Gordon, Stewart scoring big for their NASCAR sponsors

March 18, 2011
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Former Indiana resident Jeff Gordon, who earlier this season snapped a 66-race winless streak, has generated more on-screen time for his sponsors during television coverage of the first three NASCAR Sprint Cup Series events this season than any other driver, while overall team sponsor exposure declined 25 percent compared to the same point in the season a year ago.

Gordon is represented by Zionsville-based Just Marketing International.

According to research conducted by Joyce Julius & Associates, Inc.—which has monitored every NASCAR race telecast over the last 27 seasons—Gordon’s sponsors have appeared for one hour, 50 minutes, 16 seconds during live and replayed telecasts of the Daytona, Phoenix and Las Vegas races.
When factoring in verbal mentions of Gordon’s sponsors, the veteran driver has helped amass nearly $7.6 million of in-broadcast exposure value, according to Joyce Julius analysis.

Las Vegas winner Carl Edwards ranks second in brand on-camera time with 1:47:28, along with a driver-high 34 sponsor mentions, for a three-race total of $7.1 million.

Hoosier Tony Stewart is third with 1:41:25 exposure for his sponsors, with eight verbal mentions. There are a couple of interesting side notes about Stewart. He has only given two post-race TV interviews totaling 42 seconds for the first three races. Compared to four for Gordon totaling 5:35 and seven for Edwards totaling 8:01.

But Stewart is mentioned 436 times during interviews given by other drivers, more than Edwards’ 362 and second to Gordon’s 453.

Rounding out the top eight in exposure are Kyle Busch, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Trevor Bayne, Juan Pablo Montoya and Jimmie Johnson.

Joyce Julius calculates television exposure value by comparing the in-broadcast visual and verbal exposure to the estimated cost of a national commercial during the telecast and applying Joyce Julius Recognition Grading, which takes into account such factors as size and placement of the image on screen, as well as brand clutter and integration of the brand into the activity.

While Gordon and Edwards have enjoyed early season success, overall in-broadcast exposure statistics for primary team sponsors in the series are down from a year ago. On average, per hour cumulative exposure time accumulated by team sponsors fell from 1:05:43 at the same point a year ago to 49:06 this season.

“This is a very small sample set, and the second race was held at a different track this year, so these results could swing over the next few races,” said Eric Wright, Joyce Julius vice president of research and product development. “But we are also seeing a 47 percent decline in average verbal mentions for the team sponsors and a 22 percent decrease in hood exposure. These are two leading indicators and they are down right now.”

  • Correction
    Jeff Gordon is not a native of Indiana. He is a native of California. He is from the northern Bay Area town of Vallejo. Jeff moved to Indiana as a teenager to focus on career-development in Sprint Car racing.
    • What if?
      What if these Indiana boyz had stayed in the IRL? Bwahahhaha! They'd be about as big as Buddy Rice or Buzz Calkins. Indy makes legends. Even without internet streaming....
      • Jeff Gordon Was Not Given The Time Of Day By cart
        The IRL was formed largely to attempt to stem the tide cart owners forced that saw young talented Americans NOT get shots in Indy Cars and instead move to NASCAR. Current management continues working to turn that around.
      • And thenIRL failed at that too...and now for something completely the same
        IRL hasn't made any starz out of the VISION...NONE OF THEM.

        So, the IRL failed at that. Couldn't keep Stewart or get Gordon, or make anything out of the ruse that AOW wanted the clowns like Billy Boat, Davey Hamilton, Buzz Calkins, Racin Gardner, Tyce Carlson, Cowboy Brad Murphy, or even Eliseo Salizar, Eddie Cheever, Sarah Fisher or any other short track 'star' that Indy so desperately needed (enough to start the IRL for).

        ALL OF THEM were used to sever the sport. All by the Speedway, all led by TonEe Gorge.

        So, where have the crowds gone too? Why aint you got internet streaming and only 0.30 TV ratings and 11,000 at the BIG season finale? Look no further than the failure at the top of the sport...the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The gimmick capital of the world.
      • Gordon
        Burl, He didn't say Gordon was a native Hoosier. He said "former". Turn up the light so you don't see in the "dim wit" mode.
      • Gordon
        Gordon wasn't in the IRL Mr. Smarty Pants.
      • Very Interesting.
        Guess what Randy Bernard told me today? You know that 15 to 20 million loss of fans often blamed on 'the split?' The research actually shows the majority of those fans left between 1990 and 1992 when cart decided they wanted to be F1, Jr.

        Anton did the right thing.
      • Berwick
        I know it is hard for you, but I read the blog post right away. Anthony, indeed, had Gordon as an Indiana "native." It was edited. You can thank me for calling the mistake out. Try again, Berwick. Oh, I know it is tough for you, but you can do eeeeiit.
      • More desperation
        Zanardi now. For the $5 million. To bring back the magic. The heyday. Like I said, Bernard doesn't get it. People just don't care about any of these drivers. Not even Zanardi. Sad what happened. He's an inspiration. But he is yesterday. Plus he is almost 45 and he has no legs. How does that play out aginst the smoke and mirrors nonsense that the sport in hyper-competitive, the cars amazing, and the drivers are athletes? Zanardi is a great marathon athlete. But driving a race car, especially on in the IRL, is not an athletic endeavor. Randy misses this point. I suggest calling it what it is...a psuedo-sport and train up Lady GaGa and Charlie Sheen. Then he'll get his audience. Oh, they won't win it. But millions will watch. Come on Randy, get real. You have to go outside motorsports to get a famous name to race. The cars are not that hard to drive. I even drove one. Got to 188 without even trying. With a Jim Russel three-day under my belt from back in 1985 anda Bondurant one-day in 89. How hard is it? Not. The whoel thing is predicated on how hard it is. Please.
      • you speak to Randy?
        15 to 20 millions fans? What caused their departure? F1 jr?

        So, if we fast forward to 2011, a person could conclude without too much research that being tossed off of ISC tracks (mostly legacy IRL ovals) would equate to failure of the IRL idea. Yes, TonEE GiorgeS vision was a failure....it didn't recapture the 15 to 20 million lost.

        See here, Burl may be right....the sport may have indeed become nothing but a niche suspended in popularity for a brief fleeting second in May.

        Admit it was a failure mister discpiclible. And then Randy should come forward and do the same. The IRL should have never happened, at least until CART killed itself the first time (according to you). That would have been 2003-4. Then the hero worship you have for him would have been appropriate.
      • Let's Pay Mr. Obvious A Little Visit
        You rarely make any sense at all, Chief. This morning, however, you seem more afflicted than usual. Howzabout we try to stay on topic? K? Jeff Gordon and Tony Stewart are overdelivering for their sponsors, which is great. Both are talented drivers with midwest connections who ended up in NASCAR.

        This phenomenon began well before youthful Anton hatched the IRL. Randy Bernard himself says the majority of the 15 to 20 million who left did so between 1990 and 1992, again almost exclusively due to the cart evolution toward a Euro non-oval formula with loads of non-North American pilots. For those of you keeping score that was a full four to six years before the IRL came into being.

        Would it not be great if both Jeff Gordon and Tony Stewart were overdelivering for their sponsors in INDYCAR? Jeff Gordon never even got a shot, and Tony Stewart would not have had Tony George not formed the IRL.

        Let's review history between then and now. cart/champcar failed. Twice. NASCAR grew seemingly exponentially. The INDYCAR that began in 1996 is still going strong after sixteen years. Better yet, visionary leadership has moved beyond the sordid politics of the past, accommodates all viewpoints, and is taking open wheel racing to new heights.

        If you are an actual fan, is this not something about which to be moist and gleeful to a high degree, or is this a time to keep playing the stupidity card?

        Unfortunately I will not have to wait long for the correct answer.
      • Randy told you this?
        He told you this, himself? Why would he tell you that? You and him were just chewing the fat and up pops that 15 to 20 million number?

        I think you are fast at work doing the Speedway's bidding in the war to revise what really happened.

        IF indeed there were 15 to 20 million fans lost it is NOT reflected in TV ratings of the time, nor in attendance. And, when you compare it to IRL/IZodCarz of today, it paints a picture of how horribly wrong it has all gone since the inception of the IRL.

        And, that takes into account the IRL letting short track heroes like Gordon and Stewart getting away. FAIL.

        Anthony, as a trusted source, can you please confirm that this is Mr. bernard's position on this matter? mr. Disciple is full of poop....
      • This is Tedious
        See what I mean when I stated "If you are an actual fan, is this not something about which to be moist and gleeful to a high degree, or is this a time to keep playing the stupidity card?"

        Yes, Chief...Randy and I had lunch yesterday at the newly remodeled Brickyard Crossing in the Flag Room with a few other friends. He offered his thoughts on a variety of topics...even showed me the Dallara version of the new car.

        All those fans headed for the exits four to six years before the IRL got underway. Jeff Gordon was already established as a star in NASCAR long before the IRL got going (remember his win at the inagural BY400 in '94?) almost solely because he (and many others) had the door slammed on them by cart.

        So there you go. More concrete proof as to why the IRL was absolutely necessary.
        • Fact of the matter is...
          ...big time auto racing itself, is in a great decline, although the angle of descent pitches and yaws and struggles to level-off. It is not in an inverted dive. Well, IzodCar is, but....point is, the sport is returning to 1970's era levels. Look at the crowd today at Bristol? Lots of people. Place overbuilt. But an absolute object example of the fading popularity of the sport. And you ain't seen nothin' yet! Wait until next weekend at Fontana! Back to IZOD CAR. They had their "Bristol Moment" last year at Homestead forthe CHAMPIONSHIP round. Although one could argue last year's lackluster Indy 500, what with all the empties and lower TV ratings, was Bristolesque. But the key point is this: With the sport in a significant decline as interests among the masses have moved on, it is clear the sport in general is moving to second tier status. For IZOD CAR, in particular, that is unquestionably third tier, niche sport, minor league status. That will be reflected starting very shortly with TV ratings numbers and swaths of glistening aluminum. To be sure, there will be some good moments as the IZOD CAR plane struggles to get the nose up and maintain altitude. Fight is fight. But it is futile.Call the 2011 Indy 500 good, then call it done. Much as I hate to say this, the sport needs to end as we know it. EVERYONE associated with the IZOD CAR Series needs to move on, and the only hope left is for the posse at Sweet 16 and G-Town to accept the fact that maybe 100 years of Indy Car racing at IMS is enough. There just is not enough interest to maintain such an incredibly expensive sport for just one, declining event. That being said,I intend to watch the races this year and try an enjoy it as best I can. The product is not very good, but I'll hope for the best, not hope it fails, but be mindful and realistic, things are not looking good. Not good at all. Anyone with a true guage of American pop culture, entertainment, and the peoples interests, could not help but note auto racing is not as popular as it once was, and IndyCar racing is almost non-existent, save for what is left of the Indy 500, in truth, about a three-hour annual notice on a Memorial Day Sunday morn for a realtively small percentage of the population...maybe 6 or 7 million watching, many of those barely, casually, and because on the West Coast it is over breakfast coffee.
        • Once Again, Actual Reality Begs to Differ
          Hmmmmm. Those dire, pessimistic proclamations run contrary to long term plans already laid out. The fact is long term planning for INDYCAR includes short and long terms goals with concrete plans already in motion for 2015 and beyond.

          Connection to younger demos are a large part of the plan as many in older demos poisoned by the politics either move on or get with the program.

          If the sport no longer means what it did to you, it's been nice knowing you. We have a new generation to hook. If you want to follow you are, of course, more than welcome to enjoy it with the rest of us real fans.

          These ongoing 'it's over' proclamations will continue to make those making them look foolish, as you have for more than sixteen straight years now.
        • Alex Zanardi to the rescue
          Yeah, you'll hook 'em with Zanardi, the younger generation's racing hero. This idea seems counter to the fiction you spout.

          If Randy Bernard is lunching with you I have far less respect for him, and lesser respect for the series. You are nothing but an internet version of Walter Mitty.
        • Disciple had lunch alright...
          ...at McDonald's Saturday with his Mom. There was a young kid cleaning the concrete in the Playland area named Randy who said he graduates college in 2015 and has a rap demo out there he hopes connects with the younger demographic. But in Disciples world...let us not forget he hallunicated a conversation with some teens about Pippa Mann and a Vitor Meira pass, who thought Simona was hot. As bad as the IzodCar League is, they do not hire such. Figment is figment, Discipe. Try again. We like your stuff. It's funny.
          • What Are These Kids Talking About Anyway?
            A+ for attempted condescension! Keep trying young feller. Also nice diversionary tactics away from the topics by Chief/Burl.

            First, about Zanardi...I am against that particular gimmick flavor. The man has no legs for God's sake. Even if he did he's pushing 50 (like Paul Tracy). It is my opinion that he should be allowed to rise to the top of the hand bike racing circuit in Europe and let it go at that.

            Burl, I would address your off topic rantings but you remain way too obtuse in a trying-way-too-hard cutesy way. You are easier to understand (and laugh at) when you are just portending doom for the entire sport.

            Jeff Gordon and Tony Stewart may be overdelivering for their sponsors, but those sponsors can't be gleeful about all the gleaming aluminum at Bristol, nor wil lthey be about Fontana either.
          • Tony Stewart
            Stewart's local ad, which featured him dropping off a cheetah at the Indy Zoo, is one of my favorites. That's some pretty great exposure.
          • Speaking of exposure
            With 15 to 20 million leaving the sport in the 90's and the Speedway giving NASCAR a reason to run Indy WITHOUT actually having to run the 500, I believe this was a deciding factor in the fans leaving.

            Combine that with splitting the sport with the IRL and you have the answers no one wanted at the time. And just think, Randy's allegedly duping you with F1 jr. nonsense just when the IRL is trying to get F1 and CART rejects to run it's street/roads/and oval diversity. Odd....just like what the supposed 15 to 20 million fans in the 90's turned their nose up at. Defender/Disciple... that's a pathetic attempt at revisioning anyway you slice it. Talk about shooting off one's foot.

            Good for Tony and Jeff. Too bad they'll never race in the only race that no one cares about anymore. Zanadrdi might, but not the favorite sons.
          • Disciple Has Nothing
            Next time you have lunch with Randy in your mind, ask him if he can provide you with better material for comebacks.
            • Sensitive Aren't They? LOL
              Here's a practical idea. Compare the number who attended the 500 last year with the number who attended the 400. Compare and contrast with this year.

              You kids make it way too easy.
            • Nice comeback
              But, Tony and Jeffie are more important and more popular that the entity that apparently wanted responsibility for spawning them. More Speedway failure.

              Answer this question: Did the Brickyard 400 help or hinder the legacy of the IRL 500?

              Answer this question: Who started the IRL and the Brickyard 400?

              Other than splitting the sport and sending it to it's darkest levels EVER, what has the IRL ever done except copy a successful series ideas and use them as its own?

              Keep playing Disciple...you harm the sport more than you help it.
            • Jeff Had The Door Slammed in his Face
              Here is a better question: Which series is going strong sixteen years after it was founded, and which series that supposedly was superior in every way failed, twice?

              You're right. This is easy.
            • 16 years?
              The 'Indycar" series has only been in business since January 1, 2011.

              The IRL was extinguished by it's owners as of December 31, 2011. It's DEAD and only lasted 15 years. Just enough to destroy the sport and wrestle control of it to the Speedway. Over $775 Million has been spent to destroy a great civilization of auto racing, only to have the pioneer of this destruction tossed unceremoniously from his perch.

              More lies propagated by IBJ's own Paid Speedway Spokesperson who dines (allegedly) with Randy Bernard.
            • Door was not slammed in face of Stewart and others of USAC roots
              What happened? No doors slammed in the face of TONY STEWART and the USAC ilk. They (drivers) failed and so did the IRL. What happened?
              • Tony Stewart Gives Back
                Does anyone have a copy of the bankruptcy filing for this supposed 'failure?' Randy told me all they did was change the signs and the stationery. LOL.

                Tony grabbed a big paycheck, but he left the Gibbs folks and started his own team in NASCAR...word on the street is that he will soon have an INDYCAR team with an American driver. GREAT news.
              • Dipsicle of iNdyCAR
                why did the Indy 500 have its biggest TV audiences after those fantom fans alledgedly left
              • USAC Stiffs
                Yep, they got crushed by F1 jr wannabees 'n ride-buyers that now dominate the IRL today.

                MORE failure.
              • How come
                How come the IRL can only draw 15,000 in Toronto yet twice deceased CART can get 168,000?

                How come IRL can only draw 45,000 in Edmonton where CCWS drew 200,000? Needs more Tony Stewart, obviously.

                IRL pilotos de la falta!
              • Honesty is the Best Policy
                "why did the Indy 500 have its biggest TV audiences after those fantom fans alledgedly left"

                They didn't. The highest ratings occurred pre-cart.

                "Yep, they got crushed by F1 jr wannabees 'n ride-buyers that now dominate the IRL today. MORE failure."

                More proof the cart philosophy does not work. Thanks for refreshing my memory. That is why I am thankful Rany is reaching out to Americans and younger demos. Smart. Very smart.

                "How come the IRL can only draw 15,000 in Toronto yet twice deceased CART can get 168,000?"

                Neither one of those numbers is accurate. Indy Car drew about 45,000 and cart last drew about 84,000.

                "How come IRL can only draw 45,000 in Edmonton where CCWS drew 200,000? Needs more Tony Stewart, obviously."

                Actually, needs more honesty. champcar's highest total was only about 85K.

                By the way, what does any of this have to do with Jeff Gordon or Tony Stewart overdelivering for their sponsors? By the way, why did Dupont give 'ol Jeffy the heave-ho?
              • Dipsicle of iNdyCAR
                I hope you and Randy believe that spiel about 90-92 because that means more fruitless flailing about while attempting to achieve relevance

                Didnt Tony take over at the speedway in 90
              • Lunches With Randy
                Disciple of INDYACR. What was on the imaginary menu for your imaginary lunch? I am curious. Was it as good as you imagined?
              • Gimmick LeeGue
                IRL is just small potatoes run and supported by hypocrites, liars and snakeoil salesmen.

                Where's all the MASSIVE activation of this series? I haven't seen a peep out of the speedway about the lame duck 2011 season, nor about the lost centennial era at "The Most Important Race in History".

                $775 million spent to secure AOW racing and they throw a blanket on it to keep 'racings best secret' under wraps. Quite an abomination it all is.
              • Serious comb-over
                Word on the street is IRL legend DONALD TRUMP is going to be the centennial INDY 500 pace car driver.

                Legacy and tradition lost even more friends. What sez Indy 500 tradition better than Donald Trump.

                Just another gimmick. Pathetic and sad. Keep chewing this onion gum fans, as long as Hulman-George's keep running this into the ground the bitterness will remain.
              • 20 of 25 Non-American
                That ought to pack them in this season! Five Americans this weekend. Another Englishman in the Boy Scouts of America car, what's his name? Jim James? James Jeffcoat? John James? Who? All America waits with bated breath to see the international cast of superstars go wheel-to-wheel. Watch the ratings after Sunday. Because it in on ABC, I predict a .50 and that would be great for the series. Question is, do American TV viewers care about this cast of who?
              • Some day,
                someone at 16th & Jonestown will realize the league needs fewer gimmicks and real....oh never mind, if you havent had a breakout year in your entire 15 year existance you arent going to have one.

                Heard coming out of Randys office: Next gimmick please!
              • Look for fisticuffs
                Seeing how much attention the Danica Patrick/Milka Duno towel snapping gotin '08, or the Danica Patrick/Dan Wheldon collaring got the year before, I would think a Danica Patrick/Simona fight would be a nice little er, uh, arrangment to get some ink. Knowing full well Simona would smear Danica in her own stink, they could never let it get out of hand, but how about a shouting match BEFORE a race, some perceived slight in practice, with some pushing and shoving thrown in, until of all people AJ and Helio step in to break it up? Then Danica can pout and tell the media, "She better watch herself out there in the race. Paybacks and all" Randy, are you reading this? You'll get headlines if you go ahead and get this bad motor scooter over the tank, baby.
              • Not 2 good
                Watched cars, first time since '06. Indy car. Not so good. I read the blog. I see much angst. Competitors. But many here are right. Not so good this series as comparison to past years. These cars are the same as my last attended race, Texas 06. Not soo good then. Worse now. No energy. What happened? This series is no more soon, I fear. The posters here possibly correct in assumption. Series is void of interest among the many. So sad.
              • Few care
                Few care. That is the problem. In St. Pete right now, readying for the race tomorrow, my third one here. We bought ticktes awhile ago but could have walked up. There are people here, but fewer than years past and the excitement is not here anymore. Watching the cars today, they were not very exciting. Same old, same old. We will go to Indy this year and then that is it. Mostly because we have already purchased our tickets. Otherwise, we wouldn't. It is just not interesting anymore. Too many foreign drivers. I really sense this is the end for this type of racing. People here today, they were more interested in partying.
              • Get well AJ
                Apparently ol' Tex had stent upon stent upon stent upon stent to open a 98% clogged artery. Ouch!

                Get well Super Tex! I'm sure Eddie CheevEr sends his best....
              • CAli was GREAAT
                I LOVED the great NASCAR series at Fontana yesterday. What a finish. Thats racing! I never thought I'd root for Harvick, but anything but a Johnson or a Busch.

                AND BUTLER! I have tremendous respect for Bultler and their coach Stevens. Go Bulldogs!
              • NASCAR or nothing
                I remember when AOWR used to be able to attract fomer F1 stars and world drivers champions. Not anymore. :rolleyes:

                "Raikkonen goes NASCAR

                Turun Sanomat 29.3 2011 15:07:20

                The world champion of Formula One and current rally star Kimi Raikkonen expands his field of experiences: The 31-year-old Finn is going to race in the most popular North American race series NASCAR

                The spectacular NASCAR debut for Raikkonen will be already before the becoming summer. Kimi is going to carry on with WRC Rally, too. He has agreed to do eight more rallies this year.

                With the world famous newcomer driver there will be also a brand new team to race in NASCAR level: ICE1 Racing."
              • Even IRL Drivers
                dream of some day graduating to NASCAR

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              3. Bravo! Someone else that is willing to speak the truth! Bravo!_____NBCSN is available in almost 2 MILLION more homes than just a few years ago, but Indycar STILL gets less total viewers than it did just a few years ago when NBC took over Versus. Attendance and ratings cratered with the end of season races (just when the title battle got "interesting" HAH!__________And now...new race in Basilia, where Miles celebrated the "rich history" of Indycar racing there. Rich history? What, 7 events in the 100 years of AOW? Yep, some history. Well, at least its an oval. It's not??? Are you kidding me??? Gosh darn road racin furriners.

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