ;-b
    • Its Theirr Own Fault
      It is quite a shame what has become of the IRL. Tony George needs to come back. He has passion for the sport. Cowboy Randy only listens to Robin "the little Boy" Wonder Miller. The track just hired an attorney to do media PR and promotions. Go figure. And at a cocktail party Saturday I heard that the same guy who did the stupid Versus deal for the track is the same idiot who put Big Joe Staysniak on the radio. He took off Kravitz n Eddy too. How dumb is that. You put the greatest sport of all time on Versus so no one can see. Then you replace Kravitz Show which was good, real good, with Big Joe who knows nothing! I believe its Terry Angstat. Wheres Buddy McAtee.
    • Word out of Edmonton...
      ...we're deactivatin' up here, Randy, eh? Maybe Ropin' can rent a Bobcat and get Sanair back into shape for a .24 out that way.
    • Turn
      Turn out the lights, the party is over!
    • Fascinatingly VIBRANT!
      Edmonton on the skids? What's going on? Baltimore on the skids too? But but but....

      As usual, everything coming up roses in the IRL.

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    1. I never thought I'd see the day when a Republican Mayor would lead the charge in attempting to raise every tax we have to pay. Now it's income taxes and property taxes that Ballard wants to increase. And to pay for a pre-K program? Many studies have shown that pre-K offer no long-term educational benefits whatsoever. And Ballard is pitching it as a way of fighting crime? Who is he kidding? It's about government provided day care. It's a shame that we elected a Republican who has turned out to be a huge big spending, big taxing, big borrowing liberal Democrat.

    2. Why do we blame the unions? They did not create the 11 different school districts that are the root of the problem.

    3. I was just watching an AOW race from cleveland in 1997...in addition to the 65K for the race, there were more people in boats watching that race from the lake than were IndyCar fans watching the 2014 IndyCar season finale in the Fontana grandstands. Just sayin...That's some resurgence modern IndyCar has going. Almost profitable, nobody in the grandstands and TV ratings dropping 61% at some tracks in the series. Business model..."CRAZY" as said by a NASCAR track general manager. Yup, this thing is purring like a cat! Sponsors...send them your cash, pronto!!! LOL, not a chance.

    4. I'm sure Indiana is paradise for the wealthy and affluent, but what about the rest of us? Over the last 40 years, conservatives and the business elite have run this country (and state)into the ground. The pendulum will swing back as more moderate voters get tired of Reaganomics and regressive social policies. Add to that the wave of minority voters coming up in the next 10 to 15 years and things will get better. unfortunately we have to suffer through 10 more years of gerrymandered districts and dispropionate representation.

    5. Funny thing....rich people telling poor people how bad the other rich people are wanting to cut benefits/school etc and that they should vote for those rich people that just did it. Just saying..............