IndyCar Series' Edmonton race back on?

November 29, 2010
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The Canadian Broadcasting Corp. is reporting that the Edmonton city council has approved plans to raise the extra $3 million necessary to restore the IZOD IndyCar Series race at the Canadian city for 2011.

Edmonton officials had announced earlier this month that it could not reach a deal with race promoter Octane Motorsports for the $3 million plus needed to repave a section of the track that had to be relocated due to the closure of one of the runways at the airport circuit, and the event was canceled.

However, the CBC says a city report now says $1 million could come from unidentified private sponsors and $2 million would be raised from a new 1,000-stall parking lot to be built near the track.

“What it means is that 10 months out of the year when we are not running the race, we would actually let parking happen on the paddock and the off-track areas that will be paid for the race,” Lorna Rosen, Edmonton's chief financial officer, told the CBC.

IndyCar Series officials haven’t uncorked a bottle of bubbly just yet. An amended deal has yet to be signed with race promoter Octane Motorsports. Rosen told CBC that she hopes that will happen this week.

  • If true, that puts a real dent in the haters argument. A private sponsor putting in $1 mil and the City putting forth the other $2mil. Seems like some people see value in the IRL. I am wondering if the engine announcements and other momentum with the body styles and sponsor announcements helped to keep the wheels rolling on this one.

    Hope it is true, more good news in a late year spurt of good news.
  • Losing races????
    I'm the king of Indy and adding races...tough guy.

    IICS is doomed:
    1. Chevy joins
    2. Lotus joins
    3. Chief is depressed
    4. Izod reports 350% return on investment
    5. Chief is depressed
    6. I have a three year contract - can I sign on for more?
    7. Chief is really depressed
  • Ropin Randy
    when do we get to see Bernard's grade now that the season is over? I think he has an "F" right chief ...for "F"reaking Juggernaut.
  • Schizo
    So, if I understand right, the city went from: "If they were serious about keeping the race, the .1RL can lower their fee. And, They'll keep coming back for more money every year no matter what, so they can bugger off."
    To: "Someone (maybe from Indiana) will throw in $1,000,000 if we keep the race!!! So, lets build some parking spots and have that money go exclusively to holding the .1RL race."
    Is that right?

    If that's what they wanna do, then it's fine by me. I don't live there, so it doesn't effect my taxes. If the race goes ahead, it'll still lose big money every year, attendance will keep dropping and the taxpayers will have to bail out the promoter's losses.
    It's the .1RL folks. Some things just can't change...
  • Read the article at the Edmonton Journal.

    The $1 million is from local businesses in Edmonton and include in kind paving and equipment and cash contributions.

    The City is funding the rest to create a part time race track and to provide parking for vehicles. They estimate they will make $400,000 a year in parking fees. Really a good deal all around.

    From the article it sounds like when the City said it was being cancelled, the local business community came forward to push for continuing it.

  • Quill to the heart
    Between this and the 2012 $30M potential and Sarah hanging up her driving bloomers for Special Ed....gee golly Wally, INDY is saved!

    You all are so needy for good news this sign of desperation is like a quill to my heart. And it tickles....bwahahhahaha! Indy is SAveD!
  • 2011 is the decision year for you. on board or still a hater?

    The more you try to downplay the good news that keeps rolling in, the more desperate you sound. It is more than obvious that the only reason you hate the IRL is some personal feeling of being wronged. It also explains your single minded desire for a personal apology.
    IMS owes the UNIVERSE an apology for screwing up the good thing that AOW WAS.

    Slapping a 2011 "INDY CAR" sticker on it today doesn't work for me.

    Randy Bernard is NOT a man of his word, at least not when it comes to his suggestion to Anthony Schottle back in May 2010 that he may have to apologize for the wrongdoings of IMS since the IRL was created.

    You want me (or any others like me) to be fans....? Follow through on your words Randy, don't just use them to drum up support for the POS racing series called the IRL.

    There Iman, IMS just needs to appeal to the fans for forgiveness for the wrongdoing to the sport all these years. Pretty simple actually. BUT HE WON'T. And that's fine I guess as he has the 18-35 year old demographics to raise his folly from the ashes. But, not with a penny of my money until he follows up on HIS WORDS. Until then, he's a bait-and-switching car salesman to me.
  • America Awaits
    Notice how sports fans all across America are all talking around the water cooler and in the sports bars about Edmonton possibly being back on the schedule?
  • Sorry Is As Sorry Does
    I applaud the city of Edmonton for allowing synaptic activity to occur. I also applaud the IZOD Indy Car Series for quickly and decidedly telling Edmonton to go take a hike after they tried to get the sanction fee adjusted downward.

    I also applaud Chief for being the most obsessed, albeit darkly and with hypocrisy so thick you could use it as a SAFER barrier, Indy Car fan this side of Anthony Schoettle.

    "IMS owes the UNIVERSE an apology for screwing up the good thing that AOW WAS."

    Huh? If cart and champcar were so much better, how on earth could they possibly have killed themselves not once but TWICE? And how could Indy Car have possibly survived against such quality competition? You need to get your reality straight, kiddo.

    "Slapping a 2011 "INDY CAR" sticker on it today doesn't work for me."

    That's fine. When can we expect you to go enjoy something else, then? After all, that is what any mature person would do when offered something not in their realm of acceptance.

    "Randy Bernard is NOT a man of his word, at least not when it comes to his suggestion to Anthony Schottle back in May 2010 that he may have to apologize for the wrongdoings of IMS since the IRL was created."

    I do not believe he ever offered even a whiff of such an apology. The whole 'apology' deal is a concoction of Internet zealots and cart-centric pundits. Bernard did indicate he was reaching out to chagrined cart enthusiasts, mostly and largely ignorantly blaming Tony George after their favorite series killed themselves, twice...but apology? I do not think so. As a matter of fact, anyone actually serious about such an outlandish request would be considered, at least by me, to be one (or more) of the most stupid, thought-challenged persons on the entire planet.

    "You want me (or any others like me) to be fans....? Follow through on your words Randy, don't just use them to drum up support for the POS racing series called the IRL."

    What does 'POS' stand for? I have personally urged Randy more than once not to apologize to anyone for anything. That would weaken his position and empower non-racing fans who have clearly neither deserved nor earned such elevation. Such an act would be roughly akin to awarding Columbine High School diplomas posthumously to Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold.

    "There Iman, IMS just needs to appeal to the fans for forgiveness for the wrongdoing to the sport all these years. Pretty simple actually. BUT HE WON'T. And that's fine I guess as he has the 18-35 year old demographics to raise his folly from the ashes. But, not with a penny of my money until he follows up on HIS WORDS. Until then, he's a bait-and-switching car salesman to me."

    Two points:

    1. Any thin-skinned person who feels they are owed some type of apology ought to at least attempt to grow up first.

    2. If you will not be spending a penny of your money, when will you stop being a hypocrite by running your loud mouth via your Internet fingers?
  • I applaud Defender
    For his gallant but futile effort to stand up for a dying, irrelevant, unnoticed, niche sport, saved momentairly only by one monumental but sadly fading iconic sporting classic.

    Defender is the classic underdog, with the junkyard dog gamer mentality and determination. You wanna say, "Go get 'em, Defender! Go!" Lesser foot soldiers for the IZOD League Car thing such as Windyman and BerwickGirl, have the heart, but lack the athletic ability. More cheerleaders than participant. But Defender now that is another story. Defender waits. Observes. Readies himself. And then pounces on the opponent. Sadly, he is a Chihuahua. But much respect for his tenacity.

    Calling Talkin' Terry....your turn...
  • Diversion: Another Classic cartourettes Tactic
    Schoettle blog topic: The Edmonton Race is back on.

    Burl 'contribution:' Defender.

    Advice from adults:

    1. Stick to the topic.
    2. Orient yourself into actual reality. If Indy Car is dying, how could it possibly gain multiple new manufacturer partners, $84 million in new sponsorship, and prepare for the 100th anniversary of the one race that made the entire sport what it is today?

  • As I said
    Go Defender go! Go get em! You go boy! Grrrrr!!!
  • Two Words:
    Eschew obfuscation.

    On an actual ON topic note...I am wondering why six of the last ten Schoettle blog topics are about Indy Car. For a supposedly dying sport it certainly gets a lot of attention (and commentary). This is surprising to me given the number of other available topics in sports-crazy Indiana. Heck the lowly Pacers beat the Lakers in their house the other night. Tom Crean has unlocked basketball recruiting potential not seen in decades at IU, which still can't get a winning football program on track. The Colts are more like the Dolts of yesteryear these days...and not a peep in the 'ol blog about that.

    All Indy most of the time. Just the way I like it.
  • Not much I can add to what Defender said other than to reply to this "Randy Bernard is NOT a man of his word, at least not when it comes to his suggestion to Anthony Schottle back in May 2010 that he may have to apologize for the wrongdoings of IMS since the IRL was created. "

    First, it is Schoettle. if you have trouble with spelling, go to the top of the blog and read. We have talked about your reading and comprehension problems, please try harder to do both.

    So you are still waiting for an apology that a blogger said he had heard may happen that Randy said he may have to give and for things he was not even invovled in? Really? Does that not seem a little feeble to go on when discussing saying a man is not honorable?

    You are really desperate and it is obvious. Again, if you do not like it, move one. Go watch F1 or ALMS, or NASCAR or whatever. Your pathetic ramblings are just emabarrasing you, or at least should be.
  • Indy who? What?
    Another weak effort from the junkyard dog. Defender, please. Anthony writes some good stuff and this blog is fun, but come on now. It is an Indiana business newspaper. It is Indianapolis. At coffee houses in Seattle, icehouses in San Antonio, bookstores in Buffalo, and burger joints in Pacoima, they don't know Alfa Romeo from Alfalfa sprouts or Ed Carpenter from Mr. Ed. Get real. None of this registers so much as a blip on the non-registering radar screen's radar screen's backup screen. You live in cozy little Gomertonville down the street from Robin Miller and across town from the Trackforum posters living with Mom down the road from Mari Hulman's place.
  • Gone Soft
    Butler...there's not enough articles about them. Tom Crean's got nothing on OSU.

    It is my opinion that since Randy Bernard came onboard the media has gone soft on Indy. It is a palpable change that silently works to correct the destruction the previous 15 years caused. Even though the ratings suck for the IRL they get reported no longer.....only if it favors the IRL, like in Brazil. FACT.

    How does this happen? Overnight the IRL goes (in the minds of the media) from redheaded stepchild to favorite son? It's still the same hash being slung by the IRL. Bwahahahha....
  • Just checking in
    and saying "I'm Loving Life" and of course, "Chief, I am sorry" BAAWWWWAAA
  • A Nation Sports Business Publication Joins In
    A SportsBusiness Journal Reader Survey rates the IZOD IndyCar Series as the motorsports property best positioned for growth.

    Not bad for a series supposedly so close to death. It is my opinion the handful of haters squatting on sites like these to whine like little children ad nauseum are wrong again.

    Big surprise.
  • Right
    You are correct sir...due to the fact the failed IRL vision destroyed the entire AOW landscape over the past 15 years there is nothing left but to be poised for growth.

    However, the dozens of oval and road/street course markets that the IRL/CART/CCWS left in their wake will suffer continuously. I hear new IRL markets are poised for growth in Brazil and China. Go south and far east my IRL friends, that's where your growth will emerge from. Just like the VISION always planned for, exponential foreign growth at the sacrifice of AMERICAN ovals and AMERICAN drivers it was created to protect.
  • The Fluidity of Haters
    Whoa. Hang on a second, hypocrite...just a few short 'contributions' ago you were childishly chiding some of the Americana associated with the series, "Sarah hanging up her driving bloomers for Special Ed....gee golly Wally, INDY is saved!"

    So which is it that you American focus (just like the original vision you kids have largely concocted for yourselves) or an international, mostly non-oval focus?

    It appears that depending on the slam you are attempting either one works depending on the 'point' you are clumsily attempting.

    Actual REAL racing fans such as myself who have been watching the sport since well before cart was hatched have always appreciated the variety. As long as the primary focus of the series is IMS, I have no problems.
  • Humor escapes the narcissistic
    The IRL mantra has always been save Indy from the evil CART series and owners who had foreign drivers and special engine leases, and wanted to detract from INDY. was a LIE told by IMS/Tony George to gain control.

    And in doing so, AOW was destroyed. And Defender welcomed it and supported the destruction of the sport. It's all about HIM you see...
  • Reality Escapes the Hater
    "The IRL mantra has always been save Indy from the evil cart series and owners who had foreign drivers and special engine leases, and wanted to detract from INDY."

    It was? Source? Actually, The original intent of the IRL was to provide a complementary series to cart; i.e., not compete against, but simply to facilitate the entry of more Americans into big time oval racing with a schedule that did not compete. Why was that not successful long term? Because cart freaked out, let their egos get in the way, then made every possible mistake one could make before killing themselves. Twice. What did Indy Car do? Evolve organically despite the landscape scorching heaped upon the sport by cart. End result: cart = dead. Twice. Indy Car = Alive and prospering.

    " was a LIE told by IMS/Tony George to gain control."

    Hmmm. Curious. Looks like it worked, then. At least until last year. And cart is still dead. Twice. The Indy Car Series has been designated by sports professionals as 'best positioned for growth.'

    "And in doing so, AOW was destroyed. And Defender welcomed it and supported the destruction of the sport. It's all about HIM you see..."

    Slight correction: cart destroyed themselves. Twice. cart is not AOW. They had their moments in the sun and they screwed themselves. Indy Car IS AOW, and it is alive, well and, some might say, vibrant.

    Is there any further reality with which you need my objective and patient assistance, or are you going to continue making an absolute fool of yourself?
  • I am the
    Freaking Juggernaut - and these are so bright I have to wear shades.

    Chief - I apologize.
  • The Chief
    Wow, Chief, burn baby burn for you. Defender has the rat in the corner with nowhere to go. Maybe you'll start eating your leg or tail.

    Bwahahasha, or whatever that stupid madeup crap is you always end with. Made up crap, that's you.

    Live it.....
  • See
    Randy IS a man of his word after all. Bwahahaahahaaa!

  • Is That All You Have?
    When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.

    Now that Edmonton is evidently back in the fold, how childishly will you act once Las Vegas is announced?
  • Defender,
    You will see Chief and his fellow haters rattle on how no one has ever been to Vegas, it is a poor place for races, it is another sign of the iminent fall of the IRL.
  • Stay calm now
    Let's not let your enthusiasm get out of hand there Mr. Defender. It's obvious you are a paid stooge of the Speedway. That alone is reason to discount everything you say.

    I see where they're cutting the support lifeline to the bottom riff-raff in the league. Good move...clearly it's an indication of the health of the series, chopping the dead weight who will never win. That leaves Sarah, Special eD, Milka and the Baguettes and Sivladrea's out of the mix. Good, more for the ex-CART teams to have and when the engines deals are done, they'll have that too. Perfect execution of the VISION.
  • Great move!
    Hey, Randy sez all along the IRL's had no credibility AND it's fans deserve better. Wow, he's admitting it was no good!

    "We need to build credibility in this sport and with our fans and this is a good place to start."

    "People donâ??t buy tickets to an NFL game expecting to see inferior players and our fans are entitled to see the best drivers."
  • Wow
    Randy said THAT? That's validation of my argument (the IRL sucks and it's brand perception is non-existent)....

    OH YEAH! That's darn close to an apology for me....
  • It's all about INDY....
    you said it yourself "paid stooge for THE SPEEDWAY"...what Speedway??? There is only one THE SPEEDWAY and it's mine...I am King of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway!

    Chief, I apologize.
  • KECO Coatings announced it is adding 50 high paying jobs and locating them in a depressed area on the westside. They were considering North Carolina but chose Indy, in part, because of its proximity to IMS.
  • GM out
    Good thing about that KECO, maybe they can hire the workers GM is laying off because they are closing the Indianapolis GM plant.

    Man, with GM sponsoring the IRL with huge infusion of $$$30M potential, it must be a sharp stick in the eye of those workers. Maybe they can get work at the new Dallara carbon fibre plant.
  • So do you live in Indy or are you having trouble with comprehension again? Anyone living in or near Indy, or who follows Indy news would know it was the workers who literally voted to close the plant.

    GM was planning on selling the plant to another company who offered all current workers jobs at about the same pay scale they were currently getting with the agreement that new employees would be hired in at a lower salary.

    The employees rejected the offer because they would rather sit on their arses and collect the union type benefits that led to the bankruptcy in the first place.

    screw the city, and many people who could have gotten jobs there. Truly unfortunate. Of course so is the fact that you would try to use this unfortunate situation to be smirch GM and the IRL.

    You need to quit embarassing yourself by attempting to embarass the IRL.
  • I besmirched NO ONE
    The article is on the IBJ front page. GM closes plant, and entered in $30 million potential influx of money to IRL recently with government assistance (both GM and Dallara).

    Whether the former GM workers have negative feelings for the IRL I do not know but merely posed the thought.

    Maybe in addition to Dallara ideas I posted, the IMS can give free tix to the GM workers for the 500?

    I think this whole superiority thing you got going is messing up your ability to reason. Have that checked out.

  • Hey Chief!!....
    I'm Sorry
  • Chief, it is not superiority. It is stating facts. Sorry that your not knowing what is going on makes you feel inferior. This story has been going on for over a year. Reading one story does not make you an expert. Of course most of your posts are based on minimal truths and long on your skewed opinions.

  • GM Is Smart
    In order for GM to be viable over the long haul, it needs to continue to improve in the quality area, which is something it has begun to take seriously. The also need to effectively market themselves. They are already in NASCAR. They return to IndyCar is a smart, shrewd, cost effective marketing play that should pay off very well, as it has for other recent marketers such as IZOD, who calls their IndyCar ROI 'off the charts.'
  • Not even on the charts
    Uhhh huh. I recall IZOD declaring 350% ROI from it's partnership with IRL. Fascinating.

    What was the IRL's ROI from it's partnership with IZOD? How has that translated into butts in seats and TV ratings?

    Hypothetically, how long can the IRL sell it's soul for pennies before it's forced to up the "ante" and start charging for the sale of it's image?

    I recall recent raising of IRL sanction fees had ALL ISC track balking at renewal of IRL races, resulting in several ovals being dropped because of, as the IRL puts it, ISC promoters not willing to promote the IRL product (the product that didn't catch on at 20+ other tracks in recent years). What happened?

    Lot's of smoke and mirrors in the IRL, and 2011 is coming in 28 days! Pffffft!

  • Just wanted to say
    I'm sorry Chief for making you life miserable,......

    Not really! Bawawawawaa
  • key metrics
    It's all ball-bearings these days, guys!
  • And again Chief goes off the reservation. He cannot respond to those responding to him and he goes off in left field.


    The biggest thing GM needed to do, it has done...mostly. Cutting the size of the company including the number of models it sells. I hated to see Pontiac go away, my first car was a Firebird and I always loved them. Same with Saturn, it was a great idea. But the company was carrying too much overhead. Also closing a lot of plants and following the Japanese model of outsourcing parts makes them more competitive.

    Quality is up. Design is very good. The Volt should be a home run. Corvette is one of the best sports cars in the world. Cadillac is competing with Germanys finest. GM's SUV's seem popular across the board judging from the number I see. They are on a good trajectory, they just need to keep it up.

  • And They Need To Keep Marketing Effectively
    ...and those who know what's important see the IZOD IndyCar Series as one of the best and most cost effective ways of getting the message out.
  • Is the word getting out?
    Randy is dumping the IRL heap? You guys must love the fact LESS IRL stalwarts will be able to race on IRL dime anymore, right?

    IRL=no ROI for THEMSELVES despite IZOD "over the top" happiness. FACT
  • Penske announced that IZOD will be primary on Briscoes car and secondary on Helio and Powers machines. I guess that answers chiefs' question on what they think of their triple digit return on investment. More good news on top of the announcement that Shell is also joining the series on a Penske car.
  • Penske?
    This all great news for IZOD. Will briscoe be the new spokesmodel? Why can't Sarah Fisher get these great sponsors? Is Briscoe an American oval specialist?
  • Because no matter what you do, success follows the money and sponsors follow success. That is why it is always refreshing to see a driver/owner like Sarah create a team and operate it with some success, unlike in cart where there was no room for small teams. The chance for homegrown owners and drivers was nil.

    Just letting you know that IZOD is increasing its sponsorship in the IRL.
  • IZOD Is Putting Its Money Where Its Mouth Is
    Good for them. And keep up the great work.
  • It was refreshing
    I agree Iman, it was refreshing to see Sarah go for it.

    Many like me saw it as a gimmick like all the other IRL gimmicks.

    Hey, Iman, isn't Defender's point that them unknown drivers he posted got a chance, In CART or CCWS no less. I guess you're wrong.
  • Any driver has a chance. Some better than others. But the well funded teams have a better chance. This is racing 101. You maybe should take notes to help you learn this.

  • Gimmicks?
    "Many like me saw it as a gimmick like all the other IRL gimmicks."

    Many like you do not have even a fundamental understanding of the sport, much less how to be a fan. That is too bad, but I am gratified Randy and crew are attempting to broaden the appeal beyond niche fans.
  • No, TG saved it for the race fan. Too bad there was no one to save cart from itself. Well there were a lot of investors that lost their shirts and other articles of clothing in the stock offer.

  • Stock offering
    How stupid was everything. All you need is a 2.5 mile ATM like I have and the money just comes your way. I am KING of a 1 billion dollar asset and didn't have to may a penny!

    Chief, I am sorry......for being the KING of your nightmare!
  • No, Penske is in charge
    Penske is getting three shares of IRL welfare. PLUS, he gets all the sponsors, Chevy, Detroit...he's SOLELY responsible the any rebirth of the INDY or the IRL.

    I remember when CART was a bad idea...Penske was behind that. He was getting too powerful, built a special engine in 1994 and took Indy with it...stole it from INDY it's self.

    Now, Roger Penske is HERO. Now, Sarah Fisher gets no IRL welfare. Penske gets THREE SHARES of IRL welfare. NICE!!!

    Iman, you gona get your just deserves....I don't want to hear you back track one bit if PENSKE gets too strong. You want it, you got it.
  • And guess who took the IPO money and ran?
    YEP, ROGER PENSKE. Ca$hed out his CART franchises, took his IPO money and went to the IRL.

    Yet, Roger Penske is a HERO to Iman and Defender? Hypocrisy at it's finest.
  • Who do you care?
    Give up on the sport. It is over. Roger wins the 100th Anniversary race. That is already planned, I think it is Helio getting the Special Ed. If he can drive it straight, he wins. Then it is game over. Danica is done, tossed back to the street like a cheap, Vegas hooker. They give Dario the back up Special to toss Chip a bone and also get minimal Ashley kick-up for the tube and talkshows. But basically, it is a Penske-Helio day. Will and Ryan will play the game and stay close just in case. The rest of the season? Well, that is for Penske vanity and table scraps for Chip. They may toss in a going-away for Danica but I doubt it. Special Ed will still get the Special Ed at select events. And basically, since nobody is watching, it really doesn't matter. It is very much car club now, as if it were not before, but now it is certainly so. I almost say, why enter if you are anybody else. But go ahead, throw the flag and get 'er done. 100 years. Penske all time King. Helio, Rick, Al, and AJ. I get ya'. Call it clever, then and call it closed. Peeps have moved on. The Indy 500 is relic and the sport is dead. You are just watching the celebration of life and Penske is the emcee.
  • It Would Be Nice If Many of The IndyCar-Obsessed At Least Tried to Think
    "YEP, ROGER PENSKE. Ca$hed out his cart franchises, took his IPO money and went to the IRL."

    ...and then cart died. Twice.

    "Yet, Roger Penske is a HERO to Iman and Defender? Hypocrisy at it's finest."

    I don't know that I would so ignorantly refer to what he does as 'hypocrisy.' When any intelligent person looks at a bigger picture the conclusion that inevitably results is that the sport is better with him than without him. He is smart enough now to recognize IMS as the center of the Indy Car universe, and that propagating the brand internationally (a topic of this Anthony blog) is good.

    If Penske almost singlehandedly brings GM back to the IZOD IndyCar Series and gets all three of his cars fully sponsored, how is that bad? Were you kids not wringing your hands over 'Team Penske' sidepods just weeks ago?

    Look, I am as tired of Penske and Ganassi winning every week as the next guy. How does a team overcome that? They elevate their game. Anyone can do it. Roger Penske is a self-made man. Anyone can do it. Chip Ganassi did. Why can't others? Kalkhoven and Vasser could. Maybe they will. Michael Andretti can. Maybe he will too.

    If anyone is stupid enough to have deluded themselves into believing Indy Car would be better off without Roger Penske just take a look at what happened to cart, twice, when he wisely eliminated that horrid business decision.
  • Problem is...
    ...nobody cares. Indy what? Who? Huh? Who dat? Helio eh?

    My favorite line was from one of these sports talk radio guys the other day while discussing Jimmie Johnson's title. A caller said he almost went to Indy Cars (which is not true, btw, but anyhow...) and the host said, and I paraphrase, "Oh God, why would he want to do that? Do they still even race the Indy 500?" The caller said something in response then the host was back with "I mean who they have? Danica? She's drivign NASCAR now. And the Dancing With The Stars guy." Now that is funny, I don't care how big a gomerton fella ya are. A three-time Indy 500 champion and that is like the third or fourth time I have heard him referenced as the Dancing With the Stars guy or "that guy who won Dancing With The Stars."

    There is your sport in a nutshell, Defender. There is your sport.
  • Actual Reality Rears Its Head
    Reality: New sponsorship is arriving every day, and those who have signed up are raving about the ROI. New manufacturers have committed. This is not some concocted fantasy. This is reality.

    cart-centric haters can whine and complain all day (as they do here every single day) about their perception about how badly they feel the sport is perceived, and that is OK. cart-centric haters making themselves look foolish is something real racing fans have had to put up with since 1996.

    I choose instead to enjoy the sport, comfortable in the knowledge that as long as it remains aligned with IMS it will be here long after the two of us have departed the planet.
  • 2011
    We'll see. A dirt cheap marketing vehicle hasn't quite translated into ROI for the actual vehicle yet. Has it? That's the TRUE reality the IRL faces in 2011.
  • 330,000 a month
    Are dumping VERSUS via cable and satellite. Only 8 more years...

    IRL should start an alacarte IPTV setup...and THEN we'll see if it sells. NOPE.
  • Again, Reality Differs from Hater Claims
    Got any sort of a link for that claim, Chief? My sources inside Comcast showed me numbers that clearly demonstrate substantial quarterly increases.

    The IZOD IndyCar Series has begun taking steps to enhance spectacular Versus coverage with comprehensive Internet accessibility on a variety of delivery platforms, and therein lies a lot of the future.

    If I were you I would also watch for several major announcements before the next racing season begins about new alignments (and subsequent brand dissemination) with acquired NBC/Universal properties.

    It will be painful for the haters. This is no Spike rinky-dink pay deal.
  • Herein lies a problem
    Nobody cares except a small, core group of quintessential racing nerds. They already have Mom making sure they get Versus as evidenced by the tightened shorts they report in posts at Trackforum about the incredible Versus coverage. Terry's fictious 18-to-34 demographic increases do not translate to delivery platforms even if it were true because those are laden with porn and UFC highlights. So the trick will be to get Danica and Simona to crash, fight, and then kiss and make up in the month of May. Then .....maybe. But that didn't work with Milka. Milka even played the role of the hot-headed Latina so well it would make JLo jelly. But all Danica did was cry for Daddy Barnhart and maybe go potty a little in her suit. Not good enough. They need to swing, kick, gouge, slap, and spank in the pits until a hero, let's say the only other name, that guy who won Dancing With Da' Psuedo Stars, races in to break it up as Briscoe and Marco look on in timidity while Scott Goodyear explains the ratings are now going up at the rate of a football field a second. Until then, and only then, will the delivery platforms deliver fans. Otherwise it is just car racing. Nerd car racing at that. Terry, get to work.
  • Combination of Inappropriate Behaviors
    Kind of coincidental that every time there is good news for the IZOD Indy Car Series two or three haters slither in to desperately attempt to inform anyone who may pay attention how bad they foolishly believe things are. It is oddly humorous. The phrase 'get a life' seems appropriate.

    Two things characterize such behavior:

    1. Immaturity
    2. Ignorance

    That is an unfortunate combination.
  • Combination of laughable behaviors
    Kind of coincidental that every time there is good news for the IZOD CAR League Series IRL thing brought to you on Versus, two or three of Terry's volunteers slither into a desperate attempt to inform the very few people who pay attention how good they foolishly but know better that things are. It is oddly disingenuous. The phrase "I need a life" seem appropriate.

    Two things characterize such behavior:

    1. Delusional.
    2. Intellectual dishonety.

    Terry....get in the box....your up!
  • At my job
    There is nothing BUT opportunities. The same goes for the IRL IZod car series.

    When someone messes up, it's not's an OPPORTUNITY. IRL screws up AOW, it's an OPPORTUNITY to fix it.

    Here we are in 2010, and if using the 12 step approach, the IRL skipped steps 8, 9, 10.

    Sweet! Everythings coming up roses!!! WooT!
  • Chief,

    Defender asked you to back up your claims about Versus. What gives, where are your stats?
  • Pesky Facts
    At this moment, the number is between 75 million and 80 million households. That number represents growth. More new carriage deals are in the works within the next two months. I doubt Chief has anything substantive other than unrelated slams in all caps.

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