Danica Patrick bridge-burning tour continues

September 19, 2011
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The Danica Patrick fire-bomb tour continues.

The talk-before-she-thinks specialist is leaving IndyCar at the end of this season to pursue a full-time career in NASCAR, and at this point the move couldn’t come a moment too soon—for the IndyCar Series.

Patrick has been a draw for the series, but lately she—and her mouth—have been more of a distraction than an asset.

In the space of three days Patrick managed to offend Japanese and Brazilians alike. She also put IndyCar Series CEO Randy Bernard in the awkward position of having to defend sending the series on Sept. 17 to a Japanese track about 100 miles from the epicenter of an earthquake and tsunami in March and the resulting radiation leak. What qualified her to question whether radiation made its way into the food and drinks?

It doesn’t appear that Patrick bothered to talk to Bernard about what research he and other series officials did before sending the series to Japan. Yes, there was another earthquake while the series was in Japan, but I’m not sure anyone is very good at predicting those sorts of things.

Miracle of miracles, all the IndyCar drivers and team members came back., or are headed back, in one piece.

Then when Patrick was questioned by media members on Friday about making negative comments about Brazilian race car drivers, she claimed she couldn’t remember the comments. In a nutshell, Patrick basically said they’re reckless and haphazard. Her claims about other race car drivers being out of control couldn't drip with any more irony.

It’s safe to say Patrick won’t be a part of any United Nations peace-keeping entourages.

Seriously, would somebody get this woman a public relations specialist?

At this point, a crisis communications specialist might be more appropriate. Danica, meet Myra Borshoff.

I’m not even going to mention Patrick’s on-track record. But after this season in IndyCar, comparing her to Anna Kournikova might be an insult—to Kournikova. The Russian tennis star wasn’t great on the court, but she wasn’t nearly as offensive as Patrick outside the field of competition.

So off to NASCAR Patrick goes, where she won’t see nearly as many Brazilians or likely be forced to go to Japan.

Who she’ll offend is anybody’s guess.

The bigger question might be, what NASCAR fans will she endear?

  • New low, even for the IRL
    Danika is/was/will always be bad for AOW racing. Good riddance.

    However, if you watched the Motegi race Sunday morning you witnessed the IZOD Indy Car Series at it's most pathetic low of lows since it came into existence.

    The broadcast stunk, and it wholeheartedly insulted my intelligence. The broadcast crew stinks and the banter was childish and unprofessional and made the sport look petty and frankly, retarded.

    IF that's what IMS wants to project to the fans and public with their broadcasts, then there will be less and less fans because it was horrible. In combination with the pitiful racing (if that's what you want to call it), I strongly recommend AOW just die now, because IMS is slowly killing it with this crap.

    When even a hater hates it, nor can find even humor in it anymore it's time to pull the plug.
    • ladyracefan
      Danica is too self consumed to realize how rediculous she really is. What would racefans think if the male drivers posed in bikini bathing suits and were air brushed to look like models? Sick!? She needs to keep her mouth shut and drive her car (if that is possible)! She is rude and full of herself! Thank goodness there are other LADY drivers that are still LADIES!!
    • Danica
      Danica has had such a legion of fans for two reasons. She's attractive and she's not afraid to run with the big boys. Competitiveness, well that's another story altogether.

      But for her to run her mouth about the series that gave her the shot to make her millions, well what does that tell you about her class. And then to take a shot at folks like Tony Kannan, who likely taught her more about racing and how to compete than anyone else, that is just downright despicable.

      Makes me wonder if Dario is next.

      Oh and by the way, Chief, you made your point about Danica. Fine and dandy. Can you not just knock off the diatribe about the IndyCar Series. We all know where you stand. It didn't fit this post and it's a very tired rant.

    • Adventures in missing the point Chief?
      I'm confused to post a comment titles "New low, even for the IRL" (which hasn't existed in a few years) when the article not only had nothing to do with the health of the sport or the race last weekend. In fact it's point being made is that she's become a liability and the series has out grown the need for her draw. It seems a little out of place, wouldn't you agree?
    • Disappointing
      I have to agree with Chief the telecast and everything about the Motegi race was absolutely unprofessional and has surely added to the declining fan base. There are too many other sports including the likes of F1 and Nascar for people to continue with this charade.

      Danica is yesterday's news. Why continue to write about her. She no longer matters.

      Write about the problems with IndyCar and create feedback around what it will take to fix it.

      I read somewhere on here about selling IndyCar and letting the family keep the 500. The best idea I've read in a long time. IndyCar needs fresh blood and backers capable of turning it around. Somebody must be willing and more able than what we have!

      I did put a lot of faith in Randy Bernard. But he has proven to be a lot of hot air, and overhyped promises that went nowhere. It's like the cry wolf story, but with IndyCar, after a while you just stop watching.
    • Spelling mistakes
      Wow, I apologize for the grammatical in that last post. I should had proof read that before I hit post.
    • Danika's mouth
      Yes, Danika is good looking, but I think that her mouth makes her ugly. It would be nice if she just went out and did her job, and did not make every effort in the world to blame everyone else because she is just not that good. That is fine Danika, we need people to finsh outside the top 10 week after week. Stop blaming everyone esle because you cannot win. Again, you do make an awesome model...don't they all have big mouths!!
    • Danika's mouth
      Yes, Danika is good looking, but I think that her mouth makes her ugly. It would be nice if she just went out and did her job, and did not make every effort in the world to blame everyone else because she is just not that good. That is fine Danika, we need people to finsh outside the top 10 week after week. Stop blaming everyone esle because you cannot win. Again, you do make an awesome model...don't they all have big mouths!!
    • Maybe not PC but true.
      Maybe Danica was not Politically correct but most of what she said was true. Sure everybody got to Japan and back unscathed but they did have a 6.2 earthquake the first day. Being 90 miles from a nuclear plant that had major accident and with quakes occurring almost daily cannot make everyone feel 100% safe and she was not the only driver that felt that way. She was just the only one that made the press. The Anna comparison is really weak. The last I looked Anna didn't play on the men's tour, plus Danica is one of only a few drivers not driving for Penske or Ganassi to win a race in the last five years. Since leaving Ganass Dan Wheldon hadn't won a race until this year at INDY and although Dario has always been a great driver he never enjoyed near the success he has since joining Ganassi. Ryan Briscoe could barely crack the top ten before joining Penske. Oh, and Vicki if you think men don't do photo shoots like Danica look up Carl Edward, Joe Nammath's Panty hose, Jim Palmer or David Beckham in their tidy whities just to name a few.
      • Stinks
        Is there anyone (male or female) in racing that is more arrogant? She honestly thinks her "stuff" doesn't stink. I haven't had the pleasure of being so close but I bet it does.
      • Way to go!
        Finally an Indycar related article I love! She is overrated and her only win is a fuel mileage win in Japan. Couldn't believe what she said about packing food/water. Brazilians are so superior to her it isn't funny. Get you average looking, built like a 12 year old boy, not very talented butt to Nascar ASAP. I can't wait until she whines in Nascar as some of those guys will rip her LOL
      • hypocrites
        First of all I have never read anything where Danica has said she was a great driver. Yet she usually finishes ahead of 10-15 men in a race. What are you calling those guys if she is such a lousy driver. According to most of you, you just want her to be a good a little girl and keep her mouth shut and quietly race. For God's sake don't promote yourself like the men do. Cover yourself up and don't ever wear any makeup.
        She has repeatedly said she prefers ovals to road courses so what does the league do, schedule more road courses every year. It seems the league has abandoned her not the other way around.
        OK hypocrites here's a couple of questions.
        If you had the opportunity to make a couple of million in Indy Car or 3 times that much in NASCAR, what would you do.
        If someone put 2 plates in front of you of identical food, one from USA one from Japan, which one would you eat?
        Good or bad, if it wasn't for Danica the Indy league would get no press whatsoever.
        • Folly
          At the end of the day, this woman's identity centers on driving an automobile in circles and posing for pictures in revealing or suggestive clothing. She is paid handsomely to do so. Folly. Pop cultural folly.
        • nice hatchet job
          Danica has been racing since she was 10.
          Tony Stewart said "I think obviously she's got talent; she's been successful in every form of racing she's been in so far and I don't see why she wouldn't be successful here [in NASCAR]."
          IndyCar needs her a hell of a lot more than she needs IndyCar.
          There is no possible way the ground water at Motega is fit to consume. The race was truly unwatchable. Since when does stating the obvious equal fire bombing?
        • Just what the doctor ordered
          Doctor, may I have your autograph?

          BerwickGuy, this sport is DEAD...the Motegi diatribe merely reinforces EVERYTHING that EVERYBODY has been saying for the past 35 years. The IMS/Indy and the IRL suck...sorry if you can't handle the truth. AND, Danica leaving only ELEVATES the sport because IMS used her to float the sport during it's darkest days under Hulman ownership.

          If you think Motegi was something different than how I described it, I'd like to hear your interpretation.
          • Why?
            Why does Danica need a PR specialist? So we can be sheltered from the real Danica? That always works out in the end. Ask Tiger.

            Yep, Danica needs to be told what to say, a sort of manufactured PR lie machine.

            Sports is full of this today and that is why the personalities are so incredibly boring.
          • An observation
            I can't blame her for going to the NASCAR thing. Beside the Indy 500, which is still sort of big, I guess, nobody here in Shelbyville even talks about the IRL or whatever it is. They do like NASCAR, but even that is kind of on the outs.

            Maybe some of the people I read here are right. Is the sport dead? I mean, I never hear anybody even saya word about it and we are right outside Indy as you well know.

            It's like, they don't even exist, the Indy Car guys. Danica leaving is like their biggest name right? I don't know. I don't watch car racing except the Indy 500 every year and she seems to be the big name.
          • My take
            Not sure the IndyCar Series is dead as some say, but it certainly is not well. Back in the day around Cincy down here, there were many, many fans that would watch the old CART races at the sports bar I tended. They would talk about Al Unser. Jr. and Rick Mears, Emmo, those guys. Some used to go to Indy for the "500". Now that I am retired and go to sports bars just for fun and watch the NFL, NBA, the Reds and so on, I never see Indy Cars on the flat screens in the places I go to. I think the last time I did was 2008 Mid-Ohio.

            None of my old friends from the days watch the sport. They know the name "Danica". But that is about it. I think one guy knew Helio was on Dancing With Stars. But those guys used to watch some races when we were younger. Back then it was on ABC Wide World of Sports. None of the old buddies of mine watch Indycars. I guess it had its day. Sad. It was a pretty good sport back in thsoe days when Foyt and Johncock and so on were the names. I couldn't tell you three more drivers anymore. Marcus Andretti is one kid I know of. He seems like a good kid.
          • Go Danica Go!
            Goodbye Danica! True IndyCar fans won't miss you! The best thing you ever did was tromp down pit row to kick Ryan Briscoes ass! Too bad they stopped you. It would have been the closest thing to the Nascar/WWF race circuit we will ever witness as open wheel race fans. She should fit right in with with the other rednecks that call "linking up" with another racecar to pass actually racing. The annnouncers in Nascar are just a little more talented in describing what they perceive as racing in that be-my-friend-now-and I-won't-screw-you-later-I-promise-this-time joke of a racing league. Are there enough ignorant people around for Nascar to pass this off as racing? Rubbing may be racing but this is an insult to my intelligence! If you want to see a race where if cars touch wheels at 220mph they will actually crash go buy a ticket to the Kentucky Indycar race Oct 2 !
          • Danica
            Chief: What part of the article being about Danica don't you get. I didn't say you were wrong in content. You are always more interested in making your points, some worthy, many overstated, that you can't stick to the topic.

            That, my dear critic, was my point.

            Pay attention.......
          • No Class
            Danica has no class - zero. She is a disgustingly arrogant person with very little talent. The only way she will win in NASCAR is if NASCAR orders it - and I'm sad to say - they will.
          • The cult of contrived personality
            Ms. Patrick is a contrivance. That is plain to the eye. Ms. Patrick is neither a serious athelete nor a serious personality. She is but a contrivance, like so many ficitional characters in play. She is a source of amusement to me. But then I do not take car racing as anything oher than, as one poster here called it, "folly. Amusing entertainment.
          • 35 other drivers
            Here are some of the comments about Danica's driving.
            "very little talent"
            "not a serious athlete"
            "drive her car if that is possible"
            Out of 47 drivers listed on the point standings she is 12th. So I guess the 35 drivers under her are even worse than the above comments about her.
            Like I said before she isn't a great driver but she is ahead of a lot of other good drivers. (I know quality of equipment makes a big difference, but Andretti Sports hasn't exactly fielded the most competitive machines for several years)
            • Bunch of balloney
              What a hypocrysy.

              She's right about racing 100 miles from an ongoing nuclear accident. Whoever is not worried of staying near 6 damaged nuclear reactors is a fool. She stated the obvious, but the obvious is not politically correct. So burn the witch for not being politically correct. I want all the people jumping to burn her, including the author, to bring their kids and stay 50 miles from Fukushima for a week. Have a picnic. Have your children drink the water. Eat the food. And then tell they are not concerned.

              Oh, and nevermind the on-going earthquakes that happen every other day in the region. That's just for cools.

              About the Brazilians, it's incredible - she was not referring to all of them, but to one in particular - Tony Kanaan - who had just jumped in gratuitously to criticize her about the nuclear safety thing.

              But, nevermind, misinterpret as you wish, go on, burn the witch. People really haven't changed much in 500 years.
            • Danica
              So now her words are speaking louder than her driving. She beat Kanaan. Just another Danica hater writing finding anything negative.
              • Precisely

                The author seems more interested in using bombastic expressions as "fire-bomb tour" and "talk-before-she-thinks specialist" rather than writing about facts.

                She said she was worried of being 100 miles from reactors that spewed lots of radiation. I would worried too, given the same people that say now it is completely safe had said same before the nuclear accident.

                She didn't boycott, didn't critize, didn't go campaigning against, but answered a direct question. What in the world the author has against that?

                It's politically-correct nincompoops like the author that make this country the kingdom of hypocrisy. I still want to see the author bring his family for a picnic nearby Fukushima - or drive at 230 mph, for the matter.
              • Justified Radiation Fears
                If ANY of you Danica bashers bothered to investigate what is going on in Japan, I doubt you woud be blaming her for being afraid of that contamination. Your jealousy clouds your judgment. Those THREE reactors DID MELT DOW, and CONTINUE to emit MASSIVE amounts of radiation. Scientists believe that the hot core has gone through the floor & into the ground, so called china syndrome. They can't tell for sure, because IT IS TOO HOT to get near enough to look! There could be a new massive explosion at any time the next YEAR or two, at least. You make your assininity all too obvious....
              • You've Got to be Kidding Me!
                Mr. Schoettle claims that Danica is "more of a distraction than a draw" to the IndyCar Series! Are you kidding? A distraction from WHAT? What Mr. Schoettle fails to realize is that in order for something or someone to be a distraction, there has to be something there to distract! Nobody watches IndyCar. The ratings are infomercial-level. IndyCar could use ANY attention related to it, good or bad!

                And I highly doubt that the Japanese were offended by her comments, especially considering the warm reception she got from the fans in Japan. The only Brazilian driver that has complained was Tony Kanaan...and he's despised Danica (and everybody else at AA except for RHR) for over a year, not just now. It's funny how Japan embraces an American driver, yet America doesn't.

                IndyCar needs all the American drivers they can get...so why praise the departure of one, especially their biggest star? You people are delusional to believe that her departure will actually HELP IndyCar. I don't care HOW "talentless" she is, people come to see her. I don't care if the girl was worse as a driver than Milka Duno, it's not good any way you slice it that IndyCar is losing it's biggest star. Now that she is gone, there is NO ONE in IndyCar that resonates with the American mainstream audience. Nobody else is a household name in America except for her. I don't like this anymore than you guys do, but that's the truth.

                But that's exactly what you guys want in your ChampCar golden calf: a series full of faceless foreigners, where everybody is robotic, says nothing, garners no attention, and keeps their mouths shut like little puppets. If you guys could clone Scott Dixon over 28 times you'd do it in a heartbeat.

                And she didn't say Brazilian drivers were "reckless and haphazard". She said that Brazilian drivers have a tendency to drive recklessly early in their careers and become more conservative as they get more experienced, where as she drove too conservatively early in her career and has learned to become more aggressive. Other analysts have said this before. Danica is not the first person to point out the aggressiveness of Brazilian rookies.

                And to say that Danica is the "Anna Kournikova" of racing is getting old. The comment is sexist. If she were a man, nobody would be saying this about her. If you're gonna call her that, then she would have to be compared to other WOMEN, since Anna Kournikova is compared to other WOMEN, and being male makes you exempt from such a dubious title. That being said, no other woman has accomplished what Danica has in open-wheel racing. Several women have accomplished more than Anna Kournikova has in tennis.

                Funny how nobody calls Oriol Servia, Alex Tagliani, Vitor Meira, Scott Speed, Graham Rahal, Nico Rosberg, Joey Logano, Adrian Sutil, Marcos Ambrose or Paul Menard the "Anna Kournikova"s of racing.
              • 1 for 2
                Her concerns about going to Japan were personal and justified. Anybody would have concerns. Get over it. Generalizing about Brazilian drivers was a stupid comment and she should acknowledge that. She was right about a reckless driving style being a stupid way to race but insinuating that all Brazilians drive that way was wrong. The Anna Kournikova thing is ridiculous. There are many drivers that would love to have her career results. She has done quite well.
              • Nico Rosberg and the F1 guys
                @ WillPowerFanX

                Nico was GP2 champion. Nico was driving a non competative Williams and was the actual F1 winner in Singapore 2008, as Alonso won from cheating. Nico thrashed 7 time World Drivers Champion, Michael Schumacher last year at Mercedes, and is beating him this year in equipment devloped to favor Schumi.
                I'm a Nico Rosberg fan.

                I'm not a fan of Sutil, but he has won in the lower catagories and he consistantly beats his team mates, so he keeps his drive. Well, he also brings 4 million in sponsorship too, but he drives well also.

                Scott Speed won a contest to become an F1 driver for Red Bull.
                That's about all he's ever done, apart from washing out of NASCAR, so he's been toying with the idea of becoming a BIG NAME STAR in the .1rl... :roll:

                The rest of the clowns mentioned are .1rl and NASCAR guys, so I know nothing about them. Not a fan of the clown car series, or roundy round racing.

                • Marcos Ambrose
                  I just did a search on this guy, and come to find he's the 1999 European Formula Ford champion, and 2003 and 2004 V8 Supercar champion.

                  Sounds like a Danica career to me. :roll:

                  • @jim

                    I'm a fan of these drivers too, Jim. My point is that ever since they have come to the PROFESSIONAL circuit, they have not accomplished any more than Danica has yet it is Danica who is given such a dubious moniker. If she were a man, this woudn't be the case. And Danica got 2nd in the Formula Ford Competitiion in one of the closest finishes in history, btw.

                    And Danica isn't in exactly top-flight equipment either.
                  • Danika > Marcos Ambrose?
                    Mr. Ambrose has won several races in the SAME series as Mrs. Hospenthal. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT. The Mrs. hasn't won anything.

                    Her one win happened in a foreign country, in a foreign chassis with a foreign engine. And it occurred because someone pulled over and let her win. Yes, Twinkle Toes the Tax Evader drove under power into the pits and never ran out of gas. Look it up....
                    • Anyone
                      Dont see anything wrong with what she said. Other drivers have said worse then her. The writer is trying to make her look bad.
                    • Agenda
                      Exact, Mike.

                      Isn't it nice when a so-called journalist uses the media to advance his personal agenda of despite, hostility and loathing for someone, and puts pre-conception above neutral reporting?

                      It's not that Danica doesn't have her faults - she has plenty. And she'll never be a Franchitti. But she's open and honest, and what the author tried to do with this article is just a repugnant and execrable exercise of journalistic malice.
                    • kjk@tyr.com
                      Maybe the author of this article knows what a destructive force this little lady has been for the indycars. Maybe you don't want to face reality.
                    • Chief's comments

                      Here you go again. "Ol Twinkle Toes" as you call him has won as you well know 3 Indy 500's. That does not happen to also rans. And he beat the tax evasion charge. You also know that he was advised to take the action he did in tax reporting as any of us would have done, most likely, in his case.

                      Regarding Danica's win, many other drivers have won under fuel strategies, try Smoke in the latest nascar race. Why is that any different? I'm not a Danica fan, but sometimes people get lucky with what the team calls for. She shouldn't be criticized for that.

                      Perhaps you're just jealous because Helio can dance and you can't. Why do you use every opportunity you can just to run people down?

                      Knock it off..........
                    • Chief is probably right...
                      ...regarding Danica's Motegi win in 2008. The story I have heard several times and read in certain places is essentially this:

                      Team Penske was closing in on a milestone win of some sort in April 2008 (100th win, 200th, I don't know), and the Indy 500 was the next race after Motegi.

                      With the series desperately needing attention and momentum, and Danica increasingly under critical review for failing to win, it was not so much a contrived effort from the start but rather a crime of opportunity for the series. Edicts here handed down in cooperation with partners. As the race neared end, it became obvious Danica was in position to win because she had fuel. To that point she had done her usual credible job of essentially mid-packing it, keeping it straight, conserving her equipment, running properly, and staying in or near the Top 10 like she does so often. She deserves credit for that. She is very good at it. But not Mears-like, thus mediocrity.

                      So when it became apparent Danica could possibly win, with Castroneves the only one left with fuel, the orders came down. Danica gets a win and Penske gets to possibly hit the milestone win at Indy. BIG, BIG, Danica lead-ins (she graced Sports Illustrated, for example), and Penske basks in more Indy glory with not just another Borg but a milestone. The latter was not the most important element, but a nice trade-off for an Helio pull-off. And yes, he had fuel left in the tank.

                      Who knows if it is really true, but I have heard the story repeated. It is all conjecture for those of us who are not connected. I think it is quite plausible. The IRL seemingly and quite possibly contrived a win for Marco in 2006 at Infineon. It proved it could be done if that is is, indeed, what happened as also has been a point of conjecture.

                      Who knows? But the one thing remains for sure: It was her only win and it came as a fuel victory against a field of just 18 with a car pulling off the track in position to win that had fuel left over. Penske had run tanks dry before in other races, why all of a sudden, play it safe at Motegi. Hhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmm...

                      No, look, nobody knows and it is all speculation but it sure reaks of suspicion. That being said, the series is very, very amateur and it seems to be getting worse by the race. In fact, I think it is going to go away in 2012 or 2013 for sure. Too little an audience to sustain.

                    • RUN people down?
                      Every opportunity? The IRS is watching "twinkle-toes" in every step he makes. Offshore tax shelters apparently, don't you read the news?

                      Danika...she was never a force in the IRL. SHE HAD POTENTIAL, but all of it wasted because she couldn't win. PERIOD...instead, you indy-centric lapdogs are lamenting what could have been. Well, she blew it...driving-wise. Remember when she took the $$$ and threw Rahal-Letterman under the bus?

                      Wow, the hot broad in a man's sport angle really worked wonders, didn't it? It floated the IRL through tough times. So, now she takes her soft-porn dog & pony show to NASCAR.

                      The Speedway used her and her talents...a serious racer without the sexy impediments that Danika has would have left or even never arrived at the IRL. That is fact friend. That's why Simona has has potential...she's got guts, she can race, and she not playing up some porn-star role just so the leegue can look spiffy for all of it 300,000 fans worldwide.

                      Good bye Danika, IRL need your meal ticket more than you need them. They are just too stupid to figure it out.....and the dead end direction of this series will limit your spokesmodel opportunities. Run, don't walk.
                    • Relevant Anna Kornakova news
                      I understand Anna Kornakova will be appearing on the TV show "Biggest Loser", where she berates obese contestants.

                      How long before our favorite Princess Sparklepony is a regular on that show?
                    • How About We Try Dover Again?
                      New Hampshire says thanks but no thanks to a return engagement. That 2 times the IRL has failed there. 2 times! Hah.
                    • Tw!ce
                      Yep, here's a quote from Jerry Gappens, Loudon Promoter:

                      “I can't figure out why there weren't more advanced ticket sales,” Gappens said. “As I've said before, we're in a business where people vote by buying tickets whether they like it or not, or want to support it.”

                      IRL is now up to 26 dead tracks/markets with the jettisoning of MoNtegi and Loudon. Amazing that 28K at an oval can't pay the bills....TW!CE.

                      There's always track rentals and parking lot orange cone ovals the IRL needs to try. Heck, even the local autocross events get more than 28K in a weekend.
                    • Hey Disciple
                      Explain New Hampshire, please. Since you are in the "know" and all, busily working with Randy on growing the sport. We knew it was a failure on race day. Now the evidence is in, confirming the fact.

                      Go ahead, give us some hope. Mayeb the road races in Russia or the two races in Brazil?

                    • Hey BerwickGuy
                      Can you explain this phenomenon of the 2011 IRL izoD series losing 3 of the ovals it was created to protect and foster?

                      Also, elaborate on how come the IRL can't keep Danica in an IRL seat?

                      Can you comment or post your opinion as to if all this is a positive direction for the sport?

                      Are you in favor of Chinese and Russian races?

                      Do you think the broadcast crew for IRL races is good, and if not, what should be done to make it better?

                      Will there be more than 16 cars next year?

                      Can you also comment on the new car and the fact that it is failing to be what was promised by the ICONIC Committee?

                      Thanks, your buddy, Chief
                      • Chief

                        There you go again making up your own agenda far off the content of the original article. NO big surprise here. It would not be unreasonable for you to drop the irl moniker. Even though you weren't given an apology (why you thought YOU personally deserved it is beyond me, but that's another story), the series DID drop the name you know.

                        Ok, I'll pay your game:

                        1. RB did what he was supposed to do. Find suitable venues. Some events take time to develop no matter what the sport. 2 ovals lost due to poor crowds - possibly partially due to poor promotion but then I don't know that to be true, but if so, only likely in Milwaukee. Motegi was lost due to costs most likely.
                        2. Drivers aren't owned by series, and c'mon, you know that nascar pays more. Danica said two years ago that family time meant more than anything else. I would have surmised that she wouldn't go to nascar because of the lengthy season, but now we can see she didn't mean it. She's allured to the almighty $$. She's not likely to find anymore success their than she did in open wheel, but it's her choice bottom line.
                        3. Is this positive for the series, you know it isn't. It's a severe blow. Open whell has never been successful in promoting their drivers especially in the post irl era. Until they figure this out and make it work, the series will be mired in mediocrity in markets outside the areas in which they draw, and you know what venues those are.
                        4. Chinese and Russian races - are you kidding me, what does that do to endear fans. I'll believe it when I see it.
                        5. The broadcast crew is attrocious - They need a lead who doesn't forget the driver's names - sorry Jenkins, and they need a color guy that people like to hear. Weldon was the best I've heard in years. A legend would be great but unfortunately most of those guys aren't that eloquent. Beekhuis is ok, but I'd like to hear Mears or Vasser if they were available.
                        6. Cars next year - much depends on the economic conditions over the next few months, although 18 - 22 is the most likely number.
                        7. The new car - how the hell would I know. Until engines and cars are worked by the teams and drivers, how would anyone know for certain. Yeah, I wish we were back in the days when the cars were piloted by driver who did more wrestling of their cars than they did steering them, but that isn't today. We'll just have to see, won't we.

                        Well, Chief, I hope you're amused. As for me, a positive, hopeful attitude get's me though the day much better. Such as it is for IndyCar, such as it is for life in general. If I don't expect too much, I don't get disappointed. After all, it is merely another form of entertainment.
                      • When do any of you care enough to get mad?
                        I find it fascinating that you only appear get upset at me....while the series you defend from the reality stated here only gets a "we'll see where it goes" attitude.

                        When are you people on the pro-IRL/Indy Carz side of things going to face the facts and get angry at the SERIES and it's masters at 16th and Jonestown...they are running this thing into the ground. 3 more ovals lost this year, track-rentals beginning. What's next, the 'car of tomorrow' and SpikeTV?

                        The fans at New Hampshire didn't show because they voted thumbs down to that circus...and it turned out they were right.

                        This sport is in a world of hurt and it's in danger of going away permanently....is it laid back indiana conservatism or do you all have that much blind faith in the Hulmans? Their track record to date is not good.
                      • Post AOWR entertainment
                        Watch F1.
                        Singapre GP this weekend folks. Don't miss it. It's an awesome night race in front of huge crowds. everything the .1rl has never had.
                        Awesome cars, legendary manufacturers, top notch pilots who have all won in feeder series and amazingly, everyone makes $$$ and is happy.
                        Monaco hasn't decided it has the duty to save the series from success yet, but I have to imagine if FTG was crown prince there, he'd have destroyed International OWR too...

                        Lord of the Rings Online can be played for free. Hours of FREE entertainment there. I'm farming there as I write this. Beats the hell out of watching a bunch of nobodies drive roundy round in under powered ugly OW cars, all for the glory of the H/G clan.

                        Just my .02

                      • The All important demographics
                        from Monteggi for the Dipsicle of IZOD Indycar razing

                        Indy Japan 300
                      • F1 practice
                        Just watched FP 1 and even with the dealy for removing the curbs, it was far more interesting than that last .1rl race I tried to watch a couple years back, from the Glen.
                        Camera men fist fighting for position to take pictures of the McLaren in the garage. Yes, even a stationary F1 car (with its wheels off) warrants fighting over to see who gets the picture. Is there even anyone taking pictures of the .1rl cars??? Is there even anyone watching the .1rl races live or on TV??? Apparently, the numbers say not. Happy x 2-Joy x 2. :lol:

                      • New Car
                        Chief, Burly, Truth, et al: Racer reporting the following: "New IndyCar runs 400-plus trouble free miles at Iowa"

                        All you guys can do is run down, draw negative, espouse hate, name call, etc. You imply you know more than Cotman, Penske, Mears, Andretti, Ganassi, anyone associated with IndyCar. I don't know why anyone even gives you a modicum of attention. You're not worth it, and I'm done listenting or ever replying to anything you guys and have to say.

                        As for me, I'll put aside the negatives and see what happens.

                        Oh yeah, more negative news (NOT) - Honda and Chevy engines for '12 and a Lotus Team (golly critics, can you imagine that???)

                        I'm done with this blog and its negative rants so excuse me while I stick to valid coverage from Cavin, Miller, Speed, Racer, Pressdog, etc.

                        I'm out.........
                      • cya
                        We'll miss you. When you only want to hear positive messages, that's all you will hear.

                        Why were Motegi ratings so good? See, I put a positive spin on it, just for you BerwickGuy.
                      • Hey Burwick, don't go to the official IRl forum
                        as the moderator is calling for a return to the days of CART
                      • I'll miss you, BerwickGuy
                        There were 2 airings of Danica's last trip around Motegi. The irl drew 0.0 ratings, tw!ce.

                        Izod has an exit clause. How about Versus?

                      • No Speedway/Sunday Night Football Tie-ins Last Night
                        Looks as if NBC doesn't care one iota about the Indy 500 or the Speedway. Sunday Night Football contained NO REFERENCES, visual or other, to the 500, speedway or it's once-iconic stature with regard to what Indianapolis is best known for.

                        NBC did showcase the museum, some gondola/canal stuff and aerials of the city.

                        A certain disciple of the IRL noted in his 500 hit-a-day blog that this would be the big test for the speedway's and NBC's partnership. FAIL.

                        OUCH! Not one mention on the broadcast! Remember when Comcast/NBC were the saviors? When in doubt, time buys on SpikeTV or Hallmark channel can be had for Hulman $$$.
                      • NBC must be aiming for a youthful, vibrant audience
                        not a bunch of old farts who remember what Indy used to mean
                      • When is the last time
                        there was a new track record? Didn't Honda and Dallara set one this past May? Oh that's right, they are using crapwagon specs and not CART specs. No wonder the moderator of the official IRl forum wants a return to the CART years
                      • Lost in all of this...
                        ....is the simple fact the sport is just not popular anymore. Not popular at all. It doesn't look good.....mmmmmmmmmmmmhhhmmmmmmm. Doesn't look good at all.
                      • Danica?
                        You are wrong abouth the comparison w/Anna.
                        Danica drives a car. The cars are supposed to be close to equal (which they aren't because of the difference in sponsorship and funding for teams). Danica's is more equal than others. Anna did not have a machine aiding her tennis, it was her own talent and
                      • This is funny!!!!
                        Danica usually finished ahead of 10-15 men (not very often) because they are RACING and
                        sometimes they make contact by trying to win.
                        Danica just goes around the track/course never really challeging, hoping others will
                        have mechanical problems, contact crashes or
                        her team devises a fuel strategy for her to
                        move her up. She has started 20th or worse the last few races and this with a car superior in everyway to all but the Ganassi
                        and Penske cars. She should be top 10 every race with the 5th or 6th best car out there.
                        What would Dan Weldon do with that #7 or Simona. They wouldn't lanquish in the bottom half of the fiels hoping some drivers will go out of the race.
                      • Ovlas for Danica
                        So, because Danica prefers ovals (which means she flat sucks at Road/Street course) IRL should do away with Road/Street courses.
                        Sorry Danica you would still be a barely top 10 in points even then. There are more and more drivers and teams coming up to the IRL
                        and next year with competition w/ Lotus, Chevy and Toyota power plants getting into the act, she saw her self drifting further and further back. The past years there were only 18-22 cars entered in races. This teay there are 25 and more most races. Do the math,she was 6th or 7th in the points race now with 5 more drivers drining full time she has dropped to12th in points. She wants out. A couple of medicre years in NASCAR and she'll be a footnote in the history of motorsports, not a star.
                      • ARE you kidding?????
                        She is 12th out of the 34 or so becuase 1) many are part-time driver who don't race every week (Dan Wheldon, Paul Tracy etc) 2)other better drivers don't have the sponsorship and hence they are underfunded teams. 3)Look where the good teams are placed. Penske, three drivers in the top 10
                        Target/Gnassi, three drivers in the top ten
                        heck even Andretti Motorsports othe driver are ahead of Danica or at least close (and she drives the #1 car on the team with most tech and stratefy time going to her). She should be top 10 easily, if not top 5. Dan Wheldon would be challeging for the championship if he were in the #7,
                      • "It appears likely that race fans have voted out Indy cars
                        The VORL - the mosted voted out racing league in history - 28 tracks and counting
                      • It appear a shake up is under way in Race Control
                        Rumor has it someone got suspended in Race Control. Hope it was TGBB for crimes to AOW racing...
                        • 0.16
                          "Milk is for babies. When you grow up you have to drink beer." -Arnold Schwarzenegger

                        • Lil Al had indy racing league TV numbers
                          flowing through his veins
                        • Lil Al
                          You just don't know what an empty beer bottle means.
                        • new low
                          new car duck cars are back
                        • new indycar bring back ugly back
                          moustache sucks too
                        • Transforming Ugly
                          The new car looks like some sort of Transformers toy. I half expect Wheldon's helmet to morph into a giant eye, the
                          flair-ed out rear wheel thingys on the tub to swing vertical into giant booster rockets, the rear wings to extend out and turn into lift wings ,and a giant cannon to propel out the fake airbox and soar above the Speedway, shooting lasers at Brian Barnhart, Fred Nation, Randy Bernard, and a staggering Al Jr. as they run for their lives across the infield grass, seeking the safety of Daddy Cottman under the pagoda, drunk himself off a half-consumed bottle of Utter Stupidity.
                        • What me worry?
                          Someone will develop retro March, Wasp, Lola, Swift and Novi bodykits, eventually. Like....never.

                        • Word out of Kentucky today...
                          ...I'm here and the word on the street is this is the last Kentucky. No sources. Just repeated word. The paddock has such a negative vibe to it. The fans that are here are not very enthusiastic. The whole atmosphere is minor league. Very disappointed in what this league has become. Aside from Indy next year, this will be my last race. It just doesn't work anymore. I hope tomorrow's race is a good one, because the sport desperately needs a decent showing. Again, word here is, no mas.
                        • pit hurt
                          it was a good race did not like the finish i wanted dario to win vibe was awful since 4 years formula greedy indycartlight but truth it was since 1996 split is over make it look even worst irl is running out of things to blame irl allways is there worst enemy ugly open wheel car is nothing new look at f1 and the old duck cars of the past but those league are heathy and never have huge pr stunt to have good vibe for new car or promote or need to if they did probly would not have bomb like the irl i am pull the plug at vegas texas new car is vibe of series that means there is no future

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