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  1. So often it seems when an Indianapolis retailer leaves the city (in the case 86th street) for the "greener" pastures of Carmel, they end up closing. This was the case with Shapiros as well. Stay and reinvest in the city, a lot of clientele from Indy doesn't travel to Carmel to shop. Clay Terrace is less of a shopping destination now with a few companies choosing to go back to 86th street.

  2. A few things. The Don't Drive Naked, they received hundreds of calls about a how inappropriate their sign was in a residential area, and the owner loved it. Next, if Mr. Lee thought he could win the appeal regarding revoking the approval, he would have tried. Now he is suing he city to reap the benefit, pitiful. In addition to this he never bothered showing up to the appeal hearing in the 1st place allowing his lawyer to give a sad excuse he did not know when it was. Regarding CVS, I heard they have already filed suit against the land owner regarding this. I am very pleased this billboard is gone. I hope never to see one in this area again. Driving down Fall Creek and 79th is now a peaceful drive not having to worry about what kind of crap advertisement will show up on this board.

  3. It's the selfish people who decide to get married on a Saturday of a long weekend which ruin an entire 3 days. From the official IRL fan forem.

  4. TOney got into the business to perserve the American strret racin tradition

  5. Winnie, Search is your friend...