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  1. this is exactly me. I too have been around a long time losing all the good people on air. I quit evenings when Ed Wank left and now Steve. Good luck Stever and goodbye wibc. big wigs better read all these comments and see what they have done.

  2. I loved the mornings with Steve & can't believe you'dreplace him with another political program. I have listened to Terri& Stever for a long time. No better duo in radio. Tony should stay on late nights with his nasal whining & a no personality Page. Sorry I won't be listening any more. Hope Steve goes to another radio station.

  3. this a hint that Indy might get a new ExactTarget/Saleforce skyscraper? Please say yes.

  4. Everyone need to stop their crying. This isn't your mom and dad's WIBC. Times change. Although I enjoyed Simpson I enjoy Katz even more. This guy moved to join our community and all I see are people bashing him. Shame on you all. I agree with most of what he says and he is a strong nationally recognized voice in the conservative movement. And for that we should all be thankful. Thank you WIBC and thank you Tony Katz. Not only for your commentary but also for embracing our community and here's to you being here a long time

  5. Jeff Lee built an expensive Outdoor Advertising Sign in commercial area of Marion County.... in fact many other Outdoor Advertising companies for years had attempted to build in this area Jeff Lee was successful. Because there are very few signs built in this area... good advertisers were lining up for future contracts.. in fact the last advertiser on the board..."Don't Drive Naked" was reaping the benefits of the attention being drawn to this sign by attracting new customers... wrapping vehicles. Of ourse,notruth to the statement that Jeff Lee was having the City bail him out. This is clearly a situation whereby his property was taken without providing "Just Compensation". Violation of 5th Amendment Rights.