IndyCar, ABC discussing moving more races to network

May 11, 2011
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This is a big month in more ways than one for the IndyCar Series.

In addition to the 100th anniversary of the Indianapolis 500 later this month, there are several notable happenings regarding the open-wheel series.

On Tuesday, the series unveiled two potential prototypes for its 2012 chassis—one for road and one for track. Response from fans varied from those who think it’s great to those who don’t think the new models represent enough change and innovation.

Also this month, IndyCar drivers will take their annual pilgrimage to New York City, where series executives hope they can use recent momentum to gain the attention of the Big Apple’s massive media contingency.

But one of the most important happenings for the series’ long-term health is occurring behind closed doors. In recent weeks, series officials began negotiating a television contract extension with ABC, which airs the Indianapolis 500 and four other races.

IndyCar’s contract expires at the end of 2012, and while there’s been a lot of chatter about moving races to NBC, ABC officials have said they still have a strong desire to retain the open-wheel racing series.

The IndyCar Series hired IMG Media Sports Programming to negotiate with ABC and the two sides held their first meeting during the last week in April. Those talks, sources said, are heating up this month. ABC has a 90-day exclusive negotiating period before series officials can talk to other networks.

According to sources, ABC pays between $4 million and $6 million annually to air IndyCar races, and series officials are looking for at least that much for the next contract. The Indianapolis 500 is the key driver to the deal. Versus cable channel pays a similar amount to air the series’ remaining races.

One of the things on the table, according to sources familiar with the talks, is adding more races to ABC’s package to bring in more revenue for the series. That would be especially good for the series considering network channels almost always earn higher viewership than do cable channels, especially those as relatively unknown as Versus. ABC has aired the Indianapolis 500 for 46 consecutive years.

Series officials are likely to ask ABC to increase its promotion for the Indianapolis 500, which according to New York-based Nielsen Media Research had a 3.6 rating (5.8 million U.S. viewers) last year. That was the lowest rating the race had earned since the race began airing live in 1986, and was off 10 percent from 2009.

TV ratings as a whole continue to be a serious concern for IndyCar CEO Randy Bernard, with the only race airing so far this year on ABC earning a 1.2 rating, and the first two races airing on Versus averaging a .2, according to Nielsen.

  • 2012?
    I thought ABC's contract ran out at the end of 2011.
  • St. Pete rating...
    Hey Anthony, hope all is well with you. I think you got a little info mixed up -- St. Pete got a 0.6 last year, I believe. This year, it got a 1.4 overnight/1.2 final.

  • answers
    Pressdog, the TV contract does expire at the end of this year, 2011. Chris, my numbers came straight from Nielsen, but I will double check them and update if there is any change or correction needed. Thanks for reading.
    • St. Pete Ratings
      Anthony, I can help you out with you research.. click on the link below:
    • 2012 I mean
      Sorry, I meant to comment that I thought the contract ran out at the end of 2012, not 2011, which is, in fact, this year, if I can learn to read a calendar.
    • Doom and Gloom
      Even a positive story like ABC wanting to add races to the schedule has a doom and gloom spin when AS is writing the article. Now lets see what the three bitter folks who agree with him have to say about it... Chief? Hurl?
    • IndyCar/ABC
      I certainly hope Indycar is talking with NBC. ABC, since the ESPN influence, has done a terrible job with Indycar.

      Indycar and the Speedway would be better off to truly partner with a major over-air-network that would promote the series. ABC hasn't and won't
    • Moving?
      Article title says, "moving more races," while the article itself says, "adding more races."

      How can INDYCAR move races from Versus to ABC? Perhaps they are talking about adding new races to the schedule to be aired on ABC?
      • moving / qualifying
        > I think they can move more to major networks as I think Versus is the exclusive cable provider. There is probably some room in the contract - IndyCar and Versus aren't stupid enough to get locked into a 3rd tier cable channel.

        > ESPN used to do a good job at coverage for Champ, but that was when they were sharing resources with SPEED.

        > The problem I have with ABC coverage is that you can't watch qualifying because Versus doesn't even show up for the event. Qualifying is a great way to learn about the sport and prelude the race.
      • Screw ABC
        In reality $4-6 million rights fee is chump change and giving ABC more races for the same fee...exsqueezeme!? Step-up and be a man Randy and force ABC to pay more, show more and promote more or move it to NBC. Renewing at flat is a loss for IndyCar. ABC will throw IndyCar a bone just to keep it away from NBC and VS. VS coverage is terrific and with Comcast rebranding, NBC Sports Net will need quality content.
      • new car is ugly
        they need to get rid of the bumper it looks goofy it make it look like a sport car or a car with fender they should go with a wider rear wing like superkart those could be use like a bumper and it would look like dp1 champcar at the back but with wider rear wing the front look like a duck and like f1 cars look too much like f1 car all open wheel cars from defferant series should look differant and does not look like fast car it need to look like rocket and too thin like the car now but that car looks great the new car looks awful the first photo new car looks better i think it was like 5 months ago
        • Think people are mistaken
          Everyone is talking about NBC like it is going to be IndyCar's savior. Well I have news for those people. Type into your browser, and you get redirected to NBC sports. Then go on over to the Motors tab, and click on it. Almost ALL NASCAR. True, NBC may be trying to make Versus into its "sports" channel, but it does not appear that NBC is too terribly interested in IndyCar. Maybe I'm wrong...I hope I'm wrong.

          ABC would be fine with me if they would put a bit more effort into the broadcast, and promote a bit more. Adding more races to ABC for the same fee would be ok as long as ABC agrees to promote more and offer better product. That would be a win win for both parties. The whole concept here is to get a TV package that helps grow the sport. If IndyCar can pull a 1.0-2.0 rating consistently on ABC, then IndyCar and the teams have more leverage with sponsors.

          It boils down to this. If IndyCar wants to return to its glory days, it needs sponsor money. In order to get sponsor money, people have to watch. In order for people to watch, it has to be entertaining, and readily available. Right now, IndyCar is entertaining to watch, but it is not readily available.
        • culture racing
          its boring and annoying cart light where is the american racing
        • no to ABC
          Unless ABC is ready to fully commit to Indycar, the series should tell them to stick it. Versus may not be as well known, but they have provided the real fans with better and more coverage than ever offered by ABC. Plus, the race coverage has not been delayed due to women's basketball since coverage switched to Versus!!
        • Change Will Do Indy Car Good
          NBC has a history of rescuing neglected sports properties from ABC/ESPN. I remain optimistic current leadership associated with NBC Sports can elevate Indy Car to the position it deserves. The unprofessional mistreatment of the Indy Car brand by the Disney bunch, particularly over the past ten years, is inexcusable. It is high time for a change.
        • IndyCar
          Hey Mindy,

          How about a sentence or two so anyone can make some sense out of what you're saying?

          Good grief......
        • Trouble is...
          ...the IndyCar Series is poor property. These talks will hinge on the rating of this year's Indy 500. If it is equal to or greater than the 2010 number, good news. If it is below the 2010 number, say a 3.1 or 3.0, bad news. It is all about the Indy 500, diminished as it is. After that, it is a failed property. People simply do not care. The sport is, for all intents and purposes, minor league, third-tier niche.
        • Time for new ideas
          I have really enjoyed what VS has done with the broadcasts. I like the crew and the coverage. I would like to see that same crew and commitment be made by a network provider and I do not see ABC doing it. I think it is time to change to NBC and see what they can do.
        • What momentum?
          The new cars are an exercise in FUTILITY. The TV ratings this season are HORRIBLE. ABC wants to retain the series because it knows it can be had DIRT CHEAP. VersUS can't be found under channel 1047 on the cable box. The "Most Important Race in History" flagellates hopelessly for air.

          That's the momentum....spin it positive but that's the reality. Even Defender's coveted 18 through 35 ratings demographics are meaningless in this IMS conundrum.

          IMS sold the soul of AOW away for the golden goose that lays no more golden eggs. Sucks to be them, doesn't it?
        • Are we going to see the Nielsen ratings reported here again?
          "Chris, my numbers came straight from Nielsen, but I will double check them and update if there is any change or correction needed."

          Say Anthony, sounds like Nielsen are giving you ratings again. Are you going to be writing articles about the ratings again???

          Any chance you can give the numbers for the 2 races on VS, rather than the average of the 2??? One of them has to be a .1* if the 2 races averaged a .2
          I think it would be fun to have some nice hard numbers that we all can enjoy discussing.
          Thanks in advance.
        • crooks and platypus car
          dallara stole bat car wider wing will look cool with f1 opening wing they should have when with a wider wing hahahaha humpback car
        • Rating oddity
          I agree jim.......ratings magically appear for Pacers, Triple A baseball and Colts...yet IRL ratings PFFFFFT.

          I still say the gag order is in place for the media and owners/drivers because they want to give the Speedway a chance to correct it's wrongdoings without apologizing to the old fanbase.

          It's ok, WE the fans and Sponsors have the ratings and report on them with the power of FACEBOOK. So, I guess the point is moot as the answer is for the IRL always is failure anyway.
        • The Good Ol' Days
          I think we all remember the days when an ABC race meant a very strict time window, zero pre-race and zero post-race, the race joined in progress after full event coverage of some other event, or sometimes, if there was a lot of yellows, Paul Page apologizing that they would not be able to show the end of the race (I remember Christian Fittipaldi's first CART win at Road America getting this "treatment" back in the height of the CART era of mid 1999 before that season turned to hell).

          At least Versus has the airtime to give Indycar.
        • Well...
          When you cut down a sport when it's at it's peak or pinnacle you get what you get. Perfect example is the creation of the IRL. Everything after it got chopped too, even CART coverage.

          Thank the Speedway ownership for the sorry shape all this is.
        • I'm Going to Go Cry Now
          4 chassis manufacturers, 4 engine companies, 2 tire companies. Just makes you sick to think of what was lost.
        • Cry about this too
          Penske doesn't even make the Indy field in he PWNS the speedway, figuratively speaking. Who really won? Not us fans.
        • new car is very ugly duckkk
          abc want it because of the foreign market earl ruin texas with the split race what so hard to add each race to 150 laps same pionts like every race yeah 2 race on same day what up with that bull guy again platypus car sucks
        • It is amazing that a series like cart, that seemed to have so much going for it would kill itself. But like in most perfect situations there was a lot going on behind the "success" of cart. Not the least of which is they were spending dollars at an unsustainable rate, getting away from the roots of US OW and basically profiteering off of the fans.

          If it wasn't for the IRL putting out a lower cost, more grass roots version, we would be without OW in the US.
        • So, in essence IMS saved the sport, huh?
          I see the Speedway philosophy of brainwashing you into believing that tripe still is prevalent in your thought processes Iman.

          The IRL was a powerplay for control of AOW. The IRL abandoned it's US roots effort when it discovered how to coerce Penske and Ganassi to bring ooodles of Japanese YEN to the IRL from CART. Then it was ballgame over for CART.

          So quit your revisionist IRL propaganda attempts. Under the Speedway's control the IRL/Indycar is an invisible shadow of itself that sold the sports soul to outlast the CART/CCWS series. That was a heavy price to pay and the begging for attention the IRL desires can never shed the stigma of what it did to the AOW sport overall.
          • No brainwashing, just using your own words. Cart killed itself. You said it. It killed itself by getting away from the American Driver, American oval roots. It tried to become F1. it spent itself into bankruptcy while many of the smaller teams were forced out. All facts, all well known.

            While the IRL has not always stayed true to its vision, it has done a good job of keeping American drivers, American ovals and keeping it affordable so small teams can participate.

            So you can twist and attack all you want, but the truth remains. Cart killed itself. It killed itself through greed, it killed itself by trying to be something it was not.
          • This is TODAY
            May has been condensed to 9 days. CART had nothing to do with that.

            The current Dallara car is 9 years old with the WORST safety record in recorded history. CART had nothing to do with that.

            The Speedway signed a 10 year contract with VerSus because ABC/ESPN didn't want them. VesrSus has proven to not be a TV solution for the AOW sport. CART had nothing to do with that.

            The Speedway has started to rely on PR gimmicks and publicity stunts to try and appeal to the fans. CART had nothing to do with that.

            The IRL series is being run by a marketing huckster by the name of Randy Bernard, who talks out of both sides of his mouth and alludes to things in the press that he can't possibly keep (such as apologizing to the fanbase for the failures of the IRL and the speedway's powerplay that destroyed the sport). CART had nothing to do with that.

            The TV ratings for the GREAT 2011 Indycar series are show massive DROPS in viewership. CART had nothing to do with that.

            The Owners don't want to go along with the bodywork scheme for new cars in 2012. CART had nothing to do with that.

            22 tracks (mostly ovals) have either KICKED the IRL out or failed to sustain enough interest that the IRL alleges to offer, in order to sustain a race. This fact also points to the fact that the IRL oval concept (which the IRL was founded upon) was a complete and utter failure. CART had NOTHING to do with that.

            Drivers USED to get paid in CART....the IRL is responsible for the ride-buying foreigner dominated Indycar series today, in an upside-down structure where only 2 or three teams have won everything in the past 10 years. Some of the same teams the IRl was supposed to have created itself know...common ground. Well, CART had nothing to do with that and it's a complete IRL failure all on it's own.

            BUT, CART is responsible for HIGH TV ratings during it tenure, and well as SWELLING attendance at the tracks it raced. In comparison the IRL (at the same tracks in 2008 through 2011) have failed to attract less than half of the attendance CART used to get. The IRL's/Indycar's have everything to do with that.

            There's more, but why bother when Speedway Apologists and paid Speedway spokespeople come here to taint the truth? Yes, you are brainwashed into believing failures are successes.
            • Pesky Reality
              Bottom line: cart died. Twice. Why? An unsustainable business model. Indy Car? Still turning wheels after sixteen seasons. You can pontificate all you want about 'good ol days' and such...but had youthful Anton not stepped in when he did there would be no Indy-style open wheel racing in this country.
            • Pesky Reality
              The H/G clan has lost over $500,000,000.00 on their "All Ovals/All American" .1rl power play.

              While the H/G clan promoted other forms of racing in order to fund their temper tantrum, they were simultaneously reducing the value of their own race and AOWR by locking out the best drivers/teams in the world, in favor of a bunch of nobodies.

              The .1rl has had sole control of "Top Tier" AOWR since 2008, and the public isn't flocking to the product. Even with the "Major Activation" and "Huge Sponsorship Spends" that some Place Fans keep touting, the .1rl's tv ratings keep dropping.

              F1's GP of China (Broadcast at 2:30am on SPEED) had better ratings than the once Crown Jewel of AOWR: The Long Beach GP. Consider that F1 (a series that has no presence in the U.S.A.) has better ratings @ 2:30am Sunday, than the .1rl can manage on a weekend afternoon. I don't know what time the LBGP was run, because I (like everyone else) didn't watch it. The F1 race was great though! I watched it live!
              That suggests that fans will seek out a quality product, rather than accept "any old thing, as long as it's Indy".

              So that's the "Pesky Reality" that the folks in control of AOWR and their "Place Fans" find themselves in.
            • Calling Things As They Are
              Same line of childish thought; different day.

              Cliff Notes:
              -Hulman-Georges ruined everything.
              -F-1 is great.
              -Rampant immaturity; e.g., .1rl.
              -Rampant hypocrisy; i.e., 'I hate it but comment on it ad nauseum anyway.'

              Helpful advice: Grow up. Enjoy the sport. If you are unable, concentrate on what you do enjoy.

              -The Indianapolis 500 remains the most well attended single day sporting event in the world.
              -The television ratings for the Indianapolis 500 are the best of the year by far for open wheel.

              The situation remains dire primarily only to those without a discernible ability to reason as adults.

              This problem with hostile, bitter haters usually intensifies in May, and here we are.

            • long beach and burger allways should have meat and beef
              to be fair earl is after a long war these thing take time just like a war i watch f1 china its was good and silly but not as silly as turkey red bull bail on q1 that not racing i did not watch long beach allthou i love the track i had enough of road racing in earl there are too many of them so annoying there no oval champ any thing american should stay american i think there are abuse out there and greed i guest earl want to be f1 uglyer the car you get more success but f1 was successful for longwhile earl was never been successiful f1 have room earl does not f1 car from 2007 r.i.p.
            • Pesky facts
              Paid speedway spokespeople like Disciple/Defender refuse to acknowledge the 2010 Indy 500 had the WORST TV ratings in history, a 3.68. It continues a downward trend that began with that stroke of genius called the IRL. Indy also is suffering from the worst paid attendance in modern history as well. The Series struggles to bring a quality product to markets throughout the USA, proven by the expulsion of the IRL from as many as 22 oval market across the land. FAILURE by any measure, especially when OW OVAL racing is your bread and butter.

              Hunedreds of millions fled the sport and stayed away since the IRL's inception in 1996 too. And TV ratings for the series on the decade long graveyard named VerSus are truely pushing up daisies, ratings hovering just above 0.20....about 50% LOWER that 2010 and after IZOD proclaimed 350% ROI from its marketing efforts with the series. Facebook, Izod, epic stunts and publicity scams have netted NOTHING for the series. MORE INDY FAILURE.

              And the Speedway has lowered itself to 9 days of May and ride-buying foreigners in foreign chassis and foreign engines.

              The only thing the speedway has ever done successfully is destroy a once successful sport. Hunedreds of millions former fans and sponsors aren't wrong.

              And, by the way Disciple....where is all the INDY tie-in's and massive activations you promised? The Indy 500 sellouts? YOU WERE WRONG...and purposely misleading the public. Your prognostications are just more Speedway propaganda for which it is alleged you are compensated for. Pesky facts....indeed.
            • Tried to get into E or B Stand today...CLOSEd
              What happened? They were always open during the twice deceased CART bankrupt series occupation at the speedway. Hahhaha, and they were filled with PAYING spectators!

              Two rain days and COUNTING.....the nine days of May continues...or will it be seven? Good lord, this event is a shadow of it's former self. Thanks ToNy GeoRGE!
            • I've now heard it all
              "You can pontificate all you want about 'good ol days' and such...but had youthful Anton not stepped in when he did there would be no Indy-style open wheel racing in this country."

              It would be in much better shape today than it is had the ignorant Anton not thrown his tantrum.
            • Correct Usage for Brains
              Let's think a bit more carefully about your quaint little observation that is, of course, impossible to prove. When left on their own, cart failed. Twice. Decisively. Anton's series has survived not only without cart, but also with their leech-like descendants after they slithered back once Anton picked up their assets in the final fire sale and bailed their earth scorching hind ends out. Use your brain. The facts speak for themselves.
            • Lamest response EVER!
              We see you have a lot of pull with Ropin' Randy there Disciple. More BS from you.

              I guess they want you to pound sand because there is no sellout at Indy, there are no activations or massive tie in's...NOTHING. No practice, only 7 days of May now, no new IMS toilet sewage repairs, no E or B stand open for the several fans showing up to see your favorite band "Here come the mummies".

              Indy is pathetic in it's 100th year. And all you can respond with is "CART's dead, twice...and young Anton blah blah blah". Do you realize that is your sole response for like the past 3 years in this blog?

              Pathetic, like the IRL/Indycarsz.
            • Great Job Randy!
              Congratulations Ropin' Randy and the IMS/IRL series wranglers on getting the INDYCAR SERIES booted OFF of network television for POLE DAY and BUMP DAY.

              It's true, ABC/ESPN will have NO programming dedicated to the Indy 500 except for raceday coverage.

              What happened? How any Speedway Apologist can spin this into a victory for the LeeGue is something I eagerly await the response to.

              This is PROGRESS...this is SUCKSESS....this is THE IRL/INDYCARS, where backwards progress is success. FAIL, again and again.
            • It doesn't look good
              I actually went out there on Saturday and any honest report of attendance on Opening Day would have the crowd at about 8,000 fans. That may be generous too. On Opening Day of the Most Important Race In History. There was one moment when I walked past the pagoda and actually counted more Yellow Shirts and race team personnel than fans, 3 to 1 ratio.

              I also noted that most national newspapers had such little coverage of opening day, they limited the news to to about three sentences in the miscellanous or motorsports sections.

              Also suspicious, is the the sudden emergence of world-beaters Ed Carpenter, IndyCar regular Budy Rice, and hotshoe's John Andretti and Davey Hamilton at the top or high up on the speed charts today. Hmmmmmmmmm. Is there more than one Special Ed Special in the Honda trailer?

              The Indy 500 is DONE. Note to the powers-that-be....NOBODY CARES! I try, but I can't watch this fraud.
            • Just Got Back From The Track Again
              Hmmm. Curious. When will the collective angst of the clueless haters (ever notice their aberrant behavior intensifies every May) translate into the kind of respectable maturity that precludes making stupid comments in reply sections? The month seems to be going just fine for actual racing fans.
            • Has the sewage problems been resolved?
              Why is it immature to discuss all the bad stuff about Indy here, yet you can raise serious concerns and bash the IRL, the Speedway and the owners on your blog? Seems to be a bit unusually quaint, even for you Defender.

              Indy is a wreck....even Disciple sez so on his blog.
            • Space A
              Plenty of room to sit back and stretch out, eh, Discipe? Look, she's done. The big network dropped quals. The newspapers have stroylines reduced to agate on Opener Day. Aluminum glistens in either Hoosier Sun or Hoosier rain as the 9-year old fuglies driven by Pippa's and Ho-Pin's roll around at the same speeds as last, well, the year before the year before the year before, all the while Yellow Shirts and Penske Clones outnumber fans and the stench of potty stink spills onto the speedway as the old rustbucket returns to dirt. Shne's done, Discipe. People just don't care. The Indy 500, the 100th Anniversary race no less, is home to only the hardcoe. That being said, I will give you a carrot. I honestly think she'll score a 3.5 on the tube and seat 200,000. It is Indy on race day. But she is, for all intents and purposes, at the end. This is Lap 199 baby. And the car is out of fuel.
            • Bring BACK Trump!
              The "DONALD" is OUT as a potential presidential candidate....I strongly urge the speedway to re-institute him as pace car drive. Get him while he's hot!

              The DUMP FOYT Facebook movement is taking shape!

            • Big Names at Indy!
              They don't need Trump when they have Pippa and Ho-Pin. There is a mania brewing, a mania, I tell you. From Parnelli to Pippa. From Sneva to Simona. From Buddy to Bertrand. Thatis why the Indy 500 is such a big deal today! Everybody's watching!
            • Chief, it must be killing you to see the good news that keeps coming out of Indycar. Hard to believe it is about time for you to move your 2011 prediction to 2012, but it is sure looking like it.

              You can keep hating on the series, but unlike your favorite series, this one is still running.

              Interesting to see that Jeffrey Katzenberg, CEO of Dreamworks Entertainment is going to attend the race as a guest of Izod. Wonder if they are shopping around a film about Indy or Indycar.

              Sorry Chief, all your blustering does not destroy the month of May for me. Life is good and the weather for Pole Day looks even better.

            • new car uglyest open car ever
              tony george best thing since the speedway cart worst thing ever happen to american open wheel only good thing they did was long beach
            • uglyest open wheel car ever
              uglyest open wheel car ever
            • Truth
              The truth speaks VOLUMES.

              NO INDY BUZZ anywhere. No billboards, no NATIONAL exposure, NOTHING. How come?
            • "(It's) a situation"
              That quote is by Dario Judd Franscechetti, from an article TODAY by Bob Kravitz in the Indy Star.

              Indyman and Disciple want you to believe everything is coming up roses in the IRL/Indycarz/Indy. But it's not.....even Kravitz calls out the "pom-pom" wavers.....
            • what hurt indycar most now a very ugly car next year
              what hurt indycar the most lack of american ride buyer buzz 100 birthday
            • HOT off the Presses! Qatar!
              Talkin' Terry Angstadt sez expect IRL expansion to QATAR, MEXICO and BRAZIL 2X.

              This will do wonders for that domestic marketing and USA TV package they need. I guess I was right...when you are kicked out of 22 USA markets, where else can you go?

              IRL is the answer to a question no one ever asked.
            • Talkin' Walkin'
              Fans leaving in droves. Almost zero national buzz. Barely a mention. Very few at the Speedway to watch practice, yellow tops outnumbering hardcores. Why? Things like this. Amazing to me Talkin' is talkin' Qatar and Mexico City, Brazil times dos, all what else...all this in order to make enough money to break even with an Indy 500 almost nobody cares aboutn anymore. Pretty, pretty sad. Qatar. How is that going to play with the motorsports-paying folks in Knoxville, Iowa and Forth Woth, Texas? Fans who watch the guys coming up from Pacaoima and Pittsburgh. Peter's not Pippa's. Billy's not Bertrand's. In places like Chico, Road America, Terre Haute, Lime Rock, and Milwaukee. They'll never, ever understand will they? And all the evidence is right there to look at in Speedway, Indiana. The best thing to do is call it a Century and call it done. It's over. You watch and see with the demise of this year's Indy 500 when a pathetic TV rating, minimal buzz, and diminished crowd watches the OLDmobiles driven by tartan-wearing whiners, Pippa's, and ride-buying Ho-Pin's. It's over. The race and the series is finished with the American fan.
            • No national buzz? I guess you are not watching tv. You can't watch a sports channel without seeing a story on the 100th for Indy. You can't watch main stream tv, unless it is Dancing with the Stars or some other girl show, that doesn't have an Indycar based commercial. Peak Antifreeze, Honda and Pennzoil have been particularly heavy on the advertisement.

              But of course I need to remind myself that Chief is blind when it comes to good news for Indy. I would have figured that even you would know that Kravitz writes to cause controversy. He is the one who claimed the Colts were definitely moving to LA and that the Pacers were heading to OKC a few years ago. He loves to stir up the masses. It gets hits on his message board.

              Saw a piece yesterday on ESPN on the Hot Wheels track. That is going to be awesome. Mattel is putting a lot of money into this.

              So do you have a link to your claims for future races?
            • Girl show?
              Sexist comments, eh Indyman? You again miss the point....HIGH ratings TV shows provide the vehicle for HIGH VISIBILITY for the 500 via advertising. Avoiding the Super bowl, Masters, Kentucky Derby, NCAA Basketball and everything else clearly points out the FAILURE that the IMS marketing plan IS in regards to getting the word out.

            • The IRl needs to be elevated
              to the top of the trash heap, the position it deserves
            • Hey Dipsicle of ImScar
              How many venues has the IRl been kicked out of since you began Defendering the league? And how many hunedreds of million of dollars have the sisters had to spend to keep its road kill carcass going?

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