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Language degraded value of Cultural Trail

Calling the Cultural Trail a “$63 million sidewalk” undercuts its true impact as an internationally recognized, urban pedestrian and bicycle pathway that cities from all over the world are hoping to replicate.
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Vision Fleet is victim of political tussle

My company is stuck in the middle of a dispute that threatens not just one municipal fleet modernization program, but the reputation of a city that wants to develop innovative solutions that can be replicated elsewhere.
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Science backs creationism

Inside our museum, we present the compelling evidence that dinosaurs have lived in recent times, which supports the biblical narrative.
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Not all creationists alike

In Mr. Maurer’s last two paragraphs, he says it is impossible to debate gay marriage with a creationist and that “this group voted 100 percent for RFRA in our state Legislature.”
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Founding Fathers indeed referred to the Creator

Sheila Kennedy [May 18 Taking Issue] asserts that, 150 years after the Pilgrims landed with their “Puritan” ideas, the founding fathers wrote a Constitution which makes no reference to God or divine providence.
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Common wage repeal will harm tax collections

Peter Rusthoven’s praise over the repeal of Indiana’s common construction wage law [May 11 Taking Issue] should have been characterized as praise for creating more low-income Hoosiers, as that was the intended goal of this new law.
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Autism dilemma needs more attention

The dilemma featured in J.K. Wall’s April 25 article “Parents of autistic children gird for showdown with Anthem” is one we are likely to hear about more as the prevalence of autism increases much faster than our understanding of its causes.
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Indiana brand at crossroads

What’s wrong with just being the “Crossroads of America,” something we’ve been and something we seemingly have been trying to avoid being for quite long enough?
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