Centennial Indy 500 pace car expected to bring high price at auction

January 21, 2011
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An orange-and-white Chevrolet Camaro convertible unveiled Thursday at the Barrett-Jackson collector car auctions in Scottsdale, Ariz., is creating quite a stir.

The car, which will go on sale Saturday, is no ordinary muscle car. The hot rod will be a carbon copy of this year’s Indianapolis 500 festival committee and pace cars.

Barrett-Jackson officials expect the bidding for the car to be extra competitive and the sale price to be high—likely into the six-figure range.

But there may be more to the expected high price tag than just the car itself. The winning bidder will get to lead a parade lap of IndyCars around the track just before this year’s Indianapolis 500. The fact that’s this year marks the race’s centennial has ratcheted up interest in the car, auction officials said.

The auctioning of the car will be televised on SpeedTV between 9 p.m. and 11 p.m. Saturday.

The car itself is quite a catch. It will be one of the first modern Camaro convertibles built and will be equipped with a 400-horsepower V8 engine and 6-speed transmission.

Delivery of the car will take place at the Speedway before the race.

Proceeds from the sale of the Camaro pace car will go to the David Foster Foundation, a charity that supports families with children who need organ transplants.

  • Priceless!
    Considering it is the last or perhaps, at best, second to last Official Pace Car of the once and mighty Indianapolis 500, this car will be a must have. The value skyrockets even more if the May 2011 race is in fact, the last Indy 500 as it is quite possibly going to be. If, in fact, it turns out to be the penultimate 500, then the car has lesser value but is still worthy of bidding. Great side story for the "end days" of the Indy 500 and IMS. But wait until you see the bidding for IMS infrastructure as it comes on line during tear down. Wow! I have heard a single original paving brick may fetch upwards of $500.
  • Geez.....
    Burl.....you could have just said, "Nice Car". We didn't need to read your moronic editorials.
  • LOL
    Burl never disappoints.
  • Have to disagree with you Crock. Burl had to post that rant. He has been telling us for months how there is no interest in Indycar or the 500 outside of Indy and how no one cares about the centenial even though major corporations are throwing their marketing muscle into promoting their products as part of it.

    So to have major interest in one of the biggest car auctions in the world with a stock civilian pace car you or I could buy after the race for under $40,000 may go for more than 6 figures totally undermines his arguement. So into his creative memory banks he goes to pull out his latest nugget. Remember, this is the guy who thought he could get people to believe IMS was being bought for "mixed use" development. When only Chief drank the Flavor Aid, he pretended like he was joking and was off these boards. Well we see where that went.

    Burl had no choice but to try to find some reason why his theory was not working. Kind of like how global warming became climate change when people realized we are no longer warming.
  • Here's some Flavor Aid for YOU
    We've got a captive SPORTS audience this weekend with BEAR/PACKERS and JETS/STEELERS. BOTH games are expected to receive 28+ NATIONAL ratings.

    Will "The Most Important Race in History" FAIL to be advertised to this MASSIVE audience? IMS likes to make waves...small ones....so I expect NOTHING in terms of a NATIONAL advertisement.

    TYPICAL of them to miss an opportunity. How can we rebuild the sport when it's being run by the bunch of bait and switch artists at 16th and Georgetown? LOSERS. PROVE me WRONG IMS....
  • woah
    The comments here are a lot more entertaining to read than the property lines posters!
  • Well lets see, the NFC game is on Fox and the AFC game is on CBS. Since the race is on ABC, I doubt they will advertise for it. Traditionally not something that is done.

    But Indy has been getting some good national publicity and was featured on Good Morning America talking about the IRL drivers USO trip to Europe and Southwest Asia.

    Of course you have been proven wrong many times on this blog. I figured you would be tired of it.
  • Proving me wrong
    That would mean the IMS would place national ads during the football games. The "Most Important Race in History" transcends TV networks. This is the centennial...Indy is a national treasure. You know, they make postage stamps about it and take 'em out of there on stretchers, remember?
  • Word out of Baltimore
    No one wants to be title sponsor....Indycar might not be worth the investment.


  • I am not sure IMS has ever bought advertising like that, and not sure they need to. I am not really sure how this is an issue....well I guess in your world of trying to ignore the big successes by creating issues that don't exist, that is all you have.


    You missed some other parts of the story. "Organizers estimate the three-day racing festival, which is to include concerts, children's events and several races, will draw up to 100,000 visitors to the city.

    They say the race will be worth $70 million to the local economy â?? nearly twice as much as the IndyCar series' oldest contest in Long Beach, Calif. Davidson said organizers included the economic gains to surrounding counties in their estimate."

  • Baltimore Chop
    One and done. That's how this stinkpile will turn out. Again. NOBODY cares. 100,000 visitors is laughable. This series matters to no more than 300,000 across the entire nation let alone 100,000 form Maryland and vicinity, which is a rediculous assertion in the first place. Over the 3-day they may, and I say "may" get that many in total, but my guess is this race features many a fan disguised as aluminum. Lost in all of this is the fact it takes "children's events" and "concerts" to draw people in, as opposed to just good racing. It takes all manner of extemporaneous activity to draw potential viewers of the rent a ride race on Sunday. How about a pie-eating contest and a dunk tank? Maybe a horseshoe thowing contest and a 5K? The IndyCar Izod Series League thingy just sucks. Face it, Windy. NOBODY gives a dunk.
    • Lets see sources much more believable than you tell us that Izod has achieved large returns on their investment, that Chevy and Lotus feel it is worth investing millions and that a $40,000 auto is expected to go for 6 figures at one of the premier car auctions soley because it allows the winner to pace a lap at the race you claim no one cares about.

      Can you see how hard it is to believe an admitted liar when believable sources contradict you?
    • Plus, Burl Has Selling And Grammar Challenges
      Looks like the pace car drew $225,000 from some disinterested fan.
    • Watched PBR last nite
      Yep, I watched Randy's Professional Bull Riders from Anaheim. Sorry, It's not for me. Monster trucks are more fun...and that includes the carbon monoxide poisoning. I see similarities between the IRL and PBR. All huff, no puff.

      NOW, I read today that FIRESTONE wants out of IRL/IzoDcar because it's getting 1/10 the return on it's investment. WHAT GOING ON HERE? Isn't the series touting 350% ROI for everyone! Why would FIRESTONE not be getting ROI from IRL? I know why....because REAL money is being spent by FIRESTONE. And that has netted NO ROI from the IRL. Same reason no one wants to sponsor the IRL in Baltimore, and the hapless IMS won't do a REAL ma$$IVE ad campaign nation wide.

      Because? It won't net any ROI. IRL/IzoD car is SMALL taters...massive activations my arse.
    • Looks Like The Sky is Still Falling
      "Yep, I watched Randy's Professional Bull Riders from Anaheim. Sorry, It's not for me. Monster trucks are more fun...and that includes the carbon monoxide poisoning. I see similarities between the INDYCAR Series and PBR. All huff, no puff."

      Once again you are, obviously, factually incorrect. It does not really matter whether you like the PBR or not. It is not my cup of tea either. Rational thinking people cannot in any way deny the popularity of that enterprise, largely because of Randy Bernard. I still believe he is the right man for the INDYCAR job after decades of mismanagement. Chief, stupidity for the sake of stupidity is typical of your kind, but at least try using your brain.

      "NOW, I read today that FIRESTONE wants out of INDYCAR because it's getting 1/10 the return on it's investment. WHAT GOING ON HERE?"

      Oddly, I cannot find that story. Would you be so kind as to provide some direction in finding it? You must have some type of alert, as any dedicated, obsessed fan would.

      "Isn't the series touting 350% ROI for everyone!"

      No. IZOD is touting a 350% return on its investment in the series,

      "Why would FIRESTONE not be getting ROI from INDYCAR? I know why....because REAL money is being spent by FIRESTONE. And that has netted NO ROI from the IRL."

      You're a regular Warren Buffett, aren't you? Firestone subsidizes teams and derives marketing benefits from their participation and exclusivity. Firestone's current issues are, in fact, more the result of corporate problems in the marketplace. I remain optimistic the Firestone situation will have a positive outcome. Students of the history of the sport understand that Firestone (and others) have come and gone with some regularity. I see no reason for your chicken little-like panic.

      "Same reason no one wants to sponsor INDYCAR in Baltimore, and the hapless IMS won't do a REAL ma$$IVE ad campaign nation wide."

      Actually, the list of participating sponsors in Baltimore is growing. Sponsor spend in INDYCAR more than doubled in 2010 to over $80 million. Again, no reason to push any panic buttons.

      "Because? It won't net any ROI. INDYCAR is SMALL taters...massive activations my arse."

      I feel considerably more comfortable in the spending habits of professionals than lending any credence to the squawking of INDYCAR-obsessed children. Your constant discussion of it is actually proof of its popularity. Keep up the good work.

      Oh, and a winning bid of $225K for the pace car is also impressive.
    • Laguna Seca is worth double
      I'm all for rasing money for worth charity and all, and I think it's to be commended. But, if Defender wants to use the price paid for the pace car as a bellweather for the .1RL and the 500, the fact that the Laguna Seca edition Mustang 302 pulled double what the Indiana 500 pace car with a ride around the track did, would suggest that the track is 2nd or possibly 3rd tier in the minds of people who care about such things.
    • link didn't work right
      See lot # 1296 from page linked above
    • $225 For A New Camaro
      I do not use the sale of a new pace car as a bellweather for the health of any series. I just think it's a nice touch. That auction is geared for car nuts who may or may not be racing fans. My point, for the most part, is poking holes in the abject stupidity of those who continually post criticism but remain more obsessed by it than most actual fans.
    • jim,

      You do realize your apples to oranges comparison, right? The Indy pace car is one of 50 street edition regular camaro convertibles that will be for sale after the race for about $40,000.

      The Ford is one of one, custom made race edition, car. They took a street version of the 302 and stripped it down and souped it up for racing.

      Very much apples and oranges.
    • Who cares?
      Where is the NATIONAL ADS during todays football games TOUTING Chevy and the 500's MASSIVE $225K activation for charity? Yet, another missed opportunity by IMS.

      The pace car sale is MEANINGLESS. Just like the "Most Impoortant Race in History" is. And that claim is supported by Baltimore's lack of a title sponsor, the over-the-top expectations for attendance at Baltimore, the lack of any 500/Centennial advertising and FIRESTONE's lack of ROI, after MANY years of sponsoring the series.

      This Firestone thing is HUGE...they are the only one's that truely advertise the dumb IRL and 500 bull. CYA Firestone, I guess the 500 wasn't worth the effort after all, was it?
    • Apples and Oranges
      Actually Iman, it appears that the Laguna Seca is a production run. I think the only thing 1 off about the auctioned car, is the "unique Grabber Blue paint and black accents".


      "Lighter and Tighter: Laguna Seca Edition

      Additionally, Ford is launching an even more exclusive â??Boss 302 Laguna Secaâ?? model for the harder-core buyer. It ditches the rear seat and some creature comforts while additionally stiffening the body and suspension, and carrying over the aerodynamics package from the Ford Racing Boss 302R almost unchanged.
      The 2012 Mustang Boss 302 and 302 Laguna Seca hit dealerships sometime in 2011 at a price yet to be determined. Figure around $36,000 for the base 302 and upwards of $40,000 for the Laguna Seca."

      So, there's 2 - $40,000.00 cars for auction, and 1 comes with a drive around the "legendary" 500 for the 100th anniversary.
      But strangely, the Laguna Seca sells for double what the .1RL pace car does, with all the extras that come with it...
    • Chief, been through this all with you. Please reread the previous posts and in the future please try to keep up.


      Two things you are missing. Ford bills it as a one of a kind, even if it is just paint job, it is a one off.

      Two, a Laguna Seca is not a $40,000 production car with a unique paint job. They take a production car and turn it into a race car.

      Try again.
    • These Haters Do Not Present Themselves Well
      There is no real reasoning with the ignorant. They seem to enjoy wallowing in their own stupidity. It's been that way for years. I will begin to worry when they simply stop commenting because presumably they atually will have moved on to some other interest.

      By the way, is '.1RL' some type of cutesy hater epithet?
    • intersting article in Autoweek. On top of the announcement that Indy Lights in part of the Mazda ladder series, they posed the comment that they felt that Mazda may announce that they will build Indy engines.

      That would be interesting. I am still thinking we may hear that either one of VW's stable or one of Fiats may announce in the next couple of years.
    • My Prediction came TRUE
      IMS did NOT advertise to the national FOOTBALL audience...not the centennial, nor the 500, nor the IRL or Chevy or Lotus, or Rachels potatoe Chips, or AJ or Mario, or Baltimore or Dario or Danica.

      TOTAL MISS. If this was Battleship you'd be sunk. What kind of idiots are running the IRL these days? Missing out on 30 TV rating for 7 straight hours. GOOD WORK IMS...YOU SUCK.

      IMAN, I was right, my prediction was SPOT ON. AGAIN.
    • Firestone
      Didn't see any Honda, or Firestone ads either that leverage the lack of ROI by being associated with the SPEEDWAY or 500 during the football game.

      Keep diddling around with Facebook 'digital impressions'. Bwahahahhahaha, solid work again by IMS and it's MASSIVE ACTIVATION partners. FAIL.
    • cart Enthusiasts Know Failure First Hand
      Hey, speaking of failure and since you have diverted so far away from the actual topic, what happened to your little friends' hate site...that 'smacked' doohickey? I think it is interesting that every known Indy Car hate site has now failed. Ironic, huh?
    • Burly
      You have the gall to denigrate the IZOD Indy Car Event in Baltimore because of concerts, etc. How about the Super Bowl, the grandaddy of events having a concert with the BLack Eyed Peas....Huh???

      C'mon man, your schtick is getting so old. Blather on, Mr. Bloviator and say nothing while you're at it.......

      Everyone knows it is common for a jajor event to have multiple types of entertainment especially at an event that becomes a "festival". This goes on over the world, but then I suppose you wouldn't understand (really much of anything).
    • Mustang/Camaro
      Add this to the equation. The Mustang is hugely popular, the Camaro, just popular. Ford is becoming the great American car company. Many GM fans have cooled off or abandoned the brand after it became Government Motors, hence the less popular success of the Camaro.
    • Buyer of Ride
      How is it Windyman, Defenseless, Berwick Girl, that two-thirds of the Izod League Car Series Indy thingy drivers are unheard of buyer of the ride? Jingle to mingle. Cash to crash. Chicks, Euros, daddy's boys, Brazilians and Hideki's. The real Mickey Mouse Club. They ought to have the driver's do a little coreographed dance on the front stretch before the race, led by Helio of course, and maybe group sing "Back Home Again In Indiana" in colorful outfits, festooned in hattery. Showtime baby! The girl drivers could twirl sticks in go-go boots.
    • MEGA Ratings MISSED and other TOPIC diversions
      Why is the sale of the 1st 2011 Chevy Camaro pace car such a big deal?

      Why isn't the FAILURES of IMS to effectively market the series and the centennial a TOPIC you choose to comment on?

      Defender and IMan are paid IMS lackeys and their utterings are null and void.
    • Haters
      The chief, burl, and the diminishing horde of haters - you have no points worthy of anything but the dung heap. You harp on the same, tired rants. You make up things as fact, you don't pay attention, you spend time and energy on drivel, you basicly have no lives, you will not respond honestly and openly to points made by the writer or intelligent responders, and the rest of us wonder "why do you waste your energy spewing hate insteading of just moving on with your lives and find something positive to focus upon?"

    • Intellegent responders?
      Like Defender? Or IMan? They only desire to deflect.

      What did Indy/Centennial/IRL get out of this car auction? Tell me what the value was?

      What value was LOST by not running a 30 sec clip (either by the Speedway or it's marketing partners leveraging Indy with their product) during this years football playoff or the college BCS playoffs?

      There are my points...why aren't you INDY business types OUTRAGED? I say it's because Indy is nothing but small potatoes and could market their way out of a wet paper bag.

      Yet, the topic will be diverted into personal slams and mockery. Intellegent responders. Hmmmmmm....
    • Clueless As Usual
      Calm down little boy. Adults in the media business carefully target marketing efforts. Buying :30 spots on a scattershot basis costs a lot of money. A smarter approach (there are several), for example, might be a direct response-kind of blitz nationwide on demo-friendly cable channels and in local television markets of emphasis. The idea of being outraged about INDYCAR not buying :30 spots on big games is almost as simplistic as lending credence to 12+ Nielsen numbers.

      The manner in which television ad sales works is much more complex than your obviously limited intellect can process.

      But I remain happy and willing to assist in your obvious interest.
    • Defender has it wrong.
      I don't have a dog in this fight with Indyman, Chief, Burl, Defender etcetera. But his latest post confirms for me, at least, he has no idea what he writes about.

      Since I am in this profession, and have been since 1987, I can assure all who read this blog, his suggested approach is the very thing that contributed to this series' tremendous decline in viewership and awareness.

      Honestly, Defender, you are entirely wrong and completely ignorant of the matter. You are most certainly not an ear to the ground guy and I despair this is what passes for effort out of W. 16th and Georgetown. If so, I am not optimistic for the future. You are so far off the mark, Defender, as to lose any relevance or credibility with your posts.

      I chagrin to mark the scorecard, Defender, but the check mark goes into Chief's win column on this one. As for Burl, amazingly, he has his ear to the ground on the State of the sport, if you will. He is close to the mark on what is really happening. It does not look good for Defender or Windyman from this vantage point. Not at all. And please refrain from childish insults, Defender. It makes you appear to be a mere fan.
    • Here Look, Another Incarnation
      Digest this:

      -You lost me when you claimed 'Burl' knows what he is talking about.
      -Since you have thirty years in the TV business, please elaborate on your approach. This ought to be good.
      -Instead of pontificating, offer realistic replies that include solutions.

    • Thats ok, Burl lost my interest when he was rambling on about the Mickey Mouse Club.

      I had to scroll to the top to try to remember what this thread was about.

      Chief, you got me laughing. You are back to Mr. Obvious style predictions again. Here let me help you with some more. The sun will rise again, we will get snow in Indy at least one more time this winter, the team that scores the most points in the Superbowl will win and cart is still dead. I am betting I am dead on with each and every prediction.

      I also did not see ad buys for Daytona, the Kentucky Derby or Major League Baseball. Are you going to let them know they missed an advertising opportunity?

      Watching man v. food Carnivore edition and they prominently featured IMS. In an article about Indy, Adam Richman said he wants to come back in May to do an episode on IMS and the food surrounding it. That is after MvF did a fairly long segment on IMS featuring Kanaan.

    • Bloviating Indy Doofuses
      Hey, goof balls, the 2011 IRL lameduck season starts in 62 days. The centennial event soon thereafter.

      This marketing thrust IMS is undertaking wonderful. Here's a freebie slogan to go with the "Most Impotent Race in History"....

      New IRL/Izodcar slogan: "CRICKETS SELL TICKETS". Live, learn and die by it IMS. It's what you practice.
    • Still Obsessed With INDYCAR
      While you were busy complaining like a whiny old washer woman, several things happened in INDYCAR:

      -Simona DeSilvestro has a three year full primary sponsorship from Entergy, promoting nuclear power technologies.
      -Andretti's sponsor summit is occurring as we speak in Dallas
      -The Indy 500 Centennial Tour is still in progress around the globe and moving to America really soon.

      Lame duck? The only thing lame around here are your unusual, sociopathic, obsessive responses ad nauseum.
    • Lame Duck
      Masses...you need to get in front of masses of people. Euro-Asia swing not gonna do it....nor will Hollywood office nor some Andretti sponsor summit. And that's a guy that is desperate for sponsors too.

      Good for Simona. But, this does little to promote the league. Just another Rachel's Potato Chip deal as far as I'm concerned....IMS is not doing anything to promote the series. Back atcha you ol' stodgy narcissist.
    • Man vs. Food?
      I remember Mark Dismore on one of them TV Food shows once....WOW did that do wonders for the IRL series. NOT...

      In fact, Mr. Dismore, Indiana hero and part reason IRL was created, his career went BUST soon after. Prolly because Tony George sold out his VISION for Japanese YEN from Toyotas and Honda. The Penske and the CART boys came over....helio and Gil won 3 IRL 500's in a row. Total domination. Just like Tony wanted it.

      And Dismore....poof, he was gone and the FoodTV appearance meant virtually NOTHING. Such is the food of fools.
    • The Grammar Challenged Tend To Go Off the Deep End When Exposed
      MY a loser? LOL.

      Enjoy the series.
    • Enjoy what series? DAYTONA!!!
      NASCAR advertised all over the TV this weekend.

      I hear they are going 3 wide all the time in the NASCAR at Daytona!!! THAT'S marketing your product to the masses!!!

      Right now, the DAYTONA 500 is the 'Most Important Race in History'. All the others are non-existent. No muscle so they need defendering.
    • This 'Advertise Now' Kick has Got You Fired Up, Kid
      I have noticed the ads for their upcoming race trying to sell tickets. They have fewer than 150K and can't sell them. Makes sense to advertise within a month of the event. They have been dropping prices too.
    • Hey Defenseless...
      ...question for you. Are you a card-carrying member of the Boater Hat Brigade? I was wondering because they have that Gold Membership plan where you get a meet and greet with Donald Davidson and that Tom Carnegie "It's a Neeeeewwwwww track record!!!" download for your cell phone ringer at like 50 percent off right now. I'd go for that one if I were you. I think that Jim Nabors Level Membership is pretty cool, too. You get to meet Mike King and Jeery Baker at Steak & Shake or some deal like that.
    • Old man, take a look at yourself
      Maybe it's time for the stodgy old Indy 500 to take out some grandstands...it's been rumored you know. Or, perhaps they should go back to an old staple of theirs, a DIGITAL COMPOSITE of a full grandstand or IRL/IzODcar logo over 1/3 of the screen to cover up bare aluminum.

      Or, better yet, just cover-up the empty grandstands with tarps...you know, like they used to do at Richmond, Kentucky, Nashville, and all the other tracks that couldn't sell IRL tickets.

      That would be a much better use of all the $$$ millions coming being spent on ad buys in the league.

      Oh, and it was YOU, DFEndER, that promised MASSSIVE activations coming out of the wazooo and pimping the CENTENNIAL race ERA and series. Zzzzz, 61 days and counting. Pfffffft, nothing. What happened?
    • racer mag
      they could airebrush fans into the stands like they did in that racer magazine artitcle about indy at nazereth.
    • That Pace Car is Pretty Retro Cool, Huh?
      Or they could just overstate attendance by startling amounts for each race then go out of business within a few years. Twice.

      Or, maybe not. LOL.
    • The Great Disappearing Seat Act
      It is not rumor, Chief. It is fact. Kevin Forbes and the boys have long had a series of grandtand configurations for IMS, both to enlarge and diminish. Any Hulman-George or Nation or Angstadt or Krisiloff, or Carpenter or, Donald Davidson worth his or her Boater hat would verify with a PC-like grin and shrug if you are TG. One plan, in happier times, called for rining the entire Speedway, thus moving the golf course to that big lot down the street in some sort of weird, quasi-public/private partnership with the Township aimed at having a PGA event in town. Thus no more "Brickyard Crossing". That infield area was to become a tree-shaded, park-like "Indy Experience" amusement type park complete with a mini Indy track and a roller coaster. The museum was to serve as the "gate to Indy" or some such thing. Meanwhile, the grandtsands were to stretch from about 100' down the back stretch from the VIP Suites all the way down to to connect with T3's. Those seats were to feature the same roof as the front stretch seats. Total capacity: 400,000 they use to suggest actually went. The other plan called for a reduction in grandstands. Basically, the seats from T3 were to be reduced by half. And the seats in the North Chute were to be taken out and replaced with trees. There is also a component of that plan to remove about a quarter of the VIP's on the Front. I think the current plan is to see what happens this year and then reduce the seatage by 50,000 the first year, 25,000 the next, and 25,000 the third. IF and I say IF, the place is not sold and demolished in the first place, which IS a current option and everyone there KNOWS it. Reality: She is either going to 150,000 to 175,000 seats or going to the headache ball, because the Indy 500 is small tater tots anymore. Small, small, tater tots.
    • I Think They Ought To Build Condos in Turn 3
      But large enough to remain the object of obsession to youthful cart enthusiasts.
    • But the question remains
      Who got the $225,000 for Camaro? So, other than it's novelty status, why is this even a page 8 sports story? What could possibly be gleened (marketing-wise) from this goofy publicity stunt?

      And WHY isn't the Speedway doing REAL advertising of the Centennial NOW? Seriously, if this was the ISC promoters IMS would have already contemplated dumping them or charging more sanction fees.

      I know the real reason: The Speedway doesn't have the $$$ or the marketing muscle to make this "The Most Important Race in History". This will go down as the stupidest slogan EVER. It sounds like IMS is just trying to be one-up on NASCAR and they are failing miserably.
    • Looks Like The Sky Continues Falling
      I believe the 225K went to charity. Pretty impressive considering that's more than many of the critics will probably make in their lifetimes.

      As for I500 promotion, I am willing to cut the folks some slack until after the Daytona hype before I push the 'idiot chicken little' hysteria button then regress to screeching like a two year old throwing a floor fit because mommy won't buy whatever he wants in the toy aisle.
    • Defender Doesn't Have Anything
      He knows Chief is right. The only regression that goes on is when he goes to teh "child" card with people who disagree with him. Too funny. Weak. Lame. His last blog post is particularly childish. He doesn't know us, who we are, what we do. Yet he travels down that path of immaturity and stupidity in his lame and useless effort of "defend" IMS and the "500" of which he is a disposable character. Nope. I'd say you lost this one, Defensless. Lost it but good. Your last blog post was the knockout. You are down in the loss column on this one, bud. Better luck next article. I'm done with this article. Go lick your wounds and we'll do 'er again later. Catch ya'...
    • Chief and Burl
      What are your names on crapwagon.com - I just looked at their are a WHOPPING 6 people viewing - 1 was me...so 5, yes count'em 5 fans assuming they weren't like me. That is too funny - So come'on tell me your names - or are you the same person and there is only 1 of you???
    • Thanks for Reading My Blog, By The Way
      I genuinely appreciate it.
    • Defender get material HERE
      'The 100th anniversary of the first Indianapolis 500 is this May, and frankly no one is doing enough to promote this momentous occasion.'

      Tiny D, nice ripping off Chief's ideas to supply your loser blog with material.
    • Chief, hit to close to home??
      no repsonse to:

      What are your names on crapwagon.com - I just looked at their are a WHOPPING 6 people viewing - 1 was me...so 5, yes count'em 5 fans assuming they weren't like me. That is too funny - So come'on tell me your names - or are you the same person and there is only 1 of you???
    • Chief
      Geez Tuck, even a product of the Indiana Public School System should be able to figure it out.
    • Addison Brown
      She's the young lady who bid for the pace car. She's married to Walter Brown, real estate redeveloper in Scottsdale, Az. I believe he's in real estate business with Craig Jackson, who is President and CEO of Barrett-Jackson, the auctioneers. All are good friends and socialize on the grand scale with Bob Bondurant, he of driving school lore.

      Indy (and Chevy) concocted this stunt for publicity. Even Mr. Belskus was there to play along.

      Nice insider work for a publicity stunt IMS. The Foster Charity benefitted so I guess it's a good deal. But no ROI for IRL/IzodCar.
    • Chief your conspiracy theories are classic. It is a tight race between you and Burl as to who is the most creative. I do have to give you the nod because you actually believe what you post. Burl just makes his up.

      It is ironic that you think Indycar should buy time on opposing networks but yet you belittle the free publicity they get. Of course that would probably be your cart logic of airing infomercial races.

      I watched the AFC Champ game and saw nothing for NASCAR or Daytona. I did not watch the NFC, but if there were ads for it, they were ads that were part of the marketing deal between Fox and NASCAR. I did not see, nor have heard that NASCAR purchased ad time during either race.

    • Two interesting stories developed over the weekend. Fox stating that NASCAR needs to reduce the length of their races to improve ratings and Fox being mum on if they are interested in continuing their contract with NASCAR. I think Fox is now stating the obvious which is that NASCAR has oversaturated its market. I would go one step further and say NASCAR needs to drop at least 10 races at tracks with multiple races. The season is too long and taxes even the most devoted race fan. 25 to 30 races is a sensible length of schedule.

      The other interesting thing was Anthony's article that motorsports is seeing a resurgence and Indycar seems to be leading that charge.

      That has to sting for Burl since he has often told us motorsports is going to all but disappear. Of course the genius is missing the point that motorsports has suffered through the recession like every other sport and business. The rumors of motorsports death is greatly exagerated.

      It was intersting that several motorsports experts were quoted as saying that Indycar is seeing the most growth of any race series with the addition of some top sponsors like
      Verizon, Sunoco, Avis and Starwood Hotels and new team sponsors like Meijer, Shell Oil and Izod, Novo Nordisk and Service Central.

      Add to it new engine sponsors Lotus and Chevy and there is a surge in interest in the series. Contrary to burl, chief and the other haters who will try to say the new sponsors are similar to Rachels Potato Chips and that this is just more evidence of the end of the series.
    • It's the "Most Important Racein History"
      Indianapolis Motor Speedway is making the CLAIM...not me.

      Look, we can putz around with publicity stunts OR the Speedway can put their money where their mouth is.

      This isn't about NASCAR. This is about the arrogance of the Speedway's management making such a claim as "The Most Important Race in History". As usual, the IMS lackeys and YES MEN are out again DEFENDING the lack of TRUE ADVERTISING. Seriously, do you want this sport to get better?

      "The Most Important Race in History" transcends TV networks...it transcends recorded history....YET, they are afraid to market it cross-platform across all forms of media? Where are their ACTIVATION partners TARGET, LOTUS, CHEVY, HONDA, FIRESTONE, IZOD, GO DADDY...where are the centennial tie-ins? THERE ARE NONE.

      It's just another PLOY by the Speedway to resurrect a product that THEY ALONE destroyed. And I fear making such claims as "The Most Important Race in History" it will come back to bite them because the 2011 Indianapolis 500 (and IzoDCAr series) is nothing more than it has been the past 16 years, nothing but ANTON'S FOLLY. Race fans know it, BIG sponsors know it...it's not sellable, it's un-watchable, it's un-findable.

      Prove those FACTS wrong please. I want the sport to heal and get better. But it can't when WE can't even remotely justify the claims the series makes. More bait and switch by the Speedway.

    • Let's Put The Show On The Other Foot
      How about a different, fresher approach? Chief, if Randy Bernard called you, put you in charge and gave you a checkbook with no limit, what are the top 10 things you would do to adequately promote 'The Most Important Race In History?' Please be specific. Thanks in advance.
    • My consultation requires a stipend
      Nice try idea stealer.

      Look, anyone in touch with reality knows the solutions....they've been presented ad nauseum here and EVERYWHERE for the past 18 years.

      I don't know if it's ca$h flow problems at the speedway because they've spent $750+ million on this 'Weekend at Bernie's" race series or the sponsors/partners are worthless or what, BUT, IMS just ain't getting the job done, friend. You know it, and I know it.

      Creating artificial buzz is HARMING the distinct legacy and heritage of the event. Again, can someone explain why this is "The Most Important Race In History"? My opinion is that it's not and the Speedway is making foolish claims.

      I would be happy to consider offers from the Speedway for my consultation services. But, I guarantee they won't have the stomach for my 'Top 10' things, that's for sure.

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