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  1. If you have never read the list of state licensed occupations, you should, it is humorous. Every year, some new, tiny professional association lobbies the state government about how no one should have said job without playing by their assocation's rules. As Mordant said, it is a desire to limit competition. For a general assembly that prides itself on business competitiveness, this is long overdue.

  2. I fully expect to this number grow by the end of the next enrollment period as tax penalties kick in and uninsured people realize the value of the insurance. After one year, the average silver plan premium will actually drop in price by 0.8% and bronze plans will experience an average increase of only 3.3%. Just imagine what we could have accomplished had Republicans been willing to help implement the new law instead of trying to sabotage it the entire way.

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  4. How many of these licensing requirements are motivated by true concern for public safety and how many by a desire to limit numbers and competition?

  5. but as the Broadway discussion boards have noted, this is stunt casting during holiday season to drive ticket sales. Kaufman is too old to play the part and doesn't project the earnestness or naivete that those who play Pippin often seem to exude. Let alone the fact that this Pippin requires extensive physicality because of its circus-themed choreography. He may rue making this decision.