Women of IRL burning rubber

February 5, 2009
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trioThe women of the Indy Racing League continue to burn rubber. Sources close to the Newman Haas Lanigan team said the team is close to signing a deal with Milka Duno (and Robert Doornbos). A big part of the Duno deal, sources said, is her ability to bring her sponsor, Citgo, and an accompanying $5 million.

Danica Patrick, fresh off her Super Bowl GoDaddy ad appearance, announced she has signed with IMG’s Alan Zucker and Mark Steinberg. Zucker’s clients include NFL quarterbacks Peyton (Indianapolis Colts) and Eli Manning (New York Giants). Word is that Patrick and her father, T.J., became disgruntled with Hollywood-based Endeavor after the open-wheel racer failed to get any more endorsement or sponsorship deals following her victory last season in Japan. Patrick had been with Endeavor for two years.

And then there’s Sarah Fisher. She already has a deal with Dollar General that will put her on the track for four races this season. Tomorrow at 3 p.m. at the downtown Marriott, Fisher will announce another sponsor for next season. Fisher’s posse wouldn’t tip their hat on who the sponsor is other than to say it’s a major Indiana-based company. Fisher also will be the keynote speaker Saturday night at the 2009 Society of Women Engineers Region H Conference.
  • Wow! You go girls! And hey, IRL haters, you probably can make good points about how they don't deserve the credit and recognition they are getting, but, please, let's not call them degrading names, ok?
  • Well, $5 million from Citgo. Someone is willing to pay to see her race. That's more than I can say for many open-wheelers (and other racers) at this point. Amazing!
  • All,
    Racing has always been a rich person's game. It just so hapens now some ladies are leveraging their position with results. Are there better racers sitting home while some of these ride buyers create racing hazards? Yes. But it is a free market society and racing is the only sport you can buy a ride. I can't take Milka's $5M and go play centerfield for the Yankees - but in racing I can buy my ride. The sponsor is getting exactly what they wanted. We are reading about them and talking about them. Trust me if a qualified guy got the ride it would be a blip for a second and then over. That is why they are sponsoring these ladies and not the guys.

    Even in the tin top land only a handfull of guys get year round media attention. The rest are field fillers and guys like Menard are glorified ride buyers. There are other drivers with a diverse resume including wins far more qualified to sit a race car than Menard - but he has the ride because he brings the money.

    No matter what, in these trying economic times lets be thankful we have this to talk about versus a bankruptcy hearing for a team or league. Say what you all will about these drivers, the league or Mr. George it is at least done with private money and not our tax payer money. Mr. George has never asked the state for millions to host any of his events or infrastructure improvements. Nor does the state have to come up with milions to run the facilities like the CIB is going to have to do for the Luke, Conseco, and Visctory Field. As a taxpayer I am far more vocal about those organizations than I am Mr. George's privatley held, property tax paying organization and facility.

    Till someone spends their own money to step up and sponsor one of the guys sitting home, or build their own track to host the races they want it is best to appreciate the independent spirit that flourishes in auto racing. I had a team owner once tell me I get paid to play my hobby as a business. If I see sponsors on cars from organizations who received bailout money then I guess I have skin in the game. Otherwise, if a business chooses to sponsor or not to sponsor a car in racing so be it. They either have a board and stockholders to answer to or their own pocket book if independent.
  • It amazes me that Sarah Fisher, who I think is the classiest out of those three girls, has the least sponsorship, and the girls who advertise their sexiness can race whole seasons. It just shows that men have no respect for women and only see dollar signs. Sarah, you go girl. Stay true to yourself. You make me proud to be a woman.
  • Well said, Racing Fan, Sarah deserves all the accolades she receives for being such a class act and keen competitor. More people should have her drive and determination.
  • i would buy something Sarah fisher is advertising over anyone in the IRL why cant she get the companys shes in commercials for to advertise
  • Danicer & TJ were disgruntled? :lol: Nothing will make those two happy, unless all those mean cheaters start pulling over for her.
    Duno to NHL is just comedy gold.
  • Hey Dan,

    She does have AAA Insurance and another company she advertises for as sponsors. However, these sponsors are not in a position to provide the kind of funding she needs for a full racing season.
  • Danicle, milky Donuts, & Sarah the MeatBall:

    1 winned betweened em. and that was a rig @ Nippon/Hondafest 08 in the dark for the Danicle.

    Hell, her 06 4th at INDY was more important than that, huh? :lol: x 10000000000000000
  • And publicity out the wazoo. Any racing series would love to have them. NASCAR has tried to create female stars and failed, and the IRL has three. But of course the c>rt/owrs/ccws has to insult them to belittle them. Truly sad.
  • Not an insult, just fact: 1 win between them in how many career open wheel starts?
  • Hooey:

    And how many wins did Eddie Sachs, Dick Rathman, Jerry Grant, Paul Russo, Tony Bettenhausen, Gary Bettenhausen, LLoyd Ruby, Mike Mosley, and Mario Andretti have between them. You know the answer - I guess they were all wankers too, huh?????
  • OK:

    Milky: 18 starts - 0 wins
    Fisher: 39 starts - 0 wins
    Danicle: 65 starts - 1 win*, 1 fourth place win

    * controversial MoNtegi call from upstairs

    stats? - 1 for 122 collectively. sad indeed.
  • Danica has wonned every race she has entered. After her 4th place championship - I got some of her sweat and put it in a cup.

    You will see it on ebay when she wins the F1 title in 2010.
  • I wonder if Rahal and the Lesser Andretti have made a Chinese Finger Trap yet?
  • Hooey:

    For the record:

    Lloyd Ruby - 4 years to get 1st win, 7 years to get 2nd
    Wally Dallenbach - 9 years to get 1st win
    Dan Gurney - 6 years to get 1st win
    Sam Hanks - 11 years to get 1st win
    Art Pollard - 5 years to get 1st win
    Roger McCluskey - 8 years to get 1st win
    Paul Tracy - 5 years to get 1st win
    Tom Sneva - 6 years to get 1st win
    Jimmy Vasser - 9 years to get 1st win
    Arie Luyendyk - 12 years to get 1st win

    Good thing for all these guys they didn't give up!
  • Berwickguy, thanks for the heads up. I am taking care of it. I deleted your post because I didn't want to alert anyone to go to that site. Please feel free to email me direclty in the future so we don't give these sorts of thing any more attention than they deserve. I think you understand. For everyone else, please watch the language and references to regretable Web sites, etc. The last thing I want to do is silence anyone's or any group's voice or otherwise legislate the conversation on this site, but we have to keep it clean. And lastly, and most importantly, thanks for reading The Score.
  • Everyone does realize that Citgo is owned by the Venezuelan government, right?
  • That's true, but their money still spends just fine here in the USA.
  • Mister Peter Baron, owner of SAMAX (Milky's former team in Grand Am and IRL):

    I wish i knew she this talented..

    perhaps it was all the driver training we gave her..

    oh yeah... my entire team said they were going to quit if they had to do that again with her..
    How many bridges are there in racing a person can torch? she continues to find new ones every year.. i challenge anyone to call a former team owner she was with and find a nice comment..

    Dick Barbour..
    Larry Holt..
    Max Crawford..
    Dennis Reinbolt/Robbie Buhl in 1 month..

    For them the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.. because they filled up this side with a big steaming pile of #$@& ! So time to move to the next team!

    Milka is a nice person.. but going to bite my tongue.. we'll leave it as karma is going to catch up one day..
  • PBD,

    But the beauty is, she keeps getting sponsor money. And in racing if you have sponsor money, you have a ride. Ask Kyle Petty or Dale Jr. about sponsor money vs. talent. Both have or in Kyle's case had a lot, but not real heavy on the talent. I doubt Jr. would have ever gotten to NASCAR but for his dad. I know Kyle never would have.

    Milka may not be the most fun person to hang with, but many drivers are not. Some are prima donnas. The stories that are told by old crew members are intersting. You think people liked working for AJ Foyt? He was and is a sumbitch, but he drove hard and won. The garages of gasoline alley are filled with such stories. In a perfect world only American drivers with perfect dirt track pedigrees, awesome talent, perfect faces and attitudes of a saint would get rides. Sorry, this is not a perfect world.
  • So you can say hooey you are such an XXX and it stays up?

    But you cannot cite a website (whatever it was) and that is somehow fair?

    I appreiate you letting everyone have their say, but in my opinion, the IRL apologists get far more leeway than the ChampCar folks do here. I understand that OW racing is in the toilet right now, but who put it there? Doesn;t the buck stop on TG's desk? Who here has anything but the truth?
  • Point taken, and comment deleted. The Web site reference had nothing to do with the topic at hand and is nothing the IBJ wants to be affiliated with.
  • Oh my, did someone touch a nerve with HOOEY or what??? His bloviating is now turning to morosness. And HOOEY, I'm surprised that you had nothing to say about all of the drivers that were cited for how many years it took them to become winners. Not that I think Milk and Donuts will make it to winner status, but I do hold out some hope for Danica and Sarah.
  • DaHooey,
    Please read my post above #3. You can blame Mr. George all you want but at the end of the day everyone associated with open wheel racing put it in the state it was in. Greedy owners, ride buying drivers (versus raw talent), restricting rules that ruled out car innovation (from both series) are just a few things I can name.

    Like I said before - it is a free market society (at least for a while). We get to participate by attending and watching the races. If you don't like it stop going or watching it is pretty simple. I don't recall TG or CART ever taxing me or collecting money from me witout me freely giving it up.

    Because I am so bored without racing I actually watched a contrived show last night to issue the Bud Shootout starting order. Just like I mentioned in my previous post a ride buyer (Mr. Menard) is on the pole for a race that used to reward those who had previously won a pole. He has never won a pole or race in NASCAR. Now it is a glorified popularity contest. This is reducing racing to the lowest of lows and Bristol is advertising on radio like there is no tomorrow for both races. The economy is taking its toll on the beloved NASCAR and whose fault is that?

    Series rise and fall, are popular then not as much. If OWR gets some personalities (Helio, Danica, young Rahal, etc) winning and getting exposure you will see a slow swell over time.

    just enjoy the fact we get a choice.
  • Did wittle Berwick girl get his feelwers hurt and run to the teacher like a 4th grade girl? I hope you didn't get tears on your flowered wittle dress..

    The last thing I want to do is silence anyone’s or any group’s voice or otherwise legislate the conversation on this site....

    Thanks, Anthony.
  • If OWR gets some personalities (Helio, Danica, young Rahal, etc) winning and getting exposure you will see a slow swell over time.

    Rahal and Danica both won races last year. NHL couldn't find enough sponsorship dollars and will have to resort to taking Milka's money and Doornbos personal sponsorship. At least Bobby Doorknobs has some experience. Other than Danica the irl* has done a poor job of marketing the young talent they have had. And more people identify Helio with Dancing with the Stars than the Indy 500.
  • Hey Brett, you BW, I told Anthony about a reference to an unsuitable web site, that's all. It had absolutely nothing to do with anything except the poster's sick tendencies. It had nothing to do with you or any of your buds.
  • lala la la

    berwickguy: ratfink. for no reson.

    anthony? can i get a ruling here? this is ridiculous.
  • I knows muh boy dun snorted his brains out and all but hez still a bonafide jeanuous. He ranned dem champ boys outta bizness. And now all dem girlz is racin. It's nice to see dem girls hangin out wit muh boy. Girlz never licked him much till now. An all them youropeans bees a racein at indy now too. I knows peoples says daddy bees uh spinnin in his grave cuza what tony dun but i says let him spin. Da dam fool shed teerz fer elmer. Juss wun race pa year waz silly. peoples likes cumming here an muh boy knowed that. Shucks indy bees like a church to da peoples. we iz indianer royalte. Well i said muh peace now i haz sum hi ballz to take care a.
  • Umm mom? can i have an another big advance on my allowance?
  • ^^ Nice. :lol:

    That post(#30) screams volumes about Indiana 'business', such as it is.

    sc = inglud
  • let it all out people. its good for da soul. :)
  • OK, then. The nebbish bunch and the ninnyhammers are out in force. Just wondering how many different handles Da Hooey has. His cadswallop is becoming overwhelming. Go ahead, boys, Stan, SSD, Brett and the like and bloviate all you want. You're always welcome here in Tony's world.
  • Ha! somebody is playing with the big words again. :lol: Quite entertaining.

    BoT: Of COURSE Tony would welcome anyone in, as there are oodles of empty seats @ every EARL race. The EARL 2009, sponsored by Aluminum. ha!

    Face it, you all got sold down the river - gomer Vi$ion$ and revi$ion$ hell, its the biggest moving target there is in sports identity. No wonder they cannot sell those farting bees to anyone but you party faitful.

    One day Tony will be the subject of Marketing books everywhere - How to F up inheriting the biggest race in the world.: Sad sad sad....
  • The earl has officially become a joke with Milka Dud in at H-L.
    I took off the N because PLN would never have gone for this stupid signing.
  • Thanks again FTG for fixing open wheel racing.
    You fixed it soooooo good it's broke again.
    Milka in at Newman -Haas?
    PLN is rolling in his grave.
    The Leeeeeeeeague sure is growing now..... NOT!!!!!!
  • So again I ask, how is that other series doing? You know, the one with the cars and the stars? I mean if it was such a successful business model and all they were missing was the 500, then they should still be around and very successful, right? Face it guys, the c>rt model was a losing one. It gave all the power to the teams, what other major successful series has that model? Not F1, not Nascar, Not NHRA.

    Without TG providing an alternative, we would all be watching NASCAR only.
  • 99% of the world DOES prefer NeckCar to EARL, duh. :lol:

    your argement is stale and empty. CART was fubar, so EARL - becuase of Tonybucks - survives and that makes it better? Think about it.
  • Gee, let's see, the critics are the guys that put the little yellow smily faces on their posts. So cute and mature. Let's call 'em Blooter posts. Look it up Hooey!
  • personal attacks - the last resort.
  • Without TG providing an alternative, we would all be watching NASCAR only.

    Or not. Try F-1, ALMS, Rally, Moto GP, WoO, Grand Sham, etc. Race fans watch all types of racing. Place fans watch the irl*.
  • I love the only response the Gomers has to the abortion that is the irl* is what about CART? They hate the success CART had but can't stop talking about about it. Truly hilarious. And I love the CART went bankrupt excuse, why don't one of you legal scholars explain the BK proceedings to me. You have about as much a clue about that than TG had when he sent an attorney to a liquidation sale instead of an accountant. TG's stupidity created CCWS.
  • whut is all da yammerin abouts? My boy wonned eveything ya see. he done madema daddy look likea ameture. He gots regulur indy, nasker indy, f-won indy, an motuhciycle indy. I knows muh boy is workin on even moruh indy. SHoot dhey might uz well move daytowner five hunnert, eyetaliano gronpree, monty carlo, un duh turh de franse hear two. Whin will ahllya fuhls reelize indianer iz duh wurld dubbawide homa racin? Dem peoples from france nowed it rite qwick an lookit how big nasker is now. Un you mark muh wurds, dem motuhciycle boys from yourope is gonnuh sturt gettin famas allroun duh wurld nowtheys runnin hear. Sum yalls jist jellus of us hear.
  • the only thing these wimmins has bunreded thru is CA$h. :lol:

    * and Hugo's shorts! ;)
  • The only reason we are still talking about c>rt is to show you folks that without TG, there would be no american ow racing. Plain and simple. They ran their series in the ground. So you can rip on TG all you want, but there would be nothing happening without the IRL. Again, if you guys dislike it so much, then turn the channel, go surf to a different blog or whatever. The constant hatred that you guys keep throwing out there is sad. I cannot think I have disliked anything so much as to constantly comment about it.
  • Brett,

    are you saying that c?rt did not go bankrupt? What success did c?rt have with the cars and stars? c?rts mismanagement caused their downfall, as did the same with its successors.

    Obviously you guys cannot watch any of the other series, or you would quit bellyaching about the IRL. NASCAR is the king because it appeals to the basic fan. It has some racing, but more importantly for NASCAR, it has the soap opera, reality flair that is in vogue now.
  • I cannot think I have disliked anything so much as to constantly comment about it.

    Then you say: are you saying that c?rt did not go bankrupt? What success did c?rt have with the “cars and stars”? c?rts mismanagement caused their downfall....

    Pretty funny.

    So you can rip on TG all you want, but there would be nothing happening without the IRL.

    And you want to talk about CART's mismanagement? What would you call TG's management? Preserving the heritage of the 'Murrican oval track driver. Hilarious. Saving the month of May from CART teams who want to emasculate it? By the way, this years practice will be shortened again. Engine leases? Road/street/courses? The only thing I hate is how far the once sacred Indy 500 and OW has fallen. Blame CART all you want but the wheels were put into motion by one Anton George, son of the late Elmer. Allegedly.
  • So if you hate it so much, why do it? It is funny the amount of time you folks spend on it. Get over it. C?rt died because of its failed business model. TG has made mistakes, as I am sure he would admit, but then who hasn't? But obviously he has gotten more right than wrong. c?rt died several times, and all the money in the world could not save it. How many times did someone swoop in to save it and how many investors lost millions in failed efforts? It was flawed and no amount of money could save it from those flaws.

    C?rt wanted Indy to be a 1 week race. Don't see that happening, so that is a plus in the TG column. TG wanted to keep Americans in open wheel, there are. How many Americans were in c?rt at the end? TG wanted to keep it affordable. It is much more affordable than c?rt ever was. He wanted to keep oval races which c?rt was phasing out. I do not remember TG ever saying he wanted to do away with road or stret races. The current mix is decent although a little heavy on road/street for me, but much better than 90% which is what c?rt was going for.

    C?rt desperately wanted to be an F1 series. Their emphasis on overseas races, on street races, on high technology and unlimited budgets killed the series and probably would have killed open wheel racing in the US. Again spin as much as you want, but facts are facts. If you hate where ow is, start by blaming c?rt and the greedy team owners.
  • But obviously he has gotten more right than wrong.

    Really? Teams, manufacturers, ratings, attendance, sponsorship, technology and credibility are all down on TG's watch. Some vision.

    C?rt wanted Indy to be a 1 week race.

    Now it's 2 weeks. And a ghost town for all but 2 days.

    TG wanted to keep Americans in open wheel, there are.

    His step son, the untalented Foyt IV, field filler Fisher, the racing Dentist, etc. Yawn. It's really helping the ratings.

    If you hate where ow is, start by blaming c?rt and the greedy team owners.

    CART is no more, get over it. Look where your hero has got you in 13 years, on Reversus, sponsorship money from countries who hate America, an indy 500* champ bumped for a foreign ride buyer, and a deal with Brazil ethanol. You should be proud.
  • Lets see, he has Teams, manufacturers, ratings, attendance, sponsorship, technology and credibility. Again, something no other American open wheel series has.....oops that is right, it is the only American open wheel series cause the other one failed repeatedly.

    I am not sure how you measure time, but Indy is not two weeks, and even if it was, it is more than c?rt would have given it.

    I guess you kind of forgot some of the other Americans in the series, including some very talented ones, but why should that surprise anyone.

    I kind of have been saying the same thing. C?rt is no more, get over it. They tried a bad business model. It failed. repeatedly. Without TG, there would be no Teams, manufacturers, ratings, attendance, sponsorship, technology and credibility. I mean I think you have said it best. Of course without TG, there would be no IMS. Because without him, when c?rt failed, there would be no race at IMS, let alone races. No BY 400, no F1's in the past and most likely future and no MotoGP. It would be what his Grandfather purchased, an abandoned race course ripe for redevelopment into tract housing.

    I mean really, when c?rt failed without the IRL, where would Indy be? Or are you saying that c?rt would have succeeded?
  • Amazing that so many believe Tony George steers the world economy ( or could possibly steer against it).

    Wake up and smell the coffee: EVERY major racing series is in financial hurt right now because major companies are cutting marketing budgets to manage their way through the recession. No motorsports model works without sponsorship and marketing dollars.
  • Only reason Danica or Milka is in is for looks that they sell like sexpots. Sarah can whip their arses if she ever got the same equipment. She has won a pole and does have a 2nd place finish in worse machines than Danica or Milka will ever drive. You can take that to the bank and Vegas.
  • Lets see, he has “Teams, manufacturers, ratings, attendance, sponsorship, technology and credibility”. Again, something no other American open wheel series has…..oops that is right, it is the only American open wheel series cause the other one failed repeatedly.

    Wow. FTG has credibility? Bzzt. Teams? He paid $60 million-plus for those evil worthless remnants of CCWS to fill his depleted field last year, now they are starting to vaporize. Technology? Sure, if achieving VOR in something that's allegedly supposed to stay on the ground is an advancement. Beyond that, no. Manufacturers? Plural? No. Ratings? They started at rock-bottom in 1996 and have only commenced digging ever since. This year is certain to be a new season-wide low. Attendance? Like the sold out Kentucky aluminum farm and countless other examples of utter failure? Again, you are completely wrong.

    It is slightly amusing to see you Hulmanista kool-aid chuggers obsess about Cart year after year, way after it's been gone even. The seething jealousy you have because it was once successful, which the 'league' has NEVER been, is really fun to point at and laugh. Y'all act as though you personally won something, and nothing could be further from reality. Unhinged comes to mind.

    The rest of the things you posted are filled with delusion and Hulmanista spin that's so erroneous as to be completely without merit, as was your initial statement above which has now been thoroughly debunked for all 12 people that read this. :lol:

    What could possibly motivate anyone to support FTG's farce in this manner? There's no merit or worth or validity to the 'league', never has been, and never will be. It's an ill-conceived fraud borne of inheritance and a delusional control fetish. There is nothing good about it. Not a thing. (Ok, the entertainment value of watching it fail repeatedly in new and increasingly stupid ways, but beyond that, nothing.)
  • OK Glenn, she is the best of the worst, I will give you that. :lol:
  • Wow. epic rant Stan. :bravo:
  • Hooey's words about Stan:

    Epic - no, jejune - yes
    Rant - no, bilge - yes

    Face it, Stan is a blooter, no more, no less, but, hey, he tries. Should have been an assassin.
  • Berwick guy: why so mean, why attack my posts? All i did was give a shout out to a guy whose opinion I thought was right on target.
  • Hooey,

    That was just my feeble attempt at humor and using some unique terms of endearment. Sometimes I think we take each other, not to mention ourselves, too seriously. I hope it never gets to the point of what is going on with the elected elite in Washington. I think I am going to reappropriate the name of musical group to fit the Elected Elite in Washington. How about the Insane Clown Posse?
  • hey!

    im your number 1 fan(Milka) here in the philippines and i love CITGO.

    Go! Go! Go! CITGO!

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