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  1. "If you want to read about murders, drug dealing, etc. go read it at other sources." Well I apologize for mentioning Mr. Irsay Ceo of the Colts, subsided billionaire, drug addict who just happens to have spent time in the Hamilton county jail. It just seems funny that his last bit of trouble was investigated somewhat. His most recent case, hmm not so much. Its not Ironic that this case involves drugs for money, the only irony here these guys won't walk like Jimmy did. Cash Is King.

  2. This train is awful. The contractor might improve amenities, but the excessive travel time and frequent delays are a result of freight train priority which isn't going to change. Indy was right to pull their subsidy. Any train in this current format will be bad. It needs to be totally reinvented (like a europoean train) or killed.

  3. More information would have prevented these posts. Methadone clinic doesn't equal cash and carry opiate ring. I don't usually complain about reporting but the headlines most news reports are using for this story is out of line.

  4. 1. Irsay isn't the topic of the story. He wasn't charged with selling drugs. Move on. 2. Please learn how a methadone clinic works. Yes, you provide synthetic opiates to help people get off the real thing which is far more powerful and worse for your body. It helps them combat withdrawl as they slowly rid their body's system of the toxins. You can't just quit opiates cold-turkey and expect to live if you have been using it quite frequently and taking high-doses. 3. IBJ is a "Business" newspaper. If you want to read about murders, drug dealing, etc. go read it at other sources. If you expect them to cover everything like the Star, then go read the Star. How about making some insightful, though-provoking comments about the articles in the IBJ that actually challenge people to talk about the stories provided?? These comments are just you complaining. We (the other readers), do not need to read about you complaining, crying and moaning about meaningless issues which could be resolved by actually educating yourself about the issues before you post about them to make yourselves feel greater...while it only makes you look so much smaller to those that use common sense.

  5. If it's only $15 per trip, and this subsidy would amount to $20 per rider per trip, why not raise the price to $35? This could have the potential of saving the whole project. Tjat way, I don't have to pay more than half of your train ride to Chicago! Brilliant! Your Welcome.