Eagles' lack of class gives team, NFL black eye

November 8, 2010
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Anyone who has competed in sports has known at one time or another what it feels like to get robbed by a referee or an official. It stinks—but it happens.

I also have had the unfortunate experience of knowing what it’s like to watch a teammate lying motionless on the ground paralyzed. It’s a sickening feeling and far more serious than botched officiating.

That’s why I thought it was especially classless for Philadelphia Eagles defenders to jump up and down screaming at officials over an unnecessary roughness call they disagreed with as Indianapolis Colts receiver Austin Collie lay motionless on the ground in Sunday’s game.

For those who participate in or watch sports on a regular basis, the look of a paralyzed or unconscious person is unmistakable. Did you see Collie’s arms and hands immediately after the hit? Most people could tell that Collie didn’t just get his bell rung.

Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne said Eagles players on the sideline were cheering the hit as Collie lay on the ground. I couldn’t see that, but what I could see from Eagles players on the field was enough to make my stomach turn.

I once had the pleasure of meeting Collie, a Brigham Young University graduate, at a Colts function. Based on my short meeting with him I’m pretty sure he’d be the last person to complain about a call while the health of another player was in doubt. That made Sunday’s display by Eagles’ players all the more sickening.

Luckily, Collie wasn’t paralyzed and the injuries aren’t life threatening, but at the time it was clear he was seriously hurt. And we still don’t know the long-term ramifications of the serious concussion he sustained.

Eagles players could see the seriousness of the situation. But their only concern was a 15-yard penalty. I agree the unnecessary roughness call was questionable. But the lack of sportsmanship several Eagles players displayed immediately after watching the replay on the jumbotron was a much bigger infraction.

Worthy of an on-field penalty? Probably not. Worthy of fans’ scorn? Well, I’ll let you decide that.

A black eye for the National Football League and the Eagles? Absolutely.

  • I thought the same thing
    about the Eagles fans who were booing as Collie lay on the field.

    Philly is a bunch of thugs highlighted by their QB, the BP polling office thug, and their fans. That city should fall in a black hole.
  • I don't feel the same
    I've watched the Eagles for 5o years. I never seen the fans or team cheer deliberate injury of any player.

    The cheers were for a great defensive play. The Eagles praying shortly afterwards was because they feared that Collie may be injured. Andy Reid came over and touched Collie. The fans applauded him as he was being taken away.

    Two Colts defensive players have already said that they thought the hit was legal. I feel as bad for Collie as I did for Desean Jackson. I believe that most Eagle fans would agree.
  • Man Up
    This is football. It's a rough game. The Philly fans were booing the fact that a completely unintentional hit was ruled the same as some assasination hits that we witnessed earlier this year. And to get it straight - are you saying that Eagles had NO RIGHT to question a call because one of the Colts got hurt?? Are you out of your teeny-tiny? If the roles were reversed, I doubt you would complain. Moreover, Colts were gifted a 15-yard penalty for Manning being TOUCHED (with a palm of a hand) on the helmet. I think Colts should wear skirts for the next game...
    • Justified
      It's football. It's violent. There's a lot of things that happen in the heat of the moment, some of it good, some of it not so much. Unfortunate what happened to Collie, but it was a clean hit and the Eagles were right to be upset over a call that for a time shifted momentum in the game. Nobody was overlooking or cheering the fact that Collie was seriously hurt, which was made obvious by the fact players from both teams were out on the field around him. But that doesn't mean the Eagles should have just forgotten that they were wrongly assessed a major penalty. The Colts would've been right to react similarly if the situation was reversed
      • were we watching the same game?
        Philly fan, you must be joking! Were we watching the same game? From my vantage-point, I could see at least 3 Eagles players, including Asante Samuel, concerned with nothing more than complaining to the refs. This demonstrative activity happened less than 10 feet from where Austin Collie's motionless body lay on the turf. And the Philly fans booing came through loud and clear long, long after the hit as Collie lay on the turf. They too were only concerned about the call. As Charles Barkley would say, "terrible!"
      • Time and a place
        I'm not saying the Eagles didn't get jobbed. I'm not saying they didn't have reason to be upset. What I am saying is there's a time and a place for everything. And when a person is laying motionless on the ground in who knows what kind of condition ... That's not the time to be complaining demonstratively about poor officiating. In fact, I'd go further to question why the replay was even being shown in the stadium at that time. I might imagine, if Philly fans and players were so inclined to pray for Collie as some suggest, that instead of watching the replay, they might have been doing that.
      • Respect?
        This was the third drive stopper in the half overturned by a nonsense call. It was a clean hit and a fumble. But magically, Peyton Manning gets a "Gretzky pass". Again.

        I think if The Colts aren't so banged up, this game probably would have gone their way. But yes, we Eagles fans were already upset and we were booing a HORRIBLE call. I do agree that it was VERY disrespectful of the injury to Collie, and I am glad he's OK. But it's also disrespectful to call phantom penalties for an entire game to one team's benefit. Every single TD drive you guys had was sustained based on a flubbed call that would have turned the ball over.

        I left this game not elated that my team had won, but just drained that we got jobbed so hard by the refs. And again, I think that if you guys were healthy you probably win this. You guys don't know how this feels. Your QB is a golden boy who always gets the kid gloves treatment. We watch DMac get speared while on the ground 3 seconds after the whistle blows, resulting in a sports hernia that dogs him for years, and no flags fly. So excuse us - we're not insensitive, we're just numb.
      • Moron
        That's what you are for reporting this. A complete Moron!!! You thought we were jumping up and down because of a man down? No! A bad call and it's just like you pathetic Indy fans and journalist to see it different because your oh so preciaous team took a L even after the referees try to hand the game on a plate for you. Where was the class when there were no flag for face mask on McCoy or when they threw a flag for oh so gently patting Manning's helmet while they continue to stroke his ego. GET OVER IT Loser!!!!!!!! It's football! If you want to see non-tackling, flag playing football, do some good in your community and participate in your kids after school sports and programs. No class writer!!
        • More of the same in Philly
          This is not news worth reporting. Philly has been a team of thugs for years. Vick, Terrell Owens & Coach Reid (and his family) are just a few of the many. As far as their fans go, there is a holding cell in the Eagles stadium with a judge on staff, enough said. In summary, any other reaction by the Eagles players would have been a surprise; therefore, nobody in Indy should be too shocked about what happened.
          • Pot meet Kettle?
            I don't know that you can call anyone any names or tell them they have no class after this post.

            Point is that there is a time and place for everything. Football means nothing in the grand scheme of life and paralyzation is a serious issue and can and does shorten lives. Thus, at the time the penalty should have been a moot point.

            Plus, if you want to dive into details, there were plenty of missed facemask calls and other calls missed on the Colts side too. Brown had is facemask grabbed and pulled and Manning actually had a legitimate blow to the face on the prior play to the 4th down call...but that really doesn't mean much in the grand scheme of things.
            • Kevin
              My initial response was to his post.
            • Really? Do you not "get" it?
              Wow, I can't believe that some of you guys aren't "getting" the point of this story. Colts or Eagles fans. Ignore the fact that the Colts lost, who cares - it's like not a perfect record was broken, it's not like we're gonna miss the playoffs... it's about sportsmanship. It's not like yelling at the refs would make them change the play. And there was a motionless player laying on the field. And as many times as it was replayed, it was obviously he was out on contact - oh but wait, the heartless people were only looking at 1 bad call.

              Had the roles been reversed, damn straight the Colts defense would have been kneeling down next to the Eagles player. And if they weren't, I'd have been disappointed in my players. It's not only the legacy the Colts have had this past decade, it's about our team, our pride, and our sportsmanship.

              And no matter what team, I never wish injury upon any player.
            • Classy!!
              Wow! I hope my kids grow up as classy as you. Get a life!!
            • Call Dungy
              Quick, somebody get Tony Dungy. We need a moral ruling here.
            • Pathetic
              The Eagles fans and players are all pathetic. The Colts are a class act and winning team and everyone is just jealous of them because of that.
            • Common Sense
              I've never posted to an article before, but I'm disgusted by some of the responses today, much less by the boo's and jumping around yesterday.

              Football is a game. Periodically we experience moments that remind us of that. Yesterday, unfortunately, we had one. Sure, it was a bad call. But when a player is lying motionless on the field, let's pause from complaining for a moment. Let's pause from booing for a moment. Let's pause from celebrating the hit on the sideline for just a moment. Maybe until he opens his eyes, or moves his fingers.

              I agree that the call was bogus, as were a few others in the game. Put please, just for that moment, let's remember that a man's life is a little more important than the call.

              From what I can glean from other posts, others might not be able to agree with that. What a shame.
            • Easy to cast the stone - from home
              It is so easy to sit on your couch and cast stones at the Eagles players and fans. From your comfy couch, you probably saw 5 replays of the play before anyone in the stadium even saw 1. So of course YOU saw how awkward his arms were when he landed (although I bet you didn't see it in real-time). So to assume that the fans and players knew the extent of the injury immediately is ridiculous.
            • Helmet to Helmet
              I think anytime there is a significant helmet to helmet regardless whether it was intentional or not and regardless whether the player is defenseless, the hit should be penalized. What if you accidently hit a guy in the face mask or grab a player's face mask. Those actions are penalties even if it is accidental. Also I agree the hit to Peyton's head should not have been called as it was just grazed, but earlier in that series there was another hit to Peyton's head that was missed. Also in the 1st half a Philly defensive player lead with his helmet into Donald Brown and there was no call.
            • Call the game fairly
              WOW, I saw the whole game too Anthony, I am a bit surprised that you did not mention the FACT (as Colts players admitted) that they were "testing" Vick's ribs. Ok, lets see if they break, oh, I mean end his career. Sick! Your moral indignation is laughable in a game where a Colt defender pursued Vick 5 yards off the field and shoved him into field equipment. Had he fallen the wrong way over that he could have easily broken a bone. The real issue for the NFL is to address the Ref discrepancy in favoring the Colt's and especially protecting the Manning brothers. The "hit" on Vick was clearly an "ejectable" penalty as it was so clearly not only of the field but beyond even the 2 yard wide white barrier. What a joke.
              • Typical Philly fan
                You Philly fans justifying another in a long line of classless displays only reinforce your reputation for having no class.
              • dumb game
                I'm a die-hard Colts fan, but I thought the calls went against Philly yesterday. That "hit to the head" on Peyton was lame. And the Colts got away with a facemask late in the game, identical to one called on Philly a bit earlier. The game alternated between great palys and stupid mental errors.

                But I agree entirely that the Eagles picked a bad time to get their panties in a bunch while Austin Collie was off orbiting Jupiter just few feet away. My stomach knotted at the sight of him on the ground. The Eagles players really could not have cared less if he ever got up again.

                The prissy defenders who were more interested in their stats than someone's life did not impress me. Thank God it's not serious with Collie. I saw Marc Buoniconti break his neck in a college football game in 1985 and it never leaves you.
              • Vick late hit - no flag
                I agree - VERY VERY late off the field hit on Vick shoving him in to into gear. Typical dirty unprofessional assasin hit.

                So Stay Classy their Indy Colts!
              • Cheap shot! Indy gets waya with!
                Sorry Colts fans, I have to agree with above observation on the Vick "take em out" hit. Vick gets pursued off the field and tackled into a orange bench(?) and no flag. But Payton gets a call for an incidental brush on the head. Reid was correct to be angry, you may not like Vick, but play clean, not dirty.
              • I think we need to look no further than the posts of the Philly fans to see the lack of class Anthony points out. For one, I did not read anywhere in the blog where he called out the Philly fans, they can be excused for their lack of class. No one expects it from them. He was calling out the players who, as he said, are clearly jumping around complaining about the call, which never gets a call reversed, while a fellow player is clearly knocked out and his injuries could have been worse. The fact that when he hit the ground, his arms and hands were frozen out from his body should have given the players a clue that there might be an issue. When Thiesman broke his leg, the opposing team was not celebrating, they were franticaly waving for the team docs because they knew that a really bad thing had happened. Not Philly, they whined and complained, and are still whining and complaining, and they won the game.

                I think Peyton would be the first to say the "hit" to his head did not warrant a flag, but rules are rules and they say if you hit the QB on the head, it is a penalty. If it had been Vick, say call.

                Now lets talk no call penalties, go look at every down where Freeney is
                "blocked" by the Eagles. At least half are text book holds. The best one is where the three Eagles defenders are blocking him, one has him by the facemask, one of the others has him wrapped around the arm. No call. We are used to that, and we do not jump around.

                As far as testing Vick, I have not seen any Colts players admit to intentionally hurting Vick. If so, they should and would be benched. There is no room for that on a Colts team. We have class. I am sure they were seeing how mobile he was, and how well he could throw with that injury, but none of them were out there intentionally trying to hurt him.

                Finally, the late hit out of bounds was illegal, was flagged, and you did not see the Colts complain about it, even though the announcers, including Colt hater Simms said he looked like he was trying to hold on to him, not push him on to equipment.

                Grow up and man up Philly Fans.
              • Re: Indyman
                "We have class." I remember going to the Broncos Colts game a few years back in Indy and listening to Colts fans mercilessly boo Brandon Stokley on his return. That was some "classy" treatment from Colts fans for a guy who had worked tirelessly for them and was pushed out the door. The best part was when the Colts then played a tribute to Stokley at the end of the game and the fans attempted to undo 3 hours of booing by giving him applause. Stay classy!
              • Philly Fan, Seriously?
                Philly Fan, from what was shown on TV it was apparent that any of the fans in the stadium, nor very few of the Eagles players couldn't have cared less about the condition of Austin Collie. The small smattering of applause that was given when the stretcher was lifted and Austin was wheeled off the field was appalling. The cameras showed none of the Eagles looking very concerned. The image that turned my stomach the most was Asante Samuel stomping and waving his fists in the air less than 5 feet from where Austin lay unconscious. And for CBS commentator Phil Sims to call Philadelphia fans "just passionate" is a slap in the face to real fans everywhere. I am an avid Colts fan, but I would never, ever act the way these so called fans acted. It was truly disgusting. Way to show real class, Philly fans!
              • Call Out
                Anthony - thx for calling out the Philadelphia players and fans for inexcusable behavior. Clearly, when you have a serious situation like that immediately in front of a those in the stadium, not to mention a national TV audience, a little respect and class is in order. This has nothing to do with the call, and everything to do with the animalistic behavior they exhibited. I would hope that had that scene taken place in Indy, there would have been an immediate silence in the stadium, with shots of concerned players and fans alike, not the idiotic rantings we witnessed.
              • Be fair - no flag on Vick dirty hit
                Indyman - Sorry - there was no flag at all on the late out of bounds hit on Vick. None, Nada. I think that is why some of the Philly fans find all this moralizing a bit un-even at best. Please no nasty post back, just re-watch the play and you'll see Vick was clearly hit way out of bounds and then landed in some off field equipment (I think or maybe it was the bench?). I am sorry but it was a dirty play and no flag was thrown. Given the Colts players determination to "test the ribs" one has to wonder if it was not done intentionaly. As an AFC fan, I have gotten used to Colts being allowed this "extra" room off the field with no flags. It does not help the game in the long run.
              • Colts DB's disagree with Colts Coach
                Colts coach Caldwell said he thought there was â??no questionâ?? that the proper call was made and that he was optimistic about Collieâ??s recovery. Caldwell indicated that Collie had not yet enter the Eagles endzone, and was therefore ineligible for defensive coverage. "A Colt reciever can only be tackled once he enters the opponents endzone" Caldwell stated. "All AFC teams know this rule, I assume since this was the NFC, the Eagles defenders were un-aware".

                Of course he plans to assess player fines against Colts DBs Aaron Franciso and Jacob Lacey who indicated after the game that the hit was legal.

              • Really?
                Really, Philly Fan? Remember when Michael Irvin suffered a career ending injury on the turf at the Vet? The crowd cheered that one. I was at the Colts / Eagles game Sunday evening and was shocked that fans in the stands were still yelling over the officials' call even when medical personnel were bringing a back board and stretcher onto the field.
              • A different kind of class
                First of all, thankfully Collie was not as gravely hurt as it appeared.

                That said, any of you Colts fans talking about 'class' wouldn't be the same ones who booed the kid in the PPK competition in Indy a few years ago because she wore a Patriots jersey, right??

                Stay classy, Colts fans.
              • A different kind of class
                First of all, thankfully Collie was not as gravely hurt as it appeared.

                That said, any of you Colts fans talking about 'class' wouldn't be the same ones who booed the kid in the PPK competition in Indy a few years ago because she wore a Patriots jersey, right??

                Stay classy, Colts fans.
              • Eagles
                It's ok EAGLES. Dog Boy has had several opportunities in his life to learn to fight. Now, it's being taken to him, not the dogs.
              • Patriots Jersey?!?
                "common sense" by "NFL Fan was a very respectful and unbiased comment. We need more people to comment like you do.
              • I agree...and I am from Philly
                Ver well said. It was VERY OBVIOUS. The Eagle fans, players and even the head Coach was more concerned with the call than the injured player. No more cheering for Philly for me, this was the last straw. Maybe I will jump on the bandwagon of the Steeler fans (which always irked me since we are much more closer to Philly than Pittsburgh.) At least I have seen compassion from the Steelers when a player on the other team was down. Not so for the Eagles. Shame on the team, Coach, and fans. I truly have no interest in seeing them do well now. Oh, and did anyone else notice that maybe 10 people cheered when Collie was taken off the field? Very bad, and sad as well.
              • comment on what...
                Why comment about ignorant people from other cities that just don't get it. People who are or cheer for philly know wuz up. Everyone else is just a hater; it's soooo easy to criticize philly because u can't be philly and philly smacked you upside your head. Be a man (or woman) and talk some stuff to our faces in public....'nuff said.
              • Clean hit???
                Clean hit??? That is laughable. I don't recall coaches teaching me to use my helmet when tackling when I played youth and high school football. The league needs to clean up these types of hits.
              • COLTS FANS ARE IDIOTS
                Anthony - You wrote that like a Colts fan. You guys have only had Baltimore's team for a few years now. You still don't know football. It was a clean hit and the fans were not booing the kid. They were booing the call by the officials that it wasn't a fumble. The coach of the Eagles is a Mormon and a friend of the wideout of the Colts who is a Mormon. Andy does not let his team act in a bad way. You guys over-reacted because you are not used to watching pro football. When you have had the team about 50 years call us. Until then go watch your stupid race that no one cares about anynore. Go watch your horrible basketball team and go watch Baltimore's football team.
              • Late hit on VIck??
                Patriots Fan, that was not a late hit on Vick! The defender followed him out of bounds and they both fell, and were already falling as they crossed the out of bounds line. Get over yourself and man up. That was no late hit!
              • chuck, take a breath. I think your jealousy of our having a team for only 25 years and winning a Superbowl while you are still waiting for your first after 75 years seems to be getting to you.

                that or the fact we have the best and classiest QB in the NFL and you have a dog killer.

                Or that we have a team that can suffer injuries to multiple starters and still come close to beating your team with our second and third string players.

                It is ok, we understand that you are facing another disapointing offseason. Hey, you have the 76ers....ok, it will be another long cold winter snuggling with your cheese steaks.
              • hey indyman
                You got Mellencamp, er Cougar.
                We got Springsteen.
                We got Cheesesteaks; You got something fried from the state fair.
                We got the Liberty Bell; You got Monument circle.
                We got Ben Franklin; you got Ben Harrison.
                We have the NHL; you got Ice?
                We have the Sixers; you got Pacers.
                We got Eagles and Phillies. You got Colts and a minor league team?
                We have history and Declaration of Indepehdence.
                You got Bobby Knight and toliet paper.
                And, remember we gave you Jim O'Brien.

              • RE: benfranklin
                Springsteen?!?!?! I am pretty sure that he is from Jersey. Philly gave us Bon Jovi & Boyz II Men.
              • Ben, other than the obvious attempt to steal Springsteen from Jersey, you are dead on. You have history, and in most cases, ancient history. Philly is one of those towns that used to be important. You used to be capital of the US. You used to be important to America. You used to have teams that were the talk of the sports world. You used to have a thriving vibrant city. You just can't get over the fact that Indy and many other cities have surpassed your ancient history with modern history.

                And I will take Peyton over the dog killer any day. Class vs. no class is a great symbol of the differences between the two cities.

                And by the way, Deep fried, hand breaded pork tenderloins are our claim to fame. About as unhealthy as a cheesesteak, but oh so much better when done right.
              • Way Off Base
                You couldn't be further off base. It's ok to disagree with a penalty call. Also ok to disagree with the fact it was ruled incomplete (probably could have been ruled complete and a fumble). Colts fans, get over yourselves. The NFL does not revolve around you. No one was cheering for an injury. It's over; find something else to whine about.
              • What a joke!
                Observer - Oh, I see, It was not a "late hit" on Vick enen though there was contact out of bounds because the defender "followed" him. So I guess the contact was - INCIDENTAL, and defender had "no intent to shove him into the equipment" even though there was contact.

                Obviously there was no intent and the contact was INCIDENTAL on Payton's head when the Eagles defender brushed his helemt as he was clearly going for the ball, but a flag was thrown anyway and the Colt's almost stole the game on that call. So to be clear, it's not a cheap dirty shot on Vick when it's 10 yards off the field, but is was on Payton. This type of Ref calling will ruin the NFL. This is exactly what happened to the NBA, star players are protected by the Ref's and there is a "different" standard. I know it makes Colts fans happy right now that Manning gets this advantage, but in the long run it ruins the game and turns off viewers. And eventually, if Colts dont have star at QB, and dont get the calls, will they feel the same way when the defender "follows" their QB 10 yards off the field and makes contact? Lets see if they are so gracious then!
              • Observer - Cant have it both ways...
                Observer - hey the rule is clear - no contact once the play is off the field. Period. The Ref's clearly blew this call big time.

                The Helmet rule is clear also. On replay, Collie clearly had head down and he made contact with defender. Based on no helmet rule, Collie should have been penalized and fined. Not saying that it's right, just saying if you read the NFL statement on Monday, on full review of the play from every angle, they determined that Collie bounced off first defender when they made legal contact then he made helmet contact with the second defender. That why there was no fine on defender. But if NFL was to follow it's own rules, in truth Collie should have been fined 50,000.
              • Patriots Fan, two words. Tuck and Rule. Should never, ever hear a pats fan complain about gift calls. And for that matter, after that Cleveland game, we should not hear from you for weeks at least, that is an embarrassment.

                I guess it was the home field that got us all those "gift" calls. There were blown calls both ways. Typical of most games. Could we have been flagged for contact with Vick out of bounds? yes. Was it a good "no call"? Maybe. Depends what team you were rooting for.

                The hand to helmet is a hard and fast rule. You hit a qb on the hat and you get a flag, does not matter how hard or if intentional, ask Baby...I mean Brady on that one. Speaking of which, what a prima donna, Moss makes fun of his hair and Moss is gone. We know who runs that team.

              • Indyman - u r biased!
                Um, the "DONT HIT A PLAYER OFF THE FIELD" is also a HARD AND FAST rule by the way. It is meant for player saftey and maybe on of the original NFL saftey rules as it is so OBVIOUS to anyone playing the game, or any game! There is no room to interpret, once the players are off the field, contact is to stop. PERIOD. BTW, the field should be the same size for Colts players as it is for the team they are playing. I know your a Colts fan so you believe certain rules depend on the team as you say. BS, play ENDS at the sideline. Yes, there is incidental contact. Clearly, 10 yards off the field is NOT INCIDENTAL. There is no depends. Shoving a player into equipment can easily end his career much faster than a brush to the head. You are either intentional obtuse or so biased (as were the Ref's).

                Since Colts defenders stated they wanted to "test his ribs", what better way for a dirty player to do this than to shove a defenseless guy into a bunch of metal. SICK. Just plain dirty.
              • Indyman for Ref - NOT!
                Indyman - Can you provide us fans of the other NFL teams the complete with the Colts - What are the Hard and Fast rules versus those that are not.

                Also for the rest of the teams and viewers, since our football fields are all:
                Length 120 Yards
                Width 53 1/3 Yards
                Can you just let us know what constitutes out of bounds for a Colt player?

                Thanks, with that info, we should be able to understand better your point better, since obviously the Colt's are allowed different field dimensions than their opponents so it was not a dirty or late hit on Vick!
              • I guess you have not watched a lot of football. How rules are applied varies with the officiating crews. In the case of Vick and being "hit" out of bounds, there is a very good argument to be made that both players were trying to slow down. I believe one of the announcers said it looked like the Colts player was trying to hold up Vick so he didn't hit anything hard. Either way, the game is over, you won. Let it go. I know, beating the injury plagued Colts is the biggest thing to happen in Philly in years. We get that a lot. Playing us is most teams Superbowl. Be glad you won, not many teams beat us. But then again, that is why we have the best record over the last decade +.

                So how is the dog killing QB of yours doing?
              • Nice try - NOT!
                I watch plenty of football, obviously closer than you. When he was hit out of bounds he was on the EAGLES sideline, so there was no Colts players trying to "help" him. Besides helping to "test his ribs" - Stay Classy Cots players! BTW there was a very good argument to be made that Collie actually HIT the defender with his helmet - actually thats EXACTLY what the NFL said on Monday. There is a good argument that Payton's helemt was not hit, but that the defender brushed by it on the way to the football.

                Colts fans - "There's a good argument..." nough said...
              • There is a good argument that Eagles fans are not even good winners. Sad really. Could you imagine the whining if they had lost? Well again, with dog killer as their leader, it sets the tone for the whole team.
              • Indyman - u crack me up!
                Wow - the article and most of the Colts fans posts are whining about a legit hit. Colts fan whine, whine, whine. Point out a clearly dirty play by one of their players did and tons of excuses... Now just nasty comments like dog killer... Guess ran out of excuses... Sad really, so the dirty hit out of bounds is now ok cause he's a dog killer. Ok, thanks for clearing that up. Thats excuse number 6? I think...

                Yes the Eagles won. Stay classy Indy!
              • What about Ben
                Hey Indyman - see latest excuse for the late hit on Vick was cause he's a dog killer. Big Ben is a rapist... so I guess when you guys play the Steelers you can really play extra extra dirty cause he's a rapist... Cool!!!

                I agree - stay classsy colts!
              • Pats Fan, Tuck Rule, be gone.
              • Really well thought out
                This comment is as asinine as the the author of it. No one is saying the call wasn't questionable but to sit there and defend the actions of players jumping around 3 feet from a motionless body is utterly ridiculous. "Man up" should go crawl back into the Philly cave he emerged from and stop gracing this page with your ignorant presence.

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