IndyCar Series' Edmonton race black flagged for 2011

November 3, 2010
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The IndyCar Series race set for July 24 in Edmonton is dead.

IndyCar officials said the city of Edmonton in Canada changed the deal and expected the race promoter, Montreal-based Octane Racing Group, to pay $2 million to $3 million in paving costs at the race venue. The race was to be held at the Edmonton City Centre Airport.

Terry Angstadt, president of the IRL’s commercial division, who stood up with Octane boss Francois Dumontier and Edmonton Mayor Stephen Mandel making the much-ballyhooed announcement in July, called the cancellation “a tremendous disappointment.”

Angstadt said the Honda Indy Edmonton, which was raced on a 1.96-mile road course, was successful and well attended for the open-wheel series. He added that it’s likely too late to replace the race on the 2011 schedule. But IRL CEO Randy Bernard said he hasn't given up on the idea of finding a replacement race for Edmonton.

Octane officials were told that Edmonton airport officials decided to keep the west runway on which the race previously has been held open and wanted to move the race to the east runway, which has been closed. The east runway, however, needed substantial upgrades for the race, and Octane declined to pay.

The untimely cancellation reduces the schedule to 16 races and leaves almost a month between races in the heart of the season. Without Edmonton, the IndyCar Series will race in Toronto on July 10 and not again until Aug. 7 in Mid-Ohio.

  • Word has it...
    ...there are a couple more races getting axed befoer the last ever IzodCar season. should be fun to watch.
  • tell us more
    OK Burl, tell us which races will cancel. Inquiring minds want to know.
  • blah
    "Angstadt said the Honda Indy Edmonton, which was raced on a 1.96-mile road course, was successful and well attended for the open-wheel series."

    How successful and well attended could it have been?

    "The race lost $9.2 million in its first two years and an estimated $3 million in 2010."
    Read more:

    I guess when you lose >$500,000,000 in 12 years, a $12,000,000 loss in 3 years looks like success.
    Another perfect day in the Bizarro world of AOW's saviors...

  • IICS
    More bloviating from Burl. On a positive note, Burl is going to be the lead bull in next year's World Rodeo.

    Git 'em, Burl.....
  • Sponsorship for shortened schedule
    Say Anthony,
    do you know if the shortened schedule could reduce the sponsor money to the teams?
    I know if I pay for 12 doughnuts and they only give me 11, I want some $$$ back.
  • But, but, but...fHonda supposedly saved the day
    Honda named as title sponsor of Edmonton Indy

    Updated: Thu Mar. 25 2010 16:26:24

    Honda was introduced as the title sponsor of the 2010 Edmonton Indy Thursday. The new sponsor could mean the event continues racing in our city for years to come.

  • This Is The Reason Temporary Circuits Are a Horrid Idea
    ...someone always ends up screwed. Indy Car ought to race only on REAL race tracks with a possible exemption for Long Beach. Mixing promoters with local governments and Indy Car just does not work. It never has. It probably never will. It would have been nice for the government entity in Edmonton to deal with this situation ethically from the beginning.
  • According to Talkin'...
    "Just looking at it from a commercial standpoint, what we offer with the quality of the racing, the name recognition of our stars, the fee that we request and the commercial rights we provide, weâ??re a fantastic opportunity." -Says Talkin'.

    Let me help you out Terry. "Just looking at it from a realistic standpoint, what IzodCar offers with the low-quality of the so-called racing, the name recognition of our only star when she is not in NASCAR, the outrageous fee we demand and the commerical rights we provide for an audience of less than 300,000, we're a lousy investment for ROI."

    There, that is what you were trying to say, Terry.
  • Reality
    Permanent ovals don\'t work for the IRl either, as it has lost about 20 of those in its starched earth war against open wheel racing
  • Randy is nuts
    Randy Bernard is plumb loco if he thinks he can sign on another race to replace Edmonton for 2011 at this late date. It would be foolhardy to sign a one-off deal, and much too late to secure a multi-year deal that would include 2011. Save your energy and your breath Randy and start planning for 2012 and beyond. Or their won't be any 2012 and beyond.
  • Simon is not dick
    The old privateer had the sense to get out. Oh, he mismanaged his way to that exit and struck up shady sponsorships to keep his sluggish junk on the track, but he still went the way of Jacques Lazier, Richmond, and Red Bull. Out!

    This Simon is still sticking around, thinking there might be a 2012. That's a can of gas right there, I don't care who you are.

    Mari, see it through for the Centennial, please. Then do whatcha gotta do.
  • This Is The Reason Permanent Ovals Are a Horrid Idea
    Nashville, Nazareth, Gateway, Homestead, Pikes Peak, Phoenix, Chicago, etc, etc.

    Actually, these are reason why the IRL is a Horrid idea
  • Oh Canada!
    Today's RACER mag online, per Terry Angstadt, who said the decision to change the airport course only came up recently and the amount needed was $2-3million to make the changes. The promoters went to the Edmonton City gov officials who said "No way." Game over.

    You really can't be surprised at this due to the present economy. Not good politics to invest public funds to reconfigure a race track for a revenue losing race that no longer gets the attendance or coverage to make it fiscally viable.

    RACER article also said Indy Racing would work with Octane promoters to find another Canadian venue for 2012 - not 2011. Vancouver and Calgary were mentioned. Yellow Knife was not.

  • Take My Dare, Run Sanair
    Grind some more feet up at the old, rusty Quebec bull ring. Just like fighter jets in, in a race track that can seat the standard 5,000 who go to IzodCar Races. Did someone say, Molson Indy Redeux? Go nostalgia! Come on, Randy! For old, feet-shredders sake let's have a Sanair fair! Last season, so let's have some throwback fun! Heck, maybe even throwback uniforms and cars. Danica in a Vermont American Tools suit. Dario in a Kraco car. Dixon in the Skoal Bandit. Why not? Sponsorships don't mean anything anymore. Have some funnen with it. Randy, are you paying attention? Good times. Good times.
  • Does Baltimore know the truth about the IRL?
    IRL lied about street races to it's "suitors". Using CART attendance and economic impact numbers to justify IRL races in this decade is indeed misleading.

    The IRL product can NEVER eclipse the popularity of the CART series which paved the way for the IRL's failure.

    Let's face it, Edmonton, Australia, Toronto, Cleveland, Long Beach and many others were cultivated for the sophisticated open wheel fans....the fans that has rejected the IRL. Without those fans, the IRL can't survive.

    So, Randy, the apology needs to come....or continued failure for the IRL will result. Like at Edmonton...and next will be Toronto and Baltimore.

    IRL: Destroying racing markets everywhere. Kicked off ISC ovals, tossed out of streets and roads tracks, no attendance, no tv ratings, Indy 500 lowest ratings in history in 2010. Danica more popular than current 2 and 3 time Indy 500 winners. Old man hulman rolling in his grave. Tony thrown out of family business to the tune of $750 million and COUNTING!

    And the formaer CART owners and drivers take all the prize old days, without the burden of running the series! Who won? Who's the boss applesause?

    Oh, Paul Tracy sponsorship falling through, apparently due to the IRL failing to keep races on the calendar....everythings coming up roses!
    Who is the moron who put the IRL on Versus and took them off ESPN? Was that Belskis? Angstedt? Barnhart? Was it Chitwood (who got let go)? Who is the idiot who did that? he or she should be fired. Dumbest move in history of the circuit.
  • Indy Race
    I wonder if it is possible to have a road corse race at indy on the F1 track, more revenue for the speedway and Indianapolis
  • YES...that IS the answer
    Use the Indy roadcourse! Couple it with a vintage weekend and you may get 100K! I like that idea...they don't even have to pay a sanction fee to themselves!
  • Ol' Yeller
    WOW...Edmonton and Canada apparently have been taken for major $$$$ by the IRL and it's promoters.

    Looks like they took INDY out behind the shed,,,,,and shot it. This needs to be the approach taken everywhere. Even that $7 million in cash from the state government that's helping finance the IRL next VAPORWARE car in 2012.

    This whole thing is going down in FLAMES!!!! and you read it here first racefans!
  • Chief Not in Charge
    Hey Chief - Just to show that there are other sides to the story at Edmonton:

    There are those, closer to the truth than you that feel otherwise. Perhaps your cynacism has clouded any possibility of openmindedness. Nonetheless, your rants are mostly shards of hate and a whole lot of getting old. Back to your wizard den you go....
  • I merely point out the FACTS
    That's all I do. Why you attack me? I suspect you don't want the IRL's failures to be public. IMS/INDY/IRL transparency is needed to get this thing back to solid ground.

    Randy must not make promises he can't keep. Like apologies.
  • BerwichGuy
    From the article link YOU posted:

    "The event was losing spectators and money and Northlands incurred about $12 million in losses trying to run it on a shoestring for three years."

    That's all that's needed to MUST be someone else's fault.

    IF INDY was popular it wouldn't have it's lowest ratings in it's history. IF the EDMONTON race was popular, it would have sold tickets and the city would have paid for the new track.

    The IRL don't make money and therefore INDY is out. Capeche?
  • It's the same....
    At any market the IRL races in...NOBODY cares anymore for 8 year old cars in a series that was created to destroy the sport.

    This is just more fallout from it all.
  • The IRls Theme at Every Venue
    \"Ticket sales have been declining and they were down again, obviously, this year.

    \"Our citizens weren\'t buying tickets, and tourists weren\'t buying tickets either,\" says Krushell.
  • SEe CHief yuor wrnog again
    THe IRls not the only one losing money on the IRl
  • Chief
    Why, because you deserve it. You only spout off about the singular points you hang your hat on. You cited the losing venure in that statement. It's quite obvious that the promoter can be good or bad. The writer cited the need for a new promoter, hence the change to Octane. The writer also cited this as a "World Class Event", something the city needed.

    You can play Mr. Smarty Pants all you want about your clouded thinking. Some may be correct, but it's much too one sided to be the only truth in the matter. If good people didn't want this, it would be nowhere. Problems, sure, like the funky, lousy tv package, all the stuff left over from TG and his brainless minion Barnhart.

    But, there are good people that are trying to right the wrongs and they don't deserve your scorn at every turn. All you can ever do is point a finger at any negative and act like a little first grader, "see mommy, look at the bad stuff".

    Knock it off, and give Randy some time, and a little extra rope, to get this ship righted or those of us that care won't have anything to cheer for from the once great motor sport. If he didn't think he could do it, he wouldn't be trying against all the obstacles. But, hey, he's trying to do something right, unlike the likes of you that do nothing but run their mouths.

    That's why we don't like you. You never tell the whole story, just your little points to justify your snideness.

    Perhaps you could qualify as Barnhart's dipstick......just kidding.
  • I disagree
    Seriously, I feel badly for anyone that works under the Hulman-George or IRL or anything associated with it.

    No one likes the IRL....time after time it has been proven so. Again, IF Edmonton had been successful the city would have outlayed money for this to continue. But, the reality is the IRL doesn't have the draw no matter how you slice it.

    Wait until Toronto figures it out...15K in attendance isn't going to cut it. But, it'll be the same ol' excuses...the promoter wasn't up to snuff, or the city didn't want to cough up more cash etc...

    This has been the modus operandi of the IRL since it's inception...and now that it has full control of the sport it couldn't fight it's way out of a paper bag. You, BerwickGuy and all the reap what you had sown....a pathetic harvest no fit to sustain on.
  • You read it here first, race fans...
    The IzodCar League will be dropping the whole Baltimore thing and Toronto is only a "maybe". Stand by...
  • allways great news when roadtrack is drop
    this great news awful track is drop race at atlanta motorspeedway coca cola contrack is soon up
  • IndyCar, not IRL
    Just trying to help some of you. It's no longer called the IRL. Usage of that term suggests you don't keep up with the sport.

    Regarding these races: Their are social, cultural, and political gains from these events. They are community-building, a chance for volunteer groups to raise funds, and cohesion of various political entities (maintenance, police, medics, public works, etc.). These are intangible benefits that are never calculated in economic (tangible) impact analysis.
  • Chief

    I didn't sow anything, I'm just along for the ride, as long and as far as it goes.
  • Andy
    Excellent points you make Andy. Of the dozens and dozens of FORMER markets the IRL once raced, how much impact do you think they REALLY made? While the warm fuzzys of three-wide side-by-side racing didn't do enough to keep them in a market, when the IRL leaves a market, you think that preserves it? NO DESTROYS it.

    The IRL has proven to be an ill-begotten idea foisted upon the American public...and by all looks of it from any vantage point, it's a failure. And now, magically it's been transformed into INDYCAR with the swipe of the pen.

    Andy, it's still the same old pig. Get with the program.
  • The IRl Died Once
    and its second death is not too far out
  • Motorsports & Indiana
    While the debate regarding IndyCar's future is useful, there is no doubt that Motorsports will continue to play a large role in Indianapolis. IUPUI and Indiana State have developed motorsports programs as the state recognizes the competitive advantage Indy possesses in terms of motorsports. The spin-off effects for the domestic automobile industry can be beneficial for the state, if we lead innovation and technology.

    While IndyCar might/might not matter in the future, there is no doubt motorsports in Indiana is here to stay.
  • No doubt
    No doubt Andy, but how will the failed IRL series impact that motorsports business influence in and around Indy in the future? Each one of the IMS/IRL failures chronicled here and elsewhere have long lasting implications.

    I propose that if Honda were to pull it's sponsorship of the series, the series as a whole would improve for the BETTER.

    Why? I think Hondas involvement is limiting manufacturer involvement...get them out NOW! Again, IRL/IMS example of shooting themselves in their own foot...again and again.
  • And Just yesterday..
    I read the automobile industry is concerned that the Gen Yers and Gen Xers to a lesser degree aren\'t as interested in the automobile as the 15-20 million you and TOny George ran off. Spinning downward,,,,down,,,down,,,down

    Where are your fans going to come from,,,not that you have any now.
  • Millions
    Ever been to an Eagles concert, Truthy? Stones? No kids there, either, but they keep selling tickets. GM kept Buick alive and shut down Pontiac, Saturn, and Hummer (average Buick buyer age: 70).

    There's millions and millions of us Baby Boomers, still (and for a couple decades more at least). By then, someone will figure out how to race Tesla cars. Or souped-up Priuses.

  • The IRl Died Once
    maybe the IRl should stop being an Immitation Racing League and become an Eagles or Stones cover band
  • To coin a phrase...
    ...thundermutt, by Mario Andretti, "NOT in IndyCars".

    IMS lacks the imagination to conceive or carryout such a daring expedition as Alternative Technologies, such as electric and hybrid. The common potential IRL fan drives a rice-rocket/puddle-jumper. High speed, high tech wrnt out the window with the inception of the IRL.

    First they hire a Cowboy to run the place. Now they hire a lawyer to sell tickets and do PR?
  • GM to IndyCar in 2012
    "IT'S OVER!"?????????

    I'd love to hear how this is bad news.
  • gm best news since oval racing
    best news since danica nothing will beat that this year or other year
  • Andy's been duped
    Oh yes... is where I go for all my autoracing news. Just like is where I go for all my hard news of the world... :rolleyes:

    Hey, Andy. Look here:
    Hannah Montana is gonna do Playboy. Why, I hear it's all part of her training to become an elite IRL driver...
  • because the last time went up against honda... turned out so well

    honda ran GM out of IRLcar the firsat time around. GM ended up renting Ford motors just to try to keep up. LOL LOL ROTFLMAO
  • More links re: GM to IndyCar
    Ok. Fine. As a researcher, I live in a world of fact-based insights. How about some more links regarding GM to IndyCar?|newswell|text||s

    How about this? If there is no announcement on Friday, I will return and admit I was naive and will hail Jim as king. If there is an announcement, I'd like the same reciprocated.
  • Reality
    you still got nobody buying tickets and nobody watching and that will never change
  • gm give irl time
    autoblog espn jayski has it on now its really shocking gm would do this if any american brand do it it would be ford its more healther and did not take any tax payer money viva ovals
  • It don't matter at all...
    The sport is what if over with. People just don't care about it. IzodCar racing has no buzz. John and Hane Q are not interested. It will be fun to see the low, low, low, ratings numbers and plastic next season. I predict a .10 rating early on and 25,000 empties at Indy.
  • Where you at, Jim?
    As a researcher (yes, I'm an academic), I support my thoughts with data/facts.

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