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Ball State assumes $12.6 million loss in fraud

The chairman of the Ball State University board of trustees has told the State Budget Committee the school is operating under the assumption it won't be able to recover $12.6 million in fraudulent investments.
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Market shares of Indianapolis-area banks

See how the 25 largest banks operating in the Indianapolis area stack up according to their local assets.
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Rankings of Indianapolis-area banks

After seemingly endless adversity, bankers anticipate brighter future. Look here to see how local institutions compare based on common measures.
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MORALEZ: Hoosier angel investment needs further shots in arm

When I started my first company, Bio-Storage Technologies, back in 2002, raising angel capital was time-consuming and inefficient, and the results were mixed at best.
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Cutillo ramrods entrepreneurship at Stonegate

Jim Cutillo, co-founder of the fast-growing mortgage company, pushes with military intensity.
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Indiana cuts some public audits over shortages

The State Board of Accounts no longer is auditing the financial records of Indiana libraries, conservancy districts, some public school accounts, and small towns and townships, its leader says.
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Local financial adviser sentenced to 10 years

Kevin James, charged in April with securities fraud, mail fraud and money laundering, also was ordered to pay more than $1.3 million in restitution by Judge Sarah Evans Barker.
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The reality of Indiana's corporate tax load

The age-old struggle over who pays taxes to support government is playing out in a legislative study committee before the 2015 General Assembly convenes, with Gov. Mike Pence saying he wants to simplify and cut taxes.
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Tax revenue grows in downtown district

A new report from the Legislative Services Agency shows that a special taxing district downtown captured more than $16 million in state and local tax revenue.
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Walker: Still a long way to go to control health care costs

Gains are needed on top of significant streamlining already in place.
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