IndyCar's new TV deal done with eye on global markets

August 11, 2011
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After finalizing an extension with ABC on Wednesday, the IndyCar Series has its television deals sewn up through 2018.

Dead are the rumors that NBC—whose sister station, Versus—airs two-thirds of the series’ races on cable TV, will become IndyCar's new network partner.

The ABC agreement is no small deal. Sources close to the open-wheel series told me the deal that expires at the end of 2012 is worth $4 million to $5 million annually.

Sources within the series are saying the new ABC deal, which runs from 2013-18, is worth more than the current deal. That’s a nice windfall for a sports property that has struggled with its viewership numbers. (Versus currently pays $3 million to $5 million annually, a well-placed source said, and its deal also expires after 2018.)

But there are still some issues IndyCar and ABC officials must address.

The complaints about the quality of the ABC race broadcasts are far too numerous. There are complaints about lacking pre- and post-race coverage, poor on-air talent and barbs about the network’s camera work. The series’ most hardcore fans seem the least pleased that ABC has extended its domestic deal.

There’s also a hue and cry about the treatment the series gets from ESPN, ABC’s sister station. There are no shortage of racing fans and even motorsports journalists who complain about ESPN’s lack of coverage of the series. Personally, I think ESPN should determine what segments it airs on its sports news programs based on news value, not what’s running on its sister station. But that’s a topic for another time.

What’s lost in all of this is that IndyCar’s partnership with ABC isn’t just about the domestic market. Far from it. And it has even less to do with the fact that ABC has aired the Indianapolis 500 since 1965, and a lot more to do with IndyCar Series CEO Randy Bernard’s future vision for the series.

If you read this blog, it’s no secret that Bernard has his eyes on international markets. Already, he’s planning races in South America, China and Europe. He’s hoping for a European invasion by 2016.

Clearly, he thinks there’s a place in the worldwide marketplace for IndyCar. What’s not clear is whether Bernard thinks IndyCar will exist as a cheaper alternative to Formula One, the world’s most popular and lucrative racing series, or if he plans to take it on for global supremacy. Cue the dramatic music.

What is clear is that ABC—through ESPN—is offering more global exposure for the series than NBC and its sister station, Versus, could or would.

Even though domestically, ABC will only air five races annually, ESPN will retain international syndication rights for all IndyCar Series races.

The series may have its roots in ABC’s Wide World of Sports, where the Indy 500 debuted on TV, but its future is clearly in the hands of ESPN, the self-proclaimed worldwide leader in sports.

The trick for Bernard will be to pursue that lucrative international audience without leaving the series' domestic followers in the dust.

  • My socks are still on
    It is clear that NBC had no interest, contrary to what self proclaimed media insiders claim. Is $10 million north or south of $21 million? It is also clear that ABC doesn't value the bulk of the ICS* schedule. It's interesting this is all IMS* could get with all of the key targeted demos being up and the nearly $500 in new sponsorship and a "new" car. Or so we are told.
  • Continuing to wallow in the mediocrity of the IRL's legacy
    Let's face it....NOTHING ABC/ESPN has done has changed the AOW sport via the lame IRL series all these past 3 years. The merger turns out to have been a bust, and, perhaps the greatest mistake ever made for AOW.

    6 more years LOCKED in with spec racers in spec chassis, with the same spec OW owners and drivers, now with European flavours. YUK.

    The only constant in any of this is IRL, let's celebrate with long term contract extension for Marty Reid and Bob Jenkins, the voices of Hulman mediocrity on the sport.

    Flush the whole thing, ugly new carz and all because it stinks to the high heavens. I have no confidence in Bernard's leadership, a continuing F- in my grade book.
  • More
    Chief is right. Now ESPN/ABC is willing to pay a little more to keep IndyCar on their broadcast. The ship is definitely sinking. Anytime the networks start offering more money to an entity, that entity is obviously on the downward slide.

    Thanks for making sense of this Chief. An astute observation, as always...
    ABC was still in the exclusive negotiation period. NBC and other networks didn't get a look in.

    ABC has successfully protected their stake in NASCAR by controlling the on air and online promotion and coverage of INDYCARS main races.

    At $6 million the ABC deal is worth 1% of NASCAR's contract with ABC/ESPN.

    INDYCARS total TV income with Versus added is around $10.6 million. Do the math.

    Inside sources say there was a buyer for INDYCAR and Randy Bernard ignored the offer and didn't take it to the Hulman family.

    Larger sponsors are now looking to back away from INDYCAR or commit less $$$.

    INDYCAR is not going to survive this fatal amateur mistake.

  • Good Comedy

    Thanks for the chuckle.

    So, you think Randy is going to sell this to Europeans, South Americans and Asians when he is obviously having a hard time selling it to USA Americans?

    And the faithful deride it all as not being American enough???

    This sounds like Champcar...and if you followed any of that, you will know that all the IRL (at that time) faithful did was laugh at that plan. And they used Champcar going to Europe as a sure sign of desperation.

    Oh, that's right, the difference now is Indycar (at this time) has Indy.

    Man, it is just so confusing. It is hard to know what is up and what is down, what died once, twice or maybe now potentially a third time.

    I'm sure the Indycar flower delivery men will be by to tell us all about how good this smells.

    But they will be stating it through clenched teeth, because most absolutely hate ABC/ESPN. But, they are paying more, so maybe that is the lube they need to take this contract.

    All I will say is, yes, it still smells...of the same desperation that befell Champcar.

    Even ol' disciple said in his blog that this TV contract was the definition of insanity. I guess he will change his mind now and take it all back. Maybe he will even change his mind about you since he never sees you as being positive.

    Again, so confusing but entertaining nonetheless.

    Will Randy be around by the end of this contract. Will he be around at the end of this year?

    How is that big deal in Las Vegas going again? Remember that? Who has signed to drive to create the .8 rating that will keep him on the job, or was all that just to create some PR?

    I need a scorecard for the business dealings! it is one reason I keep up with this sports business blog.
  • Randy
    " What’s not clear is whether Bernard thinks IndyCar will exist as a cheaper alternative to Formula One, the world’s most popular and lucrative racing series, or if he plans to take it on for global supremacy.'

    Hmmm.. Randolf taking on Bernie Eccelstone for global supremacy.. the same guy who introduced the spinning tires at Texas and a 5m gimmick for anyone.. at the championship final, which hasn't worked to plan, says he'll conquer europe one week, then Perth Australia the next week (does he know where Perth is???), pushes through new cars when all the team owners voted against it... says he listens to the fans but clearly doesnt, then signs up the television deal of the century, at the wrong end of the jubilation scale..

    can RB take on Formula 1 and achieve global supremacy?? Simple answer my friends. He should be more concerned about keeping indycar alive and kicking another year in the good ol USA.
  • Global is the answer
    Randy is not the brightest bulb in the socket, but he's no Disciple either. He knows the sport's survival hinges on a global marketplace. He has to take it to all points continents. Why? It is incredibly unpopular in the United States. The marketplace here is null and void save about five locations, if that, generously speaking. Certainly there is Indy and Iowa was pretty good this year. Texas holds its own. But overall, the sport is no longer American and has been soundly rejected by American racing fans save Indy. Think not? Take a look at the crowd (or lack thereof) they will have at Loudon this weekend. EMPTY seats and closed grandstands. All that will work is a last minute desperation jumper over the pond and I don't see a swish ball.

    This TV deal will be the last one because the sport will no longer be here in 2018. I don't think it will be here three more years. ABC no doubt has exit strategy in place.

    The Indy Car website at the moment is touting how the Brazilian drivers are bringing "culture" to New Hampshire. That spoke volumes.

    The sport is so far out of touch it just needs to move overseas and call it good.

    IndyCar is America = Dead as in who cares?
  • Hey J,,,,,,,
    If you consider locking in a $500K to $1M dollar increase per year for the next 6 years some great stroke of AOW financial leverage or genius...good luck with that.

    .2 rating 309,000 viewers for Mid-Ohio on Versus. That's what you'll have for your next 6 YEARS on VersUs.

    Yup J, ABC gave the IRL a bit more (and they took it), because there were NO better TV deals coming. REMEMBER...EXCLUSIVE network broadcast partner. 4 race and Indy for 6 years. Yeah, this is a winner....almost north of $20M a winner. Bwahahhahhahahaa!!!!
  • lee grace 50 years indycar
    5 more years of indycar
  • Word out of Loudon...
    ....a Gappens Gaffe. It doesn't look good. Ticket sales not as bad as the last IRL go round and round there in '98, but not much better. Seat EVERYWHERE, except the CLOSED grandstands. Large swaths of seats available. Plenty of space-a for curious buttage but word out of Loudon (and I do have a real contact there this week, not the Disciple faux-variety) is they are "struggling" to get fans in there this weekend. To be sure, they'll have them, but not too many. No. No. No. It looks like New Hampshire will not be one of the four IndyCar races ABC will televise over the next six years because New Hampshire is the new Milwaukee, in East Coast clothes. MMMMMMMMhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmm. It doesn't look good.

    I guess Dario The Muttonchops and the Brazilian Culture Squad just does not resonate with the Northeasterners. I said, No, no, no.

    Now the only question is what kind of sucky TV rating will this dog get? Randy? Randy? Ansa the qwestyon, cowboay?

    Where is that swagger Randall? Randall? Back to the Mid-State Fair for you, pardnah.
  • You're Right
    You fellas are correct. Allow me to retract my statements. In this poor economy, a series that is increasing revenues, viewership, attendance (save Milwaukee), etc. is definitely doomed to be non-existent very soon. Since 2012 is basically here already and there is no sign of the AOW Apocolypse, would any of you care to give us your new "pushed-back" failure date...?

    Get with it fellas. So, you don't like IndyCar. No big loss. I say, just move on and find something else to cry about.

  • Dr. J er, uh, not...
    Reality for J. .20 Mid Ohio does not look good. No it doesn't. Mmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhmmmmm. 0.20. A bit of an uphill climb to that 1.0 to 1.5 sponsors are saying they'll need to throw in, J. A bit of a climb. 0.20 is weak nd ineffectual.

    The people have spoken and they do not like Dario the Muttonchops and Powerless to change the ratings Will. No.No.No. They do not like ugly cars, getting even uglier, driven by foreign dandies.
  • Enough
    Enough. Want to know what is wrong with IndyCar??? Nothing, except the so called "fans" that continue to whine and complain about EVERYTHING. I HAVE to side with J here. Chief and Burl continue their doom and gloom outlook on the surprise there. I'm not even really sure what the negative is about this new contract. ABC is paying MORE money to keep IndyCar, ESPN has International exposure, and NBC/Comcast is investing MORE money to increase Versus exposure. hmmmm...seems like things are going in the right direction to me.
  • Maybe your right!
    I guess if you consider just having a TV contract it's a win, no matter how you slice it. It's also a win that all promoters and IRL are happy with attendance. if 40K at milwakee at $30 a pop can't cover costs, what about Toronto and Edmonton who's attendance is literally fractions of the IRL street promotional literature sez it would be?

    THERE'S NO GLOOM or DOOM. It's reality that this is where the Hulmans and all the toadies that leach off them wanted the sport to be.

    You must have a guilty conscience or's just the evolution of the sport J and Jeremiah. And, according to youse guys, right where the sport should be.

    So enjoy the ride buy/track rental this weekend. ABC and VersUs has done nothing to build the sport...and neither has the IRL. But you love it, so it's all good!
  • I was hoping
    For Spike. Is that still a channel???? I am firing Barnhardt on is one. He knew I like spike!

    Rip - champ car
    • The irl died
      and was replaced with the Indy Car World Series powered by Honda.
    • Exactly
      Exactly, I enjoy it. It's all good. Matter of fact it's only been getting better... At least thats what the head of soon-to-be NBC Sports thinks about it.

      "Even with the ABC/ESPN deal, which guarantees the network five races a year, including the Indianapolis 500, Miller said Versus wants more IndyCar races.

      "We'd love to have more events," he said. "Ratings are up; attendance is up. (IndyCar has) done a really good job marketing the sport. We're very happy. It's performing at or better than all of our projections."

      I certainly never proclaimed them to be back atop the mountain. You've never heard that from me because I live in reality-land. The reality is that things aren't (and never were) as bad as you like to make them out to be. That is your bitterness festering. Let go of the hate and follow NASCAR. You'll love it over there. They have everything you are looking for. Big crowds, big sponsors, big cars, and good ole redneck racers. I'll stick with IndyCars. Thanks.
    • I'm in Watkins Glen this weekend
      Days past, I'd be in Mid-Ohio or New Hampshire following AOW. Not anymore.

      Those IRL carz suck. They looks slow, they break backs, and are visually unappealing. The racing stinks. Attendance is poor, TV ratings in 0.2 - 0.39 range. Gimmicks, publicity stunts, poor officiating, empty grandstands "it may not look like a sellout, but it really is a sellout". Two teams have won 99% of all races...yada yada yada.

      Look, stick you head in the sand, it's ok, it's still gonna stink when you pull yer head out. I'm in Watkins Glen, spending my fact, rain is expected...NASCAR rain delays get 10x the tv ratings the IRL gets. Why is that?
    • SHUT UP
      Chef, Burt obviously IRL is not your cup of
      tea. So please don't bore us with your whiny
      comments. Remember you can still enjoy the
      excitement that is NASCAR or F-1 every weekend on cable TV. Then, when you wake up, take in a soccer match on Telemundo.
    • Watkins Glen was ASTOUNDING!
      Had a blast in WG, thank GOD the IRL doesn't defile the grand old track anymore.

      NASCAR put on a great show this weekend!

      I did catch that amateur series racing in New Hampshire on the tube...reports I hear say there was bad officiating, no attendance, cars looked slow, and general buffoonery.

      Hmmmmm, wasn't that what I said was gonna happen just before you told me to SHUT UP? I must know what I'm talkin about, huh?
    • 100G Crash for Pippa Mann
      I've seen the video of Pippa Mann being walked from her car after it slammed into a non-Safer barrier at New Hampshire speedway. Reports are the crash was 100G's.

      Since when has the IRL's track safety crew NOT backboarded a driver who has a wreck such as this? This is another FAILURE by the IRL to properly follow safety measures...just like the flambe of Simona DeSilvestro in 2010 and 2011, and the righting of an overturned Marco car in St. Pete by slamming it down to the ground.

      Something needs to be done before they kill or burn someone worse than they have.

      Do you sense the IRL is getting worse and is getting a lack of respect EVERYWHERE these days? I do, just look at NH this past weekend. Sheesh...
    • Ugandan baseball
      Sources report the popular IRL broadcast partner ESPN's "Sports Center" failed to report on the buffoonery at New Hampshire....but a Ugandan baseball team story got 10 minutes of coverage.

      Oh my, where are the IRL supporters today? Must be out getting their propaganda reprogrammed.

      Is THIS how AOW should be? It's a laughing stock...HULMAN family, YOU are responsible for this. Fix it, NOW.
    • Answers
      Not really. With the obvious exception of obsessed, hypocritical children continuously making fools of themselves in blog comment sections.
    • defender was lied to by Randy on his lunch dates on the private plane...
      Yes, that's the only explanation for the fact that NBC didn't pony up big $$$ to show the .1rl. You know... NBC, the network that defender said has a history of saving junk products like the .1rl.
      Oh, and Randy must have lied about the tv ratings too. It's been reported that they're down from last year. But key demos and target markets must be sky high, because defender says so.

      "IndyCar TV ratings on Versus down from 2010

      Sunday's event at New Hampshire marks the 12th of 17 events on the 2011 schedule. ABC will broadcast five events this year, including the Indianapolis 500, and the other 12 races are carried on the cable network Versus. Outside of the Indy 500, TV ratings remain low and relatively stagnant. In 2008, ABC's broadcast of events earned a 1.0 average rating, with ESPN earning a 0.6 average. In 2009, events on ABC earned a 0.83 average rating, with Versus events getting a 0.33. In 2010, the ABC number was 0.8 and Versus 0.39. Through 11 events this year, ABC coverage has earned a 1.01 average rating and Versus a 0.35 average, down from last year's 0.39 as it remains a noose around IndyCar's neck."

      Gotta imagine that the final for the 0.9 overnight for the NH farce will drop the ABC average lower. Except of course in those key demos and target markets defender's always squawking about...
    • Public Service Announcement

      Try it.

      You're welcome.
    • The Truth
      All these allegations and reports are true.

      The IRL is imploding and is OUT OF CONTROL. Not even the Disciple/Defender of the IRL can offer rebuttal except his usual childish boilerplate responses.

      Seriously, is it any wonder this mickey-mouse series is going to be stuck on ABC/ESPN and VersUs for 6 more years? They all deserve each other. Failure loves company.
    • The Obsession Continues
      $18 million worth of 'failure' per year, stalker boi.
    • $18M per year?
      Proof please. It's still SOUTH of $20M, isn't it? Your credibility is non-existant. Interesting that the Defender blog there's complaints about the TV deal...but here, Dispicable is all rah-rah for HULMAN!

      The Hulman family is just lining their pockets before dumping the sport for their retirement inheritance.

      In fact, they are going to need all the money they can get because this farce will again be in the red. No doubt, right, flatulence boi?
    • More broken vertebra
      Pippa Mann, 100G hit at Loudon and dragged from car to ambulance by barbaric IRL safety crew, has broken bones in her spine.

      How many broken bones have there been in the IRL overall, and especially this 9 year old car that they say doesn't fly, maim or kill? LOTS, I have have a running list.

      And the IRL never did anything about it. Just denied it was happening.
    • TGBB needs to be AXED about this...

      Marshall Pruett conducts an investigation that reveals a plethora of FAILURES in the IRL Race COntrol.

      Randy, either you or Brian Barnhart need to quit amidst this scoring fiasco. New Hampshire was an embarrassing joke on the AOW sport. QUIT immediately please!
    • Why even bother?
      This sport is no longer a sustainable entity. Things do die. Sport, like life itself, is not forever. One day, even Football will die. Maybe 150 years from now. But it too will go away. Societies evolve and things become passe. Such is the way with the open-wheel cars called Indy. This is no longer a major league sport and is best given to reality. It is a thing of the past. I think Indy should be put too rest, too. 100 years was a-plenty.
    • Kreskin They Ain't
      Sixteen years of being 100% incorrect. Keep up the obsessed delinquency, kids. As if you do not appear foolish enough already.
    • History lesson
      It's time for a reality check. The people who look foolish are the place fans who ahve backed this dead horse for 16 years and still lap of every drop of sewage they can get. The "Vision" has been an absolute failure using any metric you want to use to try and break it down to look good. It's just lipstick on a pig. TG and the IRL* are gone. All that is left is a weak replica of the bankrupt CART series called the ICS.
    • IRL Integrity...billy Boat Style
      Back when USAC used to do timing and scoring there was a huge screw up where they awarded the win of a Texas race to Billy Boat. Arie Lyendyk Sr. got his head bashed in good the good old fashioned Texas way for questioning the outcome.

      Well, the next day the IRL FIRED USAC and Arie was awarded the win.

      Do the right thing IRL...FIRE BARNHART and GIVE the win to ORIOL SERVIA, a good former CART and CCWS driver.

      And get rid of Al, jr and Bob Jenkins too. If you want this sport to survive, it can do it without those Hulman hanger-ons.
    • Showing Their True Colors
      The classlessness typified by youthful cart enthusiasts stuck in their cute little time warp remains on prominent display as well as their obvious obsession with all things Indy Car. It is a real shame the handful of deserted island fighters refuse to discover the maturity necessary to become actual racing fans. Life and Indy Car racing obviously continues despite their taunting.
    • Question for Disciple
      Why do you come back? You were dismissed. Why?
    • Zoological Adventures
      Watching primates trying to engage human beings at the zoo is something I rather enjoy, even when they throw feces.
    • Funny
      Key metrics are up but Danica is gone. Attendance and sponsorship up but another crappy TV contract with Always Bad Coverage. LOL
    • Ho Pin Tung
      ....and Georgio Pantano. FRESH from the dirt tracks of Indiannner. This Indycar is on the rise!
    • idiot florida cop stop me from speeding when i try to rob a bank
      danica is not leaving its nascar press lies
      • Same old stuff
        Disciple may not realize it but he is a true reflection of Indycar.

        Same old one make cars pounding around in front of less than packed grandstands and thought of by the locals in Indiana to be something special.

        You keep saying move on, join the new century, evolution...yet all you do is keep on repeating the same tired points and not so funny putdowns.

        You know, the only person I always see here and other places consistently bringing up the split politics and the past is you.

        I wish you'd move on. You are as tired as a patched together old Dalarra and about as exciting. Wheezer!

        Maybe if and when Indycar gets a new car, you'll get some new material and talking points. Maybe even have a few different ones like exchangeable body panels hiding the same car. Wow! How exciting will that be?

        You Indy fans are so stuck in your ways you do not even relaize that guys like Chief, Bret and Burl and all the posters you put down at are actually talking about today and today's Indycar problems. It is always Indy fans that make it about 1995, crpawagons and CART teams and owners.

        I'd say, stop and think about it, but you and your ilk (one of you favorite words!) truly seem incapable.

      • Nice Race Protest Group
        What kind of series, claiming to be professional and elite, would allow the bozo that made the dufus race officiating call, to name the protest review panel (closed to the paying public that inculdes those who attended the race, of course, and the media, and is even so arrogant as to name the track president let alone a couple of guys who run a series that has nothing to do with IndyCars?

        How professional is that? Why go to the trouble? Why not just have Ryan Hunter-Reay and Michael Andretti named to the panel along with Barnyard himself?

        There is no way this league/series/whatever you want to call it these days can call itself a major league entity to be taken seriously. It is even worse than the waning days of whatever they were calling CART when it rigored.
      • Additional Mentoring From An Adult
        Still, there is a very important distinction: Indy Car is alive and well with guaranteed TV money until the end of the decade, increasingly large sponsorship commitments, increasing attendance, and demo-specific ratings on the rise. cart remains a deceased, decomposing entity. Twice.

        Methinks most of the youthful angst being shrieked so incoherently here is borne of insecurity, ignorance and jealousy.

        My advice:

        -Get remedial education. You make society look bad with all of your borderline illiteracy.

        -If you hate what you see, leave and watch something else. Stop being hypocritical in your obsession.

        -The car used in the Indy Car Series is spelled D-a-l-l-a-r-a.

        You're welcome.
      • I was once a supporter of the original IRL concept
        " Unfortunately, I fell for one of the biggest cons racing has ever seen."
      • How To Behave Like a REAL Racing Fan
        Hmmm. Must not be a fan of evolution then. Too bad. Those of us who are REAL racing fans have supported the sport in all of its evolutionary iterations for decades. Like any REAL fan would.
      • Word out of Indy this AM
        Apparently Barnhart has appointed a panel to make a decision on the outcome of the New Hampshire debacle.

        At this juncture, appointing a panel indicates that either:

        a) Race Control messed up

        b) Race Control is corrupt

        Whatever the outcome, appointing two USAC guys and a promoter from NH to the panel (the same guy that wants Will Power's double fingered salute on billboards promoting next years race) certainly will contribute to this being one of the darkest days in the sports history.

        Remedial's this IRLcarz series that needs remedial education. If there's bullets left in the chamber I guarantee they will end up in AOW foot. Great job Hulman family!

      • hey racefan
        Since when has being a real race fan included having to swallow this crap the Indy Car Series is dishing out? Have you no class?
      • Continuing Life Lessons
        "Since when has being a real race fan included having to swallow this crap the Indy Car Series is dishing out? Have you no class?"
        Maybe not, kid. But I AM smart enough to not watch things I claim not to like. Being a hypocrite is not something to which anyone should aspire.
      • So, you knock people who want to like AOW?
        What up with that Disciple? IMS, IRL, Indycarz...whatever...

        AOW has NEVER been worse than it is today. You are calling this evolution? It's Hulman sabotage of the sport is what it is...and YOU are in support of it. That makes you an AOW terrorist. How can you allow the sport to suffer like this? What kind of person are you? How can you defend this mess?
      • Teacher's Got The Ruler Out
        Those with even minimal intelligence hardly see a mess. They see a growing series with risk taking leadership. A series that will get paid nearly $20 million every year for the rest of the decade for just TV rights. A series that will generate $200 million in series sponsorship by 2013. A series that attracts millions of actual racing fans along with a handful of bitter, obsessed children. A series whose key metrics are UP again this year.

        So continue making you and your little nursery school hooligans look foolish. You do a great job with that kid. The rest of us real racing fans will enjoy what we have and work in positive ways to affect ongoing evolution of the greatest sport on earth.
      • thats the problem
        People with minimal intelligence are in control of the sport and they cater to those who have limited ability to comprehend when is taking place before their very eyes.

        I am in disbelief that those so blind are the biggest supporters of this IMS borne abomination.
      • Again, Disciple?
        Why are you? No, really. I mean, you are done. Seriously.
      • DaniKa GONE
        IRL just lost their meal ticket....I view this as positive evolution for the sport.
        • Message to Oriol:
          You're wasting your time.
        • Well, there you go...
          Thanks for correcting my misspelling of Dallara disciple. Mighty big of you.

          You would think that your characterization of all of us that don't agree 100% with you as kids that are hypocrites that follow and hang on everything related to indycar would know how to spell it.

          Or, maybe it just goes to show that I was a fan of indy car racing when it was an open rules series that had lots of technology, creativity and the like and do not follow it as much as you would like to think some of us do.

          So, I admit, I don't use or type out Dallara that much...but yet you still knew what I meant. Imagine that.

          And get off your high-horse there old man (since I must be a kid...another of your tired putdowns)I've seen a few misspellings on these very comments created by your own perfect self.

          And keep your tired old "good fans" crap to yourself too. I was a fan, and it is not being hypocritical for wanting the sport to make a big comeback someday. And keep the split politics out of it too, because before CART there were still open rules, technology and creativity.

          The split fixer Anton caused the mess it is in now, even though you still blame CART/Champcar.

          It is all back together (fixed that split) and it still has to come up with a spec car that teams can't even afford the pig lipstick body kits.

          I wonder if they will even be able to afford new cars. But, that will be seen in a few months when the Hulman-Georges are asked to help the teams by the new D-A-L-L-A-R-A.

          What I like to follow now, because it is such pure comedic entertainment, is blowhards like you that want to gloss over all the problems the series has and call it evolution.

          We are still openwheel fans. Just fans in limbo waiting for heaven to open again so we can get back in.

          You go on and enjoy your "hell" on wheels with tight spec single make racing with a few body panels.

          I'll just wait and watch you and the current series make fools of themselves and soil the sport that we real racing fans loved and hope return.

        • Poor Kids Just Don't Get It
          Real racing fans do not isolate one evolutionary period, then refuse to budge from it. If they did, I would make it 1968 or so. As a real racing fan, I accept all forms of evolution knowing with certainty that it will change again. You cart-centric Einsteins need to discover class, maturity and the ability to deal with real life. Throwing floor fits like two-year-olds at Wal-Mart does not do anyone any good and makes the handful of you still left look foolish. So take some advice from someone who has watched Indy Car in person since 1959. Enjoy it or leave. Saying you don't watch it/enjoy it but offering obsessive commentary about makes you lying hypocrites. Do you really want that to be your legacy? Move forward. You got me?
        • Fat, Dumb and Happy...That's Me
          I am quite comfortable in my skin and have aligned myself with things that are successful. You, on the other hand, have aligned yourself with a deceased entity that failed. Twice. Worse, you fail to handle failure with any class, grace or dignity. I do not want that type of person in any way associated with my favorite sport.
        • Key Metrics
          0.2 at Mid-Ohio, 25k at Toronto where 170K used to show up. Milwaukee 25K, Loudon 0.7 on a sport free afternoon on National OTA TV. Indy 500, 3rd lowest TV ratings EVER. Broken backs, necks, severe burns, 100G hits.

          There's some key metrics...and that's just the start. Post links to support your $200M and $20M claims. You can't because you just pull it out of your head. Mr credibility...
        • Lieutenant Columbos at Work
          What did he say about the numbers, kids? LOL
        • With Danica gone, who's gonna make the doughnuts?
          Business blog fans - Danica Patrick is GONE, announcement in Phoenix next week. The IRL's meal ticket is HISTORY.

          'What'cha gonna do when she sez goodbye', the great Pablo Cruise song with be the IRL's new theme. I'm already singing it with GLEE!
        • Disciple still here?
        • Well, that is a fine how-do-you-do
          So, my last comment to disciple was eliminated.

          That sure says a lot about Indy.

          A great way for a business publication to choose who represents it buisiness and citizens.
        • Buzz words
          "Key metrics" is just another buzz word used by those who "work" as consultants because they can't find an actual career or don't fit in. Key metrics are used to justify their existence because they can't show any growth across a wide range so they break it down into smaller numbers.
        • Word out of Broad Ripple tonite
          Disciple WILL change name BACK to Defender of IRL...signed, sealed and delivered.
        • danica is a indycar driver
          trackforum is all cart fans now they pose as irl fans the same anti american thing
        • It ain't pretty, is it?
          IMS let the CART contingent take over...road courses, street courses, leased engines, foreign domination, former steward head of new car, CART driver, CART owners, push to pass, foreign street races....

          Just about everything but popularity in TV ratings, sponsorship $$$, and attendance. Now, former CART fans take over an IRL forum. Whats next? Driver revolt? 6 more years on a wayward cable outpost? Rival series? A split? TonE Goerge returning to right the ship? Cowboy offing himself? Oh baby, there's not a Hot Wheels ramp big enought for this thing to crash off of.

          Go Indy Car!
        • Major sponsorship activation reports:

          I was in 2 Izod stores in Orlando last week, neither had any INDYCAR Series merchandise. I have been in Izod stores in FL, GA and NC and have never found any race apparel. The all have Izod Golf stuff.

          While outlet shopping this past weekend my son and I spotted an IZOD store. It had a 'Proud Sponsor of the IZOD Indy Car Series' poster in the front window. Walked in thinking we'd find an Indy Car apparel section.

          Nope. Nothing.

          When the friendly clerk asked if she could help us find anything we simply said 'some Indy Car
          shirts'. She said they had nothing in the store

          We have a friend that works for Macy's in a bordering state to IN. He brought in a ton of IICS shirts last year and they didn't sell, not even on clearance. They took a huge hit.
        • Izod
          Of course there aren't any left, there was a waiting list for Special Ed and Sebastien Saaverda Izod shirts. They have been sold out for months. It's just like when Eddie Underacheever won the IRL 500* with Rachel's Potato chips, the demand was so high it forced the company out of business. LOL
        • danica exit
          retirement home=nascar for open wheel drivers that the truth danica retire indycar is for the young crazy driver its tough to keep up past of danger for so long
        • Word out of Sonoma
          It doesn't look good. No, no. no. Ticket sales are Sluuuuugggg-ish. Slll-o-o-o-www. Not looking good at all. 10,000 to 15,000 tops. Whoo boy, Randall. Watcha gonna do? This series had got to do better.

          I called for tickets and was told walk-ups on race day were a sure thing. Mmmmmmmmmmmhhhhmmmmmmmm. Not good at all.
        • Media Partners Report
          IndyCar TV ratings on Versus down from 2010

          Sunday's event at New Hampshire marks the 12th of 17 events on the 2011 schedule. ABC will broadcast five events this year, including the Indianapolis 500, and the other 12 races are carried on the cable network Versus. Outside of the Indy 500, TV ratings remain low and relatively stagnant. In 2008, ABC's broadcast of events earned a 1.0 average rating, with ESPN earning a 0.6 average. In 2009, events on ABC earned a 0.83 average rating, with Versus events getting a 0.33. In 2010, the ABC number was 0.8 and Versus 0.39. Through 11 events this year, ABC coverage has earned a 1.01 average rating and Versus a 0.35 average, down from last year's 0.39 as it remains a noose around IndyCar's neck.
        • Get Back To Me With Numbers That Mean Something
          Uh, have you checked the demo-specific numbers; i.e., the numbers that sell the spots? Those numbers tell a different story my boy. 12+ summaries are for simplistic thinkers. But keep on tryin' LOL.
        • The Indignate Affair, my new movie
          What we want in a scriptline is a new direction....this Izod series is a great starting point. The crashes enthuse us in Hollywood, and the new Indy office there is targeting the best of the best. With this new controversy we can bring it all to the silver screen.

          We've pegged Joan Crawford as Mary Hulam George and new aspiring actor Vincent Martella as Brian Barhart...ohhh, the irony.

          As such, we are tasked with problematic funding issues as any Hollywood production may bring....are there any one willing to fund such an elaborate production? This could be bigger than Le Mans was before Winning was charted amongst the greats of all great cinema. Please, fund this!

          Please contact the Hollywood office of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway immediately.
        • ZOD comercials?
          Why have the IZOD trophy girls been missing from races,,,,and why have the crapwagons been removed from all IZOD commercials? There was one before Indy with Penske screaming go-go-go...

          WHAT'S going on? Is IZOD pulling out?
          Now, just sissy dudes dancing on a sailboat..
        • The winner is chosen
          at our discretion.
          • Happened before, it would appear...
   Indy in 2002, Sonoma in 2006, Japan in 2008, and now New Hampshire in 2011. For certain. Those are the ones we know about. Then there is Kannan "missing a shift" at Fontana in 2005, thus allowing Dario to win. It amazes me Danica has not been awarded victories beyond Japan, but she can't get close enough to the point to manufacture some sort of result. Now it doesn't matter. All these results are barry, barry intrasting.

            In short, the series is fake. It has been for nearly a decade now, and cannot be taken seriously as a credible sporting entity. It is contrived dramatics, aimed in desperation at making the sport more popular, when in fact it is so far from popular, it is now alienating the few dedicated fans who are left.

            In summation: IndyCar Series, notably fake, as evidenced multiple times. Not popular. Fading fast with those few fans who are left.

            Solution: Accept fact that with exception of storied Indy 500, sport is essentially dead. Explore alternatives such as ending the sport and calling the Indy 500 a great century long event, not resting in peace.

          • IMS Hollywood Office
            FFC just gave me a great idea, how about The Great Brian Barnhart gets promoted to run the Hollywood Office.
          • A note to Randy Bernard
            The Disciple of Indy Car is the reason your product garners a .2 Nielsen rating all too often. Indy Car thrived in the 80's to mid 90's without him and your series would too.
          • For Dipsicle
            Zero and two, separated by a . Do those numbers mean anything to you?
          • The Correct Answer Is....
            The collective IQ of the majority of Schoettle blog respondents?
            • Disciple
              You are still here? Why?

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