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  1. This all came about because the 35% corporate tax rate is the highest of any industrial country in the world. Simple answer: reduce the tax rate to a competitive percentage and inversions will slow down. Obama and his ilk are socialists (some are communists). As long as socialists are able to make policy, believers in free-enterprise will look for other free-enterprise economies. And if you are leadership of a public company, you are duty bound to do that which is a). legal and b). in the best interest of the shareholders. How dare the worst, most anti-American president in American history ever call anyone else unpatriotic. That guy will say anything.

  2. Shame on the Ballard administration. They have millions of dollars for cricket and to enrich their campaign contributors, but don't have $300,000 for this?

  3. Employers don't owe their employees warnings. If the owners/leadership of a company wants to switch directions, they are under no legal, moral, or ethical obligation to run it by the people who work for them.

  4. Brad, you are speaking my language !! Aurellio's is a step, but would love to get some Malnati's (or Gino's East) in Indy!! Portillo's is a loved staple that I've begged Dick for years to bring to Indy. Maybe whoever buys the company from Dick will expand to Indy. We can hope, right?

  5. How about doing some marketing that there is a train that runs between Indy and Chicago. I've never seen any, and I just recently discovered that there was, and I WORK DOWNTOWN and I'm pretty attuned to what is going on! You wouldn't know it exists even if you are near the bus/train hub.