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EDITORIAL: Let citizens opine on TIF spending

The city of Indianapolis needs to craft a thoughtful strategy for how to spend millions of dollars in anticipated surplus downtown TIF funds over the next three years, and that strategy should include input from stakeholders outside the mayor’s circle.
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EDITORIAL: Justice center critics must follow through

Opponents of the controversial justice complex proposal pushed by Mayor Greg Ballard might have killed the project when the City-County Council’s Rules and Public Policy Committee voted against it April 14, but that victory shouldn’t be confused with solving the problem. The city is still burdened with inefficient, unsafe jails and courtrooms.
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EDITORIAL: Welcome new sharing services, keep the protection

The genie of service businesses consumers can connect with on their smartphones—like ride-sharing and room-sharing—can’t be put back in the bottle. Particularly popular with millennials, such services are here to stay. Indiana would be wise to create a welcome business climate for them, while protecting the safety of local residents. Legislation wending its way through the General Assembly looks on track to maintain that balance.
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