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May 7, 2008
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Monon PlaceDevelopers proposing a $15-million Broad Ripple project won a continuance today despite objections from remonstrators who pulled their children out of school to attend the hearing. Buckingham Cos. is working with the city's planning staff on changes to the plans and with the Broad Ripple Village Association in hopes of winning that group's support. But the odds are slim for Buckingham to win the endorsement of another group, Greater Broad Ripple Community Coalition.

David Dessauer, who represents the group, initially fought the continuance at today's MDC hearing, then he asked for a four-week delay instead of the standard two weeks so neighbors can pull their children out of school again. A Buckingham representative questioned why the children needed to attend, drawing a roar of disapproval. Dessauer said the goal is to show how children won't be safe if the project proceeds. His group wants the developers to follow the site's existing zoning, which allows fewer units and no commercial space. "They're trying to push out the families," he said. "We're sick of it."

The project calls for 150 new apartments, a clubhouse and pool and about 12,500 square feet of retail space along the Monon Trail between Kessler Boulevard and 61st Street. The hearing now is scheduled for June 4.

  • Perhaps the remonstrators can create a new group and call it:
    Ripple Against Progress (RAP) - nice moniker for these neer do wells!
  • I would love to hear the full logic behind David Dessauer's argument that children won't be safe if the project proceeds.

    Do people want this city to prosper or not?

    And what does having commercial space and high(ish) density have to do with pushing out the families? Are they trying to keep out the single and childless people, or families that want to live in apartments?
  • What the hell do the children have to do with it? Who's pushing them out? Geez... if they don't like it they can always move to Carmel. My neighborhood (SoBro) would be delighted to have such a development. What do they mean, the children won't be safe? How does an apartment complex effect the safetly of their precious children?
  • Pulling their children out of school to use them for props? That is some good parenting. No wonder kids have no concept of priorities. I hope the schools know why the kids were pulled out. That is just sad.
  • Broad Ripple is tired, the only people that go there are the ones who need to be seen or proove they are cool. Personally, I think it is dirty and a sad attempt to imitate truley happening spots like those around d/t Seattle and other cities. Think some of the near d/t neighborhoods here are going to be the happening place in a few years. Once again, Broad Ripple is tired and passe.
  • I agree, bryan. Let's move all this new, urban development a little closer to downtown and watch as Broad Ripple continues to stagnate. These remonstrators are ridiculous, partcularly the ones who took their kids from their studies. I hope all their children get unexcused absences from school
  • I just drove by that site on Saturday. I think this development would be 100 times better than what is there now. I object the objections presented by the Greater Broad Ripple Community Coalition.
  • Won't somebody please think of the children??!!
  • What the hell is wrong with these people? They are pulling their kids out of school to use as props?! Do these people even have jobs? What an embarrasment to Broad Ripple.
  • Here is their email if you want to tell them what you think: GBRCCindy@egixmail.com
  • Sounds like it's time for the nimby's to move to Carmel or Noblesville.
  • To all those who complain about projects like this.... well, I hear Canada is always looking for a few good folks to populate their cities.

    Enjoy. Don't let the door hit you.
  • I think its just a bunch of drama, desperate drama at that. Who knows, thier next step could be self immolation in the middle of Broad Ripple Avenue. I'm sure that'll be pretty.
  • These NIMBY's need to get a life! Do any of them have jobs? Pulling their kids out of school to use as props at the meeting is pathetic. Is there any logic behind this assertion that an apartment complex would somehow harm the children?
  • Kids not in school? Where were their parents? Oh yea, they weren't at work.
  • This is really sad. We had a chance for something that would really improve the area and add to the vibrancy and quality. This is a remarkable opportunity especially given the uncertain economy. Buckingham is risking a lot to invest in such a project. Let's hope that everyone (at least those on this blog) who supports this innovative project shows up at the meeting. If not the vocal minority will prevail.
  • brguy, unfortunately the people on this blog actually have jobs to goto when most of these meetings occur. Its always the vocal minority that prevails in situations like this in downtown and broad ripple. if you actually polled the residents of broad ripple, a good majority would support this.
  • To me, Broad Ripple has tried to immitate the grungey, independent artisan - esque lifestyle. Of course when a lifestlye is replicated rather than naturally coming forth, it is rarely as appealing, or ligitimate as the real thing. And to me there seems to be a broad ripple devided. There is the pretentious 62nd/B.R. Ave. district, laced with trend setters, club kids lined up at the vogue, and college students and younger buisness people just wanting a drink later in the day. And then there is the residential side of the Broad ripple. But Broad Ripple itself seems to lack the unifying factor needed to establish a true community. the two districts so to speak cant duke it out and expect everything to be peaches and creme. Their does need to be a consensus. But at the same time Broad Ripple (the 62nd area) represents the gentrification of urban centers in the city. And resturaunts and bars are always the first things to nudge gentrification allong ... they're not the 9 - 5 world, they remain open into the evening and act as a social atmosphere, and communal gathering points. Broad ripple needs to bridge the gap between the resedential district and the commercial area. This project, i dont think, is anywhere near out of proportion, and i think should have a commercial aspect to it on the side oriented towards the 62nd area. If this community is to prosper, a slightly broader socio economic pool of citizens is needed. It is needed to revitalize the IPS school system, and that suburban fringe is probably likely where it would start, and then move into the inner city. Broad ripple has potential to act as a great catalyst for gentrification of the city, and urbanazation of early - mid century sprawl. I hope the right decision is made ...
  • I've presented before a board of zoning appeals in a different county (Kosciusko, Northern Indiana) as a property owner. I called other property owners around the parcel I was trying to get a variance for, told them what I was proposing, and asked if they would sign a letter in favor of the variance. This effort helped my case.

    My point... I'm sure it wouldn't hurt to send letters in favor of this development to the Metro Development Commission, particularly for residents of BR.

    As a disclaimer, I moved to BR a year ago and welcome local development.

    Finally, the meeting summary can be found on the indygov.com here:
  • I agree with Bryan. Once Mass Ave. starts taking the spotlight from Broadripple, they'll be begging for commercial to fill their empty storefronts!
  • I personally think this area would benefit from a shift in direction and project like this. Controlled development that fits an area is beneficial if the construction quality and flow works well. This idea of pushing out families and the area is fine as it is is more negative spin on this than a true picture. It looks like a solid development and an upgrade to some of the areas surrounding it.

    Look at those apartments just southwest of Broad Ripple High School and ask yourself, really? Some pockets of Broad Ripple need to be addressed. A good friend of mine has been robbed twice a block away from this proposed development, 1 was a armed robbery and the other a home invasion, so let's not pretend certain bad elements aren't sweeping the area. Still relatively safe, but if certain upgrade projects aren't considered then decay takes over.
  • The entire near-eastside has just got incredible potential, Mass Ave. is just part of the puzzle. With the demolition of the Market Street ramps look for more projects in the area. Woodruff Place and the Westminster neighborhoods provide a solid anchor for the area. I myself wouldn't be suprised to see a few low to mid-rise apartment and condos come in. I'd also like to point out that the section of Mass Ave. north of 10th street has a lot of older warehouses and abndoned factories that could be converted into some awesome lofts and small businesses, plus it has an excellent view of d/t. The Fountain Square area a little farther to the south also is starting to come into its own, not to mention one of the best Greek restaurants in the city is there. I'm talking about Santorini's Greek Kitchen, I'm not straight but guys if you want to impress your date take her there. You'll both eat like royalty, need to get a to-go box and the only way you'll spend more than $50 bucks is if you both decide on a second bottle of wine. Even if this area only meets half of its potential it will blow Broad Ripple off of the map. I admit I'm a shameless cheerleader for my part of town and only you can judge for yourself. Check it out.
  • Props. That's exactly what children are when it comes to overly focused, myopic, tunnel-visioned activists. Usually we see this stuff down at the statehouse or in D.C. I guess they need more 'Green Space' in BR.
    I hear there's a ton of it in cental North Dakota. Why not check it out and allow us some viable development.
  • This developer (Buckingham) seems to have at least some idea about redevelopment, and dare I say...vision?

    See the other article on this blog regarding their redevelopment work around the new central library downtown.

    Can someone tell me again...why well designed urban nodes are a bad thing for an urban infill piece of ground? Also...when was the last time any NEW apartments were offered in Broad Ripple (and I am not talking converted residences).

    OH, and I hope most realize that a little density, with buildings pulled up to the right of way, with on street parking....actually makes the street safer, and MORE pedestrian / family friendly.

    I am so tired of hearing folks complain about safety, when they have taken NO time to learn how street design works. By increasing activity, and adding parking to the area, cars and drivers will slow down naturally, and be DISCOURAGED from using this route as a quick cut thorugh. By making this street segment more active, drivers will avoid it. This equals a safer, slower, and more mindful street. The LAST thing you want to do is push the buildings back, remove the on-street parking, and give the driver a nice wide road. Doing such would increase auto speeds, and make the monon intersection that much more dangerous.

    I just can't see bad side to supporting this. I wish this developer owned property near 62nd and Keystone. That place could use some appropriate design help as well.
  • Cory, can you let us know when the next meeting regarding this development is? These NIMBYs have really annoyed me this time and I just might even take off work to voice the opinion of most Broad Ripple residents. I might even round up some kids and bring then along too...
  • I am not Cory, but the hearing was continued to Wednesday, June 4th, 1p.m., Public Assembly Room, 2nd Floor, City-County Building.
  • Did I go through a time warp to 1960 because I don't see how Woodruff Place is an up and coming neighborhood...
  • Come on everyone who supports this - use a few hours of vacation time, or do whatever else it takes, to attend the meeting on June 4th - 1PM. Stand up at state your case for quality development. Good, attractive housing and retail just brings more people with disposable incomes to support our stores and participate in our community. I'm a homeowner on Guilford just around the corner from this proposed development...and I would be really happy to see it built.
  • brguy, i am planning on being there. How long do these meeting last?
  • You never know how long the case will last or when the case will be heard. The case itself could last around 1 hour. It could be anywhere between 1-5 pm. If the docket is very full, the case could even get moved to the next hearing 2 weeks later. The petitioner or remonstrators may want a continuance which if granted will delay the hearing even longer. Hope this helps
  • I bet the meeting times are planned by those sympathetic to the opponents of the plan, who appear to be stay-at-home moms with kids.

    In general, these kinds of meetings happen at 6 PM or later where I live, perhaps so that all can attend. Makes you wonder.........
  • I'm also told that, if you have some type of vested interest in the Broad Ripple area, especially near the project, it could be very helpful if you'll write a letter of support to the BRVA.

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