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  1. This could be a great addition to the area IF the developers take the approach of this being an urban development rather than a suburban-style approach - a warehouse and a sea of asphalt. Look at the Marsh that was recently built downtown - its size not only compliments the area that it's in, but also houses apartments above it as well as a new parking garage, which saves space and is a more efficient use of land. This could be the same case for Meijer, as we all know that this area could use a facelift along Keystone. There are a ton of communities surrounding this area of land and we could all benefit from an urban-style approach to this project. With all the run-down businesses currently littering Keystone south of 56th, a Meijer done right could bring in new businesses further down Keystone and across the street where the strip mall is currently located. I live off of Keystone and 56th on the east side, and I think this could be a huge benefit to the overall community...but it has to be done right. Otherwise it will wind up like the Wal-Mart off of 71st street: a barren wasteland of run-down parking spots and old tires.

  2. ...and show us how small some peole have become

  3. Just watched the clip from ADRENALIN (on, an upcoming film, which features, at least for part of it, some of Alex Zanardi's remarkable story. A first class human, husband, father and still a world class athlete and champion. For him, the word "Hero" isn't enough. Unfortunately, the current ICS lacks such compelling personalities to drive fan interest. Also unfortunately, some indy defenders seem to take pleasure in using his nearly fatal injuries to try to advance their tired agenda. Very Dispicable , but maybe we can hope for a new personality that has Alex's character and humanity to emerge, and show us what small people some have become.

  4. Been a loyal WISHTV News viewer for 50 years. Was just thrilled when they finally came on at 4:30 AM and I didn't have to watch WXIN in the early AM for local news. Hopefully the news, weather and sports crew can jump ship to WTTV.

  5. Ditto Shonda... In all I WELCOME THE JOBS!