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  1. The Kickstrter page has the video.

  2. The only way to spin this as positive is by praising a crooked business deal, since we were the crooks in it. --- Privatization efforts have been massive failures, and now the State is out of money. What are you going to privatize for your next fix? They have tried privatizing our public schools, and that has done nothing but cost us even more money.

  3. Democrats feel it is a failure because it is a good deal for the State and they tried to kill it all the way through. They also feel it is a failure because it privatizes more government functions and that is a failure to them.

  4. Their state's issues relate to underfunding of public pensions, not with their corporate tax structure. Again, do some research as "blue" states lead the country in income growth, educational achievement and quality of life...numbers don't lie, conservatives do...

  5. Can someone tell me why major moves is a major failure? We rec'd 3.8 BILLION to improve roads all ove the state, thus no bonds to be repaid by our grandchildren. The toll road NEVER made money and was a drain on the state. Now some economic reality, long denied by Bauer and the politicians, is requiring a review of the revenue side of the road. Tolls paid, to a large degree by non Indiana residents will probably go up. Again, where is the failure? What was a better idea than getting the 3.8Billion from the consortium? Mitch was a genius on this one!