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DINING: New eatery offers Bavariations on familiar German cuisine

What happens when you attempt to shape a reasonably authentic German restaurant out of a former Steak and Ale? Welcome to Ludwig.
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DINING: Mockable Milktooth proves itself with creative, homey fare

I'll confess that my guest and I had some good laughs on our way to lunch at the new Fletcher Place eatery. The jibes ended quickly, though, once the food arrived.
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DINING: New downtown canal eatery Burgerhaus worth exploring

It’s fitting that the menu at Burgerhaus has an exploratory theme since finding the place can be a bit tricky.
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DINING: New Broad Ripple anchor exceeds expectations

Why did I have low expectations of the first-location-outside-of-Michigan chain HopCat? Let me count the reasons.
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DINING: Washington Street staple rises again under new name

Javier's Hacienda takes over the spot formerly occupied by El Sol. And, yes, the donkey is still there.
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DINING: Sandwich shop pleases with cheeses

Thanks to a "Shark Tank" score, Tom + Chee is spreading. Thoughts on its first Indy location.
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DINING: In the outpost of Zionsville, a trailblazing Cowboy gets cooking

Salty Cowboy
While it might sound like a naughty "Blazing Saddles" villain, Salty Cowboy is actually a worthy addition to the town's dining lineup.
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DINING: DIY restaurant Sushi Boss creates new roll model

Sushi Boss
It seems like every month, a new "pick-your-own-ingredients-and-move-down-the-line" eatery is opening, putting the pressure on diners rather than a chef to get the combination just right.
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DINING: A Utah-based chain deli piles on the meat at CityWay

Gandolfo’s New York Delicatessen fills in the empty spot vacated by Orange Leaf.
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DINING: Bar should be set a little higher on promising new taqueria

At BarRio Taco & Tequila Bar, the elements are in play but the recipe doesn't quite work yet
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