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IndyCar leaders feeling vindicated by NASCAR's new TV deal

July 24, 2013
There is speculation that the new NBC-NASCAR deal could wreak havoc on the IndyCar Series schedule, but IndyCar officials weren’t letting that dampen their spirits Tuesday.

Do Pocono ratings show IndyCar needs more oval races?

July 22, 2013
Old-school open-wheel fans are crowing that the ratings of IndyCar's Pocono race mean the series needs more ovals. On some levels, their argument makes a lot of sense. But does that mean changes are coming?

Ex-Star reporter gains notice as cycling expert

July 18, 2013
In the two years since publishing his book, “The Belgian Hammer,” Ball State graduate Daniel Lee has become something of a minor celebrity in U.S. and European cycling circles.

Despite Peyton's return, Colts ticket value still lags

July 17, 2013
Peyton Manning's return is pushing the value of tickets for the Broncos-at-Colts game to twice as high as any other home game. Despite that boost, the Colts are still in the NFL's bottom half in terms of ticket demand on the secondary market.

Indy Indians chasing bigger crowds, more money

July 15, 2013
The Indianapolis Indians are red hot again this year. Not only is the team leading its division with a 61-38 record, but it is also chasing a fifth straight year with an attendance gain and profits that could eclipse $1.6 million.

It's time for IU's excuse-making to stop

July 11, 2013
Indiana basketball coach Tom Crean has pulled the Hoosiers back from the brink faster than anyone thought he would or could. But now that he has, he and his staff can't answer questions about every stumble by pointing to ghosts of IU's past.

New Speedway president asked to 'save our track'

July 10, 2013
After Doug Boles was promoted to Indianapolis Motor Speedway president on Tuesday, one race fan pleaded with him to "save our track!" Does the Speedway really need saving? Some say the situation is that bad or worse.

Stevens will need 'hide of a rhino' to survive NBA

July 8, 2013
Brad Stevens could create the next NBA dynasty in Boston. If he doesn't, he'll likely rue the day he left Butler.

Arrests bring Colts, NFL to edge of deep abyss

July 3, 2013
At some point, NFL and Colts fans may wonder whom they’re cheering for. They may wonder whose poster their child has on the wall. And they may not like the answer staring back at them.

IU's Crean praised, criticized following NBA draft

July 1, 2013
Having two players selected in the top four of last week's NBA draft will only bolster IU Coach Tom Crean's recruiting efforts. But some IU alums are asking how a team with two such players got knocked out of the Sweet Sixteen.

Indianapolis Star sports department getting major overhaul

June 27, 2013
The Star sports department is undergoing a major shakeup, including reassignments for some of the paper’s most tenured beat writers—covering the Indiana Pacers, Indianapolis Colts, IU and Butler.

Ex-Colt Saturday hires Knight's agent to go after TV gig

June 27, 2013
Retired Indianapolis Colts center Jeff Saturday is positioning himself for a national broadcasting job, and he's turning to one of the most high-powered agents to get an edge.

Colts entering 'new frontier' with locker room video cameras

June 26, 2013
NFL executives are telling teams to tape pregame, halftime and postgame locker room activity and make content available to fans. The mandate could lead to a tug-of-war between coaches and team business brass.

Is Victor Oladipo an NBA superstar or safety net?

June 25, 2013
A polling of NBA general managers shows that IU product Victor Oladipo is their favorite player in this year's draft. But will that be enough to make him the overall No. 1 pick?

Colts partner with Rock n Roll Marathon promoter to host race

June 20, 2013
Indy-area runners will have a chance to run through the tunnel and onto the field at Lucas Oil Stadium for the first Colts Back to Football Run on Aug. 24. The five-kilometer race will end at the 50-yard line.

IndyCar trailing far behind NASCAR, F1 in social media outreach

June 19, 2013
IndyCar’s Twitter and Facebook fan following is another set of numbers Hulman & Co. CEO Mark Miles must boost to assure the series’ survival.

Glass has IU standing among college sports Goliaths

June 12, 2013
If college sports truly is the marketing tool, the so-called front porch to the larger university that sports marketers say it is, Indiana University has quite an opportunity within its grasp. Not to mention some serious scholarship cash.

NASCAR boldly predicting better racing, more passing at Brickyard 400

June 5, 2013
NASCAR leaders are meeting with Indy media this week to trumpet the new "racey" Gen-6 car and the end of the processional parade at the Brickyard 400. Message to fans: Expect faster cars and more passing.

Critical and potentially expensive off-season decisions loom for Pacers

June 4, 2013
"I'm looking forward to seeing what this team looks like in three months,” Pacers forward David West told reporters following Monday night’s game-seven loss at Miami. So are myriad Pacers fans.

Indy 500 drivers' failure to mention sponsors inexcusable

May 30, 2013
During his post-race interview, Indy 500 winner Tony Kanaan mentioned his dad, son, Alex Zanardi, and a woman who returned a good-luck medal he gave her nine years ago. All very nice, but those aren’t the people who pay the bills.

Wilkerson wants 1976 IU team remembered for more than winning games

May 29, 2013
The death of his brother and a message from God inspired former IU basketball star Bobby Wilkerson to start a venture commemorating the last undefeated men's NCAA Division I basketball team.

Miles headed for crash with penny-pinching IndyCar team owners?

May 24, 2013
Mark Miles is talking this week about significant changes and speed records at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It's the same talk that was coming from Randy Bernard one year ago. Then Bernard was fired.

IU, Purdue sign strange chicken sponsorship deals

May 23, 2013
IU and Purdue sports fans next season will get bombarded with marketing messages from Zaxby’s. The deal is a bit odd given there are no Zaxby's anywhere near West Lafayette, Bloomington or Indianapolis.

Speedway sells $3 million in new Indy 500 sponsorships

May 22, 2013
By creating new sponsorship categories and filling vacated ones, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway has brought on 23 new sponsors this month. Teams, too, are bringing on new corporate partners.

Home playoff games could help Pacers turn a profit

May 15, 2013

As the Indiana Pacers draw within one win of their first Eastern Conference final since 2004, the team also draws closer to profitability. So far, the Pacers have hosted five home playoff games. That equates to a significant revenue bump over a non-playoff team.


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  1. I am not by any means judging whether this is a good or bad project. It's pretty simple, the developers are not showing a hardship or need for this economic incentive. It is a vacant field, the easiest for development, and the developer already has the money to invest $26 million for construction. If they can afford that, they can afford to pay property taxes just like the rest of the residents do. As well, an average of $15/hour is an absolute joke in terms of economic development. Get in high paying jobs and maybe there's a different story. But that's the problem with this ask, it is speculative and users are just not known.

  2. Shouldn't this be a museum

  3. I don't have a problem with higher taxes, since it is obvious that our city is not adequately funded. And Ballard doesn't want to admit it, but he has increased taxes indirectly by 1) selling assets and spending the money, 2) letting now private entities increase user fees which were previously capped, 3) by spending reserves, and 4) by heavy dependence on TIFs. At the end, these are all indirect tax increases since someone will eventually have to pay for them. It's mathematics. You put property tax caps ("tax cut"), but you don't cut expenditures (justifiably so), so you increase taxes indirectly.

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  5. Build the resevoir. If built this will provide jobs and a reason to visit Anderson. The city needs to do something to differentiate itself from other cities in the area. Kudos to people with vision that are backing this project.