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  1. since i live north on georgetown and it no longer goes through ,guess i won't be eat at charlie browns or mug and bun anymore or by my little farmers market,I am not going to travel futher west to have to double back to go east.Sorry

  2. First, I'm curious, what did the brothers buy the building for in 2008, and why the costs, upkeep, taxes, etc were not considered as reasons for the rent hike. I'm sure they paid a good amount for it, and rents in 1999 were probably a lot lower / different than today's market. Also what is the size of Bleecker's space? Secondly, if the owner of Bleecker wasn't happy w/ the rent increase, why did he agree to it. Why didn't he look to move to a location where he could re-open under the economics he would have prefered. No one forced his hand to sign the $25psf rents. Businesses open/close/relocate all the time based on this factor (as well as size, traffic, parkng, restrictions, etc). If Bleecker St was a operation generating high volume sales and profit than the rent wouldn't be a deciding factor in purchasing that business. This, in my opinion just shows cause that the owners had an agenda to profit off trying to sell or assign the lease/location (moreso than the business) but when nobody wanted to buy they then used the discrimination claim as a way to counteract their bad business decision in the first place. Ultimately this will likely cause the owners of the building to spend more in legal fee's to defend their actions moreso than it would have cost if they just moved ahead with a new tenant if they weren't happy with the original. This was bad timing, planning, and only people going to profit off this will be attorneys.

  3. He said earlier this year he would continue as U.S. States Attorney through the end of his term. Not! He claimed recently that government fraud in Indiana was not safe from his investigations. Yawn. Another empty claim from one of Obama's 'picks'.

  4. So much for Eric Holder's conversation about race. If white people have got something to say, they get sued over it. Bottom line: white people have un-freer speech than others as a consequence of the misnamed "Civil rights laws."

  5. I agree, having seen three shows, that I was less than wowed. Disappointing!!