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  1. First the GOP redirects my tax money to lesser performing charter schools (outside my district), rather than my better performing public school. Then they withhold money from my local school district to support vouchers for religious schools. now the GOP wants to take away my Homestead credit to support Pre-K that, AGAIN, will not go toward the kids of community I live in. NO MORE.

  2. DRT - I think HoosierLib has it right. Capitalism operates within the framework of a democracy. In this country, we do not a have a free market and never will; we need some governance over market forces including setting rules for fairness, safety, and a level playing field. We actually have a social republic in this country but the purests aren't likely to agree to that. Moreover, the country was founded on democratic principles not free market principles. I dare say that you have been watching too much Fox news when you should have been reading some history and economic books. Now, back to the story, we need to face up to the fact that many inmates need mental health care, which they will not likely get in jails. Jails are not equipped to provide that kind of care. Indiana legislators have to quit cutting taxes and start providing funds to address important social issues.

  3. Preschool is not going to solve the problem. All free preschool with be is just flat-out child care. Unless you change the mindset of the adults, any benefits from preschool will be negated by influences of the home environment. Year after year I see parents use school as childcare while they work and not consider it an environment for education. They do nothing to support the school or their child. No amount of early childhood education is going to make up for the lack of parental support at home.

  4. To JK and Lisa - Thanks for responding to my comments as well as those of Mark B. Your response gives me more insight into your reasons for writing the article. I believe the insurance options for Hoosiers during the next open season for ACA are expected to increase threefold. We can hope that more market competition will help hold insurance prices in check.

  5. So, it appears that the best argument against this transit plan here is the Miller bus lines. That's somewhat irrelevant as those lines have one pickup spot in their respective suburbs. The current system is only convenient for a small number of that respect they are performing well. These proposed BRT lines would have multiple stops allowing for many more riders. Yes, more stops mean a longer commute...but for some, the trade-off for a longer commute with more productive time (working, sleeping, reading, etc.) balances things out. So, come up with a better argument. Those who are complaining will never use it, however, when they are dead and gone a new generation will expect it. We can continue to fall further behind or we can seek to move forward.