It's time for IndyCar to get over Danica-mania

May 23, 2011
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There was much angst on Sunday as the sun set on Indianapolis 500 qualifications at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Gasp, Danica Patrick hadn’t qualified for the race.

“Can you imagine an Indianapolis 500 without Danica Patrick?” said one veteran motorsports announcer at the Speedway.

Well, yes I can. To my knowledge, there have been 88 Indianapolis 500s without Danica. And the event earned the moniker “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing” long before the GoDaddy girl ever put her hands on a steering wheel.

Fear not, at the 11th hour and in between rain drops, Patrick qualified her Andretti-Autosport car for the show, landing in the middle of row nine.

But my point remains. If the Indianapolis 500 is going to continue to be considered a great spectacle, the race and the series of which it is a part has to get over the notion that one driver—or even a handful of drivers—could make it or break it.

The Indianapolis 500 has to be bigger than any one driver, just like the Super Bowl and World Cup are bigger than any one player or team.

The fact is, race car drivers come and go. Same with teams. My guess is, that within five years, Danica Patrick will evaporate from the open-wheel race scene—if not for NASCAR, then for some other endeavor. Then what?

To be a great spectacle, an event has to endure. And the Indianapolis 500 has done that better than most American sports. We’re reminded of that as it celebrates its centennial this year.

There’s no doubt Patrick has brought much attention to the Indianapolis 500 and the IndyCar Series in recent years. It’s well understood that her merchandise outsells all other drivers’ merchandise combined.

Still, it’s not healthy for a sporting event or series to revolve around one athlete, or even one team.

It was A.J. Foyt who said during the early days of the Indy Racing League-CART split that it wasn’t Roger Penske (Foyt threw in a couple other names) who made Indianapolis. It was Indianapolis that made Roger Penske. Who were these people before they came to Indianapolis? asked Foyt, who won the race four times.

In this era of star athletes, it’s sometimes difficult to remember the stature of something like the Indianapolis 500. Do star players help leagues and series prosper? No question. But the stars must remain more dependent on the league than the league on the stars.

The IndyCar Series has become so bent on making its drivers into stars, some have forgotten the platform on which these stars are allowed to shine.


  • Brilliant
    Great article and my thoughts exactly. Anthony I have ripped you before when writing about Randy Bernard and the Indycar Series but you are spot on. Seriously, what is Danica? Been going at it for years and has ONE WIN to her credit! She is gone next year and wish her well but.... I am an INDYCAR fan and she is welcome to leave and it will not stop me watching.
  • fact check
    This Sunday is the 95th running of the Indianapolis 500. There could not have been 93 without Danica, since she started running here in 2005 and has qualified every year since. You should have checked with "The Donald" (the one from the Speedway, not the cheap NYC comb-over imitation).
  • beat to the punch
    You beat me to the punch, Thundermutt. I was in the process of fixing that. Consider it fixed. Thanks for reading.
  • Did you watch?
    Anthony, just because a reporter or P/A announcer asked if you could imagine an Indy 500 without Danica, doesn't really mean anything. Did you watch qualifying? It was one of the most enjoyable qually's in 20 years and it had NOTHING to do with Danica. Tags and Sam Schmidt were a GREAT storyline. Marco having to bump his way back in at the gun was a GREAT storyline. It's not Danica's, or the series' fault that the media want to give her the spotlight. That is people like you and other reporters who keep giving it to her. Write a story about Tags. Be the solution, not the problem.
  • OK, so now I'm the problem
    J, if you think I have anything to do (good or bad) with the situation the series (and a 100-year-old race) is in, you give me far, far too much credit. P.s. The person I heard make that comment was a broadcast partner of the series. Now that's a problem. Thanks for reading.
  • Iagree,but...
    I have been a fan for almost fifty years and I agree but there's one problem. Until Inyracing starts promoting there drivers more Danica is the face of it. If you walk down any American street and ask 1000 random people who is Scott Dixon, Briscoe or almost other Indy driver and you will get a blank look and an I have no idea. Maybe a few will know Dario but as much for his wife as who he is. Because of Dancing With The Stars Helio would get about 10 to 20% recognition. Danica however would likely get better than half yes answers. Most casual fans might flip over to the 500 on Sunday to see how she is doing and if she is in contention they may continue to watch but if she's not they flip somewhere else. That's the sad truth.
  • Point taken but.....
    Believe me I get it that the race is far bigger than Danica and golf is bigger than Tiger etc. I make no apologies for loving Danica, it is such an easy thing to do. What I love most of all about her is new interest that she has brought. With NASCAR taking the racing spotlight, much to the credit of names like Earnhart, Petty,Gordon, Stewart, and the much hated Busch brothers. While many of us will always follow the Indy, what makes it great are all of the casual fans. They dont care about suspension controversies, engine contracts, or tire compounds. They DO care about the personalities. I just wish we had more of them like Danica to rev up the interest even more. See ya Sunday!
  • Thank you....
    Thank you for having the guts to put in print something a lot of us have felt sense the advent of "Danica-mania." Being a long-time fan of the series, it would be so much better for the series to ride the coat tails of a talented, fan-friendly driver - someone Ms. Patrick isn't. Her one win was a fluke - fuel economy, while it may win races, doesn't amount for talent by the driver.

    The sooner IndyCar leaves Ms. Patrick in the dust, the sooner she will become NASCAR's problem...and that certainly isn't a bad thing from this IndyCar fan.
  • INDY 500 makes Danica
    Indy has alot to do with Danica's popularity. The media all went nuts when she lead the INDY 500 back in 2005. That is when her popularity skyrocketed. The Indy 500 has made Danica Patrick not the other way around. The real Indycar fans want to see the top drivers, not a middle of the pack driver (Danica) that the news and tv covers.
    • AMEN!
      I agree with Linda and Mike. I'm no Danica fan and won't miss her when she leaves both IndyCar and NASCAR. She's a product of media hype with only mediocre talent.
    • Personalities
      The sport definately needs more personalities, but not only that, the drivers need to do more than race Indy cars. Back in the day you could go to any little local track almost any day of the week and see AJ, Mario and etc. racing something other than Indy cars. Thats how you build a fan base. It was Thursday night thunder at IRP that made Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, Ryan Newman and etc. Unfortunately they all left open wheel for taxi cabs. Now how do you bring that back to develope your young talent and build driver recognition? Indy Lights sure isn't the answer because no one watches it. That may develope talent but it doesn't increase your fan base. You have to build it from the bottom up and the fans will follow.
    • She'll leave anyway
      It would be different if Danica were a really good driver. At best, she's average. IndyCar has problems, including driver name recognition, but Danica isn't the solution. She's headed for Nascar anyway.And, at this moment, the female hero is Simona De Silvestro. She is guts, class and talent. Danica isn't.
    • Go Danica...away
      Spot on article, Anthony. Danica's promise as a racer has never been fulfilled on the track and true race fans have grown tired of her bratty behavior. Want to cheer for a real driver who happens to be a woman? Simona de Silvestro showed a ton of courage and grit climbing into a 2003 race car and putting it in the 7th row the first day of quals with no complaints, no whining, no "Woe is me!" Now that's a real racer.

      Danica's outlived her welcome in IndyCar and should head to NASCAR to escape the obvious conclusion she's all show and no go.
    • Great Non Story
      Good job making a mountain out of a mole hill. And you may wonder why people get frustrated with the media. Taking a comment about "not imagining an Indy 500 without Danica" and turning it into a historical reference only served yourself and your premise for a so-called story. It is obvious to everyone (including you I suspect) that this was a comment made about the current era, and yes, with her currently being in the series, it is indeed hard to imagine the race without her. The same statement would be said (and has been said) if Helio or Dario or Tony were in fear of not making the show. Right now, like it or not, Danica is one of the big names in the series and it would be hard to imagine the 500 "this year" without her or any other big names. I can't believe Hunter Reay isn't in it - as a popular regular, that hurts the show. Regardless, when Danica leaves for Napcar, IndyCar will keep right on rolling along and other drivers will fill the void to talk about. What a made up non-story you wrote. Also, not to defend Danica, because I don't really care, but for those that truly understand racing, you will know that many drivers in the series have never won a race. Danica typically qualifies well, finishes well and ends the year in the top-10 or so. That would be considered a consistent front runner that should get some attention.
    • Danica
      It is true the 500 will be here with or without Danica and I agree with everything that was written in regards to Indy making Danica, not the other way around. However, times are different now, and the Indycar Series as a whole needs Danica more than Danica needs the series. I've been to the track twice this year and both times the only driver that drew a crowd was Danica. I watched on Tuesday as she signed countless autographs for the hundreds of children screaming her name. I guarantee less than 5% of those kids could have named one other driver. Same went for Saturday as the cars were lined up waiting for quals. Hers was the only one that had a crowd gathered trying to snap pictures. Not even Dario, last year's winner, had even 1/5th the crowd. How can it be good for a series (or it's marquee race) to lose that kind of notariety?
    • SPOT ON
      The golfing world should read the article and take serious note. The way they think the whole PGA Tour is nothing but WOODS and MICHLESON is an out rage. The othe world class golfers should not paticipae and then see if the commish still thinks that is a smart way to run the tour. You know the old saying Live with WOODS and MICKLESON, then DIE with them. OH! YES! Where have those two been lately? For Sure NOT even CONTENDING. I rest my case.
    • Delegitimatizing the Sport
      Wasn't it great when a Versus reporter asked Barnhart if he would make a special amendment to the rules that would be designed to get Danika in the field IF the rest of the day was rained out?

      It was either the dumbest question ever asked or the point at which Danica became greater than the 500 itself. It sickened me that Barnhart didn't say no. And, who other than Bob Jenkins would utter a phrase like "can you imagine the 500 without Danica"?

      I can. AOW missed its chance to help heal itself. Cheap publicity of the Danica kind has taken the impetus off racing and placed it on celebrity and glamour. IRL/Indy/Indycar is a joke.
      • The dumbest thing
        To Chief. Sorry, you are close about the dumbest question of the day. But the absolute dumbest was asking John Andretti if he would give up his ride to get Danica into the race! I came up out of my easy chair :)
      • Remember '96
        Your point about forgetting about Danica-Mania is set in sand......likely quicksand at that. I think Tony George and A.J. Foyt both made the assumption in '95 that Indy didn't need the name drivers. Consequently, the "500" lost the impact it had in prior decades, as NASCAR and notably the Coca-Cola "600" won the Memorial Day ratings race. F-1 also made quantum leaps during this period, also to some degree, due to the U.S. Open Wheel's power struggles.

        The '96 race was won by Buddy Lazier, but in all fairness, Buddy was clearly not a top-tier driver that could compare to the drivers who went to CART. So both U.S. Open Wheel and the Indy "500" eventually lost a whole generation of fans, the only ones they retained were the long time fans. Now, if we could have kept Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, Juan Montoya, and several others who left open wheel to join NASCAR, lets face it, O-W would not need to have the resuscitation that Randy Bernard is administering.

        As President Truman once said, "there is nothing new but the history we don't know", but somehow, and the writer must have somehow forgotten the ramifications and history of the IRL-CART split, which sent the name drivers in a different direction than the "500".

        Like any enterprize, its key to recognize that the product needs to always be enhanced and while the "500" by itself is great branding, it cannot thrive, or perhaps one should say survive without the big name drivers. AJ, the Unsers, Mears, Johncock, Rutherford, Mario, were all great drivers, and no doubt, their legacy was enhanced by the "500", but to say that the "500" didn't need them for its popularity totally lacks any credibility. They were the best of their time, regardless of the type of racing which others reference.
      • Seriously...
        And how gracious was the lovely Dan Wheldon who flipping won that race and was completely overshadowed. That was a major PR fail and Indy should've done more for their winner.
      • Indy 500 will endure either way
        Danica or no Danica, the Indy 500 is so big, it will endure regardless of who makes the show and who does not. The IRL - CART split was the hardest thing to endure with all the big names going to CART and leaving the 100s of thousands of fans to double-check their programs for unfamiliar names for a couple of years. Yet here we are....Danica brings some interest to the series just as many personalities have in the past, Jim Hurtubise, Lloyd Ruby and other good drivers who never won it. They all make interesting stories and add to the flavor of the 500. I think the "can you imagine..." comment can almost be taken with some sarcasm, something like at 5'2" she is too big to fail.
      • Anthony,

        Danica is just the latest. Every decade has its star. I remember people could not believe that the race was run in 95 without Fittipaldi or Unser. I heard the same thing in the 80's/90's when the sport was losing AJ, Mario, Lone Star JR, Johncock and the like. What would Indy be without them. But new stars came along. And when cart took a right turn, everyone said cart has the cars and the stars, what does the IRL have. Well it had Indy.

        I think the same thing said about Danica could have been said about Marco....Today we would be hearing people say how long it has been since an Andretti could not qualify for the 500.

        While I like Danica, I would not have been real upset, it would have given some of the other women a chance to shine.

        I think the story of DeSilvestro was much more compelling, the courage she showed reminded me of Swede Savage. The interesting thing is if Simone, or Pippa or one of the other female drivers wins the 500, Danica will take a backseat.

        Race promoters push whatever driver is hot. I am sure that was the case in the 30's with Billy Arnold, Louis Meyer or Wilbur Shaw and it is the case now.

        10 years from now, Danica will be a footnote, and other drivers will be the flavor of the moment.
      • Did anyone ever say ...
        I just have one question. Did anyone ever say, "I just can't imagine an Indianapolis 500 without the Whittington Brothers?" Now those guys brought some real drama. Thanks again, everyone, for reading.
        • Whittington Bros
          Ah, the Whittington brothers ... nicknamed Dim, Nit and Half
        • Whittingtons brought more than drama...
          Oh yeah the Fabulous Whittington Brothers, who kept footlockers stuffed with cash in their Gasoline Alley garage in the early 80s? 3 brothers raced in 1982 Indy 500. And then...definitely worthy of a Google to read up on their unlawful adventures and how they ended up today.
        • Tired
          I have Danica-Fatigue.
        • OVERATED
          Danica is sooo over rated!
        • That Wilbur Shaw had some nice gams
          Indyman fails to mention that if Billy Arnold, Louis Meyer or Wilbur Shaw were marketed for anything other than AOW Racing, such as runway and fashion modeling or risque sexually flirtatious hucksterism in advertising....THEY would be the laughing stock of the century at Indy.

          Stop making comparisons as Miss Permapout is entirely an albatross of the Speedway all on their own. IF she had done anything to warrant any of the attention I'm sure we'd all shut up. But the fact is she's a fourth rate driver that gets more attention than actual winners do. That TRUELY puts modern day INDY in perspective. Maybe the Speedway should put out a swimsuit issue...

        • Why blame Danica?
          Danica is popular so lets hate on her, that will solve Indycars problems. Search Dario's name 197,00 hits, search Danica 1.6 Million. No one driver is bigger then Indycar, but wouldn't the series be stupid to not use her popularity to their advantage?? But what is with all the hate all the time, I mean really does calling her a mediocare driver make people feel better, does saying she is overhyped make her any less popular.

          And don't feel to bad for Dan Wheldon, I couldn't tell you who won the race in 1967, 1968,...2003,2004, but I can tell he won the racein 2005 the year Danica led.

          Thanks Danica for getting me interested in Indycar, you are a damn good driver!
        • mindy
          danica was 1 rain drop away from buying a ride for the indy 500 i have no problem with it guy got payed he mite get to ride in a good car he is good driver he not a bring money driver so he mite get more race in the future
        • Lowest Common Denominator
          I believe the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the Indy Car Series are being unfairly portrayed as milking the entire Danica phenomenon for all it is worth. Truth be told she lucked into her fame and it was mostly the result of a media frenzy desperate to find/concoct a shooting star, particularly after their direct involvement in the scorched earth of the sport. Danica was in the right place at the right time.

          There are a lot of smart people in the media, but most of them remain lowest common denominator lap dogs. IMS and Indy Car have rarely been adept at conceptualizing or implementing the type of all encompassing promotion that made her a star. Sure they are able to latch on to it and exploit it just as all media outlets have. It is just not something they were really capable of starting.

          She is already one of the three biggest stars in NASCAR, and she only drives part time on their junior varsity team for now. That will change next season when money starts doing more of the talking. NASCAR, unlike IMS and IndyCar, IS milking it for all it is worth. That same machine has made Dale Jr. a big star even though his track record is marginal at best.

          Most fans of Indy Car are ready for the next big star, and it appears the new leader of Indy Car is up to the task. In the end, Danica and all the rest should come to grips with the fact that Indy makes the stars. Not the other way around. It has always been that way. Danica going to NASCAR will not spell doom or gloom for Indy Car.
        • Goodbye GoDaddy Girl
          Danica Schmanica. She is a hot-headed bully with an over-inflated ego. GoDanica, go (away).
        • Gratitude
          That's gratitude....Danica has floated the 500 and the series for 6 years. Good thing she's going so the 500 and IRL can get started developing them starz. After 15 years and 9 years of them with the same chassis, Indy will be a faceless shell of it's former self.

          What happened? Why no stars after all this time?
        • Love it!
          Anthony - By no means was I implying that you were the weight that tips that scale. Just an observation that as a member of the media, you also couldn't help but take a bite of the Danica carrot that was waving in front of your face. Like it or not, she's a story. Is she bigger than Indy? No. Was Mears bigger than Indy? No. Was AJ Foyt bigger than Indy? Close, but no. They were all swarmed by the media, however, and always got the lion's share of the attention when they were running.

          Chief, I absolutely LOVE the fact that you hate Indycar but never seem to miss a broadcast! Keep up the good work!
        • Thanks J
          I appreciate the sarcasm! It's not hard to find cracks in that Indy china, they're everywhere.

          BTW, seeing as Andretti bought Junquiera's seat at Foyt for Hunter-Reay, the league would have seen to it Danica had a ride too. Shows how pathetic Andretti Autosport really is. Didn't Tony Kanaan have to set all their cars up last year? Even more proof Danica is just a 4th rate driver who can't set up cars.....
        • great driver want to race more
          danica not in indy 500 sucks and not fun that the truth media would have gone wild if she bought her way in that the truth stop sugar coat it
        • Chief,

          Calling her a 4th rate driver instantly calls you out as nothing but an Indycar hater. I do not think there is anyone who would call her 4th rate. I may buy 2nd, but she has driving ability. You do not almost win the 500 as a 4th rate driver and you do not run top 10 consistently because of your looks.

          And if you do not think race drivers have been marketed for more than just their driving skills, you must have missed the whole Kasey Kahne Allstate Commercial campaign. There is not a single sport out there that does not use female athletes sex appeal to sell. Womens Soccer, WNBA, Lacrosse, you name it. There are calendars, websites, bathing suit magazines etc....dedicated to cashing in on it.

          Chief, your pure hatred has long ago covered up any objectivism you may have had. You post and everyone knows you are going to hate.

          Unless you get your personal apology, nothing IMS does will ever be right by you. Sorry, I have never had that kind of hatred for something and I have never obsessed over something I did not like, so I guess I will never understand what drives you.
        • The Product
          The main fact is that Qualifying over the weekend was the most thrilling I've seen in 20 years or so... Danica was a small part of it, because she always finishes strong there, so it would have been a shame to see her get bumped. Tagliani beating the big boys was great. Marco getting punted and then having to drive himself back in was as exciting as Tagliani's pole run. For the growing fan-base of Indycar, these are things they will hold on to. With or without Danica.

          Anyone reading more into it than that, is missing out on the fun of it all. That's sad.

          RHR buying his way in is a joke, but I will say, it is going to create a lot of fan investment come race day. I for one will be BOOOOing at the top of my lungs during driver intro's.
        • It's not Indy to me anymore
          Hater, moi?

          Look, I am an Indy traditionalist, I do not sanction the changes to the qualification rules nor to the praising of a false god that Danica is.

          Soft porn runway modeling IS more important to the Indy mainstream fanbase than 2, 3 or even 4 time 500 winners. Indyman just said so.

          Just more of same from the same from paid speedway propagandists like Indyman that won't acknowledge the horrific damage the Hulman George family has inflicted on the sport.

          They have turned this race into a joke, led by Danica. I hate what it's become. Seriously Indyman, you love the fact all the changes are made to insure it's survival but have already killed it??
        • Still Obsessed
          And yet it still draws more attention from you than from anyone else. That is mighty curious behavior. Most people that cluelessly indignant tend to move on with their lives unless they practice hypocrisy.
        • rhr ride buying
          leave qualification rule alone small team can make some money driver get jobs rich teams are wons who make the most money that the real crime andretti autosport is punish enough they bought the ride like a fine in other sport probly more money than a fine they did not come to indy 500 to buy a ride motorsport is differant world than other sport stop the whining you mite end up with green white checker if you keep it up bump day is all about the sponser and to protect them that fun no boo for me
        • Dead Horse
          Wow Chief. The same tired and played out argument over and over and over and over and over. Most rational people would have moved on (or out) by now. By all means, keep watching and complaining because you are just adding to the growing viewership of the series. But, if you sincerely hated it as much as you like to gloat, you wouldn't have been tuning in as of 1998...

          You crying about the Tony George IRL is like blaming the Great Depression on your current financial problems. Here are some other new topics for you to whine about... Vietnam, Reaganomics, and Watergate.
        • You are a Indy traditionalist like I am a cart fan. if you were, you would see that Indycar is far closer to what Indy has always been then what cart was making it.

          11 of 33 drivers American. When was the last time cart had 1/3 of its drivers from the US? half of the tracks are ovals. Did cart have an oval in the last few years? Cart was going to put IMS in its place by giving it less than a week. Practice Thursday and Friday, Qual Sat, race Sunday. They did not like the power that IMS had in racing and wanted to marginalize it.

          Granted we all wish Indy was two weekends of qualifying, this was probably the most exciting weekend of qualifying ever. There is nothing else in racing the matches the excitement and raw emotion of watching drivers stare at the clock, clouds and competitors at 5:55 on Sunday afternoon. Marco sitting in his car unsure if he would get out on the track in time to make a run. The Indy 5:59 Banzai run is famous throughout racing and there is nothing else like it.

          Sorry Chief, anymore pretty much anything you say makes you sound like a liar or an idiot.
        • What traditions have changed?
          Seriously boyz, what traditions have changed, in just the past 3 years? WHY did they change?

          HINT...CART has nothing to do with it.
        • Danica, Marco, John, and RHR, plus other predictions
          I predcit the following: Danica runs about where she starts for teh first third of the race and we are told there are "handling" issues, o-steer, u-steer, what have you. She gets a break in the pits and emerges 8th about midway. She runs there the rest of the race and, following a late pit stop with about 20 to go, emerges 5th and hassome speed. But she finishes right there and we have seen the last of her at Indy.

          Marco slowly but surely moves his way through the field up into the Top 10 by mid-race. He runs there all day and is never a factor for the lead but finishes 7th.

          RHR runs around in back in Foyt's junk and is never even close to the Top 20 and actually goes out with a handling issue about Lap 65. Finishes a who cares 28th. Tries to thank everyone in the interview but still whines like he does.

          John Andretti runs strong all day and is never a factor for the win but does a workman-like solid job and scores an 11th.

          TK wads the 82 in T2 by mid-way. Slightly shaken but ok.

          Tomas tangles with EJ Viso and Vitor around Lap 110, while all are running in the Top 15. EJ flips in the grass but is ok.

          Baguette is the most impressive of the nobodies, scoring a 3rd, behind winner Scott Dixon and second place Will Power.

          Helio crashes on the frontstretch after a wheel-to-wheel with Simona, caused by Helio himself attempting a foolish pass. Helio storms off. Simona impresses with a nice crowd gesture and pleasant interview.

          Kimball surprises with top Rookie, finishing 10th and running strong all day.

          Hildebrand wads the Guard Car in, ironically, a multi-car crach in T1 started by Hinchcliffe.

          One car gets airborne and upside down. No injuries. One car has a minor pit fire. Buddy Rice collects Hamilton exiting the pits.

          Townsend Bell has a hard wall-banger in T3 when his right rear let's go but he is ok.

          Servia is never a factor. Neither is Tags. Tags leads L1. Dixon takes L2 going into T1 and pulls away. Servia fades and fades and goes out with a mechanical on Lap 103.

          Rahal, Sato, and Beatriz all run around at the back and are never a factor.

          Crowd is actually stout and close to sell-out. Sun is shining. TV is a slight uptick to 3.9.

        • Disciple
          Word on the street is he's been BANNED from Indycarz popular Trackforum forums for photoshopping a picture of Paul Tracy's face in an inappropriate place on the Borg-Warner trophy and posting it.

          How quaint....and this is the guy who LOUDLY exclaims here for maturity.

          Well, you can bet Danica won't be on any trophy as Yahoo is HYPING Danica today about her NASCAR move, not the 500. Nice PR, NOT!
        • Paul Tracy On The Borg
          Thanks for the shout out Chief. I appreciate the business. Coming from someone with your obvious intellect it's a real compliment. By the way, where are your seats for the big race on Sunday? I spent $150 just today on Indy Car related merchandise.

          If you would like to see the humorous interpretive photo that has so many folks evidently toting pitchforks and torches, I re-posted it on my blog today. Happy reading and have a great racing weekend like all of us actual fans.
        • What blog?
          Strange...why were you banned from Indycarz most important official website forumz?

          Admittance of hypocrisy, lying and immaturity.

          When you gonna admit the IRL stinks, your prognostications are based on Speedway Propaganda you are prompted to promote, and the Hulman George's have sunk a once great sport? Grow up and admit it friend.
        • Let's Not Allow Emotion to Conflict With Facts
          1. Someone with thin skin made a big to do. I'm 'on vacation' until June 2 for that dastardly infraction.
          2. It is no loger called 'IRL.' It is called 'The Indy Car Series.' It also has a title sponsor, IZOD.
          3. My prognostications are based on actual reality. Your prognostications have a 100% failure rate.
          4. Why would you say the entire sport is 'sunk?' The only thing that is sunk is cart. They killed themselves. Twice. No big loss. Indy Car is alive and well, and the 100th Anniversary Indianapolis 500 is nearly sold out.
          4. Meanwhile, back on topic...hopefully those in the media making a big to do about the possibility of Danica moving to NASCAR the week of the race will gain some common sense.
        • Great racing weekend.
          Yes, it will be a great racing weekend, what with Kimi racing Saturday in the Cabs(Wish he was still in F1 though)and the Monaco GP with qualifying Saturday, and the race on Sunday.
          F1. Awesome OW cars, built by legendary teams, like: Ferrari, Mercedes, McLaren, Williams, Renault, Lotus...
          Top drivers competing for a WORLD DRIVERS CHAMPIONSHIP... None of the phony Road Course/roundy round championships of AOWR...
          Celebs galore watching... And... You know... Everything special that AOWR doesn't have anymore.

          NASCAR. Where former F1 drivers go, now that AOWR has been fixed by the H/G clan.

          "Kimi Raikkonen's first Nationwide Series appearance will be this Saturday, May 28th in the Top Gear 300 at Charlotte Motor Speedway. The race will be broadcast live on ABC at 2:30 ET nationwide."

          Wonder if the B series can beat the 500? I know it will in my house anyway...
        • Adult Behavior
          Gee, thanks for sharing. As an adult I simply do not believe I will visit any NASCAR or F1 forums to tell them I will be attending the Indianapolis 500 and then make snarky comments that do not make any sense. That would be a childish, immature thing to do, so I believe I will enjoy the 500 in person and watch whatever else I can on TV via DVR. As any actual adult fan would.
        • Adult fans paste famous race drivers faces on naught parts of trophy's?
          Why would a supposed adult do such a thing?

          What the over and under for car into the crowd at Indy this year? Looks from an ABC promo they're promoting such. Disciple, you support this IRL Russian Roulette?
        • Danica Who?
          Slap Danica's face on the side of a crock pot and send her to Nascar. She leads laps in races b/c of alternative fuel strategies and sometimes places well because of that strategy combined with a well-timed wreck. They hand her a race in Japan where none of the regular fans show up, so no one can report on the race control shenanigans because none of the U.S. fans were listening to the scanners. Would love to see a woman win the 500, but would rather have it be one like Simona who doesn't think she's supernatural, doesn't blame her crew or the other drivers for her bad day, and doesn't treat her fans like they're a burden. Danica always says she just wants to be thought of as a driver first and a woman second. Well, there are a lot of drivers and, if we toss the female thing aside, she doesn't have all that much to offer. Nascar can have her and all of the whining, blocking and drama that goes along with her.

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        1. Can your dog sign a marriage license or personally state that he wishes to join you in a legal union? If not then no, you cannot marry him. When you teach him to read, write, and speak a discernible language, then maybe you'll have a reasonable argument. Thanks for playing!

        2. Look no further than Mike Rowe, the former host of dirty jobs, who was also a classically trained singer.

        3. Current law states income taxes are paid to the county of residence not county of income source. The most likely scenario would be some alteration of the income tax distribution formula so money earned in Marion co. would go to Marion Co by residents of other counties would partially be distributed to Marion co. as opposed to now where the entirety is held by the resident's county.

        4. This is more same-old, same-old from a new generation of non-progressive 'progressives and fear mongers. One only needs to look at the economic havoc being experienced in California to understand the effect of drought on economies and people's lives. The same mindset in California turned a blind eye to the growth of population and water needs in California, defeating proposal after proposal to build reservoirs, improve water storage and delivery infrastructure...and the price now being paid for putting the demands of a raucous minority ahead of the needs of many. Some people never, never learn..

        5. I wonder if I can marry him too? Considering we are both males, wouldn't that be a same sex marriage as well? If they don't honor it, I'll scream discrimination just like all these people have....