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  1. Please consider a couple of economic realities: First, retail is more consolidated now than it was when malls like this were built. There used to be many department stores. Now, in essence, there is one--Macy's. Right off, you've eliminated the need for multiple anchor stores in malls. And in-line retailers have consolidated or folded or have stopped building new stores because so much of their business is now online. The Limited, for example, Next, malls are closing all over the country, even some of the former gems are now derelict.Times change. And finally, as the income level of any particular area declines, so do the retail offerings. Sad, but true.

  2. Josh, I hate to tell you but there already is a Starbucks, Pizza Hut, and Subway. No Panera though, sorry. That being said, I don't think this project is at all ruining the landscape. This location is obviously providing services the residents in the area want because it is ALWAYS busy! I think it is great residents took a proactive approach and created a vision/plan for the area.

  3. I quit my membership a year ago when I realized they charge significantly more to established customers on the assumption they don't notice. Moreover you can't quit midstream, if you go past the renewal date your hooked for another year. We'll you can raise a ruckus and maybe be able to cancel. They run the business in desperation mode. Now to the extent they earn the bulk of their revenue from advertising, how independent are their ratings? Maybe some of those laid off employees can enlighten us.

  4. I don't work for Angie's List or own their stock. However, I'm amazed that people here seem to think that the government is writing checks to AL. It doesn't work that way. At best, a business gets a small break on future taxes in exchange for future hires. The numbers published are just a way for the politicians to take credit for planned expansion. If it doesn't happen, the company gets nothing.

  5. I just get the feeling that people in the suburbs are jealous of this project. A lot of anger coming that way.