Speedway's Fred Nation to run for Terre Haute mayor

December 15, 2010
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Fred Nation, a long-time Indianapolis Motor Speedway executive vice president, announced Tuesday that he will be a Democratic candidate for mayor of his hometown, Terre Haute, next year.

Nation recently filed a candidate’s statement of organization at the Vigo County Courthouse, forming the “Nation for Mayor” committee.

Nation, 66, told the Terre Haute Tribune-Star that he made the decision to seek the city’s top job five weeks ago.

Terre Haute’s current mayor is Duke Bennett, a Republican (the first Republican mayor of Terre Haute in over 35 years), who is finishing out his first four-year term.

Since 1996, Nation has worked for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and has been a close ally to Tony George, who was removed as IMS boss last year. Nation said he will continue to work at IMS through his mayoral campaign.

Nation, an Indiana State University graduate, has never held a political office, but has considerable roots in politics, serving as press secretary from 1979 to 1980 for U.S. Sen. Birch Bayh and as press secretary for Gov. Evan Bayh from 1989 to 1996.

In other IMS news, long-time communications/PR employee Eric Powell, announced he is leaving the Speedway at the end of this year to take a job with the Indiana Rail Road Co. Powell is the latest in a string of departures, including Ron Green and Chris Schwartz, who have left IMS’ communications/marketing department in the last year.

  • Smart Move
    Good idea, Fred Nation's. You have got to pay the bills and work is hard to find anymore. Powell, Green, and Schwartz are smart lads too. People need to line up work early and not linger around until the place closes after the 2011 Indy 500, when IMS closes and the facility is plowed for mixed-use.
  • Nation for Mayor
    I'd like to publicly throw my support behind Mr. Nation. He'll make a fine mayor.
  • Defender...
    ...What are you trying to do? Cost the man election?
  • IMS Closing .....
    Too funny - IMS is going to close like Saudi Arabia is going to stop pumping oil. You're all idiots - Period - Grow Up - Indy has changed and I love it and I run it - Your time is over - period - you're old and bitter and totally irrelevant in my mind. I am not targeting you, but I guarantee a INDY 500 2056...you will be worm food and your grand babies - just as bitter
  • Good to see another American and a product of the Indy Lights make it with a good team.

    Also like the comments that Don Prudhomme is talking about running an IRL team in 2012.
  • oh yeah
    Good career move by Fred. now that the sisters have the for sale sign up in the window. Fred's got to move into a more stable (and challenging) position. Like super D, I also will give Fred my support. I'll also write him a check, something I have not done for years at the Speedway (I rock VIP, no charge, as many of you know).

    I'll publicly invite D to write one as well. What do you say D? can you handle a c note?
  • How About a Grand
    ...if you can prove to me the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is for sale.
  • I can
    My sources are the closest you can get. Its your choice to believe me.... or not.

    You could always just call and ask Mari. Or call one of their lawyers at Ice Miller.
  • Uh, Sure. I'll Trust Some Random Guy on the Internet.
    Get real.
  • oh lord not this again
    you know who this is Super D. Remember that fateful day in turn four stands up high? We made internet forum wars history.

    Ring a bell?
  • Title of post is....
    I was told there are 3 interested parties, 2 of which are not based in the US. And Penske is not one of them.

    again, you and your ear hair can believe what you want, but my sources are pretty dang good. It all makes perfect sense, once the 100th anniversary is over, Mari and the girls can say they have had enough.

    And Tony George continbues to be unemployed and burn thru his unearned wealth. A lonely little man with nothing much to do, and no one really paying attention anymore.
  • The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf
    I read that to my granddaughters last week.

    I do not doubt you've heard gossip. The legal community is worse as a whole that way than some elderly womens bridge club in Carmel.

    If this was something that was in the works it would be one of the top 5 Indy business stories of the century. Don't you imagine someone from IBJ or the Star or some local news outlet worth their salt would sniff it out?

    You'll need to do better.
  • Huh?
    Never said it came from the legal community. And no, I do not think the Star (especially) or the IBJ would pick up on it.

    I am doing better every day, thanks for your kind thoughts
  • What do we need a billion ???,,,
    I will just ask the state - It would be IMS first "ask" hell the colts got a 100 million - with not nearly the impact of my little track. Sister's you need a Billion???? call the Gov it will be in your account Monday morning.
  • DaHooey,

    You honestly expect us to believe that the IBJ would not cover even the slightest inklings of a rumor that the speedway may be sold? It would be the second biggest story next to Lilly's being sold and IBJ has covered those rumors before.

    I am sure like all the other predictions and "inside info" (wink, wink) this will not pan out either.
  • So what?
    What's the big deal...you Indyphiles will still have the speedplant and the 500. PLUS you'd probably see an influx of ca$h for your beloved IRL series.

    You should welcome this instead arching your backs. The selling of the speedway/series would benefit the sport as a whole...the same sport that they destroyed under the leadership of Tony George.
  • Who is arching their back? I just call foul when I read it. To say that Indy is scheduled for sale and then to say IBJ would not cover it seems rather silly at best. I know you guys have that special "insider info", but seriously why don't you stick to things you actually know....oh right, that would silence you.
  • Transparency
    IF the speedway ran things as transparently as you wish, well, you wouldn't like what you saw anyway.

    Keep your head in the sand, it's very becoming of you.
  • Since when do privately held corporations make their business dealings transparent?

    And where exactly did that comment come from? You really are becoming oblique.
  • they don't, and that why rumors exist
    You must be a product of the public school system, right?
  • Rumors exist because people like you are desperate to create any bad news you can. Strange how an anonymous blogger knows all the details to a sale of IMS, but the IBJ, which prides itself on being the source for business news has not even printed a whisper of it. I am guessing we all know the answer.

    FYI 12 years of Catholic education and 4 years at Purdue.
  • Track needs PR jolt
    To be frank and honest, one of the many things holding the track back was the 1960s "Terre Haute" mentality that Fred and others brought daily. This move was made by Randy. Clean house. Get fresh thinkers in there. It's not the 60s and AJ is not coming through that door to save the day.
  • That explains it all
    I agree myra b. Securing the Marion County borders against AOW interlopers isn't working as evidenced by 15 years of strife.

    Clean house, I hope Fred get elected.
  • Chief,

    You do realize that Terre Haute is not in Marion County, right?

    Seems strange that you agree with Myra who is talking about the the last 50 years and you somehow blame it for the last 15 years. But wasn't it the same attitude that fueled the growth from the 70's to today?

    I am thinking the Terre Haute mentatlity died with Tony Hulman. late 70's on is when Indy expanded beyond the midwest and into national and international growth.
  • Wrong
    The "Terre Haute" mentality still exists at the speedway today, only it's Randy Bernard that is snuffing it out now.

    Growth, from late seventies to 1995 directly relates to CART involvement. 1996, when the "Terror Haute" mentality took over again is when the sport went back into it's hole. And the only way to get out of it today is to bury the Terre Haute mentality for ever.

    It's a good thing!

  • I love your selective history. So cart mentality was in effect before cart existed, and it pervaded the speedway until cart was exiled? Do you really believe that?
  • Burl Is Back With Fact
    Da Hooey is close to right. While I am no fan of The Poop, he basically has the sale of the Speedway as it now stands. The daughters fully intend to maintain status quo through May 2011. That 100th year event is crucial to the family. Then they are out. There are actually four interested buyers, one of which I have good inside info on as being a Middle Eastern concern. It is true that Roger Penske is not one of the potential buyers at this time. One mroe note: NASCAR's last Brickyard 400 is 2011 with contingency plans for 2012. It may turn out the last ever event at IMS is a NASCAR race in 2012. But that remains to be seen. The old wrecking ball may swing as early as Fall 2011. However, a sport insider in the coporate world told me in L.A. last week the Speedway may actually linger along for "three or four more years" before it is over as the buyer will seek to maximize ROI until the economy actually turns around enough to male the planned mixed-use pencil. That could be as late as 2016 but likely sooner. One thing for sure: The days of racing at IMS are numbered, the Indy 500 is nearing the end of its run, and the entire sport of major league racing is in such decline now that some in the sponsoring coporate world are suggesting it may return to a pro-am status something akin to SCCA by the end of the decade. So in summation: Do Hooey is not talkin Da Poopey. Potential buyers, but no Rog. Maybe NASCAR two more years. IMS will close by 2016 at latest. Sport in decline. May cease to exist as a professional endeavor.
  • Wow, the haters are out in force on this one. Haven't seen this much action and agreement among you all since you claimed that the last 500 was going to be 2007.

    So you are telling us someone is going to buy IMS for hundreds of millions and then tear it down? Really? Did you type that with a straight face?

    So we have Burl giving IMS 5 more years, Chief anywhere from one year to many years to come and Da Hooey are your still at 2012 or have you bumped to 2013?

  • Well duh
    Indyman: let me explain a few things to you.

    First, why on earth would the IMS current owners want the sale to be public? What is gained? There are v,eery small elite groups of people who even have the wherewithal to buy this thing, and none of the buyers or sellers wants this negotiation to be public. No offense to young Anthony, but he is way down the pecking order on something like this. Miller or Kirby or Oreo may have the proper pedigree to be told some things on this deal, but again, leaking this sale to the local business rag just does nothing but scuzz up the waters.

    Now do you understand?
  • So why do you and Berwick and Chief rate so high? Why would you guys be in the Hulmans family circle to a) know this, and b) post it on a blog?

    If you guys have this top secret info, then why wouldn't Anthony who I would give much more credit for having better sources. His stories have been much more on target than anything you guys post.

    Also answer me these questions. Why would someone spend hundreds of millions or even over a billion to purchase the track and shut it down? Is real estate in Indy worth that much? Why would all these major companies, from Dallara to Honda to Chevy to Izod to Shell and on and on be putting so much money into a brand and a track that would be going away?

    See your fantasies do not come close to matching reality. Couple that with the haters penchant for getting everything wrong, time after time and we all have a hard time taking anything you say seriously.

    Now do YOU understand?
  • Let me 'splain it WindyMan
    It is the property at IMS that is worth the price offered. Sale of infrastucture sweetens the investment, some of which will sell for top dollar to historical purchasers. Long-term ROI calls for a robust mixed-use. The sport is dying away and so its dollar value, penciled out over the next 10 years, shows a significant decline. That being said, current instituional investors such as those mentioned, will help make this deal pencil if the sport can be drawn out over say, five years. In other words, it is their money, let them spend it, so we can make ours now and for many years to come. As a property, IMS has far less value than the planned mixed-use, a value that is in decline no less, and would make little to no financial sense to purchase and continue operations with. The family wants to sell. The property has value. That value is declining with the current tenant. Bulldoze and build. That's the way it pencils. The only true value the place has is in a non-tangible, sentimental way. No amount of protest from the incredibly diminishing fanbase of the sport will change the inertia of this project. The days of the Indy 500 are numbered. Trust me. Enjoy this race and the sport while you can. Its time is passing by quickly.
  • Perceived value
    They are building it...Iman, you think it's because they're doing it for the sport? You better think again. Plans are already laid out for the transfer of power. Operating in the red for 15 years is a burden. Operating at even or black for one year only does one thing....gets more money in a sale.
  • One other item...
    Rog was approached. Considered it for his family. Jay said nay. Then the Saturn deal fell through. Rog wanted it at basement and the family was not all too happy about that and shopped it. That's where the other players came in. The inside poop is Rog has pull with the family to choose a buyer who will agree to run those handful of 500's past 2011 and the sell is ROI until the economy improves. Rog has already gotten his way with the 2012 deals and stole some sponsors. Rog is the real king at Indy. Andretti is a collateral victim and Foyt's four wins made him stooge. Rutherford is a family driver and Sneva is the sloppy, loud, obnoxious Uncle they tolerate. Mears is a loyal foot soldier in the mafia while de Ferran is the don. Rog surveys all he masters in this deal but is still not the biggest fish in the pond. Rog money is couch scratch comapred to the buyer. The grandkids get theirs and Mari dies happy. Tony sits back in disbelief while still believing in Special Ed. The plow plunders as Miller, Davidson, King, and Arute all look for meaning while Ropin' moves on to the next big thing. Teh Indy 500 goes down with a 100, maybe 105 year run. Not bad. Not bad at all. Anyhow, this is what is about to go down plus or minus a player, 25 million or so, a "500" or two, and Mari's patience.
  • This Sounds Like a Job for Anthony Schoettle
    ...and a team of crack team of the Indiana Business Journal's finest. Or Sports Business Daily. Or ANY reputable publication. Anthony? What about it? Do these anonymous Internet Indy Car obsessed have anything other than their usual functional illiteracy? What do your super secret inside sources say? Let's break 'er wide open. LOL.
  • Defenseless misses again
    Poor Defenseless of EndyCar. There isn't a media outlet in Indiana that will pry the story from the buyer of IMS until they are good and ready next year. Keep dreamin' Defenseless. I think it is funny. The IMS is soon to go the way of the headache ball, a few years at most, but you keep trying. She is for sale, D, there is a serious buyer. Hulman-George wants out, out, out. The sisters see $$$$ and hate racing. Gammy wants wad for the grandkids. The buyer sees only ROI on mixed-use after a great, historic firesale. Again, n Penkse, but he gets to play the game his way until the end. Andretti is a lackey. Foyt is a stooge. They used the dumb, unwitting Foyt like a ten doller hook.
  • ok, lets play with your premise to have some fun. Prime development land in Indy goes for $30,000 an acre, and that is prime land. Carmel type ground. So lets say the west side ground IMS sits on were to all of a sudden be worth that, that would be around $18 mill. So where are the other hundreds of millions coming into this. Not to mention probably $20 mill more to demo and make the land ready for building? Anyone class, anyone?

    I still love how the gang that can't shoot straight on most of their predictions all of a sudden have a direct line to the Hulmans Board Room that ESPN, IBJ, and the other vaunted news services that break this kind of news, not to mention the sponsors who are diving hundreds of millions of dollars into the series have not heard of whisper of.

    You guys crack me up.
  • Let me clarify
    First - all I said is it was for sale and I heard there were 3 interested and qualified buyers. I do think that racing will continue there, although I am not sure the IRL or 500 as we knownit today will. My gut tells me that NASCAR takes over the May date, and that somehow lights and night racing are in the future. That's my opinion. I also think F 1 has a better chance now that Tony ismout of the way. Bernie will be toast in a couple years, and the new F 1 Supremo will see the value in racing at Indy.

    I have no problem with the facility - it's one of the nicest in the world. I hope racing in many forms continues there. A close look at MotoGP event may reveal the future of racing here in Indy. But the IRL brand is toast.
    I do not think the place gets bulldozed. In fact, with the speedway redevelopment, it could be better than ever. I sure hope so. There is a lot of potential..whn the economy turns around and indianapolis gets better leadership, and the Speedway gets new ownership, it has serious potential.

    Mari and the girls are just done, and want their money. Toni just ruined it for everyone in the family, and they are sour on the whole racing deal - can you blame them? These people are simple folk who just want out.
  • Good move on your part to separate yourself from the crazy haters. They took your lead about the sale and went nuts, which of course undermines any credibility they have left.

    What you posted at least is possible. Could the family look to sell the facility? Yes. possible. Is is possible that you not only have a direct line to the family, but take the trust they give you or your source and shatter it by posting it on a blog? Yes, possible. Is it probable? No. Again, for you to be as far off as you have been in the past, to now have this kind of access and then throw who ever you gave that info to under the bus is unlikely.

    More likely you have thrown out a guess. No different than if I predicted NASCAR will reduce their number of races by 1/3 and Bernie will be leaving f1 soon....oh right, you guessed at that one as well. Well we can all make guesses, but trying to claim that you all of a sudden have insider info and willing to spill it on a blog is laughable.

    Something tells me Anthony is not cutting his Christmas short by trying to track down your breaking news.
  • Aren't They Just Precious?
    I always think it's quaint how all possible scenarios automatically mean the end of Indy Car racing no matter what. That's just as cute as can be.
  • No, it REALLY means....
    The sport which has suffered at the hands of the Hulman-George family these past 15 years can once again be FREE. There's hope in re-birth.

    It would be a welcome EVOLUTIONARY phase. What are you worried about Defender of the IRL, you championed the failure of the sport, do you not want it restored to it's former greatness? Or, are you just a Hulman lackey/toadie?
  • Good Morning Kids
    To most rational thinking adults Indy Car has not lost greatness. The entire world changed in fundamental ways (technology, entertainment choices, the way we communicate, etc.) and the new leadership of the IZOD IndyCar Series is plugged into making the sport accessible again.

    'Restoring it to it's former greatness' is another one of those cart idiot straw men. You kids do not really have a clue about what it was or what it is. To me, Indy Car was great in the late 60s and early 70's prior to the cart coup de 'etat.
  • Racing doesn't pencil against...
    ...the planned mixed-use. None of you Albert's seem to understand that. The buyer does. And Windyman's guesstimate is so far off it is laughable. This is a complicated matter that will at times be heated. Government officials in the know may have even have signed tight-lip agreements. Racing ends at the Speedway soon. You'll just have to deal with it. And NASCAR taking over May is laughable too. That one made me chuckle. NASCAR's last year at the IMS is either 2011 or 2012 and then they are gone no matter what happens to the grounds. NASCAR is in a free-fall and the descent will reach velocity in 2011 or 2012. By 2015 it will have returned to pre-1980 levels if not pre-1970. Auto Racing is returning to niche sport status, small, and insignificant with the sports fans in general. It will enjoy a level of popularity and footprint on the American sports scene akin to tennis in the coming decade...there, enjoyed by the fans who follow it, but not a major sport. Racing has its run, a good one. But those days are over. People just don't care or get cars going around in circles be they clunky stockers or "preying mantis" cars driven by foreigners. And that is how they see it.
  • Burl I am sure you are sitting in your recliner laughing because you got people responding to you. But in reality most are reading your posts and trying to figure out if you are serious or not. Please show me a tract of redevelopment land anywhere outside of the mile square that is worth over $30,000. I have spent a decade in the development business, my numbers are right on. If anything they are too high, especially in this economic climate.
  • Mixed Up
    ...not to mention that currently 3 of the four sides outside of the track have degenerated into Detroit-like slum areas. Methinks 'ol Burl picked up a buzzword someplace and just likes using it. 'Mixed use.' How he uses it over and over is just precious and sweet for a little fella. Personally I do not believe Speedway redevelopment goes far enough. Either eminent domain authority should be exercised to bulldoze three of the four sides and start over, or developers should be given too-good-to-be-true tax and other incentives to build in toward the track.
  • Cement Mixer
    Horse Hockey, WindyMan and Defenseless. That property is Ground Zero for the area's redevelopment and all parties are talking longtail here, not just prop ups and drive-thrus. If that were the case, the race track would simply remain. You can't pull the ROI out of dime a dozens at that property. Fact: The buyer is looking at offering client-focused deliverables with relatively low-risk, high yields projected out over the rest of the decade. That pencils out to about 34-39 percent, maybe as high as 45 over the "500" and any drain events such as what the Brickyard and MotoGP's have or are becoming. It's a mixed use and will generate the sort of revenue streams to make that side a destination locale. This isn't Detroit. The Speedway location is prime for the buyer. It is all but a done deal. This messy Centennial business has to happen first and the buyer is patient.
  • The Buzzword Maven Strikes Again
    You learned a whole lot of buzzwords. How cute.

    By the way, when was the last time you were in the area? Have you taken a look at the demographics and income stats?

    I didn't think so.

    Oh, and when will the reputable representatives of the media pick up on this hot scent?

  • Speedway IN
    Speedway - Getting rid of the track that made it famous, so we can have another Raceway Lanes??? BAAABBBBAABBABA

  • ok, who let Burl use wikipedia again? Who wants to bet if you google what he typed it will come up as some college lecture some where?

    Burl leave thinking to the adults, you will hurt yourself.
  • Denial is in Style
    I get that parrt of it. Gomeritis is Gomeritis. Fact is: At buildout, as planned, not even the once mighty "500" can turn that kind of clink. No, it's a sure thing, ramping up as we speak. As I said, the necessities must transpire. But we are talking dirt to shirt inside five years tops. Get ready...
  • Will They Put in a Yellow Brick Road Too?
    Hmmm. That's odd. I know a guy who owns large tracts of residential property immediately adjecent to the big track and he has heard nothing of the sort. Neither have any of the folks in charge of Speedway redevelopment. Not a peep. One might assume something that would so directly affect their efforts might be shared.

    I am so very grateful you have decided to so freely share this top secret information with us. I guess the mainstream publications will investigate it thoroughly any minute now, huh?
  • Proof!
    Indyman is demanding PROOF! Well, gee let me respond to that. NO. You either believe me or you don't.
  • Burl putting together a string of words you found on wiki does not impress anyone. Again, have been in the industry for years and not even the big dogs talk like that.

    Still waiting for you to tell us what the land at the speedway is going to sell for. this should be good.

    By the way, with the IMS centered redevelopment going on, development land, is going for around $15,000 to as high as $20,000 and acre. Those are actual selling prices you can look up right now. Throw in the cost of massive demolition, and you are exposed one again.

  • Lost Focus
    This post was supposed to be about Fred Nation, Communications boss for track, leaving. To be honest the only PR hack the place has had in 15 yrs was Joey Chitwood. He's now beating the drum in Daytona. The track has never valued PR, media relations or communications. THAT's the "Terre Haute" mentality to a tee.
  • WindyMan is full of stink
    Sorry, Windy. Been in the business since 1987. Nationwide, baby. Fact is fact. Your numbers are off and I have every reason to doubt you. And I put that lexicon together for laughs. But it speaks, carefully, to what is really going on. Keep trying, Windy. Fact is: There is a seller, a buyer, a deal in the works, and a massive redevelopment plan. And it has longtail.
  • more unproven, unbacked up info from a hater who has rarely been right on these boards.

    Sorry, not impressed or believing what you posted.
  • A Cascade of Bul...err, Dun....err, Sh...err, Foul Smelling Foreign Substance (Or Lack Thereof)
    Why is it that only person who seems to know anything about this is some anonymous guy posting on the internet?

    I will continue refraining from holding my breath for the foreseeable future, thanks.
  • Haters?
    Who is the real hater squad here? Why don't you ask yourself this:
    is open wheel racing better off since the IRL/Team Tony/terre Haute has been in charge?! Um, no. So then ask yourself who is hating? The Hulmanistas who have driven the sport into the ground? Letting nascar's popularity and F1's technology make the IRL look like a pinewood derby series? The IMS folks had everything going their way fornyears, but that wasn't enough. They sent young, arrogant and ignorant Tony to takeover the whole thing and now look where you are! So who has been the hater? Ye who caused the most damage to the sport than everyone else combined! That is who.

    I think Fred knows the inevitable, and he's getting out like the rest of them have. Tony crapper all mover this league/series and nobody has been able to clean it up since.

    Quit defending the hateful damage that the Hulmanista regime has instilled on this once greatnstart, and see the truth.
  • Woops
    This iPad autofill is making me look bad. Lol.
  • End of a Sport
    Tell me this WindyMan, Defenseless...why is it that a publishing company in New York (my sister is a literary agent) has approved an advance for a well-known sportwriter (not a hack like Miller)to begin work on a book chronicaling the demise of the great IMS and the sport if Indy Car racing? Mmmmmmmmhhhhhhmmmm....apparently he wants as much of the historical stuff done up to an including the White Paper, death of USAC staffers, beginnings of CART, start of IRL, end of split, adios to TG, and Randy coming on board to write the final chapters in real time as the wheels come off once and for all. That is yet another little fact I just thought of. A book is being written. No, no, no, no, WindyMab, Defenseless, Robin Miller and Donald Davidson, you guys are so wrong! We are witnessign the end of the sport! THE END!
  • who would be interested?
    Who on earth would be interested in such a book? It stands to reason that if the sport's demise was so bad the sport entirely died that no one much cared about it. So who would read about it now that it was dead and gone?
  • RIP in one long post
    If you wade through the personal slings you do find some kernels of truth in the muck of comments posted. Truth is the Hulman family has been seriously considering selling IMS as far back as when TH took it over in '96. Lil' Tony swears he can make more $$ for family then proceeds to run through most of Hulman's rainy day billion, family cans Tony, Ropin' Randy brought in to salvage (and hopefully build) whatever value's left in IRL series after Tony's pillage & plunder campaign.

    Hulman family sees end to national popularity of racing on horizon (but Tony wouldn't listen). Only viable racing series will be global appeal/marketability of Formula One, which will grow by leaps once Bernie assumes room temperature.

    Economic spiral speeds up itch by Hulmans to sell the IMS and the property. Cut their losses after 62 years of rampant profits.

    New owners possible with a plethora of scenarios possible for IMS - from total re-development of property to multi-series racing venue.

    Public purposely kept in dark, all negotiations hush-hush and back room. Enquiring minds continue to put forth outrageous explanations and I have a cousin - who has a boyfriend - whose step mother knows a barber in Terre Haute insider stories.

    Yeah, that sounds about right.
  • Burl is Full of Hurl
    The Speedway may or may not be for sale. We don't know. But my guess is the Indy 500 is around for a long time to come.
  • Is it or isn't it?
    The one thing I have heard around town over the past year or so is the sisters want out. That seems to be common knowledge around the various places in town where you will find racing talk. TG left town. All these staffers over there are leaving too. It does make one wonder. If it is for sale, then it would have to be sold quickly. Sports properties, in general, are losing pretty relevant value even in the popular sports. Look at Jerry's situation in Dallas. I wouldn't be surprised if he booked Pop Warner games to generate some ROI. It can't be much different for IMS. Times are lean. Be interesting to see if it is, indeed going on the selling block. If so, that is major news.
  • Burl, i will tell you this, why exactly are we supposed to believe that you somehow have the direct line to the inner sanctum of the Hulman Family when no one else seems to, and now a publishing company in New York knows enough to spend money on an advance, but again, no national press has figured it out?

    oh and you know that there are developers willing to spend 100's of millions to buy 600 acres for a "mixed use" development but again, no one else knows this?

    Really? You are sticking to that?
  • HA! Value...
    There is no value now, that's why it's being rebuilt with CART-like strength. IRL stunk so bad they had to get rid of it's name and rely on a CART branding called "IndyCar" to survive. PATHETIC.

    I say, what value can be gleened from 2011, the lame duck IRL season? Sell after the 500 is over with the faux build up promises in 2012.

    And just think....it's on Versus for the next 8 years!! WooT!
  • Chief, you are stuck in a delusional world. What strength does a series that bilked thousands out of their investments and went bankrupt twice have?

    You do realize Indycar is an IMS property, that cart tried to use illegally after the split and a court had to intervene to get them to stop using it. You need to get off the loopy juice and join reality.

    On another note, cool stamp the USPS is issuing to honor the centenial. Second time the Wasp has been on a stamp. So when do they issue the cart stamp?
  • reality
    Indy was at it's pinnacle during the CART years. Only the moronic decision to start the IRL wasted the lofty heights attained by the speedway due to CART's influence.

    A strong series feeds a strong centerpiece race. The IRL (and current IzoD abomination) haven't and can't do that for the 500. FACT.

    There will be no CART stamp, and the fact it's dead has no bearing on the speedway after the IRL was hatched. So, keep using the the only rusty broken tool in your barren shed.

    The series that supposedly bilked investors was run by it's owners which then took the investors money and use it in the IRL. Another fruitless point you constantly supply. So, you and the series you support are direct benefactors of the supposed swindling. But, the joke is YOU were the one's swindled by TONY GEORGE, which you willingly continually contribute to. HYPOCRITES.
  • Some Kids Never Learn
    Actually, Indy was at its pinnacle, IMHO, between 1961 and 1973. Those of us who are old (and mature) enough to have lived through several evolutionary periods actually understand this. That is when the non-race day crowds were the largest...when speed records were being broken...when technologies were evolving rapidly...when there was little competition from other sports and communications choices such as a 500+ channel universe, high speed Internet, etc.

    cart-centric idiot crybabies still pontificating about their own self-perceived greatness of that twice-bankrupt cancer to the sport look increasingly foolish with the passage of time. My heartfelt advice? Grow up.

    There will probably always be ill-fated mutiny attempts by arrogant buffoons. Heck, there was one in '47 just one year after Tony Hulman rescued the place from becoming a bigger version of Eagledale.

    I say enjoy what we have and watch the next iteration of evolution. I have not seen a bad one yet, and I have been watching in person since 1959.
  • Actually it was cart that was at its zenith while it ran at Indy. Amazing as soon as Indy was pulled out of the mix, cart began its fall. "AJ did not make Indy, Indy made AJ"...and Penske, and Unsers, and Andrettis and Danica, and Helio and Donahue and Parnelli and Sachs and Gurney and on and on.

    I know many people who would argue that the peak for open wheel was the 50's and 60's. Converting from front engine to rear engine. The large number of odd type cars. Diesels, turbines, Offy's etc... The fact that drivers could and would run dirt races the night before, hose down the car, change the tires and run them at Indy.

    That was also the hey day of the celebrity at Indy. "A" listers like Clark Gable, Barbara Stanwyck, Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Ed Sullivan, Tony Curtis, Paul Newman, Jimmy Stewart, James Garner and Kirk Douglas etc...

    Recent celebs like Mark Wahlberg and Jack Nicholson are getting us more back to that time.

    But to claim that the 90's were the zenith is very arguable.

    But I thought that cart was the golden series. The series that you adored and longed for. All of a sudden you are now not such a huge fan? Using your logic, Tony George is gone, " So, keep using the the only rusty broken tool in your barren shed."

    You are funny to watch. Get in a trap, then you pretend the trap is not there and you go on to a different subject. Like a mouse in a maze although the mouse eventually finds the cheese, I am not sure you know what the cheese looks like anymore.

  • Speedway missed again?
    Fred is leaving his PR spot. Just saw where the Pacers hired Eddie White in corporate PR. I hear he's really good. Why didn't IndyCar get him first? God knows they have needed PR and promotion for years.
  • Laughable
    There is no trap. The present day IRl can't reinvent the CART series fast enough. Yet you too protuberances won't touch your own points about CART IPO dollars being used in the IRL. Trap? Yeah, you guys never will admit you ate your foot off trying to get out of your 'self' perceived trap.

    2011 is lame duck. So is the 'centennial'. Stillborn on the Hulman George watch. great job fellas supporting the AOW terroristic endevors of the gang that couldn't shoot straight, the IRL/Speedway/500.
  • Nursery School Must Be Out For The Holidays
    Chief, you kids have been predicting the same exact doomsday scenario in each of the past fifteen years. In those years the only series that has gone out of business is cart. Twice. Do you have any inkling whatsoever about how utterly stupid the handful of you still whining like that appear to adults?

    How in the world do you manage to foist that nonsense in a thread about Fred Nation running for mayor of Terre Haute?

    You kids amaze me. You're just so darned cute.
  • Senile Old Farts
    Seriously, gramps, move along. Innovation left the speedway in 1996.

    Indy 2011 is for stodgy old fools reluctant to move forward. No body cares about the centennial or the past. Frankly, neither does the Speedway or the Hulman's.

    Burl, the sale couldn't come quick enough. Fred Nation, run Terre Haute into the ground, sir.
  • So which is it Chief, the series is done in 2011 or going to be around for many years to come? You have said both. Of course you seem like the type that likes to hitch your wagon to whomever is posting. In this case Burl is the recipient of your support. Of course Burl is lost in never never land.

    But I guess if my life revolved around waiting for an apology from IMS to make my life whole, I guess I would be reaching out to any lifeline I can find.

    Indy is here for my lifetime and my childrens. The recent signing of engine manufacturers and new sponsors shows that.

    Cart IPO money was long gone before any of the cart owners came over. They went through it like a kid unwrapping presents. Don't believe me, check the financials of your favorite series. It bled red ink in buckets. I guess buying infomercial time is not cheap.
  • A historical site for your children, WindyMan
    That is what you will find in the new development. There will be infrastructure left in place in a sort of "town square" they have planned and a small museum inside it for the curious and nostalgic. At least that is the existing plan I saw. It could come down to the other thing bandied about this past summer: A simple, historical plaque. But the fact remains, whatever type of development goes in or, in fact, if the place somehow, miraculously, remains a race track, the sisters are selling and they have a buyer. That is solid word in particular Indy circles and I am only passing on what I have heard from very reputable people. Sooner than later, this will get out into the mainstream media. Chief is right, the Centennial mean nothing to all but a small time collection of Gomeratti. So why the sisters are willing to wait is a bit odd. Too few care and the race will not be selling out. Ask anyone over there, tickets sales are sluggish and there is not much optimism. The 100th Anniversary Indy 500 appears to be a loud out. It is not looking good.
  • Get real then get real.
    Burl, come on, your full of sludge. Chief, CART wrecked the sport, the IRL hasn't fixed it. End of story.

    Here is the one truth in this whole blog we have been reading: The sport is just not popular anymore. At all. so that is one thing I agree with Burl on. The rest is smudge pot. But the fellow has it right. You just don't see or hear people talking about Indy Car racing anymore outside the racing forums, blogs, etcetera...People just seem to have moved on. When I was a young 'un, hanging around the Speedway in the 70's and thereabout, even non-racing fans took an interest every May. It was exciting around here. Last May I was amazed at how little interest there was during the month. It was a complete 180 from the days of old. Like a shopping mall on a Tuesday afternoon. A few here and there, but quiet, and lazy. You asked, where did all the people go? They came out for the race last May, but I saw a lot of empty seats and overall lethargy from the crowd. Just seems like the race has lost its luster, the old girl. It isn't the same. Maybe there have been too many Indy 500's now and it finally has run its course. I guess we'll see. But I doubt Burl's story. Seems to big of a deal to get out into the ears of a guy like that and not the local media. But one thing for sure: It just sure seems like the Indy 500 is a thing of yesterday. Hope I am wrong. Been there every year since 1976 when my grandpa was crewing for Bob Harkey. Back then and well into the 80's and early 90's, it was HUGE. Not anymore. You hardly even hear people talking racing in the month of May just down the street.
  • It's A New track Record
    Food for thought: The critics who portend doom for the great race have been wrong exactly 100% of the time.

    Where is their apology for that stellar track record?
  • ok, lets keep up with Burl. Previously we heard that his inside connections had told him that the place is being sold for a "mixed use development" and that it will be around for a couple of years at most. But no press had heard even a whisper of this.

    Then we heard that his relative was being paid an advance to write a book about the demise of the speedway and the future "mixed use development" but again no press had heard about this.

    Now he has seen the design and it shows a small museum (I suppose they are tearing the old one down?) or a plaque and they are reusing the infrastructure. I guess the pagoda could be a Macys, some of the stands could be used for a football stadium, the garages could be where the rich park and there would be plenty of snack bars and bathrooms for the residents and shoppers.

    Burl of course begins to hedge his bet with "if the place somehow, miraculously, remains a race track,". Classic. As usual, the hater patrol makes up stories and then has to begin to back track.

    And poor Chief took it hook line and sinker. Now he will have to pretend like he knew it was a story all along. Or more likely he will just ignore it which is what he usually does when shown to be wrong.

  • BlahBlah
    Fred can't win due to his ties to the IRL. FACT. IRL is an albatross.

    You guys refuse to acknowledge it.
  • Fred For Mayor
    Didn't some of you opine that's why they changed the official name of the venture from 'Indy Racing League' (or 'IRL') to the 'IZOD IndyCar Series?'

    I am also having a difficult time understanding how the voters of Terre Haute, Indiana might hold Fred's employment by Hulman & Company at IMS against him. Aren't people in Terre Haute considered, as you children so lovingly and maturely refer to many, 'gomers' as well?

    Son, when you find yourself in a hole it is best to stop digging.
    • Again, we see how lost Chief and his friends are. They blindly agree with each other hoping one of them actually knows what they are talking about. So far, they have all sorely disappointed each other.

      In this case, Chief missed big time. There is a reason most of Terre Haute has Hulman in its name. Rose-Hulman, Hulman Field, Hulman Street, St. Benedicts Cathedral (affectionatly called St. Hulmans), The Hulman Center Arena, Hulman Memorial Union, WTHI, First National Bank, Buildings and endowments at ISU and St Mary of the Woods College and not to mention Hulman & Co, makers of Clabber Girl and other household names.

      Fred will have no problem being elected. Terre Haute knows what makes them tick and it begins and ends with Hulman.

      Still waiting for the haters to realize having two Indy cars on stamps is a heck of an acheivement. I am betting no business has had that kind of success. You do not get your name or product on a stamp is no one cares about you. How many stamps has NASCAR had?
    • Defenseless has no street cred
      All you have to do is go over to Smackforum and see what a low-life, wannabee Defenseless is. WindyMan is pretty full of stinkpile too. But Defenseless...now there is a dime a dozen right thar. I have reached the absolute conclusion that you two are not to be taken seriously whereas my posts come from informed background and I am a nationwide businessman with plenty of contacts that are loosely associated with racing. It is enough to piece together a pretty clear picture, sometimes a little to the left, a little to the right, sometimes spot-on, sometimes not so much, but in the end the picture is fairly accurate. What we have with these two Donald's are superfan gomertons and not a dang 'ol thang more. It clearly bothers the two of them their sport is in grave descent and their treasured Indy 500 may be no more. Junkyard Donald's. I love it. Teh stand at IMS are full of these old relics. Too bad those stands are coming down, leaving these fierce warriors to Steak & Shakes on Tuesday nights where they can talk about old Bump Day dramatics, discuss the merits of Jerry Grant almost winning the "500", lie about their Snakepit exploits, and cry for Mario with Robin Miller and Trackforum gomeratti.
    • Fred IS the Minister of Mis-Information
      Sure, Terre Haute needs a slick city-boy talker like Fred Nation. He's been the mouthpiece of the IRL for a while now, all the coverup's and shenanigans of Tony George's successful destruction of AOW...well, Fred orchestrated it.

      So, Fred Nation put's on his resume what:

      1. Helped orchestrate the greatest crime of the century: The creation of the IRL and the subsequent destruction of the Indy 500 and AOW racing.


      2. Led the coverup of Tony George's failed venture into the leadership of Indy and AOW.

      Was Fred successful? I reckon so...in an 'accessory to a crime' kind of way. In that sense he was the nuts. Just the kind of material politico's are made of. Terre Haute should be proud.
    • Not to be taken seriously? Oh now that hurts. I mean I post my facts and have a pretty fair record of correct predictions. Predicted a new engine manfacturer for 2012 and we got two. Predicted one would be Italian and it was. Still thinking we will see another Italian or French in 2013-14.

      You on the other hand do not post any sources so we have to take the word of an anonymous poster as truth. A poster who has not gotten much right on predictions and is even down playing his latest one.

      Forgive me if I do not believe every word you say. But look at it this way. I could say Indy will get a major blizzard within 2 years. I know this for a fact and have it on the utmost authority it will happen. Do you believe me?

      That is what you are asking us to believe, that you have insider info, which you have never shown any ability to have, that your relative got an advance to write a book about it, and no one in the press has knowledge of it? Really?
    • Yessum
      That would be a really.
    • Defender of Rational Thought
      The childish critics of the IZOD IndyCar Series have been 100% incorrect in their consistently dire predictions for both IndyCar and IMS. Why/how is their latest blog forum troll any different?

      Answer: It's not.
    • I told the guy in the next office over what you claimed and he nearly spewed sprite out his nose. He thought that it was funny that the only people who know about this is a guy posting about it on an internet forum and a publishing house in New York.

      He nearly doubled over when I told him someone was buying the track to turn into a "mixed use development". He wanted to know if the new snakepit would be the redlight district for this new "mixed use development".
    • Not good Windyman
      Not good at all. Clearly you don't understand even the basics of this situation based on your latest post. Not good at all. It is clear to me now, you and Defenseless are poser gommeratti. You cannot be taken seriously and, in fact, there is some humor in the fact you are clearly bothered by this unfolding development. I can tell you know it is true. And it should be noted, multiple parties are aware of the sale. Gag contracts have been signed. The book deal is an advance to tell the story and they wanted someone other than some hack like Miller or Special Ed Hinton. Got it? No go back to readying for you final 500's.
    • Truth is
      I made the whole thing up. Dragged you gullible gomers through the Snakepit muck. Too funny. At any rate, I wuit this blog and this dumb sport. It sucks. Later...
    • Burl I had you pegged from the start. Go back and check. It was funny that you thought you could fool anyone.

    • Let's Pat The Kids On The Head Before Beddie Bye
      Cute use of buzzwords, though.
    • Hey Anthony
      Where the he'll is my new grade? Don't be a coward.....you know it's an A now just do you little recap and tell me how great I am.

      Chief, happy new year and I wish you nothing but the best this year.
    • New Year
      Thanks Ropin'! Same to you...

      By the way, can you send over the financial information for year 2010? Just want to confirm that IRL continued it's losing ways with a financial year in the red again. $750+ million for a series that can't get a TV rating over 0.30 or and Indy broadcast at lowest levels in history certainly are thing to celebrate.
    • bummer for chief, with Burl leaving us, he has lost one of his sources of info. Should be interesting to see how he handles it.
    • Easy To Taunt. Not So Easy To Prove.
      "By the way, can you send over the financial information for year 2010? Just want to confirm that IRL continued it's losing ways with a financial year in the red again."

      The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Corporation and the IZOD IndyCar Series are privately held entities that do not share financial data with outside folks. Randy Bernard and the Hulman-George family have publicly indicated 2010 showed a slight profit for the IZOD Indy Car Series, which now has no debt.

      "$750+ million for a series that can't get a TV rating over 0.30 or and Indy broadcast at lowest levels in history certainly are thing to celebrate."

      Luckily, only idiots on the Internet treat 12+ Nielsen numbers as if they mean anything. The IZOD IndyCar Series experienced a 40% increase in the numbers for key target demographics. That is impressive considering the television landscape is more fragmented than it ever has been, and the fact that more entertainment options and delivery methods exist than at any other time in history. Quite impressive indeed.

      I also patiently await you or someone else to give me an accounting of IMS/IndyCar revenue versus expenses since 1996. All I ever hear is what you believe the numbers to be, but I never read any sort of accounting, as I have repeatedly asked. When will you do that? You know, in the interest of credibility?
    • Credibilty
      When you use CART attendance numbers to justify your IZOD Indycar street racing ventures you...SUCK. Disprove that frumpy-hanging-out-with-your-80-year-old-momma's boy.

      You got NOTHING. NOTHING. Blue socks anyone?
      • We have a racing series that is gaining momentum. I am excited to see how the next couple of years work out. What do you have? Sad to see your hatred of the IRL got you sucked into Burl's scam. At least he got smart and realized he was wasting his time hating on a racing series he did not care about.
      • Mental Illness is Treatable
        "When you use cart attendance numbers to justify your IZOD Indycar street racing ventures you...SUCK. Disprove that frumpy-hanging-out-with-your-80-year-old-momma's boy. You got NOTHING. NOTHING. Blue socks anyone?"

        What on God's green earth are you prattling on about now? Could you hold the ADD at bay for a few seconds and answer some of the previously posed questions instead of rambling on incoherently about one completely unrelated topic after another? All we seek is intelligent, mature dialog with adults. I do not believe that is too much to ask.

        Good luck to Mr. Nation on his mayoral bid.
      • Is the "500" treatable?
        Burl's information was always dubious. Chief seems out to lunch. But there is no denying the fact the good old Indianapolis 500, a race I have attended every year since Parnelli won it, is is some sort of state of decline. I base that on my observations from the past three or four races where it was obvious to me the crowd was smaller and thee was much more space to spread out. The concession lines ae a good indicator too. They were small. Here is what I suggest: Take out about 50,000 seats. Maybe 75,000. It will still be a huge event and the world's most noteworthy automobile race if unparralled prestige. But maybe the days of sell-out crowds of 200,000 plus are over. It is true that auto racing is in a decline in terms of popularity. But that doesn not mean the Indy 500 cannot sustain as a huge event attended by say, 140 to 150, maybe 160,000 people. Heck, maybe 180,000. More realistic, I think, as time rolls on. But no, the "500" is not going anyhwere. It's epic.
      • We Got This One Up to 100 Too.
        Meanwhile, back on topic, Fred Nation will make a good mayor in Terre Haute.
      • It's a Fred Nation
        Defender is right. He'll do fine. But here we are on Fred Nation again. What about the fact auto racing is not hip with the kids? NASCAR is considered square and Indy Cars are not even in their vocabulary. Will that hurt the great Indy 500? I say, yes. Unless, big things happen that generate out of the norm interest. And that does not mean gimmick to make the sport seem hip and cool. The driver's don't pull that off well. It seems horribly contrived and the kids see right past that. Who cares if Tony Kannan jet ski's? So do I. So does my neighbor. Who cares if Ryan Briscoe has a young, pretty wife and wears cool shades. So do I. So do lots of guys. You don't have to be a rich race car driver to have a pretty girl and cool shades. Kids see right past all this. So the positioning of the sport this way falls on deaf ears and has the side-effect of insulting intelligent adults who just want to see good, fast, racing. So that si what they need to do: Concentrate on the good, fast, racing. I agree with Randy. Turn 'em loose and let's see some 239's, 240's. It is all about the speed. And no more gimmick drivers which, yes, means no moe chicks. Sorry. It's a man's sport. Nards out, death-defying. The Indy 500 is not a United Nation's Powder Puff Derby and that is how it comes off to the casual observer. Real men in fast cars. That's the Indy 500. Make it so. See you in May.
      • Chief IS out to lunch
        But my assessment of the failures, blunders and general malaise of the IRL are not.
      • But what about Matos?
        But if the piloto Matos is not with speedy chariot for the series and is, in fact, absent the competitions, will the fans cease to attend? Was he not a reason for the purchase of tickets, this very fast showman? Yet I read there is lack of optimism for his continuance in the series as the clumsy Kannan has made the opportunity as a replacement. Without the mighty Matos, can the weight be held by Meira, Baguette, Beatriz, and the young spoiled boy who is somewhat of lacking "cool" Mr. Hildebrand to draw the cheering masses to the competitions. No? Perhaps Mr. Kannan will assist by making fool of himself as he does. This is entertainment. The series has nto been of same since the rapid departure of Jeff Simmons truth be stated. It was also of harm to lose Jeret Schroeder and Didier Andre but this is long ago and there is no explanation of excuse. Perhaps, the departure of this fan favorite, the talented Matos and the draw of his nature that so entertained, will be of dire consequence for the series and the Indy 500, after all, will be a Matos-less shell. Ask Vitor what he thinks, buddy.
      • Matos came from Indy feeders too
        I guess it's a failure...Matos is Brazilian and a former Indy racing ladder series standout. Today's IRL is about money and connections. Not about preserving history or Indy in general.

        Buddy Rice can't get a seat but Tony Kanaan can. Indy 500 wins no longer mean anything.
      • Blowout
        And now there is new reporting of the great manufacturer of racing tire, Firestone, planning their departure. This tire manufacturer of such heritage at the most important speed competition, Indy 500, is planning to leave soon. They appear unhappy. Could it be they are disappointed the heralded Matos now without chariot is a poor indicator of future when the clumsy Kannan is given ample opportunity to continue the bending of chariot during the competitions? Was not the addition of the star campaigner Hildebrand of no interest to these tire bosses? This is discouraging news for the advancement of the competitions and there is loss beyond the race track. This means no more of the friend Al Speyer to engage in discussions of his tires with Mike King as they review the gallant exploits of the championship drivers in exhibition before them. His opining and explanations of rubber was melodious to the ear, no? Is this loss, combined with the sudden discarding of the skilled charger Matos too much? Will those who cheer the roaring autos of such unlikely speed be unhappy with the departure of the Firestone tire? They seem at such unrest, these cheering enthusiasts of this incredible speed thrill. Put that in your pipe and smoke on it, Bro.
      • More Hysteria From The Chief Obsessed Chicken Little
        To give you some more material to feed your obsession I suspect.

        A. What does your all caps question have to do with Fred Nation?
        B. Please point me to a link that clearly states they are leaving after 2011. The parties involved have stated that negotiations continue and that no decision has been made.
        C. Let's assume for a moment that Firestone won't be back for 2012. Is it your opinion that it signals a death knell for the series?
        D. Why aren't the adults panic stricken like the obsessed children?
        E. Why do you keep using the obsolete 'IRL' acronym?

        Please go slowly and answer the questions. I know you have time because your resident forum is currently out of business.
      • Digital Impressions
        I just learned that IZOD's claim of 350% return on investment has NOTHING to do with sales or revenues. They are measuring ROI by DIGITAL IMPRESSIONS from internet web pages(facebook, twitter, and online ads).

        Good lord, 350% percent is MISLEADING as it's not tied to sales revenues vs $$ invested in the series. Even ZAK BROWN is laughing at the claims.

        Maybe FIRESTONE read the bogus information supported by the IRL/IZOD and said enough is enough. REALITY is the IRL/IZOd/Indy is not the investment panacea others claim it is.

        More lies told by the series, it's sponsors and supporters to gain faux interest in the failing series. Just another GIMMICK. And now, FIRESTONE exiting. And OVALS, and legacy, and everything. Burl is RIGHT, it's going down. And where is the MASSIVE sponsorship announcement 12 weeks overdue? Nad, where's the new car chassis and engine? ANd...where's the MASSIVE activation for the centennial? I haven't seen ONE ad about it and there are football games and college basketball and postage stamps up the ying-yang and ZIP-NADA-ZILTCH-BLOTTO. NOTHING. FAILURE, IZOD INDY stylee. Apologists? I want ANSWERS.
      • You Want Answers? So Do I.
        You have failed, once again, to address even simple, basic questions posed. You have just gone off on additional, non-Fred-Nation-related tangents. I know this is futile, but here are a few more questions for the chicken little brigade:

        A. When will IZOD be leaving because you disagree with their satisfaction?

        B. Why is the Firestone's parent company also leaving Formula One? Is that not a 'better' series than IndyCar?

        C. Where is your confirmation Firestone is leaving IndyCar?

        D. What are you planning for January 11 when Randy Bernard gives his state of the IZOD IndyCar Series (not 'IRL') address?
      • Burl-esque
        Was Chief, in his spot-on assesment. I hate to say I told you so....but.....and no, I was only joking with you. I didn't make anything up but you defenseless suckers chomped the hook. Burl is back to state the fact: The IndyCar Series is on life-support for the 2011 Centennial event subsequently upon which time the plug will be pulled. Now that is simply how it is and that IS the plan over at W. 16th and Georgetown. The departure of Firestone, which is planning a gracious exit strategy before announcing, should be obvious to you all. However, instead, the Gomeratti are hashing out whether Cooper, Hoosier, or Yokojokahama ought to be the new "official" tire of the IndyCar Series. I ask, on what IndyCar Series race car do they intend to see them placed on? Because there will be no IndyCar Series car. None. And, no, Fred Nation would not make a fine Mayor for Terre Haute. He wouldn't make a fine Mayor of LegoLand. He's entirely capable, however, of properly managing dinner shift at Steak & Shake if he has a robust Assistant Manager and a solid Cook.
      • Massive Activations
        Where are they?

        Will Ol' Randy bury the hatchet on January 11 and fess up to the failures IMS has created with the creation of the IRL? Will IMS accept FULL responsibility for the mess AOW finds itself in?

        Will the used-car saleman Randy do the impossible, APOLOGIZE for the indiscretions of the speedway? IS he ready to beg for CART fanbase forgiveness?

        Hey, I'm sure the dogs could be called off...but you'd have to drop that speedway arrogance to get the job done....because the centennial era is stinking the world up, and the IRL ain't gonna get to high AOW levels again without inclusionary tactics, the tactics the speedway is good at is exclusionary.
      • WHY would FIRESTONE want to leave?
        When everything is so ROSY in the IRL? Inquiring minds want ANSWERS, not blather about some goofy CARTourettes nonsense, or other IRL pacification.

        What is the truth? Are not FIRESTONE seeing the SAME 350% ROI that IZOD is? Why?

        (because the IZOD numbers are lies and out of context). It's that simple.
      • ...they'll Drag You Down To Their Level Then Beat You With Experience
        That popular saying about interacting with idiots comes immediately to mind.

        I believe I'll just let the words and antics of the children speak for themselves. The actual racing fans will simply enjoy a great sport for at least the rest of all our lifetimes.
      • I'm sorry
        I'm sorry
      • Sorry for what?
        Sorry you took the job? Sorry for losing Firestone? Or just sorry in general, as in you are sorry. You're the Golden Boy right now Ropin'. Enjoy the short-lived ride because you signed up for a loser.
      • Burls back. Who didn't see that one coming? Backed into a corner he disappeared, and when the first whiff of bad news he returns trumpeting the sky is falling. Of course with him claiming he had insider info, then made it up...as a joke, who can believe anything he posts.

        As far as Firestone, Indystar posted it is possible. I am not sure I would want to hitch my wagon to a possible report in the same paper that also reported the Pacers were moving to Oklahoma City and the Colts were all but packing for LA.

        If Firestone leaves, I would love to see Hoosier Tire supply to the series. They did well in NASCAR until Goodyear forced them out. They are an Indiana company that produces tires for all level of racing. I think it would be a good fit...if Firestone leaves.

        Noticed everyone overlook the latest million dollar+ sponsor Global Corporate Alliance. They are a a huge insurance broker and should be a good fit for the series.

        But of course to the haters this spells doom.
      • While slagging the Star
        While slagging the FIRESTONE LEAVING IRL article by the Indystar, you glossed over the fact that a quote attributed to Randy Bernard, he expresses doubt as Firestone develops exit strategy....MAN, you Indy bootlickers really don't want see reality. Do ya?

        If this was all a slam dunk they'd be back. See, problems exist in this series that no one wants to see.
      • You glossed over one important fact, the title. "Firestone might not return after 2011". But that is par for you.

        The only Bernard quote in the article is "No doubt, definitely concerned," Which I am sure any league boss would be concerned if a major supplier was talking about "if" they come back. He also was attributed as saying he was concerned if they do not come back. So where did he say he expresses doubt about anything. Come on Chief you are embarrassing yourself with your desperate attempts to read more into and article than is there.
      • Been away....
        but I am still sorry, Stay Thirsty my friends.
      • Las Vagas! WooT!
        Seen this morning that the 2011 season finale for IRL will be at Las Vegas....in a second-fiddle position behind the NASCAR TRUCKS. Wow, how the mighty IRL IZOd series has fallen. From an empty Homestead second-fiddle to a las VegAS second fiddle.

        this series is going places I tells ya!
      • Anyone else guessing Chief has ADD or just lies to dodge? What no response to my exposing of fake quotes?

        Well lets do it again. Chief posts that the irl is second fiddle? Not what I am reading in the Vegas paper. Sounds more like the trucks are the opening act, the warm up act if you will. As the article says, "The truck race -- which is Sept. 25 this year -- has attracted more than 40,000 each of the past few years because of low ticket prices, and nearly all spectators have been Southern Nevadans.

        Adding IndyCars the day after next year's Oct. 15 truck race has potential to be successful and entertaining for fans from around the country and world."

      • watched parts of the Godaddy.com bowl from Mobile. There was a lot of promo for the Grand Prix of Alabama. Danica did a interview during the game and plenty of commercials for it. Looks like Alabama is going all out for the race. May have to make my way down to Dixie for this race.
      • None of this...
        ...dismisses the fact IndyCar Racing is not a popular sport any longer. Said simply, it is dead. Maybe 300,000 people are fans. Seriously, the sport will cease to exist shortly. Be ready. Be very ready for a semi-pro, AIS-type of existence. You know, 2,300 for the Iowa Meet, maybe seven or eight hundred for the Road America Weekend. A "play day" at Phoenix open to the public for free and maybe 500 show up. Old Indy Cars, hobbyists, enthusiasts. Vintage car meet stuff. That'll be your Indy Car fix, quite seriously now k? It's over. Randy was brought in as a "cleaner" to get that 100th deal in. He already knows he will be working elsewhere in 2012-2013 time frame. Like I said, the sport ceases as a professional entity. Why? Nobody cares, that is why. The Indy 500 is an old relic and practically unheard of by a generation. It's done. Vegas is just part of the death gurgle. Why get excited? Wait until you see ALL THOSE EMPTY SEATS!!!!
      • Burl are you still talking? Lets see are you telling the truth or making it up....We just don't know. Sorry, what little credibility you had is long gone....as you should be.
      • Chief
        las Vegas tix extortion or not? If not, we'll see who shows up.
      • Got a Deal
        I just made my travel reservations. I will be at the Wynn.

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      1. I am so impressed that the smoking ban FAILED in Kokomo! I might just move to your Awesome city!

      2. way to much breweries being built in indianapolis. its going to be saturated market, if not already. when is enough, enough??

      3. This house is a reminder of Hamilton County history. Its position near the interstate is significant to remember what Hamilton County was before the SUPERBROKERs, Navients, commercial parks, sprawling vinyl villages, and acres of concrete retail showed up. What's truly Wasteful is not reusing a structure that could still be useful. History isn't confined to parks and books.

      4. To compare Connor Prairie or the Zoo to a random old house is a big ridiculous. If it were any where near the level of significance there wouldn't be a major funding gap. Put a big billboard on I-69 funded by the tourism board for people to come visit this old house, and I doubt there would be any takers, since other than age there is no significance whatsoever. Clearly the tax payers of Fishers don't have a significant interest in this project, so PLEASE DON'T USE OUR VALUABLE MONEY. Government money is finite and needs to be utilized for the most efficient and productive purposes. This is far from that.

      5. I only tried it 2x and didn't think much of it both times. With the new apts plus a couple other of new developments on Guilford, I am surprised it didn't get more business. Plus you have a couple of subdivisions across the street from it. I hope Upland can keep it going. Good beer and food plus a neat environment and outdoor seating.