CEO Randy Bernard shakes tree at IndyCar Series

November 30, 2011
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One IndyCar Series executive has been fired and another one demoted, according to SpeedTV.

SpeedTV reported late Tuesday night that Terry Angstadt, president of the series’ commercial division, has been fired, and Brian Barnhart is being relieved of his duties as chief steward and director of racing.

IndyCar officials did not return calls seeking comment, but late this morning series officials released a statement confirming Angstadt's departure and Barnhart's change of duties.

IndyCar CEO Randy Bernard has been hinting for weeks that big changes were coming after another season of marginal business growth and controversial on-track officiating.

Angstadt and Barnhart were the last major links to Tony George’s tenure with the series. Before Bernard was hired, Angstadt had lobbied Hulman-George family members and Speedway CEO Jeff Belskus to let him replace Tony George.

Angstadt, who has been in his position since 2007, will be replaced by Marc Koretzky, who served as director of business development for IndyCar this past season. Koretzky was in charge of many of the promotional activities in the week leading up the Las Vegas race. Before joining IndyCar, Koretzky worked with the NFL as director of operations for Super Bowl committees in Atlanta, Houston and Detroit.

AutoWeek reported that Angstadt resigned, but sources within the series told IBJ his departure was not voluntary.

"I want absolutely nothing but long-term growth for IndyCar," Angstadt told Autoweek.

Barnhart will remain with the series as president of operations, handling some aspects of operations and logistics, according to series officials, but will not have anything to do with officiating races for the open-wheel series.

According to SpeedTV, the possible candidates to replace Barnhart are former CART driver Scott Pruett, American Le Mans Series chief steward Beaux Barfield and longtime CART team owner Steve Horne, who has maintained all along he’s not interested in a full-time job.

  • Amen
    and the congregation said, Amen.
  • Positive steps, long time coming
    Good....maybe there is hope.

    Randy Bernard, you must read this blog because you are executing 'point for point' the ideas expressed by a group labelled here as "HATERS".

    While your overall grade is still "F" for your two years of service, I will give you a bump to F+ for finally getting it, a bit.

    Your job is safe for today, tomorrow the organ grinder shall begin once again the familiar song of "Take this job and shove it", sung in C. Sayonara, Randy-san.
  • Too little, too late
    Given the complexities, shall we say (and that is being nice), the IndyCar Series finds itself in, this is like putting duct tape on a dam break. The car sucks. The series in still reeling from Mr. Bernard's deadly promotion, there is no schedule out and tomorrow is December 1, the series is seeking to expand its fan base by having a race in China, and so on and so on and so on, I could go on. It's a pathetic mess of a psuedo-series and ugly in every way.

    I say fire Bernard. Now. Immediately. Close out the IndyCar Series altogether. Hire USAC to run a 2012 Run Watcha Brung Indy 500, and maybe two or three other races, then start up a new series, on a very small scale of six or seven races a season, plus Indy, with Indy Cars based on the old March/Lola type models of the 80's, with Indy being the only big, fast track.

    The sport is essentially dead. But it can be saved with a focus on the Indy 500 and a half dozen small races at places like Iowa, Gateway, maybe even a roadie at Mid-Ohio, Barber is ok. But it is not and will never be again a big deal. It will never me heyday. It is small time with one big event.
    • consistent
      at least you're consistent. everything you say is wrong.
    • Weak redcar
      Very weak. You need to go back to the feeder series, maybe school cars. The skills aren't up to the thrills.
    • Newman Haas GONER
      Word out of Lincolnshire, Illinois this afternoon:

      Newman Haas Racing has closed shop and will not race in the IRL series anymore.

      Makes ya wonder if cars woulda been done by now and IF Randy Bernard wouldn't have botched up the whole series in 2011, IF AOW in general is even sustainable anymore.

      Randy, RESIGN immediately. It all has been a horrible failure....
    • Let Me Guess...Indy Car is DOOMED. LOL.
      I kinda think the failure of Newman-Haas is because Paul Newman is dead and Carl Haas is knocking on the door. Besides, they are a legacy cart team, where dying still occurs regularly. Sad to see them go, but evolution and natural selection does that. Hopefully the great people working there will land with another outfit.
    • Fenceposts and flukes, Disciple answers no questions
      Hey bud, no worries.

      The EVOLUTION of AOW via the Tony George family et al is on track! Not oval ones, but who's counting.

      You got a point, no tears for Newman Haas. They had a good run and it burdens the IRL, so no problem.

      Hey, whens the Wheldon death investigation gonna be released? Can't be nothing but positives in there I bet....probably confirm your fenceposts and flukes position, eh Defender?
    • Investigation?
      Anyone with eyeballs and firing synapses can see what happened.
    • No Mas Newman-Haas
    • d is right
      In the bizarro world of the .1rl, legendary teams that have won >100 races and numerous championships are killed off by the H/G clan's twisted version of natural selection and evolution, to be replaced by the vastly superior and ultra successful .1rlings like Sarah Fisher and Ed Carpenter.
      Oh, wait...

    • Speaking of Stats...
      How many races did this superior legacy cart team win in the '.1rl?' (Classy).
    • Makes you wOnder
      So, this investigation is fruitless, huh? Disciple is criticizing the investigation before it even comes out!

      It's December schedule and no investigation new car. YUPPERS, and they just fired the Chief Steward and VP of Commercial Sales.

      And all you got is mediocre teenager comebacks about Newman Haas? How that a European carry-all you are swinging.

      HeY D, when the finance report coming out? Did IRL make money this year? Bwahahhahahahhha!

    • Yes they did
      By using frequent flyer miles to get the Vegas contest winner to the race, they posted a .02 profit. Kinda like their TV ratings :LULZ:
    • And Now, A Voice of Reason and Class
      Chief...I think I was able to wade through your latest obsessed meandering successfully. At least I hope so. I'll try to slow this down enough for you and your friends that hang out here.
      -Investigation: Dan Wheldon died because his head hit a metal fence post at high velocity during an accident. The doctors who performed the autopsy pinned the cause of death on 'blunt force trauma,' which is consistent with what my eyeballs saw at the track. That is really all the investigation I need. Those who seem to be out for blood, blame or bellyaching usually have other issues with which to deal.
      -I would also like to see a schedule; preferably one with the oft-promised balance of ovals to non-ovals. Randy Bernard has stated the specific reason the schedule is not officially released yet is they are working on closing the Wheldon accident. Be patient and show a little class. I am.
      -IMS and the Indy Car Series are privately held. They do not release their financial data for public consumption. They have released the fact that attendance rose last season, as did the television ratings (that matter...not the 12+ overnights that cause laughable histrionics among the Internet television executives). The 1,327,000 or so attendees of measurable Indy Car functions in 2011 bolster the claims.
      -Given the rise in attendance and ratings combined with budget and staffing cuts that have occurred over time at IMS/Indy Car,combined with increases in corporate sponsorship and advertising, a profitable Indy Car for 2011 is certainly probable.
      -With regard to the reassignment of Brian Barnhart...I thought that is something for which the obsessed have been howling to happen for years. So now that it happens it's bad news?
      -Angstadt was replaced by someone with more relevant experience in the sports area. Perhaps the new guy will devote some effort now to the cultivation and management of oval racing, something forsaken by his predecessor.

      Is there anything else I can clear up for you today?
    • That number is different
      from the last one you posted
    • You should keep a log
      of all the numbers you post, so that you don't continually post different ones
    • All one need do
      is look at all the empty bleachers to know which part of your anatomy you got those figures from
    • How is it bAD news? asked? INSTABILITY for the series, that's how.

      You and IMS can tiptoe through the tulips all you want, but, INSTABILITY in the series/league now in 2011/2012 is at dangerous levels. I know you consider this vibrant evolution....but just like the Dodo, evolution can lead to extinction. The Dodo didn't care...either.

      And that new is visually unappealing, slow and unbalanced and frankly...looks to be designed by some genius over at Trackforum with an aesthetic skewed in the absurd.

      Onward and upward!
    • I Think We'll Be Fine For Years To Come
      It certainly beats death by arrogance. Twice.
    • If you hadn't built up a 15 year history
      of lying on the Internet, someone might take you seriously,,,,as it is, we all know your track record,,,and it isn't a new one.
    • Once again
      you clowns pick the ugliest damn car you could get
    • Hey Tiny d
      throw in up to 15,000 for Vegas. Despite giving away for free, upwards of 80,000 tickets to the event, if 15,000 showed up, that was a lot. 15,000 in a stadium that holds 132,000. It looked bad for IndyCar for what was supposed to be their 'grand' finale.
    • Marlo Klain
      Yup, she had more at her wedding....jus' saying.

      We're nearing 30+ on the IRL/Indycar "thrown out of tracks" meter. In just 15 years!

      That's NEW thrown out of tracks RECORD! AND...They're ON IT!
    • Key metrics
      I'm glad to hear that Newman Haas has turned it's back on the ICS* and will soon be racing in the ALMS. Newman Hass has always been a professional, class organization unlike the semi pro Indy Car Series, IMS* and the 100 fanatical fans who still believe in Tony George's "vision" and have made it their lifes work to pollute internet message boards to support their Savior.
    • Reminder: We're Almost To 2012
      I enjoy reading the stunningly simplistic stereotyping of the cute little 1995 flat earthers.

      Oh, and Chief....Indy Car STILL has a long way to go to catch up to the twice dead series many to which many still feel Indy Car should aspire.

      Failed cart/champcar venues (41 or so):
      Texas Motor Speedway (Colossally so)
      Hawaiian Super Prix (Fantasy)
      Korea (Fantasy)
      Mexico City I
      Mexico City II
      Mexico City III
      Road America
      San Jose
      Denver I
      Denver II
      Laguna Seca
      Quebec I
      Quebec II
      Quebec III
      Miami I
      Miami II
      Miami III
      Vegas I
      Vegas II
      Vegas III
      Houston I
      Houston II
      Brands Hatch
      Chicago Chip Clip

      But given most of the owners who killed that series, twice, slithered back to to Indy Car, it may not be long before it catches up.
    • Facts
      16 years, 4 driver deaths, 3 spectator deaths. 1 paralysis and multiple serious injuries from airborne cars the series failed to acknowledge.

      Those numbers will never be beat.

      RIP Dan Wheldon.
    • Hey Tiny d
      They all had lots of fans in attendance up til the end. The IRL not so much. Are we up to $700 million yet?
      • Protecting what???
        Here is what the Great Disciple/Defender hides from in his sophomoric replies that he hopes shows his maturity, but like always, demonstrate otherwise.

        CART and Champcar never set themselves as protectors of any tradition or style of racing. They just wanted to create a great series that was based around Indy and Indy-style racing. Nothing more.

        And, it has to be said they were very successful at it up until the point where the Hulmans decided that success was really theirs.

        Anton Hulman sold his and the family's power moves as protecting traditional oval racing.

        What is the state of that oval racing? Even Disciple moans about the lack of ovals as it is today. Yet, who is in charge?

        What protection of what tradition?

        Yes, CART and Champcar died, and anyone with a brain knows they didn't do it all on their own. But what is done is done. Dead is dead.

        However, what about the people with the big race and what about all that protection the big race and The big track would afford them?

        Who has the power and who fails to protect what they set out to protect?

        I think clear thinking individuals truly grounded in reality know the answers to that question. All bluster aside, it is hard to fide from the facts as they are.

        The reality of the last few years reflects the struggle they have had to maintain and even grow what was already successful. There are now less ovals than the twice-dead series had in their worst days.

        To me, that is a sad fact and a great demonsration of the reality of why a group of racers deciced they needed to take matters into their own hands in the late 70s and do what needed to be done to enhance the sport.

        In todays reality, it does not appear either Indycar as it is, or anyone inside or outside of the powers-that-be are ever going to have that level of success to enhance the great race and the great track again.

        So anyone that gloats about still being in business does so with a hollow argument and shows a shallow character.
      • Sorry 'bout that typo!
        I meant to type "hide from the facts as thay are." I just want to lessen the shock to the sensibilities of the Disciple. As all know, typos and other grammatical errors give him reason to discount any response no matter the intent or message.
      • Wow I was censored
        I guess the world need not know the IRL assumed CART/CCWS tracks and have failed on them, and are used by IRL paid propagandists to push their twisted agenda.

        Oval saviors...what is this, the Syracuse Post-Standard?
      • Truth HURTS
        They can't stand to be given the truth in Indianapolis that the home town team stinks at running AOW.

        newman Haas left the IRL because it's a money pit...ALMS they are going to. Must really suck propping up a failed concept such as the IRL/Indycars with a crappy unbalanced rocketship launching boat anchor that the DW12 is.

        What a travesty...naming the failure of a ICONIC car after the late Dan Wheldon. What an insult to this fine person who gave his life for Randy's folly in Las Vegas. Off with their heads at IMS. Randy resign immediately!
      • Stats
        "16 years, 4 driver deaths, 3 spectator deaths. 1 paralysis and multiple serious injuries from airborne cars the series failed to acknowledge.

        Those numbers will never be beat."

        Are you sure about that?

        cart drivers killed in their 16 year run include:
        -Jim Hickman
        -Jeff Krosnoff
        -Gonzalo Rodriguez
        -Jovy Marcelo
        -Greg Moore

        Serious impairment:
        -Alex Zanardi

        Non-drivers and spectators:
        -Lyle Kurtenbach
        -Jean Patrick Hein
        -Gary Avrin
        -Kenneth Fox, Michael Terry Tautkus and Sheryl Ann Laster.

        That particular 16 year run between 1979 and 1995 (and then a few years without Indy) had its share of tragedy. Fortunately safety has always been advanced in tangible fashion by IMS and the Hulman-George family.
      • Safety advancements
        Please list the safety advancements from the IRL since Kenny Brack augered into the catchfence at Texas in 2003. Thanks.

        We are all particularly interested in fencepost and catch fence advancements, perhaps even touch upon the "our cars don't fly" concepts touted by IMS/IRL and the safety advancements there too.
      • Place fan
        Nice attempt at spin, it took you a whole day to come up with it? Jovy Marcelo was killed during practice for the Indy 500*, a USAC event that CART awarded points for but the race was ran under USAC regulations. One would think someone who has attended every 500* since 1959 at IMS* (allegedly) would know that. Thankfully Zanardi and DaMatta were able to race again, the same cannot be said of Sam Schmidt. And kudos to the University of Nebraska for developing the SAFER barrier as a result of some of the horrific crashes of the poorly designed IRL* sleds. God only knows how many lives they saved.
      • Giving Back
        Schmidt actually gives back to the sport in tangible ways. His teams help populate the grids of Lights and Indy Car and introduce the world to many new faces. His people helped win the 500 this year. So please spare me all of your cutesy self crucifixion, victims.
      • Can't find any Safety advancements, can you?
        IRL safety advancements....couldn't find any, could you? That's because there wasn't any.

        Tony Renna died in vain, so too will Dan Wheldon.

        The only agenda here is to find REAL solutions, not petty 'tangible' ways of giving back to the sport. Still waiting on safety advances from Disciple...
      • Question for Disciple
        Disciple, on your next imaginary lunch with Mr. Bernard can you ask whence we may be privy to a 2012 calendar? It is now December 5. Frost is on the tree.
      • You Go First, Chief
        Chief, what safety advancements resulted from the deaths of:
        -Jim Hickman
        -Jeff Krosnoff
        -Gonzalo Rodriguez
        -Jovy Marcelo
        -Greg Moore

        ...and the serious injuries to
        -Alex Zanardi

        ...and the deaths of non-drivers:
        -Lyle Kurtenbach
        -Jean Patrick Hein
        -Gary Avrin
        -Kenneth Fox, Michael Terry Tautkus and Sheryl Ann Laster?

      • Now that your back from lunch with Mr. Bernard... to fill us in on when we'll see a schedule? Or, are you just going to ramble on about Jim Hickman and Jovy Marcelo? Art Pollard? The focus is on 2012 now, Dicipleless, not Jim Hickman in 19 freaking 82. You and Mr. Bernard talk about stuff like that at your imaginary luncheons? No wonder the series is nearly dead. Why don't you use that imagination of yours and make a fictional phone call to Mr. Bernard and have him give us a fictional schedule for the fictional cars they keep trying to make into real race cars.
      • Suggestion:
        Instead of the cutesy little kindergarten taunting, why not just pick up the phone, call him and ask him yourself? You don't need me to do that. 317-492-6526.
        • Lame, Disciple
          I am asking you. You have all the facts, Jack! Do tell. The only call I am going to make to Mr. Bernard is the one for his ouster. Now get busy, insider. We are awaiting a schedule. Just call your pal if you somehow missed the fact there isn't one.

          Get going. Put your facts where your imagination is.
        • Still waiting on your answers Disciple
          Safety advances...come on, list 'em.

          Paul Dana, what came of that?
        • Still Waiting On Your Answer, Disciple...
          2012 Schedule...come on, list it.

          The full 2012 schedule, what came of that?

          It's December 6th, Disciple. Call your buddy Mr. Bernard, meet for lunch at Steak & Shake, and have him pound out a shcedule on a napkin, preferably not one already used.

          While you guys settle in for seconds, ask him to produce a Wheldon Report.

          Let's go!
        • Cart leading the horse?
          So, is the Wheldon death inquiry holding up the schedule? Or is it that the crap new car is holding up everything?

          It seems plausible that the death inquiry could recommend changes that could impact design of the new vehicle...too.

          Aren't the cars scheduled to be delivered in 3 weeks?

          Quite a pickle, eh?
        • Dumb if you do, danged if you don't
          The Wheldon report, if truthful, will show
          Dallara Automobili's are basically little aeroplanes. That would be the old beater car and the new monstrosity. Doh! Now what?

          Texas is the second biggest event on the sched, Bruton says they better at Vegas, and Fontana may fall into question if the little uglies can't turn in and turn out without being all crossed-up and elbows out at 200-plus, raising the scary specter of another October 16th. Ooooohhhhh boy, if I am Mr. Bernard figuring out where to put the Tilt-O-Whirl sounds a whole lot better. Mmmmmmhhhhmmmmmm. And if they ash-can him, he can collect unemployment if he can't find a rodeo right-quick to get a hitch on too. Sure sounds better than banging un-helmeted head against the wall for dolts like the H-G clan, Chip Ganassti, Rodg the Codg, little Lord Andretti, and Dallara's Einstein's, not to mention all the while having a Robin Miller nipping at your ankles all day and barking and yipping pen pal Tony Cottman's name.

          Good times. Good times.
        • Marshall Told me Dec. 15 car delivery
          Yep, 10 days the cars are being delivered..allegedly.

          Looks like the investigation into Wheldon's death will reveal NOTHING, if, they are delivering cars on Dec. 15th.

          Been 8 years and nothing came from the Brack/Renna wrecks...why would anyone think any thing would come from Wheldon's death?
        • Why do IRL fans
          claim to be oval fans when the only track they care about isn't an oval?
        • The tree may still be shaking!
          After reading around on the 'net a bit this evening, I have to wonder if Texas is in fact not on the Indycar schedule next year, will the defender-disciple types of over-loyal fans ask for a bit more tree shaking and shake out Mr. Bernard?

          And in that light, what if these decisions are being made for Mr. Bernard?

          I guess what I mean is, what if these scheduling decisions are being made from deeper within the power structure of IMS?

          After all, if you are tasked with not spending "family" money and can only create profit, then those being shaken from the tree may be nothing more than fall guys...falling from that tree.

          Well, at least the fall isn't as far as it used to be. The tree doesn't appear to be as big these days.
        • The great oracle's disappearance
          See IRL fans...when the truth is on the table, the paid shills disappear and can't even lie about how bad it really is in Indycar now.

          That's when you know the haters are correct. And it's all on the Hulman family watch...
        • Maturity
          Truth be told, it's more fun communicating with actual people who are grown up.
        • Adding insult to injury
          Dan Wheldon deserves better than to have this pig for a race car named in his honor
        • He HAS NO ANSWERS
          He talks a big game...but the paid IMS/IRL propagandist is caught with his pants down, as usual.

          More from SpeedTV and Trackforem...the car is so bad they are strapping 35lbs ballast onto the front end shaving 35lbs off the engine/gearbox. Car will NOT make weight and is scheduled to be delivered in 9 days.

          Word is they are blaming the ICONIC Committee for this travesty of AOW. All because the Hulams own the sport into the ground. They should sub-divide the speedway and sell for housing/refuse collection. be done with it.
        • Didn't Tiny d
          personally approve of each and every member of that vaunted committee
        • tinyD did!
          Especially Eddie GOssage, the guy who the IRL is gonna stiff at Texas because they all like IRL carnage and fencepost faux pax....yet the investigation will eliminate ALL 1.5 ovals.

          Maybe Texas will reconfigure for the IRL....bwahahhahhahha! Randy's pipe dream...
        • The reason he has been absent
          is that like me, he is busy writing to the Ft. Lauderdale people, telling them what a financial success Baltimore was
        • The Successful Baltimore IRLcar race tally for Ft. Lauderdale's FYI
          Grand Prix owes more than $12 million, has less than $100,000 on hand, documents show

          More than $5 million of the debt — including taxes owed to Baltimore and payments to vendors — is past due,
        • Special Needs Car
          The DW 12 is simply a bad race car. Clumsy. Slow. Awkward. Ugly. Other race cars would pick on it, so it is best to get that car into a special needs series. And actually, now that I think of it, the car already is.
        • Knee-jerk reaction
          IRL/Indycar has bought out the 2012 Las Vegas race contract from Bruton Smith due to the instability of the sport of IRL racing.

          Uncertainty about the safety of the track, new car, old car, Wheldon death investigation forced this to happen on RANDY'S watch.

          Fire him now...this is a disaster waiting to happen, again.
        • Why even 2013?
          Bruton had to know, by the stellar turn-out they got at LVMS Oct. 16, that 2012 and 2013 were going to be losers anyhow. At least it was on IndyCar's dime and rent is rent. But taint is taint. Death is death. Vegas is bad ju-ju for IndyCar. Funny how they keep 2013 open. There may not even be a series by then to run Vegas if they wanted too.

        • Whole lotta shakin goin' on...
          Come along my Randy, really got the bull by the horn
          We ain't fakin', whole lotta shakin' goin' on.

          (Hat tip to Jerry Lee Lewis!)

          More lyrics:
        • the IRL remains in a kankedort
          Chaucer had the IRLcar league sized up 260 years ago
        • Word out of Dallas today
          Gossage is running his mouth, sez 2012 the IRL will race at Texas....

          Hmmmmmm, they dump Las Vegas because of dangers...yet, Texas has similar racing and has maimed several IRLers with that pesky catchfence snagging airborne IRL crapwagons?

          How many more deaths/broken backs/feet shearings is it going to take to get the point across to these morAns that racing on 1.5 milers is placing way too much risk upon the sport...FIRE RANDY immediately for having no control and tempting fate again.
        • Wild, Wild, West
          Showdown In Texas. Yiiiiipppeeeee-iiiiiii-ayyyy!!!! Ride 'em cowboy! Go get 'em , Randy!

          The man knows death. He should be able to promote the 2012 Texas race(s) well. Remember, Mr. Bernard said the sport needs to have chaos and danger as the centerpiece. Gnarly wrecks are in!

          Between Eddie G. and Mr. B, they should have millions of eyeballs tuning in this June to see who goes up and in!

        • Hey Indiaina tAXpayers
          "The cars are being built in Italy and the gearboxes (Xtrac) are being built in England," Ashmore says. "I don't know anybody in America who's making components for that car which is very sad because IndyCar seem to have conned the government officials in Indianapolis along with the Indiana tax payers who ultimately are footing the bill for the grants to the team owners to subsidize the purchase of this new car, a car that was supposed to have had its components made in America."
        • And We Should Care What a Bitter Loser Has To Say
          ....because...? I think it's humorous when those who come out on the short end of the stick get bitter instead of acting like adults then start concocting fiction to support their bitterness. That type of self crucifixion is one of the big things wrong with the sport.
        • Hey Tiny d
          from the toad whose lies are legendary
        • Hey Tiny d
          indycar is no longer worth commenting on,,,,we are eating popcorn and enjoying the self destruction,,,,more butter please
        • Tax payer rip-off?
          IMS likes to remind it has never taken a penny of public funding. That may well be true. But it had indirectly done so if the taxpayers are, indeed, funding the Dallara Dabacle. Where's the IndyStar on this? IBJ? Now that is some serious reporting that needs to be underway.

          I would suggest the investigating begin. If, indeed, public dollars are supporting IndyCar teams and/or the building of the Dallara race car, there needs to be an accounting of the money relative to the promises made. Of course, a promise is worth about as much as a Disciple stat, so what was in the writing?

          I have a feeling this is going to turn out uglier than the actual car.

          Maybe the great Indy 500 is in total jeopardy after all. But if they save it by getting USAC to officiate a run-watch-brung, it may get back to a decent race with a hald dozen support events at places like Iowa and Phoenix. Unquestionably, its heyday is long gone. Terry Blount said it was in danger of becoming "minor league" and "niche". Ha! Been there done that awhile now.

          Mr. Bernard needs to be shown his exit papers for signature.

          And could some IMS figures be headed for jail?

          Berry berry intrasting.
        • Slowing It Down For Those With Ignorance and/or Prejudice
          The state of Indiana, not IMS, not Indy Car, offered $5 million in incentives to persuade Dallara to build a factory and research/development facility in the city of Speedway. Also part of the deal: Substantial discounts to local teams that buy new cars. The goal: Cut the costs of operating teams.

          Those desperately and obsessively seeking a smoking gun probably ought to begin with sme sort of crime first. Until then, I encourage those who are suspicious to visit the sparkling Dallara facility later this week. It's open to the public and lots of new Dallaras will be on display.

        • Why isn't Texas in 2012 a lock?
          Curt Cavin wrote in the Indystar on Dec. 10th:

          "IndyCar has only 14 (races for 2012) at the moment, with the June 9 event at Texas Motor Speedway in limbo amid financial discussions."

          Eddie Gossage also said in a Dallas Fort Worth article they want the IRL there with the "new 2013 cars"....what does that mean?

          Financial discussions? Arguably the most successful IRL oval after Indy 500, what could be wrong in Texas? Fans suddenly stop buying tix? IrL raised sanction fees? No sponsors? IRL buying out of contract?

          Anthony, can you do some research please and explain what all of this means? Thanks in advance...
        • Black Helicopters
          We would also need to know when to begin shrieking with absolute panic.
        • When to begin shrieking?
          Has anyone ever googled these three words together?

          irl blog defend
          • Eric_120211
            Mr. Tin Foil Hat,

            I can't tell know when any actual shrieking will be going on. I doubt there is much...not enough interest.

            But I can tell you some of us are laughing heartily regarding the current "protection of oval racing" currently underway at IMS under the not-so-capable hands of the Hulman/George family.

            And the nice black helicopters needed. Just a quick trip through some Indy fan forums and blogs by the defenders of the series lets one know all they need to know.

            You might want to keep an eye on The disciple one though. He seems to want to blame everyone but those that have been in control now for four years.

            I think he is seeing little CART people running around under his bed and hiding in his closets at night.

            They must be coming to get him!

          • No Vegas. No Texas. No Chicagoland.
            That's the logical extension, yet Mr. Bernard may even go a step further and consider a Chicagoland race! He must be terminated from employment. Show him the Briscoe/Barron tape, please.
          • Racing Has Always Been Potentially Dangerous
            While you're at it, someone should also show him the Krosnoff and Rodriguez clips.
          • Lame, Disciple
            The IndyCar thing doesn't run Laguna. Besides, the HANS is mandatory. If Gonzo had one, he lives. Next up: The series already runs Toronto. And they have never had a fatality. CART did. But the real point is: Mr. Bernard needs to review the Briscoe/Barron tape.

            Racing has always been dangerous, especially IndyCar racing. But it is in such desperate shape now, it cn ill-afford another horrific fatality.

            The whole entire sport is in question. Dire times, dire times. People are just not interested in it. You know that. Death pushes them even further away.

          • Relevance
            Huh? Krosnoff and Wheldon were killed in almost identical fashion. Krosnoff left the planet from a street circuit.

            Smart people understand the inherent risks in auto racing. Ridiculous assumptions that such an accident cannot occur in any discipline on any track is incredibly naive, but hardly surprising given your child-like proclivities and Indy Car obsession.
          • Disciple's comprehension issues...
            ....challenge him at every turn, no pun intended. Nobody suggested the Krosnoff fatality could not happen elsewhere. In fact, if you carefully, and very slowly read my last post, I acknowledge "racing has always been dangerous" thus inherent risk.

            But since you are challenged, let me give it to you in a very small, simplistic, bite: Mr. Bernard needs to review the Briscoe-Barron incident before moving foward on a Chicagoland race. A second death such as Wheldon's, while acceptable to you perhaps, will be unpalatable to many, and the media would cease on it to further criticize your dying sport.

            Street and road races where the ugly, ill-handling little beasts can only muster speeds on the lower hundreds at least minimizes the "inherent risk" these cars have magnified so greatly through poor planning, design, and execution in your series.

            Indy is dangerous enough. They may kill someone there with the new little ugly. Let's not push the envelope at places these porrly-designed, ill-handling, bad race cars have an even greater chance of maiming and killing.

            I am glad you are simply an outsider fan with a vivid imagination and not in a power position. That requires intellect.
          • They did nothing
            The IRL did nothing to prevent future occurrences of flying cars, cars into catch fences and the fence posts that shear n shed away life, limb and carbonfiber, since 1997.

            Texas remains unchanged, and so does Chicagoland. The catch fence awaits more IRL victims...IS that what we really need? We've learned NOTHING from Brack/Renna, or Dana and Wheldon, and now we want to keep Texas and promote Chicagoland?

            ARE YOU DRIVERS FREAKIN CRAZY? How many more deaths are needed before you guys straighten out these killers that run this series?

          • Straightening Out The Obsessed
            Here's at least one thing civilized society has learned. It is no longer officially called 'IRL.' It is officially referred to as the IZOD Indy Car Series. A series that has not yet killed itself due to bad management. Twice.

            I am still curious as to what safety advancements resulted from the deaths of:
            -Jim Hickman
            -Jeff Krosnoff
            -Gonzalo Rodriguez
            -Jovy Marcelo
            -Greg Moore

            ...and the serious injuries to
            -Alex Zanardi
            -Christiano DaMatta

            ...and the deaths of non-drivers:
            -Lyle Kurtenbach
            -Jean Patrick Hein
            -Gary Avrin
            -Kenneth Fox, Michael Terry Tautkus and Sheryl Ann Laster?

            One thing that did not result from those incidents was the SAFER barrier, whose development facilitation, initial implementation and funding was provided by IMS. cart dragged its feet on the HANS, but Indy Car didn't.

            Meanwhile, somewhat back on topic, the 1.5 mile ovals should have a place on the annual calendar, particularly Chicagoland, Texas and the flatter and more racy tracks in Kentucky and Kansas (for my money the best barbecue in the nation). Add four more smaller ovals plus Indy and a 2 miler, and a mix with almost as many non-ovals would be an enviable mix.

            If whining drivers do not want to drive on them, I suggest they find anbother discipline or line of work.

            If loudmouthed, obsessed road racing enthusiasts don't want them either, I suggest they go watch Formula 1.
          • I am so glad that 16 years ago
            Tony George started to put an end to this dangerous type of racing. He was so close to bringing it to an end 3 years ago that his family fired him and brought in an inexperienced, unknowledgeable replacement who, to the family's chagrin, has continued on Tony's path to put an end to this dangerous form of racing. A few more sacrifices may be needed, but I am confident he will succeed.
          • Mr. Bernard, care to provide a 2012 schedule?
            Mr. Bernard, it is nearly Christmas. Would you care to provide a 2012 racing schedule? Your series is purported to be "major league."

            My grandson's 2012 Little League "Majors" schedule arrived today and we have not even had try-outs yet to determine what team he'll be on. That will be March 5-9. April 3 Opening Day, Ward Shell Pirates versus the Steve's Pizza House Rangers, 6 PM, Southwest Park. How is it, Mr. Bernard, a two-year old little league in a new neighborhood can complete an entire 24-team, three league schedule in December and your series cannot?

            Mr. Bernard? Mr. Bernard? We're waiting!
          • Ok, we'll try this...
            How about you use some logic, Mr. Bernard, and post a partial schedule, leaving the uncomfirmed/undecided races blank. We can digest that. Your series looks incredibly lame on the website with the 2011 schedule posted under the heading schedule. Not that anybody is looking besides the 2,000 or 3,0000 fans left.

            The IndyCar Series is just a terribly sucky series.

            I can't believe Dan Wheldon had to take a reaper on this crap.
          • What has the IRl done to prevent the crashes we've seen?
            What has the IRl/indycar done to prevent the kinds of wrecks we've seen since Kenny brack, Tony Renna, Ryan Briscoe and mike Conway ALL got airborne and got up into the fence at INDY, Texas, Chicagoland, and recently with the death of Dan Wheldon at Las Vegas?

            While racing in general is dangerous and risky, isn't the repetitive airborne IRL/Indycars enough to banish this type of racing from ovals of these types?
          • presser
            As expected, no one takes responsibility for the chaos at Las Vegas....

            However, in hindsight Las Vegas is not suitable for Indycars, the car was not the problem, the track design caused the crashes, and fenceposts there are track-side of the fence, also "pack racing" is common and accepted, apparently from this point forward.

            Who's idea was it to race there? And they inspected the track and tested on it...

            In my opinion, culpability rests firmly on the Speedway for it's inept approach that caused this horrific accident. Typical.

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