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  1. It's clear as day that these farmers and big-ag companies want to protect themselves from people seeing the truth about the atrocities they inflict upon animals, even the "humanely raised" ones!

  2. Thanks Mike for being the party pooper.

  3. Jeff was real proud of himself when he got this whole billboard approved on the sly. Patted himself on the back he did. He didn't think anyone could do anything about it. He was wrong. May his suit against the city fail miserably and may he have to pay the Indianapolis court costs for this more than frivolous lawsuit.

  4. The author is being disingenuous. And is backpedaling. He say in his comment that "'s important for people to know how much of research and education are funded by pharmaceutical companies." But his text doesn't contain a single use of the word "educate." The article's title - "Doctor's drug money" - is crafted to incite distrust of physicians and industry, and the author clearly states his opinion that "physicians steadfastly deny that their prescribing patterns are influenced by any of this money, but the drug companies obviously believe otherwise--or else they wouldn't keep spending these large amounts." So when the author defends himself by claiming "I'm not saying there is something wrong with it," he is being dishonest. He lists "$1.8 million" next to a researcher's name in an article titled "Doctor's drug money," and then thinks that an intelligent reader will not see the smear? Especially when he then follows that implication with the admission that "[the researcher] may have taken none of it home." It's disappointing to see such biased and lazy commentary (I won't call it journalism) in a reputable paper like IBJ.

  5. I think that it's only a matter of time before Salesforce starts moving ExactTarget assets and people to other more prominent business centers, notably SF. Indy is not a "hub" as stated in this puff piece and ExactTarget will have trouble attracting talent to stay in Indy, which is perceived as an outlier in tech circles.